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Alternate cover edition for ASIN: B00BSDSBJUHow much can a soul take before it breaks? Anna Pierce has a vampire boyfriend, a driver's license, real friends for the first time since she was five, and now she faces one of her biggest challenges, senior year at a mostly all girls Catholic high school. Sure, she's a member of the talking crowd now, but she'll never be like evAlternate cover edition for ASIN: B00BSDSBJUHow much can a soul take before it breaks? Anna Pierce has a vampire boyfriend, a driver's license, real friends for the first time since she was five, and now she faces one of her biggest challenges, senior year at a mostly all girls Catholic high school. Sure, she's a member of the talking crowd now, but she'll never be like everyone else. How can she when the first of her kind has camped out in her dreams? Little dead girl Emily decides Anna's destiny can wait no longer. It's time for this generation's Touched Girl to hunt. Trained in a virtual dream landscape to destroy all in her path, Anna must choose between her destiny, the one beat into her on a nightly basis, and her legacy, the one instilled in her by her parents. Along the way, old enemies remain dutifully obsessed, new foes lurk in the shadows, and odd Little Duckie Anna Pierce sets out to be social....

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Soul Bender Reviews

  • Jaclyn
    2018-09-16 00:10

    Who is the new guy?I received this book from the author for an honest review.The GoodActually, there is more than one new guy and each are as different as pickles from pancakes.I'm a big fan of the new additions in this book. Jones is great at creating characters. You love them and hate them accordingly. Although, Anna may disagree a little bit as she can always find something good in everyone.Anna is a shining star. I wish I could glow as brightly as she does. Jones takes her personal outlook on autism and applies it to this magnificent character. Anna was diagnosed with autism at a young age and what that means to the reader is a unique experience in the mind of someone both simple and complex in ways that differ from the average Joe. She attracts guys like honey to this glimmer and with her quirks so she becomes quite a kissing girl in this one.Also, Anna is put through the ringer in Soul Bender and I was excited to watch her progress. Since she thinks so differently from me, it's natural that she would react in situations differently as well. The plot was exciting and colorful. I enjoyed every element. I can't wait to see where this series goes in the future.The BadI said this with Soul Walker, and it's the same here. What is 'bad' actually ended up making me like it more. That is, in the beginning of the book, it takes me some time to become acquainted with Anna's mind and the shine she possesses because she is such a unique individual. Also to note there are a few grammar flaws, but not enough that it detracted from my reading.The RomanceI can't really say a lot about the romance without getting too spoilerly, but suffice to say that she is a beautiful person inside and out and thankfully others see that as well. There are some good romantic moments to be found.ConclusionAll in all, a great book. I loved the new character additions and the further development of the characters I grew to love in the first one. Jones created Anna as such a warm character that is easy to fall in love with. I can't wait to see what happens next. Definitely recommended.

  • Brandee Price
    2018-09-20 21:37

    In Soul Bender, Anna is learning to control all her new powers and still love life as she chooses. She has new obstacles and challenges to face. In particular, those she must face as a senior at a new school. She has her cousins for support, as well as a well-meaning teacher and vice-principal. She also makes a new friend in a rule-breaking gamer boy. Outside of school, there are the vampires she must learn to protect herself from as she embraces her destiny as a Touched Girl. That destiny is also accepted on Anna's terms. And brings about new revelations.Soul Bender was equally emotionally charged and enthralling. The emotional growth Anna undergoes in this book are incredible to behold. We meet new vampires and learn more about them and magic. Anna's abilities in relation to the vampires, and their souls, is riveting. We also meet new characters within the walls of Anna's new school. I delighted in the theological debates she engages in with her Theology teacher. Anna's attending a Catholic school but doesn't subscribe to that particular brand of religion. With all her interactions among family and friends we see Anna's personal growth throughout the book. Anna endured a great number of trials in Soul Walker. She continues to be tested in Soul Bender. She gracefully faces each challenge. I love her strength. Anna has some epiphanies about herself in this book and the way in which she handles them further displays her strength and the emotional growth she experiences. Again, I must note the exquisite way Robyn Jones tenders Anna's story. With her use of language, she paints every image of Anna's life in ways that amaze. Soul Bender was just as delectable and satisfying to read. I will anxiously await the next in the series.

  • JenniferRicketts (Donnie Darko Girl)
    2018-09-21 20:11

    The challenges that Anna faced in this book were even tougher than those from the first book. My heart broke for her several times, and I rooted for her to draw from her well of inner strength that I love her for and fight for what she wants from life. She's easy to love, and all of the ways she is different from "typical" girls makes me love her even more. She's such an awesome character! So many moments had me biting my nails in anticipation (and I never bite my nails!) of what was going to happen next. I had no idea where the story was going to go, and I allowed myself to go on this wild ride through Jones's world once again. I had missed all of the characters so much! I was only too happy to jump right back in! Things became much more complicated for Anna and the vampires she has befriended. She begins school, wading through all of the drama and turmoil of being a teen girl. I couldn't help but giggle when she lamented becoming caught up in emotions she isn't used to dealing with. I also empathized with her because being a teen girl is difficult enough without the extra complications of being a Touched girl. The way Anna looks at life and deals with situations in her life made me laugh along with her, cry with her, and fight alongside her. I felt like I was right there with Anna and a part of her family. Jones drew me into her world again with her beautiful descriptions, realistic and endearing characters, excellent world-building, and lyrical writing. I need the next book like yesterday! I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for the blog tour.

