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There isn't a woman in town who's immune to the legendary Chandler charm. Yet so far single cop Rick Chandler has managed to fend off the marriage-minded advances of Yorkshire Falls' entire female population. A past mistake has taught him never to put his heart on the line ... until he answers the SOS of a real-life runaway bride. In spite of her pearly gown and tiara, KenThere isn't a woman in town who's immune to the legendary Chandler charm. Yet so far single cop Rick Chandler has managed to fend off the marriage-minded advances of Yorkshire Falls' entire female population. A past mistake has taught him never to put his heart on the line ... until he answers the SOS of a real-life runaway bride. In spite of her pearly gown and tiara, Kendall Sutton vows to never wed- which makes her the ideal pretend lover who can ward off Rick's legion of admirers. When their passionate charade flames into the real thing, Rick is suddenly thinking about two words that spell forever after. But will Kendall ever say "I do?" Can a woman who's had it with weddings tie the knot with the town's most popular playboy?...

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The Playboy Reviews

  • Jo
    2019-05-31 18:41

    He leaned so his forehead touched hers. “How is it I feel like I’ve been waiting forever when we really just met?” A cute contemporary romance about a damsel in distress wearing a wedding dress, who is unable commit to either a person or a home because of the childhood she had, and a cop whose loyalty and kindness caused him his own demons to overcome. Together they form an alliance. While she’s staying temporarily in his town she will pose as his fake girlfriend to shield him from all the husband-hunting women, and he will help her fix her aunt’s house so that she can sell it. But there’s nothing fake and temporary about how they feel about each other. Will Kendall be able to let go of her past to trust in the future she could create for her, and her sister Hannah, and will Rick finally fallen for the right woman? A cute romance, with a sexy cop, a stubborn and very lost woman, and a scared and angry 12 year old sister.

  • Thenia
    2019-05-27 14:46

    The story of the middle Chandler brother, Rick, the police officer, and Kendall, a woman without roots who thinks she's only passing through town.Kendall has never had a stable environment, growing up passed from relative to relative while her archaeologist parents were on expeditions, with the only exception the time she spent with her aunt in Yorkshire Falls before she became too ill to care for her. She has just ended an engagement and has no firm plans for her future, only having the faint idea of sorting out and selling her aunt's house before moving on. Things, however, don't go exactly as planned, since the house needs a lot more work than she thought and will take a lot more of her time and money she doesn't have to spend.The silver lining is Rick, who, tired from his mother's meddling that led to him having to fend off a number of single women coming on to him, proposes a fake relationship between them for exchange for help with the house. Kendall accepts, and the two start spending more and more time together, which exacerbates the attraction between them until they eventually succumb to it.Both of them have issues, however, with Rick hesitant to fall in love again after his unsuccessful marriage and Kendall's many abandonment issues and habit of skedaddling whenever things get tough, so it's not all smooth sailing for them, despite their developing feelings.Then there's Kendall's moment of intense stupidity after (view spoiler)[the jealous and scorned Lisa showed her kinky underwear ad photo to the whole town, which led to Kendall running scared once again, hurting Rick in the process (hide spoiler)]. It takes some long delayed feeling processing on Kendall's part before she's ready to fight for Rick and get her happily ever after.I didn't love the story, despite liking Rick, and the narrator's interpretation of female voices did not help one bit, since they sounded as if a man speaking with a mockingly high and womanly pitch more than anything else.Next comes the eldest Chandler's story in The Heartbreaker.Previous book review:✦ The Bachelor (Chandler Brothers, #1)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Tina
    2019-06-06 18:50

