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Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is.     She’s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time-traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right. She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint-German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her. And she’s just learned that herGwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is.     She’s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time-traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right. She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint-German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her. And she’s just learned that her charming time-traveling partner, Gideon, has probably been using her all along.     Emerald Green is the stunning conclusion to Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red Trilogy, picking up where Sapphire Blue left off, reaching new heights of intrigue and romance as Gwen finally uncovers the secrets of the time-traveling society and learns her fate....

Title : Emerald Green
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ISBN : 9781250050816
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 480 Pages
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Emerald Green Reviews

  • Kai
    2019-05-25 01:35

    “You mean he's not afraid of me because I'm a woman? He ought to see Tomb Raider sometime. For all he knows, I could have a nuclear bomb under my dress and a hand grenade in each cup of my bra. I call it antifeminist!”This was the best book in the trilogy. I call it an outstanding finale. More excitement, more thrill, more fun, more emotions and so many unexpected twists and turns. I love this whole series so much, it has exactly what I look for in books: a fantastic way to escape reality for a few hours and be absolutely and totally captured by the story.But really, this is one good example of a conclusion done right: no loose ends, well plotted story, acquainted and loved characters facing new challenges and a 100% satisfying ending without overdoing it.I loved every page in this trilogy.Find more of my books on Instagram.

  • Ferdy
    2019-05-23 23:51

    SpoilersWhat's what: Time travel, vague prophecies, silly heroine, douchey hero, evul Count with nefarious plans, oh noes, can silly heroine/douchey hero stop evul Count?-Gwen was a mopey cow, all she did was whine about Gideon, jump to conclusions about him, and get jealous whenever he was around other girls. She should have been concentrating on her time travel or on finding a way to stop that evul Count guy instead of acting all melodramatic about a guy she'd only met a couple of weeks ago. Gwen's love for Gideon was so pathetic, he treated her like utter rubbish but she was still desperate for him. Any awful thing he did was forgiven and forgotten because he was just that sexy, ugh. She was so immature, needy, and silly… I rolled my eyes at the amount of times Gwen cried or nearly cried whenever she saw or thought of Gideon. I was sick of how much she obsessed over him, most of her thoughts revolved around him and how attractive he was. It was sickening. She seemed more like an idiotic 13 year old instead of a 16 year old.-I hated Gideon, he had no personality apart from being arrogant. He fucked over Gwen and acted like a dick towards her every time he saw her, he was horrible. I hated how he twisted everything around to make himself look like the misunderstood-good-guy, and Gwen the bad guy. Was I actually meant to believe he had strong feelings Gwen? It would have helped if he 1. Treated her with some respect 2. Didn't act hot and cold with her all the time and 3. Didn't flirt and spend all his time with Charlotte and Lavinia, he seemed far more into them than Gwen.-Yea, I didn't buy the romance and love between Gwen and Gideon at all, they'd only known each other for 2 weeks, and they'd done nothing but argue, lie, and hate each other in those 2 weeks. How could they have possibly fallen in love?!-I was more interested in the potential romance between Gwen's mum and Falk. Did they get together or what?!-I didn't like Gwen's attitude towards other female characters who were around her age. Apart from Lesley, she didn't like any of them, and was constantly calling them names and looking down on them. Ugh.-So Gwen's butler (Bernard) was actually her secret nephew? Did Bernard know he was related to Gwen? Why was Bernard a butler when Lucy/Paul ensured their kids/grandkids would have loads of money?- I liked Gwen's relationship with her immediate family, also her friendship with Lesley was really sweet.-Gwen's cousin, Charlotte, was the typical mean girl that hated the heroine/Gwen because she wanted the hero/Gideon all to herself. You'd think Charlotte would have a better relationship with Gwen since she'd grown up with her, if not that, then you'd expect Charlotte to at least have some loyalty towards her. But no, Charlotte had zero loyalty or love towards the cousin she grew up with. It was so unrealistic that Charlotte wanted to get Gwen in serious trouble, they were family and even if they didn't get along, Charlotte would have realistically looked out for Gwen. Ugh, I'm so sick of all the over the top mean girls in YA. -Why would Gwen want to date Gideon when she didn't even know the details of his relationship with her cousin? Did they date? Did Gideon have strong feelings for Charlotte? Did they have sex? How serious were they? Why didn't Gwen ask him exactly what sort of relationship he had with Charlotte? That would be one of the first things anyone would ask if they started to date someone that had previously been in some sort of a relationship with their close relative. -The time travel, the chronographs, and prophecies were all rather confusing. I didn't know what was going on most of the time.-Every time Gwen/Gideon or anyone else did something/had to do something in the past it had already happened before they'd actually gone back in time and done that thing. So by that logic if Gwen went back and saved James (the school ghost) from dying then he shouldn't have even been a ghost in the first place. Yea, it didn't make any sense.-Gwen's reunion with Lucy and Paul after she found out they were her parents was underwhelming. Where was the drama? The angst? The emotion?-Lesley's little romance with Raphael was miles better than Gwen/Gideon's romance. -I found the Count's master plan really cheesy, everything he did was just so he could be immortal? Yea, I wanted something more original.All in all, I was mildly entertained by some of the characters and certain aspects of the story… But for the most part I was frustrated with the weepy heroine, the cheesy hero, the silly romance, the cliched bad guy, and the non-stop time travel.

