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Andy wasn’t usually sure about much, but she was absolutely certain this was the weirdest day of her life as she stood stranded in the middle of a great white room with six strangers. Well, they were mostly strangers. She could have sworn she’d seen the guy with the green eyes before, and maybe that was why he kept staring at her. When a man calling himself the Guardian apAndy wasn’t usually sure about much, but she was absolutely certain this was the weirdest day of her life as she stood stranded in the middle of a great white room with six strangers. Well, they were mostly strangers. She could have sworn she’d seen the guy with the green eyes before, and maybe that was why he kept staring at her. When a man calling himself the Guardian appeared and said they had come to make their deepest dreams come true, they embark on an adventure none of them ever imagined, and the consequences of their actions would change them forever."John Dreamer" is the first in a series of books set in the confines of the Great White Room....

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John Dreamer Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-05-24 09:05

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to AuthorBuzz and Netgalley.)7 teens wake up to find themselves in a white room, with 7 chairs. How did they get there? Why are they there? And what must they do to get home again?Well, once again I shouldn’t have been swayed by a pretty cover, because I didn’t enjoy this book at all.I didn’t like any of the characters in this book. They were all stupid, irritating, and liked to argue, and didn’t endear themselves to me at all.The storyline in this was a fairly old idea, and reminded me a bit of the film ‘Cube’ and the series of books - ‘The Forbidden Game’ by L. J. Smith. However, while I liked both of the afore mentioned film and books, I didn’t like this. I found the whole thing utterly boring, and irritating, and could not finish this fast enough. I didn’t want to listen to the arguments these kids had, I didn’t want to listen to their theories or sob stories, and I didn’t want to read this book past the first chapter really.There was some romance, and it was very poor. The girl fell in love with the guy on sight, she even admitted it, and it just got worse from there.The ending was also pretty darn poo, and I was really glad that this was over. Great, they all learned something about themselves and faced their fears, only I have to say that I really didn’t care at all by that point.Overall; dull, with irritating characters,3 out of 10.

  • Beth
    2019-06-11 07:28

    John Dreamer is an exemplary and unique story line that packs a punch.What would you do if you were suddenly pulled into a white room with six other teenagers and told you were there to realize your dream? John Dreamer takes us into the psyche of these six teens. There is more focus on Andy, a young girl that has stopped being an active participant in life long ago and John, the patient watcher. All six of the teens have something in common, to realize their dream something has to change. Each must face life alternating circumstances. Circumstances that make them face their deepest insecurities and personal flaws or failures. The Guardian, who over sees these dream challenges, says it best, “Well, change is hard.”I was pulled in almost instantly by the depth in which Elise Celine writes each character. She captures the essence of humanity in this small group of teens and gives us hope for possibilities of change...the small steps to realizing your dreams. I was completely taking by surprise by this shorter length novel. By the way we were left hanging I'm anxious to get my hands on John Dreamer #2.I received this copy of John Dreamer from Elise Celine - AuthorBuzz in exchange for a honest review.Written by: Elise CelineSeries: John Dreamer SeriesSequence in Series: 1Paperback: 202 pagesPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition Publication Date: February 12, 2014ISBN-10: 1495469883ISBN-13: 978-1495469886Rating: 5 StarsGenre: Teen & Young Adult > Romance > Paranormal & FantasyFind this book on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • rachel • typed truths
    2019-05-21 07:20

    Review copy provided by the author & AuthorBuzz for an honest review.Well, I don't know what expected from this with its pretty cover and intriguing description, but it was I was most certainly not expecting this. When a man calling himself the Guardian appeared and said they had come to make their deepest dreams come true, they embark on an adventure none of them ever imagined, and the consequences of their actions would change them forever.That sounds exciting, doesn't it? It has such potential and intrigue but it turned into nothing more than a dull fable preaching morals of self-acceptance, love and justice... blah, blah, blah. It was dull beyond anything I have ever read in a long, long time. I couldn't get through it any faster, wanting to get it over with as soon as I could. I'll admit to a bit of skim reading in the middle where nothing was happening. I was just bored, bored, bored.The characters were insufferable. Blabbing their sob stories to the world and generally feeling rather sorry for themselves - letting every see that they were to. Andy's backstory was left mysteriously blank in an effort to intrigue the audience and this failed to because I couldn't have cared less what oh-so-sad tale of hers was about.The attempt at romance was simply vomit-inducing. Not only was it cheesy, lame and rather cringe-worthy, lovey-dovey stuff, but it was also the worst case of instalove I have ever read about it. Our protagonist, Andy, sees John for less than ten seconds - 8 point five seconds to be exact. She actually counted! - before deciding she was in love with him. Ridiculous! The ending was so lame that I cannot even comment.Overall, this was boring and just plain old stupid. If there is a sequel I won't be reading it. I tried to like this but I couldn't. There wasn't anything redeeming in it. I have to say I am disappointed.

