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In this all-new short story from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci, worlds collide when government assassin Will Robie is caught in the crossfire with Oliver Stone and the Camel Club.Will Robie is closing in on his next target when he finds himself in the middle of a bank heist--and he's taken hostage alongside Oliver Stone. But is this just a simple bankIn this all-new short story from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci, worlds collide when government assassin Will Robie is caught in the crossfire with Oliver Stone and the Camel Club.Will Robie is closing in on his next target when he finds himself in the middle of a bank heist--and he's taken hostage alongside Oliver Stone. But is this just a simple bank job, or are the robbers after something even more valuable--and dangerous--than the cash in the vault?...

Title : Bullseye
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ISBN : 20755689
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 75 Pages
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Bullseye Reviews

  • Sean Peters
    2019-06-09 19:10

    Will Robie is one of my favourite characters, and always enjoyed the Will Robie and John Puller books.But what was good was the clever idea, bringing in The Camel Book characters, which I have not read yet, really enjoyed the book and learning about these new characters.First thing I did was order the first "The Camel Club" book.A quick read, but well paced, action story and a great way to bring the characters together.Always been one of my favourite authors.A clear four stars for this sixty page book.

  • Tim
    2019-05-22 23:03

    I'm not a fan of the Camel Club and their members are involved in this short Robie story. I suppose that if Robie needs their assistance in the future, they'll be available. 5 of 10 short stars

  • Tiffany Reisz
    2019-06-01 18:01

    Not enough Will Robie. And nobody banged. Yawn.

  • Will M.
    2019-06-12 21:06

    Quite weird that this turned out way better than the second novel, considering that this is just a novella. Makes me want to read the third book asap, but Reel being one of the main characters again is quite repelling to be honest.

  • kartik narayanan
    2019-05-30 21:55

    Another average action thriller from Baldacci. I would rate it on par with the 'The Hit'. Bullseye is a novella that has its main focus on a new group of people while Robie is ostensibly the hero. It will be interesting to see if this eclectic group makes it appearance in the main storylines. More reviews are available at my blog Digital Amrit

  • SumitRK
    2019-05-29 18:14

    A short & quick paced action thriller which will keep you hooked till the end. It will also introduce you to characters like Will Robie & The Camel Club (each have a separate book series of their own) and will make you want to read more of them.

  • ✨Susan✨
    2019-05-20 21:08

    A great short where Baldacci intermingles two of his series. The Camel Club, a crew that have specialized skills that when combined make them unparalleled at stopping crime and Will Robie, a gun for hire that the U.S. government occasionally employes for high stakes operations. When Oliver Stone, (Camel Club) and Will Robie find themselves in the middle of a bank heist, they must combine their skills to stop the perpetrators. As too much time passes and the thiefs start acting peculiar, the two men start to realize that it may not be what it appears to be on the surface. An exciting, fast paced story that even though a short did not feel rushed. Great narration.

  • Jeanne
    2019-05-17 00:03

    Quick listen on audio. Will Robie meets the Camel Club -- love the Will Robie series of stories, but not sure the Camel Club intrigued me enough to listen to one of Baldacci's stories featuring that team. Just OK for me -- 4 out of 10.

  • Judy Collins
    2019-05-21 16:59

    Having read all the books in David Baldacci’s Will Robie series, including his latest,The Guilty, realized I had missed the novella, BULLSEYE(Will Robie #2.5). The audiobook was exceptional and narrator, Ron McLarty delivers an outstanding performance. With assassin Will Robie,Oliver Stone and Camel Club collaboration-- is like having the thrill of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller team up in the same bookThe Crossing. BULLSEYE, a fantastic novella! David combines wit, humor, and action--with my favorite Baldacci characters in one suspense short thriller. A bank heist! Is there more than just a bank robbery? When everything is not as it appears. Stone (old school), a cemetery manager is at the bank (no online banking or ATM), a robbery and Robie and Stone get caught in the middle. Being a former bank manager for years (my son still is), always love bank robberies (in fiction, not reality). Entertaining. Well-crafted. Give us more of these—crossovers: Good stuff.All my heroes in one jam packed fun novella. While the short story,serves as a prequel forThe Target#3 (Will Robie/Jessica Reel) which I had already read; however, it was worth getting some great laughs with all my favorites. You have to read THE GUILTY- The best thus far in the Will Robie series landing on my Top 40 Books of 2015.I am hoping for a movie adaption of The Guilty, and Memory Man.

