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Back in fifth grade, Micah Knight got an Amish pen pal, and over the years, they've exchanged many letters--and many secrets. At age seventeen, Micah finally has the chance to meet her pen pal face-to-face. The only problem is that because of confusion about her name when the pen pals were assigned, her pen pal was a boy, Zack Miller. And all this time, Micah's never toldBack in fifth grade, Micah Knight got an Amish pen pal, and over the years, they've exchanged many letters--and many secrets. At age seventeen, Micah finally has the chance to meet her pen pal face-to-face. The only problem is that because of confusion about her name when the pen pals were assigned, her pen pal was a boy, Zack Miller. And all this time, Micah's never told Zack that she's actually a girl! While she wants nothing more than to experience life on Zack's Amish farm, she's afraid he'll hate her for deceiving him all these years. But she makes up her mind to face the music--and that's where the fun really begins.Bestselling author Melody Carlson brings young adults another fascinating tale of worlds colliding, secrets being revealed, and friendships forming. Teens will love this story of miscommunication and mishaps along the way to the truth....

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Trading Secrets Reviews

  • Rachel
    2018-11-19 03:40

    This was another fantastic book by Melody Carlson. In one scene, I even cried a little. I will pick up some of her other Amish fiction later on this year.

  • Brittany
    2018-11-21 08:44

    I really enjoyed this young adult novel. There is a nice mixture of Amish and "English" culture discussed in the book and the straightforward, first-person perspective that is used helped me feel as if I was really in the mind of the teenage girl, Micah. I know that first-person dialogue is a fairly popular way of writing young adult novels.I enjoyed watching Micah try to fit in with Zach's Amish family. It was refreshing to hear about what she liked and disliked. And Micah was not treated the same way by everyone in the family. Some were unhappy to have her visit, and others were very welcoming. It felt authentic to me.I think that Micah presents a good role model for girls reading this story. She became frustrated at the way she was being treated by some of the Amish community, however, she controlled her temper and did not say anything unkind or sarcastic toward those who gave her grief.The storyline is interesting and the author does a good job of portraying Micah and Zach as the older teenagers that they are. They don't always make the right decisions, but they are trying to do so and they are attempting to find out where they both belong in the world. This was a very enjoyable story. And on another fourteen year old daughter borrowed this book from me before I even had a chance to read it and she absolutely loved it!I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell, through The Book Club Network, in exchange for an honest review.You can read this review on my blog at:https://brittreadsfiction.wordpress.c...

  • Laura Potter
    2018-11-15 08:25

    *Book Description*Micah McKnight had an Amish pen pal that she has been writing letters to since the fifth grade. Micah's friend Lizzie heard that Micah's pen pal wanted to know if he could come visit his pen pal that he has been writing for awhile and has assumed all this time. that Micah was a boy. when plans of Zach coming to visit Micah got canceled Zach asked Micah if he wanted to come to visit him on his Amish farm on Micah's spring break. Micah accepted Zach's invitation to come meet him. when Micah gets there he is welcomed into the Amish home( they don't know Micah is a girl yet) was shown around invited for dinner. At dinner Micah was asked to remove the baseball cap and that's when the truth of Micah being a girl came out, Zach then didn't want anything to do with Micah he wanted her out of his house. Then Zach's parents weren't happy neither. Micah spent the night at Zach's house. The next day while Zach and his family was away at church Micah had planned on getting the bus back home to her house, but before she left she wrote a letter to Zach, his sister's and Zach's parents. When she had made it into town she had missed the bus. Micah had decided to have dinner in town and was going to get a hotel room when Katy Zach's sister spied Micah in town and talked her into going back home with Katy. Katy had Micah hide in the loft until the next morning but that didn't work out all that well because Zach decided to stay out in the barn with Molly the mare that was about to deliver a colt. Micah heard a lot of thrashing being made by the horse and Molly had Zach pinned to the back of the stable. Micah climbed down from the loft to help Zach with Molly, but Zach wasn't to pleased that Micah was hiding in the loft. Molly had given birth to a baby colt that night and Micah had to call her uncle that was a vet because Molly wasn't doing well after the birth of her baby colt. The vet came the next day and stated that Molly needed antibiotics to get well. Micah toke the last of the money she had to help with the vet Bill but Zach wasn't to happy about that idea. Micah still gave the vet her money, Micah felt that Molly was worth saving even though Molly could not be the brood mare anymore due to age. Zach choose to go to Micah's home with her. Zach had gotten an opportunity to ride in a plane which is not something normal for an Amish boy.* what I Liked*I liked the idea that Micah decided to tell the truth, which shows loyalty, honesty. I know it was hard for Micah to tell the truth about being a girl.I happy that Zach was there for Micah around the time of Micah's mothers death. Zach had finally forgave Micah and now he understands why she did what she did. Honest is the best policy in all situations.*what I didn't like*I didn't like that Micah's best friend Lizzie was to interested in boys. instead of being there to help Micah through her losing her Mother.I didn't like the way that Zach reacted to Micah after finding out that, Micah was a girl not a boy.* my rating*5 starsI rated it 5 stars because it is well thought out, and I think that it speaks out to young adults to be honest and loyal. Which is a very good characteristic to have. I really enjoyed reading about Micah and Zach's story. I would recommend it to all young adults and adults. * This was given to me by Revell publishing group.This review is in my own words and I was not compensated in any other way.