  • Cheryl
    2019-06-18 03:18

    This was a really creative, original story! Right from the beginning I was hooked and curious about what was going on. I loved the two main characters and the dream-like quality of the story. The concept that the teens have to overcome obstacles in a dream world in order to be successful in the real world is original--takes the "Willy Wonka" idea to a whole new level for YA readers! I liked that our heroine had some very big and real world issues to deal with and I liked that the romantic interest was a "thinker." I was a little confused by the ending at first, until I found out that this is the first in a series of books. Now, I can't wait for the sequel! I highly recommend that fans of the YA genre read this book!

  • Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!
    2019-06-14 02:02

    YOU CAN ALSO READ MY REVIEW HERE."Suddenly everything went dark and we couldn't see anymore"Hands down, one of the most unique book I've read this year! It's original, inspiring and it will make you think. About your life, dreams and fears.The story started a little confusing but I found it very easy to read after the first chapter. Andy found herself in a great white room with no recollection on how and why she's there. The great white room consists of 7 chairs with names of Andy, John, Olivia, Matthew, Marcus, Roy and Linda and one by one, those chairs got filled. Each one of them has their different stories, each one of them has their own fear to conquer and a dream that they want to happen. Now you think I'll get confused by their different POV's but we're only in Andy's head. There'll be some chapters that it'll change but I still figured out whose head it is since they're all original. This is why I love the book so much, I feel connected to them all. And I do feel that everyone can relate to at least one of the characters in the book. Yes, there's an Insta-Love. It's even the kind that doesn't make sense.. at first (nothing really makes sense in GreatWhiteRoom) but as the story progresses, I was rooting for them. And I know, I JUST KNOW that they belong to each other. I love how the readers are aware the there's something between them but they're not acting on it annoyingly. The plot and the writing is just plain beautiful. I love how simple the writing is, it's perfect for the compelling and unique plot of the story. No exaggerations or overwhelming metaphors, just simple and easy. I CANNOT WAIT for the sequel. I love that all of them made their dreams come true and some of them conqured their fears (with the help of the jolly Guardian) but really, the ending kind of broke my heart. I understand that it has to end that way, buy my heart can't help but cry OKAY!John Dreamer is, as I said above, inspirational, thought provoking and beautiful. The story is woven wonderfully and I adore the author for writing a book like this. It's perfect for every reader!

  • Dre
    2019-05-27 05:30

    This book surprised me, but I will make it a short review. It was basically about a story about seven people who needed a wake up call in life. In order to fulfill their life long dreams, they were forced into the Great White Room.Life is not made of dreams, and you don't always get what you wish for.No one was allowed to get out, so they had to like each other. They were all strangers to each other, but because of the circumstances that were thrown at them, they had no choice but to act fast, and think on their feet.Olivia is a rich spoiled brat, but has a hint of a real personality beneath all the facade. Matty is such a lovely character, but he seems really sensitive and teased a lot because of his weight. Marcus is the kind of smart guy who doesn't know how to express himself in a way that he is understood. Linda seems like a paranoid little kitten. She seems to be afraid of everything. Roy is loud and would always spout opinions that he thinks are the only ones valid. John is calm and relaxed. He's someone that you can rely on, but he also seems unreachable. Andy is the main character, she is reserved, but isn't afraid to speak out when needed.Inside the Great White Room, they fought their biggest fears, found compassion from a stranger, felt self-acceptance, and found the ability to stand up for oneself. And I think everyone should read this book, simply because you will be able to connect with any of the characters. When they've come to realize their dreams, they were able to break out of their shells and fulfill their greatest dreams.

  • Tamara
    2019-06-17 03:21

    “Sometimes we need to see the darkness to appreciate the light.”I dont know how to feel about this book. The idea behind was very interesting but the execution fell apart. 7 strangers wake up in a white room. A person who calls himself the Guardian of this space of dreams tells them that they are there to make their dreams come true. One by one, they face with their fears and dreams to become a better version of theirselves. Olivia is a rich and spoiled brat, Roy is a bully, Matty is easily teased and has no confidence, Marcus is smart but miss-understood, Linda is fragile, John and Andy has hots for each other. Together, they face dangerous (!) situations. *sigh*I've really tried to like the characters but they were just too flat and dull. Specially Andy. At least the others were semi-interesting but Andy and John were just there, making googly eyes to each other. Just a few pages in our main character Andy fells in love with John in first sight. What a awesome way to introduce your characters, right?!“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight and a half. Scientists state that it takes only eight and a half seconds to fall in love at first sight. So there it was. I started to get flustered and felt like a little girl and felt like a little girl, how could this be? It was just a stare from a man standing on the other side of the room, but I felt drawn to him like gravity pulling me to a sun I knew could burn me.”This must be a new record for insta love.Overall, we get lot of sob stories, a few great character moments and unfortunately an interesting idea that doesnt build up. No world-building and no answers at all. *** I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ***

