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Heroes must rise...The King is dead. His daughter, untested and alone, now wears the Steel Crown. And a vast horde is steadily carving a bloody road south, hell-bent on razing Steelhaven to the ground...or the city will fall. Before the city faces the terror that approaches, it must crush the danger already lurking within its walls. But will the cost of victory be as devasHeroes must rise...The King is dead. His daughter, untested and alone, now wears the Steel Crown. And a vast horde is steadily carving a bloody road south, hell-bent on razing Steelhaven to the ground...or the city will fall. Before the city faces the terror that approaches, it must crush the danger already lurking within its walls. But will the cost of victory be as devastating as that of defeat?...

Title : The Shattered Crown
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ISBN : 9780755394067
Format Type : Paperback
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The Shattered Crown Reviews

  • Lee
    2018-10-12 13:54

    Without doubt, one of the best book 2's I have ever had the enjoyment of reading. This has become a wonderful series and one that I am enjoying immensely. Whilst I found book one a little slow in the beginning, all of that world and character building is starting to pay off as the story begins to develop into a fascinating adventure.This book has a lot of what I like in my fantasy, great character building and then development, a rich over view of the world, some political intrigue, twisted sub plots, humour ans some dark elements. I am definitely sticking my hand up to say; if you liked the First Law series or Riyira or The Emperor of Thorns trilogy, you will almost certainly enjoy this.I have already nagged the author about book 3, but it appears that May 15 is the best we can hope for.Great having a 5 star book 2, way above my expectations!

  • Mark
    2018-10-13 08:01

    Honestly one of the best book 2s you ever read. None of the filler we normally get to move us on too book 3.all of the characters are maturing into likeable interesting people.the tension is measured and we kept interested and guessing till the end, starting to wonder if its a 3 book series or more with all the new plotlines and new characters its a must read the same as the first book.

  • Libros Prohibidos
    2018-10-09 08:06

    2,5/5Segunda parte a remolque de la predecesora que, en mi opinión, empobrece el global de la trilogía, y que si no se lleva peor valoración es debido al interés suscitado por el desenlace en el tercer y último libro. Paradójicamente, esto hace que las ganas de completar la saga (y las de asesinar) aumenten.Reseña completa:

  • Phil
    2018-09-24 11:56

    Writing 4/5Imagination 4/5Plot 5/5Setting 4/5Characters 5/5My Overall Enjoyment 5/5"Many more deaths." is how this second book in the Steelhaven series ends, and how appropriate for a book that makes you crave to find out more about it's excellent cast of characters. This is one of the best books I have read this year, and one of the best in the grimdark genre. The author accomplishes more in 400 pages than many do in twice as many. Richard Ford has become one of my favorite authors with this book. It is cleanly written, no unnecessary details, everything moves the stories or ads something to the character which helps the reader to know them better.This book starts off great as opposed to the first one, Herald of the Storm, which took about 100 pages to take off and really hook me. From the get go in this book I was hooked, flying through, neglecting other much better known books, and when I was reading those, I thought about this book and the characters I loved, which were most of them. Before I knew it, there were 75 pages left and I realized everything has been building up for a magnificent and glorious ending in book 3. And for that, I'm glad. This book built and built, plots were hatched, major people were killed, revenge was enacted, people were reunited and betrayed. Good guys were bad, bad guys were good, much was pleasantly surprising and equally upsetting. This is a dark and violent world, with a lot of anti-heros, and it most reminds me of A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones) and even though grimdark fans will love it, it also has major crossover appeal to readers who enjoy that book. It's not senselessly brutal or violent, it's expertly written, with a bit more than a touch of magic but not overpowering as in traditional epic fantasy, there is a decent size cast of characters but not needlessly huge with tons of minor characters which is distracting to me, and even if a reader doesn't enjoy all the characters POVs as I do, they are all unique and include an elderly magus, a teenage girl in an underworld guild called Rag, several mercenaries, a queen, her elite bodyguards, a middle age ex-warrior named Nobul Jacks, the 7 foot tall Regulus Gor,whose tribe of warriors fight with teeth and claws as well as swords, the Father of Killers and his sons River and Forest, and several others. The fact I can remember all of these characters without any notes is testament to the power of this story. There are only a few other books I have read that I connected so well with and remembered so much about the story and characters. If real estate and fishing are about "location location location" then fantasy is "characters characters characters" and The Shattered Crown does a stellar job. I can't recommend this book highly enough. If I have to recommend a fantasy series from the past two years, this is in the top 10. This series is objectively as good, if not better than ASoIaF and I actually prefer it. More action, less confusing, quicker pace, less minor characters, and less politicking. Basically, everything I like in that series minus the things I didn't. I could see the sword and sorcery influences as well as David Gemmell , one of my favorite authors. If you are looking for something new, try this series. Start with book 1, Herald of the Storm because this book builds on that story.

