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My Aunt Lucy used to say, “If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.” She said many wise things I never heeded when she was alive. I want to be the woman that’s okay with hiding from what she fears and letting her big, strong man protect her. But that’s not me. I hate to be scared. I hate the feeling that there is an evil out there thaMy Aunt Lucy used to say, “If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.” She said many wise things I never heeded when she was alive. I want to be the woman that’s okay with hiding from what she fears and letting her big, strong man protect her. But that’s not me. I hate to be scared. I hate the feeling that there is an evil out there that could hurt me if it finds me. But mostly, I hate that so many before me lived in fear and died at the hands of evil. That is why I cannot find peace within. There is no peace for me while Healers suffer the atrocities of others. I know Rhett would protect me at all costs. He loves me. And that is why I must leave him behind. It’s impossible to justify hurting someone you love—or many you love—to do what you truly believe is right. Lucy also used to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I get what she was trying to tell me now. Hindsight is twenty/twenty. Sometimes we choose a path we think will lead us toward a noble cause, full of ambition and altruism, only to look back and see we’ve run over and crushed the ones we love most along the way. I can only pray that one day those I love will forgive me.I woke up and I left. I left Rhett, the man who saved me from myself. The man I love. I left my brothers—my best friends. I left.But leaving led me to more. I found answers. I found others like me—who want what I want.But most importantly, I found myself. My name is Aldo Lawson.I’m awake. And I’m a Hybrid....

Title : Hybrid
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Hybrid Reviews

  • Snow
    2019-07-14 10:57

    Definitely a 5 star read!this is can't just slice it into simple sentences..."My name is Aldo Lawson. I'm a healer. I have a unique ability to pull energy from one human and transfer it to another in order to heal illness, injury and sometimes death...I can also absorb information from those I touch..."Aldo is lost, confused, after the loss of the only person who took care of her and her two brothers, she is in search of herself. She is found secrets and lies all around her under the excuse of keeping her safe...she's restless and angry and she feels she's missing the truth...she needs closure, peace BUT most of all she needs revenge...."If you can't find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.she brings on more trouble, she's a magnet for mischiefs, she's rash, stubborn, naive..."You don't know what you are."She's following the lead that her aunt Lucy left for her and the number of the person to contact for answers. Daniel O'Sullivana man that saves her unknowing who she is BUT they felt smth through the contact - the connection beyond physical toucha man who ends up being the one who will give her the answers of what she is, what she's able, what she still needs to learn, how she needs to grow and "own" her power...through out the training comes another challenge for them both and they are not ready to give in to it just YET...BUT make no mistake of what became a fact...

  • Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer*
    2019-07-06 14:44

    I FINALLY FINISHED. Word of advice, never try to read while moving. It's next to impossible. I really liked this book, but find myself severely frustrated with Aldo. PICK A MAN AND STAY WITH HIM. I fall in love with every guy only to be disappointed when they don't stick. First, with Thomas, I thought he was amazing, only he ended up hurting her so I got over him, especially when Rhett came into the picture. But then the slutbag (not really) leaves him, and the next thing you know she's with Daniel. If maybe each guy wasn't so likeable I wouldn't have a problem with it, but they all desperately love her and she ends up hurting them and in turn hurting me because I love them so. ESPECIALLY RHETT!!!! I don't think I'll ever completely forgive her for doing to him what she did. Now, don't get me wrong I like Daniel, I do, but It's not a 100% sure thing yet. I do like that he is okay with not being overprotective and letting her figure stuff out on her own, even if it's a mistake. Rhett was my guy though and I still want her with him. :( This book had plenty of shocking moments and of course at the end left me wanting more. I can't wait to see what happens after that crazy ending. Great story and very unique. :) ARC provided by author BN Toler in exchange for an honest review.

  • Hollie
    2019-06-26 07:54

    I'm done with this series nowI know Im in the minority on this one, but I just didn't care for this book. The plot was tiring for me and I almost gave up on it a couple times, butdecided to stick it out. I tired of Aldo falling in love so easily. And the cliffhanger endings, nope...............I'm done. I have no interest to see how this story plays out.

