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Riot-torn New York City is a dangerous place to be, especially if you’re a xenofreak. The unrest is fueled by interweb speculation that xenos are not only immune to the deadly epidemic loose in the city, they’re responsible for spreading it. Scott sets out to help the XIA root out the source of the rumors, while Bryn reluctantly agrees to help Mia get a xenograft – the onlRiot-torn New York City is a dangerous place to be, especially if you’re a xenofreak. The unrest is fueled by interweb speculation that xenos are not only immune to the deadly epidemic loose in the city, they’re responsible for spreading it. Scott sets out to help the XIA root out the source of the rumors, while Bryn reluctantly agrees to help Mia get a xenograft – the only thing that can protect her from the contagion. When Martial Law is declared and the authorities begin rounding xenos up, the understaffed, overworked XIA agents are the only thing standing between New York’s xeno population and complete anarchy....

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XIA Reviews

  • Rebecca Rakes
    2018-10-09 18:54

    Another great installment of this series. It ends on kind of a "the end"-ish note but fully so I am hoping this isn't the last one. I really enjoy way the stories have been told from both Bryn and Scotts POV's. Xenofreak is not like your typical YA/NA insta-love, love triangle story. The plots are more complex and thought out. The relationships feel more real and the action is the star of the story. There is a moral compass to them but not in a preachy in your face way. It allows you to see both sides and bad guys become, well, less bad sometimes.This installment takes place right were the last one left off. The Xenofreaks are being attacked because of the super typhoid that the population thinks (knows) they are spreading. The government is fighting to keep the city under control and losing the battle.Dr Mia has come to Scott for help in getting a Xenograph to keep her safe from the disease while she studies it. She ends up on an adventure with Bryn in tow while Scott is called off on an emergency. They eventually collide, quicker than the last book.Maddy, Fourtain, Shasta, Mouse, and Alton all return and end up on Poppy's Pier. The place that the government is rounding up all the xenofreaks. When they discover the plan to blow up the pier and end all the xenofreaks they have to work together or die.The pacing is fantastic. There is never a dull moment. And the plot is well thought out, like the last books. These aren't the kind of stories that you know the ending 20 pages in.The only drawbacks I would say were that there wasn't a lot of back story. You are expected to remember most things from the last book and there isn't a whole lot of rehashing what happened. The other thing was I felt that Padme was really weak in this one. I wanted her to confront Bryn or stalk Scott more. Just be crazy. I felt she fell a little flat. She was one of my favorites before.All in all fantastic story as usual. Love this series.

  • Karla
    2018-10-10 11:52

    I love this trilogy! I seriously have been waiting anxiously for this book for about a year, and I just happen to check for updates on the third book and I saw that it was already out so of course I had to read it!I don't really like it when the sequels/third/fourth book lets us know of what had happened in the first few books and it takes a great chunk of time. I liked how this book just went right ahead and picked up right where the last one had ended and slowly/surreptitiously gave us details of what happened before to refresh our minds and get us caught up. Definitely extra points for that matter, especially when it's been a while since I had read the first 2 books and I jumped right into this one. As per the first 2 books, the world building is unique and well thought out. The whole world around Xenos and stuff is written with great details and I could see myself in this world at times. The characters were all from the past books and there were a few new ones that showed up for a short time. I especially am a fan of Scott and Bryn and while they're already a couple, I would have loved to have seen them together more. It seemed like they were constantly getting separated but I guess it was to get the story moving. There was another couple that I would have liked to be explored more, Jason and Mia, but it was still nice seeing them together. Without giving too much away, the plot of the story was intricate and really added to the whole even if some parts were hard to believe in (but I mean, it's a Sci-Fi so it's okay). The ideas that sprung from the mouths of the "evil" people made me question their motives/image plus have the readers more insight into the world they live in. All in all, it was a great ending to the trilogy. Everything tied up nicely but I would love for there to be another book, maybe a small novella, on their lives afterwards. Either way, it was a good trilogy and I look forward to future books written by Melissa Conway.