  • Fenia
    2019-05-03 23:49

    No.its over. no. I NEED MORE!!! :''( I will never get over these books!!! SO GOOD!!! Okay lets review this bitch. Ready? Ready when you are. *crying* These books were so magical,funny,enlightening,dark,mysterious,tear-making,ground-breaking..addicting!!! ♥ I love love love Gideon and Gwen..orrr shall i say Gwenny?? *starts crying again* Even if their relationship was formed in only a couple of weeks,maybe a month, i really loved them together. They were meant to be and they are perfect for each other!!! :'') ♥ Xemerious,Lesley,Caroline and Nick,Gwen's mum, Lucy and Paul,Mr Bernard, untie Muddy or whatever her name was xD Well even Charlotte..i'm going to miss them all. They've been my friends and companions these past days. Have you ever felt so horrible and so alone that you thought nothing and no-one could fix a situation? Well that was me these past few weeks. and Precious Stone books were really there for me. If you're a true book lover you will understand what i mean. They are my miracle. my salvation. etc. ♥ As i've already said in my Ruby Red review,i love Doctor Who and my heart belongs to anything Jane Austen and Victorian..and i love YA books like Cassandra's Clare books, so Ruby Red trilogy just had it all for me. I couldn't help but getting so obsessed over it!! Normally when my real life sucks,i can't really get into a book or anything for that matter, but these books just owned my heart and soul. Love them ♥Sooo the ending. Spoilers. Mr Whitman?? WOW!! I did NOT see this one coming :O I usually do!! I was rooting for Mr George to be the evil one since he was our friend. and as Lesley said in the movies its the guy you're least expecting! I haven't suspected the school teacher xD I have to re-read the entire trilogy to see if there were any signs at all or i just missed them!!And what about Raphael and Lesley? Are they an item or what?? Ohh this ended so soon . i wanted more!!! Another thing i really loved. You know what makes my heart melt? that word. FOREVER. Forever is such a great word,but mostly nothing lives forever. But in Stardust,or Twilight, they lived happily ever after. FOREVER. Maybe thats just me being romantic but the ending in Emerald Green did something to me!!! :') They're going to be together FOREVER. ..I'm off to cry to my corner again. or maybe re-read the whole trilogy!! ♥

  • Lara
    2019-05-18 04:42

    "Did you know that Gideon and I were trained in Krav Maga?" Charlotte took another step closer to me, and I automatically took one back."No, but did you know that at this moment you look like that crazy rodent in Ice Age?"It was a cute ending. Overall Precious Stone Trilogy was a cute and fast paced story. I wish whole event took more than 2 weeks because it seems unreal to fall in love this deeply and learning all the information in 2 weeks.I wasn't expecting the last turn of events at all! (view spoiler)[(mr.whitman was cont wtf!? I knew something was off with that squeral!) (hide spoiler)] It was a fun read and if you're looking for something to kill time I'd say pick this books.

  • Regan
    2019-04-27 02:35

    3.5 I really enjoyed this book and the series overall. However, I found the story (especially the end) a tad too convenient. Also insta love was SO present. And Gwen was a drama queen and didn't really have her priorities straight.

