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In May 2014, audiences will witness the epic rebirth of the King of Monsters as Legendary and Warner Bros. bring Godzilla to the big screen. To pave the way for the iconic creature's return, Legendary Comics is proud to present the official Godzilla prequel graphic novel!Delve into an incredible mystery, generations in the making. At the dawn of the atomic age, humanity awIn May 2014, audiences will witness the epic rebirth of the King of Monsters as Legendary and Warner Bros. bring Godzilla to the big screen. To pave the way for the iconic creature's return, Legendary Comics is proud to present the official Godzilla prequel graphic novel!Delve into an incredible mystery, generations in the making. At the dawn of the atomic age, humanity awakens lifeforms beyond imagination, unleashing monumental forces of nature. This explosive, larger-than-life adventure is the perfect way for fans to experience the new Godzilla before seeing it in theaters....

Title : Godzilla: Awakening
Author :
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ISBN : 9781401250355
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 80 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Godzilla: Awakening Reviews

  • Sr3yas
    2018-11-11 02:01

    A prequel to MonsterVerse's own Godzilla. RwaaaaaaaAAAAArThe story reveals the history of Godzilla and its warm friendship with MUTO, starting from pre-pre-history of Earth to years before movie Godzilla (2014). The story also covers the formation of MONARCH and showcases a bar room brawl between MUTO and Godzilla.Well, there is a plot here somewhere. But it's almost as if the writer had to catch a flight and rushed the whole affair into a giant Godzilla-sized mess. In this graphic novel, you'll find years worth of story scattered all over the place like a poorly constructed house of cards. There are some good parts like the introduction of MUTO (which involves a giant ship!) and some well-drawn panels. But the rest sucks.

  • Димитър Цолов
    2018-11-06 04:05

    "Годзила: Пробуждане" е официална графична новела - предистория на филма от 2014, на която попаднах онлайн. Ето и анотацията: Главен герой е бащата на Иширо Серизава (японският учен от филма, тук още дете).След атомната бомба над Хирошима се появява Шиномура ( яп. «рояк на смъртта» ) - летящо чудовище, пробудено от ядрения взрив. Древно колониално създание, хранещо се с радиоактивни материали и нарастващо главоломно, способно да възстановява тялото си и от малка останала част, унищожавайки и убивайки всичко по пътя си.Серизава (бащата) започва работа и за секретна организация "Монарх", целяща да заличава вредителите.Нападенията продължават, а очевидци са видели влечугоподобно гигантско същество да преследва първото. Серизава вярва, че това е Годзила - митичен естествен враг на Шиномура. Дали обаче ще успее да убеди останалите, че природата може да се справи, или военните ще...

  • Thomas Salerno
    2018-11-04 01:06

    Like many fans of the “King of the Monsters” I am super exited for the release of the new Godzilla film next week. Unable to take the anticipation any longer, I picked up Godzilla: Awakening. This graphic novel is a prequel to the new Godzilla movie and is even written by the film’s screenwriter. I had already gleaned from the movie’s trailers that this American reboot of the Godzilla franchise was going to put a new twist on the origin story of our favorite kaiju. I was eager to find out the details and read the entire graphic novel while commuting home on the train.Boy, was I disappointed. If you don’t like spoilers, skip to the last paragraph.The book is set from the 1940s to the 1980s and covers all of that time in exactly 65 pages. Granted, most graphic novels aren’t very long, but this story unfortunately suffers from poor pacing. The story jumps from location to location and time period to time period in a very rushed manner. You barely have time to take in what’s happened before the narrative whisks you away suddenly to another exotic locale. Unsurprisingly, given that this book was written by a screenwriter, it almost seems like they took a film script and put it into graphic novel form. The dialogue is not very good either. It is stilted and unnatural. I can only hope the actual movie’s dialogue is better. I was also not very impressed by the artwork, except for the cover art which is great.Almost all of the action takes place in a series of flashbacks. The main character is Serizawa, a Japanese sailor who was recruited by the U.S. government after World War II to hunt down giant monsters code named M.U.T.O. (for “Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms”). Ever since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, M.U.T.O.s have been attacking ships and isolated island communities across the eastern Pacific, and the U.S. military has been attempting, with mixed success, to simultaneously cover them up and find a way to stop them.Along the way, Serizawa gathers evidence for the presence of another, more powerful monster that the Pacific islanders call “Gojira” and soon develops a convoluted theory as its origins and its connections to the M.U.T.O.Here’s where the story really started to lose me. Godzilla’s new origin is even more ridiculous than the original Japanese version from the ‘50s. Granted, the subject matter has an inherent ridiculousness: It’s about a 400-foot-tall prehistoric reptile for crying out loud! But even I was unable to suspend my disbelief for this silly scenario. I won’t spoil it for you here, and they’ll probably explain it in the movie anyway. What I will say is that, in this version, Godzilla is not created by the A-Bomb, but was awakened by it (hence Godzilla: Awakening).Another thing is, for a graphic novel claiming to be about Godzilla, he hardly ever shows up! Most of the pages are instead filled with human characters just talking about Godzilla. The Big Guy’s actual appearances are few and far between and cover only a few panels before he disappears again. We see more of the mysterious (and boring) M.U.T.O. than Godzilla.This book also has serious lapses in logic, even for a Godzilla story. Serizawa spends a good long while explaining to the military brass that Godzilla and Shinomura (Serizawa’s name for the M.U.T.O.) survive and get stronger by absorbing radiation from the environment. And the military’s new plan of attack in response to this important information? Just nuke ‘em! What?!?!? That makes no sense! One idiot actually says “If all else fails… we’ve yet to meet a problem that the A-Bomb can’t fix.” Huh? They are powered by radiation, nuking them will only make them stronger!The ending is really underwhelming and is obviously setting things up the movie. And that’s the problem with this graphic novel: It’s all plot exposition that they couldn’t fit into the film. That’s why it’s dull. If you’re a hard core fan of Godzilla, you might want to read this graphic novel to have the inside scoop on the new film. However, if you’re just casually interested, my advice would be don’t even bother with this and just see the movie, which will likely cover most of the same material more effectively. Here’s hoping, anyway.