  • Matt
    2019-06-06 23:18

    A great mash-up of two successful series Baldacci has groomed over the years. When Oliver Stone and Will Robie end up at a bank branch simultaneously, what begins as a simple Saturday afternoon soon turns ugly. A bank robbery commences and they are both taken hostage, along with a handful of others. Before long, it appears that the bank is only a ruse and that the robbers have a larger target. With the help of The Camel Club, Stone and Robie uncover something much more sinister than neon purple exploding dye packs...Always a fan of authors who use crossovers in their novels, as a gift for dedicated readers. What a treat to see Robie and the Camel Club cross paths in this short story. Some chracter flaws emerge that the reader may not have noticed in the full-length books, which only adds to the greatness. I hope that Baldacci, and some of his literary friends, adopt more of this theme in their future books, as the outcome is always more entertaining, as long as it's done correctly.Kudos, Mr. Baldacci. I am eager to sink my teeth into some of your future books and hope you consider more crossovers soon.

  • David Dalton
    2019-05-20 19:08

    A very short thriller featuring my new favorite action character Will Robie (from The Innocent and The Hit), together with characters from the Camel Club series of books such as: The Camel Club. Just enough of a story to tease us fans until the next Will Robie story comes out in April: The Target. I love stories like these where an author will team up two of his most famous characters in one story. Looks like I will be branching out soon to other David Baldacci books.

  • Marleen
    2019-06-11 17:13

    It’s a shocker I know but I never read any of the Camel Club books (Gasp!). I am however a fan of the Will Robie books, the first one “The Innocent” was simply fantastic and impactful. “Bullseye” was a nice way to be introduced to the members of the Camel Club as one of them, Oliver Stone, crosses paths with Will Robie in this short story, which starts with a bank robbery but quickly turns out to be a more than that. Fortunately, Will and Oliver are at the bank as “clients” and thanks to their extraordinary abilities, they are able to save the day.As always, Baldacci’s writing is fluid and compelling. This novella is a nice and quick reminder to check out more of Baldacci’s work.

  • Jerry B
    2019-06-10 19:49

    “Bullseye” is a 60-page short story ebook, good for probably not quite half an hour of reading time, but nonetheless quite entertaining. It combines characters from Baldacci’s earlier 5-book “Camel Club” set, about a loosely knit group of 4-6 “workers” who chase down various government conspiracies; and the more recent Will Robie 4-book set, Will a black-ops-type assassin for hire. Robie and Stone, who seems to lead the “Club,” happen to be in a bank together when robbers appear and take all the employees and customers hostage. However, it seems the villains have some other scheme in mind as they set about drilling and sawing through an abandoned elevator shaft. Stone decides somehow that Robie must be a good guy, and together they sneak a cellphone call to the Club, who proceed to try to not merely rescue the hostages, but figure out what the real target of the “robbery” might be.For sure it made us want to unearth some of the Club stories – but this tale alone was clever, interesting, and suspenseful – and not just the ripoff that some of these “tweener” novellas tend to be to sell the next best seller. Recommended!

  • Leather
    2019-05-17 00:03

    So boring.Didn't give me any spark to read some of the Camel Club's stories in the future.Boo.

  • Cristina Kiefer
    2019-06-02 22:13

    quick and easy...and now a break from Will Robie...

  • Evelyn Wilson
    2019-06-10 00:14

    #32 This book is only about 80 pages long. It was cool having Oliver and Will together. Oliver thinking Will was after him. Mall, bank robbery, or not, guess you will have to see how the Camel Club really worked in this book !!!! ENJOYED !!!

  • Darcy
    2019-06-11 20:04

    This one was so much fun! I loved how the author mashed up 2 of his series, loved it so much that I would like to see Will Robbie become a full fledged member of the Camel Club.It was so much fun to see that Oliver notice Will and for Will to realize how much that Oliver could help. I loved how Oliver alluded to his "friends" and how Will kept asking about these friends and if they could in fact help them. The sly comments between these 2 men were great too. They knew they had the same background, but couldn't say it right out.It was fun to see Anabel and the others work the problem from the other side. I thought that Anabel did a great job to get where she needed to really make an in pact.The note at the end was great! I just wished that it could have been delivered in person, because I think both of them could use a friend.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-28 16:10

    I don't know about you but I've been looking forward to the next Will Robie mystery for some time. The Target is out in April but David Baldacci has given us a short story to hold us over until then. Bullseye is set in Washington, DC. Will Robie is about ready to close in on his target when he finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery ... or does he? Oliver Stone and the Camel Club are back in action as well.Great short story for fans. The beginning of The Target is on the last few pages. Looking forward to April!

