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The thrilling prequel to GANGSTER NATION! Finalist for the 2015 Hammett Prize. Sal Cupertine is a legendary hit man for the Chicago Mafia, known for his ability to get in and out of a crime without a trace. Until now, that is. His first-ever mistake forces Sal to botch an assassination, killing three undercover FBI agents in the process. This puts too much heat on Sal, an The thrilling prequel to GANGSTER NATION! Finalist for the 2015 Hammett Prize. Sal Cupertine is a legendary hit man for the Chicago Mafia, known for his ability to get in and out of a crime without a trace. Until now, that is. His first-ever mistake forces Sal to botch an assassination, killing three undercover FBI agents in the process. This puts too much heat on Sal, and he knows this botched job will be his death sentence to the Mafia. So he agrees to their radical idea to save his own skin.A few surgeries and some intensive training later, and Sal Cupertine is gone, disappeared into the identity of Rabbi David Cohen. Leading his growing congregation in Las Vegas, overseeing the population and the temple and the new cemetery, Rabbi Cohen feels his wicked past slipping away from him, surprising even himself as he spouts quotes from the Torah or the Old Testament. Yet, as it turns out, the Mafia isn't quite done with him yet. Soon the new cemetery is being used as both a money and body-laundering scheme for the Chicago family. And that rogue FBI agent on his trail, seeking vengeance for the murder of his three fellow agents, isn't going to let Sal fade so easily into the desert.Gangsterland is the wickedly dark and funny new novel by a writer at the height of his power – a morality tale set in a desert landscape as ruthless and barren as those who inhabit it....

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Gangsterland Reviews

  • TL
    2018-10-02 01:37

    I received this this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own:).----Short review because I'm tired and have to leave for work soon. (Is the Mad Hatter hiring? Sort of kidding)Anyways:Characters 3.5 starsWriting - 3 starsPlot: 3 starsMaybe 3.25 overall?---Pleasant read, didn't fully connect with it but had fun all the same. I could see this being a good movie or mini-series (HBO or Netflix perhaps) with maybe Bryan Cranston in one of the roles or something :).Its easy to get lost in the writing and picture what is going on, despite feeling like an outsider while reading it (for me at least).I would say give it a try if you are still interested. :)

  • Perry
    2018-10-08 05:27

    Great Lakes Goombah Guns Down 4 G-men, Goes to Hide in Vegas where He Turns into Tony with a Torah*3.5 stars*I enjoyed this easily-readable crime novel with its dark and dryly witty plot.Rabbi David Cohen (aka Sal Cupertino, a 35-year-old shadowy hitman with a bad plastic surgery job) appears to go through a existential crisis-lite as he misses his wife and young son and considers the Torah that he's basically committed to memory (his mob nickname was "Rain Man"), but maintains his killer karma. While Mr. Goldberg has fun playing with the interplay among Italian mobsters, a hitman's rabbinical conversion and perhaps a reptilian shedding of the Jewish skin, he doesn't glamorize gangsters, the mob lifestyle, Jews or G-men. The novel maintains a diabolical darkness despite the comedic diversions.If you loved "The Sopranos" and "Bugsy," you should revel in "Gangsterland."

  • Skip
    2018-10-10 07:22

    NY Times Book Review made me do it: Sal Cupertine is a legendary hit man for the Chicago Mafia, and has to disappear when he kills three undercover FBI agents and a CI. He is stashed in a meat truck to Las Vegas, where following plastic surgery, he emerges as Rabbi David Cohen. Leading a growing congregation, he presides over funerals and counsels his congregation, quoting Torah, Talmud or Springsteen with aplomb. Of course, he cannot fully escape his life of crime and has to face a rogue, vengeful FBI agent and his desires to return to the family he abandoned. Humorous and dark, with some Jewish mysticism thrown in.