  • Kate Kasserman
    2018-10-06 16:49

    This is my favorite installment in one of my favorite series! The world is falling to pieces, with plague and riots. The good news about being a xeno is that it seems to confer immunity to the plague – the bad news is that this doesn’t make them too popular with the unaugmented. Scott, still recuperating from the LAST set of adventures, gets called back to duty because XIA – and every other agency – is desperately overworked and understaffed, with all the chaos. (Lynch gangs operate with near-impunity – buildings go up in flames unattended – things are NOT working, NOT orderly, NOT under control.) Bryn accompanies Mia so that the doc can get a xenograft protecting her from the plague she’s researching. And then things get a lot more complicated, fast, because Fournier is still plotting, and he’s still (perhaps unfortunately) brilliant. He’s far from the only villain, though, which is one of many touches adding depth to the story; there are really multiple villains to choose from, all with their own (sometimes overlapping) agendas and varying levels of horribleness and understandableness.Bryn is a survivor who may get terrified sometimes but never panics, and it’s a fantastic ride to watch her, over and over again, get just the WILDEST stuff thrown at her but still manage to think her way through it. She’s not trained, the way Scott is, and she doesn’t have any special knowledge or skill helping her get through things (although the quills are a plus!), nor is she particularly hard-edged or tough: she just doesn’t lie to herself, even when facing some pretty grueling facts, she’s observant, and she never gives up.

  • Rebecca
    2018-10-08 12:54

    I received an ARC for reading and reviewing purposes.I've been bothering the author for months now trying to get my hands on Book Three of Xenofreak Nation. I read it in a matter of two days, I think it was: it was quite difficult to put down.Action lovers will be thoroughly happy with this, the eagerly-awaited third installment of the Xenofreak Nation trilogy. It never stops: one event leads into the next like gunfire. Lives hang in the balance as the Typhoid-like supervirus expands. Where did this contagion come from, how is it spread? Who is to blame for it? How can people protect themselves? These are the questions Bryn and Scott, Jason and Mia must answer, and quickly, before more deaths occur. The bad guys return as well, Maddy, Fournier, Dundee, and Maddy's father, Philip Singh. All have their own agendas, and some of it is, well, very bad for humanity.There were times I wondered how these tireless heroes could go on, how they could possibly deal with yet another crisis. Yet, somehow, they do, to a backdrop of riots, trickery, and murder.The book is filled with amazing, prophetic, imaginative twists, encompassing science, medicine, and futuristic technology that I found enthralling and captivating. I hope some of these ideas actually come to pass.A must-read for fans of the first two books.

  • J.S. Colley
    2018-10-06 16:37

    I received an advance copy for review purposes.This is the continuing story of Bryn, a girl who was thrust into the world of xenofreaks against her will. As the XIA tries to contain and understand a “super typhoid” that has spread across New York, Bryn and her XIA agent boyfriend, Scott, are caught in the middle. Was this a natural outbreak or engineered? As rumors surface that suggest the super typhoid is spread by xenofreaks--even though they appear to be immune--things get dangerous.All the familiar cast of characters from books one and two come together in this book to create an explosive, action-packed story.

  • Katherine
    2018-10-08 18:06

    I really love this series. The end felt like the end, but I am ok with that. It ended on a great note. The characters are great and the plot really moves along. It felt real in the sense that everything wasn't black and white. There were bad guys, but they weren't 100% evil...and the good guys sometimes had to make tough choices. And I LOVE that Melissa Conway doesn't create pining moping main characters who can't live without the other. Both (I consider Scott kind of "main") have real feelings and the relationship didn't get in the way of the story line...which was a lot of action!!

  • Jason O'neal
    2018-09-24 13:41

    The more I read the series the more i was drawn into the world of the story and the characters. The growth if Bryn through the trilogy and last book is remarkable. The situations the characters find themselves in between the XIA, CDC, and both factions of the Xenofreaks keeps you holding on to your book and not wanting to put it down. As with good books sorry it comes to an end, thankful for a great and amazing journey.

  • Laurie Hopkins
    2018-10-13 14:01

    GreatMelissa has described a world that I can see happening. Her characters are likable and in some instances unlikable. The doctor is scary in the chaos he created. Bryn and Scott's relationship has seen some very hard situations and what they have done in those situations makes them enjoyable to read about.