  • Bradley Dharam
    2018-11-03 06:04

    It's always of benefit for the screenwriters of a science-fiction film to have written its prequel comic(s). Seamless transitions aid both mediums, and speak up to the über fans who enjoy them; this is a good read for über Godzilla fans, fans who 1.) are excited about seeing the new (as of this review) 2014 film for the first time, and 2.) have an immense respect for the original 1954 film -- something required to appreciate the narrative of the *new* film, and rightfully so. It also doesn't hurt if you have time for an 80-page evening read and love comicbooks. We're given a logical, interesting set-up and backstory, executed by solid dialogue, and good linework and coloring. There are, of course, a few textless, standout splash-pages featuring the Daikaiju Alpha himself that are beautiful; even when the clarity of the lines seems a problem, the page layout and coloring pick up the slack. We're given an explanation of the MUTO acronym, as well as a neat callback to Monster Island from the Showa Series/Era of TOHO films towards the tail end of the book, and it's a read that's from an almost entirely Japanese perspective, which speaks for itself. I personally enjoyed the tone of this book, and its length -- it's the perfect amount of artwork, dialogue, and set-up. And having it all nicely hardbound with great art setting the tone for the film (just as Legendary Comics' did previously with 'Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero') only helps it.

  • Unai
    2018-10-24 01:03

    Cómic precuela publicado esta semana con el mismo guionista que la película y del que por si acaso alguno quiere ir al cine sin saber nada de nada, no voy a contar apenas la trama. Digamos que nos presenta los años posteriores al final de la segunda guerra mundial y que es lo que despertamos de su sueño de millones de años. Seres de otro tiempo, largamente dormidos que necesitan de la radiación, encontraran en nuestro tiempo un planeta rico en mierda nuclear y si alguien o algo no los para, el mundo tal como lo conocemos, será un recuerdo.Aquí queda bastante claro que es Godzilla, quienes son los otros elementos en juego y la forma de combatirlos. Se lee en un suspiro y sirve de aclaración para quienes crean que van a ver otra película en vez de una de Godzilla... que parecer un contrasentido, pero se ve que son muchos, por lo visto en las criticas de los pases de prensa españoles.Lo malo de que sea lea en un suspiro, es que que te has dejado casi 12€ en ello. 8€ Hubiera sido un precio mas justo, tal y como cuesta la reedición de "La Broma Asesina", pero tampoco me arrepiento. El dibujo tiene sus momentos doblemente disfrutables por las paginas a lápiz que tenemos como extras.

  • Darth
    2018-11-17 05:01

    The artwork was amazing for this topic. The palette the artist used were of vibrant colors that you'd be more likely to see in an anime. I've come to expect gritty, dark images for Godzilla stuff, so this was refreshing. The story was very similar to the movie that recently came out where Godzilla is "helping" them fight the other monsters.

  • Hew France
    2018-11-08 03:59

    Not a bad read. From what i know about the movie before seeing the movie, this ties in nicely. art work is pretty keen. my only issue is the treatment of Godzilla. He's presented more as a variable in the universe, as opposed to a character. even in the original Gojira, he was more characterized than in this book. still, enjoyable. The King has returned. Long live the king.