  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)
    2018-11-02 01:20

    About this book:“The truth may set you free—but it might also land you in some uncomfortably hot water. Over the years, Micah Knight has exchanged many letters—and many secrets—with her longtime Amish pen pal, Zach. But Micah’s kept quiet on the secret of all—that fact that despite her name, she’s a girl. Now Micah finally has the chance to meet her pen pal face-to-face. She wants nothing more than to experience life on Zach’s Amish farm, but she’s more than a little anxious. Will he be angry at her for deceiving him all these years? And will she risk losing his friendship to find something more?”Series: As of now, no. {But there needs to be a sequel!}Spiritual Content- Mentions of Zach witnessing to Micah in their letters; Bible reading; Mentions of Church going; Talks about God (but the ‘H’s aren’t capital); Prayers; Mentions of Scriptures; *Note: A kitchen is described as “h*ll’s kitchen”; “Amish goddess” is said. Negative Content- Minor cussing including: a ‘crud’, a ‘darned’, two ‘dumb’s, two ‘idiot’s, two ‘skanky’s, three ‘wimpy’s, seven ‘stupid’s; Two Mentions of two hurt animals (that are okay now); A foal is born & then vet stuff (gross; boarder-line barely-above-not-detailed and semi-detailed); A dog is hit by a car (but is okay; blood; boarder-line barely-above-not-detailed and semi-detailed).*Note: Lizzie names her cat Bella & Micah calls her a Tw*light freak.Sexual Content- two ‘hot’s and five ‘hottie’s; Mentions of crushes & if Micah likes Zach; Micah wears two sport bras under her clothing; Katy pulls out Micah’s undies and says they’re so small (“How can they fit you?”); Jealousy; Rachel flirts; Mentions of a girl kissing a boy.-Micah Knight First person P.O.V. of Micah 278 pages~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Pre Teens- One StarNew Teens- Two StarsEarly High School Teens- Three Stars Older High School Teens- Four Stars My personal Rating- Four Stars I’ve enjoyed Melody Carlson’s other Amish teen books. “Trading Secrets” was interesting & I’d like to see a squeal! I really can’t say anything else because of spoilers. ;) Link to review:http://booksforchristiangirls.blogspo...*BFCG may (Read the review to see) recommend this book by this author. It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author.*I received this book for free from the Publisher (Revell) for this review.

  • Rachel Marie
    2018-11-03 08:33

    This review first appears onI don't read Amish books as a rule of thumb. I don't understand this Christian fiction trend of being obsessed with the Amish, and I don't partake in it. But when I saw this blurb, I was intrigued. I had to know how it played out, and I've read quite a few Melody Carlson books, enough to know that I liked her writing, and decided to give this one a chance. This one was interesting, to say the least. If you know anything about the Amish, then you should know enough to know that boys and girls mixing is no bueno. Which is why Micah hid the fact that she was a girl once she was old enough to understand their culture. But now that she has the chance to meet him face-to-face, she doesn't know what to do.This was a fun story. I had a point, that I said if Micah didn't tell them she was a boy, then I was going to stop reading. But she does tell them, and I kept reading. And it was interesting. I did enjoy the culture, and the differences between Amish and the English. But we also got to see both sides, from Micah going there and liking it, to Zack wanting to leave the farm and go out into the world. Both sides were represented, and there wasn't a bias of which one was better.Micah enjoyed her time at the farm, even with Zack's mother hating her, and I felt both Micah and Zack learned a lot from the experience. Zack's siblings were adorable as well. This was a fun and entertaining story, and I am definitely happy with the way everything worked out.I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

  • Maureen Timerman
    2018-11-17 01:24

    The picture on the front of this book drew me in, and the concept also intrigued me. When the story unfolds we have a young girl/woman going to visit her Amish pen pal, which she has been corresponding with for a number of years. Her name is Micah, and you can guess what Zack Miller thinks, yes, and she never corrected him during the several years of letters going back and forth. I can just picture her as she arrives at the farm dressed as a boy. When I think of the strict Amish culture, it does bring a chuckle to think of this girl and her using a fake voice while addressing them. I can just picture their reaction when they find out the boy is actually a girl.You will wonder if the friendship/bond that has developed over the years between these you people, will be able to survive the deceit. Also can a girl get away working as a boy, and for how long? Then we have a strict Amish mother, who decides it is time for her son to find an Amish wife, to what extreme will she go to? Just wait until you are busy eating a meal in this house! Think as you go along in the story your going to find out just who was in for a culture shock. Between the parents and the teens, all are in for a real change.I loved this book, and look forward to more by this author!I received this book through Revell Publishing Book Reviewers Tour, and was not required to give a positive review.

  • Angela
    2018-11-03 07:34

    I loved this sweet YA novel about two teenagers – Amish Zach and Englisch Micah. They start out as pen pals, have a big misunderstanding, and end up as friends (with a hint of maybe more).This is a perfect, clean, appropriate relationship story for ages 11 and up. Carlson makes the dialogue come to life, and shows authentic teenage emotions and behavior. I was invested in Zach and Micah’s relationship. I wanted their friendship to work out. Carlson provided a wonderful balance of heartbreak, emotional baggage, family obstacles; and authoritative understanding, blessings, and reaping what you sow.I especially enjoyed the contrast in the dynamics between Zach/his mom and Micah/her dad. Zach’s actions showed integrity and courage! And even despite teenage angst, mutual respect and a happily ever after won in the end.Trading Secrets is a fun, smart, contemporary take on the Amish and their relationship to the Englisch world. Its characters are relatable and flawlessly written. It’s neither preachy nor smarmy. I certainly hope this is the beginning of a series so I can keep reading – and then place on the coffee table for my pre-teen daughters.NetGalley provided me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Alisha L.
    2018-10-29 09:46

    I don’t normally read Amish fiction, but this book sounded interesting and I’ve liked other books written by Melody Carlson, so I picked this one to read. I really liked it! It did seem a bit unrealistic, but it was a sweet coming of age story for young adults with themes of friendship, trust, and truthfulness. It was interesting to read about some of the Amish culture and I liked reading about the characters’ reactions to each other’s lifestyles and the contrasts shown between the Amish and English lifestyles. I also liked that the story was mainly about friendship instead of romance. I enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it for teens. I would also love to see a sequel!Some of the questionable content: References to actors and movies including Twilight; crushes, flirting, and mentions of kissing; Micah and Lizzie watch Amish reality shows; mentions of girls’ undergarmentsLanguage included: stupid; dumb; 1 crud; skanky; “Amish goddess”; hottie and hot used multiple times in reference to guys’ looks* I received this book for free from Revell Reads in exchange for my honest review.

  • Hilary
    2018-11-07 02:28

    There are no easy answers in life, and no easy solutions, but this YA book about friendship, honesty, and the importance of being true to yourself explores what happens when long-time penpals finally meet and discover the realities about each others' lives... and a secret that may end their friendship.The faith element is much more lowkey than in some other books by the same author, and shouldn't be offputting to nonreligious readers.Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Bekah
    2018-10-28 01:23

    This was a really sweet story of two friends who've written to each other for years. This was a very clean book and it was very refreshing to read it. I've read quite a few books by Melody Carlson and each book I've read of hers as not been disappointing.