    Loved this! The Playboy is the 2nd book in the Chandler Brothers series by Carly Phillips. I liked the first one okay, but this one was so much better. It would be near impossible to not fall in love with this family.Kendall Sutton isn’t the typical runaway bride. Yet, here she is stranded in her broken down car, wearing a wedding dress and looking every bit the part. Could this be anymore embarrassing? I mean she’s not planning on staying forever, but she does need to get her aunts house on the market and get everything settled. She really doesn’t need to be a part of the town’s gossip. Officer Rick Chandler comes to her rescue and offers to give her a ride to her aunt’s house. He’s sexy, smart and easy to talk to. She instantly finds herself attracted, not that she’s interested. She is done with men and she doesn’t plant roots anywhere. Live for the moment and move on…Rick Chandler is the current target for their mother’s “marry my sons off” campaign. He was convinced that since his younger brother Roman just recently married his mom would call a cease, but boy was he wrong. As the cop of small town Yorkshire Falls it’s not unusual to be called for emergencies. All of a sudden these calls are initiated by lingerie clad women and no real emergency. This is getting old quick. When reporting to a real emergency call of a stranded motorist Rick thinks maybe his luck is turning around. Finding out that Kendall will only be in town for a short while could be the answer to his problems. They can fake an engagement to get the town’s women and his mother off his back. He doesn’t prepare for the feelings to become real or for the challenge he now faces in convincing Kendall to make a stand with him.This book was heartwarming and sweet from beginning to end. I loved the little couple that lives in Aunt Crystal’s house. The townspeople are quirky and crazy, as well. You have a couple mean ones thrown in for reality’s sake. Add in Kendall’s teenage sister and Rick’s meddling mother and you get all kinds of drama. This book has it all and it’s fun to read!You can find this review and others at

  • Crista
    2019-06-15 12:43

    Let me start by saying that I didn't even finish this book, so take this review with that in mind. I am an avid romance reader and one of the main reasons that I like to read this genre is because I enjoy watching a romance develop between two individuals. This book gives "quickie" and all new meaning. The main two characters meet and fall in lust immediately. It only takes, what, ummmm 4 chapters and they are in the sack. Not my idea of romance. The idea that these 2 shallow individuals were actually able to "fall in love" so quickly seemed ludacris to me. Lust maybe, but enough to last... I think not. I just didn't buy that a confirmed bachelor could see a woman in a wedding dress with pink hair and be ready to head to the alter, (or at least the bedroom). I made it through 5 chapters and that was all I could stomach. This book just wasn't for me. I like emotional depth, charater development, and a worthwhile premise to the story. This book failed to deliver in all of these areas.

  • 20012206
    2019-06-09 14:49

    Me gusto más que el otro, sobre todo que me pareció que la historia si se desarrollo en el libro o si contaban bien porque cada personaje era como era, no como en el anterior que los tiempos no me cuadraron (solo salieron una noche y ya se amana pero sabían que no se podían tener... eso no me cuadro) pero estamos hablando de este libroes entretenido como para pasar el tiempo,

  • Beanse
    2019-05-17 18:24

    This book is just absolutely horrible! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Filled to the the brim with bad soap opera plots and tinny dialogue. Geez, I made a HUGE MISTAKE READING THIS ONE!

  • Brian Godsey
    2019-06-07 12:23

    I'm reading this book because my aunt gave it to me as a Christmas present after I placed on my Christmas list, "10) YOUR favorite book." She laughed when I opened it, but I promised to read it, and now I am. I'm halfway through.It's not a bad book; having never read a romance novel, it's definitely a different experience. I find myself alternating between wanting to really meet the characters (and steal the girl from the guy) and rolling my eyes at the really overdone expressions about what the characters are feeling. I have read quotes like, "...but it wasn't just a physical connections, but an emotional connection as well..." I suppose that's for the ladies. I also don't really care to read the phrase "feminine mound" any more either, because it has occurred enough in the first half of the book. I doubt I'll get a reprieve, though.UPDATE:The phrase "feminine mound" did NOT appear again in the book! But... they talked about feelings a lot more. This book reminded me of a Lifetime movie; the first half isn't so bad, but then the second half bogged itself down in cliché realizations of emotional mistakes and blunt statements that can't possibly be true, like "She realized that she would be happy with him forever."The book overall was a nice respite from Anna Karenina, which took me approximately ten times longer to read. I doubt I'll be reading more romance novels in the near future (though the first 20 pages of the third in this Chandler brothers series were enticing) but I'm glad I've been exposed to the genre at least once.NOTE: I give this book three stars for the genre. Romance novels in general are minus two stars from the normal scale.

  • Wendy
    2019-06-10 19:31

    This is a fun and flirty read you will have fun with. Rick and Kendall are characters that you can relate to and want to get to know. Rick is the sexy town cop that is being hit on by every available single female. When Kendall drives into town in a wedding dress and pink hair he is intrigued, but wary of women in general. Kendall is in need of help to repair her late Aunt's home for sale. They make a bargain to help each other by pretending to have a relationship, that soon turns real. When Kendall ends up taking in her teenage sister after she runs away from boarding school she is in over her head. Rick helps out with her teen sis and becomes close to both women. When he starts to think of a more permanent relationship Kendall is scared. While they try to figure out their differences and troubles you are there for the ride.

