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Set one hundred years before the events in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Sworn Sword graphic novel follows the adventures of Ser Duncan and his squire, Egg, as they quest for honor and glory in the Seven Kingdoms. After the deaths, surprises, and heroics in The Hedge Knight, Dunk and Egg continue their journey in search of the fair pSet one hundred years before the events in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Sworn Sword graphic novel follows the adventures of Ser Duncan and his squire, Egg, as they quest for honor and glory in the Seven Kingdoms. After the deaths, surprises, and heroics in The Hedge Knight, Dunk and Egg continue their journey in search of the fair puppeteer Tanselle. Along the way, the elderly knight Ser Eustace takes both men under his charge, alongside another knight—and this one promises trouble. Peace is ever elusive for Dunk and Egg, as they are soon embroiled in the schemes of local nobility, while a darker, greater thread threatens to unravel long-held truths of the Battle of Redgrass Field. In classic George R.R. Martin fashion, heroes and villains are never clear-cut, and political alliances threaten to slice the deepest. Yet one path lies ahead for Dunk and Egg: onward toward destiny. Join them as they venture along a now-familiar world but in a time all-new!Collecting The Hedge Knight II: The Sworn Sword #1-6, this special edition comes packed with over twenty-five pages of bonus material!...

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The Sworn Sword: The Graphic Novel Reviews

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2019-02-25 00:00

    www.melisa413readsalot.blogspot.comI loved this graphic novel as much as the first one. Dunk and Egg have taken up with Ser Eustace. They end up going out to find out why their water supply has stopped. It turns out The Red Widow has built a dam and stolen their water. There are rumors that she is a witch and has killed several husbands and Dunk has to make her see reason. This turns into a fight back and forth between The Red Widow and Ser Eustace. It seems The Red Widow has the okay from the King to take the water. This opens up another barrel of worms and they have to go through some issues before coming to a compromise. It seems as well, that our Dunk has a crush on her ladyship and she on him, but nothing can be done because he doesn't come from a "great family." Whatever... you know the ways and the days! Poor Dunk must move on after his little battle even though they wanted him to stay. You know if he did that would have caused all kinds of trouble. I loved the novel and I'm sorry I can't tell you more, you will just have to read it :) The graphics were awesome, I love when a book has beautiful graphics!

  • Nermin
    2019-03-16 22:03

    Targaryen count : 1Booby count : 0But despite the shortcomings mentioned above, this book was wonderful. Artwork was absolutely amazing, much better than the previous Hedge Knight and the Game of thrones comics.So here's, as promised, our gallant hedge knight ser Duncan the Tall:[image error]This bald dude is Egg, by the way, Aegon Targaryen who will end up being the king Aegon V. [image error][image error]Sir Duncan the hot [image error]this is red widow and Dunk totally has a crush on her [image error]But red widow is fiery and hot tempered and likes to slap big boys now and then [image error]Ser Duncan goes on and has his wet dreams all the same[image error][image error]And then he goes ahead and kisses her in real life. [image error]Which means the HAPPY END . Except that it isn't the happy end.[image error]

  • Nelson Zagalo
    2019-03-04 01:55

    Não sigo a série Game of Thrones, recebi este livro de prenda que fala de histórias passadas 100 anos antes da série TV. Gostei bastante, embora não me tenha surpreendido, tanto narrativamente como em termos de ilustração. É um bom trabalho, mas soa realmente a complemento do núcleo principal narrativo, como que a dar mais detalhe sobre o universo, sobre as vivências, os afazeres, as hierarquias, as honras e todo o seu sistema social. Acredito que possa ser bastante mais interessante para quem segue a série.Link para ver as primeiras páginas:

  • Silvana
    2019-03-06 22:01

    My copy has finally arrived! I gave three stars for the e-book version when I read it a few years back but for this particular edition with its AMAZING artwork, it deserves another star. Much much better than the hideous AGoT graphic novels. The part when Ser Eustace told the tale of the Battle of Redgrass Field is just totally mesmerizing. Daemon Blackfyre and Bloodraven in da house! And now that I see how the Red Widow - Tywin's feisty grandma - looks like, I totally get Dunk's infatuation with her. 'I wonder if she's freckled all over'. You dirty knight, you!I cannot wait for The Mystery Knight to be published in graphic novel version, due next year.

  • Geo Kwnstantinou
    2019-03-04 01:53

    Η λιγότερο αγαπημένη μου ιστορία από τις 3, με λιγότερη δράση..

