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“Trust me, he says. You’ll be safe with me, he says.”Amelie Watts is sick and tired of being treated like a child. She might be willowy and delicate, but she has strength of the kind that doesn’t show on the outside. Plus, she learned all she needed to know so she could cope on her own. Now, if only her big brother would finally release her inheritance! She would fly to th“Trust me, he says. You’ll be safe with me, he says.”Amelie Watts is sick and tired of being treated like a child. She might be willowy and delicate, but she has strength of the kind that doesn’t show on the outside. Plus, she learned all she needed to know so she could cope on her own. Now, if only her big brother would finally release her inheritance! She would fly to the Bahamas and kiss the backwater she grew up in goodbye.Jason Watts is fed up with picking up the pieces of his little sister’s life. If only she would grow up already and learn to live life without stabilizers! Her latest idea is insane, and bound to be her most enormous failure to date. But how to make her understand?Enter Rob Tyson, incorrigible bachelor and Jason’s best friend. For a laugh, they make a bet. Two people, a hastily acquired boat, and a tropical paradise. What could possibly go wrong?...

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Trial Run Reviews

  • Jennifer Theriot
    2019-05-17 15:12

    Trial Run is a HOME RUN!I absolutely savored every page of this book! I have to admit that I identified so well with Amelie because she reminded me so much of myself in my younger days. She's fiercely independent, smart, attractive and with her tenacious spirit insists on making her own decisions - good or bad and will go balls to the walls to defy anyone who questions them.Enter Rob, the knight in shining armor. I loved the banter back and forth between them and the writer took careful steps, I suppose to keep the reader wondering just when the sparks would ignite and ...well you know, when they would consummate the darn relationship. When they did, I jumped for joy! The book has a fun tempo, lots of romance and you'll find yourself rooting for Amelie to grow up and make those good decisions.This was my first Ella Medler book to read, and I can tell you - it won't be my last! Kudos Ms. Medler...I'm a fan!

  • Jackie's Book Review
    2019-04-24 17:20

    This was the first book of Ella Medler's that I read. The story is a cute romance book. It's sweet, funny and charming all in one.The story centers around Amelie Watts waiting to get her hands on her trust fund but still has a few years to go. Meanwhile her brother Jason is very controlling and protective of his wild little sister. (Do you kinda see where we are going her) Jason with the help of his best friend Rob come up with a plan to teach Amelie a lesson. The lesson learned is alot different than what Rob thought when he signed up to help Jason.The story is predictable but that's fine because it's written well and how the author wrote the storyline pulls you into the book from the very begining.Good Book for this time of the year when you feel all warm and fuzzy.

  • Kim Howlett
    2019-05-22 20:22

    Trial run is the second book in the Addicted to Love a Romance Collection. However you can read each book as a stand alone. I hadn't read book 1 in the series before reading Trial Run or read any other books by Ella Medler before. However I was completly captured by this this beautiful story and absolutely loved the writing style and the way the author pulled me in to the story throughout the book. Amelie Watts is the lead female character. She is someone who at first comes across as a very stuck up, desperate girl with a attitude. She is 22 years old and U.S. 3 years away from getting her trust fund. However she wants her trust fund now, so she tries anything and everything to get her brother to give her the money early, she even tries a belly dance/strip tease to try to get him to change his mind. All I kept thinking was spilt little brat and if you want the money early your defintly not going about it the correct way. Throughout the book, you see she is a very complex character and isn't the stuck up, spoiled brat that she comes across as at the beginning.Jason is Amelie's brother. He is overbearing and a control freak when it comes to Amelie, but what brother isn't over protective of their sisters. I can completly understand why he won't give her the money early. She isn't mature enough to handle the money and the way she is acting isn't helping prove she is mature enough. I agree whole heartedly that he shoukd t of gave her the money just because she moaned and stamped her feet about it. I don't think he was controlling her in anyway. There was a age limit on her trust fund for a reason. Jason is getting so fed up with Amelie's ways that he decides to teach her a lesson, with the help of his best friend, Rob and a bet. All I can say is let the fun and games begin!! I really enjoyed the playfulness and childlike fun of this book. Jason and Rob at the beginning setting up the bet, I thought that is exactly what Amelie needs, but as the book develops and the characters change and you see more sides of them, I felt so sorry for her. Yes she learnt her lesson, but it was a horrible way to do it. Rob and Amelie had great chemistry throughout. I enjoyed seeing the growth between the two of them and how they changed each other throughout the book. All the way throughout the story though I knew how the story would, you knew Amelie woukd find out about the bet and things would go bad between her and Rob, making you wonder if they would end up together? Although the story was predictable, it had a different twist on a romance story and I liked that. I didn't care that it was predicable as I like predicable. I like to know I'm going to get a good story and where it's heading sometimes. Throughout the whole book my favourite part was how the author changed Amelie from a spoilt brat to a girl who you adored so much and wanted to be happy. The author wrote her character brilliantly and the development of her character spot on all the way throughout the story. The story flowed effortlessly and the author was very good at making sure you had all the details and answers you needed throughout the book. There was some great humourious scenes between Rob and Amelie throughout the book which had me laughing so hard at points. I loved this story. It was beautiful written, funny, sweet and just plain fun to read from start to finish. I will defintly be reading the othe books in this series and I'll be looking out for more books from this author I the future. 4 Stars