  • Liviu
    2018-10-13 07:07

    Herald of the Storm was a surprise hit of 2013 with its mixing of the familiar with a somewhat outrageous twisting of it in the various story-lines that follow the multiple (and wonderfully diverse in all ways) cast. I was wondering a little if that was a one time trick only as there is a clear logic to the "usual" fantasy storyline (whether new gritty and ambiguous or older traditional with clear sides) and what reads new in a first series novel can look gimmicky and become tired fast in a second, but The Shattered Crown managed to deliver another superb reading experience one could not put down. This time I would say that the novel is less interested in twisting the familiar tropes and more in brutal no let up action that has our main characters in continual dangers as the outside threat of the dark magic invader army becomes imminent; sides are drawn, agents are exposed or make their final move and the novel bursts with action from page one to the last. Mostly the same cast in pov chapters, but this time with no introduction needed the narrative moves from page one. While there are glimpses of the outside world, the book still takes place mostly in the capital and it resolves its immediate storylines set up in the first few pages or continuing from the previous book, while of course leaving the big picture confrontation for the next installment, so it reads in some ways like a middle book true, but it offers enough closure to be fully satisfying on its own. Narrative energy, twists and turns and intriguing characters still mixing the traditional trope with the twisting of earlier volume (the magician apprentice, the urchin girl, the berserker soldier turned family man, turned policeman, turned berserker back, the young untested queen, the warrior priestess, the former wastrel young nobleman re-discovering honor etc), so another highly recommended installment of this wonderful series.

  • Stretch's Books
    2018-09-22 07:59

    Richard Ford has crafted the best book 2 of a series I have read in a long time. My disappointment at having to read a paperback aside, I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to book three. The character development is excellent. It's action packed from beginning to end. "The Shattered Crown", like I said, is the best book 2 in a long time.Let's see if John Gwynne's "Valour" beats it. Shall we?

  • Milo (BOK)
    2018-10-02 15:08

    A very good follow up. Some good character work and a good pace. Recommended - full review coming closer to publication date.