  • Carmen
    2019-03-07 21:05

    You gotta like Dunk and Egg, that's a fact. Both of them are close to my heart already, but I didn't enjoy this story as much as the first one. A year and a half after the events we witnessed in the first volume has passed and Dunk (who still isn't very successful at being addressed as Ser Duncan the T all"), and his squire Egg have taken service with the elderly Ser Eustace. The old man lives in the glory days of the past and he has some territorial issues with the "Red Widow" (how I like strong women evil or not). There's a drought on, and water is being stolen, and peasant workers are somehow bulied because of that, something Dunk wants to prevent. So off he goes to try and solve the situation as the best of knights but he discovers that somebody has been lying to him. Knighthood is not so honourable here as it was in the previous volume, Dunk starts to see its dark side and to wonder if he is a knight or a regular guy and what is better, but he lives up to his own vision of knight's despite most of the times that's going to put him in danger. Not brilliant but enjoyable

  • Sud666
    2019-02-18 21:59

    This is the second part of the Hedge Knight Graphic novels. This one is better than the first. The continuing tale of Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg (one day to be Aegon the Unlikely). This time after the events of the tournament on Ser Duncan and Egg-they travel to serve under a Lord named Eustace. It seems the on the other side border is the infamous Red Widow who has diverted a river to fill her moat for the castle known as Coldmoat. Ser Duncan volunteers to serve Ser Eustace in this matter and is paired with the slovenly Sir Bennis. I shall not spoil the rest of this intricate plot for you-read the book.I enjoyed this tale more due to the revelations about the Blackfyre Rebellion, as well as learning between the Red and Black Dragon "sides" of the Targeryan dynasty. I wonder if there are more stories for Dunk and Egg. These are superbly done and carry the spirit of the books. The artwork is gorgeous and the story is truly a good one about the aftereffects of picking the wrong side during a rebellion. If you are a Game of Thrones fan this is a series you should look into.

  • Kristina
    2019-02-25 20:00

    Dunk and Egg!!I think I prefer the first Hedge Knight graphic novel, but I love Egg so much that it's really hard to tell...

  • Richard Tran
    2019-03-01 23:54

    An interesting continuation of Hedge Knight which follows the story of Dunk and Egg a year after the preceding book. The story was a bit trivial as it was mainly a device to show how noble of a knight Dunk is despite his poor beginnings. The secondary theme to this novella revolves around a rebellion between brothers for the crown. It basically says that the winners are always good and the losers are always evil despite the fact that they were both fighting for who they thought was the true king.I recommend this to people that read and liked Hedge Knight. I don't see much value as a side story in the universe of A Song of Fire and Ice by itself.

  • Satish Inamdar
    2019-03-17 02:07

    After reading the original story I couldn't contain myself reading the graphic novel.The drawings bring to life the characters - I was specially interested to see the battle scenes, read widow, cold moat, Ser Bennis the Brown.It was well rendered - and 4 stars because these are the stories I love.

  • Emily
    2019-03-01 20:13

    I wish I remembered the first book a bit better, but that didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying the storytelling and gorgeous artwork of the second Hedge Knight book. I could follow Duncan and Egg around Westeros for many more adventures.

  • Scott
    2019-03-08 23:14

    4 STARS

  • Nicole
    2019-02-21 03:04

    I didn’t like this story as much as the first Hedge Knight tale; but overall, it’s still good.Two years after the events of the first story, Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and Egg are in the service of Ser Eustace, an embittered and delusional old knight who drags them into his feud with his neighbour, the “Red Widow.” The situation is aggravated by Ser Eustace’s other retainer, the lazy, filthy, negative Ser Bennis of the Brown Shield.The “Red Widow” turns out to be young Lady Rohanne, another one of those pretty redheads. (Nothing against redheads, but they sure seem to turn up in stories and especially graphic novels a lot). She has a lot to prove and is sometimes shrewish, though also very clever. There’s a weird (IMO) attraction between her and Dunk, even though he hasn’t forgotten about but has apparently still not caught up with Tanselle. There are a lot of machinations and blame-throwing, nearly turning into a mini-war between the estates. Again, the art was stunning and reason enough to read the book.

