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The last time she checked, Mia Carrington was pretty sure that she was a normal girl with a completely ordinary life.She goes to high school, has a crush on the gorgeous and mysterious new boy in town, and has strange dreams that she can’t help but feel are real somehow.Okay, so maybe she’s not all that normal after all.A freak accident changes Mia’s life forever when sheThe last time she checked, Mia Carrington was pretty sure that she was a normal girl with a completely ordinary life.She goes to high school, has a crush on the gorgeous and mysterious new boy in town, and has strange dreams that she can’t help but feel are real somehow.Okay, so maybe she’s not all that normal after all.A freak accident changes Mia’s life forever when she is thrown into another world and left to deal with the revelation that she is the daughter of the King of the Light Elves. Throw in an ominous prophecy predicting that Mia will break a curse unleashing the Dark Elves on the world and well, things don’t look too good.There is danger lurking at every corner in this strange world and Mia isn’t sure who she can trust…The only thing she is certain of is that the Dark Elves know about her, and they will stop at nothing until they have her....

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Lark Reviews

  • Komal Kant
    2019-03-02 08:34

    *WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD*I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to read this book and since that moment I fell in love with the story, the characters, and the fantastical world of Alfheimr.Mia is an interesting protagonist and you get swept up in her journey as she discovers her identity as a Half-Blood and daughter of the King of the Light Elves. I especially enjoyed the history of the Light Elves and the Dark Elves. The prophecy was well-written and the plot was strong and engaging. The world-building was done well, the pacing was great and there was a lot of action that left me turning the pages.Oh, and I have a new book boyfriend! Jacoby, oh Jacoby! Swoon! The banter between Jacoby and Mia was so witty and left me with this goofy smile on my face. There is also another love interest in the form of Greyson, and believe me when I say that he is just as swoon-worthy as Jacoby is.Erica Cope’s debut novel is well-written, fresh, and entertaining. I was left feeling satisfied at the end, but also eager for the sequel. All in all, a fantastic debut! I highly recommend it!

  • Khanh (the meanie)
    2019-03-20 07:43

    Mia has a perfect life. She is written as the stereotype to end stereotypes. She's blond, beautiful, captain of the cheerleader squad, nerdy, and nice (but not too bright where common sense is concerned, which is good, because if female protagonists were rational, we would not have Young Adult fiction). Her father disappeared before she was born, and she has a perfect family with a doting stepfather, an adorable half sister, and a loving mom. She also has a friend/crush named Greyson who's...wait for it, not who he seems!It turns out she is a half elf with the ability to heal, and her father is the king of the Light Elves. And Greyson? Gorgeous Greyson? He's been watching over Mia her entire life. Stalker much? Really, is it too much to ask that a supernatural love interest not be a stalker? There's also another guy in the scene, Jacoby, and I'm pretty sure she falls for him due to Stockholm Syndrome, but whatever. The book is nothing new, recycled old tropes and bits and pieces. The writing is not that strong, and while the heroine is not gag-inducing, she's pretty stupid at times. Don't bother.

  • Jennifer Dye
    2019-02-25 11:28

    What a wonderful book from first time author Erica Cope! Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised as the story line developed. We are introduced to regular high schooler Mia Carrington and her typical day-to-day life going to school, crushing on the hot guy, going to cheer practice and her weekend job at the theatre. Characters are introduced and developed in such a way as to wanting to know more about them and what part they will play as the book goes on. It gets good really quick as we learn that Mia's dream holds some truth to it and that her high school crush plays a bigger role in her life than she knows. Enter another world, several more characters and another crush and I couldn't put the book down. Erica's first novel is well researched and in-depth, witty (I LOL'd several times!) and very well thought out. I found some similarities with the Sookie Stackhouse story line on elves so it was fun to experience the world of elves and all of their magical abilities that we didn't get a whole lot of in Charlaine Harris's books. I can't wait to see what's next for the Light Elves!