  • Ella Zegarra
    2019-05-29 02:21

    Publicado originalmente: El Extraño Gato del CuentoMás allá del tema fantástico de los sueños, John Dreamer, sobre todo por el nombre, podría parecer una historia que se centra y desarrolla alrededor del chico este, pero no, es una historia que habla del crecimiento personal, el respeto hacía uno mismo y sobre todo del autoestima. Ya sabes, si no te quieres a ti mismo, no podrás querer a nadie, y eso es algo que la escritora nos va dando de poco.Si tuviera que elegir un personaje favorito sin duda sería El Guardían, una combinación entre Myrnin (Morganville) y la teatraldad de Morpheo (Susurros, aunque ahora que escribo la reseña no recuerdo si era él a quién me recordaba). El Guardián es un personaje bastante excéntrico y robador de atención.John Dreamer es un libro que me ha sido relajante de leer, como cosa negativa lo único que le puedo poner ha sido como se desarrolla el final, no es un final malo es solo que... No sé en realidad, quizá sea el hecho que es el primer libro de una serie y tenga que dejarte con ganas de más u.u. ¿Cuándo dices que sale el otro???Más información

  • Adelynne
    2019-06-11 07:22

    This is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. It explores all types of people, with different types of pain. It teaches people how to let go of their pain, and find their passions and to live their life. It's so powerful and touching- it speaks to a part of you you never knew you had. I could relate with every character in the book, andfeelthe strength of the self-realization they came to. It's just infinitely touching. The characters were beautifully woven into the plot/dreams, and the emotions are just so raw and heart-wrenching. I loved it. I even loved the romance- which is rare, because it was one of those "we met in the past for a while/love at first sight" ideas. This book is just so exquisitely written- I really need to go buy the book. John Dreamer is a highly emotional experience, and its rather confusing setting and loosely connected plot intensifies the emotional experience of the book in a positive way. So even though it may be confusing in the beginning, keep reading and everything will come together in the end. *Thanks to Netgalley for providing a free copy!*

  • Maria
    2019-06-02 09:18

    Since the beginning of the book I got hooked! I couldn't put it down! Such great characters and a great voice that leads you through a beautiful adventure! Very touching and with a great message! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a heartwarming and inspirational story! Can't wait for the second book to see what happens next!!

  • Eugenia Cavazos
    2019-05-22 07:12

    I just love it. The book transports you to an entirely different world, one you want to stay in and see what happens.

  • Sahar Sabati
    2019-06-16 10:17

    Seven seemingly very different individuals appear one day in a big, white room in which there is nothing save them and seven unique chairs. The seven are told that this place will make their dreams come true, but not the materialistic or romantic sort. Rather, it is about overcoming deep fears that are holding each of these seven back. One must learn strength while another must learn self-acceptance, and yet another had to learn to speak up for herself.In John Dreamer, author Elise Celine has managed to write, aptly enough, with a dreamlike tone that surrounds the reader with a cloud-like feeling. It reminded me a lot of the feeling I got while reading the book By Death’s Feather. In both books, a straightforward yet intriguing plot and a regular, attention-grabbing yet not overwhelming pace creates a safe space in which some difficult concepts are addressed.In this safe setting, seven individuals with seven very different obstacles in their characters are placed in situations where they have to face their fears, in such a way as to be able to live their life to the fullest. While some of the characters do not receive as deep a treatment as they could have, Elise Celine gives in each case much food for thought to her readers. This is especially true of the only character other than the main protagonist whose point of view we get to witness during one of the chapters in the book, which added depth to the lesson he was in the white room to learn.The only case in which this lack of depth is actually disappointing is the development surrounding the main protagonist, Andy. She should have had the most depth, as the story is told from her point of view. But while she has a lot of insights into the other characters, she doesn’t share much of her insights about herself. I understand that there is a sequel in the works, in which hopefully this shortcoming will be addressed. I do confess that I am on the fence as to if I would want to read it though; for if the sequel is also the last book in the series, and does not answer the many questions I have about Andy, I will be left a little dissatisfied, to say the least.Amidst the food for thought came a delightful character by the name of The Guardian, whom I imagined as being a lot like Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The comic relief that he provides makes for an elegant but distinct break between each of the characters’ dreams being fulfilled as well as a transition that could have otherwise been quite bumpy. The book ends on a cliff-hanger, but instead of leaving me intrigued and wanting more, it left me frustrated.While there are many smaller lessons in John Dreamer, the most important one, to which teenagers, young adults, and adults alike can relate, is that to fulfill our full potential, we have to conquer our biggest fears. Fear makes us put up barriers; fear shuts us down; fear makes us forget the valuable contribution that we can make to the betterment of our communities. Overcoming one’s fear is not just about living our life to the fullest; it is also making sure that our communities profit from everyone’s best. Many of the characters who manage to overcome their fears return to their communities able to make significant positive contributions.Elise Celine’s John Dreamer is an intriguing, easy read that touches upon some deep concepts. The writing is impeccable and allows the reader to be welcomed into a world where dreams come true.