  • Debbie Shawver
    2018-11-12 02:21

    Loved this one.

  • Carrie
    2018-11-03 04:35

    This review is filled with spoilers in a fairly detailed summary and in my reflections upon reading the novel. I've omitted a few sentences here on Goodreads, but the full version can be found on my blog.(The link is below at the bottom.)Trading Secrets, a young adult novel by Melody Carlson, is the story about Micah Knight, a seventeen year old, and Zach Miller, who have been penpals since they were both eleven. Zach is Amish, while Micah has grown up in a modern, contemporary "English" (non-Amish) community. However, the penpals have shared many things with each other over many letters, and Micah is grateful for Zach's friendship especially with the latter helping the former in matters of faith and through some dark times, especially when Micah's mother died. However, with spring break approaching, Zach writes and asks if he could visit and stay with Micah's family. This presents a huge problem for Micah, because Zach has been completely unaware throughout their correspondence that Micah is actually a girl. The book presents a plausible reason for this; our protagonists became penpals through a letter writing exchange between an Amish class and English class; however, Zach's teacher removed the photographs that had been attached to the letters from the English class. With Micah's unusual name, it was not surprising that Zach assumed that Micah was a boy. For all these years, Micah has not corrected him from that assumption, because of her fear that he would stop corresponding with her.Micah wins a bit of a reprieve when Zach writes again, and informs her that his father requires his help to work on the family farm. Since he cannot visit her, would she like to visit him on the farm and help him with the spring planting instead?At this point in the novel, I could hear myself telling Micah to just not do it, but our intrepid teenage girl does! She also visits Zach's family disguised as a boy, but that subterfuge does not last for very long. On the very first day of the visit, after Zach's father conducts a devotional on the importance of honesty from the book of Proverbs, Micah reveals herself to be a girl, stating that she did so in order to meet Zach, because it was something that she had wanted to do for such a long time. Zach does not handle this revelation very well; he is furious with Micah and tells her to leave. After revealing her secret, Micah tries to hop on the bus to return home, but due to circumstances, is not able to leave immediately, and is persuaded by one of Zach's sisters to stay with the Miller family until she can find her way home.The rest of Micah's stay is like the reverse of watching "Amish in the City," the reality television show that depicts Amish youth experiencing rumspringa in an urban setting. In Micah's case, she is now immersed in the Amish lifestyle. Unfortunately, she does not find a friend with Mrs. Miller, Zach's mother, and is made to feel inadequate by Rachel Yoder, an Amish girl who hopes to catch Zach's eye. Since Micah does not feel welcome in the Miller's house, she goes to help Zach and his father outside with the farm work. As the days pass, she is able to mend bridges with Zach and eventually wins over Zach's father's respect for her willingness to do hard work. Micah also learns that Zach's heart is not in working on the family farm; he loves working with and caring for animals instead. Zach is also struggling with his family's expectations for him; they expect him to help with the farm and also to marry Rachel, but he doesn't have the desire to do either of these things.Micah is finally able to leave Zach's community when her father, a pilot, comes by in his plane to take her home. However, Zach also leaves with them, but realizes after a few days in the English world, that it would be difficult for an Amish person to survive there with limited skills and education. However, during this time, he meets Micah's Uncle Brad, a veterinarian.Here's where I confess that I read this novel from the perspective of a mother who worries a bit about her children's safety especially if they would be staying overnight for a week at some stranger's place. I probably wouldn't have allowed Micah to go alone on such a trip without having some previous personal contact with the family that she would stay with or without knowing that this family was screened in some sort of official capacity by an authority that I could trust. But of course, in this story, Micah does not have a mother, and Micah's father seems to be a lot more relaxed about the whole matter with Micah visiting Zach than I would have personally felt comfortable with, even though Micah is 17 and already in her senior year of high school. I was also cringing at how Micah ended up stranded in Zach's community for the week, as she first missed the bus because she arrived too late for return trip on that first day, and also when she ran out of funds later on and could not purchase the bus fare home. She needed to wait until her father could fly out to pick her up, which took several days. This is a bit foreign to my own experience of growing up. If I were Micah, at that age, my parents would have made sure that there were already contingency plans in place either to wire money or to retrieve me as quickly as possible should the need arise. They would have definitely been more accessible for emergency contact than how Mr. Knight appeared in this story.Having said that, I did think that it was still completely plausible for the plot to unfold as it did in Trading Secrets. I could see and imagine a gutsy 17 year old acting as Micah did to fulfil her desire in meeting a boy that she had a crush on. Micah's voice and thoughts sounded youthful, immature and impulsive enough to go ahead and carry out her plans even though the decision making and execution of those plans were a bit questionable. She is mature enough to realize that she is not in love with Zach, and I would say that this novel didn't really seem like much of a romance, even though Zach is pursued by Rachel. Instead, the focus on the plot turns to the choices that Zach needs to make; will he remain with his Amish community or will he attempt to pursue his own dreams for a different future than the one his family expects for him to have? I wonder if Ms. Carlson will write a sequel if she hasn't already. I would love to find out what happens to Micah and Zach. Micah seems to have a romantic attraction to Zach that she may not be quite ready to acknowledge, but Zach seems rather clueless to the interest of the females surrounding him.I enjoyed reading this novel, and would probably consider reading more of Melody Carlson's work.Disclaimer: I received a copy of Trading Secrets from NetGalley in exchange for a review. All opinions stated in this review are mine. This review is also posted on my blog:

  • Annie Kate
    2018-11-03 04:39

    Since grade five Micah had had a penpal, Zach, who is Amish. But what Zach did not realize then, something that seemed unimportant so long ago, is that Micah a girl. And now that Zach wants to come for a visit, this oversight from the past suddenly assumes huge proportions. To complicate matters, at the last minute Zach’s father decides he needs his son’s help with the planting and so Zach invites Micah to the farm instead, with a warning that it might be a lot of work for an English boy.What on earth can Micah do? Her penpal Zach is, in many ways, her best friend.... This lighthearted teen book filled some difficult hours with laughter, joy, and the wholesomeness of Melody Carlson’s writing. I loved the characters, except for Zach’s mother whom I felt sorry for and the determined Rachel, who was attempting to test the idea that kissing makes a young man think about marriage. I loved Zach’s sparkly sister Katy, the scenery, the humor, the plot, and, especially, Micah.This was a delightful story in a Christian context. Not perfect Christianity, by any means, but a clear view of how we live out our lives, trying to serve God but often serving ourselves at least as much. For those who have no Christian background, there are things to learn. Even for those with a Christian background, there are things to realize about ourselves, as well as things about Christianity that the book got right and things that it got wrong. Although often much negativity is aimed at light Christian reading, it has this value: It acknowledges that God exists, that he matters to us, and that both we and our actions matter to him. Deep theology? No. Valuable refreshment and invitation to think? Yes. I recommend this book for teen girls. (And for adults who are looking for a sunny, humorous story.)

