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***THE OBSIDIAN COLLECTION IS NO LONGER IN PUBLICATION***Nine authors. Nine dark-love novellas. The wicked have never looked so good...Obsidian Escape by Rebel AdamsJust one look at the battered form of Whitney Geddings awakens a fierce protective instinct in Detective Jackson Ogden...but at what price?Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett DawnReporter, Elizabeth Forter, never expec***THE OBSIDIAN COLLECTION IS NO LONGER IN PUBLICATION***Nine authors. Nine dark-love novellas. The wicked have never looked so good...Obsidian Escape by Rebel AdamsJust one look at the battered form of Whitney Geddings awakens a fierce protective instinct in Detective Jackson Ogden...but at what price?Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett DawnReporter, Elizabeth Forter, never expected one drunken challenge to leave her sexually satisfied and waking beside Daniil - the head of the Russian mafia.Obsidian Faith by Bev ElleShanice Bailey’s epic faith in Trevor Kyle, the man she’s loved since they were both wards at the Baptist Children's Home, is shaken when his sketchy foster father shows up on their honeymoon.Obsidian Heart by Nicole FlocktonWill Erika's holiday fling with Brandt bring him out of the shadows, or is his heart destined for darkness?Obsidian Sky by Lara HenleyWhen military man, Brandon Michaels, comes home to a town he no longer recognizes, his salvation may rest in Arabella Knight, a woman who has secrets that no one knows.Obsidian Ice by Missy JohnsonMedical intern Cam Fletcher knew becoming a surgeon would be hard work, but what he wasn't counting on was falling for his mentor - cocky surgeon Eric Langdon.Obsidian Jewel by Angel LawsonProfessional thieves, competitors, and occasional lovers, Maya Clarke and Malcolm Kent, must work together for the job of a lifetime and try not to kill one another while doing it.Obsidian Desire by t.h. snyderCan one chivalrous act change Tyler Jones, a coldhearted man, or will desire burn through his soul and change him forever?Obsidian Beauty by Emily WalkerOut of jail and finally ready to confront the man who left her there to rot, Abigail Rivers is upset to learn Benton Sellers has moved on with no regard for the sacrifices she has made for him....

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The Obsidian Collection Reviews

  • Bex 'n' Books
    2019-03-28 16:47

    Reviewed by BexDisclosure: this ebook was provided by the authors in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.4.5 StarsThis is a great collection of short stories. What I especially liked about this anthology was that it's quite an eclectic mix. Some stories were beautiful and romantic, other made my cry, while some had amazing suspense built in through out. This range of genre styles, all with elements of love will ensure that there will be something for most romance readers to enjoy.On the whole, stories were well crafted with an array of fascinating characters, some of whom I'd love to follow further into a full-length novel. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Jessica Johnson
    2019-04-21 09:48

    Great collection of stories, each uniquely catching it their own way!! The Divine Nine did an amazing job compiling an addicting set of short stories. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little romance. Can't wait to read their next installment The Lace Collection. Individual Reviews Below. Obsidian EscapeRebel Adams "Just one look at the battered form of Whitney Geddings awakens a fierce protective instinct in Detective Jackson Ogden...but at what price?"Great story, grabs your attention immediately! I enjoyed how you can see Detective Ogden going through these stages of realizing he is in love for the first time after his wife died 7 years earlier. Whitney just needed the right man to love her and luckily Jackson found her before it was too late. Obsidian Liquor Scarlett Dawn "Reporter, Elizabeth Forter, never expected one drunken challenge to leave her sexually satisfied and waking beside Daniil - the head of the Russian mafia."Addicting! I couldn't get enough and could not put the story down! I was so caught up in every minute! Really gets your heart pumping! Daniil is overbearing and kind all at the right times. Scarlett Dawn knows how to really pull you into the story. I wish there was more I just want to keep reading about this group of characters. Obsidian FaithBev Elle "Shanice Bailey’s epic faith in Trevor Kyle, the man she’s loved since they were both wards at the Baptist Children's Home, is shaken when his sketchy foster father shows up on their honeymoon."Very heartfelt, you just can't help feeling bad for Trevor and everything he has to endure in his life. Thankfully he has Shanice as the one constant beckon of hope if his life, never giving up on him after constant times of him trying to push her away to keep her safe. Great writing so much background story over such a long period of time in just a short story. It's amazing how attached to the character you become in so little writing. Obsidian Heart Nicole Flockton "Will Erika's holiday fling with Brandt bring him out of the shadows, or is his heart destined for darkness?"Entertaining! Erika travels on a get away vacation after a breakup with her boyfriend of four years and meets Brandt. Brandt seems like a hunk. Had a had time with his personality but overall liked the characters. Not as addicting as some of the other stories so far. Obsidian Sky Lara Henley "When military man, Brandon Michaels, comes home to a town he no longer recognizes, his salvation may rest in Arabella Knight, a woman who has secrets that no one knows."So sweet, I really enjoyed the characters, Brandon was a little too intense for me but they seemed cute together. I loved that they both had been waiting for each other without the other realizing it. Cute story just wanted to keep reading. Obsidian Ice Missy Johnson "Medical intern Cam Fletcher knew becoming a surgeon would be hard work, but what he wasn't counting on was falling for his mentor - cocky surgeon Eric Langdon."I really enjoyed Cam's character he seemed like a sweet guy just in the wrong relationship and for too long. Definitely not my usual read. Was a little out of my comfort zone with this one but the story and writing were well done, but probably won't be reading that again. Obsidian Jewel Angel Lawson "Professional thieves, competitors, and occasional lovers, Maya Clarke and Malcolm Kent, must work together for the job of a lifetime and try not to kill one another while doing it."Very entertaining! A great story could not put it down. Loved the idea of these two professional thieves working together with the FBI to uncover a lost treasure and finding more than they could have ever planned. Loved Maya's character, quite the spit fire putting Malcolm in his place. Obsidian Desire T.H. Snyder "Can one chivalrous act change Tyler Jones, a coldhearted man, or will desire burn through his soul and change him forever?"Super cute story, I loved the two main characters together. Wish they would have realized what they had from the beginning but that's the way life is sometimes. They had to make it through the heart ache to find real love. Obsidian Beauty Emily Walker "Out of jail and finally ready to confront the man who left her there to rot, Abigail Rivers is upset to learn Benton Sellers has moved on with no regard for the sacrifices she has made for him."Great characters, I really enjoyed the story line and Abigail's personality. Couldn't put it down and loved watching her string along Scott until their stake out on Benton. Glad things seemed to start working out for her after so much time when it just didn't.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-03 10:58

