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Big and bold, strong and sexy, the firefighters of the Lanville, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department know how to turn up the heat...FierySparks fly the moment Eve and Quade meet. Fear of heartbreak makes them wary but neither can deny the scorching waves of desire that leave them wanting so much more...FlarePaige wonders about Cort's past but she can't ignore the heat she feeBig and bold, strong and sexy, the firefighters of the Lanville, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department know how to turn up the heat...FierySparks fly the moment Eve and Quade meet. Fear of heartbreak makes them wary but neither can deny the scorching waves of desire that leave them wanting so much more...FlarePaige wonders about Cort's past but she can't ignore the heat she feels inside every time he touches her. And things only get hotter when this sexy firefighter takes her to the heights of extreme carnal pleasure...FlashFor years Kirk has kept a secret that not even his twin knows. But the arrival in town of a sexy newcomer turns up the heat and keeps the flames of passion burning all night long......

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Flaming Hot Reviews

  • Gigi
    2019-06-02 05:19

    Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, that was positively delightful! I only read the third story Flash because the other two were M/F and I wasn't in the mood for vaginas. Flash is worth the price of the entire book! Romantic, sweet, a touch of angst and some seriously smoking hot sex, I am absolutely going to recommend this to all M/M romance fans. Doesn't hurt one bit that MC Kirk is a volunteer firefighter. *dreamy sigh*Enjoy!

  • Ivy Deluca
    2019-06-15 02:19

    Anthology set in a small town’s volunteer firemen.The Good, the Bad and Everything In Between-Anthology: there are three interconnected stories (Fiery, Flare, Flash), which helped to keep things moving along. Of the three, I would say the most excitement found was in Paige and Cort’s story (Flare). -Sex o’ plenty: There’s plenty of sex scenes, even some A-play (and not just with the m/m romance). -Reading earlier books might have been helpful: when Fiery starts, there are alot of characters thrown into the mix and I quickly realized that I was missing some familiarity with them. This could still work as a standalone, but it was a bit disorienting at first.-Lack of tension: There was plenty of sex, but I lacked that sense of connection between the characters, and any urgency. In each of them, I genuinely felt as if I was following random people who liked each other and were attracted to each other sexually. And that’s it. Sex is sex, but passion is what really fuels a romance for me. That feeling of “if I don’t have you I’ll die,” that intensity, is an integral part of any story for me. Here, it was pleasant, and yes, even sexy at times, but I didn’t think any of these characters were yearning for each other.The Bottom LineIf you’ve read the previous books in this series, this may work for you more than it did for me. For a book on firemen, it was lacking a bit of heat.**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

  • Tali
    2019-06-17 07:13

    A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is three short stories based around the volunteer firefighters of Lanville. Fiery is the story of Quade and Eve, Flare tells of the romance between Paige and undercover policeman, Cort, and Flash is the story of Kirk, an in-the-closet contractor and new member of staff, Josh.Of the three stories I thought that Flare was the story with the best chemistry between the characters, while Flash was the weakest, despite having the best premise. In many ways though, it felt like nothing in these stories ever got resolved properly. We're introduced to these characters with all their problems and after much soul-searching, they're all solved in about half a page. It makes the stories more unbelievable and it made the rest of the story drag out with endless sex scenes, that in some cases you can really do without. I also found it strange that while the characters are always saying there's hardly any fires where they live, there seems to be one per short story, which seems like rather a lot for 'hardly any'.Some good characters, but the stories and sex scenes didn't really grab my attention like I wanted them to. 2 stars.