  • Heather Lowe
    2018-11-09 07:34

    I like how this wasn't focused solely on romance. It was a story about a girl wanting to get to meet her long time pen pal... Who just happens to be an Amish boy. I like how it ended, and know I won't tell you. 😜

  • Michelle
    2018-11-14 05:40

    I received my copy of Trading Secrets by Melody Carlson through the Goodreads First Reads program.***Does contain spoilers.***Micah Knight, an English girl from Cleveland, has been writing to Zach Miller for six or seven years. What began as a school project to match English children with an Amish pen pal has turned into a fantastic friendship. The two have shared a great deal over the years, even some inner thoughts that they could not share with family or other friends. The one secret that Micah has not shared with Zach is that she is really a girl. With the possibility of finally meeting Zach in person, Micah’s secret is suddenly a big deal. Unsure of how to handle this problem, Micah finally decides to go to Zach’s farm disguised as a boy, and help the family with their spring planting.Micah receives a mixed reception. Zach is excited to finally meet his pen pal, he feels like he is being reunited with a long lost brother. Zach’s siblings are interested in the newcomer, polite and sweet. Zach’s parents, on the other hand, are coldly reserved, almost rude. Micah jumps right in, helping with the planting, enjoying the outdoors and beauty of the countryside, she’s always been a bit of a tomboy anyway. The ruse doesn’t last long, though. The family bible reading after dinner shames Micah into revealing her secret. Everyone is shocked, Zach is furious. Micah tries to leave, but is encouraged by Zach’s sister to come back and spend the night, it’s not safe for a girl to be out after dark, not even an English girl, and it is a long walk back to town. Micah seems to be smuggled back into the house. She tries to leave for town to catch a bus back home several times and each time runs out of luck and must return to the Amish homestead and spend another night, perhaps hiding in the barn, or sneaking up to the girls’ room. Zach’s sisters are very welcoming and explain a little about the Amish culture to her. Over the course of the week, Zach does come around and the pen pals are reconciled. We learn that Zach is not sure whether he wants to continue living the Amish lifestyle. He wants an education, wants to fly, to be a vet. When Micah’s pilot father flies into town to pick her up, Zach has his big opportunity to not only fly in a plane but escape the Amish culture.Geared towards a teenaged, possibly Christian audience, this novel was a light read about a friendship between two teens from very different cultures. I enjoyed the characters, especially Micah’s appreciation of the outdoors and contemplation about a life of farm work. I admired Zach’s determination to learn, even if meant going against his Amish background to do so. The beauty of the landscape and an appreciation of the animals and hard farm life were a welcome read. Topics dealt with include the education of Amish youth, their commitment to the church and the beginning of their married life, inheritance and the manner in which children are loves/cherished/respected within their family.While I did enjoy the book, for the most part I thought it was fairly bleak. It was depressing to read about the fact that Zach would have no opportunity for education or work apart from manual labour despite his great intelligence level. Even leaving his Amish community and hoping to make his way in the English world, Zach was beaten down by his lack of education. Recent reality shows depicting Amish teens leaving their communities and getting into crazy trouble in the city were mentioned several times within the book. If not for Micah’s uncle effectively “adopting” Zach, he would be forced to return to a dismal life. Although Zach’s father warmed slightly towards Micah at the end of the novel, his parents were portrayed as very severe, cold people. Zach’s mother admitted that she “loved” Micah because the Bible told her she had to, but she didn’t “like” her. They didn’t even seem affectionate towards their children. And while the book ended on a positive note, I didn’t feel hope or any positive message of the Amish culture throughout the story.

  • Isis Ray-sisco
    2018-10-26 07:45

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my thoughts or review of the book. Trading Secrets by Melody Carlson is a wonderfully delightful tale about two best friends from two different walks of life. I really loved Trading Secrets and will be looking into buying more of her books. I enjoyed Zack and Micah’s story. It was heartwarming and kept my attention from the first page until the last one. The writing style is smooth and the plot moves nicely. The characters are fleshed out and you really get to know them and their heart’s desires. I don’t often reread books but this is one I would be likely to revisit. Micah has been pen pals with Zach since they were paired up in school. She told him all her secrets, dreams, and everything in between. There is only one secret that she hasn’t shared with him…the fact that she isn’t a boy like he thinks. There was a mix up in the beginning that she had never cleared up. They agreed to meet and she is excited but she is also anxious because she is afraid he won’t like her once he finds out her secret. That isn’t something she is prepared for either because their friendship has meant so much to her over the years. When he tells her that he can’t come because he has to help his father with the harvest she is a bit disappointed but then they come up with an alternative…she could go help them with the harvest and he could return home with her. Now all she has to do is get her father to agree. When he readily agrees she is excited. When she shows up at his house what will he think? Will it be the end of their friendship? Or will he be able to see past the fact that she is a girl and continue their friendship?Zach is a hard working Amish boy who had dreams that go way beyond his family’s farm. He has dreams of leaving the farm and going to school. He wants to be a vet. He also wants to experience more than his plain life has to offer. There is only one other person that knows that and that is his friend Micah. He was glad when he was paired with him he has been such a support over the years. He is looking forward to meeting Micah. His plans change when his father needs him to help with the harvest. He knows it is important to help so he lets Micah know that he can’t come like they planned. They change plans around to where the two of them can still meet. When Micah shows up on the farm he is shocked to see that he is not who he thought he was. In fact he is not a boy like him but a girl. He feels let down and is angry. He does everything he can to avoid her while she is there. She causes more problems than she could have very thought. Will he be able to get over the misunderstanding that she never corrected? Or will it be the end of their relationship?I really enjoyed Trading Secrets. I loved the characters and really cared about them. I also enjoyed the secondary characters as well. I liked Micah’s best friend she was quite the character. I found most of Zach’s family to be sweet as well. I found his mother to be a little too ready to judge Micah and her father. I didn’t like how she was with Micah at all. I loved how his sisters were with her though. I found Trading Secrets to be an endearing tale of friendship that blossoms into something more. It is an endearing story that I won’t soon forget. I would highly recommend Trading Secrets to those who enjoy Amish fiction and young adult reads.