  • t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog
    2019-06-24 08:49

    I've been waiting Six LONG months for this book and I was so excited when Author B.N. Toler gave it to me early so that I could write an honest reviewHybrid is the second book in the Healer Series and picks up where Healer left off. We find Aldo with her brothers and still crushing on Rhett. But in this book we see her grow into herself and a become the beginning of the woman she is going to be. Aldo is 20 years old for the most part in this novel and we see her take on more adult themes and experience more sizzle and spice than went on in the previous book. Once again B. N. Toler's fresh perspective on the genre has made this a must read book. Urban Fantasy? Paranormal Romance? This book has it all. The plot is fast moving and it kept me up all night literally reading I just couldn't put it down. I couldn't believe when I finished the book it is 5:45am and I hadn't yet slept. It just kept in it's grasp and wouldn't let go...there was no place to stop and I just didn't want to anyway. We learn more about Aldo's enemies and about Aldo herself and how she came to be with Lucy. We even learn more about Lucy and who she was prior to taking on the triplets. We see more of Whit and Hudson in the first part of the book and it puts our mind at ease that they are happy and doing well. As the story continues we are introduced to a whole new cast of characters who will become lynch pins in Aldo's life. Yes some of these characters are male, hawt and beautiful. The steam came off the pages in clouds! The crafting of the characters was genius. Aldo's character begins to have more depth and becomes at first someone you wanna smack but gradually as we read and she learns there is a depth there that can't help but touch the reader and make you feel what she is going through with her confusion of her love life. Her attraction to things and people she felt she should not be attracted. Daniel, on the other hand grasps you because of the mystery surrounding him and his life. We get glimpses of his life and what made him the man he became but we have the knees knocked out from under us as we get into the last 1/4 of the book. Each of the secondary characters jump from the page. Eileen is hilarious, Flynn is fun loving and Bridge needs a kick in the ass. I personally can't wait for the next book in this incredible series. Another 5 star review for Ms. Toler and a huge! recommendation to read this fact if you have not yet discovered the Healer Series book 1 THE HEALER is currently on sale at Amazon for .$.99 so drop everything and one click it NOW.

  • ✿
    2019-07-08 12:50

    Honestly, B.N. Toler keeps surprising me and surprising me! In a good way that is!A previously unknown author to me, B.N’s work was introduced to me when she had contacted me out of the blue to read the first book in the series, Healer. At first I nearly turned it down because of the old cover (*ducks head sheepishly) but after reading some lovely reviews on it I decided to take a chance.Let me just say that from Healer to Hybrid Ms. Toler keeps us on her A-game! I was enthralled with the ever rising stakes she brings to the table of Aldo and her still coming to terms with herself and her destiny.I was nearly gutted when she left Rhett (especially him! I ♥ him lots that's why!) and all those she loved behind but at the same time I felt that it was necessary. In Hybrid we see her grow, mature, and learn how to stand more on her two feet.Filled in world of danger, mystery, love, and paranormal suspense, will Aldo come to embrace her role in this foreboding path that could not only put herself and others in danger but risk her life as well? Will she put all fears aside and find the answers that she needs? And most importantly, will she be able to find herself?An exemplary sequel to the Healer series! Well done, Ms. Toler!*I received an ARC on behalf of the author for an honest review. Thank you!*

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    2019-06-23 11:56

    I should start with saying I loathe love triangles and TSTL heroines, but I had been warned Aldo would get worse before she got better so I was prepared. So many of my book buddies loved this book so this is likely a case of it is just me but I couldn't get over what a complete moron Aldo was. She was beyond juvenile and I prefer to read about character that has some sense. I can understand her reasoning with wanting revenge but she had no cohesive plan to execute it. It was like watching monkeys use tools - and it lasted the entire book. Her ex says is all when he said to her "you'd get in and turn into some badass ninja that would slay all the big bad vampires". She is woefully inadequate. By this point I kinda wanted her to go into the vampire nest and get killed because she really was too stupid to live. This brings me to Aldo's I love Rhett/lusting after Daniel situation. I hated reading about it and this is just personal preference *shrugs*.So I thought long and hard about how to rate a book where I actually liked the world (it is really fresh and original) and the plot was good (though the pacing was slow at times). But I can't rate a book highly that I didn't enjoy and/or connect with the characters. Until the last few pages I wanted to give Aldo some concrete boots and chuck her off the nearest bridge so she can spend her days at the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. Because I spent so much of the book pissed off I don't feel I can rate this book more than 2.5 stars. I'm going to read the next one because I've been told Aldo evolves a lot and I'm interested to see how it plays out.