  • Jasper
    2018-09-20 08:52

    Originally posted at: short while ago I read Richard Ford's first book in the Steelhaven series, Herald of the Storm, this strong character driven book won me over from the start and got me quite eager for the sequel. Richard Ford managed to create an interesting "grimdark" fantasy setting and just as the title of the book, Richard Ford heralded a storm, a storm so powerful that only leaves one question remaining, will Steelhaven survive?Just a not up front, The Shattered Crown is one of those books that makes a reader like me excited, it's these kind of sequels that you want to read. Taking a story that much further, not falling in any sudden silences that have a tendency to derail or make you loose interest. Richard Ford tightens the reigns on his story, showing the direct consequences of all that has happened in Herald of the Storm. The Shattered Crown opens up with a devious murder plot regarding the newly seated queen initiated by some of the less savory characters that we got introduces to in the first book. After which you aren't spared a moment before Richard Ford directly picks up his immense character cast. I do have to mention that if you want to enjoy the full story and accompanied complexity of several characters, it is advisable to start with the first book. Anyway the focus is soon on one of my favourite character the wizards apprentice Waylian. Next to Waylian a lot of other threads are being followed, like Nobul abandoned his blacksmithing job in order to seek redemption for being a bad father and for loosing his son and lets not forget Merrick, Kaira and the Queen Janessa. Like I told in my review of Herald of the Storm, a lot of the storylines that RIchard Ford introduced us to slowly started to merge, and a most of the lines continue this way in The Shattered Crown, similarly are the way that a lot of the events that build up the story follow-up on each other. I will therefore refrain from spoiling to much of the story itself. I think I will stick to this.Steelhaven, after the death of the King isn't what it once was, the tyrant warlord Amon Tugha's armies are still on the rise and plan to lay siege on Steelhaven. Everyone knows that certain doom is coming, and it is coming soon, the citizens of Steelhaven are loosing control and martial law is being opted, however this would mean that Queen Janessa has to give control of her city away... Mercenaries have heard of the need to defend Steelhaven, but not only they find themselves ready to fight, even the fabled Wyvren Guard departs from their training grounds to help Steelhaven, let by the notorious Tannick Ryder (BAM YES! ok eager mode off). Nobul finds himself in the ranks of the Greencoats, but it also seems that other people have set their minds on him... Merrick and Kiara have given up their earlier employ and are now conscripted in the Queens guard, the Sentinels. And well let's not forget the Queen herself, because Richard Ford really, really invests a lot of time with developing her character, though there are a lot of strong characters, it feels that the book does revolve more around Janessa but this is a very wise decision as she is in charge of making sure the right choices are made when it comes down to not letting Steelhaven loose the unavoidable battle, and she goes through a rough couple of phases to say the least. This is not pretty much what it comes down to but the most that I am willing to share. The Shattered Crown shows how Steelhaven is preparing for the battle with the warlord Amon Tugha and everything that comes looking around the corner to do this.One thing that can often time be hard to keep up with character driven fantasy is developing them, especially when you have a character cast that has a lot of faces. I have to say that I was more than pleased with how Richard Ford continued the development of his characters. The above mentioned characters all make a colorful appearance. Wylian is still apprenticed to Gelredida, and after having felt the immense power of magick flowing through his veins he now knows certain he wants to feel it again, but through all his efforts he hasn't been able to conjure it up again, making him question himself once again. I just like Waylian's character, he started off as a bit of lackey only doing chores but now we see a more gradual shift in him taking the reins of his own life, not getting in rebellion or anything along those lines but more maturing and seeing that calculating your next move is better than acting rash, also he grows a pair! Another character that I am pleased with is Nobul, he only wants to have justice, but getting it is the hardest... When I read the ending of I think chapter fifty-four, I got a smile on y face, I hope Richard Ford can deliver on this front! Lastely there are Merrick and Kiara who now work in the Sentinel guard of Queen Janessa. Kiara is still her determined self, always seeking to be virtuous and she has sworn to protect the Queen at every cost. Merrick is a complete opposite to Kiara, he was and still is acting in his rogueish kind off way with some consequences in tail... A for Janessa, just wow, in Herald of the Storm, she felt more like a rich stuck up kind of girl, but now that you see the weight of keeping Steelhaven free weighing down on her shoulders she becomes a very strong heroine, especially the training with Kiara has done her some good and whats cooler that seeing a and imagining Janessa wielding the triumphant blade Helsbayn! This is gonna be good stuff in the third book. Now besides revisiting and developing the steady character cast, keeping a story excited also requires the addition of new content. Well this also isn't lacking in The Shattered Crown. If you have read Herald of the Storm you know that Nobul was involved in a tough battle at the Bakhaus Gate, well this is explored further in it's sequel. As I said a lot of mercenaries are being drawn to Steelhaven, as so are the famed Zatani warrior, who fight with tooth and claw, it is against these brutes that Nobul has once had to face off. The Zatanie warriors are feared among the general population, they have a bad reputation, but all that the leader, Regulus, wants is to proof their worth and bring glory to their names once again. What better way is their to defeat the warlord Amon Tugha and the re-united Kurtha hordes? Another addition to the storyline is Tannick Ryder, yup father to, anyway. Tannick is the leader of the famous, held in awe, Wyvern Guard. There isn't a tougher people to be found on the face of the planet than the Wyvern Guard, they excel in everything that they do. They could just safe Steelhaven, but for some like Merrick, seeing his father again opens a lot of feelings that he would have rather have kept locked away. It was great to see just how vulnerable Merrick was when facing his father and it came to show that all Merrick ever wanted of him was a gentle hand on the should and his father saying: you have done well, you have made me proud. Brilliant. The Shattered Crown is a terrific continuation of the Steelhaven series and it is these kind of sequel that really put a smile on my face. Where an author takes his story that much further and outdoing himself. If you have thought Herald of the Storm was a great read wait till you get your hand on The Shattered Crown. Richard Ford doesn't hesistate one moment to throw you once again into the fray of his storm with the upcoming unavoidable confrontation between Amon Tugha and the people of Steelhaven. He further develops his characters and solidly roots them down into the story, I got to feel for a lot of them through all the hardships they had to go through, this is probably owed to the fact that I had already gotten quite acquainted to them in the first book. if you want to read about well fleshed out characters, what are you waiting for? Richard Ford also keeps his story lively and dynamic by introducing some new elements like the Zatani warriors and the Wyvern Guard and there are a few more that you will have to find out for yourself. Steelhaven and Richard Ford so far hasn't let me down, I am eager to find out how it will all come down to in the end. Can't wait!