  • Sloane
    2019-05-22 13:26

    I have enjoyed many novels by Carly Phillips. This was not one of them. Perhaps the story was not as bad I thought, but the narrator of this audiobook, while having a very pleasant speaking voice, was simply atrocious at his attempts to adopt voices for the characters. It was very distracting. I read the first book in the series, The Bachelor, as a traditional book and enjoyed it far more.

  • Angie Reed
    2019-05-20 15:30

    Chandler Brother!Rick is not the forever kind of guy or is he. Meeting Kendall was his downfall or his happily ever after! Kendall has never had a home or family but can she have both here. These two are so perfect for each other!

  • Kirsten Tracey
    2019-06-11 16:23

    Typical formula but I still enjoyed the characters. Who wouldn't want a Rick in their lives?

  • A Tisbear
    2019-06-04 15:40

    None of the brothers are actually playboys, just a small town's most eligible bachelors. This one is the cop.This series is "we all have issues to work though."

  • Amy Garnica
    2019-06-16 19:31

    didn't like the reader of the Audio book. story was too predictable

  • Libby Harrison
    2019-06-11 14:27

    Read back in 2007

  • Jerald Vernon Torres
    2019-06-12 20:28

    The PlayboyChandler Brothers series #2I’m Disappointed! It’s such a mistake picking it up from my mom’s shelvesMaybe it was because I am a male and the writer is a female that’s why there is an opposing perspective, making it weird for me reading the book or I just suck reading romance fiction. There isn't a woman in town who's immune to the legendary Chandler charm. Yet so far single cop Rick Chandler has managed to fend off the marriage-minded advances of Yorkshire Falls' entire female population. A past mistake has taught him never to put his heart on the line ... until he answers the SOS of a real-life runaway bride. In spite of her pearly gown and tiara, Kendall Sutton vows to never wed- which makes her the ideal pretend lover who can ward off Rick's legion of admirers. When their passionate charade flames into the real thing, Rick is suddenly thinking about two words that spell forever after. But will Kendall ever say "I do?" Can a woman who's had it with weddings tie the knot with the town's most popular playboy? I know there’s something wrong with it. Here are my reasons:FIRST of all the title is inappropriate. The choice of the word is wrong for the main character itself is not a playboy at all and worse, the story all along didn’t give any impression to the reader that there was a sense of womanizer. The title itself is ineffective for it doesn’t make sense at all. Just a display in the front cover.SECOND is the writing style. IT IS TOO HEAVY FOR THE GENRE, IT IS NOT STRAIGHTFORWARD, AND THE CHOICE OF WORD ISN’T APPROPRIATE. If you can express a thing in a simple way do it that way. Too much repetitions is done so the 150 pages novel is converted into 300 pages without having enough substance to fill in a 300 pages novel. THIRD is it doesn’t follow the universality of human emotions. I can tell that what is in between Kendall and Rick is lust and not love s stated in the novel.As I know when we are speaking of love, it is an intimate connection between two individuals that is achieved over time, so I can justify my words that Rick and Kendall is not in love with each other. How possible that the first time you see a person, you are already in love to him/her. There’s nothing between the two of you to cause any stirring of emotions. The universality of love as a human emotion is violated. What happened in the book is totally impossible. I experience falling in love and it doesn’t happen that way.Remember that literature reflects universality of human emotions in any kind of situation. So in case of what happened in The Playboy, it’s just absurd. The author has a mistake in capturing the sense of universality.Too shallow.I like the first book better even I didn’t like it at all, I thought I will never get through it but thanks to Hannah my interest increase a bit.I will still read book 3 to give the author another chanceONE STAR FOR THE PLAYBOY

