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What the duke wants…. Is not three young ladies for wards.Nor is the responsibility for finding them a governess.Thankfully that is delegated to his housekeeper, who he might add is blind as a bat.That really could be the only excuse she has for hiring Carlotta. Because Carlotta is far too beautiful to be a governess.Temptress, yes. Unable to restrain himself—because restrWhat the duke wants…. Is not three young ladies for wards.Nor is the responsibility for finding them a governess.Thankfully that is delegated to his housekeeper, who he might add is blind as a bat.That really could be the only excuse she has for hiring Carlotta. Because Carlotta is far too beautiful to be a governess.Temptress, yes. Unable to restrain himself—because restraint is not one of his virtues, his reputation is testament of that fact—he finds the young governess far more spirited, opinionated and tempting than he is able to resist.And of course, because he’s an idiot. He falls in love.Never questioning whether she’d be a willing participant.Of course life isn’t that easy, not even when you’re a bloody duke. And after one meddling Lady Southridge, Leads to two fiascos, Three wards decide to take matters into their own hands.Because what the duke wants…is simply to fall in love (preferably with the young woman in mind, falling in love too.)...

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What the Duke Wants Reviews

  • Riza
    2018-10-10 03:35

    *5 STARS*Honestly, I am not a fan of historical or regency not because I don't like it, but because I am having a hard time imagining the characters in that era.. =) Reading WHAT THE DUKE WANTS. for me is like reading a fairytale book, It was like reading Cinderella for Adults. I like how Kristin wrote her story.. because another the problem i am experiencing in reading historical. is the word or dialogue that being used, sometimes it is so deep! The author uses easy to understand words. Charles and Lottie's story is inspiring and time less.. then Lady DIanna Southridge is my favorite character ever! She really is the historical version of GrandMa Nadine! I laugh out loud whenever she. and Charles banters on on each other! I can't hardly wait for the next series! PS:Thank you Jill Sava for gifting me a copy of this book and on Valentines day! lolWell as i always say I don't do the norms of reviewing a book but i do hope what i wrote in here is helpful.

  • Jill S (Love Affair With Fiction)
    2018-10-07 03:37

    Kristin Vayden wrote an engaging tale in What the Duke Wants! What happens when a duke, who just so happens to be one of the tons most notorious rakes, suddenly and unexpectedly becomes guardian to three young ladies? And then has a housekeeper who hires a gorgeous, irresistible governess to watch over these young wards? Will the duke fall for his governess? Is that ‘what the duke wants’? Both Kristin Vayden’s writing and the story flowed beautifully. I just adored the characters and their interactions with each other. The dialogue is full of fun, witty banter that leaves you feeling connected to the characters and as if you were sitting there eavesdropping on their conversations. I highly recommend this book – I enjoyed it so much I have already read it twice and it has only been out two days! This is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys Regency romance, magnificent banter between characters and a couple with fabulous chemistry and the makings of a great love story.

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2018-10-18 07:38

    Yes that is the blurb, it's not the best written or formatted. Yes it tells what the book is about but come on.Carlotta is the daughter or a baron. Now she is a poor orphan, so she becomes a governess. And suddenly she is all, I know my place, it is below the stairs..but hey, your dad was still a baron.Charles is a Duke. A young handsome Duke. Suddenly he had 3 wards and is all hell no! But one look at the hot governess and he is all hell yeah!I did like that he wanted her from the start, and he wanted to do right by her. She was the one who was all but I am a governess! He was also a bumbling fool at times, and that is always nice.Conclusion:It was a sweet one. No smexy times before the wedding here.