    Note: I have only read Obsidian Liquor out of this collection so far...because I freakin' love Scarlett Dawn and had to read hers first! Because I didn't read the whole book, I did not include a rating yet. Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett DawnObsidian Liquor features a variety of characters, but the leads are Elizabeth Forter and Daniil Kozar. Elizabeth is a reporter who will do anything to obtain and print the truth. Daniil is the head of the Russian mafia who protects those he loves with all that he is. Elizabeth and Daniil meet at a charity event where Elizabeth is attending with the press. She is also there in a personal attempt to find some dirt on one of Daniil's family members. Daniil is suspicious and he sets very firm boundaries with her regarding the type of "snooping" he won't allow. Elizabeth is not scared off easily but she slowly realizes who Daniil really is and what he is capable of. However, both of their roles disappear for a little while when the two of them have a drunken encounter one night that leave them both shocked and confused the next morning. I'll leave the rest for the reader to experience. But let me just say that the scene of the both of them drunk is my favorite scene in the whole story. I laughed out loud several times! Oh...and Daniil and Elizabeth are freakin' hot together! He's a scary guy but you can tell he becomes a whole different person with people he cares about. I enjoyed all the characters in this story and I ended up being a little sad that this was a short story and not a full-length novel. I wasn't so sure about the story in the beginning- I felt it was slow to start and a little bit like I was missing a backstory or something but I quickly became engaged and could not put it down.There were a few issues that gave me pause while I was reading but they didn't distract from my overall enjoyment. (view spoiler)[I know that this is a short story and not a full length novel but I wish there was a little bit more closure at the end. I really wanted to know what information Elizabeth finally got!!! I wish a scene had been included of Elizabeth going to the restaurant and what she overheard/was told. But she is as tight-lipped with the reader as she is with the fictional characters in the story. Some things were a little unbelievable, such as how much Daniil and Elizabeth each were able to drink and how they can have such great sex together while being so drunk in fact that Daniil passes out once during it! But it is a fictional romance and it added to the humor. The story could have used a little more proofreading, but although it was noticeable it didn't distract from my overall enjoyment. (hide spoiler)]If you're a fan of Scarlett Dawn then you know there is no question whether or not you will be reading this! If you are new to Ms. Dawn's work then give it a try! I give Obsidian Liquor 4 stars. I really, really liked this short-story!

  • Eye Candy Bookstore
    2019-03-28 12:54

    This was my first anthology read and I’ll tell ya, I can’t wait to pick up a couple more. What a wonderful idea to bring together a bunch of authors with different writing styles to one book… awesomesauce! I am not going to do individual reviews of each book/novella that was in this collection but in a nutshell the whole collection itself was a 4 star read. There were a couple of stories in the collection that were so good, I couldn’t put the book down and a couple that I found a little slower to get into, but all in all, they were all great reads. My favorite part of reading this anthology was being able to read from authors that I haven’t had the pleasure of trying before and now I will be looking for in the future! The writing styles and stories from each author was different and refreshing. I enjoyed that the most. So if you are looking for a great read with a dark-love twist, The Obsidian Collection is a great anthology for you to try! I am definitely looking forward to the next collection and more from each author introduced in the collection. Obsidian Escape by Rebel AdamsObsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn.Obsidian Faith by Bev ElleObsidian Heart by Nicole FlocktonObsidian Sky by Lara HenleyObsidian Ice by Missy JohnsonObsidian Jewel by Angel LawsonObsidian Desire by t.h. snyderObsidian Beauty by Emily WalkerReviewed by Tonya Nichols @ Eye Candy Bookstore

  • Heather
    2019-04-11 10:47

    I jumped to read The Obsidian Collection when I heard Scarlett Dawn and Missy Johnson were in it plus I had never read Nicole Flockton (or most of the others) and I have been wanting to.It is a good set of short stories. I think my favorites were Obsidian Escape, Obsidian Liquor, Obsidian Heart, and Obsidian Desire. Scarlett Dawn’s Obsidian Liquor had me saying what is going on here? It is so different from the Forever Evermore series (which I love) and I was not expecting that. It was awesome. I don’t know what it is with me and loving these mafia books lately, but it was right up there with some of my other favorites.There were a couple that were misses for me. They either weren’t my style of book (not the author’s fault, just not my favorite type of book to read) or the writing was a bit simpler than I like, like it was more a YA book written by someone young.All in all, definitely worth the $2.99. We got enjoyable 9 stories that are all exclusive to this book from some of the best selling authors on Amazon (and the NY Times, USA Today), giving us a chance to maybe read some authors that we haven’t tried before while reading more of our faves. I am glad I had a chance to read it. I am giving it 4 stars.Thank you for my copy of The Obsidian Collection.