  • Tessa Lillie
    2019-06-17 07:20

    Okay, so I started reading this book not really knowing what to expect. Maybe I was hoping to find a new category in the fantasy genre. Anyways, I was magically attracted by the cover because, let’s face it, it is awesome which is why I requested a review copy on Netgalley. The problem however is, that basically, the plot does not really do justice to the cover.Right from the beginning I was struggling to grab hold of the characters’ personalities, to be even interested in them but they were all so plain vanilla. Don’t get me wrong but for me, they just incorporated some character traits that are totally overrated (you know that cliche where the rich girl suddenly shows her true colors or where the nerd turns into a superhero?). The book is about seven kids, suddenly finding themselves in a dream place, not knowing why and how they got in there and how to get out of this place. Sounds interesting? Well, the synopsis is definitely misleading. I was hoping for something action packed or so with some cute romance in it but NADA. I felt like the story was going nowhere, like I was reading seven individual short stories that were totally incoherent. The book is more about individual unconventional therapy sessions than really dreams. To make it clear: These seven kids suffer from inferiority complexes and to get out, they need to find self-acceptance. Ugh. Pretty sappy, right?There were things in the story that really bugged me right from the beginning. Such as the setting. The whole story takes place in a white room. Seriously? I don’t know exactly if I was hoping for something bigger to come but looking back, I should’ve been put off by this fact already. But no, my reader heart was just too curious to not read the book. After a while, the setting gets really depressive. There’s something clinical about it (I mean, most hospital rooms are white, right?) that makes the story impalpable or intangible. In fact, the story was totally surreal for me; it even bordered on illogicality. I can’t describe the feeling.Also, the romance totally failed. I mean, sure, Andy is all swoony when it comes to John (who also happens to be very handsome and attractive), but yet I was hoping for that one moment that would set the plot into motion. (Yes, after a while Andy is convinced she’ll never be able to have a normal life again without John). And then of course, Andy is described to be a totally innocent and oh-so-lovely character. Meh. Needless to say, I was more than disappointed by the secondary characters. They all have different personalities which means a lot of trouble of course (not even in a negative way) but out of the blue they suddenly call themselves friends. Again: How can you suddenly be fond of a person you have just despised?Finally, the story background. Not all books are supposed to have a deeper meaning/purpose but this one left me vacuous. I mean, we don’t even find out why these seven kids end up being in this Dream Place. Sure, it’s about conquering their inner fears but what for? Let me get this straight, I do have my inner fears as well but I don’t need any help from some random guys to accept myself.Maybe I’m just too dumb to understand such dream place settings, to distinguish between reality and dreams. Ultimately, the book did keep me entertained for a few hours although the plot just did not work out for me. So overall, the book was so-so. Another lesson I’ve learned: Never be fooled by a pretty cover.