  • Jenna
    2018-11-05 05:24

    In fifth grade, Micah invited her Amish pen pal to visit her. Now, six years later, he’s ready to take her up on the offer. Things come up and he’s unable to get away from the farm, so he invites her to visit him instead. Micah, knowing full well that Zack thinks she’s a boy, decides to go. She dresses as a boy for their initial meeting, but she can’t keep the charade up and confesses the truth to Zack and his whole family the first night. I’m so glad she didn’t keep deceiving them, because she was being so disrespectful of their beliefs in their own home. When the males sat on one side of the table and the females sat on the other, of course Micah, dressed as a boy, had to sit with the men. She kept her hat (hiding her long hair) and jacket (hiding her figure) on in the house — and his parents definitely noticed and disapproved (of the hat, anyway). If she had continued pretending to be a guy, she would have had to sleep in Zack’s room instead of with his sisters. I’m pretty sure his parents would have been livid when they found out the truth if that had happened.They, especially his mother, already don’t like her, probably because she’s been lying about not being a boy for so long. Micah tries several times to leave early and go home, but she keeps missing the bus and having to return to Zack’s parents’ farm. Zack’s mother can barely contain her hostility, especially once she injures her foot and needs Micah’s help in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Micah’s not the domestic type and manages to do a terrible job.Micah, meanwhile, is dreaming of living as the Amish do. It’s a simple life in a picturesque setting, but I think she’s missing some crucial points about the Amish and their culture. It would be pretty difficult for an outsider, especially a girl with as much freedom as Micah has, to adapt to Amish life. All she has to do to see that is look at the lives Zack’s sisters and his mother live. I did love a conversation between Micah and the sisters about Rachel, an Amish girl with her sights set on Zack, that shows that despite having fundamentally different beliefs, the Amish and the English aren’t all that different. People are people, after all.I don’t know much about the Amish other than what I’ve read in books or seen on reality TV, but it’s pretty clear from the start that Zack is either on his way out of the Amish or he’s just not very good at being Amish. He’s interested in airplanes, he tells Micah that it’s okay for her to take pictures of his family as long as they’re not close up — and that he wouldn’t mind if she took closeups of him, he checks out books on biology from the library on the sly to further his education on his own, and he agrees to ride in a car. (I think that at least some Amish can ride in cars anyway, they just can’t drive them, but he says his parents wouldn’t like it.)Trading Secrets is my first of her Amish books, but I have read other books by Melody Carlson that I liked better. This one is fairly unrealistic, but still enjoyable.I was never bored, but I would have liked a little more realism. Surprisingly, there’s not really any romance even though Micah continues to have feelings for Zack throughout the book.

  • Nicki Olsen
    2018-11-09 02:36

    *Book Description*Ever since she started writing her pen pal Micah Knight knew she wanted to meet him in person. Now that the opportunity has risen though, she feels a little sick...not with Zach Miller but with herself...more seriously, her secret. Not that it would be a secret for long if they were to meet face to face. Zach thinks Micah is a boy, when she is, in fact, a girl. Torn between a desperate want to meet the boy that's captured her heart without her even knowing it, and keeping her identity a secret to save their friendship, what will she decide? And when she decides to go all in and meet him, what will Zach think of her?Zach can't wait to meet Micah...well he can wait now that he's found out her secret. He's a...HER! After all the secrets, ideas, and dreams he's shared with her he's mortified that he thought of her as his best friend. Now after all the lies, he can hardly look at her let alone speak. Will he ever learn to forgive and forget or is the embarrassment and hurt too real? When an every day occurrence in the farm life just may be the second chance Micah needs, will they find more then they ever expected? *What I liked*Okay, here's my opinion. Awesome! This is a young adult's book. Not that you could REALLY tell. I mean, if you turned these characters into adults and marketed it as such I think it could definitely sell as an adult book. The characters are young and cute and the story line will definitely hold even my 12 yr old little sisters attention. (Pretty sure she has a.d.d sometimes. ; ) Plus it's part of a four book series so it's quadruple the awesomeness. :) Still, the books can definitely be read separately and should be read!*What I didn't like*Besides some severe irritation with Zach being so unforgiving, as usual it's just me and was definitely essential to the book! Most readers, unless avid readers, won't be as picky as me hopefully...otherwise as stated in other reviews it could be seriously dangerous to your books' health. ;)*My Rating* I give Trading Secrets...4 stars! *Why my rating is what it is* My rating is four stars because this book is while not a "must read", it's still a great book, especially for younger readers. No foul language, sweet characters, and a story on forgiveness and honesty would make this an awesome Christmas gift!* I recieved this book from Revell, NetGalley and in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

  • Gabs {My Full Bookshelf Reviews}
    2018-11-17 01:19

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I am not really into the Amish Fiction thing, but having read another Melody Carlson book that had to do with the Amish, I figured I'd give this one a try. I had liked the first one, so I assumed this one would be at least okay too. I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT.There are a ton of problems with this book; characters, plot, was a struggle to read. First off, none of the characters are likeable. Well, I take that back. Zach's sister was likeable, though not all that exciting as a character. But aside from her, I didn't like any single character in the book.First, we have Micah. Her problem is that she comes off as a bit stupid. First off, her plan that she hatches in the beginning of the book to dress up as a boy to meet Zach was horrible. Why would you do that. Why. She ended up causing only more trouble for herself. Then, just because she finds Zach a wee bit attractive, she starts wondering what would happen if he asked her to marry him. She also wishes to be Amish just so Zach would be attracted to her. Honey, no. First off, you've known this guy for like a week. Second off, becoming Amish for a guy...that's a recipe for disaster. Zach's mother is a total witch. She insults Micah every other sentence of the book and just seems bitter overall. I almost felt sorry for Micah, because even though she wasn't the smartest, she really did try to get this vindictive woman to like her. Zach's father wasn't much better. He was portrayed as very stuck in his ways.Enter Rachel. She is very snarky, and painted as trying too hard to win Zach's love. She didn't seem to like Micah very much, but when you are a star baker/cook and you meet a girl who literally thinks creaming the ingredients means you put cream in them I suppose I could see why you don't like her, let alone the fact that she's crushing on the guy you want.The plot seemed very boring. Micah tried to leave that Amish farm at least twice, and somehow just kept coming back to lengthen interactions between her and Zach, it seemed, and it annoyed me. Plus, almost all Amish people in this book were seen as judgemental and stuck in their ways. I felt like it was a bit dangerous, and I assume that was not the author's attention, but there were very few positively portrayed Amish.I really did not care for this book. There were no redeeming qualities in it; the characters were the low point of this book for me, but the other factors weren't great either. Considering I've read books by Melody Carlson before that I've liked, I won't write her off as an author I'll read, but I don't think I'll be reading more of her Amish fiction books. Or anyone's Amish fiction books for that matter.