  •  Reading In Pajamas
    2019-03-26 15:54

    Review: Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett DawnReviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ CoriRated: 4.5 StarsBLOG TOUR, Review & Giveaway: The Obsidian Collection - Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn Loved it! Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn is a novella in the Obsidian Collection. I grabbed the collection just to read Scarlett Dawn's novella because I love her books but I'm going to read the rest of the collection now because this novella was great and hopefully the others are just as good. I loved the characters! Reporter, Elizabeth and Russian mafia boss, Danill hook up during a drinking contest and their interactions had me laughing and then things really heated up in the hotel room. Danill and Elizabeth's chemistry was scorching hot and burned up the pages! I highly recommend this novella. I'm really hoping Scareltt Dawn writes about some of the other characters she included in this story and if she does I'll be grabbing them! *Review copy provided by authors in exchange for an honest review.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-04-17 12:53

    This is a really brilliant anthology. As these are novellas I found myself glued to this book. Each story was great and no cliffhanger:)I went through so many emotions reading these books. One minute I'm angry and the next I'm smiling. What I thought was brilliant about this anthology was it introduced me to so many fantastic authors. I've only read books by one of these authors so I'm super excited that I've found some more new authors to stalk and read their books. This is the ideal beach reads. So many books in one it can be picked up and put down easily.... Maybe lol

  • Beth
    2019-04-17 16:56

    Tome Tender Book BlitzKindle Fire HD Giveaway Ends 7/28/149 authors, 9 novellas, a great way to try out a new author or get a little more from a few of your favorites.

  • Brenda Liliana
    2019-03-23 09:47

    I'm not surprised, another great work by Scarlett Dawn. Elizabeth and Daniil's story is funny, and sexy.

  • Tanya Vought
    2019-03-30 13:32

    4.5 stars overall for all these fabulous books!!!!

  • Kimmier
    2019-03-26 11:49

    Great Summer read! All complete novellas with no cliffhanger books. Totally recommend especially Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn.

  • Samantha Woods ( LSK Sweetheart Reviews )
    2019-04-13 14:34

    Over all Rating: 5 Hearts Obsidian Escape by Rebel Adams4-heartsWhitney is put in the hospital by her cheating and abusive husband. She really hasen’t ever known better.Her father is no help. Jackson is the cop assigned to her case and he is furious when he see’s her condition.He is also undeniably attracted to her. Unfortunately her ex has some big connections and he dosen’t stayin jail very long.Even though its against the rules, Jackson will do anything to protect Whitney as he knows there is thepossibility of something more with her.My Opinion: I thought that this was a great book. I love that Jackson was able to help give Whitney strengthto do what she needs to. This was the first book that I have read by this author and I know I will be looking toread more from her. I really do recommend reading.‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett DawnElizabeth is a reporter. A damn good one too. Judging from her list of enemies. She begs her boss togive her a job that she is way too good for only because she wants a bigger story dealing with the playersinvolved. She just dosn’t expect the father of one of the people involved. Daniil who just happens to be aRussian mob boss.Daniil does not want this reporter to ruin his son. But at the same time he is very attracted to this reporterand he cannot understand why. She is a very tiny female and he usually goes for a woman with a bit more.My Opinion: I LOVED this book. I laughed so many times at Beth and Daniil’s drunken humor. I know a book isgood when it either has me laughing or yelling at someone. I read this fairly qiuckly ans I found it hard to putdown. I definitely recommend reading‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Faith by Eve BelleTrevor and Shanice are orphans and when Trevor seen Shanice getting bullied he had to intervene andsave her. They become very close after that and call themselves the two musketeers. They are family.Trevor looks at her as a little sister. When the house parents decide they are going to adopt Shanice,Trevor is devastated until he finds out their friends who live on the same street will be adopting Trevor.They begin to have great lives until Trevors adopted parents have an accident. When his adopted unclegets custody of him Trevor leads a whole different life. He distances himself from Shanice and her familyespecially after he starts to see Shanice as a woman. Later on he and Shanice reunite and Trevor workswith the police to try and bring is unlawful uncle down.My Opinion: I enjoyed this book. It had a great plot. Great characters. I was happy to see that all was notlost for Trevor. I really felt Shanice and Trevor’s pain. I definitely recommend reading.‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Heart by Nicole FlocktonErika had just broken up with her boyfriend and already paid for a vacation. So she just decided togo by herself and maybe have a fling. She meets a gorgeous man her first day there but he almostimmediately pisses her off by offering to spend time with her because his plans fell through. She won’tbe anyone’s second choice. So she decides to pursue someone else but Brandt just dosn’t stop. Then shefalls for him but Brandt seems to insult her and push her away at every turn.Brandt was hurt badly once and almost lost everything. When he see’s Erika he is drawn to her. But he can’tseem to stop acting like an idiot whenever he is around her and he is continuously insulting or hurting her.But when she gets ready to walk out of his life for good will he be able to get over all his insecurities or willhe let her go?My Opinion: I really liked this book. I like that they both went through an almost similar situation butwhere Brandt had a hard time getting over the past Erika was willing to take chances. Wonderful plot.Wonderfully written. It drew me in and I didn’t want to put it down. I highly suggest reading.‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Sky by Lara HenleyBrandon just got out of the military. He was diagnosed with PTSD but he didn’t think it was that badso he didn’t continue with his Therapy. On his first day back he goes out with some of his friends andsee’s the girl of his dreams. He has found her and he has no intentions of letting her go. But when hegets nightmares and hurts Arabella he will have to face the fact that his PTSD is worse then he thought.Arabella was Amish. She always wanted more though. So when she was old enough she left her life andwas therefore shunned by her people. She has been saving herself and hoping she would one day run intoa boy that she seen once when she was 5. She knows that he is her destiny. When she finally finds him shedosen’t know how to act and gives him a hard time. But when he unintentionally hurts her one night shehas to decided if she still finds that dream worth pursuing or if she should just walk away.My Opinion: I really liked this book. I always love a story with a Military man. I have enjoyed many booksdealing with the Amish also. I thought that it was a great concept for a book. Although it was short it had agreat plot and was a really good book. I highly suggest reading.Obsidian Ice by Missy JohnsonCam has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for ten years. Not because he wanted to be. Because bothof their parents pushed it. In reality Cam is gay. He is afraid to admit as he dosn’t know how his family willreact. They have a huge falling out before he starts his internship at the hospital which he is really happyabout. He is majorly attracted to his Mentor Erik. Imagine his surprise that after a while he finds out thatErik is attracted to him also. .My Opinion: I enjoyed this book more then I thought I would. I will read gay romance books on occasionalthough it is not my first choice when I choose a book. I really enjoyed this book though. I liked theinteraction between Cam and Erik. I thought that it was a well thought out and put together book. Itcertainly held my attention. I can see myself reading more from this author. I definitely recommendreading.‘ Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Jewel by Angel LawsonMaya and Malcolm have a difficult past. They are both thieves. Very highly paid thieves. It took themyears to even see each other even though they knew about each other. Their first meeting was prettydynamic. Malcolm wronged Maya and she has vowed to pay him back. Years later she gets her chance.The FBI want Maya’s help to retrieve a stolen Picture. She suggested bringing Malcolm on board.She discovered the perfect way to get her revenge. The Agent assigned to help her on the case. Wellshe found a pretty enjoyable way to get his loyalty in helping her. But Malcolm changes the tableson Maya with a confession that shocks her.My Opinion:I loved the dynamic between Maya and Malcolm. I found it humors that their last names spell ClarkeKent. I thought that Maya was pretty bad assed and I always love to see a strong female character ina book. I think that Malcolm was a jerk at first and deserved Maya putting him in his place. I thoughtthat it was great for a short story. It had a beginning, middle and end . Some shorter books leave youwanting. This one did not. I would definitely recommend reading and I will be reading more fromthis author.‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Desire by T.H. SnyderTyler got the shock of his life when his wife left and divorced him and he has no clue why. He thenhas a one night. He never got the woman’s name and he made sure he was gone before she woke up.Three years later he finds her stranded on the side of the road and he is so shocked he makes an assof himself and does the unthinkable. Leaves her stranded on the side of the road in horrible weatherconditions with no where to go. The next morning he feels terrible about what he had done and vowsto find her and prays that she will forgive him for being stupid.Saige always wondered how the man that she had a one night stand with three years ago was doing. Shecouldn’t get him out of her head. What they had together was amazing. Three years later she findsherself betrayed by her boyfriend and leaves with just a couple bags of stuff. Then she gets not one buttwo flat tires, and she forgot her cell phone. She thinks that she is saved when a cop cars shows up.When she discovers that it is her one night stand she is unsure how she feels. Then he acts like a totaljerk. She can’t believe it. She has a choice to make when Tyler asks her for another chance.My Opinion: I went back and fourth on how I felt about Tyler. He seemed ok at first then he turned intoa major jerk. I personally would not have given him another chance. I thought that the fact that Saigewas willing to give Tyler so many chances made her a very strong Woman. I thought that it was a wellwritten story and I can see myself reading more from this author. I definitely recommend reading.‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’Obsidian Beauty by Emily WalkerAbigail is pissed off. She spent years in jail for her boyfriend Benton and he abandoned her. That shecould forgive because he told her he had a big job to do that would take him away for a while. When shegets out she is determined to find him. She is ready to be back with him and move on. What she finds isnot what she expects. She finds him Mayor of a Town, Married and he has kids. Now she just wantsrevenge. She goes to a local bar and meets a deputy. After Spending ten years in jail her first instinct isto stay away from him. But when she finds out that he hates benton also she realizes that he could helpher and he seems more then willing.Scott was instantly intrigued by the beauty that he seen sitting at the bar. He wants to get to know herintimately. When he finds out that the Mayor is her ex and she wants to get revenge he is more thenwilling to help her. But while doing this he finds out many surprising things about people that he knew.My Opinion: I definitely enjoyed this one. I think Abigail’s character was a little obsessive at first butwhen she decided he was going to pay I liked her a lot better. I like that Scott’s character did not holdAbigail’s past against her. I thought it was a well written story with well developed characters. I thinkthis book was very easy to get drawn into. It captured my attention right away. I definitely suggestreading.‘Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews’

