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Two psychics – one serial killer.Someone is stalking women and murdering them in Key West.Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker join forces to help identify the murderer and stop him. Levi can channel the deceased victims and Trudy can tap into the mind of the killer. As a psychic detective team, they’re formidable. As lovers, they discover that they’re insatiable.But if Trudy can sTwo psychics – one serial killer.Someone is stalking women and murdering them in Key West.Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker join forces to help identify the murderer and stop him. Levi can channel the deceased victims and Trudy can tap into the mind of the killer. As a psychic detective team, they’re formidable. As lovers, they discover that they’re insatiable.But if Trudy can see through the killer’s eyes, can the killer see her?...

Title : Through His Eyes
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Through His Eyes Reviews

  • Rachel Annie
    2018-09-19 15:07

    (3.75 stars)Through His Eyes follows Trudy Tucker, a talented psychic who's learning to fully accept and tap into her gift as she works a Key West serial murder case with the sexy showboat medium, Levi Wolfe. Levi is rich, good at what he does, and pretty dang arrogant. I enjoyed Tru's reluctance to give in to him, and wish she'd held out even longer. Set in southern Florida, the sunny, beachy descriptions put me in the mood for a vacation and some key lime pie! Sex scenes were plentiful--you can't deny Levi and Tru have chemistry in the bedroom. The mystery was well done and Ms. Camp didn't hold back on some of the more gruesome aspects of the murders. Seeing the murderer's horrific actions through the heroine's mind makes for suspenseful, anxious reading. Makes me wonder just how tuned in Trudy can get with the people she tracks.I'd classify this as a Romantic Suspense with heavy paranormal themes. Though at times abundant internal conflicts between the main characters occasionally gave it a Contemporary Romance feel.Copy provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

  • Robin
    2018-10-13 11:04

    Trudy Tucker is a psychic who recently began using her ability professionally to help law enforcement track down murderers. When a vision comes over her, she finds herself seeing the world through the eyes of the killer, and experiencing his thoughts in her head. Levi Wolfe is also a psychic, and having embraced his own abilities long ago he's a celebrity, appearing on television and radio, in magazine, and lusted after by millions of women. His connection to a murder is through the victim's eyes. When a serial killer begins a spree in Florida, Trudy reluctantly teams up with Levi to investigate. I discovered author Deborah Camp when I picked up an old (1985) Silhouette, LOVE LETTER, a couple of months ago. I then began following the author on Facebook, and when she offered copies of her newest book, the first in a planned series, to review, I jumped at the chance. We meet Trudy first, and I connected with her character quickly and easily. She is still not completely comfortable with her new profession, but then who would be? I imagine it would be incredibly unsettling to be going about your day, doing mundane little chores, and then to suddenly find yourself inside the mind of a madman while he murders someone. And while you might want to try to find a way to shut that ability off rather than offer your services to help find and stop said madman, how in good conscience could you turn away? When we meet Levi, we get Trudy's impressions of him first. Her mentor, Quintara, trains young psychics like herself, helping them learn to control their ability and not allow it to control them. Levi is close friends with Quintara, and occasionally puts in an appearance at her workshops. He makes Trudy uncomfortable, and she is a little disdainful of his womanizing reputation and fame seeking ways. Of course, as we get to know Levi better, we, and Trudy, learn there is much more to the man than what's on the surface. And as I connected with Trudy from the beginning, I just as quickly fell for Levi. He's charming, arrogant, demanding, determined, reticent, funny and sexy. All traits that I very much like in a hero. The supporting characters are also fleshed out and have their own distinct personalities. And the serial killer plot is absolutely chilling. The attraction between Levi and Trudy is palpable. She resists it at first, as one should with a man who doesn't believe in relationships or happy ever after. But inevitably she gives in, and there are some scorching scenes after that point. And I'm still a little surprised at myself for this, but frankly, there was too much of that. I'm not a prude, I don't have a problem with sex in a book, explicit or otherwise. In fact I like explicit and erotic and pushing boundaries and I certainly don't avoid it and often seek it out. I think I just liked the story so much that the sex scenes felt over the top and extraneous to me. I would have enjoyed the book just as much if the sex had been tamer or less evident on the page. I don't entirely understand my own thoughts on this aspect, but in today's market, in the wake of that book I refuse to read, I don't doubt that others readers will feel differently. So what it comes down to is I really really liked this book. I got very caught up in and invested in the story and the characters, and was often on the edge of my seat, not wanting to put it down and go to bed. And then. Then I reached the last paragraph. And I literally sat up and exclaimed “what the fuck?!” And now my entire perception of one character has been confused and turned completely on its head, and I have to WAIT to find out what happens next! Seriously, Ms. Camp?!