  • ✍Neyla Kunta ✍
    2018-09-30 04:30

    Ich kann es nicht bewerten, denn ich habe es abgebrochen bzw. pausiert :/ Der Schreibstil war sehr trocken für mich und ich konnte nichts zu den Charaktern aufbauen - schade eigentlich.. Vielleicht nehme ich es nochmal auf :)

  • Raven
    2018-10-15 08:24

    Normally I’m wary of any crime book labelled as funny, and effusive taglines testifying to the scale of hilarity contained within, but this was an absolute hoot from start to finish. Arising from a short story entitled Mitzvah, the book is not only a dark and sinister crime caper, set in Las Vegas, but contains some of the sharpest wiseguy humour so reminiscent of the old master Elmore Leonard. The whole set-up for the plot with a sadistic Chicago hitman having to re-invent himself as a rabbi in Vegas, is wacky enough, but I more than bought into this gun-toting, sharp talking and endlessly entertaining read. The characters are brilliant and earthy whether bad guy, good guy, or those that gravitate between both camps of legality, and the action is fast-paced and totally engaging. If you love Leonard, Hiaasen or Dorsey this will tick all the boxes.

  • Калина Минчева
    2018-10-02 08:23

    Така, така - книгата не беше лоша, но просто не е моят тип литература. Гангстерските интриги никога не са ме привличали нито на кино, нито на хартия, нито в реалния живот. Дори тук не съм дори на 60% сигурна, че схванах голямата схема, определено съм изпуснала някой ключов елемент от историята. Иначе романът е написан наистина добре, подкрепен с достоверни факти от подземния свят в Чикаго и Лас Вегас. Заплита се един доста сложен на пръв поглед конспиративен заговор във Фамилията, който в крайна сметка се оказва поредната игра на някой бос в стремеж да завземе повече власт, територия и пари. Без оглед на щетите, които нанася по пътя. Докато един равин не поема контрола в свои ръце. Оттам насетне - всичко е история, както казват.

  • Gloria Feit
    2018-09-21 01:30

    The idea of juxtaposing the mafia, a hit man, and a Reform Jewish temple in Las Vegas forms the basis for this outrageous but satisfying novel. It is filled with a variety of characters and a plot that carries the theme with aplomb. While the concept may appear to be beyond the realms of reality, the author carries it out with grace and humor. It all begins in Chicago, where Sal Cupertine is an extraordinary hit man for the mob, efficient, careful and never caught. Until one day he is assigned to meet with some purported drug sellers who turn out to be FBI agents and, for the first time, his face becomes known, so he has to kill them for self-preservation but has to flee the Windy City hidden in a refrigerated truck. Sal ends up in Las Vegas, undergoes facial surgery and, because he has a retentive memory, is turned into Rabbi David Cohen, part of a new racket.While many of the Talmudic and Biblical references, which colorfully emit from David’s (Sal’s) lips throughout the novel, may be questionable, they set the tone for the incredible plot. If there is one drawback to the novel it is the final passages which to this reader did not ring true, although, supposedly, are intended to provide a morality to this mafia story.Recommended.

  • Mark
    2018-09-23 01:30

    I was lucky to get an early version of this remarkable, thoroughly enjoyable book. It's funny, scary, soulful, and so much fun.

  • Karl
    2018-10-16 06:21

    I vacillated between really enjoying this book and being bored by events occurring within the story. If that seems a strange juxtaposition, it's no stranger than the story itself.Mr. Goldberg shows us what little difference there is between organized crime and organized religion. He achieves this by utilizing a hit man for the mob and a Jewish rabbi. In this story's case, as unlikely as it seems, it's the same man Sal Cupertine aka Rabbi David Cohen. Let me explain.Sal has made a mess up in negotiation a drug deal, not his usual area of expertise, realizes he has been made, as the drug guys he was dealing with are the FBI, and decides they all need to be killed (his usual area of expertise).Now having killed four FBI men, the FBI learning his identity, he must get out of town. His cousin, the head of the Chicago mob and a colorful used car salesman arranges to have his identity changed with some plastic surgery and have him shipped off to Las Vegas to assume a new life as a Rabbi. The criminal / mob elements are well handled by Mr. Goldberg, as is the pursuit of Sal/David by a failed FBI agent and his side kick. This is also handled well. These elements make for an excellent and cleaver crime novel. Sadly for me at least and where the novel falls down is the lengthy character introspection of the main character and the lengthy explanations of Jewish history and Jewish philosophy intertwined into the narrative. Overall the book was most enjoyable and I am glad to see Mr. Goldberg has giving us a new book beyond the "Burn Notice" franchise. His knowledge of Vegas is to be applauded as is his cleaver plotting ability. The humor is sly and often quite dark, another reason to enjoy this book.