  • Jemma
    2018-09-27 07:49

    Let me start off by saying that romance is not usually my preferred genre; I am no expert in this field of writing and this may be why I only gave ‘What The Duke Wants’ three stars. This is not to say I don’t enjoy reading romance, only that I prefer it to play a smaller role in a novel rather than taking centre stage. These were my expectations when undertaking this read, and in that regard they weren’t met.Perhaps I did not appreciate this book as I should, and for all you romance fans out there I have no doubt this is more up your street. Contrary to what I’ve written so far, I did find this book sincerely enjoyable from the onset and had no trouble whatsoever finishing it. It flows almost effortlessly, without any stale moments, and for this I cannot fault it. What it lacked in plot progression, it more than made up for with the thorough character development; so much so that we become very attached to the characters we are presented with.In an era of forbidden love and swooning, this is exactly what this book aims to reduce its reader to. The Duke of Clairmont, a charming man with an unscrupulous history with the ladies, is left dumbfounded when the responsibility of three young wards is thrust upon him. Wanting to be rid of this obligation as soon as possible, he immediately seeks a governess to pawn them off onto so he can resume his wily bachelor ways. However, what the Duke had not foreseen was the entrance of Carlotta Standhope into his life, and the strength of his feelings towards the chaste young woman. But how can he convince her that she is special when his reputation is against him, and he barely understands his feelings himself?From my limited experience, the author captures romance and passion brilliantly, and I found the relationship between the Duke and his governess to be sincere. As a side note, stereotypes are amass in this story; the rogue-ish, handsome Duke Charles with his immoral reputation paired with the innocent and virginal flower which is Carlotta. But why should this make the book any less credible or, indeed, worthy?A word of warning; do not delve too deeply into the backstory –beneath the blossoming romance between our central characters lies a vast world of historical inaccuracies and plot-holes, but don’t let that keep you from reading. Take this book for what it is, a sweet and simple romance which makes extremely easy reading.Whilst my review may not do it justice, I do recommend this book. A pleasant, feel good story with a happily ever after; grab a box of chocolates, sit back and indulge in this whirlwind fairytale.

  • Kailyn
    2018-10-11 06:34

    A cute and funny romance.It took me a little while to really get into the story, but when I did, I quickly devoured it. Carlotta and Charles were both charming characters and their love story, though a little exasperating, but very enjoyable to read about. I found the way they interacted with each other realistic for the time period, in most ways, and when they got witty and sarcastic, I was suppressing my giggles. My only qualms with this book is that I found it slightly repetitive in some aspects, such as the constant pull and push that the two lovers went through. It seemed like the same words were uttered each time and that the situations were always a little too similar. I also found it a little unbelievable that even though she was the impoverished daughter of a baron, Lottie thought that it meant she couldn't possibly marry the duke, when he felt totally different. Perhaps I'm wrong and that would have been the right way of thinking in that time, but I found myself a little annoyed. Overall, I found the story and characters, especially the girls and Lady Southridge, very enjoyable. I hope to read more books written by Kristin Vayden soon.

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    2018-10-12 05:50

    First let me say I purchased this book comparing it to another from Lisa Kleypas. She did a set of book about the Hathaways and their governess Catherine Marks. This book was very similar. The further I read the more I compared the two, it was hard not to. The book did start to take it's own twists and turns but by then I missed the way LK's books were written and it was hard for me to enjoy this book for what it was. That was the disappointment. It did end nicely but the hero (Charles) was no Leo from LK's book ,unfortunately, and Carlotta ( hated the name) was no Catherine Marks. There were a lot of comments made about the indecency of Charles and his lack of self control. He did seem to contradict himself but I think that showed his passion for the heroin so it didn't bother me and they were kisses. Some of the reviews lead me to believe they were more, they weren't. The books I usually read in this genre do escalate these passionate scenes so I missed that in this book. I think if I wouldn't have went in with another book already in mind I would have enjoyed it more.

  • Michelle Kaye
    2018-10-13 00:44

    This is a historical romance story and I don't want to give any of the storyline away, the description covers the main points.The pace was good, and the story flowed with the characters fitting in well.My only small comment was the end, I was happily enjoying what was going on when it kinda stopped. To me it felt like the end was preparing us for the next story (which I hope is true as I'd like to read it), and I would have liked "continue with the next book in the series etc..." blurb, if that was the case, instead of a different book.If I've misunderstood, then I would have made the final section an epilogue, showing the reader that the story has finished.Overall I enjoyed the story and the writing. I now look forward to reading more books.