  • Phil
    2018-09-22 10:07

    I suppose its something you have to accept when you're on a publishers mailing list, getting a book that is part of a series or trilogy. I know of Richard Ford - members of the same forum - and I know of Klutus his first novel. But until I received The Shattered Crown in the post I'd never heard of the Steelhaven trilogy. But even so I still decided to give it a go without any foreknowledge.Its the mark of a good author that you can pick up the middle book of a trilogy and not feel lost. Even though events, characters, plots were mentioned throughout the opening chapters, they were done in such a way that I didn't feel I was out of the loop and didn't have a clue what was going on. Richard crafted the story to give enough "previously" information without making it info dumpy.The Shattered Crown is a great piece of fantasy, it has a cracking pace, some standout characters - Nobul Jacks is not only a brilliant name but a hardass bastard at that - and gives you enough to satisfy and leave you wanting more. Strangely I will be getting the first book, and also waiting for the final part eagerly.

  • Ruth
    2018-10-15 11:02

    c2014: FWFTB: daughter, untested, Sentinels, Wyvern, hammer. Sometimes, the second book in a series does not live up to the first and this must play on the minds of the relevant authors and publishers. Not so in this case. It's another great instalment with a few unexpected plot elements. The only reason that I did not do a fab five star is that there was no map and - even worse- not even a hint as to what has happened before. I am not sure why this is constantly allowed to happen. Perhaps it is to ensure that the first book is read again or so that the book could be considered as a stand alone. Neither of which works for me. But, irrespective of my personal peeves, I would highly recommend to the normal crew. "Your persistence is admirable, but futile. You will promise yourself and throne to my master whether you want to or not. You cannot resist. You must yield to my will."

  • Ptitelfe
    2018-10-05 08:55

    Mon avis complet : quelques mots, le tome 2 d'Havrefer ressere les liens entre les personnages rencontrés précédemment. On découvre de nouvelles trahisons, des complots visant à assassiner la Reine Janessa, et on voit l'ombre de l'armée d'Amon Thuga se refermer autour de la cité portuaire. J'ai trouvé qu'il y avait vraiment beaucoup de révélations dans ce tome, la multinarration aide à se plonger encore plus facilement dans cet univers, et l'écriture de Richard Ford est très agréable à lire! Un must have à posséder!