  • Manda
    2019-06-16 05:24

    Seven teens wake up in a white room, completely blank but for seven individually designed chairs, and are told by a mysterious, godlike figure that they're there to help make their dreams come true.The premise is actually more interesting and less creepy than I made it sound. The group embark on a series of dreamlike scenarios that are intended to help each member overcome one of their fears and develop the strength to achieve their dreams. The only catch is that the teens never know what's real and what's a scenario, or who the scenario is meant to help, and failure to rise to the occasion is always a possibility.It's a cool idea, and I applaud the message of developing confidence and inner strength. Unfortunately, there were a few problems with this book that kept me from completely enjoying it. The characters were fairly flat, and it was difficult to care about or fully appreciate the transformation that they supposedly had to undergo before leaving the white room.The main two characters, Andy and John, were especially lacking. Andy, the narrator, was an almost completely blank slate. We find out a bit more about her toward the end of the book, but she's not nearly flawed enough to be interesting or developed enough to be believable. Love interest John is the same way: handsome and kind . . . and nothing else. Andy literally falls for him in eight and a half seconds. (She counts!) I felt like the story would almost be more enjoyable if the author had cut Andy and John out entirely and focused more on the spoiled rich girl, surly rocker, timid wallflower, alien-obsessed nerd, or insecure fat kid. Andy and John were just so static; their characters had nowhere to develop.In fact, the strongest chapter might have been the one in which the POV switched over to sullen bully Roy. I was actually invested in his character arc, rooting for him to change, and I felt like there was a real risk that he wouldn't be able to.The book also could've benefited from another round of editing; there were a few awkward turns of phrases ("would have been losing my time" when "would have been wasting my time" sounds more natural) and not-quite-organic dialogue from the teens. I did get this from NetGalley, so maybe the finished version is more polished.The images and cover were lovely; I found myself looking forward to each chapter break just for the illustrations.All in all, good idea and good message, but I think another few workshopping sessions and editorial reviews could have transformed this book from mediocre to amazing. C.Review based on an e-galley from NetGalley.

  • Nemo
    2019-05-31 02:06

    For a full and edited review checkk outBlame it on the Book I am in complete awe of this book. It was such a surprise to what I expected, it completely sucked me in, It was both imaginative and creative.The story starts of very quickly, with our main character Andy appearing in a white room with chairs. Also there’s a really sexy guy, emphasis on the sexy part whose very creative name was John D. Reamer. From the way he was described, even I was feeling butterflies. Then an array of characters start popping up. We have the bully, the princess, the funny man, the nerd and the shy girl. It was very breakfast club.After everyone was introduced everything just went from weird to straightout strange. As in the room changed to a jungle and all of a sudden they were guards and crazy people and then someone disappeared. They realized that they were in a dream world and the only way to leave was to complete their dream, afterwards the remaining teens were able to see how their future turned out because their dream was completed. Now I’m not sure how completing a dream changes your entire life but apparently it did.Once the dream was completed, the craziest thing would happen. They would say “Suddenly everything turned black and we couldn’t see anything”. Then there would be a picture with a flash of light and then a black screen. It sounds confusing and slightly odd but it added to the scenery and I felt like I was right there in the white room with them. It also helped that my room is all white walls. It was a short book or at least it was an easy read. There was some drama and we do get to know the characters but not as deep I would’ve liked. Although maybe i'm biased, since the whole book I’m expectantly waiting for John’s dream and it ends up being pretty cringey.Overall it was a fun read with a very Alice-In-Wonderland feel. It left off with a pretty intense cliffhanger so I really hope there’s a second one

  • Cheryl
    2019-06-05 07:30

    As Walt Disney's Cinderalla says, 'A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.' In John Dreamer, all of our seven main characters have dreams for their futures but are all having trouble coming to terms with their fears and insecurities. We begin by being introduced to Andy as she appears in the Great White Room with seven chairs lined up, each of different sizes, colours and made of different materials. Each chair is also assigned a name; John, Matty, Roy, Linda, Olivia, Marcus, and of course, Andrea. Confused at first, Andy looks around the white room as the owners of the unique chairs begins to appear and introduce themselves. Each character is unique in their attitude, appearance and their insecurities. As we progress through this book, and the characters through their dream worlds, we come to learn more about each person and what makes them tick and how they learn to accept and love themselves. I've never read a book by Elise Celine, but thought that the way she wrote John Dreamer was brilliant. Touching on the inner struggles of people all over the world and giving us hope that we can overcome the struggles that we face and make the world a better place, for us and others. I also enjoyed the little flip in narration about 3/4 of the way in to another character in order to see and hear what they were thinking, rather than just from a single view point. I was hooked right from the beginning of this book because it was so different from other things I have read. I would recommend this book to others who want to step away from the norm and step into the unknown where your fears and insecurities may live and control you.

  • Jenny - Book Sojourner
    2019-05-21 07:01

    This was different, but different in this case is very good! John Dreamer takes us on a unique journey into a world I still have questions about, but loved getting inside of. We are introduced to seven strangers and the Guardian who says he's going to make their deepest dreams come true. But what are their deepest dreams? Are they in a dream now? What are the consequences of going into these dreams? There are so many questions along the way, but the way the Elise Celine develops the story was quite fascinating. The story was never boring and never dragged. I always wanted to keep reading and find out what would happen next.The medley of characters was great, including the quirky Guardian. The story is narrated by Andy, but her insights into herself and others really brought everyone's stories together. Imagine seven teens forced together into this weird white room, having no idea how they got there or how to get out, all having drastically different personalities, and then being exposed and vulnerable in different ways through these dreams. Then watching these characters deal with the unknown, face unexpected challenges, and grow in ways they never "dreamed" was wonderful. And there's a bit of sweet romance in there, too!Overall, this is a beautifully written, heart-warming novel addressing life, love, forgiveness, bravery, and choices. The journey these characters take is quite inspirational and I loved the heartfelt message. This is a particularly terrific read for teens and young adults. And it is the first of a series, so I look forward to reading what comes next!

