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Bobbi Richmond has always been in love with her best friend, Gabe Braddock, even if Gabe, who works for her media mogul father, has always treated Bobbi like a kid sister, calling her “Runt.”After a tipsy Bobbi kisses Gabe at a party, Gabe is surprised to find “Runt” becoming the object of his fantasies, and Bobbi is shocked to find her advances suddenly reciprocated. WhenBobbi Richmond has always been in love with her best friend, Gabe Braddock, even if Gabe, who works for her media mogul father, has always treated Bobbi like a kid sister, calling her “Runt.”After a tipsy Bobbi kisses Gabe at a party, Gabe is surprised to find “Runt” becoming the object of his fantasies, and Bobbi is shocked to find her advances suddenly reciprocated. When Gabe suggests adding “benefits” to their friendship—while keeping their new arrangement secret from their families, of course—should Bobbi feel flattered, or insulted by his insistence on casual sex? Are they even a match? Slick and conservative Gabe dates coiffed blondes, while the tomboyish Bobbi spends much more time fixing cars than her hair.When Gabe’s twin brother, Chase, senses something’s up between the old friends, he forces Gabe to confront his real feelings for Bobbi—and decide whether or not he could live without her....

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His Unlikely Lover Reviews

  • Beverly
    2018-10-08 04:48

    After reading this second book in this series, out of order, of course, I became addicted. I wanted more and more, so I decided to read/listen to them all on audio. This one is my least favorite while I still enjoyed I didn’t connect as much.Here is my struggle Bobbi is best friends with Gabe. Best friends! One night they have a drunken kiss and realize there is a real attraction to each other. Bobbi’s feelings are so much stronger, she is in love with Gabe. While Gabe can’t even imagine being in love with Bobbi, because of her tomboy ways. I swear if I read one more thing about her clothing choices or the fact that she wouldn’t be presentable I would scream. My biggest struggle isn’t even his words, it’s the fact they are best friends and you shouldn't treat your best friends negatively. You should protect your friends and I just didn’t see these qualities from Gabe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy into this story as much due to my feelings toward Gabe. These books are so crazy in the fact that they make you second guess your feelings. All the heroes have completely redeemed themselves with me and I have fallen in love with them. I wanted to feel those same strong feelings toward Gabe, but I didn’t. I hate that I didn’t enjoy this one as much because I think this series as a whole is fantastic! I definitely recommend them!I listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed the narration.

  • Candace
    2018-10-01 06:32

    I really liked the first two books in this series, so I had high hopes for 'His Unlikely Lover'. Unfortunately, it fell flat for me. I wanted to like it, but just couldn't force it.The heroine, Bobbi, has been secretly in love with her best friend, Gabe for years. When she gets drunk at another friend's party, she kisses /fondles Gabe. Things are never the same. Gabe never pictured himself with his tomboy best friend, Bobbi. He's not interested in dating her. After all, she'd be an embarrassment if he took her out in public as his date. He's got an image to uphold and Bobbi doesn't fit the bill. He expects the women on his arm to be perfect eye candy.While he's not interested in dating Bobbi seriously, he is definitely interested in bedding her. Being the self-absorbed jackass that he is, Gabe proposes that his best friend become his dirty little secret. Nice guy.Rather than telling Gabe where he can stick it, Bobbi agrees. What ensues is a long, drawn-out account of Gabe repeatedly running Bobbi down while she accepts whatever crumbs he leaves her. I wanted to punch him and shake some sense into her.I couldn't relate to the heroine and her weak, desperate demeanor irritated me. The Hero was a royal douchebag. That's about all I can say about him. So, this story just didn't work for me. I didn't like either of them and thought they made horrible friends, much less lovers. I give it 2 - 2 1/2 stars.

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2018-10-18 01:44

    2.5ish StarsHonestly, what comes to mind when trying to review this? MEH. Not much happened during the first 40% of the book. It was mostly Gabe and Bobbi just hemming and hawing to themselves and to each other. When stuff finally DID start happening it just wasn't ringing true for me and I wasn't all that engaged. I think my main issue was that I felt like we never really got to know Gabe and Bobbi beyond the surface level, and the surface level just wasn't that interesting to me, frankly.

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    2018-10-03 03:42

    2.5 disappointing starsMe after reading this book:

