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Anthony Carrino loves his big, gregarious Italian-American family, even if his sisters are interfering, and his dad, the local sheriff, knows everything going on in town. He’s happy as a middle school guidance counselor. Despite helping kids and their parents fix their problems, Anthony can’t manage to get his own love life right. If only everyone would stop calling him thAnthony Carrino loves his big, gregarious Italian-American family, even if his sisters are interfering, and his dad, the local sheriff, knows everything going on in town. He’s happy as a middle school guidance counselor. Despite helping kids and their parents fix their problems, Anthony can’t manage to get his own love life right. If only everyone would stop calling him the “nice” guy. Dean Pierce doesn’t do relationships. A tough-minded military man, he is dedicated to his job as a Night Stalker, flying Chinook helicopters and not speaking much to anybody. He certainly doesn’t want to deal with a mess of emotions. But when tragedy strikes, Dean finds his hands full with his troubled niece, her irresistible guidance counselor, and a meddlesome family, which includes a rather large puppy....

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The Guy From Glamour Reviews

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-04-04 01:55

    Wow, this was even better than I expected. I'm a sucker for stories like this and The Guy From Glamour blew me away!The basic story is pretty easy. Dean is in the military when he finds out his sister has died and she's left a daughter behind. He decides to leave for a few weeks to sort things out. But when he gets there things aren't as easy as he expected.His niece, Nicki, is struggling to deal with her moms death. And he has no idea how to get through to her. On top of that he meets a guy, Anthony, who happens to be her guidance counsellor in school. Anthony's parents are the ones looking after Nicki when he gets back to the states.I really did love this book. Anthony and Dean were a nice couple, and Nicki fit in perfectly with everything. She wasn't annoying and her reaction when Dean came out was sweet. I also liked the dynamic that developed between her and Dean. It took time and the way Nicki reacted to things felt realistic. Nothing felt forced.The interactions between Anthony's family was really good too. I liked the fact they were all supportive and seemed to be close. It's always nice to see a happy family in m/m books.If you are looking for a really nice easy romance with two great characters, then this one is for you. If you want something with a good, supportive family. Then this is for you. Highly recommend it!

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2019-03-21 22:10

    4 StarsPleasantly and surprisingly way better than I expected.What can I say except that I liked this?It had my favorite angst of insecurity, doubt and jealousy.It had pretty darn good UST and the smex was equally hot.It had great family dynamics that made me laugh and wish I had a ton of brothers and sisters (well almost).Anthony is the nicest guy around. He wears his heart on his sleeve and sees the best in everything and everybody which unfortunately, has made him a magnet for being taken advantage of and disappointed in relationships. He just wants to love and be loved.Dean is the complete opposite. He’s been dealt a harsh hand, having never known kind words or a safe home, and goes about his life with a single minded focus so he doesn't have to think about what's missing. He’s kept to himself, not wanting to want, not wanting to show any vulnerability. He feels unworthy of happiness and of having a family.However, Dean’s sister’s sudden death changes all that, as he’s faced with a niece he’s never met. Anthony helps him adjust to his new life and responsibilities, and they can’t help but fall for the other. This was a bit sedate, with a small town setting and a few roadblocks to our MC’s happiness. BUT I'm never going to complain about minimal angst, smexy smex, and a happy ending. Yay!

  • Tina
    2019-03-29 02:21

    A nice opposite attract romance without too much angst. Ex-military Dean and guidance counselor Anthony with his big, loud family are just perfect together.I liked the nice balance between family and romance. The relationship development between Dean and Anthony is slow and easy. All in all, an enjoyable, easy read.

  • Heller
    2019-04-05 03:12

    I keep reading this book with the expectation of finally doing a review for it. It's no hardship to keep reading it over and over again because I enjoy the hell out it. It's pretty much my Kryptonite with a quiet military man meeting and falling for a more exuberant family man. Me likey.Stoic helicopter pilot Captain Dean Pierce is called home from active duty when his sister is killed and his thirteen year old niece, Nikki, needs him. He's out of his element in the small Arizona town of Glamour and meets Anthony Carrino. Anthony is the guidance counselor at Nikki's school and his parents have been fostering the girl since the death of her mother. This is just a delicious slow burn of a story with the men trying to navigate their attraction and their troubles. Dean needs to decide what to do about his career and his niece and Anthony, who is getting over a rough break up, needs to decide if he's in place that's healthy enough to risk his heart again. Great chemistry and some great secondary characters make this a read that I've gone back to several times. I'm looking forward to the next story in the series that focuses on Dean's best friend, Aaron Weiss. I can't wait!