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2019-05-22 13:40

    I'm gonna do this review as a whole for the Chandler clan LOLI loved all three books. If I was to pt them in order of like it wold go as follows:1. The Heartbreaker2. The Playboy3. The BachelorLet me say that all 3 books were very easy to read, cute, fun and witty. And I loved that everyone seemed to be in everyone's book in some capacity. That's my favorite part about reading a series, when an author incorporates previous H/h in further books, especially family series.The Bachelor in review: Roman and Charlotte made a good pair. They didn't WOW me with their chemistry, but it was a good hometown relationship. I really loved Charlotte, except for her baggage. Had she been younger, I wold have maybe accepted her view on life. But she wasn't. She's a grown-ass woman who was basing her future happiness on ONE couple, her parents. And to top it off, we get told at the end, not the middle so it could be better developed in the story, that what she thought she knew was really not. I think this book had really good potential for a lot, but too many thing were just thrown at us and not developed. Her personality was very cute and likable and it made it easy to read the story but it cold have been a lot more developed than it was. And as for Roman, the only thing that was odd is the coin toss attitude. It was as if it was just OK. No turmoil, no boo-hoo me, nothing. Like it was the most normal thing in the world....weird LOLThe Playboy in review: I knew from page 7 that this book wold have wit and sparks all over it and I was right. Rick and Kendall REALLY made a great H/h together. There was a lot of comic relief in this book. Lisa ... Good Lord! Hannah ... she was the cherry topper in a book that was REALLY heartwarming. I dont have any negative points. I really laughed a lot in this book.The Heartbreaker in review: THIS book was my favorite of all. Chase and Sloan ... what can I say except kismet at its best! My goodness I fond myself crying more than laughing in this book. Sloan had quite a few bombs dropped on her and she weathered them all like a champ. I REALLY liked her! Her slow developing love for a small town, her unconditional love and patience with Samson, just everything about her! LOL .... And Chase ... oh, he had the big brother head of the family blah blah blah down to a science! I honestly did feel a bit sorry for him because what he did for his family came naturally to him, but it affected his perspective of life and love in a way that even he didnt realize. BEST BOOK OF ALL, i tell ya!

  • Kathy
    2019-05-24 15:39

    relationships...mother Raina and Dr. Eric, at the end, are engaged.Charlotte and Roman, after a European honeymoon, are settling into Washington DC, splitting time at home, contemplating opening a new shop, and pregant and happy.Kendall, spent one summer in Yorkshire Falls when she was 10 with her Aunt Charlotte. Kendall was shuffled from one relative's home to another because her parents were more interested in their archeology... and Charlotte's was the only place that almost felt like home... until Charlotte's arthritis flared and she knew she could not care for a child, and Kendall was sent away again... and now an adult, Kendall has spent the last few years modeling to make money to support Charlotte in a care facility, and she has pretended to be her friend's consort to help him out... and they became engaged - but on their wedding day both realized though they loved each other, it was not a marrying kind of love... and impulsively Kendall heads up to YF to check on her inheritance from Charlotte - a house and a guest house.. while still in her wedding dress.and her car breaks down just outside town, and sure enough sheriff Rick (who had earlier been called out on a fake emergency call earlier to a woman's house whom his mother had encouraged to trap him, and found her all in leather) is called to assist, finding Kendall in her wedding dress... after he is assured that his mother did not set him up, he helps Kendall... Taking her to the guest house, and seeing its awful mess (an elderly couple live in the main house rent free at Charlotte's arrangement), they make an agreement - to keep things light, and he'll help her get the property ready to sell, and she will pretend to be his girlfriend.As they get closer, emotionally and physically, Rick realizes first that he is in love... and things get more complicated when Kendall's 14 year old sister is fed up at the boarding school she is at, and runs away to Kendall... but Kendall realizes that YFs is home... that Rick is home... that she has a place she can settle... that she can be what her sister needs, and no one had done for her (except Charlotte in some small measure)... and ... they... live... happily... ever... after...