  • Jennifer Hines
    2019-05-28 04:02

    *I received an ARC of this book free from Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review*I fell in love with Lynn’s Lanville volunteer firefighters when the first story was published in a complication called Hot Shots. And I’m so glad I came across it! After that we got three more captivating stories in Smokin’ Hot. I couldn’t wait for Flaming Hot…I’m addicted.Fiery Eve’s been hurt and doesn’t want to risk being hurt again, which is why dating isn’t even on her radar. There’s just one problem with that, she’s definitely on Quade’s, and although he’s a patient man he’s done waiting. He wants Eve and knows just how to be persuasive enough to get the chance.Once Eve agrees to go out with Quade things heat up very quickly. Neither can get enough of the other. He’s falling for her too fast and she’s enjoying spending time with him, but she doesn’t want more, and when he drops an invitation on her lap she panics.Thank goodness for meddling friends and talkative labs.“I like when you look at me that way.”“What way?” she asked, her voice coming out huskier than she’d prefer.“Like you’re thinking about all the things I could do to you with my tongue.” Their relationship is light for the most part and the sex is hot and heavy, but they never really delve into why she sucks at relationships. It just kind of glossed over it. Oh well, guess the reason wasn’t important.4 Fiery Hearts! Flare Paige isn’t looking for Mr. Right, simply because she doesn’t expect to find him, so instead she’s looking for Mr. Light-My-Panites-On-Fire and boy oh boy does she find him.Cort has business in Lanville, and it’s something he can’t share. He doesn’t want to be secretive, but he doesn’t really have a choice. Of course, he didn’t expect falling for a gorgeous woman in the few days he’d be there either, and that just complicated his situation.“My God, you’re an amazing woman.” Cort turned her around, gently pushed on her shoulders until she sat on the bed. “I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman as sexy as you.” The attraction between Paige and Cort is instantaneous and neither do anything to deter that fact. Sometimes you can’t let something good pass you by. They can always figure out the details later, which thankfully they do.The ending kind of seemed a little too bing-bang-boom, but it still wrapped up nicely.3 Fiery Hearts! Flash Wow! Just wow! Now that was freaking H-O-T!Kirk and Kory are the sexy twins. Kory’s the horn dog, always looking to get laid, and Kirk is the laid back quiet one who wants to settle down. Problem is…he’s gay, and no one knows. It’s probably the only secret he’s ever kept from his brother. But when a sexy stranger comes to town and leaves him breathless he figures it’s time to finally come clean to not only his brother, but also his parents.Josh isn’t the typical rich kid. Yes, he has money, but he also wants to know how it feels to work with his hands for that money. With no work experience, Kirk hires him on the spot…of course who needs experience when you have a nice ass. Only problem is that he only needs a job for a few months and then he wants to continue on down the road.Kirk and Josh hit it off from the start and it doesn’t take long for Kirk to open up to him. Their romance is filled with want, need, and a whole lot of passion.“Watching you jerk off was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” But what happens when those few months are up and it’s time for Josh to get back on the road? Sadness, that’s what.This was my favorite story and I absolutely loved the ending, PDA and all.5 Fiery Hearts!Flaming Hot continues the greatness that is Lynn LaFleur’s Firefighters of Lanville, TX. With every character comes a completely independent story, but at the same time keeps in all the characters we’ve grown to love. I can’t wait to see whose next. I’m betting someone can get Kory to settle down…wonder if it’ll be that sweet waitress he secretly has eyes for.