  • Lisa
    2019-06-10 05:17

    Andy (Andrea) seems to awaken in a stark white space with only a row of seven chairs to mark a floor. There are no doors or any other features in the white space. What is she doing here? Is she dead? Suddenly Andy is aware that someone else is in the space/room and one 8 second look into his eyes is all she needs to know that he is the one. Slowly, five other teens appear and first impressions lead Andy to attribute personality characteristics to each of them. Into the room appears a strange character who states that he is The Guardian and then, after bit of questioning from the seven young people, disappears.So begins a cryptic tale of seven individuals with only one thing in common, and something each must accomplish before they can leave the white room. It has to do with their dreams.Andy's soul mate, John Dreamer, seems to understand why they are all there, but even by the end of the story, the reader doesn't know why John himself is there. At least, not positively. One thing the reader can take away from this story is one of hope for the future and what we can possibly do on our own to make our lives better. The plot was brisk, and kept right to the point, giving it the feel of a short story. I will recommend this book to students who enjoy short stories and fast-paced plots. Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this one!

  • Laura
    2019-05-20 04:02

    This has a mix of characters and when you reach them you think that maybe they wouldn't fit together or within a book together, but it works. They are all unique and bring their own importance into this story. This whole story seems like a dream, which I guess I should have realized considering the title, but it such a great way to write this out and bring the tale to life.And of course like any great story this girl has to work out real world issues. These characters have to work through their problems and make it count. Everything about this is touching and exciting. I love the romantic aspects of this too. The author has done an amazing job and can't wait for more.

  • Jaylyn Nedamo
    2019-06-16 07:02

    This is a great book. It's about the types of people with different experiences of pain and how to overcome it. The characters are: a spoiled girl Olivia, an insecure and fat boy Matty, a quiet girl Linda, the mean boy Roy, John who grows up without a father, Andy who misses her mother and of course the Guardian!I wish there's more about Andy and John. The ending was kind of fast and predictable. Teenagers will love this book.Provided by AuthorBuzz via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dana
    2019-05-23 06:22

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.This short novel seems to have been the result of a high school writing assignment. The plot and dialogue are juvenile and boring. The main character falls in love instantly with a random guy and spends the entire time swooning over him and making something out of nothing. The entire cast of characters are one dimensional and clichéd. The only thing that this book has going for it is it's cover, which is a good thing I suppose since it might trick a few more people into reading this steaming pile of crap.

  • Macarena Yannelli
    2019-06-10 04:05

    ¡4.5 en realidad!Este libro fue increíble. El misterio que maneja Elise y la credibilidad de sus personajes son excepcionales. Muy recomendado.Reseña completa en Gracias a los Libros

  • Andrea Heltsley
    2019-05-19 10:13

    This story was a short and sweet novella. I really enjoyed the concept of it. The characters were well developed and the romance was enjoyable.

  • Terri
    2019-05-19 02:04

    A surreal "Alice in Wonderland" feeling to this one and the Guardian is the Mad Hatter. I liked the story well enough, though the ending was ambiguous.