  • Patti K
    2019-04-30 22:20

    The bottom line? Did 'I love it' or think 'it was amazing'? Yes. I received the book for an honest review, so here is my detailed input. I'd highly recommend this book, and I can't wait to read her others (including the ones I've been meaning to finish for ages!) The review appears at my blog, In Patti's Imagination, and at Amazon.When I write reviews, there are always three things on my mind. First, did I love the characters? Second, was it hard to put the book down? And third, what sort of standard did the execution meet? When I give my rating, these are the primary criteria by which I judge.It's rare that a book whose characters I loved will get less than 4 stars from me because, first and foremost, I have to be moved by - and want to root for - the leads. If the secondary characters are great, that's a bonus, but I have to feel something (not always love - I can hate them, too!) about the leads. On point one, Ella Medler scores 100%. I saw growth in both Rob and Amelie, they had amazing chemistry, history (though it wasn't greatly detailed) and made me love or want to smack them in equal measures. And Jason...well, I really wanted to punch him, so that's definitely an emotional response! I'd love to see him get a redemption story. (hint, hint, Ella!)Was I able to put this one down? Able to? Yes. To some degree. Did I want to do so? No! I wanted to keep reading. Frankly, if my sister-in-law wasn't visiting for the first time in five years (after living across the country all that time), then I might have ignored everything else until the book was done. As it was, I stayed up too late to keep reading. That scores 100% for me, as well.On the last point, I'm a little torn. The quality of the book is easily well over 100%. Grammar, spelling, plot structure, pacing, everything was fantastic. But I have a pet peeve, and if I don't dock for it on my more-detailed blog rating, then I'm not giving an honest review. There were moments - not a lot of them, but occasionally - when Rob, Amelie and Jason all sounded like ex-pats instead of Floridians. I know, I know. It's nitpicky. It is. But that drives me personally batty, mostly because it pulls me from the story into my head with the thought, "They'd never say/think that." It didn't happen often, as I said. I've seen many books written by non-American writers who obviously put no effort whatsoever into making their American characters sound like they are Americans. This was pretty rare in Trial Run, and since I know Ella isn't American, I forgive it easily because she did such a stellar job 99% of the time. So, I can't officially give the book a 10 on here, but since it's a 9.8, divided by two for the Amazon/Goodreads ratings, that rounds to the 5 (very well-deserved) stars for a gifted writer.

  • Tabitha Ormiston-Smith
    2019-05-04 18:26

    The opening of Trial Run led me to expect a standard romance in the vein of Mills and Boon. The strong, clever, resourceful hero with his high-handed, masterful attitude, the ditzy heroine who needs to be 'saved' - and I might almost have stopped there, as I'm not a fan of the genre, only for the fact that the young woman had been portrayed as fundamentally of sound character. A woman who spends all her time acquiring skills such as plumbing and car maintenance, in order always to maintain complete independence, can hardly be the fainting heroine of a 1950's style bodice-ripper. The central character, Amelie, was surprisingly complex for a work of this type, with a tension between her tough-minded independence and business acumen and the emotional immaturity of a spoiled schoolgirl. This tension fleshed her out into three dimensions, saving her from the flat banality of the traditional romance heroine.I therefore continued with the book, enjoying along the way its pleasant, easy style and the drama of the action sequences which are a particular strength of Medler's, and was rewarded for my perseverance about halfway through, when the hero, in a surprising plot twist, re-examined his life and actions and experienced a change of heart, rejecting his high-handed and arrogant behaviour and emerging as a decent and rational man. This venture into the moral universe really defines Trial Run, lifting it from the mere romance into a really satisfying read.There was rather more graphic sex than I like to see in a novel, however it was well enough executed and my distaste for scenes of this kind is one of personal preference. I feel sure that afficionados of the modern romance genre will enjoy this book.