  • Ryan Stewart
    2018-10-28 07:08

    I found this to be entertaining and well worth one read through, especially if you enjoyed the new film and want a little more back story on this modern take on Godzilla. It was a quick, one-sitting read so my biggest knock on it was the price tag.

  • Larry
    2018-10-31 06:50

    Great companion comic to the movieIt was a great, yet short, read. Effectively sets the tone for the movie and tells a very interesting origin story. There could have been more Godzilla but there was enough to keep me going. Really excited for the movie now.

  • Scott
    2018-11-01 05:55

    It was okay. Nothing spectacular nothing horrible.

  • neil shafer
    2018-11-07 05:52

    My thoughts on GodzillaGood book , more detailed information then the movie and I like the concept art shows how much time was put into it

  • Jeremy Katz
    2018-11-05 01:54

    It serves as a good means to add depth to the monsterverse, however nothing here is relevant to the film that it ties into. There is nothing that is missed or gained by reading this book, but it is still a fun read if you are a Godzilla fan.

  • Anson Tran
    2018-11-05 09:04

    Very informational about the 2014 Godzilla movie and the origins of Godzilla, great comic - (would not readz again cuz, no.)

  • Scott Newman
    2018-11-02 02:02

    Might be bias because I'm a genuine Godzilla nerd but I LOVED THIS COMIC!

  • Deena Wilde
    2018-11-20 08:02

    Good story that leads to the film. Artwork was good.

  • Patrick
    2018-11-15 07:52

    A good prequel to the I need to watch the movie again.

  • Дени Проданова
    2018-10-30 07:05


  • Xander
    2018-10-25 04:03

    Wow it pains me to give a low rating to anything in the Godzilla-verse. The artists have a great deal of talent, but it all felt unedited. Also, the "scientist" was completely unbelievable, and the climax was unfocused.

  • Kooshmeister
    2018-10-25 05:03

    This is a beautiful comic. It has a gorgeous hardcover and breathtaking artwork, and an interesting story setting up the movie's notion of Godzilla as Earth's protector from evil radiation-eating monsters.The Hiroshima sequence seemed a little unusual, but not out of place - although the original Godzilla wasn't created by the bombing, in real life, it did inspire Toho to create him, so Godzilla and that real life incident (as well as Nagasaki) are inseparable, thematically. Besides, Toho themselves haven't been shy about using the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings as plot points in their own films (such as the beginning of Frankenstein Conquers the World).It's just it seems a little heavy-handed, especially given the implication Godzilla apparently saved (!) the young Serizawa and his father from the M.U.T.O. that was attracted to the radiation of the explosion - effectively metaphorically saving them from the atomic blast itself. However, it makes sense within the story itself, so it's no big deal.As for the rest of the comic, I liked Serizawa's character arc. His angry teenage years where he is fiercely angry with America for the bombings (understandable in the years immediately following the war), before he slowly blossums into a more sophisticated, laid back man with a deeper understanding of the world. His obsession with Godzilla which drives him to become a scientist and travel the world in search of him (and other monsters) is really great, too. It serves as a really great prequel to the movie, especially since Serizawa in the movie got next to no character development except for the scene where he shows Stenz his father's pocketwatch (which, yes, features here).All told, a really great, well put together comic. My only other comment is I'm a little iffy about the sympathetic portrayal of Douglas MacArthur. Patton he isn't. And the artists drew him looking a little too much like Eisenhower for my tastes. However, it's only one brief scene, and it's essentially just one of the "fictional character meets real life historical figure" kind, so it neither makes nor breaks the comic.