  • Marianneboss
    2019-05-24 20:39

    This is the story of how a potentially good premise and a relatively good and entertaining first book turned into a disappointing sequel and a friggin' mess at the end.Seriously, I'm utterly surprised at how quickly it all went downhill since the moment those two kids kissed at the end of first book. From that on, it was all about Gwendolyn's raging hormones and how she just lost her senses around plain and bland Gideon (those descriptions making him seem like a greek god don't live up to how actually he delivered), and even in the most important moment she could only think of making out with him, that was really annoying.Then, the time travels were even more confusing than ever, that insistence that they had to elapse at a certain time to meet with the count with no explanation wasn't really well founded, given that they always asked how did that matter if they could elapse any other time at that same exact date they were supposed to, but never got a REAL AND COHERENT answer.But the thing that mostly upset me about this book was how anticlimatic it turned out to be. All of the most important revelations (even though we already know since the first book what's the real deal about Paul and Lucy)are not even shown! They just happened 'off paper', like Gwendolyn facing Paul and Lucy about they being their parents, or what happens once the count drugs her to finally gain his immortality, how in the hell did the count get the 'philosophal dust'?? wasn't he supposed to wait for Gideon in the past? He should have see then what had he done with Gwendolyn and...oh, nevermind, I don't even care anymore...It's like the author decided to flinch at the thought of elaborate those scenes and prefered to cast them aside to give it more 'screen time' to grandilocuent scenes like...that green party scene where nothing important happened, just to show Charlotte make an embarrassment of herself. And the stuff with James the ghost-notsoghostanymore was also irrelevant, it brought nothing to the plot. And the abrupt ending with the reveal of the grand villain also lacked of thrill and emotion, it was too rush, and the addition of that ghost at the end was pointless, it felt like a punchline for Xemerius saying all the time about how he could eat ghosts.The whole thing was emotionless actually, didn't feel anything about the characters getting hurt or even fear for them, one could see miles away that Gideon was gonna end eating that immortality dust and being Gwendolyn immortal companion for eternity, even if the prophecy clearly said that immortality from that dust was going to be canceled since the birth of Gwendolyn, but hey, rules are made to be broken, right? ...Even if you are the author who wrote that gibberish in the first place...GOSH! I'm so disappointed of this trilogy, and I took it more personal especially because I was really invested in the plot in the first book, not so much for the second one but still I had hope, and finally seeing how it all ended made me feel like I was let down by the author, with the level of writing going down with every book. I can't blame anyone but the author herself...

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    2019-04-25 00:26

    4 Stars!(BR with Lexie)-We can't stop time, but it will sometimes stand still for love. PEARL S. BUCKEmerald Green is the final book in the story of the two in love time travelling teenagers Gideon de Villiers & Gwyneth Shepherd. Gideon is this gorgeous cool guy all the girls are after & Gwen is the 16 yr. old normal girl in HS who is thrown into the world of time travel, & can also suddenly see ghosts. Gideon & Gwen are part of a secret group of twelve time travelers. They are forced by the guardians to travel together back in time to the eighteenth century & beyond & in the process fall in love. They get to wear all these costumes from other periods & go to fancy balls. This book has bad guys, action, mystery, & love, & is full of secrets & lies. There is a traitor among them, & they are trying to figure out who they can trust.-I couldn't get enough of the sight of him.-At last he looked at me. Oh, my God, those eyes! I instantly felt weak at the knees again.-Would my heart ever stop beating faster at the sight of Gideon? Would a time ever come when I didn't feel I was dazzled by something incredibly wonderful every time I set eyes on him? Probably not.-All I knew was that I loved him, and I always would, and I wanted him to go on kissing me forever.I really enjoyed this series & adored Gideon!!! I especially enjoyed this book since I BR it with my sweet daughter Lexie! I had so much fun talking book boyfriends with her! Lol, she was crazy for Gideon & was obsessed with this series! This is a fabulous YA series that teens & adults can both enjoy! :D-You only have to be in the same room and I need to touch you and kiss you.-"When you kiss me, Gwyneth, I feel I'm losing touch with the ground.-When you kiss me, all I want is to feel you and hold you in my arms.-Without you, there'd be no sense in my life.