  • Mattie
    2019-06-06 03:12

    I don't know what I was expecting from this novel, but whatever it was, this was not it. I mean that in a good way! With such a unique story line, this book immediately captured my attention and it did not let it go. There were some aspects about the novel that did bring my rating down some, but we will get to those later. First, I believe we should look at the good stuff.-The Goodies-I love, love, LOVE the characters in this book. There is no end to how thankful I am that Elise Celine made her characters real and not the perfect, almost angelic, people we seem to find in novels. No, these characters have realistic flaws, different personalities, and each desired separate things. I was able to actually bond with the characters since Celine made them so realistic. When John is first introduce, my insta-love warning lights were blaring. I must say that I am not really a follower of the insta-love thing that seems to have infected a good number of novels lately. However, if the author writes it into the novel well, I am all for it; this is one of those novels. As I said, I was worried when Andy and John first lay their eyes on each other, but as the story progressed, I became all for their little budding romance (though I do wish there had been more about it in the book). It too turned out to be fairly realistic since, though the two pretty much fell in love with each other right away, they did not immediately fall into each others arms and make-out. Thank heaven.-The Sour Grapes-Now, perhaps it was just the version that NetGalley sent out, but I had quite a bit of trouble with the paragraphs. The first problem I had was that I almost could not distinguish one paragraph from the next since there was nothing to indicate when the next paragraph began (no indents). Each chapter would begin with one or two, but after that, there was a noticeable lack of indentations. The other issue I had with some of the paragraphs was that some of them would have two or more characters talking within the one paragraph. Perhaps it is just me, but I found it difficult to figure out who exactly was speaking to who. It would help if the dialogue was separated into different paragraphs. Like I said, perhaps it was just the copy I received from NetGalley (I'm a bit of a newbie to it so I have yet to see what getting a book from the website entails).There were also a couple punctuation mistakes, though they did not bother me or take away from the novel as much as the latter things did. Oh, and before I forget, I really did not understand the pictures at the end of each chapter. Perhaps they are suppose to represent the lights going out, but they really did not add to the novel. However, I truly loved the ones at the beginning of each chapter.Ah, also I am not sure how I feel about the POV switch towards the end of the book. I did not dislike or really like it since it was the only switch in the novel, but at the same time it was a bit refreshing. It also seemed fitting for that point in the story, I suppose. -Overall-I truly enjoyed reading this book and I am sure that I will read it again in the future. The idea is just so unique and Elise Celine created the imagery so well that I just fell in love with it. Even with the few troubles I had with the piece, I still loved reading it. Perhaps there could be a novella about the characters meeting up in the future or maybe some more about John and Andy (insert wink here). You know, just a thought.P.S. Since my name is Mattie and a character in the book is named Matty, I had so much fun. I bonded with him right off the bat and I loved seeing him grow. Probably my favorite character in the book!

  • Kristen Cansler
    2019-05-31 03:14

    This book is so difficult for me to rate. At times, I thought it deserved nothing less than five stars. At other times, I was tempted to post my first DNF. But I finished it, so here we are. The message that Elise Celine puts inside of John Dreamer is a poignant one that I think readers should pay attention to. Yet I feel like the actual story hindered her efforts more than it helped. The plot was very intriguing, but I don't think the main character and love interest were well developed enough to deliver the story in the way they were meant to. Andy falls flat as a main character. As a character, she never interested me. It wasn't because she was horrible or anything. She just wasn't anything. She was Bella Swan absolutely bland. John Dreamer, the love interest, was no better. If this story had been told by a different character, I would have enjoyed it so much more. There was one chapter that was this way, and it was easily my favorite. And I won't even mention the insta-love. Eight point five seconds, people. But there is no denying that Elise Celine is a talented writer. She is very good at building her world and selling you on it. Her idea for this plot is something that piqued my interest, and I felt like she stayed true to it. The underlying messages in this book are a welcome change to the themes in so many other young adult books. I was impressed with how Elise Celine handled them. If you can look over the boring main character and insta-love, this book is a very good fit for young adult fans. It has a striking plot that flows well. A second book in the series is being written, so lets hope that Andy becomes more developed and interesting as her story progresses. Cliff hanger warning: This book ends on quite a large cliff hanger. There is at least one sequel being written for this book, though. **I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to NetGalley, AuthorBuzz, and Elise Celine.

  • Jillian Lopez
    2019-05-30 03:00

    I've never actually read a book that was written something like this! The plot of the novel was highly original and very unique, and that's what I really liked about this book. You don't just read this book and think, "Oh! This is like (insert name of book)!" NO. When you read this book, it doesn't really resemble any book AT ALL. Complete originality at it's finest. That's what I like about this book!John Dreamer is about Andy who finds herself in the Great White Room with 6 other people named Marcus, Matty, Roy, Olivia, Linda, and John (*cough*cough* John Dreamer *cough*). They cannot escape the Room unless they achieve their dreams as they undergo different scenarios that help them achieve them. This book isn't really romance, but towards the end you get to see the romantic aspects of the book. Which is really interesting and adorable! I like the idea of achieving your dreams in this novel. I like how you have to achieve them even if you don't exactly know what dream you wish to achieve. That's what makes this book truly special :) The plot really caught me that I literally (and I'm not joking) finished this book in ONE DAY! That's how much the plot really drew me in. It was so interesting that I couldn't really put it down too long! There are some parts I also DIDN'T LIKE in John Dreamer. I'm going to make a list below because I don't think it feels right for me right now to write it in paragraph form. the characters were slightly annoying and lacked developmentthe writing seemed to be STRUGGLING in so many parts of the novel. Some of the description didn't seem to be good enoughthe author seemed to try so hard to make the book as hilarious as possible even if it simply couldn't work well with meI feel like I could have added more, but for now, let's leave it at that. From what I've heard, other people nearly DNF-ed this book, but I don't think you should because some parts seem to really drive you around the plot like a really good road trip thing in a book :P I liked the originality and all; I adored that. I think the author needed to improve the writing and character development. It would work well if that happened! Overall, I guess I'd still recommend this book to you all. If you want to try it out..?It's fantasy, by the way.

