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The third time’s a blood-splattered charm as BEAT to a PULP and nine of today’s hard-hitting, top writers stalk the depraved streets where no good deed goes unpunished, vengeance is the norm, and lady luck is a cold-hearted bitch that just left you for dead in a back alley. Raw-nerved, pure virtuosity seeps from the grunge-tainted keyboards of Patti Abbott, Fred Blosser, HThe third time’s a blood-splattered charm as BEAT to a PULP and nine of today’s hard-hitting, top writers stalk the depraved streets where no good deed goes unpunished, vengeance is the norm, and lady luck is a cold-hearted bitch that just left you for dead in a back alley. Raw-nerved, pure virtuosity seeps from the grunge-tainted keyboards of Patti Abbott, Fred Blosser, Hilary Davidson, Chris F. Holm, Sophie Littlefield, Andrew Nette, Keith Rawson, Kieran Shea, and Josh Stallings. Co-edited by David Cranmer, who brought you the 2012 winner of Spinetingler’s Anthology of the Year, this bold and riveting collection is a worthy continuation in the best-selling BTAP “Hardboiled” series....

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Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled 3 Reviews

  • Dave
    2018-10-06 03:30

    "Beat to A Pulp 3" is a 2013 collection of stories in a variety of styles and genres ranging from noir and neo-noir to hardboiled to western by a group of authors, many of whom have already made a name for themselves in the modern writing world. There stories here are incredibly varied and take you to gangsters in the Far East ("One Ashore In Singapore"by Andrew Nette) to the backwoods of the upper Midwest ("Doe in the Headlights" by Patti Abbott), where a woman named Doe has an unusual and constantly changing job description. "Gunpoint" by Fred Blosser takes the reader to a shootout in the wild west of, well, West Virginia. If you get tired of all that countryside, then "Fair Warning" by Hilary Davidson takes the reader back to the modern computer age and the dangers of the big city. Chris Holm's "Follow-Through" is all about remembering the lessons your father taught you and getting along with the neighbors.The two gems of this collection are "There You Are" by Keith Rawson and "The Blow Jobs" by Josh Stallings. Both of these stories are similar in the sense that they focus on teenagers left to fend for themselves in this desperate world. Rawson's "There You Are" is about a kid who is dragged from state to state and, when they finally ended up in Arizona, the woman "finally got tired of the road and left [him] in a Buckeye motel room and [he] never saw her again." Left to his own devices, the kid gets a job in the motel, but ends up digging in the desert for places to plant corpses. It is a smoothly written story with a believable voice. Stallings' piece is reminiscent of his longer work, "All The Wild Children," in that it focuses on a pair of siblings left to run amock after dad got crushed to death by a poorly stacked forklift. They grew up in Glendale, California, "in the golden dawn of glitter rock" and thankfully dad hadn't lived to see them in their "skintight jeans and feather boas." His brother Caleb was the toughest dude around and perhaps handy with an icepick. Making their living selling plants and robbing tourists. Somehow Stallings managed to capture the teenage angst and the dead-end world and the brotherly love.In an age where it is easier than ever to find a collection of short pieces, this group is a stand-out.