  • .Lili.
    2019-03-31 04:59

    The Guy From Glamour was a great story of opposites attract. Dean, has come back to home after the death of his sister. His sister, left behind a teenage daughter, that Dean only plans to visit and find a good home for. He's in the Special Forces and has every intention of going back after his leave. Anthony, is the school counselor who has taken Dean's niece under his wing. I felt that Skylar M. Cates did a great job developing the characters. They felt very natural and reading all the different personalities, relationships, and stories unfold was wonderful.She really took her time developing the story. I do also want to add- this is quite steamy- which me likey very much ;D This was my first story by this author and it won't be last. I look foward to book 2 in the series! 4.5 Stars!

  • Meags
    2019-04-18 02:52

    4 StarsWhat a lovely story. I'm a bit grumpy at myself for not reading this sooner. I really enjoyed the slow-burn romance and the strong family themes. The whole cast of characters were great and I adored the opposites attract vibes that were happening between sweet Anthony and stoic Dean. The whole thing just warmed my heart.

  • Ami
    2019-03-22 06:07

    Can you believe that I actually read this by mistake? Yep, I was thinking of a different book when I started reading it (the book I intended to read had a similar color tone in the cover). However, this has proven to be a mistake that ended up a good thing. Because guess what, I loved this one!The Guy from Glamour has so many elements that fall into my ‘satisfying-MM-romance’ check list – and I might have to list it down one by one *laugh*.First, the story-line. I am a sucker when it comes to a strong silent stoic man who suddenly has to deal with taking care of a child. The idea of a single dad is one of my weaknesses – in ANY romance genre, either MM or MF. So when Dean Pierce, this tough military man faced the fact that he was responsible of taking care of his newly orphaned niece, well, it hooked me right from the bat. Dean didn’t want to deal with this mess – he was a soldier, for crying out loud. Give him a chopper to fly, and he is good with it. But a thirteen year old teenaged girl is scarier than a dozen enemies!Second, this book had GREAT characters, from the main characters in Dean and Anthony to the secondary characters in Anthony’s family and friends. Dean is the tough man in this story but the way he becomes clueless and quickly panics when dealing with his niece is so adorable to read. In this case, Anthony Carrino, definitely has the upper arm.And oh, Anthony, lovely Anthony *hands on heart*. I loved him so! Anthony is kind and generous and loyal. He comes from a close-knit family, with three older sisters. Anthony is a great counselor as well, he is out at school, and the fact that nobody cares about his sexuality shows that the parents trust him to do his job.I loved the dynamic between Dean and Anthony. It’s easy to think that Dean, as the military guy, will be in charge of things, to be the ‘protector’. But it is Anthony, the family guy, who helped Dean navigate the complexity of dealing with the teenager. For me, Dean and Anthony truly complemented each other. Dean was used to flying and Anthony kept him grounded. Anthony showed Dean the joy of having family and settling down. Meanwhile Anthony was used to be in his comfort zone with his family and friends but Dean helped him to take more risks, including jumping out of a plane (literally!).There were other strings of small plots that connected well with Dean and Anthony’s relationship. Like the issues with Anthony’s older twin sisters. One was on the edge of going back to her husband and the other one was struggling with her failed marriage. Anthony’s family definitely added subtlety to the story, made it more rounded than just a simple romance between two men with different characteristics.Add to the fact that the story was set in a small town (Glamour, Arizona) – as I have wanted to read more about small-town romance in MM – this story just came at the right time. It was a thoroughly satisfying read. I definitely look forward to reading book two. The good news is, because I came to this series a bit late, the second book is already available (Yes!)

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-04-04 01:01

    4.25 starsThis is a gorgeous, slow-burn story about two men from very different backgrounds who inevitably fall in love. Dean and Anthony are so right for each other. Dean, a helicopter pilot in the military, is scared and aloof, not used to dealing with people or feelings. Anthony, a junior high guidance counselor, is gentle and happy, the right balm to soothe Dean's rough edges. I liked Dean's niece Nicki and how dedicated Dean was to her, and I adored Anthony's supportive family. This is how families should be! Sexy and sweet read all around!