  • preppea
    2019-07-09 09:36

    If you haven’t read HEALER yet, you may not want to read my review of HYBRID until you do. Instead, you can read my review of HEALER here.B.N. Toler knew not every reader would love Aldo’s impulsive and immature tendencies, but she wasn’t willing to alter Aldo to appease the masses because it wouldn’t be true to who Aldo is and the journey she is on. Ms. Toler said as much in her note to the reader after HYBRID. Man, was she right. I wanted to shake Aldo until her head bounced back and forth, then maybe a little more to make sure it sunk in! Come on, Aldo! We can’t all have three amazing guys following our every move as we make mistake and after mistake in the name of revenge. Get it together, girl! At the end of HEALER, Aldo realizes she’s been stuck in her head in a world of her own making after she lost her aunt in a fire and discovered her crush may have been involved. Rhett, the most amazing man in the world, followed Aldo into her subconscious and patiently helped Aldo find her way home. I want to put Rhett in a bottle and take him home with me. He is perfection. The only problem? He loves Aldo so much he isn’t willing to risk her life in order to help her avenge her family. And Aldo is sick and tired of being lied to in the name of safety. Healers have been in hiding for too long and Aldo is determined to bring down the vampires who breed and kill healers once and for all. She manages to lock Rhett out of her dreams and leaves on a journey her aunt started long ago. She follows her aunt’s clues to a man named Daniel. Leader of the hybrids, Daniel can teach Aldo her full potential as a hybrid, someone who was born of a healer that had been bitten by a vampire during pregnancy. As long as hybrids maintain a regular consumption of blood, they are stronger than blood healers AND vampires. So all that time Rhett’s sister, Sarah, seemed unnecessarily hard on Aldo? It was because she knew Aldo had the potential to be stronger than either her or her brother, yet she reveled in being coddled. I would have been a tad annoyed too. But that doesn’t mean I wanted Aldo to run off and leave Rhett in the dust just to find her true strength! B.N. Toler has created a wonderful paranormal world and I love the liberties she takes with the talents and abilities of her characters. It is truly original and exciting and I get caught up in the adventure and suspense of it all. What drove me absolutely batty, however, was Aldo. Her immaturity was so severe that I had a hard time placing it within the new adult genre this series is obviously a part of. There are sexy scenes and flushingly hot moments and Aldo seemed like a fish out of water in the midst of a world of my hot fantasies. On top of Aldo’s immaturity, I truly battled the fact that Ms. Toler created at least two swoon-worthy men (arguably three) and then expected me to understand how Aldo could choose one over the other. I really needed there to be a more glaring reason why Aldo would give up one for the other. I heard her reasoning, but at the end of the day, it still felt like Aldo was the most selfish person on the planet. She would babble on about her love for each man in a different way, and why she loved one so much but the other was her whole world. I was screaming at Aldo to stop leading them on with her damsel in distress moments. Why were they so smitten with her? She drove me bonkers half the time, yet they were over the moon for her. B.N. Toler’s note to the reader at the end of HYBRID supported my faith that Aldo will mature and find her strength in SAVAGE, the third book in the series. SAVAGE sounds like the perfect continuation of an amazing world and thrilling obstacles. My only concern at this point is if Thomas, Rhett, and Daniel continue to be a part of Aldo’s journey, I hope Aldo has the maturity to commit 100% to her convictions about who she wants beside her. I gave HYBRID 3.5 stars and rounded up to 4 stars for reviewing purposes because though I’m frustrated with a lot of Aldo’s actions in HYBRID, I’m still obsessed with the world she lives in and the men who dwell in it. SAVAGE promises to be every bit as exciting as the first two books in the series and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. I would recommend this series to everyone who enjoys paranormal new adult and would like a breath of fresh air when it comes to the types of paranormal they encounter. **Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