  • M.B.
    2019-03-29 17:34

    1) Obsidian Escape - Rebel AdamsWhilst I enjoyed this story, I was a bit surprised that there was no mention of Jackson getting hauled over the coals because of his relationship with Whitney. Afterall, he was the lead police officer on her domestic abuse case, so I assume that he would have had a severe telling off.I enjoyed the interaction between them, it felt like extreme fore play, leading up to the steamy sex scene. Not once did it feel forced or rushed, and the quality of writing was very good. A few minor editorial errors, but nothing to put off readers2) Obsidian Liquor - Scarlett DawnWhen I first started reading this one, I struggled to get in to it due to some over formal wording/dialogue and a couple of repeated spelling errors, but once I moved passed those, I was sucked in very quickly. I admit I was a little disappointed with the ending as far too many questions were left unanswered, but I also understand why the author did that. I just hope a sequel will be considered to give the reader some closure and enable us to answer the questions.I think this story would have been better as a full length novel rather than a novella, maybe then the ending could have satisfied me that bit more.3) Obsidian Faith - Bev ElleI liked the premise of this story, with Trevor and Shanice being foster kids together, and growing up with families living near each other. While I was drawn in to the characters and their stories, it wasn't my favourite. Not because it was badly written or unrelateable, far from it. it was an extremely well written and thought out story with an engaging plot. It simply didn't grab me without letting go the way some stories have done. Again, I think this story could have worked better being longer to enable the author explain the building relationship between Trevor and Shanice as it felt pretty sudden to me, even though I expected it to happen. I don't think quite enough background to their falling in love was given.4) Obsidian Heart - Nicole FlocktonA little bit on the 'cheesy' side of romance for me - 2 people, hiding from their past fated to meet, falling in love. But that didn't mean it wasn't enjoyable, it was. It just felt a bit too 'predictable' and a little cliche for my liking. The settings were described beautifully, and made me want to hop on a flight straight away, but more to relax rather than meet my own Brandt. Whilst I enjoyed the story for what it was, I felt like I'd read similar before. I think it would make a great TV movie, especially seeing the locations and being able to visualise the characters.5) Obsidian Sky - Lara HenleyI don't think much research was done into either military personnel or the Amish lifestyle. Brandon speaks like a teenager, yet he's returning from, what I assume to be Afghanistan, after 5 (uhm... That's far too long) years. I come from a military family, and something about him and his military life didn't ring true for me. I couldn't quite work out how old he was supposed to be, but his POV was a mish mash of overly formal and teenaged sounding which was very confusing.Arebella comes across as a 15/6 yr old with the way her POV is written, considering she raised her sister from 5 yrs old, before running away from an arranged marriage. There was no mention of Rumspringa which surprised me when Are was so unhappy in her community, even at the age of 5, which again I found unrealistic. I really struggled with this story, and couldn't finish it. The lack of research, which suggested to me that the author wanted to make an impact, so picked a military lead meeting an Amish girl to cause a clash of upbringing just for the sake of it. and the young sounding writing were too much for me to overlook as a reader. Its a good idea for a story, but needs more research and further editing, which would make it work better as a full length novel rather than a novella.6) Obsidian Ice - Missy JohnsonEngaging from the start, Cam is likeable and relateble. I loved the interaction between he and Erin, whilst a minor character, seemed to be quite an important one. I spotted a couple of minor editing mistakes (Eric's surname changes from Fraser to Stanton), but I barely noticed because I was so engrossed in the story. A sweet story about self acceptance and learning to be yourself, this is the only m/m story in the anthology.The story, and romance within, didn't feel rushed at all which made it read all the more natural, yet the ending was a little too abrupt for my liking. I think an epilogue would have worked well to round off the story a little more.7) Obsidian Jewel - Angel LawsonI loved this story. There's something about thieves and spies that really pull me into a story, and Lawson mixes the two brilliantly! Maya and Kent are the perfect 'anti-lovers' (yep, I made that word up, can I copyright that?) throughout, and I have to admit, I didn't see the ending coming at all. But I didn't feel disappointed by it.The interaction between Maya and Kent felt real, and at times I could feel the animosity rolling off the page, as well as the obvious sexual attraction. This is one of the main reasons I couldn't stop reading this story. I needed to know how it would end.My favourite of the entire collection!8) Obsidian Desire - T. H. SnyderNot a bad premise, but as soon as I got into a chapter, tenses would change and throw me slightly, disturbing the flow of my reading. Overall, the story fell a little flat for me as Tyler and Saige rekindle their chemistry. It felt a little unbelievable and a bit rushed as they have a one nigh stand, then 3 years later are willing to take a risk on a stranger even after he, a sheriff, left her at the side of the highway. Could be extended into a full novel to enable the author to give the reader more background and to explore the current relationship as it grows.I have to admit, I very nearly didn't finish this story also, but I forced myself to continue on with it.9) Obsidian Beauty - Emily WalkerAnother story I almost didn't finish. Again, it felt very 'young' and unresearched. I thought the premise was a really good one, after all. Who wouldn't want revenge after being in prison for 10 years, yet your partner managed to evade capture? But, that wasn't the full story. Abigail wanted to find Benton and get back together with him. The whole revenge angle confused me as it seemed to come out of nowhere.Scott... as a police officer, there is no way he would have gotten involved the way he did with Abigail's revenge plan. That entire aspect felt very unrealistic to me, but he was a needed character for the romance element of the story.It just felt very rushed and came across as quite naive, especially when Scott and Abigail were in the strip joint, yet she was supposed to have been a stripper herself. Again, needed expanding into a longer story so the plot could have been fleshed out more to prevent the reader getting confused and losing interest.All in all, I was a little underwhelmed by this collection, apart from 2 stories out of the 9, they just fell a little short for me. It was supposed to be a collection of 'dark-love' stories, but none felt particularly dark to me, just love stories.

  • R.H. Ali
    2019-04-18 09:36

    ~~ I received a free e-copy of this Anthology from one of the authors in exchange for an honest review~~FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS FOR THE OBSIDIAN COLLECTION! Obsidian Escape by Rebel Adams Adams’ story about the girl who needs saving from her abusive and cheating husband who does not value anything that she truly is well set out. The characters are believable and at the end we get attached to both main characters.I enjoyed this story and I’d recommend it.Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn Scarlett Dawn has created yet another riveting story. It’s not your typical romance either. The entire story is fun yet dangerous. It was slow in parts but altogether it was a good story.Beth, a news reporter, is strewn into a world of fighting and violence even though it’s everything she despises. She finds solace in the most unlikely place and she ends up fitting in better than she feared. At the end of the story, she comes undone when she finally gets to the meat of the matter she has been pursuing, only to destroy it herself.I think she has grown as an individual and is at the end of the story, more inclined to make more ethical choices. If that has been because of her new-found company or because of the fact that matters of the heart should be kept private, in the end Beth does the right thing.I’d definitely recommend this story to anyone looking for a short romance to read.Obsidian Faith by Bev ElleFrom the very beginning of this story, the reader is encapsulated into the world Bev Elle has created. Readers become emotionally invested into the orphans Trevor and Shanice. In this short story we watch these two characters grow up into impeccable adults. The story is riveting and dramatic from start to finish and a huge page turner.The author has really done an amazing job in portraying Trevor and Shanice’s stories from childhood well into adulthood, flawlessly and in a way which doesn’t make readers feel as though they’ve missed anything.I’d definitely recommend this story.Obsidian Heart by Nicole FlocktonThis story was interesting but at times I thought the romance to be a little too much and the way Erika continuously walked out on Brandt was amusing to me. Also the fact that the story was supposedly set in Trinidad, but didn’t reflect not even an ounce of Trinidadian culture was disappointing since I was looking forward to that and was constantly looking out for it.However the writing style was good and I enjoyed reading it nevertheless. We all need a Brandt Whittaker in our lives.Obsidian Sky by Lara Henley Brandon and Arebella’s story is really touching. It was nice to see them finally meet after such a long time of dreaming of each other.However I felt that the story was unbelievable at times and Brandon’s actions towards Arebella when they first met again, we’re out of character for him.I nevertheless enjoyed the story and I love how it ended.Obsidian Ice by Missy JohnsonThis story was about a gay couple. The storyline was interesting enough but in a way predictable. I didn’t feel any connection to any of the characters.However the writing itself was good and perhaps this kind of story is just not my cup of tea.Obsidian Jewel by Angel LawsonI really enjoyed reading about Maya and Kent. They should have a whole book to themselves. I loved the thrill of what they do and the author really created these characters multi-dimensional and so I think readers are more ready to relate to the characters.Everyone has that one person we let get away even though all we wanted to do was beg them to stay, and to see how it ends for Maya and Kent is inspiring.I love how Maya makes Kent pay for all that he has done to her in the past. She is truly a strong woman and her character empowers me.Kent is the altruistic bad boy who will only be tamed for Maya and I absolutely love that aspect of any guy. The author builds his character really well and readers get an insight to Kent’s mind.The author did a really good job with this story.I’d definitely recommend this story.Obsidian Desire by T. H. SnyderReally good story.Obsidian Beauty by Emily Walker Interesting read.