  • Nadia Karen Sinclair-Mills
    2019-05-24 02:34

    Ahhh qe horror, como se le ocurre a Kerstin Gier dejar las cosas así? Esa ultima frase, que DEMONIOS SIGNIFICA? Dios Mio! Hasta lo soñé! Soñé que tenia mal mi libro y que le hacia falta algo!¿CUAL ERA SU MALDITA PRISA POR TERMINARLO? QUE DEJO TANTAS COSAS INCONCLUSAS!Leslie&Raphael<3 aaah tan lindos y tan Sherlock&Watson los dos juntos!la Charlotte... pobrecilla, 8 lenguas y nunca le toco ninguna, suerte para la próxima, Mister Marley le queda mejor, jajaja. Ya sabia que sus comentarios sobre ella y Gideon eran más que falsos!Robert, mi vida *o* me encanta ese niño!Xemerius y sus ataques de nervios, me matan de risa!Lucy&Paul, me encanta cuando están juntos.El Conde versión 2011! JAMAS ME IMAGINE ALGO ASÍ!!!!Ahhh *suspiros* y Gideon y sus frases de amor, me harán suspirar muchísimo tiempo! MUCHÍSIMO!Al menos eso quedo en muy muy buenos términos.Gwen ha pasado a ser de mis chicas favoritas entre cientos de libros!S P O I L E R S - S P O I L E R S - S P O I L E R S - S P O I L E R SNo puedo terminar esto sin decir mis 3 frases favoritas1. "Con un poco más de barba que por la tarde, pero con unos ojos terriblemente luminosos y vivos. Y tan increíblemente, desvergonzadamente, inconcebiblemente guapo…"2. "Cuando me besas, Gwendolyn Shepherd, es como si perdiera el contacto con el suelo. No tengo ni idea de cómo lo haces ni de dónde lo has aprendido. En todo caso, si ha sido en una película, tenemos que verla juntos".3. "¡Mierda, estoy tan terriblemente enamorado de ti que es como si hubieran volcado una lata de gasolina en mi interior y le hubieran prendido fuego!"No tengo problemas en releer la saga muy pronto!

  • Ecmel Soylu
    2019-05-13 21:44

    Ben çok sevdim bu seriyi, yazarı, karakterleri ve özellike Xemerius'u.Gwen de en sevdiğim kız karakterlerden biri oldu ve denilenin aksine hiç de onursuz, gurursuz gelmedi bana. İlk iki kitapta sevmiştim ama yorumları okuyunca bu kitapta soğurum sanıp korkmuştum biraz. 16 yaşında bir kız zaten başka nasıl davranabilirdi ki olaylar ve hissettikleri karşısında? Tepkileri gayet gerçekçi ve eğlenceliydi.Bir günde okuttu valla kendini. Zaman nasıl geçti anlamadım çünkü aşk tüm zamanların içinden geçrdlfkjdl şaka şaka yapmicam tamam sabahtan beri ders de çalışmadım zaten bunu okuyacağım diye.

  • Nikoleta
    2019-05-11 22:36

    Αχ μολις τελειωσα μια ακομα αγαπημενη τριλογια, μπορω να πω οτι περασα πολυ καλα με την παρεα των απολαυστικων βιβλίων της Kerstin Gier.

  • Ana Banda
    2019-05-17 23:43

    SI NO LO HAS LEÍDO; CRÉEME NO QUIERES ENTRAR AQUÍ; LO DIGO ENSERIO!Robert me encanta & odie que saliera tan poco :/Xemerius TE AMO<3 ame sus relatos cuando los G's estaban juntos & sus ataques de nervios en los momentos preocupantes fueron lo mas jajajajaja "Me compras un gato?" Ame cuando se puso todo celosio con Robert jaja *.*Gideon de Villiers pequeño rebelde me e n c a n t a s *.* yo te como enterito algodón de azúcar <3 jaja asombroso como siempre el G! ;)Gwenny un poco lenta como siempre; salio al papa :3Esa ardilla nunca me llego a caer bien del todo -.- el modo en que le hablaba a Gwenny siempre era como despectivo & como tirandole a que no descubriría nada pero COMETE ESA ARDILLA! ;))Me debieron una escena al final :/ me encanto el giro que dio todo al final; el hecho de que en este estuvieras suspirando por los lindos comentarios de Gideon & que después chillaras como loca jaja!

  • Jaz
    2019-05-07 04:45

    I really enjoyed this book, in fact, the entire trilogy has been amazing. I think all the problems I had with Gwen's age or whatever, did not matter so much because this story is very, very good. It's true that perhaps, this could have been better as a standalone or a bilogy, but anyway...I think, my only objection is that the story takes place on a couple of weeks, maybe two in total. And so, the love story felt quite rushed. But, we need to see the positive side, there is no love triangles here. I repeat, LOVE TRIANGLE FREE.The ending was a little bit disappointing compared to how exciting is the story in general.Anyway, I can say that this series became one of my favorite trilogies.

  • Lauriie
    2019-04-25 04:27

    Ist auch nach dem gefühlten 10 mal gelesen mein Lieblingsbuch in der Reihe.