  • Robert
    2018-11-21 05:00

    Karena terpengaruh hype film Godzilla bikinan Gareth Edwards yang cukup mempesona (sampai saya putuskan untuk mengkoleksi action figure-nya yang super keren dari SH MonsterArts), saya memutuskan untuk membeli graphic novel ini.Dengan nama besar Godzilla yang berusaha dikembalikan reputasi internasionalnya (setelah sempat dihancurkan Roland Emmerich di tahun 1998), saya memiliki keyakinan kalau Legendary menerbitkan graphic novel ini dengan sangat serius. Barangkali sarat cerita yang sedikit gelap, seperti selera favoritnya Gareth Edwards, demikian pikir saya. Apalagi ilustrasi Godzilla di sampul depan sangat membahana sekali, tak ada salahnya mengkoleksi komik ini tentunya.Apa daya setelah sekitar setengah jam saya membaca habis buku ini, hanya terbayang segumpal kekecewaan yang mengendap di benak. Selain cerita yang (bagi saya) kurang mengupas dalam sebagai upaya prekuel Godzilla di film, komik ini juga memiliki inkonsistensi dalam goresan gaya ilustrasi. Belakangan saya tahu bahwa memang ada 3 ilustrator yang berkolaborasi menggarap komik ini dan klimaksnya yang menggambar ilustrasi Godzilla di sampul depan ternyata juga seorang ilustrator yang berbeda lagi.Selain itu, bagi yang mengharapkan banyaknya scene Godzilla yang sedang gagah bertarung harus siap-siap kecewa karena porsinya cukup minim ditambah dengan karakter villain yang dihadapi Godzilla di dalam komik ini menurut saya terkesan kurang nyata (atau kurang mantap). Entah mengapa, saya kesulitan merasakan esensi jiwa Godzilla yang meraung-raung di dalam buku ini.Tapi… Bagi para pecinta sejati Godzilla, tentunya graphic novel ini layak dikoleksi. Material bukunya yang berupa hardcover sangat elegan dengan sketsa-sketsa ilustrasi awal Godzilla di halaman belakang. Namun kalau Anda hanya sekadar penasaran ingin membaca, lebih baik meminjam dari kawan Anda saja.Sekilas seperti: membaca buku berbahasa Jepang yang ditulis oleh orang Amerika yang bahkan tidak tahu menulis huruf kanji

  • Benn Allen
    2018-11-13 01:52

    "Godzilla: Awakening" is a comic book prequel to the movie, "Godzilla (2014)". As such, it's not really necessary. The movie does a fine job of telling you all you need to know and providing enough backstory that reading this graphic novel is not essential to one's enjoyment of the film. Not only does it not enhance the movie, but in "Godzilla (2014)", it seems obvious Gojira and other kaiju are being discovered for the first time whereas the graphic novel tells us they were first encountered in the 1940s. While this isn't necessarily a contradiction, it doesn't quite feel right either. ("Godzilla: Awakening" shows us the origin of the concept of a prehistoric alpha predator and where the name Gojira comes from, but the movie doesn't suffer from this information nor is it made better by it.) Possibly the weakest aspect of the graphic novel lies in its art. It isn't that artists Eric Battle, Yvel Guichet and Alan Quah are bad storytellers or have poor art skills. It's that they do not bother doing much in the way of research. Much of the story takes place in the 1940s and 1950s, yet many characters have modern, contemporary hairstyles and clothes. The most egregious of these is Dr. Zamalek, who looks like a flamboyantly gay version of Yo-Gi-Oh. It would have been nice if the artists had done a little research on the styles of those days. As it is, it's distracting to see such anachronistic fashion and hairstyles in the book.Still, this is a lite, entertaining read. (Though I do wish the final battle between Gojira and Shinomura was better delineated, not to mention the Shinomura less amorphous.) The flaws in it are minor and more pesky than anything else.

  • Mark
    2018-10-27 01:59

    Godzilla: AwakeningAuthor: Borenstein, Borenstein, Battle, Guichet, QuahPublisher: Legendary Comics / Warner Brothers / DC EntertainmentPublished In: Burbank, CA, USADate: 2014Pgs: 80REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary:The bombs of the atomic age have awakened creatures beyond imagining. Monumental forces of nature walk forth. Godzilla lives.Genre:Comics and graphic novelsFictionMythologyScience fictionWhy this book:It’s Godzilla...c’’s Godzilla.______________________________________________________________________________Favorite Character:Godzilla. If my favorite character in a Godzilla story isn’t Godzilla, then, there is something wrong with the story.Least Favorite Character: Serizawa when he’s doing the “but Godzilla is good” dance.MacArthur and his believing that the bomb will make it all go away. Rings very true to some of the attitudes of that generation.The Feel:Supposed to be a prequel to the movie and feels like it.Favorite Scene:The ship that they come to rescue being up on top of the mountain, crushed, like it was tossed there, is an awesome scene.Pacing:Very good.______________________________________________________________________________Last Page Sound:Cool. [makes Godzilla sound}Knee Jerk Reaction:glad I read itDisposition of Book:Irving Public LibraryIrving, TxWould recommend to:friends, family, kids, colleagues, everyone, genre fans

  • Sam
    2018-11-06 00:51

    I think its a good book, I've always liked the Godzilla series. The book is about Godzilla destroying half of Tokyo. The Humans are trying to stop him, but as usual it doesn't really work out. I recommend this book.

