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In ever-increasing numbers, women and men are seeking spirituality beyond traditional religious institutions and more and more their new normal includes the deities, ideals and archetypes of the Sacred Feminine. They have a desire to get beyond the patriarchal dogma that often perpetuates sexism, homophobia and the domination of Gaia and all her inhabitants, including theIn ever-increasing numbers, women and men are seeking spirituality beyond traditional religious institutions and more and more their new normal includes the deities, ideals and archetypes of the Sacred Feminine. They have a desire to get beyond the patriarchal dogma that often perpetuates sexism, homophobia and the domination of Gaia and all her inhabitants, including the body of Mother Earth. Goddess Calling is designed to give individuals or those desiring to serve their communities a springboard to offer sermons from the pulpit with ideas to create a format for a regular gathering or service. Easy to digest and sometimes gently following the seasons of the year and holidays already on most people s calendars, these messages and meditations use Goddess archetypes, ideals and mythology to provide content for education, inspiration and contemplation for anyone seeking to incorporate a feminine face of God within their spirituality, no matter what their faith."...

Title : Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy
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Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy Reviews

  • Deborah Lloyd
    2018-12-12 04:36

    I have read a number of books about the Sacred Feminine – and this is definitely the most thorough and inspirational book I’ve read. The author describes a number of Goddess archetypes and mythology, adding knowledge to the history and understanding of Goddess. The first section of the book is compiled of chapters with important messages for the benefit of our planet and showing compassion to all peoples; one could contemplate each of these rich, in-depth chapters for weeks! The second section of the book contains actual meditations, working with various Goddesses– to be used individually or with a group. One sentence from the introduction summarizes this book well: “Nothing less than peace, partnership, justice, equality and care for the planet and each other are at the heart of this Sacred Feminine wisdom.” The author explains how patriarchal societies have worked to extinguish, or at least diminish, these ideals. But, even more important, she challenges each reader to take action, to bring these values back to earthly life. And, that is the ultimate message of this book!

  • Alexis
    2018-11-27 08:26

    Rev. Karen Tate has written another magnificent book. She masterfully interweaves her personal story, world politics, colonial, history, Herstory, popular cultural, grassroots movement, and more with an embodied sense of the here and now.The Goddess Calling is separated into three sections: Goddess Theaology, Messages on various vital topics, and personal meditations. What I especially love is that the text feels like a conversation you could be having in your living room with a friend or two. She easily shifts from the individual to the society and shows how at all times we are both. Most of all Goddess Calling is a clarion call for change and a revisioning of the world and known history.I cannot count how many times I wrote "Yes!" Or "Beautiful!" In the margins. I will share my favorite quote. "Yes, we intend to defy, to taste the forbidden fruit, to be powerful and uppity women, to throw off the shackles, look under every rock and behind every locked door, and peer into the abyss of the past and know why things are the way they are" 74.This book is a good for anyone who sees the heartache in the world and knows in their heart there is another option. This book is a She Notice.

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-03 12:35

    I listen to Karen Tate's podcast, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, almost every week. And I have for some time now. Her guests are usually very interesting. But they can also seem pretty divorced from reality. I don't really mind that, because it seems like their ideas however woo-woo come from a good place. I feel like though I may vehemently disagree with some of the supernatural claims that her guests make, I am in agreement with Tate and her guests about the kind of world I want to live in: one that values the Earth, sees divinity as immanent, and where social and ecological justice are pursued aggressively. So, while I am not willing to go all the way with some of the more woo-woo stuff that's said, I can still appreciate Tate and her guests' visions of a good human community.This book, however, is not for me. Mainly because some of the problems that I have with the show are really amplified in this book. As a political scientist, I have a really hard time with Tate's endorsement of the Democrats. Yes, Republicans are awful. But Democrats are only a little bit less so. Tate seems to think that there would be sweeping changes taking place if Democrats were in charge and unchecked, but the fact of the matter is that a government full of Democrats would look pretty similar to what we have now. Revolutionary, they are not. I'm all for Pagan political activism, but casting our lots with the Democrats isn't going to get us what we want. Our system needs transformation, not more Democrats.As an academic, I'm concerned about some of the factually inaccurate information in the book. Tate claims that Fox News is illegal to broadcast in Canada, but that's not accurate. Fox News is available on cable and satellite in Canada, it's just not on public airwaves. Similarly, on her show, Tate frequently refers to the left-brained/right-brained distinction, when it's been shown by contemporary psychology to be pseudo-science. There are no "left-brained" or "right-brained" people. There are people whose thoughts conform to general patterns one might recognize as hierarchical, ordering, linear, and analytical, and others whose thought patterns are more holistic, creative, imaginative, and empathic. But those are learned patterns of thought, not natural results of various brain types. We do ourselves and others a disservice when we naturalize social constructs. And when we perpetuate long-discredited pseudo-science. I'll continue to listen to the show, but I don't think I will ever return to this book.

