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Neuhaus taught at the Moscow Conservatory and his pupils included some of the greatest pianists of the twentieth century: Emil Gilels, Sviatoslav Richter, Nina Svetlanova, Alexei Lubimov and Radu Lupu. His legacy continues today and many teachers around the world regard this book as the most authoritative on the subject of piano playing....

Title : The Art of Piano Playing
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ISBN : 9781871082456
Format Type : Paperback
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The Art of Piano Playing Reviews

  • Mini Mags [Margaret]
    2018-11-17 04:21

    Neuhaus (1888-1964) is enjoyable to read, but he can be excessively chatty at times. From the material contained in this book, he could have easily had two separate books: (1) a book that gets to the point and is more direct in terms of piano instruction, and (2) another book containing his memoirs and experiences. He mentions that he does not want to write a textbook because too many have already been written. Neuhaus imagines a future world in which we listen/watch tapes of master teachers and don’t do much with books (p.139). Well, it’s the 2007 future and we are still reading textbook. I wouldn’t mind having a textbook by Neuhaus to add to the pile :)

  • Digo-Tornado Yes!
    2018-11-22 09:30

    An interesting book by a legendary teacher who trained the likes of Vladimir Horowitz, Sviatoslav Richter, Radu Lupu, and others. Although his writing style is somewhat antique, his pedigree as a musician is inarguable, and I had many illuminating moments while reading this book. He has an annoying habit of constantly addressing the reader and of defending himself against imaginary critics, but other than that he writes with the strong voice of a man who has spent his whole life in the service of music.

  • Arwa Al-obaid
    2018-12-10 03:37

    Neuhaus is the teacher of the great pianists: Emil Gilels, Richter and Horowitz. I can't believe this book is in my hands now

  • Aksel Basaran
    2018-12-17 04:23

    Great insight to the class and teachings of Professor Neuhaus. How would one wish to be there and see him teach live, hear his playing..

  • Steve
    2018-11-19 04:27

    One of the best books I've ever read. Brilliant teacher and beautiful writer...sometimes poetic.

  • Aliosha Bielenberg
    2018-12-02 08:25

    I gave up about a third of the way through. They're interesting observations but it's not a coherent narrative. It's best used as a reference or as something to study rather than as a book to read.

  • Carol Bodnarchuk
    2018-12-04 06:23

    Book DescriptionThis classic was written by a legendary piano teacher 14 and student of Godowsky 14 who trained Vladimir Horowitz, Sviatoslav Richter, Radu Lupu, Emil Gilels, and many other famous virtuosos. Heinrich Neuhaus offers practical recommendations and analysis, including advice on tone, technique, and teaching. His suggestions are seasoned with personal experiences and leavened with humor.Get it free here:

  • David
    2018-11-17 06:22

    This is a definite classic on piano playing. It doesn't go much into the actual mechanics but offers much wisdom on interpretation, performance and life in general.