  • M.I. Kelly
    2018-10-06 06:35

    I thought the lead characters were likable and the set-up was classic Regency. A Duke, a governess and some wards that are thrust upon the unsuspecting and quite inappropriate Duke it sounded quite intriguing. But I found the story very bland. There was nothing exciting about this tale. Nothing really seemed to happen. There were no highs or lows no adventure. They meet he thinks of her she thinks of him, some other characters are thrown into the mix but not fully fleshed out. It just kind of ambled along until they got together and ended. I had been looking forward to reading this book but it did not meet my expectations.

  • Kristen
    2018-09-26 08:36

    I really liked the heronine in this one. She was strong, and loving towards her charges. Loved how the duke fell hard for her. But, it could have been cleaner for my tastes. Moral Note: Drinking, lots of innuendos, and lustful thoughts, talk of mistreses and having women in bed, while making out his hands start to wander, then after they get engaged his hands wander further to her breast and butt, then after they get married there is a chapter that I'm not sure how far it goes because I skipped it after the clothes started coming off.

  • Joan
    2018-10-06 08:30

    I was in desperate need of a 'comfort' book - nothing tense and twisty, or full of angst. Something light and with a topping of froth, a 'hot chocolate' book, to warm me through.This did the job perfectly. A selection of interesting and likeable characters, a gentle plot, a happy ending. My only niggle is that there were some errors that should have been picked up by an editor. I re-read some sentences several times, trying to make sense of the words.But a very sweet and enjoyable read.

  • Desiree
    2018-10-14 00:46

    This book just seemed very weak to me. I really wasn't impressed with anything much about this book. I hated the ridiculous Insta-love, I hated the uselessness of the hero. A spineless, witless, molester. And entirely forgettable. Every time I put the book down, when it was time to read again I could hardly remember what I was reading!

  • Aparajita Mukherjee
    2018-10-19 04:24

    There is a charming Duke, a beautiful governess, three adorable young girls and a meddlesome lady. The perfect ingredients for a sweet, simple, humorous, romantic love story with lots of stolen kisses and the minimum fuss possible. A lighthearted but nice read.

  • Linda
    2018-10-17 00:37

    This was by far the best historical romance I have read yet! If you like/love this genre & haven't read it, you must! Words can't describe the joy I'm feeling right now from this book & it's characters.

  • Nanette
    2018-10-03 05:30

    Add one Duke who is quite comfortable with his way of life, 3 girls as his new wards, 1 governess and 1 meddling "mother figure" mix them all together and you have another great story by Kristin Vayden. If you like Regency I would definitely recommend this book! I couldn't put it down.

  • Tanna
    2018-10-18 06:47

    I really enjoyed this book. I laughed out loud at many moments in the story and can't wait to read Graham and Bethanny's story.

  • Delta
    2018-10-01 05:39

    Free 03-09-15 (Regency Romance)

  • Tena Rees
    2018-09-21 00:34

    DullThe h and H basically lust after each other every time they meet and it gets boring because nothing else happens. It's like reading porno without any sex.

  • Rachel
    2018-10-09 03:38

    Very cute!!! Very nice read!!! Funny!!! I loved it and hope to read more by this author.