  • Eli Easton
    2019-04-08 00:09

    A fairly straight-forward romance, as others have noted, between a guy who has to leave the special forces to raise his deceased sister's 13-year-old orphan and a guidance counselor who befriends her. I like stories with kids and families so I enjoyed this one. The build up to the romance was slow and I liked that. There were quite a few sex scenes in the rest of the book which were a little ho hum to me. But if you like romances with military men and/or kids, I recommend this.

  • John The Cosmic Wanderer
    2019-04-03 21:58

    What a surprise! I totally love it! Everybody was just likeable, from the MCs, to Anthony's Italian family and even Ritchie and his stupid robot dances! Angst free, sweet and funny, this book put me in a really good mood. Highly recommended!

  • Jewel
    2019-04-13 04:54

    I really enjoyed The Guy from Glamour. Dean Pierce is a man of few words and I loved the 'fish out of water' feel to the story.Dean is a Night Stalker - an elite Special Forces regiment that provides helicopter support for other troops. Put him in a chopper, at night, in the desert, under enemy fire and he is right at home. Put him in the same room as a 13 year old girl and he hasn't the first clue how to handle it. I loved watching him navigate his way though this very unexpected situation he finds himself in.And Anthony is an up kind of guy. He comes from a lively family who are always all up in each others business. His family has been taking care of Dean's niece in the wake of her mother's death. Anthony is a middle school guidance councilor, so he is pretty comfortable dealing with kids. I just liked this story. Getting to know the Carrino's and watching Dean figure out what family can mean and watching him and Anthony figure out that they are meant to be was just fun.

  • Aeren
    2019-04-03 23:17

    La historia es sólida y entre los chicos hay buena química y algún buen polvo, sin embargo y a pesar de que no es popular,no me emociona estas novelas donde la familia numerosa tiene tanto "screentime" como los protas, me sobran las hermanas, que cansinas! A pesar de ello, sigo con la serie.

  • Karl
    2019-04-20 03:10

    This was a sweet opposites attract romance with a slow buildup and relatively little angst. But the story probably could have used more tension and plot twists and less sex scenes- it was a little too bland and straightforward at times that I felt myself losing focus in the story. But all in all the characters were likeable and the book was worth finishing.

  • Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books
    2019-03-29 02:56

    Such an amazing book!

  • Cate Ashwood
    2019-04-11 06:07

    This was such an amazing book. I was lucky enough to be able to read it early, and I am so glad. This is the type of book you feel, rather than just read. The story centers around the two main characters, Dean and Anthony, but there are so many other wonderful characters in this story. The family dynamic of both Anthony and his family and Dean and his niece are so close to real life. I could picture myself in their situations more than once.There is just enough drama to keep things interesting, and the alpha-maleness of Dean's character is something I always enjoy. Anthony is just too sweet for words and the way he and his sisters are together is hilarious. This is a story about hope and family, and most of all love. The romantic love is front and center, but the family love is not far behind, which makes this book one I'm likely to read over and over.

  • Victorialove books
    2019-04-09 06:11

    4.5 I love you starsDean Pierce a Pilot for the Night Stalkers. They are an elite group of soldiers who helps with extractions and dropping military groups. He's a man with few word and being a gay guy in the army he keeps to himself. he's sister and he came from an alcoholic father and mother and was moved from one foster care home to another. He lost contact with his sister. All he wanted to do was fly and be helpful to his country that is what made Dean happy he was content with his life.Until he received a call informing him of the death of his sister and she left behind his 13 year old niece. His plan was to go to the town Glamour for two weeks and get a foster home for his niece Nicki and go back. Well lets just say nothing went according to plans.Anthony's dad Tony Carrino and his wife had temporary custody over Nicki until Dean decided what to do. Like most stories goes there were sparks between Anthony and Dean and together they changed into two amazing guys.When I started with this book I told my bestie this was a nice book but I didn't think of it as special well I was wrong. This was a book so full of soul and heartache and at the end peace and love.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-11 02:51

    Dreamspinner's deal of the day for $0.99! 7/17/14!