  • Steph McVicker
    2019-05-23 05:27

    The volunteer firefighters of Lanville, TX know how to heat things up in this three story anthology by Lynn LeFleur. FIERY Eve Van Den Bergh sucks at relationships. After two failed engagements, she's got no desire to even date anymore. That is, until sexy school counselor Quade Easton starts asking her out. The two of them ignite a flame that burns hot and fast, but Eve's been burned before and isn't willing to risk her heart again. Can the charismatic volunteer firefighter make her believe in love again? FLARE Although volunteer firefighter Paige Denslow has dated half of Lanville, she's still looking for her HEA. When her dream man rides into town in leather and chrome, Paige won't be denied. Colt Brennaman is only in town for a short time working undercover to find out who's robbing gas stations. He didn't expect to find love, but keeping Paige in the dark about his true identity could cause their burgeoning relationship to go up in flames. FLASH Kirk Wilcox has been searching for that perfect person for a long time, but being so deeply in the closet makes it tough. When Joshua Stafford comes looking for a job at Wilcox Lumber, the two of them fall in lust immediately. But Kirk knows that Josh is only in town for a short time and wonders if it's worth finally coming out to his family for a man who won't stick around. FLAMING HOT is an anthology of three stories featuring the men and women of the Lanville, TX Volunteer Fire Department. I really didn't care for the first two stories in this book, FIERY and FLARE. The chemistry simply wasn't there between any of the MC's and the sex was uncomfortable, awkward and forced. In FIERY, the two wouldn't stop their completely inane dialogue during sex while the whole story of FLARE was inconsistent at best. At times it feels like Ms. LaFleur is using slang and dirty words simply for shock value that never comes. The writing feels gratuitous and not naturally flowing at all. I wouldn't give either of those stories more than a 2 rating, and that's being generous. I did enjoy FLASH, as the two MC's actually had some decent chemistry between them. Their sex scenes were well done and very erotic, though at times Ms. LaFleur tilted perilously close to crossing the "sexy" line into straight up smut. Alone, I would rate this story a 3. As a whole, this is one threesome that I wouldn't recommend participating in, though there are spots of solid writing during FLASH that allows me to keep Ms. LaFleur on the "would read again" list. - See more at: - See more at:

  • HappilyEverChapter
    2019-06-14 10:06

    ***Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review. *** 3 novella collection~ FIERY ~After the death of her mother, graduation in Amsterdam, and two failed engagements, Eve Van Den Bergh took her college friend, Rhea, up on moving to Lanville and working for her at the craft shop. As attracted to Quade as she is, she feels like she's faulty and cannot get into a relationship because of it. Quade's tired of meaningless sex and wants a "forever" woman. Problem is she won't even go out on a single date with him! As a volunteer fire fighter and high school counselor, he figures something happened to cause her wariness but can almost guarantee it was not abuse. Now, if he could only get to the heart of it and break down those walls...Rating: 4.2-----------------------~ FLARE ~Paige Denslow works at Spencer's, a convenient store with gas station and mechanic bays that Clay, the volunteer fire department's Chief, owns. Daydreaming of a man of her own, one with very specific attributes, she never expected Cort Brennaman to appear as if conjured by her fantasies. He's arrived in Lanville seeking the open Chef position at Cafe' Crystal as part of his cover.Rating: 4.1-------------------------~ FLASH ~ Kirk Wilcox: Kory's twin, son/employee of Wilcox Lumber's owner, construction worker for Coleman and Lanville Volunteer Fire Fighter... and "closeted" gay. Joshua Stafford left his life of priviledge in Dallas after passing the bar exam. He disappointed his father by declining the offer to work in his law firm, cited the need to drive and travel a little before deciding where to lay his roots. Rating: 4.2-------------------------------Overall Comments:The novellas in this book are also about 100 pages each. I would suggest reading SMOKIN' HOT prior to this. The characters' stories continue from the last trilogy & further expand. The characters are still as warm and wonderful to get to know as in the first trilogy book. The plots are pleasantly full for being so short. But, as often the case with novellas, the conflict/resolution feels too simple and easy and the endings can feel a little rushed. Enjoyable short stories where many of the characters arrive in Lanville looking for a fresh start in life or a second chance at love.** Warning: Sexual content may contain scenes that are offensive to some readers. -----------Overall Rating: 4.2