  • Lisa
    2019-07-21 14:50

    I received a copy of this story from the author for an honest review for Amber's Reading Room.Hybrid picks up directly where Healer left off, with Aldo Lawson waking from a yearlong coma ready to fight. Aldo is a Healer, someone born with the ability to pull energy from one person and transfer it to another to treat illness, injury, and even death. Aldo emerges from her coma knowing the truth that she and her brothers are the by-products of a breeding project to ensure a pure, unlimited food source for Vampires. Aldo must learn to embrace her powers and hidden strength to save those like her mother and to make the Vampires pay.Can Aldo trust Rhett Mason, the man who saved her from endless sleep, to steer her in the right direction or will he be too focused on protecting her? When Thomas Watson, the man she believes betrayed her family to the Vampires, reappears offering aid can she forgive him and accept his help? Or does Aldo need to embrace the hard teachings of ancient Hybrid Daniel O’Sullivan, a man who promises to break Aldo to rebuild her into the ultimate fighter?What I loved: B.N. Toler has created a solid paranormal heroine in Aldo Lawson. Aldo is far from perfect and in all honesty she makes a lot of stupid mistakes, but that’s what makes her easy to identify with. What teenager/twenty-something is going to keep a level head hearing the news that they have superpowers and scary monsters want to harm them and their family? Aldo does what she thinks is best for those she loves and owns the consequences. Also, Hybrid introduces Daniel, an ancient and super powerful hybrid, and spins the love triangle from Healer into a very interesting love quadrangle. I loved the character of Daniel and the sparks between Aldo and Daniel are electric, making Hybrid feel like a much more adult read.What I didn’t love: Aldo experiences a lot of sexual violence/violation in this book. Though the scenes are not graphic and Aldo is rescued from several of the situations, after the third and fourth occurrence I became frustrated and found it a little hard to stomach.Favorite Quotes:“Be careful of the toes you step on today because they may be connected to the foot that kicks your ass tomorrow.”“Aldo, I’m in love with you. Like it or not, I’m going to protect you. It’s what a man does when he loves a woman. I may not be human, technically, but I don’t think that changes regardless of what I am.”“It’s an odd feeling to know you possess so much power over another; a power that can make them crazy, make them lose their senses, but it’s also a major turn on when that person is one of – if not the strongest beings in existence.”Overall Hybrid is a solid paranormal New Adult read. There’s great character development, action, romance, danger, heat, and heartbreak. Hybrid is not a standalone, so if you haven’t read its predecessor Healer, definitely check that out first. Hybrid also has a handy glossary in the back to refresh those who are jumping back into the story. I’ll be looking forward to the next book in the series, Savage, which comes out later this year.Happy reading.

  • Krystle ~A Booknatic~
    2019-06-28 09:31

    I received an ARC of 'Hybrid' by B.N. Toler in exchange for an honest review, and here are my thoughts - First off, let me just say that I LOVE this book, it's all kinds of wow. I was captivated, and didn't want to put it down until I was finished...and now I'm squirming in my seat as I wait for 'Savage' to be released! The storyline is so unique and refreshing, I really, really love the way the author thinks and how she wrote this book. The abilities that her characters have, for example - dream walking, or being able to absorb a persons information from a touch, and then sorting through it in your subconscious, is just really cool. Also, most of the books that I've read in the past have been written in third-person, so for this one being in first-person – and very well written, I might add – it was a nice change of scenery. There are so many things I'd love to gush about in this review, I finished the book about 4 days ago now, and I've been trying to figure out what to say, without exposing too much for the reader. I really enjoyed all of the twists and turns Ms. Toler took us on in 'Hybrid'. In the blurb for the book, at the end where Aldo states that she leaves Rhett, and, hold up, she LEAVES Rhett? Oh my GOD! I was even falling in love with this man!“Aldo, I'm in love with you. Like it or not, I'm going to protect you. It's what a man does when he loves a woman...” Rhett to Aldo Omg, I melted..But, it's something Aldo has to do, and as it turns out, I'm glad that she did. This is a huge turning point in her life, and really, where her journey begins. She basically starts a whole new life, and as she ventures out on her own, she finds new friendships, answers to a lot of puzzling questions, acquires new abilities with her new bad-a$$ “Hybrid” self – I loved the scenes where she was taught how to utilize her new skills, especially when she was jumping off of buildings and “spelling” people. And then, her inner-self, that was an awesome add-in that I found hilarious! The steamy, hot, sex scenes, were very well written, and now thanks to this series, I now have 3 new book boyfriends! *grin* Everything about the book was great. From start to finish, I was met with surprises that I didn't see coming. Hence, why I'm going to have to stop here, so I don't spoil the experience for you all! Buy the book and read it, you won't regret it!

  • Tiffy
    2019-07-02 07:33

    I received an ARC copy of Hybrid from B.N. Toler for an Honest opinionLets see my honest opinion is this book is beyond words. I freakin loved it. Mrs. Toler 1st book Healer was soo well written its hard to believe it was an debut novel. HYBRID was even better (I didn't think the writing could better). Mrs. Toler has wrote such an unique book one I could read over and over again and not get tired of it. B.N. really brought some wonder things to HYBRID, things I didn't think this series need but now that I have read this book I am very happy she went there and went in such a huge way she just put her up there with well known authors. I have always said B.N. is going places and HYBRID just sealed the deal for SURE!!! I have been such and HUGE fan of B.N.'s eating up every teaser she has posted of HYBRID because I have been looking forward to this book for what feels like years!! It had everyone I love in a book, Love, Adventure, Misdirection/Betrayal, Action, and a whole lot of HOTTNESS. Aldo does some growing up in this book, she still has some faults but really who don't. I love when learning done by trial and error and that's how Aldo learns. Some of it hard to go through with her but Aldo learns a lot about herself and the people around her this way. There are new characters introduced in this book, and again I say each one is perfect weather they are good or evil. The depth B.N. goes with these new characters didn't have to be done but she gave each of life, made them real. Hybrid picked up there Healer left off you MUST read Healer before you read this book. Hybrid will suck you in and take you on Aldo's adventure of growing into a powerful women. I was not disappointed by this book!!! This review is not my best due to the fact I am not to give out any spoiler. All you need to know is this series is wonder and a must read and re read. Thank you B.N. Toler for giving me the chance to review this book you. I love you writing and hope to be able be apart of your journey in the future.