  • Lovetoread
    2018-10-02 00:38

    This is the first book I have read by author Kristin Vayden. I have to admit being a huge fan of Historical Romance novels by Elizabeth Hoyt and Lisa Kleypas, to name a few, I was looking forward to this story and was excited that I might have found a new author. The story is about the Duke of Clairmont, Charles, a wealthy, strong assertive man who plays the game of life his way. He loves being single and keeps a mistress until he tires of them, which is usually after 6 months. What he most certainly not want is three young female wards or having to find them a governess,. Thankfully he can delegate, the governess hiring to his elderly housekeeper. The heroine is Carlotta a nineteen daughter of a baron and far to beautiful to be a governess but due to unfortunate financial circumstances needs to find work to support herself. Will the Duke be able to resist temptation when he meets Carlotta? This book was great for anyone who enjoys mild, lukewarm, Regency romance, magnificent banter between characters with fabulous chemistry and the makings of a great love story. Some of the reviews lead me to believe there was more which was the reason I purchased this book, but it fell short. As an adult, the books I usually read in this genre do escalate these passionate scenes so I missed that in this book. I think this author should take a page out of Hoyt, Kleypas and Lorraine Heath, when writing romance for adults. You can have tasteful passionate scenes that satisfy the adult reader along with a great story. Hot and heavy kissing just falls short when two people are so madly and passionately in love. The least that should have been done is to give the unsuspecting buyer a warning....No heavy petting, no Sex until the last 10 pages of the story.

  • Tonileg
    2018-09-23 04:31

    Historical clean English romance with a high born lady forced to make a living as a governess to a Duke that has suddenly become the guardian to three ladies.So Lottie has suddenly become somewhat poor so she much find an income so she picks as respectable job as a governess to three lovely recently orphaned girls. Lottie quickly falls for her employer, the Duke who also falls for her, but believes that she is only a merchant's daughter, which is totally unbelievable because doesn't know know anything about the person that is supposed to be taking care of his three new wards?! I would at least know where and who they are before setting someone lose with young ladies.Well everything goes well in this HEA guaranteed romance with the help of some friends. The editing was good, but the story had very little historical accuracy in the language or behaviors of the folks. A governess could be raped or enter in a mistress position at that time with little to no legal recourse while silence could save her job, the injustice at that time was rampant so this was an unrealistic fluff read which was still a fun read.240 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

  • crashqueen73
    2018-10-01 01:51

    I skimmed most of this one. I started off reading it all but by about 35% I got a little frustrated with all the bantering that did nothing for developing the storyline or characters.This had a very predictable storyline (for an historical). Girl (orphan from family that lost their fortune) meets duke (that is a rake and never wants to marry). They can't hook up because she is now "the help" and that is simply not done. Interfering "relations", a reversal of fortune and everyone lives happily ever after.There was so much "conversation" in this book that I have to admit I got bored. I did not feel any connection at all with the characters and none of the bantering brought any of the characters to life or added to the story. It just felt like page filling. I also hated the fact that they didn't get together (other than a couple of fleeting kisses) until the last three minutes of the book!!!! And it took all of about two minutes. This one was lacking for me in a lot of areas. 2 stars

  • Liza
    2018-10-17 00:43

    A great book that will give you all the magical feeling of being in love. I love this too much! I am so happy to dig in to Regency and have started on this. I can feel that this is Kristin Vayden's best element. Charles and Carlotta gave me all the mushy feelings I can feel within two very adorable characters. I fell in love with them the instant they showed their attraction to each other. Charles, the "manwhore" of the royal world; and Carlotta, the damsel in distress/Cinderlla--- what more can a reader like me ask for?And there goes Lady Southridge, whom I first me in The Only Reason for the London Season. When you thought she couldn't be funnier, hang tight. She will tickle you in every way with her wit and classic humor in What the Duke Wants.What the Duke Wants is like a fairy tale come true for me. Forget Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle. Carlotta and Charles are my new dream royal couple. With a perfect blend of humor, romance and all things royally magical, What the Duke Wants has surely climbed not only to my top reads of 2014 but to my oh-so-romantic heart.

  • Michelle N
    2018-09-23 08:42

    This is a Regency novel about a Duke who is very comfortable with his life as a bachelor. He is also a well known Rake. The Duke has just learned that his life will be turned upside down, he has been given guardianship of 3 girls. Now he must find a Governess to care for them. Charles gets his maid to hire one for him, because he wants nothing to do with his Wards. Little did he know that the maid would hire a beautiful young woman to be his Governess. Shortly after meeting Lottie, he realizes that he can't live without her. But how could they ever have a relationship with her being his employee? All you need is 3 young girls, a meddlesome "Mother figure", and a little shove in the right direction.This was such a wonderful story, it flowed well and all of the characters were endearing! I love all of Kristin's books and this was no exception! If you're looking for a good clean Regency then look no further. I highly recommend this book!

