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From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards.THIS KILLER TAKES THEIR BREATH AWAY. A nine-year veteran of the FBI, special agent Mia Shields thinks she’s seen it all. But nothing prepares her for the terror that descends upon the idyllic bayside community of St. DFrom New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards.THIS KILLER TAKES THEIR BREATH AWAY. A nine-year veteran of the FBI, special agent Mia Shields thinks she’s seen it all. But nothing prepares her for the terror that descends upon the idyllic bayside community of St. Dennis, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where a depraved killer has left a grisly surprise for Chief of Police Gabriel Beck: the body of an unidentified woman, naked and completely encased in plastic wrap, stretched across the back-seat of Beck’s car. Hidden in the wrapping is a tape recording of the victim’s last, gasping words, terrifying evidence of the horror endured at the hands of a madman. Soon the body count begins to rise as more victims are found, all gruesomely cocooned, their final pleas also captured on tape. Determined to catch the sadistic killer, Beck and Mia team up and set a trap–with Mia as bait. But their prey is closer than they ever could have imagined. Now Beck must race against time to save Mia from becoming the next victim of a serial killer as elusive as he is evil.BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Mariah Stewart's Last Breath....

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Last Words Reviews

  • Paula
    2018-09-27 07:43

    Police chief Gabriel Beck fears that a serial killer resides in his small bayside tourist town of St. Dennis, Maryland. Mia Shields is the troubled FBI agent assigned to assist Beck in his search for the killer.I really enjoyed this book a lot. The characters were likable, the killer was sick and twisted, and the story moved along at just the right pace so I never got bored. However, those looking for romance with their suspense may be disappointed since the book keeps its focus on the investigation instead of romance. The lack of romance didn't bother me and the story kept me entertained and guessing as to the killer's identity throughout.

  • Joyce
    2018-09-28 10:41

    Contrary to a lot of the reviews regarding this novel, I found it to be entertaining and interesting. Yes, I did spot the villain early on, but the work of learning who he was (by the protagonists) and capturing him was relatively well done. Also what is better than chick lit that isn't?

  • Michelle
    2018-10-11 09:09

    I gave Mariah Stewart another try because the plot sounded promising. Frankly, I was bored. I figured out who the killer was halfway through and that's basically when the plot started anyways.

  • Suequeenofchaos Catchpole
    2018-09-29 12:45

    Really enjoyed this book. It was one of those books you just can't put down. It kept you guessing right till the end. Will be looking to checking out some more of Mariah Stewart's books.

  • Monica
    2018-10-14 07:00

    This is a great mystery suspense story. My only complain: there were no romance, zip, zero.

  • Dotti Elrick
    2018-09-26 14:07

    I really enjoyed this book. I was a little disappointed by the last couple of FBI books by Mariah Stewart, the mystery/thriller aspect of them was just missing for me. This book has brought it back. It was great.Gabriel Beck is the police chief of the small bay town of St. Dennis Maryland. When he gets a call from a neighboring towns police chief needing help. What they find is stunning to say the least. The body of a missing girl has been found on her family's front porch. Wrapped in plastic. These small towns have never seen anything like this before. And it becomes evident that this killer is no amateur. With two other young women missing in the general area, the police fear where and how they will turn up. When the second body turns up in the back of Beck's personal car, he knows he's in over his head. He takes it upon himself to call in the FBI for help.The FBI sends the only agent within close driving range of the small town. Mia Shields. One of the "Shields Clan". Her whole family has been involved with the FBI. Her father, uncle, her three brothers and her three cousins. Throughout the FBI series' we have met most of the Shields. We've been told the story of the death of one cousin by one of Mia's own brothers who had gone rogue. He not only killed his own cousin but also one of his own brothers wives, before he himself was killed. Mia is still trying to come to terns with how a member of her own family could have gone so bad. She feels responsible, she should have known something was wrong.Together, Beck and Mia along with a brief appearance from our favorite FBI profiler Anne Marie McCall, piece together a picture of who they are looking for. Annie believes this killer is local, probably living right there in town and watching their every move. This book has a great storyline, suspense and lots of twists and turns. As in all her books I love her characters. She is so good at developing great characters. What has been in every other book, the romance, was almost non existent in this book. But the story doesn't suffer because of it. She does point you in a direction that the characters may be going in the future, but nothing is spelled out for you.