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-07-16 11:50

    Favorite Lines “You couldn’t stop me.”“Tragedy can make lions out of kittens.”“I feel like I’m exactly where I belong. I’m on my way to getting exactly what I want. Revenge.”“I think couples who don’t have at least a little jealousy are the ones with the real issues.”“People think the heart is only capable of having one true love. You can have more than one. I can see what you feel for Daniel. But I can see what you feel for this man too. But in the end Aldo, would you take away his right to mourn your relationship to make yourself feel better about it? Is this an act of love, or is this to ease your guilt?”“Our mouths collide again and in seconds he’s on me, inside me, biting me and drinking from me. I’ve never felt anything this consuming. I feel devoured. It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt.”I had forgotten how much I loved this world. After reading book 1 I was in knots! Aldo was going through... Well hell..... Everything she believed had been shattered and in book 2 it happens again! She finally wakes up into the arms of Rhett but she realizes she must revenge her mothers murder! In the process of getting that revenge she meets the yummy Daniel! He's a hybrid like her, he trains hybrids to survive and thrive. He also worms his way I to her heart and soul all while infuriating her! Those two have a electric passion that is amazing to read about! Will Aldo stay with Daniel or go back to Rhett? YOU HAVE TO READ TO FIND OUT!! BELIEVE ME YOU WANT TO KNOW! As with book one this author spins a fabulous story that you are dying to get to the page. I loved this world, the story, and these characters! I can't wait to see what's in the next book!I was given this book by author in exchange for an honest reviewFIVE HYBRID FAIRIES

  • Maria's Book Blog
    2019-06-24 13:32

    Hybrid picks up where Healer left off. Aldo has just awoken from a self induced coma and is now trying to readjust to life again. She knows Rhett and Sarah are keeping secrets from her, but that's okay because she's got a secret of her own. Her quest for vengeance is stronger than ever and she's determined to break away to exact revenge and take down the Vampires responsible for the torture of female Healers. She's eventually able to sneak away in search of the answers Lucy promised her and ends up meeting somebody who shows her just how special she really is. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Paranormal Romance. I just love that the authors of this genre don't restrict themselves to one generic type of supernatural world, the possibilities are endless and completely open to interpretation. Ms. Toler has created an amazing fictional world that is unlike anything I've ever come across. She absolutely blew my mind with Healer and kept me glued to my seat with Hybrid. The story line flows and there's plenty of drama and intrigue to capture your attention and hold it until the very end. I especially love the moments of comedic relief. As serious as the tone is from time to time, I still laugh out loud when Aldo cracks a joke. The characters are well developed and so easy to become attached to. You can't help but feel like you've become part of the story. Ms. Toler delivers a story that is equal parts romance, mystery, drama and suspense. I absolutely loved this installment of the Healer Series and seriously can't praise it (or Ms. Toler) enough!

  • Book Junky Girls
    2019-06-20 10:45

    Our 4.5 Star ReviewAldo is finally awake from her dream world and with Lucy's message she has to decide what to do. Lucy could have left her the information she needs to seek vengeance on those who abused her mother and killed Lucy, but going after the Vampires means leaving her brothers and Rhet behind. After everything he's done for her Aldo has fallen in love with Rhet, but he wants to keeps her safe and not using her abilities to help others keeping under the radar for the rest of their lives. She's not sure she can do it and when the time is right she leaves and finds a whole other life she didn't even know was possible for her to live. Learning secrets that had been kept from her and things she should've known all along who will she learn to trust in the end?I loved seeing more of Aldo, she's young and makes mistakes, but she's strong and fierce. Watching her grow and learn more of who she is you see her Independence come out and she desire to avenge the innocent. Seeing old and new love interests and how she feels about them you root for your favorite and hope she picks the guy who's right for her in the end. Reading the story as it grows and takes new shape I had a blast with all the new twists and turns along the way. The characters that were introduced in this one added so much to the novel and helped you feel even more a part of this world created by Toler. There's something new with every turn of the page, I can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Fiona Wilson
    2019-07-15 13:53