  • Aimee Ampil
    2019-06-11 19:24

    Fun, flirty, romantic – Carly Phillips did great on telling the tale of every woman’s dream loveThe Playboy by Carly Phillips is story of a town heartthrob, Rick Chandler, whose daily routine includes warding off marriage offers from the opposite sex. But alas! He finds himself drawn to the eccentric, pink-haired Kendall Sutton; such attraction was so strong he saw himself kneeling on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage – the very question he’d never dream of asking again. Easy enough for a playboy to get an immediate “Yes,” right? But no, he might have just met his match, as Kendall’s your real-life runaway bride, who’s had it with tying down the knot. Oh, what’s a man got to do now?This book was such a fun and light read it just took me less than a day to finish it! And I wouldn’t mind reading it again!Although the prologue didn’t leave much of an impact, it’s enough to make you go on to the first chapter. A series of light, fun, flirty, romantic, and secrets-revealed events follow in a natural flow that makes this book an easy and stress-free read. There’s not much drama on the problem that Rick and Kendall had to go through, it was just more of a fight to oneself and reflective of past heartaches that they didn’t want to encounter for a second time. A journey of self-discovery and acceptance of challenges brought by new changes had been the solution to know the desires of their hearts.Although entitled as The Playboy, I didn’t quite feel Rick’s character being such. It was mostly the women advancing in on him, driven by his charm and good looks. And with the go signal from his mother, the female population became creative on how they’d get him to focus on them long enough for marriage to result.Phillips knows how to tickle a woman’s romantic bone. And she does so with ease in charming words, woven simply to tell the lives of the characters in their own point of view. She has given her readers the power to know everything – every bit of feeling, thoughts, and reasons to actions. Everything is laid out in the open, but in the end, the future is given for the readers to imagine to their hearts’ content.Four brownie points to you, Carly (just ’cause I’m a romantic at heart)!

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-06-14 15:24

    2.5 stars. Motivations and actions could have been better. Nothing grabbed me.STORY BRIEF:Kendall was engaged to Brian. On the day of their wedding they amicably called it off. They remained good friends. Kendall’s Aunt Crystal recently died. Kendall went to a small town in upstate New York to sell her aunt’s house. She planned to use the proceeds to travel to Arizona. Unfortunately the aunt’s house needed work before it could be sold. Rick offers to help Kendall repair and paint the house in return for a favor. His mother has been sending single women to him. She wants Rick married. Rick asks Kendall to pretend to be his lover so other women and his mother would back off. Kendall agrees, and they start spending time together. Other stories include Rick’s mother faking a heart condition as part of her effort to get her sons married - and Kendall’s 14 year-old sister Hannah at a boarding school causing trouble.REVIEWER’S OPINION:We don’t see a relationship develop; they just fall in lust immediately. The motivations and actions could have been better. Kendall didn’t want to settle down, and Rick had been hurt before so he didn’t want to be hurt again. There was a little too much inner monologue and pondering. I’d prefer more action, interesting situations, and interesting conversation. It was ok, but I wanted to be more surprised or delighted.CAUTION SPOILER:Kendall secretly craves having a family and people who love her, yet she runs from it. She was raised in boarding schools away from her parents who were usually off on archaeological digs. Now she has a man, a sister, and a dog. Her jewelry business is doing well. She’s happy. But when another person does something to embarrass Kendall, she decides to throw it all away and leave town. This bothered me. It didn’t seem reasonable. Most romance novels have a conflict to separate the couple near the end. This is what the author used. I wish she would have come up with something better.DATA:Story length: 330 pages. Swearing language: moderate. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 5. Approximate number of sex scene pages: 9. Setting: current day Yorkshire Falls, New York. Copyright: 2003. Genre: contemporary romance.

  • Kerri
    2019-06-15 12:30

    I can deal with the occasionalover the top reactions,but this novel over did it. I found myself groaning with every “situation” that occurred. First of all, everyone is making a huge deal about the mother’s “heart condition.” Even if she has a “heart condition” it doesn’t mean that she can’t do anything. The boys aren’t even letting her get up to get the door. That is absurd. The heart needs exercise to maintain a good health. That doesn’t mean running a marathon, but walking to the door or going out to lunch is normal. Theheart condition was over played. Secondly, if your Aunt is sick and can’t afford her medical care, than you sell her house to pay for the medical needs. You don’t let someone else live in the house, especially rent free. I don’t care if they are her best friends. That doesn’t make any sense. With this being said, if Kendall wants to sell the house, then it is her right to sell the house. Thecouple needs to move out.They have over stayed their welcome and shouldn’t be so dense to take advantage.The next annoyance iseverything involving Hannah.Her parents need to take responsibility for her. If the school can’t get a hold of her parents, then the school should be involving protective services. Even with this huge oversight, this isn’t my main problem with Hannah.She is a brat.All she does is complain:I don’t want to go to boarding school. You don’t like me. I don’t want you to leave me. Oh, you aren’t leaving me? I meant I don’t want you to sell the house and leave town with me.Everything is about her even though Kendall doesn’t have any rights to Hannah's well being.Last but not least, the relationship between Rick and Kendall didn’t really progress the way I though it should have. I liked the mutual agreement that they delved into at the beginning of the story,but when was the ahha momentthat Rick decided that Kendall is the one? He had sworn off woman and all the sudden he wants a wife and family? I smell something fishy.