  • Flirty Reader
    2019-04-14 09:39

    I choose to review two of the stories in The Obsidian Collection by two authors I have read before. Bev Elle and Angel Lawson. Both authors have I have enjoyed reading immensely and was very excited to see what they could bring to the table in The Obsidian Collection. First up, I read Obsidian Faith by Bev Elle. The novella spans a large time of the lead character Trevor Kyle. From childhood to in his early to late 20s. Growing a character in a novella isn't an easy task. I felt that Bev did a nice job show the readers the struggles of going up in as foster children for both Trevor and the female lead Shanice. We got to look into their troubles, their growth as people, and their continuing journey on handling life given the circumstances they were in.I really liked where this story was going. Bev had it set up that, of course, Trevor and Shanice were going to end up together. But what was missing was the falling in love part. It was glossed over largely. I didn't feel for the love affair for the pair when they did end up together at all. I wanted a little more development there. And I wasn't sure where the "faith" part of the Obsidian Faith came into play unless you count that Shanice's adoptive father was a preacher and he had some wise words at the end. I guess it could be argued that Shanice always had faith in Trevor, but I don't think it was presently strongly enough. Now Lawson really knows how to tell a story in Obsidian Jewel. I haven't been let down reading any of her stories. It always amazing me how an author can write such a complete story in novellas. To say I'm jealous would be correct. What Lawson does is show very well for her readers. We don't need to know the whole backstory of every character and what we do know is just little tidbits here and there to shows us the development of her characters. In my mind mind it is what makes a writer great. Maya Clarke and Malcolm Kent are two thieves given a case by Federal official to steal back a priceless painting that was stolen by the Nazis and then disappeared. Maya and Kent are seasoned criminals with each having special talents. Maya is good at breaking in unnoticed, Kent using more brute force. They also can't stand each other for more than being competitors in crime. They harbors some very deep and personal feeling, then add on a healthy dose of sexual tension. What couldn't be more perfect in a romance? Both Maya and Kent rile each other up, making the perfect protagonist and antagonist in one another for the book. What I loved was that Lawson can throw you a curve ball. I had something in mind for the end, but she turned it around and surprised me, doing what I thought but in another way. It was great! I can safely say that I would so want to read more about Maya and Kent in more novellas or even a full novel. Their pairing has been my favorite one I have read lately. So good!

  • gillian (Tattooed Book Review)
    2019-04-20 13:36

    I read and reviewed Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn for The Obsidian Collection book tour.“Get the story, and get out. Easy enough, and yet I kept fucking it up.”Obsidian Liquor is a super fun and super sexy novella with just enough edgy darkness. I mean, who hasn’t had a rough day, gone to the bar for a drink to relax, had one ten too many, and woken up in bed with a hot, alpha, Russian mob boss with a penchant for violence. Okay, maybe not the last part. A girl can dream!I kind of struggled with the press/ reporter aspect of the story, perhaps I was just in the mood for some more of the juicy sex scenes. Overall, I great time reading the story, especially the searing chemistry between Beth and Daniil. The humorous moments in the story kept me smiling and balanced out the violence and darkness perfectly. Though the novella has a complete and satisfying ending, I would love to se more of this couple (hint, hint!). I’ll definitely be reading the other stories in the collection.“He was trouble, but he was the delicious darkness you slipped into freely.”*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Jennifer Treviño
    2019-04-09 12:58

    I look forward to reading more! This review is strictly for Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn at this time. I will update my review as I get a chance to read the other stories in this anthology. I look forward to reading them all!*For Mature Audiences Only*I quickly learned that I love Scarlett's writing style from reading her previous works. Obsidian Liquor was just another reminder of that. Her characters always grab ahold & demand your attention. Their stories playing out flawlessly as if appearing on the movie screen in front of me. This particular story was a bit darker & a lil' more intense, but fabulous none-the-less. Daniil is a soul to be reckoned with. Powerful, Menacing, & Gorgeous. Elizabeth taking him on could only end in two ways, & I honestly never thought it would be the second. I do believe the long list of feelings she experienced would break a lesser woman, yet she never lost her fire. Who knew bitty lil' trouble could go so far!If you enjoy a good suspenseful investigation paired with some steamy scenes & witty comebacks then this book will win you over!

  • Crysti Jane
    2019-04-02 16:58

    ** I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. **This is a fabulous collection of 9 stories by 9 awesome writers. I had only read from a few of these authors prior to this anthology but I quickly became a fan of those that I hadn’t read from yet. The idea of bringing together stories from different writers is an excellent idea. There were a couple of stories that took more time to get into than the others, but in general, I loved all of the stories included. The only downfall (and why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5) is that while these stories were meant to be novellas, I was left wanting more story about the characters. There were a few stories that when I was done I had to stop and say “But, I want more!” As novellas, these stories are excellent. There is enough story there to understand and enjoy each novella. I highly recommend this collection of dark – love stories. I can’t wait until their next collection is released next year!