  • Yvonne
    2018-10-12 13:51

    Trudy Tucker is a psychic. She often assists the police in investigations. When a friend calls on her to help find a serial killer in Key West, Trudy’s not sure she wants to be part of it until she starts having visions. She realizes she can help stop these murders and heads over to lend her expertise. Trudy isn’t the only psychic on the case. Levi Wolfe is a psychic, too. He can connect with the deceased victims. Together, they are determined to find this killer. However, they aren’t only thinking about the serial killer. Their work brings them closer together. It’s not long before they realize their attraction for each other. This is the first book in the Minds Eye series. Trudy and Levi’s chemistry is strong. I found both characters to be strong and likable. Deborah Camp combines suspense and romance beautifully. Readers will be engrossed in the mystery and watching Levi and Trudy put their psychic abilities to work. I know I was intrigued by the whole concept.Just as a warning, there is a cliffhanger at the end of the book and the story continues in book #2. I’ve always loved cliffhangers. This should be getting even better.FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Pamela
    2018-09-27 12:20

    Deborah Camp does a terrific job weaving a story full of suspense, mystery, and romance. The hero and heroine of the story are two well-developed characters, both of whom have quite different and intriguing paranormal abilities. The story is told from both POV's, however, more Trudy's than Levi's. I loved Trudy, what a terrific heroine. While she may be somewhat naïve, she's honest, tells it like it is, stands up for what's right, intelligent, funny, and has a lot of paranormal abilities, some that she didn't even know she had. It's only when she recognizes and fully admits her true potential that she's able to utilize all her abilities. It's these talents, and the fact that Levi has wanted her ever since he first met her over a year ago, that has them both working together. Ahhh....Levi. With a soft touch, a light kiss, or a hungry look, Trudy can't resist him. Full of charisma and his sexy good looks, it seems he's every girl's wet dream. With everything going for him, Levi has a lot of issues. One of them being that he can't get enough of Trudy. No matter how much time he spends with her, it's never enough. The other, his lack of trust in everyone. So much that he's unable to tell Trudy everything that she deserves to know especially when it comes to his feelings for her. "Through His Eyes" engages the reader with two stories. One being a serial killer that's on the loose killing young women, with Levi and Trudy working together to stop him. The second being Levi and Trudy's sexual relationship, and let me tell you ladies there's plenty of sexcapades going on these two engage in. So refreshing is that neither character ever said the L word. Are they in love with each other? I'd say most definitely. Do they get their HEA? Perhaps. Unfortunately, it turns out their story continues in the next installment. Yep, you read right. We have to wait to read the next book to see what happens between the two, and considering how the author ended this book, it can't come soon enough. Hells bells! I'm peeved that I have to wait for book 2 which will be available September, 2014. So why four stars instead of five? As much as I love reading all the sexcapades the two are engaged in, there were so many that I thought the serial killer plot took a bit of a backseat to it. I also thought it was way too quick and easy and abrupt as to how the killer was caught. It doesn't help that I figured out who the killer was early on. While there are a few spelling and grammatical errors, there are two blatant errors that should've been caught. A character by the name of Ethel is called "Edith" in one instance. When Levi goes to the see the police captain, he tells Trudy his appointment with him is at 2:00 pm. After his appointment, which took longer that it should've, sitting in a car with two officers looking at his watch, he reads it's now 12:30 pm. The clock is supposed to move forwards, not backwards. Regardless of the errors, I still enjoyed the story and characters, and highly recommend it.

  • Books&Dreams
    2018-10-13 14:56

    I was gifted this book from the Author for an honest review.I gave this book 5 stars. This book is about two psychics, who do things very differently. One can talk to the dead while the other can get inside the killers head and see what he is thinking. Both come together to try and find a serial killer on the loose. Neither one expected to fall for each other the way that they do. Now there is a serial killer and both of them have to try and find a way to catch him before he claims yet another life. And is Trudy in danger of him, she can see him but can he see her? I loved the suspense in this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat. And it still gave me the romance that I crave. There is more then meets the eye with these two characters and I think Trudy needs to look deeper into Levi before she judged him and tagged him the way that she did. It is a great read to follow along as she discovers he is not all she thought he was, he is so much more. I would def recommend this book to all of you readers who love suspenseful reads. There is a cliffhanger at the end. And it seems like there will for sure be a book two. I don't think she would leave us hanging like that. I can't wait to read what is going to happen next!Thank you for sharing your book with us Deborah! I am a fan for life! <3

  • Tanya Watt
    2018-09-25 16:18

    I’ve been very lucky lately, as a reviewer you never know what books will come your way. I have had the opportunity to read some great books lately, and ‘Through His Eyes” is no exception! I was given the chance to read “Through His Eyes” to help me create the book trailer.At first I thought this book would be purely about sex, but it’s not. This book doesn’t even need the sex to make it a great book, It pulled me in from the first page!Trudy is wonderful, she’s sweet & sassy, with one extraordinary gift. She can get into the mind of a serial killer, and see through their own eyes. The things she see’s is gruesome, but for a reader who loves a dark side… I loved it:) Trudy is asked to team up with the mysterious Levi Wolfe, he can speak with the deceased victims, and he’s famous for what he does. Levi is my favorite, he’s so sexy, and the way he treats Trudy… it will make you melt. I loved the chemistry between these two, and the secrets Levi hides just makes me anxious to read the next book. Everything mixed well to create a great story, and an even greater series!

