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When the zombie apocalypse strikes without warning one dog will hold the fate of her pack in her paws. This is the story of Riley, an American Bulldog, follow along as she tries to keep her pack safe from a zombie apocalypse. Traveling with her are Ben-Ben the high strung Yorkie, her favorite two-legger Jessie, Jessie's younger brother Zachary and Riley's arch-enemy PatcheWhen the zombie apocalypse strikes without warning one dog will hold the fate of her pack in her paws. This is the story of Riley, an American Bulldog, follow along as she tries to keep her pack safe from a zombie apocalypse. Traveling with her are Ben-Ben the high strung Yorkie, her favorite two-legger Jessie, Jessie's younger brother Zachary and Riley's arch-enemy Patches the Cat. They are a rag-tag group of survivors who when pushed to the limit realize that they are all each other has. Book 4 of 4...

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The Book of Riley 4 Reviews

  • Lisa
    2018-09-20 06:40

    The "prose" part of the writing was good enough (even if the "talking" baby took a pretty huge suspension of belief and could have been left out of the whole series). My problem was with the actions of the human character at the end.***seriously, I am about to spoil the ending***At first, I thought that Jess had ended up in the ravine because she'd wanted some privacy to pee. That was bad enough. As I said to my bf: in a zombie apocalypse, you squat by the side of the road and get back in the car if you get out of the car at all.So I re-read. But there is no explanation for Jess getting out of the car and heading down into a ravine. It is just an excuse for her to get treed by zombies so she has to be rescued. So Tufo traded the life of a perfectly smart and alert dog who deserved to survive for someone whose only real contribution is keeping the baby fed and clean. Poor trade, Tufo. Death to Jess.

  • AudioBookReviewer
    2018-10-15 08:46

    My original Book of Riley 4 audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Riley, Ben-Ben, Patches, Jess and the baby continue their trek to Colorado to find Justin Talbot.  Jess and her menagerie are still on the run dodging the crack addict Icely and his goons.  They finally and safely make it to Turtle Run and find the abandoned home of the Talbot family.Mark Tufo reveals what happened to a favorite character from the Fallout Series and the impact Alec has on Jess.  Guiding her to Maine, we are told of the final resting place of Alec.  Not everyone survives a zombie apocalypse and even the most beloved of characters can and do die.Tufo masterfully weaves a story around a strong plot and several strong characters.  Tufo’s ability to coax his readers into the story, drawing them in is done skillfully.  He is definitely talented at leaving his listeners breathless and with a strong emotional upheaval crying for his blood.  Riley: Book 4 is full of twists and turns that will leave you asking, “what? … WHAT?”I enjoy listening to Tufo’s Riley series.  Hearing it from a dog’s perspective is interesting and presents a new viewpoint.  If you are a dog lover or a zombie enthusiast this is a series you won’t want to miss.  Tufo has grown as a writer and continues to entertain with his wit and mastery of sarcasm.Sean Runnette does an excellent job and has become the voice of the “Talbot World.”  He adds personality to the characters through his ability to move the wit and sarcasm from paper to audio with just the right tone and inflection.There were no issues with production.Audiobook was provided for review by the author.

  • Vix
    2018-10-13 09:30

    There is so much going on in this final opening chapter of the Riley, Ben Ben and Patches saga into the zombie apocalypse.... Poor Riley, but the new chant is "what would Riley do" for those that love the ZF series, who needs Talbot!The wonderful memory of Santa is brought back to bop you on the nose. But, of course, all of that warm fuzzy feeling is negated with Icely in charge, talk about a pantomime villain.Loved the comment from Icely that Riley had read the book Art of War.MT really knows how to put your heart through the ringer as one danger looms after another, the Man vs Dog scene was nail biting.Some great references to ZF: Lycan Fallout in her dreams.Memories of Bear.....a fresh reunion and then such a sad death.I damn near cried my eyes out at the ending of this brilliant series, fantastic.