  • Gaele
    2019-06-13 03:16

    Three interconnected short stories in on all focusing on the Firefighters of Lanville. Fiery, Flare and Flash each feature on a different couple – there were enough interesting moments to keep me reading. Fiery is Eve and Quade’s story, and there are several characters introduced with little to no backstory. This read was pleasant, but without the background information on the introduced characters and a decided lack of tension / friction between the main characters the sensual and sexy scenes were merely filler. I didn’t have a sense of connection to the characters, and they didn’t display a great connection between one another. Flare is Court and Paige’s story, and while a bit smoother in the overall trajectory than Fiery, again I was disconnected from the characters. Paige was, to me, flat and just a burner bunny- there wasn’t a ton of substance. Again the sexual antics seemed to take the place of character or relationship development, and the qualities that would leave me wowed were missing. Last up is the M/M story of Kirk and Josh, and this one saved the collection for me. This had a better development of characters in this, and there was a connection visible, if sporadically, in this story. These characters were developed well, and their story flowed neatly and solidly forward. It wasn’t perfect, but it did have some emotional pull and draw. Short stories are difficult: each word, each trait needs to be solidly counted for, and I don’t feel that was accomplished in this collection. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Christina Montminy
    2019-05-24 03:10

    Wow Flaming Hot is a perfect title for this book, well actually 3 books in 1. Eve & Quade's story in Fiery was very hot & steamy. Eve wasn't looking for love & trying to stay away from Quade because she didn't do relationships anymore after 2 failed engagements. Quade was looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, his last relationship didn't work out but that didn't mean there wasn't someone out there for him. He's been trying to date Eve for 2 yrs, but she keeps turning him down until one night she shows up for a group dinner that he invited her to. Their relationship follows until Quade asks Eve to meet his family & she balks. Best friend Rhea to the rescue. Paige & Cort's story in Flare was just as hot & just as fast. Paige works at a major convenience store/gas bar & is looking for that someone special to come into her life. Cort posing as an assistant chef stops in at her work to get gas & check the place out. Cort has been following a string of robberies of convenience store/gas bars trying to catch the robbers when he meets Paige. He's not a forever kind of guy because of his job but something in Paige makes him think different. Things heat up between them, but disappointment follows when Paige's work is eventually hit & the robbers caught & the truth about Cort comes out. The cover up & half truths he's told Paige have hurt her & she decides that it's over, but Cort's not done trying. In book 3 Kirk & Josh's story I just couldn't get into it because M/M just isn't my favorite thing to read. I'm sure it was a good story but I just couldn't get into it.

  • Dakota Storm
    2019-05-30 05:25

    I really enjoyed Smokin Hot so I couldn't wait to read this book in the series. Flaming Hot wasn't as sexy or well written as Smokin Hot but I did enjoy. Fiery:I loved Quade I thought he was sexy, he's a dog lover so he's automatically awesome in my But Eve's character didn't wow me, she was kind of boring. I would have liked more wow in this book, I mean these firefighters are hot as hell and hero's but I think the writing fell a little flat in this one.Flare:Cort I loved too I thought he was very hot, he can cook and he's a fireman. I mean that's a triple win right there but again the Paige's character didn't wow me. They were hot for each other and it moved a little smoother but again it missed something. I cant say what but it lacked something wow. FlashNow Kirk and Josh's story I loved, I like a sexy and sweet m/m story and I loved this one. I thought the characters were perfect for each other both well written and the story flowed nicely. I thought both these guys contributed greatly to the story.Over all I think each story could have been better. I know it's tough with novella's or short stories to capture everything that needs to be captured but i think more time on character development could have went a long way. Each story was sexy in the sex department but not much else in the deeper sense. 3-3.5 stars

  • Connie N.
    2019-05-31 02:10

    This is a collection of 3 short stories (Fiery, Flare, and Flash) loosely based around a group of people who participate in the volunteer fire department of a small Texas town. I had expected a lot more of the action to occur at fires, etc, but there was very little of that, actually very little mention of the fire department at all. The "hot" refers to the very steamy sex scenes that LaFleur does so well. Unfortunately her writing doesn't really get much beyond that. Although I enjoyed the action, it would have been much more satisfying to learn more about the characters and their motivations. The characters were attractive and pleasant people with interesting things going on, but we didn't get to explore much more than the surface of their lives and relationships. I would have preferred a full-length novel about each of the characters because they all had potential that wasn't fully explored. Still, I enjoyed the stories and will look for more from this author.It was odd to me to include 2 M-F romances and 1 M-M romance in the same book. This was not mentioned in the blurb about the book, and I may not have picked it up if I had known since I'm not particularly interested in M-M romance.