  • Sassafrass
    2018-10-01 13:06

    *3.5 STARS*I won a free copy of this audiobook in a contest. I thought the premise sounded interesting so I wanted to give it a try.I was intrigued by how the author was going to take psychics, a serial killer, and an RV and make a romance out of it. I have to admit that I thought the author did a good job with that.The story kept my interest and though I knew who the killer was early on and how the killer accomplished the murders, I was still intrigued to find out how our MC's figured it out.The audiobook was a problem for me at times. The narrator did the hero's voice in such a way that it reminded me of Batman in the "Lego Movie" And then once I got that in my head, I couldn't think of anything else. I had to switch to reading the book for a while to get that out of my head. I thought the narrator did a great job with all the other voices, but for some reason, I could help but giggle at Lego Batman when I listened to the hero's voice. I thought he did a great job with the female voices which sometimes can be difficult for male narrators. Overall, I thought he did a good job. This is a new narrator to me so I'll try some of his other stuff as well.I also had some problems with the way the dialogue was written and that was in no way the narrator's fault. Im the beginning, I thought a lot of the dialogue was cheesy but it got better as the book went on. Also then heroine who is a psychic starts disparaging other psychics who had spirits guides because "shouldn't they be able to do the work themselves?" Now, I'm not sure people in glass houses should be throwing stones. She just got disparaged not less than 10 pages ago when a cop didn't believe that she was psychic at all! She got better with that, but I hated how "judgy" she was.I felt like the book got a lot better as it moved on and I was so immersed in this story that those other complaints fell by the side. I was disappointed though that the book ended a cliffhanger. So, I will definitely be continuing on to find out what happens next.Overall, I didn't think this one was perfect but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I will continue on with the series at some point, and look forward to hearing the other stories in the series on audio.

  • Sophia
    2018-10-18 15:09

    I saw the blurb on this one and was taken with reading about two psychics teaming up to bring down a serial killer. I enjoyed the suspense part from cover to cover, but things started out a bit rocky for me with the romantic leads. Fortunately, I stuck with them and things did more than improve. I love it when I see flawed characters grow and grow together.Trudy Tucker and Levi Wolfe are like oil and water when they first come together to work a serial killer case in Key West. They both have their gifts and are willing to use them, but that is where their common ground seems to end. That is until they give in to the strong attraction they feel. The physical connection is easy, but other warmer feelings are slow in coming because they have so much to get sorted. Trust is the final hurdle and that seems the most impossible of all.Meanwhile the chase continues as Levi speaks with the victims and channels their last moments while Trudy channels the killer's thoughts and sees things through his eyes. They are always just one step behind it seems and the danger of the prey becoming the predator becomes the reality. Trudy must dig deep and accept all of her gifts and Levi must focus all of his talent if they are to make it through alive.The plot was two pronged with this being parts suspense and romance. I ended up liking the story, but I confess I really struggled in the beginning because I wasn't impressed with the two main characters. Trudy is rude with her ignorant opinion and her cold way of treating Levi as a result and Levi doesn't help his cause because he lets his arrogance out and expects Trudy to open up to him, but he won't share with her. But then I saw the shift start to happen and gladly watched them grow. These two are passionate and have just a little trouble at the beginning before they are jumping into bed every chance they get. Trudy is the solid one in this relationship. There are hints and bits of how messed up Levi is- a tortured soul. He is so afraid to divulge his secrets because he knows they will send Trudy running as fast as she can and he realizes that he doesn't want to lose her. The story switched back and forth between them as narrators and it was nice having both their voices.As to the suspense, I had no idea until the end and didn't even have a clue who the killer was. I tried to figure it out and I got some things right, but the actual identity stayed a mystery which I loved. It was really creepy getting inside the killer's mind and I thought the author did a good job with her villain. He was sick and gave me some real squeamish moments.I do need to say one other thing that made me as mad as fire. I wasn't aware this book was part of a series when I picked it up. This would be my own fault. Truthfully, this knowledge wouldn't have saved me because I thought this story was wrapped up and leaving things in a good place with a happy for now right up until the last two sentences. What was that???? Warn a gal when you're going to put in a thirty foot drop off like that. So for all you readers coming after me, you've been warned.All in all, this one eventually sucked me in and I loved the balance of romance and suspense, the well-written characters, and the tumultuous romance that developed. Romantic suspense lovers along with lovers of thriller romance should try this one.My thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  • JC82
    2018-10-17 16:05