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-05-28 02:14

    Favorite Quote: “I walked around again, and had the odd feeling that the place was moving along with me. Every time I tried to get to the other side, the way became longer; if I retraced my steps, I returned to the same spot. Was I in some sort of institution? I felt completely sane, even though everything around me seemed daft. I wanted a mirror so I could see my face. I needed that sense of self.”My Review:As I read this book I complained bitterly to my husband that it was frustrating me, I just wasn’t “getting it!” I felt dense and inadequate, those mind prickling and anxious feelings of self-doubt, that I really don’t like to experience, were cluttering my head. But I had committed to doing a review, so I kept plodding along at it, annoyed with the book and annoyed with myself. The characters in the book were also frustrated and confused, so I was not alone in my distress. Mid-way through, I started finding little jewels and kernels of insight or observations… hmm. But I worried it was merely a fluke, as the story went off again in some weird direction, reminiscent of 60’s movie scenes about a bad acid trip. Yet the book was well written and tightly edited, so why was I having such a problem? Not until the very end of the book, did I realize what a profound and beautiful story it actually was. I was somewhat moved and had to read the last chapter one more time to make sure I really did “get it” and huzzah! I did! I felt so proud, yet was so relieved to be done, and had no desire to read it again. Phew, my college degrees were not wasted after all! So now I face a dilemma, do I recommend it to our readers? I was frustrated and rankled most of the way through - but it actually was a beautiful story at the end. I have pondered this for days… I have decided not to decide, and will leave that responsibility up to you. Hmm, with decisions like that, I think I might just have a bright future in politics!

  • Cassie
    2019-06-01 08:14

    This book is written in first person which is not usually my favorite perspective when reading a book. It does work well in the Young Adult genre and certainly is fitting to this story. Celine's prose is very simple and straightforward. At first, this bothered me: it felt so simplistic and rather stereotypical (which I saw another reviewer point out). After reading several chapters, it struck me that the writing had beauty in its simplicity. At one point I remember thinking that the story was reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, one of my favorite movies growing up. So, about the stereotypical comment made by another reviewer: at first glance, yes, the characters do seem to be without depth and they certainly fit into common stereotypes: the nerd, the princess, the loner, et cetera. But that is what makes this story so compelling. On the surface, every one of us would fall into one stereotype or another. But that is only the surface - there is so much more to us than how others perceive us. More than how we sometimes perceive ourselves. It is this universal truth that Celine hits on and exposes. I won't spoil anything - I hope - but the ending...I can't decide if it is frustrating (no clear resolution but done so well that it is pretty much okay) or perfection (because how often is life tied up in a perfect package?) After looking up the book on Amazon, I realized that it is listed as part of a series. Hmm. I almost like wondering what next for Andy and John. But I confess that I would seek out the next book.Another element I enjoyed are the photographs in the book; they are beautiful and haunting. A lovely addition. I would recommend that parents of teenagers read this book. It would work beautifully into a high school literature selection (and probably be far more enjoyable for freshman than Romeo & Juliet). I can certainly see the book leading to great discussion on how we view and treat each other.

  • Vanessa
    2019-05-29 06:22

    I absolutely loved reading this book! I can't say that I have read anything like this in awhile or ever. It was fresh and unique and very uplifting in a way. Celine did a fantastic job at creating an interesting world where the characters overcome their fears and achieve their dreams.There are seven different teenagers when this book starts out and as you read you learn more about each one of them. We also have a man who calls himself the Guardian but aside from him saying cryptic things we don't know too much about him. He does know a lot about the characters but we don't know why yet. Andy is the main character of the book and we see everything through her eyes. We also have a guy named John that Andy is curious about. The five other characters include two other girls and three other boys who all have their own personal problems and fears. We don't get too much time with all the characters but we learn so much about them from the experiences they go through in the Great White Room. The characters were great and I loved each one of them! Aside from the characters, I loved the whole story line as well. These teenagers are in a Great White Room and have no idea why they are in there. They end up learning things about each other and themselves and it was great to read about. I don't want to give away too much because this book isn't too long, but I can say that it is a fantastic read. It goes by so fast that I didn't even realize I was already 80% done with it when I was. I can't wait for a second book because this world is a very interesting one and I want to learn more about it. I feel like anyone can relate to this book because there are many different personalities to relate to. There are also different situations and problems that anyone can go through. This book will inspire you and lift you up. It's a romance novel but it is so much more than that.