  • Erica
    2019-02-21 13:26

    Surprise! I released it a month early! Go check it out, it's only .99! :)

  • Michelle Flick
    2019-03-23 08:35

    On to my review! I have had the pleasure of reading this novel twice, before any of you. I am bragging now so when E becomes world famous I can come back to this post and be like: HAH! Proof! Miss Mia has a hidden birth story among elves. Elves - OK - let's start there. Erica started building up a world for me. A world with a history, customs, secrets, style of language, clothes, etc. I even learned to swear in elvish. A good fantasy book is based on a good world.Now there is Grey. Sigh. I loved him from the beginning and Erica brutally pops my bubble. And refuses to unpop it. But I fell for Greyson because he's real. OK not, like real he's walking through my front door, real. But I can picture him and can vividly see how he would react to Mia, the king, Jacoby, etc.Erica's novel, though an installment, wraps up at the end. Yes, it leaves me wanting more, but I am someone who likes bows on her books. I want most of the loose ends died up, people safe, and know there is more coming for me. That's my comfort level, and Erica provides that.Wait, I should talk about Mia! Mia isn't your bold and sassy or your meek and milk. She possesses all of those qualities. She develops throughout the book, even though she goes to school in wonky weather and is a quiet cheerleader (inside joke with the author - be jealous.)

  • Autumn Doughton
    2019-02-26 11:36

    This is one of those fantastic magical coming-of-age stories that works. I've been disappointed a lot in this genre lately (maybe I'm internally comparing everything to Harry Potter or Wicked Lovely), but this one did not disappoint me. For once, we have a YA fantasy that is not a vampire/werewolf love story. I think Erica Cope should get extra stars for that alone! Lark is the story of Mia, your *average* teenager and her journey as she discovers her elvish heritage. There's the perfect blend of angst and romance and actual plot development. Mia doesn't make all the right decisions or think clearly every step of the way, but isn't that sort of the point? Isn't that what it's like to be a teenager making sense of the world--especially, an uncharted world of elves?I loved the history of the elves and I thought it was well-planned and structured and I don't say that lightly. My motto for fantasy authors is "create whatever world you want, but stick to your own rules!" Lark succeeds in this.The bad news is that this is book 1 and book isn't out yet so I've been dying to know what happens. The good news? In the Shadows is coming soon and you won't have to wait an entire year!! This is the cover actually and I think it's breathtaking :)

  • Heather
    2019-03-24 12:44

    I was lucky to read Lark in its earlier stages and I really enjoyed re-reading it and seeing where Erica took her characters. Of all the paranormal creatures I've read about, I've never encountered Elves like this before and I really enjoyed the world Erica created. Very fun and entertaining (my favorite kind of book!) and I can't wait for book 2! :)Also, I just love the cover so very, very much!!

  • DeAnna Kinney
    2019-03-14 09:15

    A very entertaining read!! This debut novel by Erica Cope was a page turner. I enjoyed the character development of each and the conflict between them. The story was creative and flowed evenly. I was hooked by the love triangle and found myself confused as to which I was pulling for. I look forward to more from this amazing author!!!

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-15 08:34

    Fun, interesting, and well-written. I can't wait to read the second one!

  • J.E. Kaster
    2019-03-17 13:30

    Amazing. Seriously. I devoured this book. And now I want more! It was perfect :D

  • Haley ~ YA-Aholic
    2019-03-02 12:35

    Loved this SO much! Will have a full review up tomorrow (:

  • Brandi ;)
    2019-03-15 14:17

    Larkby Erica Cope3 STARSI went back and forth between 2 and 3 stars almost all the way through the book. At first though, I was actually convinced it was going to be a 2 star, but fortunately the story improved, the lead female, Mia, became slightly less annoying, a swoon-worthy male was introduced and the ending won the 3 stars. Once a certain character was introduced the stoy picked up and sucked me in, I didn't want to put it down. I smiled at the end of the book and decided that I would be reading the next installement because I was intrested to see where this new life for Mia is headed, what will happen with Grey and of course for Jacoby. I just really like that boy. I also like the concept of Elves instead of fairy's. A lot. At least Mia could eat the dang food and not have to worry about it. I've never really liked fairy's that much. They make me think of beautiful apathetic psycopaths. Scary creatures as far as I'm concerned so I generally don't jump at fairy books, but since this one was about an elf I figured why not and I'm glad I did. There were a lot of characters spouted out during Mia's learning phase and it was kind of hard to keep up with who was who, who did who, and who had who so I ended up having to write out a family tree of sort. I did find a few things in the book that annoyed me, and to me, came off as too easy of an out or just lazy writing. (view spoiler)[When Mia had to leave to go to the elves kingdom she just left her mom a note instead of calling her. Okay, she was expected to go for 2 weeks on a ski trip with her best friend and some other girls, I understand that, BUT she just left a note that she decided to leave BEFORE her mom woke up and she just skipped out, just like that. Seriously?! My mother would shit herself and probably come try to find me if not be calling furious that I left for 2 WEEKS without her seeing me off. I don't know very many people who could get away with that, I know there are some parents out there like that, but Mia herself called her mother a drama-queen and no drama-queen I know would allow that behavior. Next, cell phone service in Elf World? Really? I just don't buy it, no matter how fantastic technology is, I'm not an idiot and I know Alfheimr does not have towers. (hide spoiler)]Mia annoyed me in weird way. She wasn't exactly TSTL, but sometimes she skated sooooo freaking close to that line it blurred. The movie theatre incident - saw that coming from a mile away. Keeping something secret from Jacoby - forhead smack, didn't work out. The shit she got herself and her friends into was simply because of her own stupidity. I wanted to scream at her when Jacoby told her about his parents death. How could she NOT put 2 and 2 together! I figured it out immediately and that little poem/phrophecy. Jacoby did get a little of that 'insta-lurve' going on for Mia, but it didn't put me off as much because he can see aura's and he said her's was so bright he was just amazed and of course attracted to it. So, that kind of lure and inticement is an understandable cause for 'insta-lurve', at least for me. Plus I just really like that boy. Yes, I know, and I'll probably say it again later ;)Some of the action scenes seemed forced and half done. (view spoiler)[When Mia lands in the Dark Elves Kingdom to rescue Jacoby and she sees him it says he is hanging so high she can barely reach him. But then the fighting breaks out and somehow she miraculously gets him down from his chains and pulls him to safety. My problem is, in the beginning Mia was described as this delicate tiny little thing (think elf), so how in the hell did she get a dead weigth boy body she can barely reach unhooked and drug out of the way?(hide spoiler)] It was just mulled right over with no real explanation and it just didn't add up.Now, I almost quit reading when Mia left her house without telling mom and when the king elf, her pops, said they could get cell phone service. However, I felt the need to keep trying and like I said before I am glad that I did. Grey was way too Edwardish to me. I didn't want her anywhere near that brooding elf. But of course he was HOT and he paid attention ONLY to her so naturally she wanted him. He screwed up, yippee, and Mia lands in the wrong hands and we get to meet my wonderful boy, Jacoby, sigh. (view spoiler)[I swore if she hooked him and then walked on him for the previous elf toad I was going to be furious, but she redeemed her self by not being dumb in her decision making - at least when it came to the boys. (hide spoiler)]I loved the scene when Mia was dancing at her Elf Introduction Party with Blaise and she called him an asshat. That is one of my very favorite names to call a douchbag. Asshat. It roles out of the mouth just perfect and doesn't sound as vulgar as asshole, but feels more vulgar in a way. Yes, Blaise was an asshat, she pegged it perfect and got a smile and nod from me for the excellent execution of Asshat.Mia had several cute/funny scenes (calling daddy elf 'hot', realizing he was her dad and she had called him 'hot', eewe factor) and she did become more likable to me as the book progressed. I'm hoping for a continuation of growth on her part as the series goes on. Jacoby can continue to be adorable or do what ever he want because, I just really like that boy. So the book was a fun read. It is a YA novel and I had to take that into consideration because I am not the target audience here, so there were obviously things that would annoy me and probably wouldn't phase a YA. I enjoyed it and will continue with the series. This book was a self-published book and all in all, the author did a good job. Hopefully some book company will come along and snatch her up because there is definitely a lot of potential with her. So, give her a try, check out this story, I'm happy I did. Enjoy! :)One last thing, LOVE the cover!