    Trudy Tucker has the ability to see through the eyes of a killer, feeling and experiencing every ounce of hatred, insanity and depravity within a killer’s mind. Levi Wolfe can speak to victims, reaching out to see their final hours and minutes of life before their light is shut out forever. Together Levi and Trudy must track down a serial killer who has already murdered five women in the Florida Keys. Together they have to trust each other; together they have to trust themselves but when being together leads to something more than just solving a case Trudy and Levi soon realize that it’s not only their lives at stake but their hearts as well.This was an awesome story. The plot was thrilling and kept me guessing for most of the book, it almost felt like watching a crime show on TV and working through the clues and evidence. I loved the idea of Levi and Trudy having different abilities and the drastic difference in how they saw those abilities and how they used them. Levi was more open and in-tune to his talents whereas Trudy was more skittish and fearful, never really realizing her true potential but rather hiding from it. Levi and Trudy seem to balance each other out throughout the story always playing on each other’s emotions which resulted in some great dialogue and banter between them. I thought it was excellent that Camp created Trudy and Levi to be so different not only in their talents but also in their upbringing. It almost felt like they were two halves of a whole, imbalanced apart but perfectly balanced together. The thriller and mystery part of the plot is equally done well. Some of the scenes where Trudy uses her gift will have you cringing as they are very descriptive and almost painful to read but it just made the story that much more gripping and intense. And speaking of intense the intimacy between Lexi and Trudy is explosive, but there were also aspects of tenderness and vulnerability whenever they were together which again was a nice balance. The scenes never seemed to be just purely physical but tugged at your heart as well. Now beware as the ending of the story will totally leave you with your mouth agape and staring at your screen but my lips are sealed as for any more detail, you will just have to read it and see for yourself ;)

  • Alicia at Mean Girls Luv Books
    2018-09-25 09:56

    This is a very well thought out story. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about two psychics, but the author did it really well. The characters complimented each other perfectly and I absolutely loved it.First, we have Trudy. She is able to get into the killers mind. She sees what he see at the time he sees it. However, she is just learning how to hone her ability with the help of her mentor, Quintara. Then, there is Levi. He is a seasoned psychic and has the ability to communicate with the deceased victims.The two begin working to find a serial killer in Key West, Florida who is not just killing women, but mutilating them as well. The author did an awesome job on the mystery and suspense aspect of this story. There were times I would cringe and tense. She definitely kept me on my toes. And OMG how she wraps up the serial killer part of the story is crazy! Of course this is also a romance, and the author did an AMAZING job with this aspect as well. Each character has so much depth, especially Levi. There was dirty talk, possessiveness, hot, steamy scenes and heart melting, swoon worthy moments. This book is a perfect example of what I am looking for when I feel the urge to pick up a paranormal, romantic suspense. It honestly has it all. I cannot wait to read the next book of this series!

  • Judy
    2018-10-17 15:55

    I was intrigued by the premise of this book. Most of the time, books with a psychic and a criminal/serial killer are told from some sort of law enforcement view point. That was not the case in this book. In this book, we have two psychics working with each other, but not necessarily with the tactic approval of law enforcement. The romance portion had much more realism than many romances. Levi clearly had a 'player' history and Trudy was trying to keep her heart from being broken. Watching her turn the tables on him, gave a few snicker worthy scenes. The smexy scenes were hot, but not quite into the realm of erotica. This is a relationship in progress and is not resolved at the close of the book. For the suspense portion, I did figure out the who before Trudy and Levi. The clues were pretty good and didn't completely spell things out. Getting into the mind of the killer was quite creepy and added another dimension to the story.Overall, I enjoyed the book and can see myself reading the next book, Through His Touch. Both Trudy and Levi still have plenty of obstacles to overcome for a true relationship, plus the dual psychic angle adds a unique twist. 3 stars.

  • Valerie Gawthrop
    2018-10-09 12:06

    Through His Eyes is a skillful fusion of romance, suspense and metaphysical that leaves me with only one question...When is the next book coming out? Camp has created an exciting plot full of memorable characters that made me care about their world and their happiness. It's especially rewarding to see the changes in Levi as Trudy breaks through his barriers in this world and beyond. Levi's influence on Trudy is also felt as she conquers her fears and opens her heart. I loved rooting for them as they risked it all.