  • Kame
    2019-05-31 12:33

    The second in the Bachelor Brothers series is not a disappointment. And so far my favorite Carly Phillips book so far.Rick is the middle Chandler brother - he is a police officer and he is a perennial rescuer. When he was new to the police force he came to the aid of Jillian. A girl a few years behind him in school who came home from college pregnant. The father of the baby told her he wanted nothing to do with her. Rick ended up eloping with her (on his birthday) to only to have her run away with the Baby Daddy the month before the baby was born. So now Rick is divorced, 35 and sworn to never have a relationship again. Only his mother who has a "weak heart" has made it known she would like her sons married and have grandchildren soon.Rick takes the last call of the night and finds Kendall. Her car is broken down and she is in a wedding dress. She and her fiance mutually agreed to not get married only an hour before the ceremony and she was getting out of NYC as fast as she could. They come up with a mutual helpful agreement - they will pretend to be involved and Rick will help Kendall with home improvements on his days off.This books has many more twists - a 14 year old sister of Kendalls who likes to cause trouble, lots of Roman and Charlotte, a wicked school teacher and the other wonderful characters of this great small town.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-31 14:47

    Uggggghhhh. This book is everything boring, annoying, unrealistic and unenjoyable. I could write a book about all my problems with it. Characters spend all their time intuitively understanding the other person without actual conversation (and understand them better than they know themselves). Kendall, despite having been in a previous relationship that ended just shy of a wedding - and a very amicable split! - apparently never grew emotionally until she met Rick. And there is no need for her to get over that relationship because it was over at least two hours before she met Rick. Rick is a gods-given gift to women, but is a smug, emotionally retarded jackass who rejects all the local women because they *gasp* actually had the GALL to proposition him. I could go on. One more major aggravation for me - Kendall worked as a model, someone shows a picture of one of the images she posed for in a "risky" lingerie magazine - lingerie and fur-lined handcuffs. SO KINKY. And instead of owning the image, being proud of herself, she becomes embarrassed and ashamed. This is actually used as a major plot point. *facepalm*Grow a pair Kendall. >:| The only thing that kept me listening is that it is such a good example of bad writing.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-24 18:34

    This is the 2nd in the Chandler Brothers series. This is Rick's story. Rick is the middle son and always the 1st to come to a woman's rescue. However now he wonders if all these 911 calls are because his mom has put out the "Come Get Him" sign over Rick's head. When he heads out to a call about a woman stranded in a car on the highway he thinks it is just another set up but he runs into Kendall who is not only in a broken car but in a wedding dress too. Soon he realizes that she is not in to get him and he helps her out. But he asks a favor from her... Pretend to be his lover to get all the other women off his back. Kendall decides to help him since she will only be in town for a short while. And then... well you need to read it to find out!!This is a really cute book. I read it in about 12 hours and couldn't put it down. Rick is adorable and I think every woman can relate to Kendall in one form or another. And I loved the cameos of Charlotte and Roman (the youngest Chandler from The Bachelor). This is a light enjoyable read that sucks you in. And I can't wait to read Heartbreaker (The oldest brother Chase's story)!!!

  • Patti K
    2019-05-24 14:44

    I have mixed feelings about this one. I liked it enough to bother to read book #3. The chemistry between Rick and Kendall was good. I like Hannah and thought it was sweet that she so easily latched onto Rick and his friends and family, forcing her sister to really think about that. There wasn't as much secondary character POV, which was good, since she sometimes does too much of that.However, all that said, I didn't love it. I don't know exactly what it was. Maybe the reason I liked Roman and Charlotte more was that they had a shared history. Rick and Kendall had an instant attraction and maybe a shared need to keep others at arms length. But I couldn't 100% buy that they'd toss that all aside for each other. It wasn't even that it felt like they made a 180 to easily. Somehow, they just weren't as great a couple.I'll still read more Carly Phillips and I'll still read Chase's story. But given that this one wasn't as good as I hoped, I'm not in a rush to get to that.