  • Narita
    2018-11-03 06:40

    This book was soooo good! The characters were witty, clever, and humorous. I couldn’t put it down and read it in 2 days! This was accomplished by staying up till 3:00 a.m. two nights in a row!!! I know many have posted it as a young adult read but I think that is too limiting. Adults young or old would enjoy it.When she was in the 5th grade, Micah agreed to be a part of a class project and write to an Amish pen pal. The one assigned to her was named Zach. The teacher sent the children’s pictures but due to the Amish beliefs, they were not delivered. With her name, Zach thinks Micah is a boy. She doesn’t want to have their correspondence to end so she doesn’t reveal this secret. As many years pass and many letters, Zach and Micah become very close. They reveal their deepest thoughts and desires. When her mother dies, Zach is the one that gives her the support she needs. Fast forward 6 years and many letters. Zach writes Micah telling her is coming to visit. She panics! To her relief he cancels his visit but she is disappointed because she really wants to meet him. She devises a hair brain scheme to go see him and pretend she is a boy! She pulls it off for a very short time, but overcome by guilt, she ends up doing a dramatic reveal at the family dinner table. The entire family is horrified and Zach is embarrassed and angry. Plans to go home keep falling through and she must stay with the family she has deceived for much longer than she would like! A very awkward situation to say the least! Micah finds that Zach has a few surprises of his own! Micah not only learns firsthand about the Amish lifestyle but a great deal about herself too. She also has to face the music concerning the damage her deception caused to the lives of others. I found it very interesting to look at Zach’s culture thorough her eyes as a teenager. There wasn’t a dull moment in this story. It was fun, interesting, and very entertaining. I found the plot to be very different than other Amish fictions. It showed the contrast in the English vs. Amish cultures I would not have thought of, and she does it through the perspective of the characters. Melody Carlson is a master writer! You will want to read this book! Be ready for surprises!I received this book free from Revell Publishers, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

  • Kristin
    2018-11-05 02:27

    Suggested Age:13+ Genre:Young Adult, Amish fictionThis book was hysterical. I wasn’t sure if I would like it because I often find YA books to be lacking in depth and story. Of course, there are always exceptions and this happened to be one of them.My daughter read this first and she kept telling me all of the really funny parts in the books. I mean, how many Amish books do you read that talk about the, “hot Amish guy.”This book does involve an Amish family but it isn’t really what I would consider to be Amish fiction. It’s more on the Englisher’s side of an Amish encounter.Note: I deemed this appropriate for ages 13+ as always, parental discretion is encouraged.   There’s a couple “hotties” thrown around and mention of underwear but nothing that I deem to be super risqué or inappropriate for teens.Micah has been writing to her Amish penpal for years. The problem is, Zach thinks she’s a boy and she’s never bothered to correct him!When Micah has a chance to spend some time on Zach’s farm, it really never occurs to her to just tell him the truth. She’s too afraid of losing their friendship. So, she masquerades as a boy—until she realizes that they’re going to make her room with him!There were a lot of hysterical situations involving this little deception and I really enjoyed this quick and quirky read.I do think there should be a little follow up book. I would like to see how things end up for adult Micah and Zach.     Overall, I gave this book a solid four stars. Pretty quick and clean read for a young lady.View all my reviews|Excerpt I received Trading Secrets as a complimentary gift in exchange for  an honest review from Revell. I was not required to write a  positive review. My comments and opinions are my own.

  • Jalynn Patterson
    2018-11-04 04:36

    About the Book:Back in fifth grade, Micah Knight got an Amish pen pal, and over the years, they've exchanged many letters--and many secrets. At age seventeen, Micah finally has the chance to meet her pen pal face-to-face. The only problem is that because of confusion about her name when the pen pals were assigned, her pen pal was a boy, Zack Miller. And all this time, Micah's never told Zack that she's actually a girl! While she wants nothing more than to experience life on Zack's Amish farm, she's afraid he'll hate her for deceiving him all these years. But she makes up her mind to face the music--and that's where the fun really begins.Bestselling author Melody Carlson brings young adults another fascinating tale of worlds colliding, secrets being revealed, and friendships forming. Teens will love this story of miscommunication and mishaps along the way to the truth.About the Author:Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than two hundred books, including the Dating Games series, the Life at Kingston High series, Double Take, A Simple Song, and My Amish Boyfriend. She has received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for her many books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series and Finding Alice. Melody and her husband live in Oregon. Learn more at Review: After growing close to her Amish pen pal Zach, Micah Knight hates to know that he wants to visit soon. It's not that she hates him, its just that she harbors a very big secret that will definitely change their friendship for sure. Visiting his family's farm seems more difficult than she had imagined at first. The Amish are much different than an typical English family. So its decided that she will help with the planting after she arrives, but what really makes her swoon is her pen pal is way more cuter in person and that makes this trip even more difficult. Melody Carlson is a multifaceted writer, she has written several different types of books. But the one thing that remains and is a common thread, is each book seems to be a great stand alone book with tons of personality! If you would like to learn more, you can at this link.**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Revell.