  • Johnna
    2018-10-16 16:11

    What an exciting read. This mystery has 2 main characters, both of which have psychic abilities although they are different as night and day. These difference made the story more interesting as i was really curious as to how these 2 would ever learn to work together...lolall in all....a great read and i am looking forward to reading more of these 2 characters

  • Annika
    2018-10-11 11:20

    Audiobook reviewThis was my first book by this author, and I'm sad to admit this book wasn't for me. I loved the idea and trope of the book, but this wasn't what I expected. My main issues with this book was our two main characters, Trudy and Levi, I truly, truly disliked them.I'm not sure if Deborah was aiming for the ditzy blonde vibe with Trudy, but that's what she comes across as. I mean, she has psychically connected to a brutal serial killer and has seen into his twisted gruesome mind, but her only thoughts is how she'll be able to accomplish anything working with the Oh so mega hot and swoon worthy Wolfe. I mean seriously? She's not a teenager... Priorities people, please!Then we have Levi he was just so chauvinist, condescending and all around know-it-all that it made my toes curl. (And not I a good way). I mean we do live in the 21 century people and women can actually make their own decisions, have their own opinions, and even more shocking - do not need to depend on a man to survive. And I'm going to stop that rant there and spare you the details.A pet peeve of mine is redundant sex scenes. I really don't mind fade to black. Long sex scenes bore me, especially the ones that are just page fillers. I want my sex to bring the story/characters forward, for it to add something to the story and not just pages and pages of yet another sex scene. But I'm well aware that I'm the minority with this so if you want lots and lots of sex in your book, feel free to ignore me!Ignoring my issues with the MC's, the overall plot had a lot of promise, it was interesting. But it still lacked something. I was never really and fully engrossed in it, and I can't put my finger on why. The mystery part of it was easy to figure out, but then again most are, so I didn't mind that all that much.What about the narration? Well, Matt Haynes was very pleasant to listen to. At times he was brilliant and distinguished between the different characters, but other times he narrated them all with the same voice, but overall a narrator I'd happily listen to again and again.

  • Lorna
    2018-09-22 11:11

    ( love books that feature psychics, so when I read a review on the latest of the books in this series, I decided to start with the first one. And I am extremely glad I took the plunge into these books.Trudy Tucker is an extremely talented psychic who is able to go into the minds of criminals, and see through their eyes the crimes they commit-murders, kidnapping, that kind of thing. It’s hard on her emotionally, but she still has started consulting with police departments and private individuals. Her mentor and friend is Quintara, a psychic of sorts-not near as talented as Trudy, but she does run classes to teach psychics, and has a successful career as a writer in the psychic community. When Quintera reaches out to Trudy to come to Florida to help with a serial killer case, Trudy goes. Also on the case is ultra famous psychic, Levi Wolfe, someone that Trudy is completely attracted to, even though he is a known womanizer. What she doesn’t know is that the attraction is mutual.The serial killer is targeting women in the Key West area, so Trudy drives her RV from Oklahoma to a rundown RV park near Key West. She pretty much immediately sees the ghost of the wife of the owner, Ethel-a new talent. Ethel is trying to tell her something, but Trudy can’t hear her. This continues to happen throughout the read. Once Trudy and Levi start working together, the investigation ramps up. Also part of the action is police detective, Tom Sinclair, the detective on the the case. And that’s all I am going to say about the actual story.Levi’s character was probably my favorite part of the read. He’s devastatingly handsome, rich-as in mega rich-and he has had a horrible life growing up. He was the most complex character of this read, and I think there is way more to find out about him in future books. I liked Trudy as well, she is still coming into many of her talents and actually is probably more talented than Levi and Quintara combined. She leads a simple life, with little money,and has a little dog named, Mouse. I mention the dog because at times Trudy is gone all day in the Florida heat, leaving the dog in the RV. No mention of air conditioning, only about how decrepit the RV is, so it bothered me. Just a minor plot hole, but it kept happening, so I noticed. Not to mention, not taking the dog outside regularly! Yes, I am an animal person. Can’t help it.This story is full of paranormal suspense, but what is more important in this story is the romance between Trudy and Levi.The romance is nicely drawn by the author, and is hot with extremely vivid sensual scenes, to say the least. It wasn’t insta-love as the two has known each other for awhile; this is just the first time they have spent any real time together. Levi, and all his residual hangups, and his previous refusal to have a monogamous relationship, are all tested in this installment, much to Trudy’s and this readers delight.

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    2018-10-09 12:13

    Quite simply, this book completely blew me away!That being said, let me give you some more details. This is a story with strong paranormal elements, Trudy is a medium who can see through the killer's eyes and Levi is a medium who can speak to the dead. So when these two pair up, they approach the same "problem" from a different angle but to the same end. Some of the details given in this story are not for the faint of heart and I found myself going "ewww" a couple of times out loud - much to the delight of my husband who finds it incredibly amusing when I get that carried away with a book! The mystery and suspense continues to build throughout the book and I got half of the killer correct but the other half took me by surprise. I won't say anymore because of spoilers. On the romance side, nothing really happens for the first 25% so you really get a chance to find out about the characters - who they are, what makes them tick. Quintara is a wonderful character to read about and, to be honest, a bit of light relief. She is flighty and bubbly but with an amazing insight into each of her friends. Trudy is someone who has struggled with who she is even with the support of her family and will fight her attraction to Levi to the nth degree. Levi is an arrogant so-and-so who you will want to punch one moment and hug the next. He is vulnerable and hides behind his arrogance. You only find out snippets about him through the story - as Trudy calls him "a mystery man".You know Levi and Trudy will get together - it is simply too explosive not to happen. The attraction sizzles between them but they do have their obstacles. I loved Trudy's attitude - she wasn't prepared to accept Levi's attitude and certainly knew what she wanted. Whilst he didn't appreciate having the tables turned on him, I think he needed it.So, all in all, this is an exceptional, mind-blowing book that will burn your fingers with the heat contained within.One thing I will add - the last paragraph completely got me!!! Nothing more to be said except, buy this, read it for yourself and see if you agree.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all fans of suspense and paranormal romance.