  • Heather Diemer
    2019-02-23 09:36

    Lark takes you on a journey of self discovery. Mia, a normal High School girl, discovers she is the illegitimate daughter of the Light Elf King born to a human mother. After a car accident that should have killed her co-worker, the mysterious Greyson St Clair (who is her “just friends and no more” friend/protector) transports them both to Alfheimr, the home of the Light Elves where she meets her real father and learns of her true self and of the Light and Dark Elves. Trouble ensues and the dashing Jacoby, who at first seems to be a Dark Elf himself, but when he saves Mia she realizes he’s not as bad as he seems. Mia, caught between two worlds; Half Elf and Half human, and between two boys, Greyson and Jacoby. She struggles to find the balance and to figure out a way to save her father’s kingdom and win the hearts of the Light Elves and show them they she could be worthy of the crown. This well written, well thought out debut YA novel by Erica Cope sucks you in with a dream Mia has and you can’t wait to read more about it and learn who the mysterious voice is behind it all. And why can Greyson be only friends? I love a mystery and Erica keeps you guessing through the whole book as she unravels the world she has so beautifully created. I love all the side comments Mia says in her head, it makes her a real character with real emotions and you can’t help but laugh with her the whole way through. Erica creates a supporting cast of characters that only enhance the story. While I did find this book a little reminiscent of Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy; Lark quickly takes a turn and takes a life of its own you can’t help but love. (PS, I loved the Trylle Trilogy so the comparison is a positive one) All in all, I really loved this book. It was light hearted, fun, and quippy. I’m guessing its part of a trilogy and I’m so looking forward to the next book, but I liked that Lark wrapped up nicely without a major cliffhanger at the end.

  • Heather
    2019-02-28 10:26

    Erica Cope’s debut novel brings us a refreshing departure from the vampires and werewolves flooding the shelves of the young adult/paranormal genre today. Mia Carrington is a normal seventeen year old living a very typical teenage life until an accident instantly changes her life as she knows it. She is suddenly thrown into a new world, a new family, a new life. The mysterious Greyson, a guy she has been crushing on for months, suddenly takes on a new role in her life and a new hottie, Jacoby, emerges and stirs up the drama. Mia struggles to reconcile her feelings for both Greyson and Jacoby, and the story quickly develops as she tries to cope with even more drastic revelations and prepares for the fight of her life.The book is written in first person through Mia’s eyes, and I love that we are able to hear her thoughts. Her personality is funny and endearing, and you can’t help but fall in love with her. Greyson and Jacoby are equally charming in their own (very different) ways, and it is not hard to imagine her dilemma in choosing between the two. All of her characters, both main and supporting, are very well developed and easy to connect with.This was my first experience in the world of Light and Dark Elves, so I really didn’t know what to expect. After thoroughly enjoying Lark, however, I know that I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  • Sara
    2019-03-08 08:36

    Oh my Goddess!!! I loved this book! I loved Jacoby too! He's so sweet and hot! Swoon-worthy indeed! Wow! I admit, at first I was all for Greyson and didn't want Jacoby to interfere. But then Grey just started to get me annoyed with his behaviours. He kept hurting Mia and it was frustrating. I still think he's hot and even swoon-worthy too. But Jacoby... well, let's just say, he's got my heart. I liked Mia's character. She's a very good and brave heroine. She's got balls! Go girl! You're awesome! I also liked Mia's father a lot. The bad guys were very creepy and evil. The story was good, although it reminded me a little of other books I read not long ago. But still a good read and never boring. On the contrary, very interesting and exciting. It had me hooked and wouldn't let me go. I couldn't put the book down, I was so absorbed in the story. I think I just found one more of my favorite series. I can't wait to read the next book! Which might take a long time to be released, unfortunately. 4 stars well deserved! I'm glad I came across to this book on Amazon and picked it up!

  • Denise
    2019-02-24 08:38

    Erica Cope does a beautiful job in building the scenes descriptively so the reader can build the scene and characters in the readers mind. Mia is a wonderfully plain character with built in charisma. The male leads mirror those from other fantasy stories however it makes you want to pick a side and root for the one you like the best. I enjoyed the read! It was an "easy read", but in no means dull or boring. I can't wait to see what Erica has in store for Mia and the other elfish characters.

  • Denise
    2019-02-27 06:21

    Liked the premise and some parts of the story were quite entertaining, but in the end the book just fell into too many YA cliché traps to get more than a three star rating. I never really warmed up to the protagonist, Mia, who just skated too close to TSTL territory and spent too much time angsting over the unavoidable love triangle complete with a hefty dose of instalove. The plot wasn't boring, but I saw all the major plot twists coming from a mile away. All in all an okay read, but not a great one.