  • Lisa J.
    2019-04-01 03:12

    Skylar M. Cates' first book "Exposed" is on my re-read list. And this one, though completely different in tone and subject from the first, was also enjoyable.Nothing extraordinary happens in "The Guy From Glamour." It's just a nice book, about two nice guys and the nice family who supports them. This book falls squarely in the comfort read category.Anthony is moving on from a breakup with a cheating boyfriend, while Dean adjusts to life outside the military after getting custody of his niece after his sister dies. Anthony helps Dean bond with the girl, but thankfully that plot doesn't overtake the book. There is a nice (there's that word again) balance here between family and romance, but Anthony and Dean as a couple never fade into the background.Extra points for how the "big misunderstanding" is handled (nice to see Anthony with some fire), and the ending was truly romantic. I enjoyed my time in Glamour, and I look forward to the sequel.

  • Ann
    2019-04-09 05:54

    I melted into a puddle of love goo listening to this one and I wallowed happily in every minute of it. The narrator does a great job with the voices. Each one is unique without sounding forced.Anthony and Dean were absolutely made for one another. The slow build up to the real relationship was very sweet and I loved listening to Dean grow into his new life. This was a completely swoonworthy listen and the lovin' scenes were hot as hell. I've already downloaded book 2 as this series seems to be pretty addictive.

  • Mandi
    2019-04-21 01:20

    Great read! This hit all my reading kinks with the added bonus of being well written (score!) My first read from this author, think I'll have to see what else they are offering. :)

  • Gina
    2019-04-15 22:53

    This has been sitting on my TBR shelf, and what a shame! I loved this book, I loved the writing and I especially loved Dean. I want to live in Glamour!

  • Sadie Forsythe
    2019-03-28 21:57

    This was an all right book, I suppose. Just, as it turns out, REALLY not my cup of tea. I'm not a big fan of the heavy 'Awww' moments on the best of days and The Guy From Glamour is practically a hike through the hearts and flowers garden. I can handle it a lot better in m/m romance than het, which is why I picked this up in the first place. (Plus, I expected a bit more grit from the soldier.) But in the end, there wasn't enough other stuff to keep my interest. And lacking distracting 'oh, I'm happy with that' moments I was left too aware of the text for all the little annoyances to pass unnoticed.I don't really know how to explain my biggest one, but in general I've noticed that when an author writes about things they don't know that much about (in this case combat pilots), it's pretty obvious. Even if every word is technically accurate. They explain things that don't need explaining. Things that someone immersed in the subject would hardly notice are made big deals of. Their characters talk about their jobs or missions in ways that don't feel natural. Here's an example:We're special Forces. We're the most elite helicopter force in the whole damn world. We fly into enemy territory and navigate our way through it to complete search-and-rescue missions or perform high-risk air assaults.Sure, the wikipedia page might describe the Night Stalkers that way, but I can't even imagine an actual soldier doing so. Plus, other characters are overly aware of what a Night Stalker is and give undue accolades for it. Cates is guilty of all of the above. Maybe I'm wrong about how much she does or doesn't actually know about the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, but something about the way Dean and his position is written didn't feel real to me.Similarly, I spent several years working in Children's Protective Services, dealing with the children brought into the Foster Care system. Let me just tell you, this book really should be labeled as fantasy for how it describes the process and what it's like.I also had issues with writing itself. It was fairly well edited, but I thought the writing was stiff, especially in the beginning. There were lots and lots of blunt, staccato, telling sentences. Plus, everything was just sort of thrown on the table with very little finesse. Characters met and then immediately explained their entire life story and such (much of which wasn't really needed anyway). Good for providing the reader information, not so good for feeling like realistic dialogue. The whole thing just felt kind of clumsy. You knew exactly where it was going at all times and it lurched there unfailingly. No surprises or subtlety involved. Plus, there was almost no character development. I never felt I really knew either MC and Nikki was just a shadow puppet. I was more attached tot he puppy than her. Again, most of my complaints are personal. For readers who like guaranteed happy endings and what I call cheesy moments (but people who like them probably would call sweet scenes) this book might be a hit. I appreciated what the story was trying to accomplish. I was impressed to find that some characters with a history in the foster care system were there for neglect rather than abuse. So often, people forget that there are other, less dramatic reasons for children to be removed from their parents. I really liked that there was no strict designation of position, no exclusive top and/or bottom. I liked that one scene with Dean and Rick. There where aspects of this book I liked, but on the whole it was a fail for me.