  • Giulia
    2019-05-25 04:28

    How am I so behind on my reviews? How? *deep sigh*Emerald Green was disappointing. I might as well get this out of the way really quickly, because while I really enjoyed reading both Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue - they were funny and light-hearted and extremely entertaining - I was thoroughly unimpressed with this one. The writing style was the same as always - not particularly flowery, but it flowed nicely nonetheless - but most of the things that made me excited about the first two books were gone. Gwyneth, the main character, goes from hilarious and relatable to downright whiny. There were also some times she got on my nerves during book two, but she was overall a very good MC, and a realistic teenager. This time around, however, she made me roll my eyes all the time whenever she was speaking, and the same happened with her love interest, Gideon. I loved them both individually and as a couple in the first two books, and then... I don't know. Maybe it was the unnecessary angst that made me lose interest in them, but I can't hope for two people to finally be together if I find them both annoying. Gwyneth was a crybaby. And Gideon was, frankly, kind of an asshole. Sadly, things were not better plot-wise. There were still some funny and mildly exciting moments, but the third book in a trilogy is supposed to be fast-paced and impossible to put down, and this one was just underwhelming. Hardly anything happened, and I was often bored. Again, it wasn't all bad, hence the two stars, but it wasn't what I expected either. Most of the book was really slow, and then the ending felt extremely rushed and left me feeling unsatisfied, as if I needed more answers but none were provided. That is not how you wrap up a trilogy. I think the keyword for Emerald Green might be... underwhelming. I finished reading the book only two weeks ago, and already I remember very little of what happened in it, which is definitely not a good sign. Another thing that irked me quite a lot was the amount of girl-on-girl hate on Gwyneth's part. She was rude and insulting to every other girl who even dared approach Gideon. She actually judged a girl solely on her appearance - and for having big breasts of all things. I mean, those are clearly a sign of evil, right? *eye-roll intensifies* Still, I also have some positive things to say. Sometimes the pacing got better, and we got some of the exciting moments we'd had so often in the first two books, and Gwyneth was still funny when she wasn't too busy crying over her lost love or hating on other girls. Perhaps I would've liked this one more if it had been the second book instead of the third and last, but it was a very unimpressive way to end the trilogy.

  • Denise Bücherwunderland
    2019-05-14 00:42

    4.5 ⭐Was für ein schönes Ende 😍😁. Nachdem mir "Rubinrot" und "Saphirblau" schon so gut gefallen haben, war ich richtig neugierig auf das Finale (denn bisher habe ich auch nur die ersten beiden Filme gesehen 😁). Zur Handlung möchte ich nichts verraten, falls es tatsächlich noch Leute (wie mich) gibt, die diese Reihe nicht bereits vor Jahren gelesen haben. Insgesamt spielt die gesamte Geschichte innerhalb von wenigen Wochen und von daher ist es auch nicht überraschend, dass sich die Charaktere nicht groß weiterentwickeln. Trotzdem war mir Gideon in diesem Band um einiges sympathischer als in den beiden Vorgängern. Das Ende habe ich so nicht ganz kommen sehen, aber es hat mir wirklich gut gefallen und bin sehr zufrieden 😍😍. Der Schreibstil war wieder humorvoll, spannend locker und flüssig und gerade die Kommentare von Xemerius waren einfach zum schießen! Solltet ihr diese Reihe noch nicht gelesen haben, kann ich sie euch wirklich empfehlen! Nur rate ich euch, dass ihr die Filme erst seht, wenn ihr alle Bücher gelesen habt, da in den Filmen nicht unbedingt alles in der "richtigen" Reihenfolge geschieht (und natürlich einiges geändert wurde) 😊.

  • Arielle ⭐ Cursebreaker ⭐
    2019-05-14 22:52

    And so ends the wonderful re-read of this series. Gwen and Gideon will always hold a special place in my heart. There were a few loose ends I feel like could have tied things up a little more nicely but it's fine, really. I enjoyed the final epilogue with Lucy and Paul too--it was nice to see everyone had their happily ever after. :)"Ready?" I asked with a grin."Ready when you are," he replied, grinning back.