  • If it ain't good I don't read it !
    2019-02-28 09:35

    Elves. Really??I mean you could see how I'd be a little skeptical to the hole thing. Well unless the dudes in the book looked something like this that is.I could defiantly roll with that....

  • Kelli
    2019-03-11 08:30

    A great debut novel!!!! Its your basic teenage fantasy romance, but Cope creates a vivid world with fresh, imaginative characters, and the plot takes turns that keep you guessing until the end! I love a series that doesn't end with a frustrating cliffhanger, but still keeps you looking forward to what's next for the characters.

  • Charlie Anaya cope
    2019-03-21 06:43

    This a good book to read! Once I started reading I could not put this book down. I was instantly drawn into Mia's life and curious to find out more about the Light Elves and wanted to learn more about them and see where Mia's journey was going to take her. I cant wait to read the next book!

  • Jennypara
    2019-03-23 09:38

    I loved the story!!! I can't wait for the next book!!

  • Caryn
    2019-03-04 08:42

    I really liked this one. There is a love triangle but it is done very well. The next one needs to come out now!!!

  • Bry
    2019-03-18 09:30

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Love love love this book the only thing that made me sad was that there isn't a second one yet. Can't wait for it though. Read it all in one day it was so good.

  • Mary
    2019-02-21 14:19

    Ah, I'm still cheering for you Greyson! <3

  • Becca
    2019-03-13 11:37

    So song recommendation for better understanding the concept of the book, or at least the best that i can figure would be.....I guess i will go with "Love you madly" by Cake - this is gear more towards the romance of the book, plot wise is a bit harder ;)Okay first thoughts: I really liked this book but it took me a couple days to finish it, and i should explain that i also get distracted really easily so that was probably my fault, but if i get bored i move on for awhile, and a lot of times i will not come back to the book i got bored with, so right there is a point in this book's favor. With that being said since i think i have only read one or two other Elf books - Elfin by Quinn Loftis which is being the other, i was interested. Sometimes i think it is easy to get Fae and Elves mixed into the same category. So i thought this book did a good job of first and foremost keeping them separate. Their is romance if you are looking for that, honestly for me it was an obvious pick so even if there seems to be love triangle it didn't bother me because its not overwhelming. With that said i also love that Mia actually acknowledges the fact she will not string both of them along before she really starts anything with either boy she needs to figure out her feelings. So in conclusion my first thoughts, it was a good beginning to i believe a trilogy. Plot: Like i mentioned before Elves aren't done very often or i should say i don't know a whole lot of books that do them. I thought that maybe if we had learned a little more about them that i would have been happier, i mean we know some things about them but some times it felt like we weren't getting enough. I wanted to be submerged into this new-ish paranormal race. At the same time i liked that this wasn't one of those books were its automatically, oh supernatural world? i am down with that and i want to be part of this like *snaps fingers* that. I thought that the idea of the plot good vs evil, there is a prophecy was a pretty standard but that is okay because for once the one from the prophecy isn't trying to be killed and i love that because death is so final! hehehehe anyway i am super happy that Erica Cope was willing to go that extra mile and get hands a little dirty but at the same time there were moments i was questioning how old the main characters were. i don't even know why, i just kept thinking they were a bit younger than what they actually were. it is probably a super personal reason. but i don't recommend you don't read it simply because of that and if you do walk away before of that comment you are missing out.Characters!Mia: well she was in two words: pretty awesome. Like almost every other girl in the world i have read twilight and honest to God even when it wasn't all the hype i still hated Bella because i thought she was a spoiled bitch - yes i have a point i am not just ragging on her - anyways i felt like this because of the love triangle and her need to have both men in her life and she couldn't seem to understand that was a problem. Well ladies and possibly gentlemen Mia is the opposite! thank God! She realizes that she has feelings for two different gents and she isn't willing to start something with one of them until she knows who she really wants to be with, but don't let that fool you to thinking their isn't any romance or fun i will get to that in a minute. Anyways she is pretty witty, and very caring. She is fiercely loyal to her family and honestly loves a little to easily which i don't think is a bad i thing i like that in characters most of the time. This is one of those times i liked it. Greyson: Is a stick in the mud. hehe, he is very serious and i know that is caring but my god a yo-yo doesn't yank around as much as he does. He is a hard character to figure out, i know that he cares about Mia but i doubt he really loves her. Greyson is a good friend though and very protective of Mia. I think that he was a well developed character even if i hated him at times. And i would kill for his indigo eyes. Jacoby: aside from his name, and i really do kinda of hate his name sorry but its true, everytime i read it i thought of a 7 year old boy. And yes he might act like a 7 year old boy it doesn't mean i want to imagine him at that age. Anyways he is funny as hell, i think he was one of the biggest reasons to read this book. He makes me so happy because i get so sick and tired of those brooding asshole main character guys - i mean don't get me wrong i love them i do but sometimes i just want a guy with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye like he is up to no good. And always expect Jacoby to be up to no good ;). He is full of surprises this kid and he will knock you flat on your back if you aren't careful - in a good way. So other characters = good!My thoughts on the ending was well done. Series/trilogies/any book with another doesn't have to end with a cliffhanger and i thank you Erica Cope for not doing that to us! thank you thank you thank you. And i mean i still want to continue with the series but at least i am not sitting here yanking my hair out because the author wanted to be cruel and trust its fun really it is because i could just imagine being a published author gives them so much power and i would love to do that but hey i don't like it being done to me ;P Anyways. That was my review. I did a review on the book i mentioned earlier too if you like Elves i totally recommend Quinn's and were Prince of Wolves series is to die for! Anyways before i go on a rant about Quinn because i would because i love her... i was going to tell you all about my blogy blog thing that i have with a friend of mine, we started it awhile ago, and mostly i do indie paranormal books and its fun so come check us out if you would like or don't its up to you http://theviolethourbookreviews.wordp... we appreciate you kids!