  • JustJen
    2019-04-12 21:54

    A review by The Blogger Girls. This was a really pleasant surprise. I was thinking it would be one way, and it turned out to be totally different, but I loved it just as much.I fell in love with Dean. He’s this rough and tough Special Forces guy, who’s been in the military since he signed up at 18. So, basically, his whole adult life has been combat and high adrenaline missions. It’s the only thing he knows. He is good at what he does and gets along well in that environment. What he doesn’t do well with are relationships, be them romantic or otherwise. He just plain isn’t good around people, namely civilians. Unfortunately, he is forced to adapt when he’s called upon to take care of his teenage niece. But, adapt he does, and it was a joy to watch his transformation. He had a little bit of help though.At first, Anthony comes across as a bit of a doormat, having been cheated on and dumped by his last boyfriend and not having much luck with relationships before that. He’s a guidance counselor at a high school, who is now living with his parents. But, Anthony surprised me. He ends up being the perfect person to pull Dean out of his shell, and together they were hot stuff. They start their relationship with a no strings, friends with benefits, agreement, since neither of them see much of a future but neither wants to ignore their attraction. What ensues is an actual slow burn relationship that grows over the weeks of their spending time together. I especially loved how Dean had to learn to slow down. His entire sexual experience had been secret quickies and mostly nameless hookups. After he acknowledges he has no “finesse,” Anthony shows him how things should be.Anthony is also trying to help Dean cope with his relationship with his niece, which is more foreign to him than regular civilian encounters. Besides being the typical teenage girl, she has issues from bullying and the loss of her mother. But their friendship grows as well as they learn to trust each other and become a family. They all have adjustments to make, but none more than Dean, as he figures out how to deal with the abrupt changes his life has taken.This was well written and had a nice flow. I was afraid I would get a little bored here and there, but I was so invested in the characters, it was over before I knew it, and long before I was ready to say goodbye to them. This was my first book by Ms. Cates, and it definitely won’t be my last. I’m especially looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2019-03-29 22:08

    I started this series with the 3 book in row and I liked it. Anthony and Dean, the MC's of this first part have been mentioned in the 3 part and I definitly wanted to read more about them. And I have to say that I really liked The Guy From Glamour. It was nice reading more about the ficional town and about characters I already knew. I enjoyed the story about Anthony and Dean much more and I totally loved Dean. He was great!! I will definitly read the other books in this series! 4 stars (I loved the skydiving scene sooo much :))

  • MostlyDelores
    2019-04-15 00:10

    Simple, standard story enlivened by likeable characters and no irritating Big Misunderstandings. These guys talk to each other. It's refreshing.

  • V
    2019-04-09 02:11

    Very lovely, free of angst story.I'm looking forward for the sequel, I hope the author doesn't take long to write it.