  • Debbie
    2018-10-16 11:52

    Independent Reviewer fro Achaeolibrarian-I Dig Good Books.TOTALLY blown away! Its been a long time since a book grabbed me with such force, that I read it in almost one sitting, and this isnt a short book, either! I had to sleep, but boy oh boy, if i didnt need to, one sitting, guys, one single sitting!This book has a paranormal basis that does not involve any sort of creature, bar the human kind. It deals with psychics, Levi who contacts the dead, and Trudy who sees through the living. The EVIL living who is murdering women in Florida. Individually, they are strong, but together, they can conquer the world, and catch a killer before he kills again.OH my days, I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I say that about alot of books, and give them 5 stars, but this one just totally blew me away. It has a smoldering, sizzling between Trudy and Levi, some..not hatred, but a little contempt? maybe? from Trudy to Levi, he works differently to her, and he knows how to put on the charm and get what he wants. And he wants Trudy, with an intensity he didn't know he could feel. There is also a very clever plot line, and I did see the whodunnit coming, just not the how Zelda was involved unitl it was revealed in the book. Thats always a good thing!BUT what really, totally threw me, was the ending. While Levi and Trudy get their sort of happy ending, and the killer gets caught, that last paragraph, YES! THE VERY LAST PARAGRAPH blew it all away. out the water. up in smoke. a throw-your-kindle-at-the-wall kinda cliff hanger that I did not see coming, I want another book, like, right now this instant! I need to know, whats going on, whats happening, just....just...ARGH!!!!!!!!!Ive filed on the paranormal shelf, and the crime/thriller shelf. For obvious reasons.Oh. deep breathe Debra, deep and even. So, in case you did not pick up on the fact, I loved this book. I will look out for more from Deborah Camp, and I WILL need that second book :-)5 full stars, with an extra one for that ending!

  • Renee W. Tyler,Battery Operated Book Blog
    2018-10-12 13:06

    Trudy Tucker is a 27 year old Oklahoma girl who has finally come to terms with her psychic abilities. She sold her share of her grandfather's pawn shops to her brother and sister, bought an rv and set out with her trusty sidekick Mouse to make a living helping to solve crimes by using her ability to see through the criminals eyes.Levi Wolfe is a famous and extremely sexy psychic you uses his popularity to help him build his name in relation to his ability to solve crimes. Not only is he a well known psychic, but he is also a very wealthy business man in the construction business. Trudy and Levi meet through Quintara and her round table discussions and workshops for new psychics trying to finesse their abilities and gain a better understanding of what they are capable of. Quintara uses her relationship with Trudy to help Levi convince her that she should come to Florida to help solve the murders of several women in Key West.I have not read many crime stories in awhile. To have the chance to read not only a crime novel, but a romance and crime novel in one was fantastic. I was not let down in the least. Deborah Camp writes a wonderful store that keeps you not only extremely turned on by the heated encounters between Trudy and Levi, but she throws in the suspense of the continuing crimes that are being committed. The way that she lays out the story is perfection at its finest. I absolutely loved how she used both Trudy and Levi's psychic abilities to help solve the murders. I also want to give her kuddos on how she sets us up for the next story in the series without leaving us hanging on a cliff. I must say thank you for that because I hate nothing more than to be all into a book and it just abruptly end. If you are looking for a book that will turn you on and make you want to find out what happens next then this is a good book for you. Look out James Patterson and J.D. Robb this one could give you some competition.