  • Mario
    2018-11-08 06:03

    Highly disappointing. Parts of it fly by, but there isn't really enough action to call it fast-paced, or enough plot to call it a story. There are a few nice 'set piece' type illustrations, but I'm not a fan of the art style generally. To me, it lacks detail and depth; you get no reward of a greater understanding or appreciation if you examine the art closely. It's the opposite, if anything; you are meant to get an impression and move on.The basic ideas behind the "new origin" aren't bad, but I think the execution is a bit iffy, and it leaves me a little wary about the movie. There are basically three Godzilla stories after all:1. It's the villain2. It fights another monster, and people get in the wayor 3. Another monster attacks humans, and Godzilla shows up to fight it off.This story leads me to believe that #3 is the story we're getting, which is the weakest of the three options. Godzilla should be a force against which people struggle, not a misunderstood hero saving the day. I'm sure they won't go campy with it, but any time a character (or an audience member) thinks of saying "don't worry, everything is going to be okay, Godzilla is here" I feel like an important element of the story, and the character, has been lost.I received this free through Goodreads First Reads (thanks!)

  • Stanley
    2018-11-03 07:54

    Not a bad little prequel story, but not great either.I was hoping for a little more for my $20 than an equivalent to a hard covered 3 comic collection, that is actually broken down internally to three sections to correlate.The art was a little generic and old school, which I did not expect. I epected it to be a little heavier and darker with the tone of the movie.However, if you came for the story, you are in luck. You not only get the origination of Monarch and the story behind the pocket watch, you also get tie-ins to historyical events.The art also quickly improves and the final page of Chapter 1 is stunning. I'm sure I will see it in my sleep.Some of the art in the back looks better in black and white than it does in full page color in the story.Overall, Godzilla: Awakening was a fun installment in the lore, but it is not really needed and for the price, adds too little.I would tell people to try to buy it discounted (Amazon currently has it for 2/3rds retail) at which it matches more closely to what it is. Or, if you are going to buy it full price, make sure to do so at your local brick and mortar comic book store.I did not do this, so I will be trying to pay penance tomorrow, but purchasing other Godzilla books there.

  • Hrishi
    2018-11-18 00:45

    The hype machine runs its course and a la Pacific Rim, we get a prequel comic for the tent pole kaiju blockbuster about to be unleashed!I admit that I was skeptical about this comic (at a mere 80 pages, it's at best a graphic novella), and alas my skepticism proved true. There's a few gorgeous panels of art, and the 1940s setting story told in flashbacks to Serizawa (the character to be played by Ken Watanabe in the movie) is mildly intriguing. Overall I was disappointed however and didn't think the back-story, which will probably be told in the movie anyway, was worth the price of the volume.Anyway - for diehard Godzilla fans, this is probably a must have to feed the frenzy leading up to the movie. For me it was an idle curiosity that didn't diminish, but did little to add to my excitement to see the movie.Oh and warning to the spoiler averse - the book does give away the monster's origin, purpose, and probably some key plot points - that is if you haven't deduced them from the ridiculously revelatory trailers!

  • Bianca
    2018-10-27 07:10

    So if you know me you know I LOVE and am absolutely obsessed with Godzilla. I saw this graphic novel in the library and couldn't resist getting my Godzilla Fix! I definitely was not disappointed in the slightest- it was a great back story that spans nearly half a century with numerous sightings of not only Godzilla but also Shinomura. The whole Godzilla plot is basically him going after the Shinomura and the Shinomura going after radioactive-filled places on earth. It's a pretty quick read but I'd definitely suggest really taking the time to inspect each frame because each frame adds so much to the story and even the subtext and story going on away from the text and preknowledge of all things Godzilla.

  • Vicky
    2018-11-12 08:06

    I won this comic in a giveaway, and I like the cover page its a short comic. I wish there was more Godzilla fight scenes and on the last page has the movie poster image.

  • Adam
    2018-10-31 05:46

    I wasn't expecting the world - just a fun little Sci Fi Godzilla romp for someone who enjoyed the new movie. Unfortunately, it didn't meet those modest expectations. It did a few things right; the nuclear themes were right on and some of the art (mainly the spreads of Godzilla) were great. The rest, though, was a mess. The story has serious pacing problems, the dialogue is awful, and some of the art is so incoherent that I literally couldn't tell what was happening in the frames. I'm not sure what happened here, but this book is hard to recommend to even the most hard core Godzilla fans.

  • Trae Stratton
    2018-11-15 02:00

    Disappointing prequel to the movie that expands upon the Monarch Project but somehow finds a way to deliver very little new material to the actual story. Instead of hinting at Godzilla sightings and battles through cave paintings and other ancient lore, I would have preferred to see them- that would have been more fun and given our favorite "alpha predator" a chance to flex his muscles and defend his title as King of the Monsters.