  • Chris Kottner-Kirschner
    2019-04-08 02:11

    Mitten im Einsatz in Afghanistan erfährt der Hubschrauberpilot Dean Pierce vom Tod seiner Schwester und der Existenz seiner Nichte, die nun ganz allein auf der Welt ist. Also fliegt Dean zurück in die Staaten. Für den langgedienten Soldaten so etwas wie ein Kulturschock, der ihn schlicht überfordert. Außerdem ist seine Nichte Nicki sehr scheu und meidet Dean erstmal. Doch da gibt es Anthony, der Vertrauenslehrer/Sozialarbeiter an Nickis Schule, dessen Vater im Augenblick als Nickis Pflegevater fungiert. Anthony ist nach seiner hässlichen Trennung wieder bei den Eltern eingezogen und versucht zwischen Nicki und Dean zu vermitteln.Dean ist völlig neben der Kappe und hat auch keinen Plan was nun aus seinem Leben werden soll oder wie er Nickis Bedürfnissen gerecht werden soll. Je länger er in Glamour verbringt und je besser er die Menschen – vor allem Anthony und Nicki – kennenlernt, desto verwirrender werden seine Gefühle, Gedanken und Pläne. Zudem holt ihn auch seine unglückliche Vergangenheit ein, die ihn in den Militärdienst getrieben hat. Anthony wird zu einem Anker und der Rest der Carrino Familie wird irgendwie Teil seines neuen Lebens, das er sich so nicht vorgestellt hat. Doch Dean nimmt die Herausforderung an, auch wenn der Anfang schwer ist.Anthony und Dean passen auf den ersten Blick nicht zusammen. Anthony kommt aus einer großen, lauten, lustigen und liebenden Familie. Jeder passt auf den anderen auf – auch wenn das oft unangebracht oder nervig ist. Anthony ist beliebt und sehr kommunikativ; er liebt seine Arbeit und auch den Ort wo er nun wieder lebt. Noch immer knabbert er an seiner Trennung, sieht der Zukunft jedoch positiv entgegen.Dean hingegen ist der schweigende Einzelgänger, der mit dem Leben außerhalb des Militärs nur schwer zurechtkommt. Auch wenn er Nicki (noch) nicht kennt, so fühlt er sich für sie verantwortlich und der Gedanke sie im Pflegesystem zu wissen, ist ihm unerträglich. Dean hat es sich sein ganzen Leben lang verboten zu hoffen oder zu glauben, dass auch er richtiges Glück erleben darf. Doch er fühlt sich zu Anthony hingezogen und er ist der erste Mensch, dem er seine Lebensgeschichte anvertraut, bei dem er sich gehen lassen kann. Doch es braucht Zeit, bis sie einander wirklich vertrauen und vor allem sich einander öffnen. Beide Männer hüten ihr Herz gut und fürchte nichts mehr als eine weitere Enttäuschung und Verletzung. Und dann gibt es noch Nicki, für die sie beide eben Sorgen tragen.Der erste Teil der Guy Reihe von Skylar M. Cates ist sehr lustig und mitreißend geschrieben. Anthonys Familie ist großartig und sie hat mir viel Spass gemacht. Doch all der Spass und die Wortgefechte lassen die Geschichte nicht zum Klamauk verkommen. Dazu ist der Grundplot zu ernst und zu berührend. Dean wirkt hart und cool, doch tatsächlich ist er bedürftig und verletzlich. Ausgerechnet Anthony, den alle immer nur als netten, freundlichen Kerl wahrnehmen, erweist sich als sehr hartnäckig und charakterstark. Die Geschichte hat mich von der erste Seite an in ihren Bann geschlagen.Hier hat das ganze Paket gestimmt, auch wenn einige Leser die Häufigkeit der Sexszenen gestört hat. Ich fand das überhaupt nicht störend oder zu kinky. Die Übersetzung ist dem Verlag wirklich gut gelungen. Hier habe ich ja den direkten Vergleich zum Original, das ich vor einem Jahr schon gelesen habe. Für den Kerl aus Glamour gibt es von mir eine uneingeschränkte Leseempfehlung.

  • Katharina
    2019-04-07 04:58

    This was a very nice romance story focusing on family, and the responsibilities and joys and issues that might come with it.Captain Dean Pierce is a Night Stalker, a helicopter pilot in an elite unit, with conviction. He might have lost his touch with his real family - his sister - but the army has picked up the pieces well enough and become his substitute family instead. So, when he hears he has to come home to make some important decisions about his niece's future after his sister has died, Dean fully expects to be back out there with his team in a couple of weeks tops. He just needs to settle Nicki with a nice family, something he couldn't provide for her anyway.But Dean didn't expect the town of Glamour to get such a hold over him in such a short time, including his niece Nicki, Anthony, his niece's guidance counsellor, and Anthony's whole incredibly close but fantastic family. Flying is all Dean wanted to do with his life, but suddenly priorities he never expected carve out a different path for him. Torn between his old dream, his new family, and his attraction to Anthony who himself has a few skeletons in the closet he needs to deal with, every choice he might make seems to come with a huge sacrifice. But maybe in making one he would have never predicted beforehand, he can build the foundation for a life he never dreamed he could have.This was a slow, quiet read, and I have to admit I grew a little bit impatient in the first quarter. But then, it got so much better for me. Yes, it's slow, but to me - at least now - that's a good thing, because Nicki's trauma of losing the one person she could count on in her life together with additional teenager drama, is actually taken seriously. Her first very tentative meetings with Dean felt authentic to me and believable. Dean is a good guy, but he's not exactly the most social or most communicative of people and it's hard for him at first to feel comfortable around the noisy and touchy-feely Carrino family.This is a book without a lot of action or drama. It isn't all that angsty actually, the characters don't drive you crazy with bullheaded, unreasonable, over-the-top behaviour, they communicate (isn't it amazing?) and don't give up right away if something doesn't pan out. Well, at least, most of the time they don't ;-DI'd really love to read more about this town, and about the people in it. I was really surprised in the positive by this story and I'll have a look out for more books by this author. Recommended!!