  • Arve Kvaloy
    2018-09-28 10:51

    Good series with interesting chars, not so many point of views in the second installment an a increase in pace was very beneficial to the story. Epic fantasy about a besieged city of the more gritty and grim variant. Thanks to http://grimdark-fantasy-reader.blogsp... for pointing this one out :)

  • Erick
    2018-09-23 08:47

    4.5*Pensé que en esta segunda parte iba a haber más acción (guerra), pero fue más un libro para llegar a ella y no me quejo. Lo que sí hubo fue una evolución tremenda de los personajes, mis favoritos (Nobul y Kaira) demostraron lo que valían, se hicieron más fuertes y se volvieron indispensables para la historia; a los que detestaba (Rag y Janessa) los seguí detestando, pero evolucionaron y maduraron, lo que agradecí con el alma porque comenzaba a cansarme de ellas; los demás (Waylian, Merrick, Río) siguen ahí aportando a la trama; y el nuevo (Regulus) solo hizo que mi emoción aumentara con cada capítulo.Me gustó demasiado la forma en la que los caminos de los personajes se van cruzando y se hacen indispensables, o al menos se ayudan, entre ellos. Y a pesar de amar cada segundo de Steelhaven, también odié que las cosas sucedieran tan lento y algunas decisiones que tomaron los personajes, pero nada grave que el siguiente libro no pueda arreglar (eso espero).Sinceramente no puedo esperar a leer el desenlace aunque a la vez me niego porque es fantástico el mundo que Ford creó.

  • Mieneke
    2018-09-20 09:52

    Last year I was quite taken with Herald of the Storm, the first book in the Steelhaven trilogy, so I was very much looking forward to this second instalment called The Shattered Crown. I liked the setting, the tone of the first novel, and the fact that there were many different flavours of type of story in the book. On the other hand I had some difficulties with the pacing and some of the characters. I was hoping that Ford would improve on the points I found lacking and keep everything I liked. And he did, mostly.While in the previous book the seven viewpoint characters each had their own story arc for the most part, which only overlapped some of the time, the events of said book have conspired to clump the viewpoints together in fewer storylines. This clustering of the different viewpoints created a clearer movement in the plot, allowing the pace to pick up more and the narrative feel less jumpy; even if we are head-hopping, we don't hop storylines as often, so it seems more of a continuous whole. The story arcs are now mainly divided between the palace, the Greencoats, the Tower of Magisters and the underworld of Steelhaven. There is one significant viewpoint added, which is that of Regulus, former chief of the Sho'tana, a Southern mountain tribe. His is the outsider's view and an interesting extension of our view of the world Ford's created and of Steelhaven.The characters I had some trouble with last time, mostly were better in this book, but unfortunately there is also a character that became decidedly less enjoyable than last time. Whereas I thought Rag and River could have been easily been omitted from the previous book, this time around Rag was vital and I loved her story line. River, however, is still seemingly peripheral to the story, which really makes me wonder what his role will be next book. The character that really disappointed me though was Waylian. While I still enjoyed his storyline, I found him a little too "Why me?" at times, which became wearing. The way Merrick and Kaira's story developed was really enjoyable and given an interesting twist, especially when they form a close rapport with Janessa. I liked the questions of duty and loyalty their storyline posed, while still having some of the funniest dialogues in the story. Janessa fulfilled her potential this time around by grabbing her destiny by the horns and wrestling it in the direction she wants it to take. That isn't to say she necessarily succeeds, but she felt more active and in control in The Shattered Crown, even if she keeps swinging between competent ruler and uncertain adolescent. I loved the rapport Janessa develops with Kaira and the way she decides to swing her own sword literally. Nobul storyline is fantastic, and reveals his very dark and mysterious past. He also forms the link between the Sho'tana and the rest of Steelhaven in a way that was quite compelling.We see far more palace intrigue this time between Janessa, Merrick, and Kaira and their storyline. I liked the different guard divisions and their rivalries, the Skyhelm Sentinels, who provide the monarch's personal guard, and the Order of the Blood Knights, who are elite fighters. The legendary Wyvern Guard were kick-ass and I can't wait to see what happens with their story in the next book. The setting is once again firmly focused on the city of Steelhaven, though we catch more glimpses of the rest of the world and learn more about the different countries and the world's history through Nobul and Regulus' stories.One question I was left with is who is Gelredida? Why isn't she one of the council when she's obviously quite powerful and she bullies them around anyway? And what about Amon Tugha, who and more importantly what is he, beyond the leader of Steelhaven's enemy? Is he a magic user too? There's much to be answered in the next book, not least whether there will be a city of Steelhaven at the end of it. The Shattered Crown is a strong second entry in the Steelhaven series and I can't wait for the conclusion of the tale.This book was provided for review by the publisher.