  • Anne
    2019-04-21 13:43

    Scarlett Dawn's contribution to this collection was lots of fun! At first I wasn't sure I would like the heroine, she seemed to be chasing a story more suited to a gossip rag than a reputable paper, but her reasons for this get revealed and save her for me. Then when I got to the whole Reporters Gone Wild scene (no nudity, just a couple of good right hooks) I was laughing. This is when you begin to have faith that she'll be able to hold her own against a slightly older and experienced (and gun toting) Russian mob boss. I would love to learn more about how those two, Elizabeth and Daniil, continued to make their relationship work. They seemed like such different people, and yet they ended up really working well together. I enjoyed their budding romance immensely!

  • Kelly Smith Reviews
    2019-04-19 17:01

    This is, as advertised, a novel of dark love and some of these stories are very dark, indeed. No two stories are alike, and each will have you with a different emotion in your heart. You will be left breathless, angry, confused, happy and very turned on after reading this sexy anthology. I read most of it in one sitting! Some seemed to go by much too fast, as a matter of fact! I loved that issues like PTSD and LGBT acceptance were addressed and it wasn't all the typical scenario of "guy calls and girl comes running". A lot of these writers are the future of the romance genre! This is an eclectic mix of romance stories you'll want to read again and again!4/5--great work!

  • Arlene Mullen
    2019-04-11 13:43

    4.5/5So I cannot pick which one of these I love the best. Romance is always a genre I like but I am not a fan of the sweet romance. These were right up my alley. They are strong men and strong women and a little bit of mystery and sex. Each story has you pulling for the characters. You laugh and pull for them all. Every author does such a good job of telling of bringing you to rot for these couples. I am looking forward to checking out each one of these authors!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Erica
    2019-03-26 13:34

    4 solid stars.Nine short stories by authors you know and some you may not.Three stories, Obsidian Escape, Obsidian Sky and Obsidian Desire are my favorites, all ranking 5 stars but there was also one or two shorts that just didn't quite get the job done. I understand their short stories therefore little background, while I did read them all the way through I wasn't impressed.Overall The Obsidian Collection was worth the money, and most of the stories were intriguing and well written.

  • Sheila Brannan lake
    2019-04-01 14:32

    GREAT READSAs a whole, I love all of these stories. Love, romance, heartache, it all goes together. Box sets are always a good choice, you can discover new authors, and enjoy your favorite authors at the same time. You get your money's worth for sure.

  • Martinia
    2019-04-09 11:48

    Of course I read Scarlett Dawn's story first and it was EPIC!!! I swear she is a genius! I was also not disappointed by the other authors who I was not familiar with. I am added their books to my want to read list instantly! GRAT BOOK LADIES!!!!!

  • Arianna
    2019-03-23 11:48

    Non mi ha entusiasmato

  • Meghan
    2019-03-27 12:02

    I bought this just for scarlett dawn's short story. the rest weren't for me, but scarlett's laugh out loud wit and writing style get me every time. worth the 2.99 just for her.

  • Laura
    2019-04-20 17:33

    This features several authors whose past works I have loved. I look forwards to reading this anthology!