  • Dan Curnutt
    2018-10-29 01:31

    Melody Carlson writes Amish novels, but they are a bit different than most of those that you will read from someone like Beverly Lewis. Melody's novels give us a bit different look at the culture and the struggles and the desires of those involved in the Amish life.In this story, Micah Knight became the pen pal of Zach Miller. That doesn't sound to daunting or troublesome, until you realize that Micah is a girl and that Zach is a boy. For the Amish it was difficult enough to allow their children to have an English pen pal, but if it came out that a boy and girl were corresponding that would be almost unforgivable. It wasn't that Micah was being deceitful, it's just that she didn't know that and well, Zach thought Micah was a boy.When Micah realized that a girl and boy shouldn't correspond she didn't correct the issue, she continued to let Zach believe she was a boy. But when she is invited to visit the Miller farm in her late teenage years she realizes that the truth is going to have to come out.Of course the Miller family is not excited to learn that Micah is a girl. Zach is angry. But Micah really wants to seek his forgiveness and spend time with him and the family. You see, Zach has been a very good sounding board for Micah as she grew up. He was there for her, via letters, when her mother died.The story is well written and enjoyable. The characters take on a good quality and you feel as though you get to know them well. The surprising thing is that Melody doesn't write Amish characters that are all sweet, smily and accepting. She writes true feelings and some of the characters, such as Zach's mother, don't come off as kind, loving and hospitable. That is a bit of a shock to those who read Amish novels for fun.Further, Zach really wants out of the Amish life. He was hoping that Micah would be helpful in getting him out, but to discover that Micah is a girl throws a wrench in his plans.Will Zach ever forgive Micah? Will they ever re-build their relationship? Will Zach's parents ever accept Micah? Will Zach leave the Amish life?Those are interesting questions and the story is well developed. I enjoyed every minute of it and believe you will as well.

  • Michelle Rhoden
    2018-11-16 06:31

    Trading Secrets is a cute and entertaining story. Zach and Micah become pen pals in the 5th grade and stay in contact over the years. Micah has a secret though...Micah is actually a girl with a boys name and Zach thinks he is writing to boy pen pal. He confides his dreams to Micah, and she in turn leans upon his strength when her mother passes away. Zach makes plans to come and visit Micah, but due to having to harvest their farm and being shorthanded, he is unable to visit. He instead invites Micah to come and help out as an extra hand and Micah decides to visit Zachs family and work on the farm. Micah makes plans to visit under the disguise of being a boy, but when Zach's family suggests that Micah and Zach sleep in the same room, Micah has to tell the family her secret. Zach is angry at first when he finds out, but gradually warms up to her.After staying with Zach's family for a few days, Micah begins to feel uncomfortable because she did not tell family up front that she was a girl. Zach's mother is not to friendly with her...afraid of what type of influence she will have on Zach. His sisters think it is funny that his pen pal has been a girl the whole time, his brothers are unsure of what to think and his dad seems a little stern with her, but accepts her help while harvesting. When Micah makes plans to return home, her dad invites Zach to come and stay with them for a bit. Zach takes him up on his offer and then begins to question whether he wants to leave the Amish and everything he has known to live in the Englischer world. He soon realizes that it is not as easy as he thought it would be. Find out if their friendship can last despite the differences in their lifestyles and how each one adapts to the other ones world. Will Zach leave the comfort of the Amish world that he has grown up with to pursue a career in the Englischer world? Will Micah decide to become Amish? This is a good book for young readers as well as those "young at heart". No sexual innuendos or foul language. Another good book by Melody Carlson and I was not disappointed.I received this book in return for my honest review and opinion.

  • Christina Chang
    2018-10-27 07:22

    I received this book in exchange for a reader's honest review. The fact that I got this book free of charge does not affect my rating.My Overall Rating: 3.2Writing: 4.6Romance: 1.3Credibility: 2.7Short recap of the story:I went into this book blindly not knowing anything about the Amish Community. Here we have Micah, the heroine, feeling nervous about meeting her pen pal, an Amish 18 year old hottie named Zach as the heroine's friend, Lizzie puts it. After 6 years of being best pen pals, Zach wants to come visit Micah and she panics because he thinks she's a guy like him but of course English. Luckily Zach is held up on farmwork at home and couldn't come but invites Micah to spend spring break with him and his family. She of course goes and lots of things happened to him, her, and his family but that's for you to find out. LolReview:I was really looking forward to the romance but ehh seems like being an Amish for 18 years has really set him for his entire life because there was ZERO romantic scenes. Not once did i get a giddy feeling. (NOTE: DO NOT READ IF YOUR INTENTIONS ARE SOLELY FOCUSED ON ROMANTIC SCENES.) Best thing to happen was learning about the Amish Community. The author takes you into the ordinary life of an Amish family and then later compares it to our very own world filled with techs. I did however had few doubts here and there about some of the scenes especially the one where Zach seems to easily adjust himself into the tech world. I mean sure a hero can be smart but his intelligence was set so high that i couldn't relate to his situation anymore.Because this book was considered a romantic novel I expected that, instead I got a dose of Amish life which I am thankful but hopefully next time someone fixes the tags. After considering the story's credibility and the author's writing style, i have to say i do not regret reading this and it was a wonderful experience despite Zach's combination personality of curiosity and lack of emotions.Thank you for this opportunity. For more novels set in Amish communities visit Melody Carlson's page.

  • Benish K (Beenazai)
    2018-11-12 08:36

    Aaah .. what a cute novel! I really enjoyed reading this book after reading the first chapter. I haven't read Christian fiction in years now, I usually stayed away from it because I'm not Christian. I'm glad I started reading more into Christian fiction now, the concept of this novel is actually brilliant. I knew I would like it after reading the synopsis! I liked both of the characters Zach and Micah, there wasn't really anything I disliked about them. I wanted both of them to work out their relationship. They're both smart, hard working, brave, and sweet. I didn't like Zach's mother at all, she just seemed grimy towards Micah especially. This is a clean and a sweet YA novel, I absolutely loved it! It's a coming of age story of two teens who are struggling to do what's right for them.I find the Amish lifestyle fascinating, I learned much more than I already knew through this book. In Trading Secrets, Micah is a girl who's pen pal is an Amish male name Zach. They're unaware of what the other one looks like. The real issue is Zach thinks she's a boy, and Micah doesn't correct him because he's Amish and afraid he'll stop talking to her because she's a girl. I read this book in one setting, I couldn't put it down once I put it down. I'm glad there was more to this novel than Micah not telling the truth. The build up in Zach's and Micah's relationship was cute. I was hoping for more love though.O V E R A L L, the novel is well written and engages the reader. The food descriptions in this novel made me hungry throughout the book. Trading Secrets is a great read, however, if you're into learning more about cultures - don't just read a book, visit the actual residence of the Amish, like I have in the past. I enjoyed reading this novel, and I didn't find anything wrong in this novel. The ending was an open note, so I'm hoping there is a sequel for this book. I have so many questions that are left answered.Disclosure: Review copy was sent free of charge from Revell Reads Book Tour in exchange for an honest review.