    If you think you understood Aldo's story in Healer, then prepare yourself to be blown away in Hybrid. The author takes what we think we know about her and totally turns it on its head. You really need to read Healer before reading this book.Aldo has been lied to, many times, by people she trusted. Trying to decipher what is truth amongst those lies will take Aldo further than she ever imagined. She has to turn her back on people she trusts. She lies, cheats and manages to immerse herself totally in whatever situation she finds herself in. The twists and turns in this story certainly make for some great reading. The author has managed to weave a tale which drags us in kicking and screaming, then has us screaming at the words as she changes everything, several times.At times I loved Aldo, her struggle to survive and find the truth proves how strong a character she is. But I wish she wouldn't keep jumping from one person to another. You will understand what I mean when you read both books. The ending? The ending has me desperate for more. I cannot wait to find out what the author has in store for us next.

  • Anino
    2019-06-20 15:59

    This book was simply fantastic! Not only was it captivating with multidimensional characters, delicious drama, a plot with more twists and turns than a Texas Tornado, but all of this wonderful delicious stuff was wrapped up in an ever expanding world that became more interesting by the minute. My only issues with the book was a small amount of lag and a character (Aldo) who at times acted like she was TSTL. Since she's in the process of growing up, I can understand the immaturity, but still one wants to jump through the pages and ask her, "what the heck is your friggin problem?"Oh well, when a book is captivating and inspires you to talk back to the characters, one just knows that they're onto something good...Ms. Toler has done an excellent job with crafting a highly inventive story, and I look forward to seeing what she'll surprise us with next....Giving this one: 4 solid stars...

  • Dreama Camphuysen
    2019-07-13 09:57

    Hybrid BN Toler Ok...where to begin?! Hybrid, book two in the Healer series, has left me wanting!! I am aching for the 3rd installment and dying to see Aldo finally come into her own! Aldo drives me crazy!!! I want to pull that fierce woman out of her that is just lying in wait for her to realize its existence, and I'm totally envious of her ability to keep in going even when she doesn't fully realize how awesome she is! I'm not one to give spoilers in a review since some of your are looking to read it, but, I will tell you that the introduction of Daniel rocked my world!! His use of "Kitten" makes me tingle and his hard ass persona makes me weak! Get ready for some seduction that's enough to make even this girl blush! Thank you again BN Toler for creating such a beautiful character to follow and grow with and a HUGE thank you for the delicious hotties you knock us out with! I'm on the edge of sanity until the release of book three!-D

  • Amanda
    2019-07-19 11:30

    Wow! That's all I have to say.. Nope, that's a lie. For an author coming into her own, BN Toler has once again said, "I'm here to stay." I accepted Aldo in Healer, but melded with her in Hybrid. Yes, at times I wanted to smack her, but hey, I wanted to punch a few of the guys too. I laughed, cried, yearned with Aldo, even felt rejected with her. I don't normally write a review, but this series has definitely dug in deep. I will be one of those addicted readers checking all possible sites, looking for the next release date and praying that there is never an end to Aldo's story. I mean, something is can always pop up for her to need to solve, right? BN Toler is finding her way into the minds and hearts of the paranormal community and Aldo will be a character that you can recall just like many others.

  • Lindsey
    2019-07-07 09:36

    5 of 5 FangsAldo Lawson’s adventure continues in the newest addition of B. N. Toler’s Healer series, Hybrid. Some familiar faces reappear as well as several new and exciting players. As Aldo explores her new found abilities, her endgame is ever present in the back of her mind. To get what she wants, she comes to realize her enemy’s enemy just may be her friend. But love and the one man who makes her blood boil in anger and lust becomes the monkey wrench in her chess game. I’ve come to appreciate and expect emotional turmoil the likes of which I’ve never known from the talented B. N. Toler. Hybrid was no exception!! This amazing story of Aldo’s adventure definitely didn’t disappoint!

  • Romance Novel Releases
    2019-07-04 13:39

    5 Stars!!!What makes it 5 stars? I couldn’t put it down!!! It has soooo many twist and turns that made me want to keep reading to see where Toler was going to go with the characters. I am not going to give much away and we will be posting a full on review later today, but If you haven’t started this series you are missing out.Side note – I normally don’t read paranormal it’s not my cup of tea but I was asked to read this book for a Book Club and I am glad I didn’t pass on this read~J

  • Tasha Ann
    2019-06-29 11:46

    This second book in the Healer series is nothing short of amazing. You will laugh, you will be angry, and you will fall in love. This is a book you can not put down without missing the characters. In this book of the series Aldo finds out a secret that will always change her life. As soon as i finished reading Hybrid i wished i had read slower. I am already awaiting Savage!! Well done again B N Toler.