  • Shasta Mosley Swoon Worthy Books
    2018-10-02 17:08

    Let me start off by saying this is the first in the Mind’s Eye series by Deborah Camp and she has done such a great job at bringing this story to life. You will get a romantic mystery that will leave you wanting more! I can tell you that once you think you have figured out the killer be prepared to have your mind blown.In Through His Eyes, we meet Trudy Tucker, who is a sweet yet feisty woman. But Trudy has an amazing gift of being a psychic who can get into the mind of a killer. She is able to see things that no one can except for the one person who is committing the crime itself. But Trudy is still harnessing her gift. Unlike some psychics she is still unsure of everything she can do, so she tends to be a little cautious at times to me, but when she is pushed she lets out her feisty side and that is what I love so much about her. When a serial killer is on a rampage in Florida she is paired up with fellow psychic Levi Wolfe, things become hot in more ways than one when they try to catch the killer and put a stop to all the murders.Levi Wolfe is one sexy character. A very talented man in more ways than one. He is a successful entrepreneur and can also speak to the dead. But right now his greatest challenge is getting Trudy comfortable not only to work with him on catching a killer, but to be comfortable in exploring the explosive sexual tension that lies between them. The more that he tries to reach her and show her that they good be good together, Trudy will pull back and put her walls back into place. But Levi is also a man of mystery. He has his public persona, but there is so much more to him. But he has secrets that he is not willing to share with just anyone.But the questions remain. Can Trudy and Levi work together to catch a killer before he strikes again and can Levi convince Trudy just how good they can be together?

  • R.C. Bean
    2018-10-18 11:57

    I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The story revolves around Trudy Tucker, a gifted psychic, who foresees and averts murders, by making herself view the world through the eyes of the murderer. Needless to say, she is in demand with the police and law enforcement. Levi Wolfe is a psychic as well - a slightly celebrated one at that. With millions of women fans and the ability to view things from a murder victim's eyes, Levi has his share of fame by appearing in talk shows. A serial killer on rampage brings a hesitant Trudy and a laid-back Levi together on a mission to stop the killer. Finding themselves irresistibly drawn towards each other, do Trudy and Levi succeed in their quest by overcoming their differences, or do they go their separate ways, is what the book takes us through.This book was a brilliant read. A superb thriller at the core, the pacing of the narration was absolutely gripping! I finished the book in one go. The characterisation was marvellous. We are shown Trudy, who is completely adorable with her flaws and the flustered demeanor. The flaws in fact make her very easy to relate to and very endearing. Being jittery about her skill and profession is very natural, especially as it makes her become an insane killer for a few moments! Levi's characterisation came as a surprise. He is a lot more than what one takes him to be early on - shallow, womanising and arrogant. I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of romantic thrillers.My rating for this book: 4.5 stars

  • Cary Frates
    2018-09-20 18:01

    Holy Freakin’ Moly, Batman! I just finished Through His Eyes and I’m scrambling – scrambling! to get onto Amazon to buy the sequel. Wake up, computer, wake up!!! I am stunned. The hairs on the back of my neck are at attention. I’m breathing hard. What? No sequel yet?? I’m floored.Deborah Camp writes a compelling story with vividly drawn and compelling characters. Psychics Levi and Trudy, are working together to bring in a serial killer who’s hunting in Key West. One of them can contact the dead. The other can’t help but connect with the killer as he kills. This story is dark, very dark, at times, but it’s done for a purpose, not for sensationalism. Parts of the story are light and funny, too, which provides a nice balance. Early on, I was fairly certain I had things figured out. I wondered why, if the answer is that obvious to me, wasn’t it that obvious to the psychics? Never mind, the story and the writing are good and kept me involved. However, in spite of my ‘certainties’ about where the story would end up, it turned out I was only partially right, and the part I got wrong left my eyes wide with shock and my mouth, literally, hanging open. But for the ending I was prepared to give the book a solid 4-4+ rating, but I’m still breathing hard, so it’s a no-holds-barred 5star now. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy!Very well done.A complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

  • Andrea Goodell
    2018-10-03 17:14

    I have read Deborah Camp books throughout the years and while this one is rather different then the others it was still brilliantly done!I love the fact that Ms. Camp not only touches on a subject that we have all heard of but probably do not know a whole lot about. But she explains the different area's of psychic abilities and uses so well and doesn't get too technical that you are not completely lost. The book focus is on a heroine named Trudy who at first is working another case and is brought into the Key West case after it has already started and people have been murdered. Trudy has had her powers her whole life but has ignored them until the last year or so. And now has a mentor training her. I have to be honest, I didn't care for Trudy (as a character) And it took me a long time to warm up to her.Levi and the other characters well made up for my issues w/Trudy :)Levi is a seasoned investigator and psychic and has helped police officers throughout America for years. His over the top theatrics rubs Trudy the wrong way and this becomes and underline story within the story of trying to catch a serial killer.From the first page to the last you can't put the book down. Ms. Camp has a way of throwing these twists and turns in the story that you are yelling at the book REALLY!And just when you think, Okay, stories done. BAM! Another twist! REALLY Ms. CAMP!! Come on! :)

  • Pat Wade
    2018-10-13 10:52

    I loved this book. It promised all my favorites: characters with psychic ability, a mystery, and steamy love scenes. Add to that a gorgeous hero with childhood secrets that have caused him to shy away from close relationships and you have a winning book that's well written.This book is all that and a lot more.Trudy is just learning to use her psychic skills, whereas Levi has developed his abilities for many years. While she is thrust into the mind of the bad guys, he can communicate with the dead. It makes for a good combination when working a case. They volunteer to help the police and get a limited amount of respect at best.Although the two have known each other for some time, this is the first case they have worked together. Trudy tries hard to keep things strictly professional. In spite of the fact that he has been attracted to Trudy for some time, Levi doesn't think he will have real *feelings* for her. Wrong of course, but the author is a skilled writer and brings us along for the ride.The book is well paced. No lulls or boring bits, and I was looking forward to the next one as soon as I turned the last page.ARC received in exchange for honest review.