  • Larry
    2018-10-05 06:29

    A Chicago mob hitman botches a job and is sent packing to Las Vegas to lay low under an assumed identity as a suburban Jewish rabbi. Sounds like a premise for either high comedy, or a treacly Hollywood-style morality tale. Thankfully, this novel is neither.What it is, is a smart, crackling thriller filled with complex personalities, a gripping storyline, and, for the record, Talmudic wisdom. It's a mark of Goldberg's mastery of the form that he dodges all clichés and expectations. He has the reader rooting for an unrepentant serial murderer, for G*d's sake, and just when you think a quoted passage from the Talmud is leading to an aw-shucks moment when the killer sees the light, the protagonist almost does just that until, at the last moment he engages in a cynical, self-serving twist.There are a few places in the middle where the narrative becomes a dense web of accounts of past and present crimes by just about every character in the book, and maybe some of this could have been thinned out, but it's a minor quibble in an otherwise high-tension plot.I usually avoid violent thrillers, but after reading "Mitzvah", the author's short story which spawned the book, when the novel came out I couldn't resist. It contains much to please the enthusiast of literary fiction as it does thriller aficionados. And if you're Jewish, there are enough little subtle details to keep you amused.

  • Kate
    2018-10-06 05:27

    This was really 3 1/2 stars. I was having a hard time choosing what to read next and found this under a pile. I had borrowed it from the library soon after it came out, but a smoker had borrowed it before me and I was unable to read it, because it smelled so bad and made me wheeze. I bought a copy and then had other things to read for book clubs and then could not find a book I wanted to read. Gangsterland broke me out of my slump ( it only took me so long to read as work interfered!). It is the story of a Chicago mob hitman and what happens to him after he kills the wrong people. His life is spared, but he enters an illegal variation of a witness protection program. Tod Goldberg tells Sal Cupertine's story very well and provides an interesting look at a darker side of Las Vegas . Tod is one of the cohosts of the Literary Disco podcast and while Sal is absolutely nothing like him ( best as I can tell), Tod's voice and wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor came through in the dialogue. This is definitely a slump breaking book and a more thoughtful mob story than many that I have previously read.

  • Ross Helford
    2018-09-22 06:46

    A breezy criminal underworld page-turner with a creamy kosher middle. The thrilling inevitability of Torah and tommy guns.

  • Jim
    2018-09-20 08:36

    Dark, poignant, sad and occasionally very funny. Filled with full, believable and deeply flawed characters. So well written that many of the chapters can stand alone as set pieces.

  • Havers
    2018-09-24 05:22

    Wenn ein Killer problemlos mehr als fünfzehn Jahre seinen Jobs erledigt und keine Spuren hinterlässt, die zu ihm oder seinen Auftraggebern führen, dann versteht er sein Geschäft. Sal Cupertine ist so jemand – bis er bei einem Job einen folgenschweren Fehler macht. Vier Tote, davon drei FBI-Agenten, der vierte ist ein mexikanischer Informant. Aber woher sollte er auch wissen, dass es einen geheime Deal zwischen der Chicagoer Mafia und dem FBI gab.Sal muss von der Bildfläche verschwinden, denn sowohl FBI als auch die Mobster haben es nun auf ihn abgesehen. Den Kopf rettet ihm das Eingreifen seines Cousins. Dieser lässt seine Beziehungen spielen und verfrachtet ihn in einen Viehtransporter, der sich auf den Weg nach Las Vegas macht, direkt in den Einflussbereich von Bennie Savone, dem Boss des organisierten Verbrechens in und um das Spielerparadies in der Wüste. Und dieser weiß um Sals Fähigkeiten und möchte sie für sich nutzen. Zuerst kosmetische Operationen, dann eine neue Identität, und schon wird aus dem Auftragskiller Sal Cupertine ein Rabbi namens David Cohen. Zusammen mit Savones Schwiegervater soll er nicht nur die jüdische Gemeinde betreuen, sondern auch seiner alten Profession wieder nachgehen. Ausreichend Platz für die Beute, aber auch für die Opfer der „Familie“ ist ausreichend auf dem jüdischen Friedhof vorhanden. Doch das FBI schläft nicht, und so gerät der frischgebackene Rabbi schon bald in das Visier von Jeff Hopper, der federführend an der Chicagoer Aktion beteiligt war…Auf der einen Seite die italienische Mafia, auf der anderen Seite die jüdische Religion, so recht scheint das auf den ersten Blick nicht zueinander zu passen. Aber genau diese Fusion bringt Schwung in den äußerst unterhaltsamen Thriller „Gangsterland“, in dem ein Killer zum Rabbiner mutiert, bevor dann doch wieder im Auftrag zu töten beginnt.Der Autor ist zwar nicht gerade zimperlich, wenn es um die Darstellung von Gewalt geht, aber die begleitenden Dialoge – rabenschwarz und knochentrocken – nehmen diesen Szenen über weite Strecken die Schärfe. Könnte glatt von einem Schotten geschrieben worden sein, und ist eher eine Krimikomödie als ein knallharter Thriller.Das rasante Erzähltempo des Anfangs kann Tod Goldberg zwar nicht durchgängig halten, und so sind immer wieder Längen zu überwinden. Aber dennoch habe ich „Gangsterland“ gerne gelesen und mich dabei sehr gut unterhalten gefühlt.