  • Mariel Hoss
    2019-05-28 10:13

    ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***I really would like to get in my car and drive to Lanville myself...for a few days of firefighter ogling...with that being said, this collection didn't really do it for me like the first two did. Now Qaude was the stand-out for me here (the boy is smokin' and a dog lover?!?) but Eve felt flat...too one-dimensional, one minute no and the other minute, hell yeah! Fast...really. Cort did come in next...a guy that can cook as well as protect and serve...sign me up. Paige was meh. Kirk and Josh's story was more of a non-event for me...could not get into it...really not into M/M...Because these were novellas, they were pretty short which makes it suffer in the character development was a lot of wham and bams and not much else...HOT read though!

  • Cat
    2019-05-25 03:23

    Wow! Flaming Hot by Lynn LaFleur is a well named collection. Three stories of love and scrumptious, hot love making! If you only read M/F then skip the last story (Flash) as Kirk's interest is definitely M/M. All the stories take place in Lanville, TX, a quaint, small town with it's typical nosy neighbors and friends and of course, a volunteer fire department. All of the stories revolve around the volunteer fire department. They are all smoking hot yet sweet. Maybe like good BBQ? I like the variety of the stories and characters. Some are more reserved like Eve and Quade in Fiery and others are ready and willing at any moment like Paige and Cort in Flare. The ties back to the community and the appearance of the characters from one story in the others is great. I loved the way they built on each other. I also loved the food and how it was a part of each story.

  • Angela
    2019-05-27 03:15

    3.5 StarsWell, these three stories were certainly hot enough to need a fire hose to cool you down after reading. Each story was focused on a volunteer firefighter in Lanville, Texas. The first two had the alpha male taking charge of some seriously lucky ladies. The last was about two guys coming together and making some serious sparks. The bad thing about all three were the almost insta-love of each couple. Most falling madly in love within a week or so and they actually only spent a couple days out of that week together. This was the second anthology revolving around the firefighters and there are a lot of characters from the first anthology. So if you haven't read it, which I didn't, you might get a little confused among all the names. Worth taking an afternoon to read if you're looking for some hot erotica.Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

  • Casey
    2019-05-31 06:11

    A copy was provided by Netgalley for an honest review.Flaming Hot just did not flow for me. Reading was slow and felt awkward at times. Often the sex read too clinical due to the terms used. There were 3 novellas in this book. They all had a couple who meet, have passionate sex and bam are in love. I needed more of a connection between the protagonists to buy the love. At least they did not ride off into the sunset, all three couples stories ended with acceptance of the new love. Each story had previous couples making cameos and expanding on their HEA’s. On a side note, I hate the term channel being used to describe the female anatomy.

  • Romantic Reads and Such
    2019-06-04 03:02

    A follow-up to LaFleur’s Smokin’ Hot anthology, Flaming Hot is just as sexy … and I do mean SEXY. This is a very, very sizzling read but it also has a good amount of heart to go along with it. And once again, Lafleur does a good job of keeping her stories short but complete. The characters are detailed and engaging, their issues are fleshed out and believable, and the sex hot, hot, hot.Full review available at http://romanticreadsandsuch.wordpress...(Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)

  • Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews
    2019-06-01 04:07

    Whelp, honestly? I didn’t really get into this. I wanted to, but for whatever reason the story just never really grabbed me or kept me interested and attached. I think it was the description of the mundane things and the lack of emotional imagery that did it to me. It all just became kind of boring.I liked the first couple best out of the three, and in all fairness I did like the concept of a book done in three parts. More bang for your buck, so to speak (no pun intended) *smile*I wanted to like it, but it just fell flat for me.