  • Willinda
    2019-04-27 03:47

    Určitě znáte ten pocit, když na nějakou knihu a nejlépe, když je to závěr vaší oblíbené série, čekáte dlouho, předlouho. Až se s blížícím se datem vydání začínáte bát, jestli se něco nepokazí a kniha nebude úplně strašná…Jsem ohromně ráda, že vás v tomto případě můžu naprosto upřímně ujistit, že nic takového se u Zelené jako smaragd rozhodně nestalo. Je to totiž výborné zakončení jedné skvělé série! Vůbec tu nechci nijak rozebírat děj Zelené, protože to by vám naspoilerovalo Modrou a to by těm, kteří ještě nečetli ani Rudou (za což byste se měli vážně stydět) všechno zkazilo. Řeknu proto jen toto: Gwenny je jedna z nejlepších hlavních hrdinek, o kterých jsem kdy četla. Je vtipná, chytrá a rozhodně neunudí. Ano, má svoje momenty, kdy nad jejími úvahami nejednou zakroutíte hlavou, ale všechny její kladné vlastnosti jí to jasně vyvažují. Dále, Leslie? Výborná kamarádka a postava, kterou jen tak v knihách neuvidíte. Když se nad tím totiž zamyslíte, v jaké fantasy knize měla postava se schopnostmi za kamaráda obyčejného člověka, aniž by se přátelství v průběhu příběhu totálně zkazilo? Tady je na něm děj částečně i postaven, a rozhodně je nejedním bonusem knihy. A Gideon? Pokud se váš vztah k němu teprve vyvíjí, tak věřte, že tady se vám budou díky němu podlamovat kolena. A co teprve pověstný chrlič Xemerius! Jak ten je úžasný! Díky němu se na vás budou lidí dívat hodně divně, až se budete válet smíchy po té podlaze… A příběh? Zamotaný, komplikovaný, náročný, emočně vypjatý, ale jednoznačně skvělý. Gierová není v psaní žádný nováček a rozhodně je to na knize poznat. Jednoznačně totiž ví, jak napsat pořádný příběh, který je sice zamotaný, ale čtenář se v něm za žádných okolností neztratí. Dokáže také skvěle vytvořit specifickou atmosféru, po které se vám bude zaručeně stýskat, a po dočtení budete mít chuť okamžitě knihu přečíst znovu z velké části kvůli ní. Umí do svého příběhu vtáhnout tak, že vůbec nevnímáte své okolí. A to, že je příběh i velice vtipný, je už jen takový bonus, u kterého se ale dost nasmějete. Kniha má pouze dva problémy, které ji mírně strhávají dolů. Pokud jste četli předchozí recenze, možná si pamatuje, že jsem o knihách říkala, že jsou mírně předvídatelné. Nejde ani tak o to, že byste dopředu jasně věděli, co se stane, ale že hlavní pointa příběhu je čtenáři jasná už od prvního dílu. To se může brát jako jasné minus. Na druhou stranu to ale můžeme označit také jako jasný záměr autorky. Je tedy dost možné, že přímo chtěla, abychom to jako čtenáři věděli. Pak totiž vznikají více než zajímavé situace, když vy víte, ale zato milovaní hrdinové nemají nejmenší tušení…Zelená má více než dobrý konec a je to úctyhodné zakončené celé série. Jednu věc ale autorka opravdu nepromyslela, a přímo mě sžírá už od dočtení. Sice nad ní možná nestrávíte tolik času, protože přestože je to vlastně docela důležitá věc, není o ní tolik řečeno, aby vás mohla na tolik zatěžovat. A to je právě její problém! Autorka opominula vysvětlit, jak moc tato věc ovlivní životy hrdinů, protože je jasné, že je ovlivní dost. Takže po dočtení budete sice spokojeni s vývojem událostí, ale několik dalších vět vysvětlení by se určitě hodilo. Ale to lze Gierové částečně prominout. Povedlo se jí totiž vytvořit více než skvělou sérii, kterou dokázala dost dobře zakončit. A přestože je Zelená trochu na nižší úrovni než předchozí dvě knihy, je to kniha s pořádnou zápletkou a struhující atmosférou, kterou hned tak někde nenajdete.

  • Suzanne
    2019-05-03 01:54

    I really enjoyed this series! This book was a good conclusion to the series. I was expecting a bit more but in the end I have no complaints. I read this trilogy pretty quickly because I was so entertained with plot. I am currently in the process of reading the author's Silver trilogy, which is also very good!

  • Ashley Daviau
    2019-05-22 23:38

    Although this was by far the best book out of the three, I'm still extremely relieved that it's finally over! I had heard so much good about this series and was extremely disappointed. I did really enjoy the time travelling aspect but the characters were two dimensional and very juvenile. I just couldn't relate to them at all. All three books are going into a pile to bring to my local used bookstore in exchange for books I'll hopefully enjoy more!