  • Ange from Cover to Cover Book Blog
    2019-03-28 17:43

    Obsidian is formed naturally from something that starts out scary and tragic. Obsidian is a beautiful rock created when volcano lava is cooled quickly coming into contact with water. These 9 novellas being described as obsidian could not be any closer to the truth. Obsidian Escape by Rebel Adams is a story about Whitney Geddings and Detective Jackson Ogden. Whitney was badly abused by her husband and Jackson is the detective assigned to her case. Jackson is a widow and has put everything he has into his job after losing his wife to cancer. Something about Whitney has awakened a part of Jackson that he thought would lie dormant the remainder of his life. Jackson knew it was wrong to want Whitney for many reasons. Two being that she was married and that he wasn’t supposed to get involved with a victim from a case. Will that be enough to keep Jackson from denying the connection he feels towards her? “The mere thought of wrapping his arms around Whitney Geddings and her resting her head into the crook of his neck had done something to him. Something that no other victim has ever done to him before.”Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn was one of my favorites of them all. Elizabeth Forter is a reporter and will anything she has to in order to get the story, including taking an assignment that is beneath her pay grade in hopes of getting an inside scoop for a bigger story. Daniil Kozar is the head of the Russian mafia and will protect his family with any means necessary, including keeping the reporters at bay. In an effort to keep Elizabeth away from his family, Daniil has drinks with her and things get hot and heavy. Will these two be able to resist one another after such a wild and crazy one night stand or will this unlikely couple walk away without a second glance?“Slowly, I turned my head to face Daniil. He was staring at me. Like a shark. A death angel with shark eyes. He wanted to take me down under in the most sinful, carnal way. Somewhere, Dad was screaming a prayer, because I was drowning. More than willing.”Obsidian Faith by Bev Elle is an incredibly beautiful story! It pulled at every heartstring I had and I absolutely loved it! Trevor Kyle and Shanice Bailey form a strong bond as children when they were both wards of the state and ended up at the same children’s home. Trevor knew he was getting too old to be adopted but had high hopes for Shanice. Luck would have it that these two were both adopted and were able to grow up together because their adopted parents were close friends and lived nearby. More tragedy strikes Trevor that landed him in the custody of a sorry excuse of a man and later cost Trevor his freedom. Shanice fell in love with Trevor over the years. Will her faith and love be enough to endure the challenges laid before them?“You put your complete trust and confidence in me the first day we met, but I’ve held myself away from you, because everyone else in my life has left me. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that you would never forsake me until last week.”Obsidian Heart by Nicole Flockton is a hot and steamy tale of Erika and Brandt. Brandt owns his own resort and has been burned badly in the past causing him to give up hope on love. Erika paid for a vacation at a resort in hopes to rekindle the flame she has with her boyfriend to find herself all alone right before the trip was planned. Erika decides to go alone and enjoy the vacation she paid for. From the moment Erika and Brandt first laid eyes on one another, the attraction was hot. Both figured a little vacation fun would not be the worst idea. Will the short steamy vacation be enough to quench their desires or will it leave them wanting more?“Her heart skipped a beat and warmth pooled between her legs. The man should come with a warning. He’d only winked at her; how the hell would she react if he kissed her? She wouldn’t mind if he did.”Obsidian Sky by Lara Henley was another great story and I loved it. Brandon Michaels is coming home after being at war in Afghanistan. When he returns, his small town has grown quite a bit. Arabella Knight left a life behind that she could never return to. When she was young, she met a blue eyed boy that she still dreamed about in her adult life. Brandon’s friends take him out for a welcome home night out when he lays eyes on Arabella. There is something about her that is familiar and he just can’t shake the feeling. Brandon has changed some but Arabella would recognize those blue eyes anywhere. Will their dark pasts haunt them or will these two have a chance at real happiness together?“The eyes that pierced my soul the day I saw him in that store; they burned in my head almost every waking moment. I’d dream of them looking at me. There hasn’t been another boy would could compare to him.”Obsidian Ice by Missy Johnson is the sweetest and hottest book! I loved Cam and Eric! Cam disappointed his family by not following in the family legacy by becoming a lawyer. Instead, he went into the medical field to follow his own dreams. However, he did make them happy by being in a ten year relationship with Lucinda, daughter of his parents’ best friends. The only thing was that Cam was living a lie. How could he come out of the closet and tell his family that he was gay? He had never acted on his feelings but Eric Langdon changed all of that! Eric was a surgeon that Cam was interning for. Will Eric give Cam the strength he needs to come clean with his family?“Holy…wow. I was speechless. Kissing Eric was so different to every other kiss I’d experienced. It was so raw and powerful, so full of emotion and vulnerability.”Obsidian Jewel by Angel Lawson is a story about Maya Clarke and Malcolm Kent. They both lived in a seedy world being professional thieves. They had been on opposite teams on different jobs and at one point, had been lovers. The last time they were together, Malcolm burned Maya big time. Now they were working together for a big job for the FBI. The same heat is between them but Maya isn’t trying to fall for Malcolm’s games again. Will the adrenaline and passion of working together cause the spark to rekindle or will Maya get her pack back for Malcolm burning her before?“’You know how much it turns me on when you’re angry.’ ‘You’re ridiculous.’ He gives her a handsome, lazy grin. ‘A man’s gotta try.’”Obsidian Desire by t..h. Snyder is a great story about two lost souls. Tyler put up a solid wall around his heart when his wife suddenly walked out of his life without any explanation as to why. His coworkers decided that Tyler needed a night out to loosen up and try to have some fun at the local bar. Saige was having a bad day and that all changed walking into the local bar and leaving with a hot and sexy stranger. A simple one night stand, right? I would say yes except three years down the road, Saige is devastated after finding her fiancé in bed with her best friend and runs right into her sexy stranger. What will become of these two strangers now that they have been reunited under bad circumstances? Will Tyler keep his wall up or take a chance on Saige?“It’s been three years since I spent a night with her. Three long years, where all I could do was compare my life without my beautiful stranger. Now, she’s here again, standing mere inches from my body and I’m frozen.”Obsidian Beauty by Emily Walker was another favorite. Abigail Rivers spend ten years in jail protecting the man that said he would wait for her. Benton moved on with his life and left Abigail to fend for herself. Heartbroken and shattered, Abigail forms an unlikely bond with a local law enforcer by the name of Scott to help her with her plan of revenge. Scott and Abigail together are hilarious. She cannot seem to hold her tongue in front of him and he seems to enjoy riling her up. Will Abigail get her revenge and move past her heartbreak? “’I am for three reasons only. One, I don’t know the area well. Two, I might need protection if things get hairy. And three, you look good in that uniform.’ Why did she say that? Now he was smiling like the Cheshire Cat.”Some stories were better than others but I truly enjoyed reading them all. There are lots of hot and steamy moment, lots of teary eyed moments, and lots of laughter. I highly recommend this collection for anyone looking for a set of great books! 1-click it today!

  • Fiona Wilson
    2019-04-09 15:40

    It is very difficult to give this book a review score out of 5. This isn't down to the fact that the stories within its pages aren't good, because they are. It's more because there are 9 different stories, and I liked some more than others. If I were to rate each individually it wouldn't be fair. Suffice to say that my star rating is an average of all those stories.As I said I liked some stories more than others, for various reasons. A few didn't go quite far enough for me. They also didn't keep my attention as much as others did.I do have my favourite stories from the book, and I'm going to mention those. But please don't allow the fact I choose favourites to suggest I didn't rate the others. It's just that the ones mentioned below held my attention throughout and I enjoyed them more.Obsidian Escape had a great storyline, immediately appealed to me and held my attention throughout. The characters were believable and the story was too.Obsidian Faith was a brilliant story. The background story was good, it was detailed, and it gave me more than enough for it to move on when it did. The second part of the story provided some intrigue as well, which also helped my enjoyment of it.Obsidian Sky was a love story with a difference due to a big secret being kept hidden.Obsidian Desire I liked, but it was over too quickly for me.All in all a great collection of stories which I enjoyed reading.

  • Twin Opinions
    2019-04-01 14:44

    How could this not be a 5 moon review! I love short stories and this has 9 of them. 9 shorts that you cannot put down until you have read every last word. I really loved reading this collection. I love the types of books these are. There is so much is such small stories. Stories that leave you begging for more. Leaving you wondering what happens next in their lives. Also, the sexy men help my opinion too. Brandon, or Jackson, or Daniil, all of which are swoon worthy in there own way and those are just a few of the irresistible men in this collection. Each book ended so quickly. Having some kind of darkness clouding each story and yet, love is there in that darkness. Love that pulls you in and doesn't let you go. I really enjoyed this and I think you all will too. 9 books by 9 different authors, that pull you in 9 different ways and don't let you go, even after you have read the last page! Fantastic read!