  • Jessica Kong
    2018-10-06 06:49

    Not the best endingRiley is a loyal and true friend to the end. I loved this series until the end of this book. After everything Riley has done to keep her owner safe—who in my opinion is a nitwit—she ends up sacrificing her life to again protect her owner. I know dogs, quote on quote, are meant to serve and protect, but Riley was more than just another dog. She was special, as many dogs are. After everything Riley went through since the start of the new zombie era, I felt her character deserved a better ending—a happier ending.

  • Ryk Stanton
    2018-09-26 06:31

    Nope, it wasn't worth it. I had hopes because some of the series got going in the right direction, but the end of this last book was just sloppy. I don't even want to talk about it, it was that bad.

  • Lucille Bransfield
    2018-10-17 11:45

    LOVED this book. Makes me even more impatient for ZF8!! Want to read what next occurs with the Talbot clan plus extensions. Mark Tufo is now and shall ever be my favorite zombie author!

  • Emily
    2018-10-13 12:39

    Riley is such a good girl and deserves all the best things.Unfortunately with this ending, which felt kinda rushed, she got none of them.However, a part 5 came out several years after the release of this book, so I guess I'll see the series through to its final finale, which I'm assuming this was initially supposed to be.Also Jess is an actual idiot- who in their right mind wanders off randomly and unarmed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?? No. Stop that.This is why Riley can't have nice things...

  • Mkittysamom
    2018-10-14 13:47

    Oh RileyHenry and Riley sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.. lol. I love reading from Riley's point of view! What an adventure and funny too!! Also sad.. I really don't know which is my fave Zombie Fallout or Riley's tale.. they are both just amazingly awesome!

  • Vivian
    2018-09-30 06:55

    Very unsatisfying. It felt like the story was just left hanging. Interesting how it tied in with Mark Tufo’s other zombie series. I am taking a break but I guess this means I need to finish the other series...

  • PHYL
    2018-10-02 09:44

    Life or The UndeadAnother excellent book in the series. Got so involved I read straight through in a day. On to book 5

  • Librariasaurus
    2018-09-21 11:59

    OMG where's Riley?! WTF just happened?! I need the next book! What will happen to Jess?! God I don't think I can wait until my audible credit renews!

  • Katie Kenig
    2018-10-12 14:47

    Sobbing. SOBBING.This entry into the series was much, much more well-written than the others. It also broke my heart right in two.

  • Sara Hartnell
    2018-09-28 08:56

    i wish is ended in a dif way v.v

  • Megan (ReadingRover)
    2018-09-22 08:35

    What do I have to say about this book? I say it's a piece of shit ending to a solid series. WTF Mark Tufo!?!?! I've got a freaking bone to pick with you. After all the shit that's gone on over the course of these 4 books and all the times that Riley has saved the pack this is how you honor her. It's bullshit. It was a fucked up ending that was totally uncalled for. You already had Alex who sacrificed himself to save the pack because stupid Jess went off on her own and got cornered up a tree by zombies. Why did Riley have to also sacrifice herself? Why was Jess so fucking stupid that she walked off for no reason just for a stroll and didn't even bring a gun. It was such a dumb scenario. Alex could have sacrificed himself and the pack could have gotten away and the reader would have felt better after reading it. There would have been the suspense and fear and the satisfaction of a happy ending even after losing him. After Jess leaves Riley to die I don't think anyone was happy about the ending. I sure as hell wasn't. I don't even think that Patches, Ben ben and Zach were happy about it. I felt like it was a poorly chosen way to heighten the anxiety and emotion of the scene that left a bad taste in the reader's mouth. It wasn't a part of a book that you read and cried and said "Well, riley had a good life. She was loyal, brave and smart and at least she helped her pack get away. I'm going to miss her. I hope the rest stay safe". Instead you said "What the fuck is wrong with Jess? How stupid is that girl? Why doesn't she ever learn? Riley had to save her way too many times. Now the most important part of the pack is dead because of her stupidity. How will she ever survive without Riley? Do I even care what happens to the rest of them?" So now Mark Tufo you wrote a new The Book of Riley 5 that so far is only out on audiobook and I feel like it must be you somehow begging for a reprieve from your readers. You wrote it 3 years after this installment of TBOR and it continues where you left off. Why? I hope it's because you are trying to make amends for this abomination of an ending and have decided on a more satisfying alternate because if it's about her running around as a zombie dog or bouncing on clouds in heaven I don't think many people will be into it. I sure as hell won't and believe me you're going to hear about it. Ok enough of my ranting directly to Mark Tufo for this down spiral of a final installment. I can say that the beginning was pretty good. Icely got what he deserved. Riley, wise dog that she is, dished out some justice of her own and even spared the lives of two of Icely's cronies. Also the pack finally got a moment of downtime when they reached their destination though they were months late. Honestly the book would have made me happier if nothing happened after that. If the pack just stayed at the clubhouse and lived a boring life for a while it would have been fine. Instead I finished the book and was angry. Not just angry but fuming. I couldn't even be sad for Riley because I was so raging mad about the absurd injustice of the situation. Especially since it was completely avoidable. Ok ok ok. I'm done.