  • Steffi
    2019-05-17 23:25

    “Hearts can't be broken because they're made of marzipan.”I just love lovelovethe Precious Stone Trilogy! I don't know how many times I have already re-read these books, but it's always funny to read them, no matter how old I am.Emerald Green is the last installment and it's definitely as good as the previous two. However, the first part was a little bit long-drawned, because our poor Gwendolyn (Gwyneth) was whiny at the beginning. Nevertheless, Gwen has Leslie (Lesley) and Xemerius, who helped her a lot! Without Gwen wouldn't still know the truth ;) I also really liked Gideon in this book. Well, I did like him before, but he shows a very kind and cute site (don't worry, he is still the old Gideon)I really want Xemerious for myself! I cracked up so many times by his comments. My favourite one is:“That morning, the two eagerly awaited fairy-tale princes had left their white horses in the stable for once and traveled by Tube,” declaimed Xemerius unctuously. “At the sight of them, the eyes of the two princesses shone, and when the two concentrated sets of young hormones collided, expressing themselves in the form of embarrassed kisses and silly grins, the clever and incomparably handsome demon unfortunately had to throw up in a garbage bin."Further, Emerald Green has two very shocking and surprising moments. Every question we had while reading the first two books are answered in Emerald Green. Sadly, the ending had been a bit too rushed,, it could have been definitely better. It just felt too abrupt to me. Another point is that the whole series takes place in only two weeks and I find this a bit unrealistic ^^All in all as mentioned above, I love this series, no matter how girlish the books are. Than, Goodbye Gwen and Gideon!“Gideon grinned down at me. “Ready?” he whispered.“Ready when you are,” I replied automatically.4.5 stars for Emerald Green and for the whole trilogy

  • Krystal Bond
    2019-05-21 00:42

    Despite being unhappy with the ending, I still really enjoyed this series as a whole. I wish they wouldn't have wrapped things up so quickly and gave a bit more details throughout the book. It has potential to be a 5 star book, but there were just a few things that were left to vague that caused it to miss the mark. I wish there was one more book in this series to continue the story on. The author could easily get more out of this story.

  • Cynn
    2019-05-01 04:24

    DIGANME QUE NO TERMINÓ, DIGANME QUE NO TERMINÓ, DIGANME QUE NO TERMINÓEs que...los voy a extrañar...No puedo reseñar esto ahora, no.

  • Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    2019-04-26 23:53

    This was such a great series. I might have to add this one to my physical collection. I love Gwyneth and Gideon as characters and as a romance. And the story is very intriguing. But I do wish it was a little better explained. Like where did the chronograph come from and why did it work the way that it did and why did it create a philosopher's stone? And where did the prophecies come from? Someone from the future who knew all that happened must have traveled back and made them, but who and why? While reading this series I decided to watch the German movies as well and I really enjoyed them. I love the two leads. Gideon is super hot, and Gwyneth is lovely and suits the 18th century clothing even better than our own. The first movie was better than the second. And the timeline is a little different so there were spoilers. You probably shouldn't watch the movies until you have read all 3 books. I can watch the last one now which I will hopefully do this weekend.Update: I watched the last movie and it was bloody awful! So they get consecutively worse you they go along. And the last one is by far the least accurate. They change a whole lot of major things regarding Gwyneth/Gwendolyn and the prophecy and how the story ends. At least I got to see more of Gideon's pretty face. Too bad I'm not likely to ever see the actor again.

  • Odette Knappers
    2019-04-23 23:53

    Dit boek! Deze serie! Gideon! My god.Gisteravond in bed uitgelezen. The feels omdat dit nu uit is.. ik wil nog duizend boeken uit dit universum! Een van mijn favoriete series ooit, echt.Binnenkort lekker de films kijken! Ik wil hier nog geen afscheid van nemen. Dat wil ik nooit. Oef.Zo blij dat deze mooie serie in de boekenkast staat! Heb jij m nog niet en wil je m wel? ben slim en heb nog even geduld en wacht op de prachtige jubileumeditie die BlossomBooks later dit jaar gaat uitgeven.. ;)

  • Kelsey
    2019-04-26 04:25

    Hello, plottwists!

  • Shreya (☆High Lady of The Night Court☆)
    2019-04-26 04:36

    I really liked all three books in this trilogy. The plot is pretty simple but the books are very fun and pleasant reads. The characters are nice to get to know and Lesley is possibly my favorite person. I enjoyed all the books and I especially liked the quotes scattered around in the books. I finished this trilogy without breaks in it and I think it's pretty fast paced. I feel like most of the plot took place in this book, but that could be because I've gathered information from the first two books. Overall, I had a good time reading this trilogy and rate it 4 stars.