  • Maura
    2018-10-09 08:43

    This second book in the Last Series (which must be attached to an earlier series) follows the only daughter in the Shields family, Mia. She's still pretty devastated by her brother's betrayal and taking heaps of her own blame for it. She's pulled into a case in a small town where a man is kidnapping, raping and suffocating women and the local police force, led by Chief Beck, is struggling to solve it. Beck has his own problems stemming from his family. Together, with the help of profiler Anne McCall, they need to find him before he kills again.This is pretty much straight up suspense. Unlike the previous book, there's a bit more danger involved in the case and the mystery is pretty good. It was down to several suspects and the author did try to throw a red herring into the mix, but it wasn't very believable...easy to recognize it for what it was. The characters, as intriguing as they were, felt kind of flat. I wanted them to have more depth. We learn about all the characters troubles, but I found myself wondering, "so what?" There was no purpose to it really, since nothing is resolved with the characters themselves (the case obviously is resolved). It seems that the author is fond of an ambiguous, open-ended ending - where the characters sort of suggest where they might be headed, but nothing is set in stone. I prefer a bit more of a clear-cut conclusion. It was an engaging read, but nothing spectacular or memorable. And absolutely no romance - a bit of subtle feelings between the characters, but just as easily considered a friendship between them.

  • Jim
    2018-09-23 12:49

    Read this today. One of many of hers I've read now. Don't know if it was my mood but, at the beginning, the process the killer used was too graphic for me. I also found it annoying that every female of significance had to be "pretty." At the very end, she at least did not abuse a possible comment about looks from the Chief of police.Other than that, she generally writes well and her books usually move quickly, as is the case with this one. As is common through her books, there's always a romantic element (low keyed enough that it doesn't bother an anti-romantic read such as I), but this one was done in a way I liked, especially the end. To say more would be saying too much--but for the "romantic" readers, it'll probably be a disappointing ending, I suppose.I've already got Last Breath, the third of this trilogy, from the library and will begin reading that soon.Having started going through her books in order of publication, I would advise all to do the same. Even though the individual sets are independent of one another in story, the FBI agents' stories do impose a chronology that is better when read in order.

  • Toni
    2018-10-09 11:58

    This is a tight, tense story, without the usual sexual titillation or professional animosity between FBI and local constabulary. Both Mia and Gabe have skeletons in their closets and a little too much reference is made to people not in the story and events happening before the story begins, which made me want to know more about them. Is this novel part of a series? Should I get the others to be fully in the know about this book? Some of the things mentioned actually sounded more interesting than what was going on here.Nevertheless, Last Words is a good read, entertaining and suspenseful. There are few clues to give away who the killer is until the actual capture. In view of the events happenings just before his arrest, his identity is a bit of a shock. HINT: Out of all the “persons of interest,” he’s the least one you’d suspect. I think anyone who likes police stories which are heavy on characterization will enjoy this one.

  • Roz Curney-Sherod
    2018-09-28 10:08

    Second book in the "Last" series. Honestly, I enjoyed the first book, " Last Look" much better. I was able to guess who the killer was fairly early in this story but the plot was enjoyable enough to continue the story to find out the why and there were enough twists and red herrings thrown in to hold your interest and make you want to continue. Our main characters "Mia Shields" FBI and "Gabriel Beck" local Chief of Police had a very professional relationship and it was interesting to see if they will have a fling or start a serious relationship. But with our Psycho, (which I loved knowing his POV), they were kept way too busy for the romantic angle. Very clever how the killer disposed of his victims. I recommend reading this one and it doesn't have to be read in series order, each book can stand alone.

  • Anne Hartman
    2018-10-15 11:53

    Pretty creepy - a serial murderer would abduct women, keep them for a few weeks (and torture them...but thankfully, none of it was graphically detailed), then he would wrap them in Saran wrap and leave them around town. This all happened in an area of 4 small towns, and the local police forces worked together on the cases. One of them (Beck) called in the FBI for assistance...The author did a great job of leading me towards thinking that 'this' character or 'that' character was the killer...many of the characters fit the profile, so it was a guessing game for a while. It was pretty good...not the best book I have read, but it kept my interest.

  • Marca
    2018-09-29 10:06

    Gabriel Beck, Chief of Police of small town St. Dennis on the Maryland shore, calls for help from the FBI when the plastic-wrap cocooned bodies of missing young women start turning up in his town. Agent Mia Shields arrives and the hunt is on. Mia and a FBI profiler strongly believe that the killer is local and someone everyone knows. Mia openly challenges the killer during a press conference. The problem is that the man described by an expert FBI profiler fits many of the men who live in the town. Who could it be? I figured out the killer quickly, but wasn’t sure until the end. Liked the characters. There is probably romance in the future for Beck and Mia.