  • Jagged
    2019-03-19 10:32

    Actual Rating: 2.5 Stars.I started off really liking Mia. Rather than your typical maudlin, bitchy girl, she seemed very chipper and had a healthy respect for her parents.It went down hill pretty quickly, though. Her personality kind of did a 180, and she lost the head she started off having on her shoulders.The initial upbeat nature of this book, also quickly jackknifed into somber territory, and then rushed right into ridiculous territory, where it pretty much stayed.I also had a problem with Mia being a long lost royal descendant. How unoriginal. But it gets better! A ridiculous prophecy gets added to the mix. And all was lost after that.Greyson went from being 170 years old, to 187...what was up with that? He was also emasculated by being referred to as beautiful. I like my men manly. Not feminine. You just can't be badass while looking like you belong in a tutu. "Does that make me a freak or something?" Why? Why can't you just leave Twilight out of this?I think the book Greyson gave to Mia should have played a larger role in this story. It really ended up being rather pointless. I think it might have been better had she come across the prophecy herself, perhaps in the book, and made some connections on her own. There was a lack of description. Magic shit just kind of happened, with tingling being your explanation for how it works. Hmm. I was not satisfied. Mia at least had a fair number of necessary breakdowns. However, she didn't really do a whole lot of thinking for herself. And the thinking she did for herself, only proved her to be a fucking moron. Why are girls always morons? And, unfortunately, there was a lot of telling, and very little showing. I can't stand that.Leaving out the cruelties of what supposedly took place in the Underworld was another thing that held this book back from being great. How are you supposed to get a feel for the kind of danger Mia is supposed to be in when you pussyfoot around what goes on down there? Why bring it up at all? Everything that ends up happening later in the book just kind of feels out of place due to this.I feel sick to my stomach as I remember what I read about these Dark Elves. Uhm...she didn't read shit about the fucking elves. She read like, 1/4 of a page of that book and then didn't bother with it anymore. She made a big show about how she wasn't reading it. And it really killed this book because it is so lame and watered down. I was so disappointed.I was really thrown off with the way that Brian was treating Mia. She had been nice to him. His cruelty was unreasonable, and I didn't care for the explanation given when she asked him about it. It just came across as lazy to me.I was really irritated with Mia wanting to go off without anyone watching over her. It just didn't fit with the fact that she had already been kidnapped once, and therefore knew what she faced should it happen again. It didn't seem likely. "Not trying to offend. Just trying to insult you," You do realize that insulting someone is offending them, right?I am not a fan of love triangles, but in this case I was okay with it. I liked that the guy she ended up with is not the one you probably thought she would, even considering the circumstances. That one just seemed more likely, because of the whole forbidden aspect of it. But, I also liked that the back and forth wishy washy wasn't on Mia's part. She also let him know how it was affecting her.Anyway, this had a lot of potential. And it fell extremely flat. I give it 2.5 stars because it could have been a lot worse, and it tried for some originality. It was just full of a lot of disappointment for me.