  • Tonya
    2018-10-04 14:14

    This is the first book by Deborah Camp that I have read. I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series. I loved the characters. I do want more about Quintara though. I thought Trudy was a little naive, but she wasn’t annoyingly so. Trudy Tucker is a psychic. She can connect to murderers and see through their eyes. She has just started using her ability to help people. Her friend, and mentor, Quintara has called her to get her to come to the Keys and help find a serial killer. She goes because she will be working with the great Levi Wolfe!Levi Wolfe is a well-known psychic medium. He has spirit guide and can communicate with the dead. He has written books, makes television and radio appearances, and he helps the police. He doesn’t have a great family history. But he likes to be mysterious.I did guess who the serial killer was right away, but it was still great reading about how they figured it out. I am curious about the ending. Is it Lizzie or the woman that was following Levi in the Keys?I can’t wait to read more about Trudy and Levi.

  • Lia
    2018-10-13 12:54

    ***REVIEW****THROUGH HIS EYES by Deborah CampThis book is amazing, Deborah Camp has written one heck of a sexy thriller! How can you go wrong with two sexy psychics and a serial killer.Levi and Trudy both have abilities, Levi can talk to the departed and Trudy can see right into a killers mind. The question is how far can he see back into hers. Follow these two as they scorch the pages in the bedroom and the high octane roads it takes to catch the killer before Trudy is the next one on his list.These two are so hot, I thought I was going to have flames shoot out of my Tablet. That little hook at the end will have you waiting as impatiently as I am for the next Deborah Camp Novel.I was given this copy for my honest review and I cant wait for the next one---LIAWritten by Lia Hearn · Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7:30am EDT ·

  • Kim
    2018-09-28 09:58

    When I first started to read this book I was so Unsure about it at first. There was a word in here that had told me this book was going to be hard from me to read. So at first it was eating me away. I had to put it down for a day or so then re-pick up the book. I was so glad that I did that. The book was nothing like I thought it would be. You have a great love store how Levi and Trudy finds love. But they still unsure if that was it is. I really think Levi figured it out when Trudy gets hurt on a case that there working together to find a murderer. Then you get to the end and when he gets back home he know some one is in his apartment and the book ends. I have to say I was so so mad because the store ended. So I hope there will be another book so I know who it is.

  • Countrygalssexyreads
    2018-10-14 10:53

    Through His EyesFirst let me say this book is a little different read, I mean that in a good way.First you have Trudy, a psychic who starts using her gift in conjunction of the law for murders. She has a vision that is odd, because she sees herself as the killer. She really dislikes using her abilities , the bad thing is she cannot just shut it off. Then there is Levi, to Trudy is all about him and the women. Trudy feels very uneasy about Levi, but of course that will all change. Levi is your Alpha dominant, sexy man. He speaks with dead people and both team up. The complete chemistry between the two makes you want Levi for your own…. Of course Levi has his own secrets and hopefully another book will bring that out. This was a terrific read!

  • Cindy
    2018-10-05 10:58

    Couldn't put it downTrudy is a sharp and caring person, which is why I really feel for what she has to go through when she has to connect to evil people while they are doing horrible things. Levi on the other hand sees the victims who are at peace. I would rather bave that ability. I would not have liked his childhood though, it sounds like it was horrible. He has such a low opinion of himself even though he gives off so much charusma and confidence. He's such an interesting character. I loved the mystery and the romance. I have to read the next one.

  • United Indie Book Blog
    2018-10-12 13:15

    This book is about a physic who is just learning to control and use her abilities that about crippled her during her youth. She is now working with law enforcement and families to solve crimes. She sees through the eyes of the killers and into their minds. She gets an opportunity to work with another well known sensitive. And, he opens her eyes to new talents and love.The story was a great read. The characters are awesome! I would love to read more of this author. My only let down was figuring out the killer halfway through the book. Reviewed by Brandy

  • Amanda
    2018-09-25 12:53

    Light and airy romantic friction at times, but the back story is also a tad deep and dark. Loved the character development and personal progression. I wasn't sure how I'd like this one with the mains being psychics, but there was also my favorite paranormal tidbit of ghosts, so it worked really well. Neither Trudy nor Levi were "cheesy" psychics, even though Levi's backstory has him as a very public persona.