  • Francis
    2018-10-17 12:58

    ¡¡¡Cuidado¡¡¡Si no has leído el anterior¡¡¡¡¡ Steelhaven todo ha cambiado desde que comenzamos con esta maravillosa aventura épica.Ahora Janessa es la reina y debe anteponer a su amor su propio reino. Deberá entablar relaciones con comerciantes, empresarios y otros señores que llenen sus arcas para la batalla que se acerca. Las hordas del sur cada vez están más cerca y el Gremio de ladrones de Steelhaven va a hacer todo lo posible para acabar con la Corona de Acero.Sólo unos pocos estarán dispuestos a dar sus vidas por la nueva monarca. ¿Serán suficientes?Todos los personajes anteriores y algún que otro nuevo, están de nuevo reunidos entre estas páginas. Ha sido maravilloso reencontrarme, otra vez, con todos ellos y profundizar en sus vidas y su evolución personal y grupal. Cada vez su vida se entrecruzan y tejen de manera armoniosa... qué pasada¡¡¡ cuánto estoy disfrutando con estos libros.Acción, magia, intrigas palaciegas... no tiene desperdicio. Debéis darle una oportunidad y disfrutad, al igual que yo de esta genial obra maestra de la fantasía.He disfrutado muchísimo con este libro¡¡¡¡Próximamente reseña en el blog: dejéis de leerla¡¡ literatura adictiva¡¡¡

  • David
    2018-09-30 13:49

    A fine instalment of the Steelhaven trilogy. After the "heralding" of book one, this sequel ramps up the pressure and the atmosphere. Ford is very strong on plot; whilst his characters sometimes seem familiar, recognisable fantasy mainstreams this is not really a weakness as they do not always stick to the rules and do what you might expect. There is barely time to gather breath as hectic yet finely crafted events come thick and fast. By the conclusion it's all set up nicely for the final novel in the trilogy, which I await with impatience.Perhaps not quite as grim as Abercrombie, not as dark as Mark Lawrence nor as deep as GRRM, but cracking entertainment and heartily recommended.

  • Riki
    2018-09-24 08:52

    While this is a 5-star book, this is a very difficult book to review, which is often the case for any book 2 in a trilogy, but even more so when the trilogy is clearly more like one long book instead of 3 separate books. There's not really much to say here that's different from my review of book 1, but it bears mentioning that by this point I love every single character. At first I wasn't sure about the introduction of Regulus, a new character viewpoint, but I quickly enjoyed his storyline as well.All in all, really great continuation of book 1, and really looking forward to book 3!

  • K-dizzle
    2018-10-20 13:54

    Just like its 2 of the Steelhaven series is alive with action. We delve a little deeper into the souls of our favorite characters, are introduced to new magics and new creatures with a unique point of view and even a little insight into the threat looming on the horizon. Mr Ford continues to impress with well-written, strong, female characters whose vulnerability is well balanced with their fortitude. Can't wait to start the next one.

  • Chris Cleasby
    2018-09-19 09:56

    Moves on from book one, which introduced you to the multiple characters and builds on that with aplomb, although, the story is central throughout, the development of each character is compelling and stages you in. An absolute must read for fantasy lovers.