  • Ayu Wirdha
    2018-09-23 06:48

    Mirip2 dgn tipe novel Beverly Barton, polisi daerah yg meminta bantuan FBI utk mengusut kasus pembunuhan yg disertai dgn penculikan, rape, penyiksaan yg krnungkinan pelakunya adalah org yg familier. Sy suka dgn kerjasama, karakter antara Amy & Beck, mengalir ga monoton atau datar walaupun di akhir cerita mereka baru akan berhubungan jadi tdk ada kiss2 atau apapun. Tp balik lg sy selalu membandingkam dgn Eve Dallas (JD Robb) dari insting, kemampuan menghadapi para penjahat, rasa hati2 & itu beda jauh misalnya dgn Amy yg dengan mudahnya terpedaya oleh si pembunuh dgn masuk ke lokasi penyekapan seorang diri tanpa meminta bantuan polisi lain.

  • Amanda Ainge
    2018-10-19 06:42

    This book was the first one of Mariah Stewart's that I guessed the bad guy before the very end. And it was DARK, this entire series is one of her darker ones (that I have read anyway). But, with that said, I really do like her writing style and I enjoy her books. I'm slowly getting through her entire library, I think I need a break from all the suspense once I finish the current series I am on. I keep having nightmares! She's not my favorite author ever, and her books are one time reads for me, but I do recommend her stuff if you like suspense.

  • Ashley
    2018-10-10 06:41

    Another winner for Stewart, a much less predictable killer in this one and a good climax at the end of the book. It seems that she easily intertwines the FBI and the police with such expertise. The last one in the Last series was alluded to in this one and I can't wait to see if she does archaelogy just as well.

  • Megan
    2018-10-12 07:01

    I hate when I guess the, this book never had momentum. It was pretty lame and I struggled just to finish it. There was no character building and what consisted of the core was still lacking personality. You don't have to read it to continue on with the series -- had I known that, I wouldn't have picked it up.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-10-03 08:01

    A serial murderer who abducts women, tortures them for days and then wrap them in plastic wrap and dumps them in a four town radius. The local cops of the four towns join forces to ferret out the bag guy with a little help from the FBI. This is very suspenseful and creepy and had me guessing until the reveal. Mariah Stewart never disappoints.

  • Regan
    2018-10-11 07:52

    OMG! What a shocker. This is one of those thrillers where you don't want to stop reading because you want to find out who did it but at the same time, putting out the lights just isn't an option...he might be there in the dark.

  • Shannon Clark
    2018-09-28 09:55

    Have loved all of Mariah's books so far. This one had me turning the pages quickly to find out who the killer was. I won't spoil it for you, but I was about to whip out a notepad and start taking notes on each possible suspect I was so into it!!

  • Stacie
    2018-09-24 11:55

    This is my 5th Mariah Stewart novel and I was quite disappointed. It was very slow starting off, and predictable. Usually, her books leave me guessing. There were also a lot of references to characters in her other books that leave you wondering if you haven't read them.

  • Iridescent Speculist
    2018-10-03 09:06

    Stupid book. Guessed the killer in first 10 pages. Story moves at a snail place, heroe are dumband side stories ads.nothing to the main plot. Pathetic. 2 stars just for d effort put into writing a novel in d first place.

  • Len Romano
    2018-10-11 11:40

    Quick read, just wish all the revealing facts in these books weren't in the last 15 pages. Very like able characters made this a good read, however. Mia from the FBI as well as Beck, the St. Dennis sheriff were the key characters in the plot both battling their own demons.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-07 11:42

    I liked the book, and was genuinely upset when one of the characters died. The only problem I had was that I guessed the killer fairly easy. That and Mia was a tad annoying, but that was much easier to deal with.

  • Melissa Hongisto
    2018-09-24 13:44

    Seriously, aren't these supposed to be romances? The mystery was interesting. But I feel like this could have been done differently. More reason behind the love interest (no matter how small it is).

  • Maggie Shanley
    2018-10-20 08:51

    Suspense that kept me reading even after I had read the last few pages! An FBI agent takes a case on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Women are going missing and then returned wrapped in plastic after being raped and tortured for an extended period of time.

  • Barbara
    2018-10-13 10:06

    Great writing...the perfect beach who done it...and full of suspence...I was guesing until the last minute who the murderer was and how he kept getting away with such diabolical kidnappings and murders...and everyone in town knew him!

  • Michelle
    2018-09-23 13:46

    this was my second mariah stewart book given to me by a friend. I would not seek her out to read but if given the book for free would readd. this one was better than the other one but not at the end. just not that well written IMHO.

  • Sarah Jowett
    2018-10-06 14:48

    Excellent read!

  • Mick Elliott
    2018-09-19 10:10

    good murder mystery

  • Judy
    2018-10-06 13:57

    I liked this book. Lots of suspense. Multiple young girl victims. Local cop, pretty FBI gal and pretty FBI profiler.