  • Tanisha Rhyne
    2019-07-06 11:44

    I would recommend this book to anyone along with healer.. I absolutely love this book and can not wait for the next one. I am a huge fan of Daniel and Aldo's I cant wait to see what the next one brings. If you have not read this series then i highly recommend you pick up healer and hybrid by B.N. Toler. you will not be sorry.

  • Tricia
    2019-07-18 11:47

    This is such an incredible series! I started reading Hybrid yesterday afternoon and finished it at 2:00am! I could not put the book down! I don't like to give too many descriptions of the books cause I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I just LOVE Daniel! At the end I was like what the $&$&!! , I knew I didn't like that guy for a reason! :) Cannot wait for the third book!

  • Maria
    2019-07-05 09:36

    4.5 Stars

  • Erin
    2019-07-04 11:44

    3.75 stars

  • Jessica
    2019-07-01 09:30

    Review to come :)

  • The BookChick
    2019-07-02 11:44

    I am going to offer some full disclosure right now. This book frustrated me, plain and simple. Oh, I know what you're thinking, "But you gave it 5 stars so it couldn't possibly be THAT bad." To which I would rejoin, "You're absolutely right." The book was exceptional and the story line was brilliant. What frustrated me? Our dear confused and maddeningly frustrating heroine, Aldo. Aldo will make you want to punch her in the throat. Hard. And...a lot. She definitely is dealing with a lot of changes in her life in a very short span of time. But to deal with it she often retreats in her head and whine...a lot *insert headache*. But fortunately for Aldo, she does not have to rely on herself to survive. First she had Rhett and Sarah. After Rhett and Sarah save Aldo from herself and bring her back to reality at the end of Hybrid, she is re-acclimating to life. Sort of. Aldo is setting back into life with her brothers and the life she missed while living in her consciousness but she is restless because she is eager to exact revenge on those who killed her Aunt Lucy, her mother, and who hurt Sarah. And how will Aldo do this? *Insert sound of crickets*...she has no clue or no plan. She's gonna wing it! So she leaves the security of her brothers and Rhett and Sarah and goes off on her own. In a new city, Aldo plans to begin her "hunt". However, her first day in the new location ends with her almost being raped in an alley. Now, enter her new savior, Daniel. Daniel is gruff but very sexy and makes Aldo tingle. But her heart belongs to Rhett? <--notice the question mark. Daniel is the leader of a group of hybrid's who is trains in their gifts. They are fighting the evil vampires and blood healers who are doing terrible things in the effort to create more healers for them to use. Trust me...this story is a maze of clues and you just have to follow the trail to figure out just what the heck was happening. The story was intricate, intriguing, and multidimensional. I loved that there were no static moments in the story. Like, at all. The story moved at an excellent pace and even the lulls in action were eventful. So now you're still thinking, "Where does the frustration come in?" And to that I reply with one word: Aldo. Notice I said that Aldo was confused. Yeah...bear that in mind when you read this story. Her heart seems very fickle and her vacillation between men will leave your head swimming with frustration. I almost pitched my Kindle at the wall twice screaming, "Making a decision already!!!" LOL But, I am in good company. Many other experienced this same sentiment and it was nice reading to the end of the book to discover that THAT element of Aldo's personality was intentional on the author's behalf. Aldo was penned that way so that we could see the growth of her character and I have high hopes that the Aldo we see in Savage will do us girl-power-girls proud :).

  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)
    2019-07-19 11:37

    This book picks up right where the first book, "Healer", left off. There was plenty of action, mystery, and romance to keep me hooked to this book. I loved the paranormal aspect of this book with healers, blood healers, hybrids, and more! It is a unique world, and Toler does a wonderful job building that world. I also really love Toler's writing style. She knows how to make her characters believable and lovable. Toler also incorporates a lot of humor, even in the darker moments of the book.There are a lot of new characters introduced in this book, one of them being Daniel. Now, I had a really hard time liking Daniel at first. I truly loved Rhett and I did not want a new guy to possibly come into the picture. By the end of the book, I did grow to like Daniel, but my heart still belongs to Rhett."Aldo, I'm in love with you. Like it or not, I'm going to protect you. It's what a man does when he loves a woman. I may not be human, technically, but I don't think that changes regardless of what I am." He kisses my shoulder."I'll never let anyone hurt you Aldo. I failed the people I loved once, it will never happen again." When he says things like that, how can you not help but love Rhett? It actually bothered me a lot that Aldo found a new love interest in this book. Within two books Aldo has fallen in love three times, which seems a little far-fetched for me. It is hard as a reader to root for any of these guys because you are still trying to let go of the previous guy. I loved Thomas, but then I fell for Rhett by the end of book one. I was so excited to read a book all about Rhett and Aldo, but my heart was crushed when Daniel came into the picture. I understand that Aldo's powers make her attractive, but it truly bothered me that almost every single male that she ever came across fell in love with her. I understand that Aldo isn't a perfect character and even Daniel said to her: "I am waiting for this young girl to turn into a woman", but I still wanted to shake her a good majority of the book. Also, Aldo experienced a lot of sexual violence in this book, which made me really uncomfortable.With all that being said, I did still enjoy this book. Aldo might have annoyed me, but I am still obsessed with the plot of this series. I simply cannot stop reading this series because there is something addictive about it, and I am not sure what it is. This book ended on an intense cliffhanger, so I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book. I recommend this book to anyone that loves a good paranormal thriller mixed with romance. I will warn you that it is definitely an emotional roller coaster ride.3. 5 / 5 FangsCliffhanger: YesMrsDaemonMrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebook

  • Mariah Rice
    2019-07-19 11:35

    WOW is all I can said. Book was much faster pace and lots of twist.. Really enjoyed this one.My Aunt Lucy used to say, “If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.” She said many wise things I never heeded when she was alive. I want to be the woman that’s okay with hiding from what she fears and letting her big, strong man protect her. But that’s not me. I hate to be scared. I hate the feeling that there is an evil out there that could hurt me if it finds me. But mostly, I hate that so many before me lived in fear and died at the hands of evil. That is why I cannot find peace within. There is no peace for me while Healers suffer the atrocities of others. I know Rhett would protect me at all costs. He loves me. And that is why I must leave him behind. It’s impossible to justify hurting someone you love—or many you love—to do what you truly believe is right. Lucy also used to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I get what she was trying to tell me now. Hindsight is twenty/twenty. Sometimes we choose a path we think will lead us toward a noble cause, full of ambition and altruism, only to look back and see we’ve run over and crushed the ones we love most along the way. I can only pray that one day those I love will forgive me.I woke up and I left. I left Rhett, the man who saved me from myself. The man I love. I left my brothers—my best friends. I left.But leaving led me to more. I found answers. I found others like me—who want what I want.But most importantly, I found myself. My name is Aldo Lawson.I’m awake. And I’m a Hybrid

  • Paranormal Books R Us
    2019-07-12 07:46

    OH THE FEELS! Hybrid was an absolute emotional roller coaster that left me with one heck of a book hangover! Between being so irritated with Aldo I wanted to reach into the book and slap some sense into her, being worried for her, and crushing over the men (especially Daniel) I couldn't put this book down! The main character is not perfect by any means constantly getting herself into trouble by being impulsive and not listening to the people around her that are trying to help. But it's in watching her character mess up that I got attached. She makes stupid mistakes just like most people and there is something really compelling about that that kept me turning the pages to see how the story ended. The author's detail to the other characters and different take on the vampires/hybrids was also fantastic. They are all so different and full of life you can't help but love or in some cases hate them. Not to mention there is some seriously sexy alpha male going on in this book that left me swooning more than once! At a few points the main characters insistence to learn the hard way bothered me a lot especially at the scenes with unwanted sexual encounters, and when it finally came down to it I felt like the bad guy was taken out rather easily considering all the trouble he caused but I still can't wait for the next book! Hybrid may not be perfect but just like Aldo it's got something amazing going for it and in my opinion it's absolutely recommended!

  • Carra
    2019-06-25 12:40

    In this second book of BN Toler's Healer series, Hybrid, I found myself getting a bit irritated with Aldo. She acts even more impulsively -and frankly a bit more immature-than in the first book...without regard for how her actions will affect others-let alone herself. I found myself feeling sorry for Rhett with the way Aldo treated him, even if he has his own secrets that he is keeping. We get a nice healthy dose of Daniel here, and apart from the fact that he smokes all the time, he's an excellent hot alpha male (I'm not a fan of any character smoking, it's just a turnoff for me; I'm overlooking it for now with Daniel). I really like the characters of Eileen and Flynn, and love Eileen's mischievous side. Like Aldo, I do not care at all for Bridge and wished that she would speak up to Daniel about him. It seemed to me that Aldo brought on a lot of the things that happened to her on herself. If she could just be a bit more patient, she might not be finding herself in such predicaments over and over. She just frustrated me which made it a little hard for me to concentrate on the story. My overall rating is a 3.5. The author does note after the story that she knows Aldo is not a perfect character, but hints that we should get to see changes coming up in the next book, I'm hoping we see Aldo mature and learn from her mistakes.