  • Todd
    2018-09-22 13:07

    Well.... it's hard to give a fair rating when I downside of a book is finishing and feeling the book was too short. I'm very impressed with this series, the characters are a great mix of a likeable motley crew facing impossible odds.

  • NyxShadow
    2018-10-10 07:44 reconnais que j'ai eu un peu de mal avec les premières pages...puis je me suis retrouvée happée par l'histoire et j'ai dévoré la fin !

  • Amanda
    2018-10-01 14:48

    I couldn't put it down and was sad when I finished.

  • David Hunt
    2018-10-05 12:56

    Something is clearly wrong with me, as I have rated this a five. Original - no. Enjoyable - hell, yes.

  • Siddharth Singh
    2018-10-04 07:56

    The epitome of character driven storytelling. Many characters are placed in different settings and from the turn of events they connect and become tied by one purpose.

  • Morgan
    2018-10-16 10:54

    This series just keeps getting better and better, looking forward to reading more of it.

  • Yvonne Boag
    2018-09-21 07:06

    This book was so much better than the first book in the series. It was truly epic and a fantastic read.

  • Trevor
    2018-10-10 11:08

    great story can't wait to read number 3

  • Lianne Pheno
    2018-10-04 13:08

    Chronique tirée de mon blog : Je dois avouer que j'ai eu un peu de mal à me remettre dans le livre au début, mais après quelques dizaines de pages je suis vraiment rentré dedans et je n'ai plus lâché jusqu'au bout.Bon, si vous lisez ce second tome c'est que vous avez au minimum apprécié le premier (normalement), donc vous ne serez pas déçu par celui ci. Il reprend exactement les même codes et le même ton, et continue l’aventure de nos personnages.Les liens entre les personnages se resserrent et ce n'est pas une surprise, leurs chemins se croisent de plus en plus vers un point commun.Il y a tout de même un personnage en plus dans ce tome, Regulus un guerrier non humain qui part de très loin pour rejoindre la ville d'Havrefer. Sa présence nous permet de comprendre un peu plus ce qui se passe dans le sud et en quoi l'ancien roi Cael était un roi guerrier qui avait fait de grandes choses. Mon seul regret vient du fait que si ces faits sont évoqués, ils ne sont pas vraiment expliqués dans les détails. Mais c'est une caractéristique générale de cette série, qui se concentre bien plus sur le présent et les personnages que sur le passé et le background du monde.La trilogie entière se passe en fait sur juste quelques semaines et les évènements s'accélèrent dangereusement vers la confrontation finale. Il y a une espère d’atmosphère frénétique qui a vraiment su me saisir, on a l'impression de vivre au jour le jour avec tout ces personnages embourbés dans leurs problèmes qui ne sont au final que de petits détails comparé a annihilation prévue par l'approche de l'ennemi.En fait dans ce tome on ne voit pas beaucoup Janessa, enfin si on la voit mais on ne la suis que sur un point, le reste du temps étant consacré aux autres personnages. C'est aussi un petit regret parce que j'aurais aimé la voir prendre plus de décisions, notamment au niveau de la guerre qui se précise, mais c'est vrai que comme je l'ai dit ce n'est pas du tout un point qui est développé dans cette série. On voit nos personnages entraînés dans un espèce de tourbillon qui s’accélère tout du long mais on ne voit pas du tout la préparation logistique, ou tout ce qui constitue le quotidien "basique" des personnages. Après c'est un choix et je le comprend parfaitement, il y a déjà suffisamment à faire avec tout ce qu'on suis, ça aurait surement alourdit le récit sans grand intérêt. Et en ça c'est vraiment original pour de la fantasy, on est éloigné du pouvoir tout en suivant son personnage central.Tous les autres personnages évoluent vraiment dans ce tome, et ils ne sont pas forcement tous très sympathique, il y a des baffes qui se perdent (et pas qu'une) même si j'avoue avoir développé un fort attachement pour ce personnage de "pauvre victime des évènements" (de son point de vue). En fait c'est vraiment une série entièrement basé sur les personnages, on ne peut pas s'empêcher de s'attacher à eux, et à souffrir avec eux. Le pire c'est qu'on a vraiment l'impression sur ce thème que la guerre qui arrive a ses portes n'est qu'un détail dans leur vie, qui semble bien compliquée meme sans ça.J'ai donc vraiment hâte de voir la confrontation une fois qu'elle sera vraiment la, dans la ville et comment ils vont s'en sortir face à Amon Tugha.D'ailleurs en parlant de lui, on a toujours pas de réponse à notre question du premier tome, a savoir qui est-ce vraiment et que c'est-il passé, donc j'ai hâte aussi de continuer la série !17/20