  • Eyehavenofilter
    2019-03-16 21:03

    Finally found this after months of searching, and I was not disappointed. It is richly illustrated in both black and white line drawing and full colour with nothing omitted. Duncan the tall and his " squire ' Egg ' are traversing Westeros in order to lay low after Duncan entered a tourney and drew blood and the ire of the cruel and vain Prince Aerion. If not for Egg, Dunken the tall would surely paid for this transgression with his life.Many secrets are hidden in these graphic novels, and it would be to the delight of the lovers of the LOIAR readers to find them herein.Dunk and Egg are now roam Westeros as hedge knights offering their services as hedge knights offering their services for meat,mead, and occasional lodgings. As the second part of the tale begins they find themselves in the service of Ser Eustace, an aged knight who's glory has long past. A drought has plagued his fiefdom and it is now up to Dunk and Egg to find the source or lack of which, to the drought. But the heat is the source of agony for Dunk and he finds himself being plagued by the weight of his armour and the presence of an I easy feeling of dark magyck, and dread.I was pleasantly surprised by the illustrations since I disliked the style of the "Game of Thrones" graphic novels intensely. This style of artwork is far more attractive and very richly detailed. The rounded edges on the armour and the faces make the characters much more human and relatable. I enjoyed this not just for the illustrations but for the content, many little pieces of information were imparted that cleared up some questions that I had concerning a certain family heritage.Have I piqued you interest? I certainly hope so.

  • Ricardo Mota
    2019-02-28 18:59

    Primeira vez que li George R.R. Martin em formato BD. Devo dizer que me agradou muito. O complexo mundo de Westeros fica incrivelmente bem quando mostrado graficamente - e aqui a arte é exemplar. Como se esperaria de uma publicação com o selo Marvel.A BD é rica, envolvente, com um ritmo adequado sem descurar pormenores importantes. Só pela qualidade da arte e pelo toque do bom papel o livro já merecia nota positiva. Mas há mais.A Espada Ajuramentada continua a história de Duncan e Egg, depois d'O Cavaleiro de Westeros com que tive contacto em O Cavaleiro de Westeros & Outras Histórias. Nesse conto é-nos lançada a história de Duncan e Egg, de como se conheceram e se tornaram cavaleiro e escudeiro, num ambiente de Westeros anterior à das Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo (cuja série televisiva Game of Thrones muito ajudou a tornar popular, como merecia). Este será mais um pequeno conto. Uma aventura vivida por estes dois companheiros. Não me irei adiantar muito sobre a história para não arranjar spoilers, mas vale bem a pena - tal como valem muitos dos contos de GRRM, relacionados ou não com Westeros!. A complexidade política de GoT está aqui presente, tal como o sistema de honra e de hierarquias. Em texto, o conto seria óptimo. Em BD é melhor ainda! :)

  • Matt
    2019-03-09 23:07

    Fantastic. A 6 issue graphic novel that takes 6 issues before the lead character strikes his first blow. This book is about the intricate webs that bind the different characters into loyalties they frequently wish they could flee. Hedge Knight II weaves a great story as Ser Duncan the Tall (fleeing his upbringing as Dunk the Lunk in Fleabottom district in Kings Landing) strives to maintain the commitment to loyalty and knighthood Ser Arlan taught him. Things go wrong when he finds himself on the wrong side in a conflict that is the distant epic of a battle fought 20 years in the past.Martin's story and political intrigue comes through in spades, and Miller's art is WONDERFUL. His characters are well defined, and the details of the livery of the different houses and the action scenes RULE.Must read.

  • Ana
    2019-03-20 23:59

    Na realidade dou 3,5 estrelas a este livro.Em termos de história e valores que lhe estão inerentes, é muito semelhante ao primeiro livro; mais uma vez se volta a falar nas questões de honra, de lealdade para com os senhores, de ser justo e até mesmo de um certo virtuosismo. Houve também as inevitáveis batalhas entre cavaleiros e os amores por donzelas que se mostram avançadas para a sua época e que tentam vingar num mundo completamente dominado por homens.É uma coleção interessante e que vale a pena ler, quer pela história, quer pelas ilustrações. Para quem gosta da coleção criada por George R R Martin, este parece-me ser um bom complemento.

  • Everlaine (BookCaptain)
    2019-03-20 21:57

    This volume picks up a year or so after the last and follow Hedge knight Duncan the tall and his squire, Egg. The artwork was just as great, if not better, but the story felt a little irrelevant. Last time the story had more of an impact and this time it just felt a little like filler material. Still it had some interesting flashes to the Blackfyre rebellion and I really like Dunk and Eggs relationship. I really wish there were more volumes about these characters, feels like there are a lot more stories to tell.

  • Kim
    2019-02-20 22:14

    A must for ASOIAF maniacs like myself. If you really love the world of ASOIAF you shouldn't skip this one. Some really great background on the Blackfyre rebellion. Also, an interesting look at Bloodraven's role in the rebellion. He's only going to be increasingly relevant in future ASOIAF volumes. And I just love Dunk. What a character. Plus every time I see his shield I think of Brienne and then my heart hurts.