  • Brandy Mcdonald
    2019-03-22 14:22

    Wow. This was truly an awesome book. I reserve 5 stars for those books that I find myself making excuses to read and think about until I get to pick it back up- that was definitely the case with this book. When I first read the summary and saw that it was about elves, I was a little weary. I normally wouldn't consider myself to be in to books like this, but I was clearly wrong! I love the entire world Erica created in this book and found the story line to be just complex enough to keep you interested without being too much. I was also very impressed with how well developed the characters were. I am already quite attached to several characters and am eager for further books in the series to see what becomes of them- a true indicator of a well written book, in my opinion.I was sucked in pretty much from the beginning, but by the time I made it about 2/3s the way into the book, it became one of those "sorry, lunch is going to have to wait, I have to finish this!" kind of a situation! I will definitely be eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Lark series.I also want to add that this book was extremely well edited. Having read many self-published novels in the past, I have learned that these books just come with a heap of errors that you have to sift through. With this book, however, I found myself wondering if I was wrong and that it was possibly not self published. It was definitely refreshing to read a self published novel without the constant distractions of grammatical errors. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone, even if this isn't a genre you generally find yourself pulled into.

  • Jamie Campbell
    2019-02-22 12:26

    Teenager Mia never suspected her father was a light elf, yet that is what she soon discovers in Lark. And not only her supernatural heritage, but her royal bloodline too. As Princess of the light elves, she quickly finds herself with a lot of responsibility on her young shoulders.Assisted in her new role by the gorgeous Grey, she tries to juggle her new life while keeping it a secret from the people in her old life. With magical powers developing and an ancient prophecy that warns of her downfall, she throws herself into the land of the light elves.When kidnapped by the dark elves, Mia meets Jacoby, a half-blood elf like herself. Feeling a strange attraction to him, he weaves through her life to add to the complications.While threatening of a bigger, darker evil, Lark tends to meander along at times without a great deal happening in between. The storyline is quite similar to Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy.While the characters were initially interesting and the promise of a nice romance was there, I felt Lark failed to deliver in the end. Still, it was well written and the take on elves was unlike anything I had read previously.Worth a read for those that love the paranormal genre. I hope there is a second book to draw on some of the things alluded to in the book.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-12 10:43

    What a fabulous debut novel! I breezed through this in two days, and enjoyed every moment. The story moved along a great pace, introducing just enough mystery to keep you hooked and revealing essential information at just the right time. I also enjoyed the pop culture references, particularly to Harry Potter and a certain unnamed vampire movie based on a book series, haha. The twists were woven nicely into the story and well foreshadowed - I did see most of them coming pretty early on, but I have an unfortunate knack for constantly ruining the story for myself, so I definitely wouldn't say it was predictable for most readers. The characters were engaging and fun, and the love interests (yes, there's a bit of triangle here!) were swoon-worthy. In fact, the romantic aspect reminded me a lot of Twilight with elves - in the best way possible (since I'm a big fan of that series) - but with a much stronger and more self-sufficient heroine. Overall, a fun read and highly recommended to anyone who's a fan of light fantasy with nice dash of romance.

  • Cassie
    2019-03-02 13:20

    UGH! Spoiler alert**:I honestly thought this book was a poor start to an eventually good series. It didn't peak my interest until about 50% of the way in and then it was still just as slow-paced after a big reveal. Unique in a way, but not really, no.The love triangle? There have been many better. David and Tamani from Aprilynne Pike's "Wings" was like 100 times better of a love triangle, and Twilight's was just a million more so. It didn't leave me feeling like a resolved relationship was in the process, just a teen driven to find someone, and I was pining for Grey the whole time, and she isn't even giving him the opportunity to change. She just walked away. -_-Overall, this was not the most appealing of books, just a quick but slow-paced read for people looking to waste a few hours. The lead girl was pretty cool, Mia. She has potential, and so does the funny jacoby, but give me Grey or give me upsetedness...