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Set way before the mists of time, when humankind was taking its first defiant steps to master the earth, this brilliantly imagined tale returns to the same setting of Joan Wolf's first novel of prehistory, Daughter of the Red Deer. The tribes who call themselves the Kindred and live in the lush green valleys of Southern France have already encountered the rivalries and desSet way before the mists of time, when humankind was taking its first defiant steps to master the earth, this brilliantly imagined tale returns to the same setting of Joan Wolf's first novel of prehistory, Daughter of the Red Deer. The tribes who call themselves the Kindred and live in the lush green valleys of Southern France have already encountered the rivalries and desires that divide societies while uniting passionate men and women with a force no power, ancient or modern, has ever deigned to break. One of the special tribes among the Kindred, the Tribe of the Red Deer alone is still ruled by the priestess/chief called the Mistress. Through cabalistic rites in mysterious caves, she teachers her band to share in the sacred gifts of the Great Mother. But change is coming on the chill wind that howls through the stark Pyrenees. Alarming reports are being circulated during Kindred gatherings about a race of conquerors swooping down from the North. Yet the Tribe's Mistress, Arika, gives little credence to such wild stories. Her attention is captured by the ambition of the proud, handsome young Ronan, the son she gave away at birth; the charisma of the small, dark-haired girl, Nel, her dead sister's child whose extraordinary talents with animals and healing will someday make her a dangerous rival; and the lust of beautiful, laughing, sensual Morna, Arika's self-centered daughter who is intent on seducing Ronan, the one warrior forbidden to her because he is her half-brother. As ageless hungers for love and power become a catalyst in the battle for the tribe's destiny, Ronan is cast out. While struggling to form a tribe of his own, he undertakes a journey to an Eden-like secret valley and discovers that the fierce band of northerners has mastered the art of horsemanship and is moving south in a wave of conquest. The terrifying threat is that these brutal warriors will enslave the Kindred women, murder their men, and burn their villages to ashes. Ronan's challenge...

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The Horsemasters Reviews

  • Amalia Dillin
    2018-10-20 13:55

    my review is here: might be worth noting that I didn't realize this was historical fiction when I picked it up -- I bought it in a sci fi and fantasy bookstore, and assumed that it was fantasy based on that context. It definitely isn't. (But... it could've been. Pre-history kind of dances on a line that way. There's nothing fantastic about the content but by its very nature, pre-history has a lot of the same worldbuilding we'd find in fantasy! So it might be worth a read even if you don't usually go for historical fiction, but prefer fantasy works!)

  • Emily
    2018-10-08 16:13

    3.5 starsI liked this book better than the previous one; however, while this is labeled as a romance, I'm a bit reluctant to call it one. Yes, there is a romantic relationship, but this isn't really a romance. For me, a romance has to focus on the development of a relationship and the struggles therein. Nel and Ronan never fought for their relationship; they were always in love, and from the time they were children, both planned to marry the other. There were obstacles and conflicts between the two, but all of them were solved so easily. It was nice to have a couple that could communicate, but some of their issues seemed like problems that should require more than a conversation to solve, and yet within five minutes they were fixed. There was no tension to their relationship, so while I liked them together, I wouldn't really call this a romance. The real plot of this book is Ronan's struggle to form a new tribe after he is exiled, and then the conflict between the Kindred and the Horsemasters. I liked both those conflicts. This was very much a story of culture clash, and I liked all of the differences Wolf created between the related tribes of the Kindred and the foreign Horsemasters. Wolf's worldbuilding is very good, and I enjoyed the changes that had occurred since the previous book. One disappointment for me though was that we didn't get to see them tame the horses. There were two large time jumps in this book, and while I didn't mind the first, because of the second we didn't get to see the horse taming. Another thing I didn't care for is the character of Morna. She was very much the evil slutty character and didn't have much depth beyond she likes to bang lots of dudes and is pissed because her brother doesn't want to bang her. This especially disappointing as the other two antagonists, Arika and Fenris, were well drawn characters with nuance. While they were the antagonists, they weren't evil, and from the time we spent in their point of views, it was clear that they both thought they were doing the right thing. Morna was more of a plot device than a character. I also didn't like the way the whole kid subplot played out. It not only was resolved too easily, but I was discomforted by Morna's role in it. I liked both Ronan and Nel better than Mar and Alin. Ronan especially had more depth to him, and I liked how ambitious he was, and people's reaction to that ambition. Nel was still a bit more perfect than I liked (her one issue wasn't even an issue), but Alin could sometimes be an ass, but Nel wasn't. On the whole, I liked this book, but I did have some problems with it. This book is available for free through openlibrary.