  • David Caldwell
    2018-10-10 12:45

    The end of the quest. Our group of heroes led by Riley the dog have made it to their old home but no one is there. Signs of a huge battle show that the humans didn't go quietly and gives hope that their friends made it to safety but our group has no clue where to go next.This serial has a lot going for it. The author answers some question sthat a lot of zombie stories tend to ignore. In a lot of stories, zombies seem to slaughter everyone except a handful of survivors (good people) and some sadistic lowlifes that clump together and set up a brutal empire. After that zombies seem to just pop up when the survivors try to do anything but are strangely absent most of the time (unless they form a giant horde that go on slow rampages destroying camps while the main caharcters are conveniently absent from them. Not only does this serial avoid a lot of these cliches, but they offer a solution to zombie population. One character suggests that at the beginning, zombies attacked everyone but as humans started (fighting back and) becoming scarcer, zombies started entering a dormant state where they almost hibernated until humans came closer. This explains both why any humans manage to survive and why zombies seem to be absent until humans are in the area for awhile.I thought this was the end of the serial but I have just noticed that there is a part five that is only available in audio form.

  • Maria
    2018-10-04 10:51

    The Book of Riley A Zombie Tale is the 4th and final book of the Book of Riley series by Mark Tufo. What makes this book so unique (besides the author's bizarre but hilarious sense of humor) is that animals are the main characters. Sure, there's people in it, too, but the star is Riley, an American Bulldog.In the craziness of the zombie apocalypse, the only sane ones seem to be the animals. Riley, Ben-Ben the Yorkie, Patches the cat, and their human teenager Jessie with her baby brother Zachary are on a road trip to safety. As they try to find it, they come across a lot of bad guys, zombies and human. Riley takes on the responsibility of keeping everyone safe. The bickering between Riley and Patches is very funny, and sounds just like two friends or siblings fighting.The book is fast paced and full of action. There's plenty of blood and guts. Some of the action is a little hard to believe, but this IS a zombie book. I took one bookworm (star) off my rating because I didn't like the ending. That may be selfish, but it's my rating! However, I do recommend you read all of Mark Tufo's zombie books. They are incredible reads!

  • Thia
    2018-09-27 13:54

    Walking Dead meets The Incredible Journey! This is as good if not better than Tufo's other z series. You will love this series if you are an animal lover, or a zombie lover, and if you are both you just can't miss this. Very detailed, great animal characters, and on the edge of your seat zombie action. Ever wonder what your dog or cat is really thinking when they are barking at nothing or randomly slapping you with a claw? This series gives you a pretty good idea what might be going on in their furry little heads!

