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Trouble is brewing at Vandermeer Manor and it is up to Katherine and Elizabeth to reveal the truth before it’s too late in the fourth book of a fascinating historical fiction series.Twins Katherine and Elizabeth Chatswood are on their way to visit their distant relatives at Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island. Wedding bells will soon be ringing for their father’s cousin, HenrTrouble is brewing at Vandermeer Manor and it is up to Katherine and Elizabeth to reveal the truth before it’s too late in the fourth book of a fascinating historical fiction series.Twins Katherine and Elizabeth Chatswood are on their way to visit their distant relatives at Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island. Wedding bells will soon be ringing for their father’s cousin, Henry Vandermeer, in the most magnificent event on either side of the ocean since the twins’ birthday ball a few months ago.Henry Vandermeer’s fianceé is the famous writer, Anna DuMay. The girls are instantly struck by her kindness and independent nature. Anna is a woman at the forefront of the social changes beginning to take place in America and she has many friends who attended the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention that summer.But then something very precious inside the manor gets vandalized, and the groom threatens to call the wedding off, believing that Anna might have had something to do with it. Everyone is devastated, but the truth has a way of coming to light. The twins don’t know it yet, but they might hold the key that will set true love back on its destined course....

Title : Katherine's Story, 1848
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Katherine's Story, 1848 Reviews

  • Leona Ruth
    2018-10-10 14:00

    I really liked this book, but the one thing that bothered me about it was that the romance seems to be increasing as the series goes on. I guess that makes sense, since Katherine and Elizabeth are growing older, but still... I don't think that is really necessary. :( Well, every book has it's cons, right? :)

  • Chloe (aka Crystal)
    2018-09-17 16:57

    I've got to admit, I loved this book more than the last one! I found Katherine (and this book) more exciting, interesting, and unpredictable than Elizabeth (and her POV story).Same minor romance in this as the last one.<3 Glad I started reading this series. :)

  • Story_Girl
    2018-10-11 11:36

    This is my favourite out of the Secrets of the Manor series so far. This book is told from the original Katherine's point of view as she and her twin sister Elizabeth travel to America to visit distant relatives the Vandermeers for Henry Vandermeers wedding. But someone doesn't want the wedding to take place and Katherine, encouraged by mystery stories, is determined to find out who and save the marriage. It is the most interesting mystery in the books so far, although I am still tired of the cliche use of 'is it a ghost', and the ending felt a little rushed.Katherine is my favourite out of the character's we have met so far. She is quiet, gentle, kind, romantic, loyal and intelligent. We also meet the future husbands of both sisters - Alfred and Maxwell, but we are left with a strong hint the overriding mystery of the series which causes us to wonder just which sister will marry which boy?

  • Kaitlin Harrington
    2018-09-21 09:56

    Love it

  • Dawn Teresa
    2018-10-02 16:33

    Originally published on my blog, ReadLove.Katherine’s Story, 1848, the fourth in her Secrets of the Manor series, is Adele Whitby’s best book to date. With a story line independent of twelfth birthday balls and gifted jewelry heirlooms, Whitby has ample space to stretch her wings.This story allows us to better know Katherine, who turns out to be my favorite of the four family heroines presented thus far. During Elizabeth’s Story, I had an itch to hear more of Katherine’s voice, and Katherine’s Story delivers without disappointment. The minutes-older and smidgeon-taller Elizabeth is bolder and brasher than the more thoughtful and measured Katherine. However, with her gentle manner and introspective ways, Katherine has her own charm. From the transatlantic voyage by paddle steamer to the six-hour journey by coach from Boston to Bridgeport, there is an air of adventure and anticipation that is tangible and contagious. For our reading pleasure, in addition to our twin sisters, we are accompanied by two youthful male counterparts, Maxwell Tynne, the girls’ cousin and Elizabeth’s future spouse by arranged marriage, and Alfred Vandermeer, the son of their American relation.In this instance, the grand occasion central to the plot is not a party for either girl but a wedding between the Chatswoods’ distant American relations. This momentous union happens to be a remarriage with which it appears not everyone is thrilled. And when a valuable artifact goes missing and is later found vandalized, it appears wedding bells will not be ringing after all. Emboldened by her reading of mysteries written by the bride-to-be’s literary friend Louisa Branson (a name inspired by Branson Alcott and his famous daughter, perhaps?), Katherine is determined to follow in the footsteps of fictional detective Miss Millhouse to find the culprit and save the day.Both the interaction between our young ladies and gentlemen and the larger thread of the upcoming nuptials of Henry Vandermeer and Anna Dumay explore the contrast between tradition and modernity. Traditionally, marriage, especially by firstborns, was viewed through many lenses — none of which were generally love — to determine whether or not a match was beneficial and proper. Times were changing, though. Led by pioneers like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, women were demanding a say in their lives and futures. And marriage for love was something many were brave enough to try. Would love be at the center of this marriage and the future pairings of the Chatswood sisters? Read the Secrets of the Manor series to find out!Verdict: 4.5 of 5 Hearts. Romance Meets Mystery in This Delightful Period Fiction for Tweens. With Katherine’s Story, 1848, Adele Whitby pens her finest fiction to date. This fourth book in the series has the broadest scope, offering a glimpse at how American and British life differed, while showing how modern thought, especially in America, was changing tradition. Fittingly, it’s just the time to explore modernity, as book five will launch us forward to 1934.

  • Becky Keir Grace
    2018-09-26 11:48

    Katherine and her twin, Elizabeth are on a journey to America for their cousin's wedding! The girls are very excited for the trip. Along with them is their father and Cousin Maxwell who is arraigned to marry Elizabeth when they are older. Once in America they meet distant cousin Alfred, and Elizabeth and Alfred hit it off immediately. Katherine, being the quieter twin is more comfortable with Maxwell. Alfred is excited for his family to expand with his father's marriage to modern lady and write Anna DuMay. Anna's son, Samuel, does not seem to be happy about the wedding, and when a treasured item is vandalized all fingers point to Samuel, but Katherine is not so sure he is the culprit. This series is a lot of fun for young readers, as a nice introduction to historical fiction and also to mysteries. Katherine is the writer of the two girls where Elizabeth prefers painting. Meeting a published author was an amazing experience for her, and Anna shows her more stories about a female sleuth which has Katherine hooked. Can Katherine solve the mystery?I loved how this book showed the different ways of thinking in America and England. Elizabeth is set to marry Maxwell, but wishes she could choose to marry for love. Katherine, on the other hand, as the younger twin is free to marry whomever she pleases. The book nicely sets up the biggest secret of all which I assume will not be revealed until the final book of this family. I do think this would make a nice series to discuss in a younger book club.