  • Kevintipple
    2018-10-02 00:19

    “’Just the luck of the draw, “Caleb would say, “sometimes you pull aces and sometimes two’s, and one times you pull an ace when what you really need is that two to make a straight.’” (Page 85, “The Blow Jobs” by Josh Stallings)That attitude towards life very well sums up the situation for all the characters in Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled 3. The characters in these nine pieces are folks that almost always have losing hands. Sometimes they know it from the get go and other times they figure it out at just about the same second their light goes out. The nine works here pull no punches and one would not expect anything different in this series from publisher Beat To A Pulp. If you want sweetness and light and happy endings you should be reading elsewhere. Reality sucks and this is it.“One Ashore In Singapore” by Andrew Nettle stars the book off with a man named “Chance” who is to be the courier for a very important package. He is supposed to bring it back to a restaurant named the “Jade Dragon” located in the small city of Yass which in turned is located a little north of Canberra, Australia’s capital city. The package isn’t ready yet according to Mr. Tan and it will be ready when it is. In the meantime Chance must wait for developments.Doe is also a courier and sometimes more in “Doe In Headlights” by Patti Abbott. Doe has been sent out to an isolated cabin by her boss Feck. She does whatever he says and gets paid for it. At least there is variety in the work instead of just being a waitress in a bunch of crummy places. Now she is out in the woods 150 miles northwest of Detroit and waiting for the call and instructions. She is really good at waiting.1915 in West Virginia is the setting with Jace Russell, Danville Fuller, and John Torrio gathered together to restore a little order their regarding local beer sales. They are not the only ones involved in “Gunpoint” by Fred Blosser where scores and a business dispute will be settled one way or another.Senior Editor Emily Eldridge at Bridal Beauty Magazine has a problem. Based on the threats she is getting in “Fair Warning” by Hilary Davidson somebody thinks she is dating her husband. She swears she isn’t, but has her boyfriend Jason told her everything? And if he isn’t the issue, what does she do?According to his drunkard father, Matt, had no follow through on anything. There might be some truth to that, but in “The Follow-Through” by Chris F. Holm Matt might just be ready to do that while settling the past as well.The size XXL granny panties have a lot of meaning in the story titled “Granny Panties” by Sophie Littlefield. That meaning can be transferred to others in this very short two page tale.Keith Rawson comes next with “There You Are” featuring a guy doing what he has to do to survive. At least Arizona has a lot of desert to bury bodies in. But, the soil is hard to dig through thanks to the rocks, clay, and tangled roots.Life was rough from the get go for twins Caleb and Seth in “The Blow Jobs” by Josh Stallings. As they grew older the scams and the stakes got bigger until everything is now on the line because the latest deal went way too far.Last up is a play titled “The Speed Date” by Kieran Shea. Secrets are important in Washington, DC whether they be on a national security level or a personal relationship level. Those who observe Peter and Claire at the Mexican restaurant would have no idea how important this speed date truly is for both of them.Three pages of short author bios which include other titles they are involved with bring the book to a close.As one would expect from this series as well as this publisher, these are not tales designed to make you think happy thoughts about others. No, these tales are often about the unfairness of the life you were born into or the despair you created for yourself on this mortal coil through a series of bad choices. The results are nine good pieces that contain mystery, lots of violence and action, and the occasional obscenity as the works describe a hard reality.Beat To A Pulp: Hardboiled ThreeEdited by David Cranmer & Else WrightBeat To A Pulp November 2013ISBN 978-0-9912039-0-1Paperback (also available in e-book)114 Pages$7.99Material supplied by publisher and editor David Cranmer for my objective review.Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

  • Tony
    2018-10-15 00:41

    I am a fan of Beat To A Pulp (BTAP). I regularly visit the BTAP website and read the weekly pulp. The anthologies are what I really like though. Particularly the Hardboiled ones. There is something almost primal about some of the stories in them. A simplicity and gritty realism that heightens the emotional impact.The first thing I noticed when I looked at this book was the cover. It has the same pulp style I’d expect from a book in this series (I’d buy the first one for Black-Eyed Susan alone) and you somehow the woman in the picture makes it seem more modern. For me it really mirrored the way that the content bridges the old pulp stories and fresh new gritty and emotive stories.The second thing I noticed was that it contained a Patti Abbott story. That is always a good thing. I was left numb and stunned after reading ‘Doe In Headlights’. Somehow Abbott manages to make this story seem much worse than it actually is. There are gaps. Deliberate gaps that let the reader use their warped little minds to heighten the nastiness of this story. I found this story in particular to be a compelling read even though I really didn’t want to know what happened. I really didn’t but I couldn’t stop reading.Every story in this collection is different. From the writing styles to the content. There is a nasty streak that runs through this book. Some truly revolting characters and utterly disturbing situations are covered in this book. The anthology ends with ‘Speed Dating’. I can’t really say much that won’t give away the plot but it has an interesting structure and is impossible to put down before you’ve finished. It felt like it took about a minute to read that story I was so engrossed.There isn’t a poor story in this book and it is well worth the price of a frothy coffee.

  • Randy
    2018-09-22 00:22

    I always look forward to a BEAT TO THE PULP collection. David Cranmer and Elise Wright have put together a tough set of crime stories, most having previously appeared in David's online magazine and one more.A fine set of writers, only one new to me, but all guaranteed to give you stories worth the read.1: ONE ASHORE IN SINGAPORE - Andrew Nette2: DOE IN HEADLIGHTS - Patti Abbott3: GUNPOINT - Fred Blosser4: FAIR WARNING - Hilary Davidson5: THE FOLLOW-THROUGH - Chris F. Holm6: GRANNY PANTIES - Sophie Littlefield7: THERE YOU ARE - Keith Rawson8: THE BLOW JOBS - Josh Stallings9: THE SPEED DATE - Kieran SheaIf one likes crime fiction, you can't go wrong here.

  • Andrew Nette
    2018-09-29 00:40