  • Kelly Rickard
    2018-10-14 07:59

    Adore this series. Then again love mark Tufo books. It's a simple enjoyable read that sucks you in. It's about a dog called riley trying to save her pack mates which are Jess a teenage girl, Zach a baby boy, patches a female cat (love her cattiness) and Ben Ben a simple but loveable dog with a fixation on bacon. As always mark delivers a book with twists and turns and never happiness for very long with his crushing blows but so somehow you always feel good when finished. Should have known by the cover about the red jeep love all the cross over stuff

  • Annie
    2018-09-30 12:43

    This series is fantastic...if you like Mark;s MUST listen to this!!! I listened to it all in 2 days!! I am actually out of Mark books for now...I have marathoned ALL of them!!! Discovering ZFO last year was a led me to so many great series and stories....and to an author who cares about his readers...This is a very special series...and a MUST listen!! 2 HUGE thumbs up!!!love this series...cant wait for #5!!! :)Loved it even a 2nd time!! great series!!!

  • RJ
    2018-10-05 10:39

    Riley led the zombies away from the cabin allowing the rest of his pack to escape. Unfortunately Riley gets captured, but due to the band's stupidity is able to escape and eventually regroup with her pack. Like many reviewers I did not like the ending, but it does drive the author's point home. Good series; four stars for Riley.

  • Brandon
    2018-10-14 07:53

    Riley and the pack escape the pursuit of the psycopathic Icely, who full-on nose dives into self-destruction (pun intended). I love how this part ties into the story line of Zombie Fallout with the inclusion of Mike's Jeep and Alex. They reach their final destination, not like the movie, but Mike's brother's house in Maine. Looking forward to Part 5.

  • Chrystal Roe
    2018-10-10 07:59

    WowRiley and crew finally escape the evil man from Las Vegas and continue their journey to Colorado. They meet an old friend of Mike Talbot to help them on their way. They find that their trip has been greatly extended though. Their new destination is all of the way across the zombie infested country now. Terror and difficult will follow them all of the way.

  • Leila Pilkington
    2018-10-06 06:32

    Loved this series, books 1 to 4, different to see the Zombie apocalypse through the eyes of animals. Lots of action throughout but particularly towards the end. Lots going on, mixed emotions at the end. Loved the references throughout the book to the Zombie Fallout characters. Would love to see these guys appear in ZF 8!.

  • Candy Jepsen
    2018-09-25 08:36

    Great book...Great seriesFive stars all the way. Disturbing and sad, but filled with comic relief. Love Tufo. Another classic zombie work. Sad the series is over, but can't wait to see what's next.

  • Samantha
    2018-09-30 08:56

    While I absolutely loved this whole series, I am extremely disappointed in the ending. The whole series has been fun, suspenseful, and heart wrenching. While I wish it would have ended differently, this series is still on the top of my zombie literature.

  • Lisa Evans
    2018-09-25 08:30

    Loved it!! I really love this series of books. It's a new perspective on the zombie apocalypse from a dog's view point. No spoilers, but I didn't care for the ending! lol Buy these books ,you won't be disappointed!!

  • Kelly
    2018-10-15 07:45

    Having not read parts 1 2 and 3, I really haven't a clue what the premise of this book was supposed to be. I eventually figured out that the narrator is a dog. Other than that there was very little to go on. Dog kill zombies, dog save humans, dog die. grrr. Alright then.

  • Dawn Littlefield
    2018-09-22 09:40

    Riley deserved betterI think that dog deserved a better end than this. To have died after fighting fantastically to a dumb fast death seems like a betrayal to your readers and to the characters.

  • Drew
    2018-09-21 06:53

    The final installment in the series brings the group’s journey to a close. If you liked the other books in the series you’ll probably enjoy the finally. I’ll miss Ben Ben maybe we can get a short story with him in the future.

  • Julie Jones
    2018-10-18 10:49

    loved it. Mark never disappoints. I love. that we can still have a great zombie pet story with a happy ending. kinda :(