  • Jenna
    2019-03-07 21:05

    Enjoyed this much more than the first volume of the Hedge Knight and definitely more than the Game of Thrones graphic novel adaptation. I'm not sure if it was an adjusting of the panel layouts and the speech bubbles (I could hardly read any of the font in the GOT GN). Interesting glimpse into the history of Westeros, although I wanted a family tree of the Targaryans, since I always get their names mixed up....The romance also felt a bit forced but wasn't horribly done.

  • Jim
    2019-03-02 20:53

    This was an ebook, but I don't see that edition available. It was a good continuing adventure of Dunk & Egg right on par with the Hedge Knight. It takes place just a year or so after that story, so about a century before the main series. Well worth reading.

  • Vojtěch
    2019-02-20 01:59

    Na mě možná chvílemi až příliš textové, chyběla tam větší akce, což mi ke stylu středověké fantasy moc nesedí, ale jinak po grafické stránce dost pěkné.

  • Ivy
    2019-03-07 23:19

    Very good graphic novel. RIP animals. The Red Widow seemed very interesting. Hope they got their water back. Hope See Duncan and Egg have fun on their next adventure.

  • Johanna-Nanook
    2019-02-27 20:57

    five stars for the story and about three stars for the art style.

  • Dakota Morgan
    2019-03-19 23:18

    Just as strong a story as the first Hedge Knight novella, but without the Westeros-shaking ramifications. And that's surprisingly fine! I praised the first novella for being short fiction that actually affected the larger world it took place it and I guess I have to praise this second novella for the exact opposite reason - it's a fast, compact tale that expands the Song of Fire and Ice world without shaking the foundation. The setup is basically the same as the previous novella - Dunk is involved in an minor infraction that reveals larger issues that snowball into a final showdown between two rival houses. Martin's twists and turns ensure the story is anything but predictable, though. As with the first Hedge Knight, this volume is often more interesting and a better told tale than some of Martin's doorstop novels.

  • Avinash
    2019-02-27 20:13

    The story of dunk and egg continues as they left Ashford Meadow after all the chaos. A new story set in a different part of seven kingdom with 2 of our main characters and few new and interesting characters. I must say sometimes the extended stories of any famous series can be a bit boring but GRRM has done a full justice with them. They are filled with interesting references of bigger events, characters and they themselves have very important roles in the main series with all kind of turn and twists. Normally the graphical adaptation are not so apt but this along with the first part "The Hedge Knight" is noway lesser than the actual novella. The artwork is also quite appealing. Now I am eagrly waiting for the graphical version of 3rd part "The Mystery Knight" which is set to be released in July, 2017.

  • lexlooksatbooks
    2019-03-15 21:04

    Again I've just finished reading the novella for the sworn sword and decided to read this.And again I really enjoyed it; it was the exact story from the novella so there was nothing new or different which was good. It was really nice to see the story actually visualised though this and see how the images I had in my head whilst reading the novella matched up to this. I felt that the artwork in this was so much better than in the hedge knight. You don't have to read the novella to get the most out of this as it is basically the exact words from the novella and would be great if you prefer graphic novels to novels/books.

  • Ryan Hunter
    2019-02-26 02:08

    My first kindle graphic novelThe book is well paced and authentic to the GOT world.I had a sense of history, connecting well known and loved characters and it gave a deeper understanding to later events and personalities.I have given it a full rating because it has accomplished what it set out to do.To entertain and inform the imagination of this reader an fan. No doubt it will do the same for others

  • Ernest Spoon
    2019-03-08 03:10

    The Hedge Knight series graphic novel adaptations of George R.R. Martin´s Tales of Dunk and Egg by Ben Avery, writer, and Mike S. Miller are beautiful to behold and wonderful to read. I am a fan of the HBO Game of Thrones adaptation of Martin´s A Song of Ice and Fire series, but The Hedge Knight series of graphic novels has piqued my interest in Westeros, a land, on a world, in a dimension forever locked in something like, yet very unlike, our own Medieval epoch.

  • Adrian
    2019-03-05 00:12

    3.5 starsThis is the second graphic novel of the Dunk and Egg series which takes place long before the Game of Thrones series. This time, I listened to the audiobook version of this short story first and read the graphic novel after.Just like the first graphic novel, this was great! Though, I think I liked the first book a little better (not sure why). The artistry and abridgment of these stories really makes them fun to read.