  • Karine Darnessy
    2018-10-09 11:48

    Ayant lu le premier tome il y a de ça un bon moment, j'ai mis quelques pages à redémarrer la machine qui me sert de cerveau. Et par reconnaître les personnages découverts dans la première partie. L'histoire se poursuit donc avec l'approche de l'invasion des Khurtas de plus en plus imminente. Havrefer subit en plus de cela, un début de famine et la nourriture est rationnée. La division des manteaux verts doit faire face aux émeutes. Les sentinelles à la mauvaise morale des mercenaires qui attendent d'être payés sinon, ils ne viendront pas prêter main forte à la cité. Les événements s'enchaînent les uns après les autres, il n'y a pas beaucoup de moment de repos et tout le monde est à cran.Que dire à part que ce deuxième tome est aussi magique que le premier. D'habitude les seconds tomes servent plus de transition mais là, ce n'est pas le cas. Et c'est un véritable massacre en bonne et du forme de tout côté. J'ai eu un réel plaisir à retrouver Kaira, Loque, Janessa... Rivière m'a manqué tout de même. C'est violent, oppressant, coups bas, complots et loyauté sont au menu de ce récit. C'est dynamique et sanguinaire.La seule chose qui m'a chagrinée ce situe à la fin de l'histoire, je me suis dit, non pourquoi faire ça et puis en me rappelant tout ce que Janessa avait vécu ces derniers jours. Cela m'a semblé évident, triste mais évident. Pour une fois, j'ai juste eu une larme à l'oeil pour ce moment là au lieu de pleurnicher tout du long. Les morts commence à ne plus n’impacter autant qu'avant. Ce qui me permet de profiter au maximum de l'histoire. Concernant l'intrigue et les personnages, je n'ai rien à dire, j'ai tout aimé et j'ai hâte d'avoir le troisième tome dans mes mains.Pour conclure, j'ai beaucoup aimé et apprécié ce second tome.

  • Hugh Mullan
    2018-10-01 09:51

    If you're reading book two of this series then - like me - you probably enjoyed book one Herald of the storm. Overall, you'll not be disappointed here, book two has almost everything that made book one so great. Brilliant characters, plot and world building as expected. There's also a new main character: Regulus; a talented and ferocious warrior from a southern tribe, who along with a small group of loyal fighters has been exiled from his homeland after a coup and has come North to try and help in the defence of Steelhaven. Regulus is yet another fantastic creation from the author and his plot acts as catalyst for other events to occur within the story.It's obvious now that the trilogy will be set over just a few weeks and that was an inspired decision by the author because it makes the story all the more frantic and gripping; it's like you're reading in real time and I felt really engaged and involved. In addition, the story - apart from some exceptions - remains within Steelhaven; so the city itself and its locations have become integral to the trilogy.There are some slight bugbears this time: the plot doesn't progress too much here unfortunately and I thought the violence was much more brutal but I accept that this is gritty fantasy and should be expected. Another slight problem is that some character arcs are now more interesting than others. I loved Rag's and Waylian's stories again but Merrick and Janessa are starting to grate. Also, it's lost some of the freshness and originality of book 1; more new characters would have off set this but as stated above Regulus is the only new face.But it was still hugely enjoyable and this author is a real talent.8/10.