  • Mal Warwick
    2018-10-09 05:30

    A legendary hit man for the Chicago Mafia named Sal Cupertine is spirited off to Las Vegas in a refrigerated meat truck after a botched job. There, after six months of radical plastic surgery and cramming with the Torah and the Talmud, he resurfaces as Rabbi David Cohen in a thriving suburban Reform congregation. Funny, right? Could be hilarious? Unfortunately, it isn’t.Oh, Gangsterland has its moments. There are times when the sheer absurdity of the premise becomes overwhelming, and my only defense was to laugh. In fact, the further I followed the Byzantine plot of this novel — it involves a funeral-parlor scam and “body-laundering” for the Mafia — the more absurd it became. Sad to say, author Tod Goldberg is too intent on fleshing out his characters as three-dimensional human beings than with wringing humor out of a story tailor-made for farce. The result is an awkward combination of sensitive, naturalistic fiction and comedy of the absurd. Shakespeare knew better than to get so serious when he was going for laughs. So did Donald E. Westlake.Goldberg creates suspense in Gangsterland by alternating chapters between Cupertine’s point of view and that of his adversary in the FBI, a hapless special agent named Jeff Hopper. As Hopper pursues the trail of obscure clues that lead him ever closer to Cupertine, the tension builds — or, rather, it would have, if I’d cared much about who did what to whom.Tod Goldberg is a novelist and short story-writer who may be better known as the author of several novels based on the TV series “Burn Notice.” He teaches creative writing at the University of California-Riverside.

  • Sam Reaves
    2018-09-19 09:32

    This is a strange book, certainly a crime novel but not really a thriller, more a novel of manners than of intrigue, full of moral ruminations but with a protagonist who is utterly morally corrupt.It has a great hook: the Chicago mob's top hitman gets a little carried away and kills three FBI agents, bringing down intense heat. Normally he would get whacked for the indiscretion, but he has friends in high places and instead gets "sold" to a Las Vegas crime boss who arranges for plastic surgery and a new identity-- as a rabbi. Yes, you heard that right. This gambit requires some suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader, but Goldberg sells it reasonably well, showing our hero lying low for months while his face heals, passing the time by studying the Jewish texts and shedding his blue-collar Chicago accent. When he emerges from hiding, he is ready to take his place in a very original criminal enterprise run through a Vegas synagogue with mob connections. The real interest in the book lies in the cultural observations (late-nineties Vegas, Italian-Jewish relations in organized crime) and the suspense as to whether or not the rabbinical hitman's increasing moral awareness will lead to any genuine remorse and enlightenment.

  • Merle
    2018-09-30 04:24

    How funny is Tod Goldberg's new novel, Gansterland? A laugh a page funny. A book about a gangster who is relocated from Chicago to Las Vegas and given a new identity as a Rabbi!!This is a really fun summer read!! I think Goldberg has hit the mark, he has used a topic that is real, the Mafia in Las Vegas, Chicago and other major cities and he has made it funny. This is definitely a fun book to read and really got me thinking about the Jewish players in the history of the mob. I will be doing some more reading about this topic. Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and many others, Tod Goldberg has whet my curiosity about this topic.