  • Charidy
    2019-05-12 15:26

    This is the first book of Ella Medler and it wont be the only one.The characters in Trial Run were well thought out and easily believable. It is sometimes so hard to do a review without being a spoiler. So I will do my best.First this is about Amelie and her need to be self sufficient and independent, however despite her good intentions sometimes things just don't work out the way she planned. Her brother Jason has been her guardian since their parents tragically died. He's also in charge of the money left to them and her inheritance doesn't come to her until she is 25. So she has been trying to find ways to make her brother give up the money early....Now he decides to plan something of his own, to teach her a lesson and convinces his long time friend (who just happens to be back in town) to help him out.....Well, sometimes the best made plans do not work out and this is one of those times. Rob and Amelie find themselves in a crazy situation... (I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO BE A SPOILER)Needless so say the time they spend together reignites the feelings she thought she no longer had and she also realizes that maybe having a man in your life may not be so bad or could it be the worse mistake ever?Ella writes with descriptions that put you in the scene, enough to make you be able to see and smell the area. You will also fall in love with the characters..... At times I wanted to shake each one of them and even slap her brother. Another time I was in tears worrying about Rob....The story flowed seamlessly and I didn't want to put it down!I would love to see these characters again and will be reading more of the books Ella writes in the Addicted To Love series.

  • Elizabeth Robbins
    2019-04-27 16:15

    I truly enjoyed this book! Amelie is nearly 22 years old, at the start of the story, and still three years away from accessing her trust fund. She tries everything in her power to make her overbearing older brother relinquish the funds early, including eleven business proposals ranging from a high-end resort in the Bahamas to a Striptease/belly dancing establishment in the states. When proposed responsibility doesn't work, Amelie, at her wits end, resorts to hijinks that would put Paris Hilton to shame! Jason, fed up with his sister's behavior, decides that it's time to teach his sister a lesson, and hopefully help her to gain some perspective and maturity. He enlists the help of his best friend. All of the above happens in the very beginning of the story, and I do hate to spoil the story for those who haven't read it yet. Suffice it to say, this is a great book! A timeless love story, filled with action and adventure, steamy love scenes, and wonderful "moments" when you'll wish you could step into the story. There are some extremely suspenseful moments, but nothing dark. The editing is flawless and the story is seamless. There are even some "deleted scenes" at the end of the book, for those of us who just can't get enough! Read it.

  • D.S. Schmeckpeper
    2019-04-24 14:27

    This is a captivating tale of true love, of self-discovery and of second chances.From the moment I started this story, I was immediately sucked in. The author’s writing style drew me right into her world, and I could not put it down, staying up waaaaaaay past when I should have gone to sleep so that I could finish it. The storyline flowed effortlessly from one scene to the next, and the imagery was vivid and descriptive, allowing me to picture exactly how things looked. The characters were wonderfully detailed with both flaws and strengths – giving them real depth. The author’s unique voice breathed her characters to life in such a way that they feel like real people to me. Even now, after I’ve finished reading, I’m wishing that there was more of the story, more Amelie and Rob. I feel like I know them, like I want to check up on them and see how they are doing. This story is beautiful, sweet, funny…and it just makes me smile to think about it.I rate this book 5 stars! I love it and hope to hear more from these characters!

  • Jodie's W.I.N.E. List
    2019-05-11 20:29

    I honestly thought that Jason was an over bearing big brother. To hear Amelie talk about him, you'd agree. But then she goes and proves that she can't be left alone for long. Her behavior is just over the top rebellion. I wouldn't have wanted to be responsible for her. However, I swear there were two different Amelies. It was like day and night. I liked Rob. Not sure why, but he just seemed like a good friend who was willing to help a friend out. In the middle of teaching Amelie a lesson, things go terribly wrong and he's forced to spend a lot of time with her. There were times I really liked Amelie. The banter between her and Rob seemed very natural and fun. However, there were other times she acted like an ungrateful brat. Overall, I enjoyed the story. I wanted to see Amelie mature into the thoughtful, fun loving person I saw glimpses of. I kept reading to make sure they survived their ordeal and were able to get their HEA.