  • Amalia Carosella
    2018-10-06 09:19

    I wasn't entirely sure how to feel about this book when I started reading it, but it kept pulling me back, and the momentum started building, and then there was this passage here (p220-221, edited by me for length):Crim demanded. "What are you saying, Ronan? Are you saying that none of our tribes follow the right way?"Ronan smiled faintly. "Na, Crim. What I am saying is that all of our tribes follow the right way."[...]"What I am saying, Mait," Ronan answered, "is that what is important to the gods is not the actual custom, but what is in a man's heart. [...] What we do does not matter, what matters is what is here," and Ronan knocked his fist against his chest. "It is the spirit of the man that is important to the spirit of the animal." He looked at Mait. "Are you understanding me?" he asked."Sa," Mait said." His big brown eyes, so like his sisters', were shining. "I am."Ronan looked from Mait to Thorn and then around the circle of male faces before him. "We are from different peoples and different tribes," he said. "If we wish to live together, we must understand that there are other ways of doing things, other ways of showing reverence. What is right for Heno to do because to him it is a way of showing reverence, is not right for Cree. Cree's way is different. All ways are right if the heart is right."The Mother knows this. Sky God knows this. They can see into the heart, and that is what is important to them."And I was sold. Completely. It resonated with me that strongly.The structure/writing/style of the novel was definitely mid-90s, with several point of view characters and jumping around as necessary -- I think I would have preferred to stay a little closer to Ronan and Nel sometimes, but the additional perspectives give us a lot of color we would have missed otherwise, so all in all, it made sense to include them. I thought it was kind of fascinating that the Horsemasters were all given names derived from Norse Myth, and clearly seemed to be suggested as Scandinavian in origin. I'm not sure what that is meant to imply, historically. Maybe it's representative of the banishment of Loki's kin and the fire giants. Either way, an interesting choice.

  • Gaile
    2018-10-19 13:56

    Ronan, son of the Mistress of the Red Deer Tribe is exiled. He quickly forms his own tribe of outcasts from other tribes. News comes that a people who are able to ride horses are coming from the North. ronan sends spies and then goe after Nel, a girl in the tribe of The Red Deer. A little girl when he left, she has a hard time to believe he can love her. She has grown into a woman and he has never ceased to think of her. Nel also has a gift for handling animals. She had tamed a wolf. Now with Ronan's aid, she works to tame horses so they can be ridden.The Horsemasters continue their invasion and Roman has to get the other tribes to join together as one in order to keep their home lands.I am fascinated by books set in prehistoric times and this one I could not read fast enough!

  • Sue
    2018-09-23 09:54

    This was a fascinating look into pre-history. Joan Wolf is an excellent writer who weaves a good story around historical information. The story is about a young man, Ronan, exiled from his people who forms his own tribe with cast-offs from other tribes, and eventually his cousin, Nel. His ability to lead a group of people with different beliefs comes in handy when their entire world is invaded by the Horsemen--a tribe from the north who actually ride horses, something unheard of at the time.Joan Wolf uses this story to convey potential reasons for the taming of horses, and for the cave paintings that still exit throughout France and Spain, along with her ideas on how the peoples of that time lived.

  • Bea Carroll
    2018-09-29 16:07

    Another Joan Wolf special. She definitely knows how to hook a person into a book. I waited many years to get a chance to read this book. It was worth the wait. I had heard it was good but it was fabulous. I had just finished Daughter of the Red Deer & I'll go on to read The Reindeer Hunters next, I hope. This book was well researched as any of her books are. I love the way she develops the relationship of the main characters. They come to life. I am only waiting time to get to her next book in the series. What more can I say the book was one of my best reads in a long time.

  • Lauri Saplad
    2018-10-20 14:00

    I really enjoyed this adventure. Ms. Wolf did a wonderful job describing her characters, their surroundings and various cultures. She demonstrates that there is no right or wrong way to worship or to organize a society. We can all coexist if we respect one another's belief systems. There is an underlying story of monogamous, devoted love which was very sweet and surprising. There's also battles, betrayals, conniving leaders and a lot of animal love. In short, something for everyone!

  • Donna Jo Atwood
    2018-10-01 12:05

    Well, shades of Jean Auel! Actually, in many ways better as Wolf does not hit you over the head with all the little details of how to make your own (insert weapon, tool, art here) multiple times in the same book.Pretty standard story--noble hero cast out of tribe, goes off, comes back to save tribe from people with new technology (in this case horses).

  • Miranda
    2018-10-05 14:56

    When I read this book, I didn't know it was second in a series but it reads well as a stand alone book. I enjoyed it. The author was creative in devising the different cultures and how they clashed and yet were similar. The characters weren't quite believeable but still were well-written.

  • Natasha
    2018-10-02 16:01

    Despite having more action than the first book in the series, The Horsemasters felt slower in some respects. There was no romantic tension and no internal conflicts for the main characters. This made it less compelling than I'd expected, although the plot kept things interesting.

  • Sherrill Watson
    2018-10-19 09:10

    Read the loonnnggg review, and Amalia Casosella's review. Well written, historical(?) fiction, a coming together of several "tribes" under one chief, back when the French cave paintings were made. Good book.

  • Susan
    2018-10-11 14:20

    Delighful story. Ready for the next in the saga

  • Elizabeth
    2018-09-30 15:58

    Second book in the Reindeer Hunters trilogy. I liked it even more than the first one. Great story - good characters.

  • Ayesha
    2018-10-18 08:19

    Not as good as Daughter of the Red Deer, but still interesting... I'll have to re-read it to make sure though, it's been a while

  • Diannablack123gmail.Com
    2018-09-26 11:50

    Similar to Jean Auel, not quite as good.