  • Taintedskyee (Books Books&More Books)
    2019-04-07 03:11

    I had to change my rating thrice and ultimately decided on 3 stars.Believe me I wanted to rate it at least 4 stars as its a military man's story and I am totally in love with heroes working as agents of any department be it Army/Navy/Air Force or just a police officer, but couldn't.This story lacked something. It didn't make me feel, thats the best I can describe.Usually when I read this kind of story I am glued to it till I finish the book but in this case I took several breaks before finishing it and for me that really says a lot. Now the MC,Dean Pierce doesn’t do relationships. A tough-minded military man, he is dedicated to his job as a Night Stalker, flying Chinook helicopters and not speaking much to anybody.But everything changes with a phone call and he has to rush to a new town a new life and meets a new man Anthony Carrino with a big, gregarious Italian-American family, even if his sisters are interfering, and his dad, the local sheriff, knows everything going on in town. He’s happy as a middle school guidance counselor.When they meet sparks fly and lots of hot scenes something like this happens Carrino being curly hair and allBut yeah they will do the deed and lot many time too but what made me raise my eye brow Was the author confused who should be the top,cause from the beginning I got the feeling Dean would be the one but all of a sudden the twist was unexpected not that I am complaining it was nice to read both of them taking charges.On a second thought I think I would have prefered the plot having such unexpected twist instead of just being a story of settling down of a grumpy man with a niece and a Golden retriever pup which made the story very cute.Side characters was really lovable and fun to read about.Specially the twin sisters.The little side affair of Mia and Cody was nice.All in all a very hospitable story but not remarkable one for me.

  • Gabis Laberladen
    2019-04-04 00:53

    Darum geht’s:Dean Pierce wartet gerade auf seinen nächsten Kriegseinsatz als Hubschrauberpilot, als er die Nachricht bekommt, dass seine einzige Schwester tödlich verunglückt ist und er sich nun um seine Nichte Nicki kümmern muss. Der schweigsame Soldat ist überfordert mit der traumatisierten Nicki und wäre ohne die Hilfe des Schulpsychologen Anthony und seiner Familie, die Nicki vorübergehend aufgenommen haben, völlig überfordert.Anthony liebt seine laute Familie, die sich nur allzu gerne in alles einmischt und es versteht, rauschende Partys für die ganze Nachbarschaft zu schmeißen. Dass Anthony sich von seiner Sippe und der Kleinstadt Glamour nicht trennen kann, hat ihn sogar seine letzte Beziehung gekostet.So fand ich’s:Dean redet nicht viel und kann mit Gefühlen nicht umgehen. Und schon gar nicht weiß er, wie er auf Nicki reagieren soll, die sich zuerst sogar vor ihm versteckt. Er bringt es aber nicht über sich, Nicki irgendwelchen Pflegeeltern zu überlassen, denn Dean weiß selbst, wie es einem dort ergeht. Und der einfühlsame und freundliche Anthony lässt Dean auch nicht kalt.Anthony hat eine unglückliche Beziehung hinter sich, die er noch nicht ganz verarbeitet hat. Dean sucht seine eigene schlimme Kindheit wieder heim, als er sich darum kümmern muss, wie es mit Nicki weiter geht. Da kommen die Gefühle für einander nicht gerade gelegen und beide beschließen, dass es bei einer unverbindlichen Affäre blieben muss. Denn die Finger von einander zu lassen, das bringen sie nicht fertig. Und je mehr sich Dean einlebt und die Vorzüge der kleinen Gemeinde Glamour kennenlernt, desto enger bindet er sich auch an Anthony.Nicki und Anthonys Familie sind ein großer Bestandteil der Erzählung, denn besonders Anthony wäre ohne seine Familie nicht denkbar.Ich habe gerne dabei zugesehen, wie der sympathische Anthony und seine liebevolle Familie den grummeligen Dean auftaut und langsam – manchmal einen Hauch zu langsam für meinen Geschmack – verändern. Und als Gegenpol zu jeder Menge Liebe, Verständnis und Grillparties gab es so einige sehr heiße Begegnungen zwischen Anthony und Dean, die für ordentliches Feuerwerk gesorgt haben.