  • Aussie bookworm
    2018-10-02 21:28

    Soul Bender is the Second installment of the Touched Girl Series, you can find my review of Soul walker here.Once I was very quick to hand out five stars or hearts for books, But now I regret it I get caught up in the book and the story and in the moment rate them high only to look back later and think why did I like this so much? This will not be one of them. I am more picky now when I rate a book to get top marks I have to completely love the protagonist and the supporting characters, I must say I felt torn in two considering how I feel about Peter he wasn't Anna's hero as much in Soul Bender, I found myself hating him at times. Soul Bender is an emotional rollercoaster you feel like screaming at the book, about choices that have been made . I love this book for so many reasons that I can't get through them all so here are a few points. The conflicts, the love angst and fight for right and wrong.Anna is a true heroine, that never fails to give up on people and is willing to risk it all, to protect the people she cares about.The caring loving people who support Anna, even with her quirks, they see the innocent, pure hearted loving girlAnna's love interests, and there are a few. I love how innocent Anna is with showing her affection for the people she cares about. But for the record I am Team Eric all the way.I give this story five stars, I love Anna and I thank Robyn for creating and bringing to life a uniquely wonderful kick ass character. I recommend for everyone to add it to their TBR piles.I am looking forward to the next installment.(

  • Sycho
    2018-10-01 03:25

    See the full post at Sycho Faerie's Book ObsessionI do not even know where to begin on my thoughts for Soul Bender. This read was a work-out on my emotions and feelings. (Don't you love when books do that to you? I do!)I absolutely loved the new character, Cody. I was even starting to favor him over Peter. I cannot even explain how I felt when I found out his dirty, little secret. I am still not sure how I feel about this. Do I like this idea or do I have to hate him now? Hmm..I guess we will see. Peter really pissed me off is this book. He did manage to redeem himself, but I was a part of the Peter-hating fan club for a while. I loved this though. I really enjoy when I book makes me feel strong emotions. Even though I am angry with certain characters at certain times, I really am proud of the author for being able to accomplish this. I love how far Anna has come since the beginning of the Soul Walker. She has grown and matured into a totally bad-ass Touched Girl. Her new powers are awesome, and I love the new vamps that are introduced because of her new gifts. I really am excited to see what happens to her next.You should absolutely go to Amazon right now and purchase this series!

  • Stinkerjo
    2018-10-09 04:25

    I finished this book a couple of days ago and I am having trouble moving on to another book just yet. Even though I have started two. The Soul Walker series haunts and delights with each of its characters. You fall in love with Ella (the tough grandmother), Anna's two cousins, (Betsy and Sara), Peter (vamp boyfriend) and so many others. Reliving high school is not an option, but going to school with Anna would be a rollercoaster of a ride. I can't wait for the next installment and dream of Ella's comfort food cooking...enjoy!!!

  • Robyn Jones
    2018-10-13 23:14

    Any fans of Soul Walker out there, you might enjoy JC's Book Haven's character interview with Peter Davis. Check it out here, at Rainbows and Books hangs out with Anna Pierce here, Weakling No14's Wondrous Reviews has a chat with Betsy,

  • Rivie Bleu
    2018-09-29 02:30

    Originally posted on Bookshelf(Full review)The second book in the series and we're back with Anna, the main character. She still has her quirks, I believe they might even be more pronounced. She still has that childish view towards the world, she has changed and matured since the end of the first book but it's like she keeps exploring the world for the first time. It's fun joining her in that trip. We have new characters to love and hate. The feelings towards them are very strong, I either loved them or hated them just by the way they treated Anna. There are relatable experiences in her world in the middle of the paranormal life she lives. This world was very entertaining, we still have funny characters and a fantastical place. We have a new kind of heroine, trying to live a normal teenage life with awesome characteristics that make her stand out.The transition from the human world to the paranormal world was very well established. I could easily forget about one while being in the other, but easily catch up when we went back. There are very different goals for Anna in each world, though they are present in both. The socialization from the human life and the dangers of her paranormal one are constantly in her mind. Struggling with one is causing the other one to be a danger in her life, risking everything she has done to finally be accepted by others and be an outcast again. There were some twists I didn't see coming. You get to experience so many things with her for the first time; rage, betrayal, love, sadness, fear. They are so common in our world, but for her, she knew no emotions and seeing them surface made me wonder where they come from and why. There were good things she kept; happiness, forgiveness, kindness, selflessness. Even through all the bad things happening around her, to her, she keeps a positive outlook on life.

    2018-09-27 00:11

    review to be posted 4/15.