  • Kimberly Ann
    2019-06-10 15:20

    Ok, mindless, easy to read, a rather bit overly Trite in some places, Because WE ALL KNOW, In Real Life, Men Do NOT talk like they do in Romance Novels.This is the 2nd in a series, but I didn't know it, and I read it first. There are Three brothers: Roman "The Bachelor", Rick "The Playboy" and Chase "The Heartbreaker", who live in the small town of Yorkshire Falls. The brothers' mother is a typical meddling yenta, w/ a make-believe heart condition that proves to be her undoing. Mother has been egging all the single women in town to go after Rick, which leads to one particular problem who refuses to take "NO" for an answer.Kendall Sutton's, Aunt Crystal, has passed and left Kendall her house. Just as Kendall Arrives in town, w/ pink hair & in a bridal gown (fleeing her wedding), her car breaks down and Rick (local Police) arrives to her rescue....From there is ups, downs, double-talk, sparks, steamy sex, and problematic family & neighbors.

  • Barb
    2019-05-30 17:43

    There isn't a woman in town who's immune to the legendary Chandler charm. Yet so far single cop Rick Chandler has managed to fend off the marriage-minded advances of Yorkshire Falls' entire female population. A past mistake has taught him never to put his heart on the line ... until he answers the SOS of a real-life runaway bride. In spite of her pearly gown and tiara, Kendall Sutton vows to never wed- which makes her the ideal pretend lover who can ward off Rick's legion of admirers. When their passionate charade flames into the real thing, Rick is suddenly thinking about two words that spell forever after. But will Kendall ever say "I do?" Can a woman who's had it with weddings tie the knot with the town's most popular playboy?Seems the more devoted they are to their status, the harder they fall. Rick is besotted with Amanda.And Amanda is besotted with Rick. But is it enough? 5 Stars.

  • Mary Wyman
    2019-05-22 17:24

    The book was great. I liked the plot and I liked how it ended. Happily ever after and all. The title though...I feel like it wasn't 100% accurate. Yes, Rick was the playboy when he was young, but the entire time throughout the book, he did not act like a playboy. Other than that, I like the cover design. I wished the ending fight with Lisa Burton was a bit longer and with detail. It was like a education video on bullying for kids/preteens. And it was at the part where the matter is solved. Those are the only the downsides of the book I saw. The good side is Chase. I like him. I like Hannah's smart mouth. Happy was happily cute. Rick was awesome and I do say he sounds handsome. Unfortunately, he's taken. Teehee. Overall, I very much liked the book, the story was good, the title was good, and I wish those who read it to...Enjoy:)

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    2019-06-06 15:26

    3.5 STARS"There isn't a woman in town who's immune to the legendary Chandler charm. Yet so far single cop Rick Chandler has managed to fend off the marriage-minded advances of Yorkshire Falls' entire female population. A past mistake has taught him never to put his heart on the line ... until he answers the SOS of a real-life runaway bride. In spite of her pearly gown and tiara, Kendall Sutton vows to never wed- which makes her the ideal pretend lover who can ward off Rick's legion of admirers. When their passionate charade flames into the real thing, Rick is suddenly thinking about two words that spell forever after. But will Kendall ever say "I do?" Can a woman who's had it with weddings tie the knot with the town's most popular playboy?" (From Amazon)A fun romantic comedy! Phillips is great at keeping you interested in a storyline that has been done before.

  • Deanne
    2019-06-03 20:21

    The Playboy is the second installment from Carly Philips Chandler series , this book is about the middle brother Rick Chandler , a cop who has a weakness for 'damsels in distress' , but one night changes everything when he helps a runaway bride by the side of the road . Kendall Sutton was once engaged to Brian and was about to say "I do" when she felt it was the wrong thing to do so she runs away in her car and end ups in the small town of Yorkshire Falls where she meets a man who has awakened the passion in her and the only man who has tempted her to finally set roots in her deceased aunt's home town. This is one of the few romantic comedy novels I have read that i enjoyed through every page .

  • Char (1RadReader59)
    2019-05-30 19:31

    Rock is the Chandler brother all the women loved the most. Available, emotionally there when you need a shoulder to cry on or just to laugh & be a friend. But not as a boyfriend especially because of his past. So, with him being the town cop has to rescue a motorists that broke down & its a young beautiful woman he was thinking my mom is up to her matchmaker ways again. He was not happy. Especially, when he lends her a hand & they touch & there are sparks. He sees his life flash & its not good. The antics of him, his mom, the town & brothers makes for a great story just as good as the first in the series if not better. Love scenes will overheat you too. LOL