  • Freda Malone
    2019-05-25 20:00

    Will Robie and Oliver Stone walk into a bank, simultaneously and unaware of each other. Stone is just cashing his check. Robie has a target. Is it Stone? The scene instantly becomes a bank robbery and hostage situation but is it really? This short story was a quick and tense read. I liked the way Stone and Robie quickly corroborated their situation and acted accordingly, saving the day.

  • Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    2019-05-21 22:57

    This was a fantastic Novella! Placing Will Robie and Oliver Stone from the Camel Club series in the middle of a bank heist was brilliant. The Camel Club novels just moved up on my TBR. This is an action packed novella that makes for a perfect read when you're short on time, but need to feed your reading addiction! I highly recommend this one!

  • Mala Ashok
    2019-06-11 18:05

    This appears to be the first in the Will Robie series with an appearance by the Camel CLub members participating too. It is a short book and no wonder - with both Robie and the Camel CLub, it does not take long to take care of the bad guys!The book is interesting enough to make readers want to read other books in the WIll Robie series. Mine is going to be "Hit."

  • Nancy Ellis
    2019-06-04 18:13

    Good short story combining Will Robie and the Camel Club, a winning combination! Reminded me how much I enjoyed the Camel Club books.

  • Weerdski
    2019-06-01 18:06

    Leuk verhaaltje. Maar er zijn wat mij betreft te veel acties die niet "passen". Wel leuk dat Robie in een verhaal zit met de geweldige Camel Club.

  • Jenifer O'neill
    2019-06-05 23:10

    too short

  • Dugger
    2019-05-29 19:50

    Fun combo of the Camel Club characters and Will Robie. Looking forward to another novella with this group.

  • Joe Donnelly
    2019-05-18 23:03

    This is the first of the Camel Club books that I have read, and a nice taster it was to for the series. Only a short story but a worthwhile read.

  • Deanna Against Censorship
    2019-06-14 16:09

    I would love to read a novel with this two guys (and the Camel Club) working together again. They were so great together in this little story.

  • Kim Johnson
    2019-06-04 18:19

    Fast paced and short

  • Nadine
    2019-06-15 16:18

    „Der Auftragskiller Will Robie nimmt gerade seine nächste Zielperson ins Visier, da gerät er mitten in einen Banküberfall und wird als Geisel genommen - zusammen mit dem ehemaligen Geheimagenten Oliver Stone. Aber ist es tatsächlich nur ein normaler Raubüberfall? Oder sind die Bankräuber in Wahrheit hinter etwas anderem her - etwas, das viel wertvoller ist als alles Geld im Tresor?“bei dieser Kurzgeschichte handelt es sich um Cross Over der Thrillerreihen „Camel Club“ und „Will Robie“ die ebenfalls aus der Feder von David Baldacci stammen. Leider habe ich das erst nach dem spontanen Kauf erkannt, da ich beide Buchreihen noch nicht gelesen habe, hätte ich sonst wohl darauf verzichtet.Die Geschichte ist dennoch spannend und mitreißend erzählt. Eben typisch Baldacci. Das Buch ist auch als eigenständige Geschichte ohne Vorkenntnis lesbar. Ich denke aber das Lesevergnügen wäre sicherlich größer gewesen, wenn einem die Protagonisten bereits bekannt gewesen wären. Fazit:Leider ist die Geschichte auch wirklich sehr, sehr kurz. Macht aber definitiv Lust auf mehr. Mal schauen, vielleicht steige ich demnächst in eine der Reihen ein…3,5 von 5 Sternen

  • Iva
    2019-06-10 18:56

    I wasn't as happy with this one as I was with the other Will Robie works. Too little Robie (as someone else said in their review). However, this short story got me hooked on giving the Camel Club series a try.The short story itself is not really full of surprises or twists (except for who the target of Robie turned out to be - and it was not that much of a surprise in the end). It somehow didn't have the sense of fast pace that Baldacci works usually have. For a short story based around a bank robbery spanning across a few hours, it somehow didn't pack enough action. I found it oddly lacking but still an OK read for a cardio session at the gym or for a longish commute.