  • Vivienne Moss
    2018-12-11 05:36

    Goddess Calling by Karen Tate is one of those books that you sit back every morning and savor. This delightful book has reawakened my connection with Goddess. My only wish is that there were a Goddess Temple near me so I could share in the Goddess experience with others.Five Stars for this book. The lessons and myths that are woven throughout this book very uplifting and eye opening. I recommend Goddess Calling for all those who love The Goddess and wish to connect with Her more.

  • Alan Leddon
    2018-11-19 06:35

    Goddess Calling Is a work of theology by noted author and radio hostess Dr. Karen Tate. Dr. Tate has been travelling and lecturing for over 20 years, and has a number of published works and articles, including two other books.Goddess Calling is, in the author’s words, designed “to give individuals or those desiring to serve their communities a springboard to offer what I remember were called “sermons from the pulpit” in my early days as a Catholic, with ideas to create a format for a regular gathering or service.” The work fits the bill admirably; the lessons are in easy-to-learn sizes, well written and compelling to read. Dr. Tate illustrates her points with frequent references to world mythology, to history and its modern misinterpretations, and even to Star Trek and Indiana Jones. Dr. Tate leaves no unclarified point – it is an excellent read for those at all levels of understanding what thealogy (and theology) is.Dr. Tate clearly and succinctly explains in terms of politics what types of thought and behavior are associated with honoring the Divine Feminine. Though on the surface this may seem to be an effort to link a particular religious idealism with a political one, there is a deeper intent here: you can understand the behavior of those who are in touch with the Sacred Feminine, even recognize such people, if they conform largely to this as opposed to that. One type of behavior is common among those who know Her; a different kind of behavior is common among those who do not know Her. The roots of this separation are clearly laid out for the reader. To resolve the separation, and to undo the damage caused by this separation, Dr. Tate offers, among many other things, a simple change in the way the reader views the world.Goddess Calling also discusses the hazards of being born female in male dominant cultures. From lives of sexual harassment to those of virtual servitude, from slut-shaming of rape victims and so-called honor-killings of daughters, the dangers of uncontrolled patriarchy are laid bare for all to read about. The solution to this (and the reviewer agrees with this) is, naturally, to seek the Divine Feminine and return Her to equality or ascendency in human thoughts and affairs. Dr. Tate offers steps for this process, which seem in large part to require a great deal of personal responsibility of the parts of individual readers.The work includes several guided meditations. These are standard fare, naturally focusing on Goddesses from mythology and interactions with these figures, and are illustrative of earlier lessons in the book.Having completed reading the book, I say that Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy, by Reverend Dr. Karen Tate will have to make-do with my highest praise, for work and for author. The book delivers nicely on what the title implies and what the introduction and foreword imply. The author’s intent in creating this enjoyable and informative work is clearly met. Goddess Calling is recommended for all readers.