  • Jennifer Tabler
    2019-06-09 09:21

    This was a good assortment of short stories set in a small town on Texas. There were four stories consisting of m/f and m/m. You are led to believe that the story is about fire fighters but the characters are volunteer fire fighters that is in a small parts of each story. The stories are well written but with instalove like most all short stories you are left wondering what happens with each couple. There is a lot of explicit sex that is intended for readers that are 18 years of age and older. Overall I recommend to anyone looking for a good quick read.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-23 03:59

    Review featured on www.books-n-kisses.com3.5 Hearts I was going to review the three stories separately but honestly they all seem to be about the same so I will lump them together. All three stories are about 50 pages of sweet and hot rolled into one. The romance of the stories is sweet and the characters great. The sex scenes are hot. LaFleur writes great short erotica. As a warning (for lack of a better word) the third story is M/M just in case that is not your thing. Disclaimer:I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2019-05-28 05:23

    Flaming Hot indeed! LOL What we have here is 3 very short, scorching and HOT reads. The stories were fast paced and full of heat. I liked how these stories besides being fun and sexy also had emotional aspects. Lynn LaFleur is a new author to me, but in the future I will be looking for more of her books. I will also be back tracking and reading the last 2 books in this series very soon!ARC provided via NetGalley by Kensington Books for an honest review.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-26 10:12

    *ARC from NetGalley in exchange for honest review*I didn't love this. I think I would have liked it better if it was one continuous story. I liked them, they were a nice frivolous read. But the instalove in these were a bit much to get over. In the second and third one, the characters knew each other like 12 seconds and decided they love each other. The third one they were together for a couple months, but that character and relationship development was cut out.

  • Wendy Black
    2019-05-23 05:14

    I received a copy of this book from netgalley in return for an honest review.I didn't love this. I think I would have liked it better if it was one continuous story. I liked them, they were a nice read. In the second and third one, the characters knew each other like 12 seconds and decided they love each other. The third one they were together for a couple months, but that character and relationship development was cut out.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-25 04:12

    Three sexy hot fireman stories bundled in one steamy book. Each story, Fiery, Flare and Flash center around relationships of firemen from Lanville, TX and they do not disappoint. The stories are sexy and emotional and will draw you in and so hot you may need a fireman to come and rescue you. Great Read!

  • Tamra LeValley
    2019-05-30 03:18

    NetGalley Free BookThis was actually three stories in one but still they all merged together also. The author did a fabulous job of going from to the other with no glitches.It is hard to discribe each story but never the less they were all short-sweet and to the point.

  • Faith89
    2019-06-05 02:26

    Received copy courtesy of Netgalley3 short stories featuring members of the firefighters of Lanville, Tx . (2 mf and 1 mm) The stories were just ok for me. I have read other stories by Ms LaFleur, these were not my favorite. Nothing stood out for me. Nice read on Saturday afternoon.

  • Gwen
    2019-06-19 03:58

    This is an anthology of three really hot and sexy books, one of which is M/M(which is not my thing so take it as a warning). I loved the stories and once I finished reading, started looking for other stories by this same author. This a quick read and makes you want to read more by the author.

  • Karen
    2019-06-17 08:23

    I really like LaFleur's firemen and I enjoyed this book. There are three stories in this book. The stories are quick and sexy reads. I like Eva and Quade's story the best, but I enjoyed them all. A very sexy anthologyI was given an ARC by NetGalley for my honest opinion.

  • at Romance Authors at Large Hot Reads
    2019-06-10 08:27

    *Full Review Coming Soon*

  • Ann Lorz
    2019-06-01 09:00

    This is a fun book to read with good characters.

  • Ella Albweitel
    2019-06-18 03:13

    I was not excepting to read multiple books from a series but it was a pleasant surprise! Loved the look into all the townfolk. Would love to see if some got married.

  • Miranda Whore
    2019-05-31 02:00

    I only made it through the first part of this book, I read the complete story for the one set of couples, it was decent, but not at all my cup of tea. Very slow burn, but with little spark for me.