  • sergevernaillen
    2018-10-16 08:47

    Toen ik aan dit boek begon moest ik aan de Glasgow-trilogie van Malcolm Mackay denken. Ook hier volgen we het verhaal van een huurmoordenaar in dienst van de maffia. Maar daar stopt de vergelijking: de opzet en de uitwerking van Gangsterland is helemaal anders.De beruchte huurmoordenaar Sal Cupertine, die normaal gezien zeer methodisch en beheerst te werk gaat, verliest zijn koelbloedigheid en vermoordt 3 undercover FBI-agenten en een informant. Dit is een fout die “de Familie” in Chicago niet kan laten passeren maar in plaats van hem op zijn beurt koud te maken wordt hij “verkocht” aan een maffioso in Las Vegas. Na maanden van afzondering waarbij hij plastische chirurgie ondergaat en de Joodse boeken (Talmoed, Thora, Thenach, …) bestudeert wordt hij Rabbijn David Cohen. Hij wordt assistent in de Beth Israël synagoge die vooral een dekmantel blijkt voor heel wat louche praktijken en gemakkelijk geldgewin.Tegelijk volgen we de lotgevallen van Jeff Hopper, de FBI-agent die door zijn fout er voor gezorgd heeft dat Cupertine op het spoor kwam van de undercover agenten, en die er nu een persoonlijke kruistocht van maakt om Cupertine op te sporen. Want Hopper gelooft niet dat Cupertine dood is, ondanks het feit dat de maffia ervoor gezorgd heeft dat er toch een lijk gevonden wordt.Op zich gaat het verhaal eerder traag vooruit omdat Goldberg zowel over Cupertine/Cohen als over Hopper heel wat achtergrondinformatie meegeeft. Dat is meestal geen nadeel maar hier en daar zijn er passages waar ik moeilijk mijn aandacht bij kon houden. Er komen ook heel wat nevenpersonages aan bod en ook die zijn redelijk goed uitgewerkt.Het boek is goed geschreven. Een vlotte schrijfstijl die makkelijk leest. Goldberg verwerkt er ook heel wat humor in (meestal in de gedachtegang van Cupertine/Cohen) zodat de toch wel zware materie (Cupertine is echt iemand waar je liever niet mee geconfronteerd wordt) luchtig blijft. De dialogen zijn in veel gevallen ook zeer goed en spitsvondig.Maar ik moet toch toegeven dat het ik het alles bij mekaar niet de “waaauw”-thriller vind die men er in de pers van maakt. Een goed verhaal, een goede spanningsopbouw en een goede ontknoping. Maar zowel bij verhaal, spanningsopbouw en ontknoping kan ik niet het woordje “zeer” toevoegen aan de “goed”.

  • Todd Wright
    2018-09-19 03:20

    A spiritual mob storyWhat a fresh take on the "mafia hitman" concept. Loved the religious angle. Felt like the book stopped a bit too suddenly, but still an fascinating read.

  • Tracy
    2018-10-15 04:20

    This was fantastic! Dark and funny, always a winning combination. I like a dead body right away and as the plot unfolds, the more the merrier. What a great story, clever, sharp and a marvelous way to spend a Saturday.

  • Sharyn
    2018-10-18 01:27

    Ok I have met Todd many times and received this book at a talk that he gave with his brother Lee. As a matter of fact, he is going to be at the book club I read this for next week. I have had this book on my shelf for a year, meaning to read it many times. The main character first appeared in a short story that begged to be made into a novel, Chicago hit man, with a photographic memory, ends up in Las Vegas after he kills some FBI agents. After plastic surgery , and a few months of study, he becomes a Reform Rabbi. Todd had to study up on his Torah and Talmud to make this somewhat believable. It is amazing how he can take this absurd premise and make hitman Sal into Rabbi David. You want to believe that eventually Sal will realize the error of his ways and become more like a real Rabbi. So in the end, we are left with some cliffhangers and I am pretty sure there will be a sequel. I will find out next week. (4/11/16)