  • Tarot Tidal
    2018-11-25 09:20

    Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of the Sacred Feminine Liberation Theology”Author: Rev. Dr. Karen TatePublisher: Changemakers Books (March 28, 2014)210 pagesPaperbackISBN:-101782794425ISBN-978-1782794424Karen Tate author of multiple books on Goddess Spirituality and host of the popular podcast Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio brings her latest work. “Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Theology”. I find this book daring and courageous; offering a precise and accurate view of the condition of women and those who are marginalized and dismissed our our current society. She presents an honest unapologetic presentation that is concise, to the point and not condescending to the reader. She also addresses many myths about Goddess Spirituality as well. Her relentless concern for the underdog fuels her ability to speak the truth without concern of rocking the boat truly inspires me. I find the material fresh for several reasons. Most specifically it is not presented in a”reactionary and alarmist” style that seems so prevalent in books today. This is not a book that one can read in one sitting. It is a wonderful resource that offers specific tools that can me implemented immediately by anyone to bring the change we so desperately need and desire in society: rather than just offering a platform to whine or decry the disparities between the genders. Goddess Calling offers specific hands-on approach to things that we can do to awaken our awareness of the Goddess that each of us have.Karen Tate brings her extensive experience and expertise to this offering. “Goddess Calling” is life affirming, empowering and well researched. I found it very educational and The resources offer impressive credible, solid references for those wanting to explore further. In reviewing any book,I recognize the time, research, and the heart and soul that is poured into a project, so when I am privileged to write a review I actually do read the whole work and not just a brief skim through the material. This is a book that I plan to keep close as a reference, and recommend it highly.Tidal Miller*Note this book was not purchased from It was given to me for review purposes from the publisher.

  • Nimue Brown
    2018-12-10 05:34

    Eco-spiritual-feminism. Not a term I’d heard before but one we most definitely need if we are to face the crisis threatening our planet. In a series of powerful essays, Karen Tate explores the relationships between politics, gender issues, spirituality and activism. Reclaiming Goddess in our lives is very much about reclaiming healthy, balanced, sustainable relationship with everything else on this planet. For the weary activist courting burnout (and I fear that’s the majority of us) this book is a real lift and contains a lot of much needed hope and inspiration.There is a section of meditation working with Goddess imagery – meditation is a rather personal thing so whether the exact content will work for you is impossible to predict, but if you know how to take and adapt things to suit, there’s a wealth of raw material here and inspiration for approaches to meditation.One of the things I especially liked is that the author does not talk about patriarchy versus feminism as a gender war issue. She’s very clear that patriarchy is frequently supported and enabled by women, and that feminism is frequently supported by men. I’m starting to feel like we need a new language to emerge from this, to identify these systems in ways that do not divide genders, but allows us to find allies and recognise that old-style patriarchy is harmful to most of the men caught in it as well as being hugely damaging to women. It takes away from the majority of us, for the benefit of a few power hungry people with sexually oppressive attitudes.There’s a lot in this book that connects with New Age ideas I’ve seen floating about, only here the ideas are presented with depth and nuance, and that makes a world of difference. ‘Positive thinking’ ideals can uphold privilege and pile extra misery on those who are already suffering. Karen Tate offers a re-visioning that supports positive action and makes the often self-centred New Age agenda into something life and community affirming with a mission to restore balance in the world.If this sounds like your sort of thing, I can definitely recommend it.

  • Linda Brunner
    2018-12-03 10:28

    Goddess Calling was like a dose of empowerment. One that the past few decades has taken from women anew and replaced with the same old shackles of powerlessness and endless work. If you are looking for your own history as a woman separate from the bill of goods that women have been sold by religion and politics, take heart. It is there and Karen Tate has pulled off the dusty covering and is inspiring us during these dark hours to forget who we are told we are not. And instead, remember who we are.

