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Love. Loneliness. And linguini...Grace Whitby is feeling a little blue, a little lonely, has ever since her two best friends married and left Salt Spring Island. She readily admits she wants what they have, the right guy to share her life with. But when Colin Ross, her high school crush and now a celebrated chef, reluctantly returns to Salt Spring and an old passion reigniLove. Loneliness. And linguini...Grace Whitby is feeling a little blue, a little lonely, has ever since her two best friends married and left Salt Spring Island. She readily admits she wants what they have, the right guy to share her life with. But when Colin Ross, her high school crush and now a celebrated chef, reluctantly returns to Salt Spring and an old passion reignites, she's wary.Grace isn't keen to get involved with a man who hates her island home, has a clingy ex-girlfriend, suffers from stress headaches, and doesn't believe in the word "sorry." So what if Colin seems totally at home on her couch, her cat loves him, and he looks sexy as hell in her kitchen, the man's got issues. He's definitely not the man for Grace.Until he shows her exactly what a talented man can do in the kitchen....

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Man for Grace Reviews

  • Cherise
    2018-09-19 12:54

    Grace has stayed on Salt Spring Island her whole life. She loves the island and the people, but lately she has begun to feel a little lonely. Her two best girlfriends are in relationships and no longer on the island. When Colin was barely a man, he took his younger brother off of Salt Spring Island and never looked back. He was protecting his brother and leaving behind an alcoholic father and his abusive friends. Now he is fast becoming the next big celebrity chef. He has restaurant plans and his brother is helping him with a calorie counter. When his brother tricks him into returning to the Island, he is less than happy.When they were in school together Grace followed Colin around like a lovesick puppy. He isn’t interested in relationships right now. His career is taking off and needs all his focus and he has a crazy stalker ex he is still trying to get rid of. But there is something about the Grace that pulls him, and he finds himself looking for an excuse to say on the island that holds so many ghosts for him.I really loved Grace and Colin. Their friendship and attraction was fun and believable – their love story sexy and warm. I flew through this book in one sitting and when it ended I was bummed there wasn’t a book four ready for me to read. Along with Grace and Colin there is also a host of characters that helped make the story so wonderful. Colin’s brother, Porter, his family, and Grace’s friend, Toni. They added so much to the story. I hope she writes a book 4 featuring Porter and Toni - they deserve their happily ever after.Cherise Everhard, March 2014I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jane
    2018-09-20 09:52

    Grace Whitby owns a bakery on Salt Springs Island and her two best friends have found love and left the island for new lives with their new husbands. Grace is lonely and misses her friends and feels left out of finding a special guy for her personal happy ever after. All she has for company in the evenings is Fatcat and is considering getting another cat...Porter Ross rents the old bookstore with the connecting door and then his older brother Colin Ross returns to Salt Springs too. Colin Ross was her high school crush and she thought he was hot as a teen but as a man he is even better. He comes with baggage. He is super busy building his career with expanding from two restaurants to four this year, doing a cookbook and launching a chef TV series, plus Porter is developing software to give the ever increasing health conscious public a personalized nutrition breakdown at his restaurants and marketing it too. Add is dysfunctional family that Porter wants him to reconnect with and a little sister, Sydney that he didn't know existed and an ex-girlfriend that doesn't want to let him go. Grace is reluctant to become involved because he hates the island home she loves but Fatcat loves him in Man for Grace.E.C. Sheedy has written a great romance with lots of conflict and a hunky guy that is not only a great chef but hot in the sack too...

  • Vanessa Grant
    2018-09-28 12:37

    E. C. Sheedy's latest "Salt Spring Island Friends" book is a winner! Grace is a lovely heroine, an Island girl and a delicious mix of sexy wisdom, humor, and straight-forward wisdom. EC Sheedy drops sexy Colin Ross on Grace's doorstep, the man who vowed he was never going to return to Salt Spring, and stirs up a hot surge of mutual lust and family baggage.EC Sheedy specializes in blending sympathetic characters, sensuality, and very believable emotional tangles. I loved this book. Colin and his baggage-ridden family pulled at my heartstrings while the positive thread of love - and healthy lust - running through the book kept me turning pages way past my bedtime last night :). This brand new book by E. C. Sheedy is set on Salt Spring island, one of my favorite Canadian Pacific Northwest Island destinations. I loved the authentic island setting, and especially enjoyed revisiting some of the characters from this trilogy's Book 1 California Man, and Book 2 Man for the Morning

  • Bonnie
    2018-10-02 11:35

    I read this on my new Kindle Paperwhite and am having trouble making the stars work for ratings. It isn't as responsive as my iPad screen, so this rank was at 2 stars when I wanted it to be way higher!I love reunion stories and Man For Grace is full of twists...from their relationship in high school, right through to twisty, turning relationships in the current story. This is a unique telling of love realized, forgiveness learned (or at least attempted) and a man's wake-up call.We love it when a blind man finally sees, right?E.C. Sheedy delivers everything in this story: Love, hate, family awkwardness and finally acceptance in a voice as smooth as almond milk.I read this story 90% through in one sitting (that's rare for me) and then woke first thing thinking about the characters. (even more rare because I try to wake thinking about my own writing...not what I'm reading!)Highly recommended and I loved it! I do hope this author will consider another story for the hero's younger brother and not end this trilogy here. Porter deserves a heroine!

  • Maria
    2018-09-25 12:40

    MAN FOR GRACE is a slow romance. Grace has put so much effort into her shop and devoted so little time to herself. Now she's a bit beyond the dating years, and her friends are married. She sees her life as a dead end with only muffins in the future. Enter Colin. He returns to the island to work quietly. With a past full of bad memories, Colin must try his best to move forward.Grace is a great character. She's well defined and believable. Colin is a hard worker who is driven to success. The author does a very good job of characterizing them.The love story that blossoms is a slow-moving tale.

  • Sue Parker
    2018-09-30 13:58

    This is the third book in the series. Grace owns a muffin shop net door to what used to be her best friends bookstore. However her two best friends have found love and she is left on the island alone. Grace was crazy about Colin in high school and his brother has just rented the storefront next to her. That's ok with her because it's Porter not Colin. Although he shows up to find out what his brother is doing with their project. Grace can't help her attraction to Colin and if he can just slow down a bit maybe he would see what's in front of his face. A chance at reconciling with his parents and a future with Grace.

  • Frances Botelho
    2018-09-22 07:48

    easy read and nice story about families love and forgivenesseasy read and nice story about families love and forgivenessI've read each book in this trilogy and enjoy the meshing of characters. Grace is the perfect match for Colin, and it sounds like Porter and Toni may have a story, too?

  • Berta Meador
    2018-09-28 13:37

    Past ReturnsI bought this to continue the series on a group of female friends that in time find love. This one seemed a little shorter however allows you to see and feel the emotions. To me that is what makes a book good knowing those elements and a smile crossing your face, or your eyes light up while reading. I love the journey .I don't want to know although I want to think this island more book to go, but I am going to wait soaking in the last three.

  • Jo
    2018-09-25 07:33

    Man for Grace is a perfect romance to end the trilogy with a sweet love story with a happy ending.