  • Michelle
    2018-11-14 02:41

    Trading Secrets by Melody Carlson, RevellTeen Fiction, Amish, RomanceISBN 9780800722272 Micah Knight and Zach have been pen pals every since her 5th grade teacher gave an writing assignment 6 years ago. They have become great friends and have helped each other through some difficult times. Now Zach is on his rum spring and would like to visit Micah. His father will not allow it because of planting, so Micah volunteers to go and help. The only problem is Zach and everyone else think she is a boy. She shows up on the farm dressed as a boy but soon confesses she is not.Quote: “Zach is absolutely certain that I’m a boy, Lizzie! For more than six years he has completely believed my little myth. This whole time he’s been writing me--- conversing with me like I’m his best friend --- like I’m a boy.” I really enjoyed watching feelings develop between these two but also enjoyed the way Zach dealt with his struggle about leaving or staying Amish. The author Melody Carlson did a great job of brining the characters to life. I enjoyed the comparison of the English lifestyle to the Amish lifestyle. The storyline was portrayed in a believable way a normal teen would question life and faith. The struggle to do right or wrong was well played out. I enjoyed this teen fiction and had no problem reading it as an adult. I highly recommend this 5 star book to teen and adults. This is a book, I can be proud to pass to a teen in my life knowing that it is a great clean read. I hope to the author continues their story. I would love to hear the rest of the story.I want to give a high-five to the author Melody Carlson and publisher Revell for bringing compelling Christian books that are entertaining and give hope to the reader with stories of faith for both teens and adults. I was provided me with this book in exchange for my honest review and I am so grateful for the authors and publishers generosity.

  • Renee
    2018-11-13 06:31

    I don't normally pick up young adult books when I visit the Christian book section, but I'm considering making room on my shelves after having had such a great experience with the books I've read this year. Since Amish stories are my guilty pleasures, I thought I'd give Trading Secrets, teen fiction set in Ohio, a go. While not a must-read, it's still a cute story of faith and friendship.Micah Night has been a pen pal to Amish boy Zach Miller since elementary school with no problems. When plans are made for the two to finally meet there's just one thing that Micah is worried about - that Zach won't want to be friends when he finds out she's a girl! Following the awkward first meeting, what ensues Micah couldn't have imagined.While Trading Secrets is definitely not what I'm used to reading in the young adult fiction genre, I thought it was adorable. Sure, there are parts that are completely unbelievable, did she really have to explain race to Zach and did her dad really agree to fly a boy away from his family on a whim? but the overall story was sweet. I love the fact that this story is centered around friendship between a boy and a girl and not some insane romance. Don't get me wrong, I love a crazy romance as much as the next person, but it's nice to see things toned down. That said, I do want to know what happens next in their story. Carlson definitely leaves room for more. If you're looking for a clean story for your kids or just a short and sweet story for yourself, this is a nice book. If it weren't for the rushed ending and loose ends, I really think I would have given this book 4 or 5 stars.~ My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ~*I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists, and/or authors. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.*

  • Victor Gentile
    2018-10-26 09:23

    Melody Carlson in her new book, “Trading Secrets” published by Revell brings us into the life of Micah Knight.From the back cover: The truth may set you free–but it might also land you in some uncomfortably hot water.Over the years, Micah Knight has exchanged many letters–and many secrets–with her longtime Amish pen pal, Zach. But Micah’s kept quiet on the biggest secret of all–the fact that despite her name, she’s a girl.Now Micah finally has the chance to meet her pen pal face-to-face. She wants nothing more than to experience life on Zach’s Amish farm, but she’s more than a little anxious. Will he be angry at her for deceiving him all these years? And will she risk losing his friendship to find something more?I suppose the worst thing you can do to a relationship, any relationship, is to keep secrets. And when the secret you are keeping is your gender then this is deceit stretched to the max. Micah is a girl with a boy’s name who really wants to meet her pen pal Zach but he doesn’t know she is a girl and she is, after so many years, afraid to tell him. So that is when the deceit really spins out of control when she has to masquerade as a boy to the extreme of changing her voice. “Trading Secrets” is a story of love and truthfulness in a relationship. Melody Carlson knows how to write and she has delivered a wonderful story about learning who we are and what we are about. There are great characters within these pages that we can like a lot with plenty of human relationships that we can identify with.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Revell. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Jessica Higgins
    2018-11-05 09:47

    Secrets have a way of tearing people apart, but can also bring them closer together.In the 5th grade, Micah’s teacher had the class begin pen pal letters to a nearby Amish community. Micah’s pen pal was named Zach and she quickly realized that Zach thought she was a boy. She went along with it with the intentions of telling him in the future, but five years later they are still writing and she still hasn’t told him. She would, but she is afraid that the relationship will end once she does. When her mom died, Zach’s letters were what helped her get through the grief and she has begun to depend on him more than she realizes. Then one day, she gets a chance to go to Zach’s family farm and meet him. But should she tell him that she is a girl? Or just show up as a surprise? Will this secret be the end of their friendship?Melody Carlson gives us two points of view to consider in this book. The first is Micah, a seventeen year old girl that lives in Cleveland with her father with the standard luxuries that most people enjoy today. The second is Zach, an eighteen year old Amish boy who is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Their lives intersect and we get the chance to see what a secret can do to a friendship, which is the main point of the book. However, we also get glimpses of what Amish teens go through when trying to decide what to do about their future and their faith. Carlson kept me entertained throughout her story. I had some parts figured out and the ending was pretty predictable, but very good all the same. I would say that this is a good read for teens. Carlson does a good job of bringing up our personal relationships with God in several parts of the book and how prayer is a necessary part of our lives. I’ll be curious if there will be a sequel to find out how Micah and Zach’s futures play out.