  • Elen Sentier
    2018-12-05 06:35

    Karen Tate puts forward some very interesting ideas of how an eco-feminist spiritual ecology might come about. She begins by giving us a perspective on “where we are now” taking the American model of politics. I think many people who do not live in America may find it illuminating as although there is that mentality in places, here in Britain, it’s nothing like all-pervading as it seems to be in the US. Tate talks of this attitude as a patriarchal one and that seems appropriate. She wants us to get to a feminine approach and way of doing life and the book is about making the move from the patriarchal to the feminine. It’s illuminating, amusing and worrying when Tate shows us the similarities between matriarchal and patriarchal traditions and American politics today. She reminds us that Isis bestowed right to rule on pharaohs and their rule was under the laws of the Goddess Ma’at. For me, coming from the British tradition this rings true. We call the goddess Sovereignty and she has always granted kingship to her mate – not he to her! – but only after she had tested him to see if he was up for the job. The idea of doing that with politicians and presidents makes you think! It would require a great deal of the people who do the testing and electing. What do you do if there are no candidates that are fit for the job, none who succeed in the tests? That’s certainly something the goddess has to face up to and we would need to take lots of advice and leaves from her book in how to do it. Tate is right when she says we are standing at a crossroads with the goddess Hecate (Morgan to us of the British tradition) and it’s well worth remembering Hecate’s attributes and how she deals with folk who do not work with her. The next sections of the book – the messages and the meditations – offer help in how we can each do this. The Messages offer many paths; some will resonate with you and others may not and I think this is Tate’s purpose with them. There are 7.5+ billion humans on Earth at the moment and we all need to work with the goddess, the messages offer ideas and perspective which can help us each to choose our way. Some people will already be following the goddess and the messages can add to that, expand on it. Others will be just starting out and unsure of their path and these the messages can help through showing the different faces of the goddess. One, at least, of the faces will smile on the reader and beckon them. For those who had not yet really considered the goddess path I think Tate’s initial chapter showing how the workings of the goddess reflect in modern society will be helpful, the message come later. The meditations are what I know as guided journeys which I’ve used for many years, both for myself and with students, and those who come to me for healing. They’re good, gentle and well structured. I would love it if Tate was able to offer these on a CD as the sound of a beautiful voice guiding you through these journeys is so helpful. I suppose, for me, it’s the meditations that speak to me most. If you’re thinking about, concerned about, the state of our lovely Earth and the human relations (or lack of them) that seem to rule our lives then this book may well have some good pointers for you. For me, it’s a concern I live with every day and am doing my best to help others find their way with it too. Tate’s book is a very helpful guide from a rather different perspective to most you find on the bookshelves or Kindle – try it, you may well find lots of good nourishment there.

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-03 05:35

    I looked forward to receiving this review copy for two reasons - partly because I am always seeking good books on goddess spirituality that go beyond the simple 101 type books, and partly because I was told it had been written to include sermons suitable for a UU church. I admit, I have developed low expectations when it comes to goddess books, but this one not only fulfilled my hopes but exceeded them.I discovered an absolute treasure of ideas for sermons and goddess-centered religious education classes at the UU. However, that certainly doesn't mean that the book is only good for that. This is an intelligently written book on a variety of topics that is perfect for anyone seeking more advanced inspiration than what is typically on the market. Each topic is indeed suited for teaching, but also for the thinking person who wishes to sit down and read a shorter article on a topic so they can let their mind stir with the possibilities presented. She asks questions and brings up perspectives that really get you considering new ways of living your life. In a group I can see many fascinating discussion occurring as a result. There is also a section of amazing guided meditation to different godesses that are a joy to experience.My only warning would be that there are times when the author comes down hard on patriarchy and to tone can get sort of... forceful at times. I would say if you are going to use any of the sermons as an actual sermon to be careful of that and ensure you choose a selection that will be acceptable for your audience, especially if it is a church. Otherwise, I would say this is a strong addition to the bookshelf of any who take their goddess studies seriously or any group building a true interfaith library.

  • Steve Cran
    2018-11-24 06:30

    Every once in a while there comes along a goddess book that is seriously worthwhile reading. This book is one of them. Once I got started I was able to complete it in a couple of days. The book was well written, organized and easy to comprehend.. The book is divided into three parts. The first part of the book is about politics and changing the world, the second part is meditations and finally there is further resources for the reader to delve into. Dr. Tate's message for politics is that it needs to become more goddess centered and incorporating those values the Goddess holds dear. Now Dr. Tate subscribes to the opinion that at one time the world was matriarchal and was a much better place to live in. This has been sort o proven inaccurate but it was more balanced. Our future is bleak when it comes to politics and we are heading for a train wreck. One way to change the future is to change the past or at least the memories of the past. The politics of the Goddess are simple. We need to look after each other and share the wealth. We need to take care of our environment because thing are going bad. The WASP mal dominated world we live in promotes bullying and racism and a host of other ills. I am not much o goddess person but after reading her essays I cannot help but agree we need a new direction and we are very male centered much to our detriment..The second section is composed of mediations. They are simple an easy to follow. If you want you can read them into a recorder and play it back while you meditate. The mediation work with Sekkment, Artemis, Aphrodite, Minerva an several others. Many take place in a cave or in other natural environments. Some of them focus on prosperity, others on letting go the negative and improving ourselves and the world or the future. The working are simple and easy to do. No elaborate ritual preparation. You just meditate. Thing are safe also. No drawing blood or working it your dark side here, everything basks in the light. The focus is on healing humanity and the world. Maybe what some people want while others ay strive for different focuses.