  • Vicky Hemingway
    2019-05-17 20:21

    Ella Medler has done it again!Once again she has written a beautiful love story that captured my attention and my heart from the very first page. I instantly fell in love with Rob and Amelie and was completely enraptured by their story, but more surprisingly I found myself attached to Jason! There wasn't much about Jason in the book but Ella's smooth & descriptive writing style gave each of her characters such depth that it never made him seem like a background character and because of this, I am screaming SPIN OFF!! :)This is the third book of Ella's I have read and I totally love her writing style. This book is no exception and has firmly cemented her as one of my favorite writers :D

  • Jayne Hyatt
    2019-05-05 17:21

    Sassy, sexy, and a lot of fun.Trial Run is an innovative take on the battle of the sexes theme, with modern sensibilities and contemporary characters. I did a bit of head shaking, and a lot of laughing; as I watched these two people (who are clearly made for one another) battle it out. Finally, in order to get what they want - each other - they have to start paying attention to what is really happening instead of what their preconceived notions of the opposite sex is telling them is happening. Ella Medler is a gifted writer, and this is a very satisfying story with a wonderful ending. I highly recommend it. Note: I received a free copy for an honest review.

  • Cherime MacFarlane
    2019-05-12 22:28

    First, I was given a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. A fan could have come along with the book. This is one hot little number in more ways than one. With a bother who is way too controlling right there to sabotage her every idea. it is no wonder she is going to excess. Then along comes the all time crush, big brother's best friend. It is a recipe for disaster, but for us one really good read.

  • Kim
    2019-05-20 20:15

    Big Brothers!!! "Trial Run"by Ella MedlerI received a ARC in exchange for a honest reviewAmelie lost her parents when she was sixteen years old, Jason her older brother was twenty three. Jason looked after her because that's the loving brother he was, but Amelie felt he was smothering her. All she wanted was to be a independent woman, her brother was fighting her at every turn. Her parents left money for her in their will but, she couldn't have it until she was twenty five. She had business ventures she kept showing Jason, he turned down all of them saying she had no idea how to run a business. Amelie went to school for business and other courses to help be independent from men. While her friends were tanning and having fun, she was taking other courses. She got a taste of a broken heart from Rob, Jason's best friend, even though he didn't know she had a crush on him, he was seven years her senior. That set a goal in her life to be independent from "Men". Amelie set out to "make" her brother throw her out by being really bad, around every turn she was doing drugs, hanging with like related people. Jason was alwayś getting her out of trouble. Rob showed up after ten years of being gone. Jason enlisted him in a bet to basically humiliate Amelie and bring her into reality. Jason told Rob what he's been going through with Amelie, he made her sound like a spoiled princess. Who will teach who? This is a awesome story, I really enjoyed it, well written. I found a new author!

  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    2019-04-24 16:37

    I was kind of disappointed in Amelie. I understood why her brother thought she was reckless and immature, but I thought maybe he was biased. Amelie has a business degree and her business plans seem well thought out. It's also mentioned that she's taken tons of courses in things like small engine repair and survival-type stuff, so I was sure she'd be the type of kick-ass heroine that I love. Wrong. She keeps doing such stupid things and crying all the time. She drove me crazy for most of the book! She did get better near the end of the book, but I felt let down by her wasted potential.Rob had three states of being: being annoyed by "princess Amelie" and how she was a helpless female, constantly wanting to have sex with Amelie, and thinking Amelie was amazing. How very contradictory of him. He redeemed himself in the end, which Amelie's brother Jason never did (in my opinion, anyway).There are funny moments in this book and some touching parts as well. I found that the second half of the book was more enjoyable than the first half, and the epilogue was cute.

  • Jean Booth
    2019-05-04 15:39

    This was a fun book. The more I think of it after reading, I find things that I'm meh about, but the romance was fun between Ammy and Rob was sweet and at times super hot. As long as you remember it's a work of fiction, and don't look too closely at the financials and the freedoms people have with their uncanny survivalist tendencies - it's a great read. I love the setting and was greatly surprised they didn't run into more predators on the island or in the water. You definitely smile and root for the two lovers and hope that they end up happy and together in the end. I too, never wanted them to leave that island.

  • Erin
    2019-05-10 18:42

    Quick easy readInteresting story and plenty happening. But there was so much that annoyed with with both the main characters attitude at the start that I wanted to slap some sense into them. But it did make for an interesting read with some funny parts

  • Ella Medler
    2019-05-19 19:26