  • Селина Йонкова
    2018-10-17 01:20

    "другото лице" на тод годбърг е от онези трилъри след прочита на които оставате в мрачно настроение, заради внушението за посъвместна зависимост на обществото и икономиката от престъпните организации. това, че действието се развива в сащ, не е някаква утеха, защото аналогиите са неизбежни. от друга страна любителите на класиката в този жанр, ще са доволни, действие, кръв, стрелби, кръв, трупове, без много психологически и лирически отклонения. традиционно недотам съобразителни или корумпирани служители на реда, безскрупуленши мафиотски босове и наемен убиец, разделящ "работата" си от личния живот. доста безрадостно. и ако, всичко тава, някак може да се преглътне, то любящата съпруга и най вече майка, готова в името на любовта да чака завръщането на "героя", като пенелопа, сякаш е нормално да "преглътнеш" заниманията на съпруга си и да го оставиш да отглежда дете, е това внушение ми дойде малко в повече.

  • Natalie
    2018-10-06 06:34

    Sort of a Pygmalion-meets-Lillehammer-and-Dexter story in which a Chicago Mafia hitman is forced to go underground, reappearing in Las Vegas as a rabbi. He's not bad at the job, but his past follows him, as does the memory of his beloved wife and child--and an FBI agent he'd believed dead.It's an odd, mostly fun book, with some rather harrowing violence. I would give this 3 1/2 stars if I could. Not quite 4; there's a bit too much explanation, and a couple of strokes of luck and loose and abrupt ends that I didn't feel were completely convincing. But the characters are interesting, and I liked very much that the reader doesn't get to know everyone's secrets, and doesn't need to.

  • Kate Maruyama
    2018-09-30 05:22

    While hilarious and entertaining, this book also manages to be stirring and deeply human as our hitman finds unexpected lessons in his latest gig. Goldberg manages to hold this extremely particular ground between drama and humor that allows the reader to become completely invested in what should be an absurd and campy world and by the end, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Allong the way there were quiet moments and bits of stunning writing that just stopped me. I can't wait til the next one.

  • Bonnie
    2018-09-24 06:33

    A perfect book for an airplane ride: very absorbing, quite funny in places, and not depressing (though there are some pretty violent scenes). A mobster screws up and has to change his entire identity. Sal Cupertine from Chicago becomes Rabbi David Cohen in Las Vegas. Because Sal has such a great memory (he's known as "Rain Man"), he can memorize whole sections of the Talmud (though he's as apt to quote Bruce Springsteen when giving advice and most people don't notice. It's a great premise and there's also some interesting thoughts about identity and becoming who you're pretending to be.

  • Deborah
    2018-10-12 06:25

    What a very clever premise. An Italian Chicago hitman on the lam hides in Las Vegas where he has been transformed into a Rabbi by virtue of his autodidact abilities and a lot of plastic surgery.The author provides us with much in the way of Torah references and ways of murdering people and hiding the bodies. That is not enough to justify 400+ pages.At the conclusion of the book, I read that the genesis originally resulted in a short story, later expanded. That was a poor decision.

  • Ruth Niles
    2018-10-01 05:28

    This is my favorite so far this year. A lot of characters, all very believable, a lot of no-holds-barred action with Mafia, Rabbis, hit men and a renegade FBI agent. I never saw the ending coming but was very comfortable with it. Every now and then when I finish a book that keeps me thinking about the whole story for a day or two after I finish reading it, I can't get into another book right away. This was one of those books.

  • Cflack
    2018-09-20 06:30

    Clever premise, quick read, decent execution. I must say I liked the premise of the book more than the actual book itself. The writing was fine, the characters funny/interesting - it read more like a movie/TV show than a novel and looking at the bio of the author I can see why. It was compelling enough to make me want to finish, but I do not think I will think about it much now that I'm done.

  • Bad Cookie
    2018-10-15 04:47

    I can't say I exactly enjoyed the story, but it was interesting. I like to be able to root for the main character and I just didn't care for Sal- I realize he isn't meant to be likeable, but still... I was hoping this character would be dead by the end, but alas it was not meant to be.

  • Alexandra
    2018-10-01 01:19

    Ein wirklich toller Roman! Ich vergebe nur 4 Sterne, weil ich im Laufe dieses Buches festgestellt habe, dass Mafia-Stories nicht so ganz meins sind. Zu viele Klischees!Aber: top geschrieben, stimmiger und toller Handlungsstrang, geistreiche und witzige Dialoge sowie tolle Figuren! 1A