  • Carla *Jen7waters*
    2019-05-05 00:45

    When both hero and heroine survive a book series When they legit cannot die When you know they'll stay together forever Happy endings

  • Hatice_
    2019-05-03 21:53

    Yaaa bu seri bu kadar kısa olmamalıydı ben kendimi henüz onlardan ayrılmak için hazır hissetmiyorum ki :(Gerçekten harika bir seriydi.Çok keyif alarak okudum.Sonu biraz hızlı bağlanmıştı ama bu yine de güzelliğine gölge düşürmedi.Ama keşke Gideon ve Gwendolyn'i daha fazla okuma şansına sahip olsaydık.Ayrıca şuna da değinmeden geçemeyeceğim.Her ne kadar onları çok fazla göremesek de ben Paul ve Lucy çiftini de çok sevdim :)

  • Alyssa
    2019-05-18 20:40

    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Emerald Green by Kerstin GierBook Three of the Ruby Red trilogyPublisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)Publication Date: October 8, 2013Rating: 5 starsSource: ARC won from a giveawaySummary (from Goodreads):Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is.She’s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time-traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right. She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint-German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her. And she’s just learned that her charming time-traveling partner, Gideon, has probably been using her all along.This stunning conclusion picks up where Sapphire Blue left off, reaching new heights of intrigue and romance as Gwen finally uncovers the secrets of the time-traveling society and learns her fate.What I Liked:Must. Be. Vague. It's always tricky, reviewing sequels, especially conclusion novels. I hate feeling like something I say isn't a spoiler but might actually be, especially to someone who hasn't read any of the books in the series. I shall endeavor to be vague, okay? Hopefully that explains why this review will basically be a bunch of flailing and exclamation points.Gwyneth Shepherd must figure out, for once and for all, what the Count of Saint-Germain is up to, and who the traitor in the Lodge's midst is. At the end of Sapphire Blue, she finds out that the count put Gideon put to making her fall in love with him (Gideon) - or so she understands. In reality, that isn't the case. But that's what she hears the count say, and Gideon does not correct him. What a predicament! The prophecy is slowly being unraveled, and with or without Gideon, Gwen must save herself, and the secrets of the Guardians.Wow! What a firecracker of a conclusion novel! I love how Gier writes. I love her writing style, her voice, her crafting of the story. I know this series is German, and that it's translated, but I feel like the voice and the writing style is SO UNIQUE, so distinctly not American, that it totally survived the translations. There is a distinct difference between American authors and European authors, I've noticed. The writing style is definitely different, for one, and in an very, very good way! One this (of many) that I really, REALLY love about this book (and series in general) is how funny the book is (the series is). Gwen is such a hilarious character to follow - her inner monologue is brilliant and awkward and funny. Less awkward and more funny, but she's so clumsy and silly and wonderful. I love how funny the characters are. It makes the subject matter - time travel and death and gloom - so much awesomer to read! We're pretending "awesomer" is a word.The plot is magnificent! Through all three books, the series plot is brilliant. Each book has its own plot, but the overarching plot through the series is great. There is a traitor, and there is a diabolical count, and Gwen cannot trust anyone. There are so many secrets to be revealed, so many truths to be found out. I love how complex the books get (it's time-travel-related, things SHOULD be complex!), but you don't get lost. Gier has an amazing sense of story-telling, especially with subject matter that could easily get confusing, and she makes sure that her readers aren't lost.The romance. DON'T WORRY. If you read the ending of the second book and was like, OMG NOOOO, it's okay! Don't worry! We all know better than Gwen, that Gideon really does love her. Gwen does wallow in self-pity for a bit (for good reason though - I mean, come on), but eventually, Gideon must tell her the reason why he started avoiding the relationship like never before. It's a very good reason, I promise.I love the historical foundation of this book. It's so cool, how Gier weaves different pieces of history into this book. Gwen and Gideon travel to many, many different years in the past, and I think Gier does a brilliant job of crafting each historical world, and making them seem authentic. This book is the perfect conclusion to a fantastic series! I can't express my love clearly and entirely enough - I love this series. I've loved it even before USA rights were bought to have this book translated. I couldn't even physically read the books (they were in German only at the time), but I wanted to read them and love them. Definitely one of my favorite series of all time! What I Did Not Like:I have nothing to say here ;DWould I Recommend It:YES! I would recommend the entire series! Seriously - time-travel isn't one of my favorite genres/subgenres. In fact, I dislike most of the time-travel novels I read (because usually, the authors do a poor job of handling the subject matter, and me who rarely gets confused about much ends up in a hopeless state of confusion and annoyance). BUT, I would highly recommend this series, for the time-travel, for the interesting historical basis, for the humor, for the romance!Rating:5 stars. So much love! I've read and re-read the first book (Ruby Red) so many times... and the second book (Sapphire Blue)... and I've already re-read this book a handful of times. Now that's love!

  • Carla
    2019-05-04 03:36

    I love this story so much! Ending was a bit rushed but except for that it was amazing!