  • Judy Lavik
    2018-09-22 04:49

    Hot, hot, hot!By the end of the first page, I knew two things: I've read this book before, and I was going to read it again.I remembered that I enjoyed it, but that's an understatement. I found it gripping from beginning to end. The characters come to life, from the meddlesome Lady Southridge to precocious Betty.The heroine, Carlotta, was the wealthy orphaned daughter of a baron, on the cusp of her comeout when her fortune is lost and she's forced to seek employment.The hero, the Duke of Clairmont, is a rake, confirmed bachelor, and suddenly guardian to 3 young girls.They share the same solicitor, who decides that they each have something the other needs. Carlotta needs a job and the duke needs a governess.Sparks fly from the beginning, but they each try to fight the attraction, knowing that it just isn't done for the nobility to consort with the help. However, everyone (and I do mean everyone!) decides to play matchmaker. How can they resist? They can't.

  • Kimberley
    2018-10-05 00:42

    Ahhh....Forbidden Fruit!!! A sweet, funny, passionate tale of a Duke trying to do the right thing, and fighting with his inner devil. The "sister/mother" figure in this book, pretty much saved it. She is witty, sarcastic, and knows when to really push. The Governess, sweet, unsure, coming in to her own passion, a strong character to read!!!The Duke.... ahh, he has the Forbidden Fruit in his hands a few times, and I was truly impressed that he resisted compromising her. I love reading Historical Romances for this reason, the intense passion ..... and this author didn't disappoint. I was invested in the whole journey!! The intimacy is sweet, and not too graphic, which I was fine with.I enjoyed the author's writing, and bought more from her.I enjoyed this journey and recommend it.

  • Paula Bothwell
    2018-10-09 01:39

    Kristin Vayden is a new writer for me. There were parts of *What The Duke Wants* that I really liked: there was some funny banter between the duke and his mother-figure, the duke was really open with his feelings and made a beautiful change from a bed-hopping immoral man to a man capable of true love. Both were very nice. However, there were things I didn't care for: while there was a lot of kissing which is fine, I'm not interested in details about every kiss. Also, about 85% into the book, there was some serious line-crossing groping, which went against the "self-control" the duke was supposed to have. For me, less is more, Ms. Vayden. Definitely a PG13.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-29 02:37

    I really Enjoyed this book. Carlotta was having a bit of misfortune and needed to find a job. When someone told her that the Duke of Clairmont needed a governess for the three wards he had taken in. As soon as the Duke saw her he had an attraction to her and tried to talk himself out of it. Although he tried to have self control and avoid her he found that whenever he was near Carlotta that he could not resist his attraction for her. So yes there is kissing in this book but I believe it is written very tastefully. This book was funny and heart warming.

  • Danny Revelant
    2018-09-26 00:25

    Loved it!Impossible to put down once I started it, housework be darned! Charles and Lottie, Bethanny, Beatrix, and Berty all the characters grab and hold and make you care about them. I travelled to London, to Bath and felt at home in glorious estates rich with history and colors and scents! Kristin weaved an enjoyable adventure, and I'll be back for more! But housework awaits...

  • Kelly Thompson
    2018-10-13 07:24

    The tools of an author's job are words and I expect an author to know how to use those tools. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. You're and your are repeatedly mixed up, of instead of have, precluded when the person was not prevented but forced to do something. Character development was okay, but did not reach the potential that was there. I did finish the story, but am not sure I'd read anything else by this author.

  • Heather Panty dropping Book Blog
    2018-09-20 02:37

    First time I have read one of Kristin's book. I was a little worried being the first historical book I have read and I have to say I loved it. I loved all the characters, the time frame. The little girls were great. The love and romance between the Duke and Governess was truly amazing. I found a new author to love and genre of books to try out. Great job.