  • sraxe
    2018-09-19 03:39

    I really did not like this book. I generally like the opposites-attract trope, but I don't feel it was believable here. Their relationship felt very manufactured and inauthentic to me. I felt that there was no natural progression between them from friends to FWB to an actual relationship. Also, the Bobbi-mine business was very weird-sounding (then again, I hate cheesy endearments like angel and baby and sweet).First you have Gabe. He came off really snobby and sexist to me and not at all the good friend he supposedly is. He legitimately thinks he's better than her and has no respect for her as a friend or a lover. He looks down on the way she dresses, her business, her appearance, her apparent lack of class and grace. He thinks he's so much better than her. He hates the way Bobbi dresses and carries herself.When they start their FWB relationship, he doesn't want anyone to know and pushes for keeping it a secret affair. He says it's because it'll put too much pressure and too many expectations on them when it comes to their friends and family. The truth is, he's just embarrassed to be attracted to her physically. She's not a tall, beautiful blonde like he's used to -- she's a short tomboy-ish brunette. He admits that he doesn't WANT her by his side at events. It wasn't that he couldn't imagine her beside him, he literally says "Bobbi was hardly the type of female he'd want gracing his arm." With her shorts and tank tops, he thinks that she dresses like a "two-bit little..." (and he leaves it blank but they both know what he's implying). He says that her shorts are "too short" and that they would "tempt a saint" and that she should "wear a damned bra."Gabe...Also, even though he's supposed to be her "best friend," he actually has no faith in her when it comes to her business. Despite the fact that she's a mechanic and has been doing this her whole life and that they're supposedly best friends, he's never once allowed her to look at even one of his cars. Not even once. She's had her business open for a year and he hasn't given her business once. She invests money into restoring a car for Jason, hoping it'll generate the clientele she sorely needs, and he has a complete lack of faith in her -- he says it's not IF her plan will fail, putting her eggs in one basket, it's "more likely when that plan fails." This, coming from her best friend. After she restores Jason's car, it's JASON that talks her business up to potential clients, not her supposed BEST FRIEND, Gabe. This is the guy that's her best friend? The one she's been friends with for two decades?Bobbi annoyed me, too. The author writes her as a super stereotypical ~I'm not like other girls~ unfeminine tomboy. She has short hair, had no female friends until recently, doesn't bother with appearances and cares not for jewellery, dresses, heels or make-up, and hates flowers. What a super cliche of a character. She generalizes all other women and thinks that they're really "high-pitched" and she can't "fathom why they screamed so much." Other than her married-with-children friends, the members of the Mommy Club, there are two other women we meet. One is Sandro's sister, Rosalie, and the other is a random women who comes by Bobbi's shop. I felt that both were portrayed in a negative light and were basically viewed as man-stealing hussies because their only appearances consist of how good they look beside Gabe. Oh, and Bobbi has extremely low self-esteem. The author plowed no new ground with this character.I honestly didn't understand why Gabe was so snobby towards her. Like, to be honest, she kind of outclasses him because HE works for HER father, not the other way around. Why does he look down on her? OH! I know...because he's sexist. He tells her:“I just want you to wear a damned dress on occasion, go to a bloody hairdresser, and have your nails done. You're a woman, for God's sake. These things aren't a hardship.”Well, he can fuck right off with that attitude.I'm not all that surprised with the sexism and that it's not called out actively. I hated how Bobbi viewed other women.On top of that, there's also Gabe, A MAN, referring to a woman he doesn't even know as a "bitch." This happened in the previous books, too. Alessandro referred to Theresa as a "vicious bitch" (he felt the need to correct her after she refers to herself as a "vicious dog") and a "contrary little bitch." Rick, Bryce's brother, referred to Bronwyn as an "ice-cold bitch," and a "heartless bitch." From Bryce's POV, he sees Bronwyn as an "innocent-looking bitch," a "treacherous bitch," and a "treacherous little bitch." He also calls her a "heartless bitch" to her face. And, now, she has Gabe referring to Bobbi as a "two-bit little (you know what)."All of this author's characters end up married with children by the epilogue, preferably with more than one. Bobbi, who owns and operates an auto shop, is pregnant and expecting twins within a year of marriage to Gabe by the epilogue. Also, her women tend to be virginal (or near-virginal in Bobbi's case). While Gabe is a black-book carrying sexual beast, Bobbi is near-virginal and has only ever had one sexual experience. It was years ago, btw, and also super terrible. I had a little hope that she might not be because she came off as a seasoned seductress...but, of course, that turns out not to be the case. This was nothing new for this author because Theresa and Bronwyn, from the other two books, were both virgins when they met Alessandro and Bryce, respectively, and were with no other person. It's just SO unoriginal. This has been done a million times before. Again, author plowed no new ground here.I did think Bobbi was a little naive and stupid. I felt Gabe's delivery of criticism was uncalled for, but I did see his point of view for certain situations. Bobbi acts as though wearing a dress on occasion for his business events would infringe on her individuality and her identity as a person. But, seriously? Come on. Gabe is a CEO for her father's subsidiary and is being groomed to take over the parent company. He's going to attend events with big-shots and go to business meetings and it really too much to ask for her to groom herself and dress accordingly for said events? It's not! He's a CEO!! It'd be honestly no skin off her back to do so because she admits that, when she was younger, she forfeited girly endeavours in order to fit in with her very male family. She has her father and three brothers and no female friends. When she befriends the Mommy Club, she admits she likes having female friends. I thought she was being willfully obtuse and stubborn by not compromising with what Gabe was asking. It wasn't cute and I didn't like her. I didn't feel that it was too much to ask for her to wear a nice, flattering dress for his events and also get her hair and nails done on occasion. It wasn't as though he was asking her to stop working at the shop, grow out her hair, get weekly acrylics or gels at the salon -- he wasn't asking for her to become his trophy wife...he simply wanted her well-groomed for his business events. She never comes to realize this on her own, btw. Theresa points this out to her and, even then, she's stubbornly arguing against it and acting as though it completely compromises her and is subjugating.If she's not willing to make some concessions for the CEO she's so in love with...why is she even interested in a relationship with him? I wish she'd ended up with Chase. I felt they were far more suited. Additionally, he actually likes and supports her and respects her, unlike Gabe. Also, it wouldn't a hardship for Bobbi because Chase is Gabe's twin so I see it as a win-win situation.When Gabe insults Bobbi, he apparently grovels afterwards. Umm...his groveling was super lame and very unbelievable. He sends her flowers...she doesn't even like flowers. Then we're told he sends them to annoy her into responding to him...that's so stupid. How is that grovelling? He's just being selfish again. All of his little notes and grovelling poems are about HIM and how he misses her in HIS life. He doesn't apologize or make up for acting like a sexist asshole or insulting her business acumen. He could've done something, I dunno, let her drive his car or something? It felt like a ~big deal~ that he never has so I was expecting that he would by the end...but, he never does. His "grovel" really means nothing because he feels nothing different for her while he's "grovelling" than he did when they started their FWB. He's only doing it for himself in order to get her back into HIS life and possibly have her back as an FWB. After flowers, he he sends her pink-handled tools. Um...why does she need tools? Last time I checked, she works in an auto shop. I'm pretty sure she has screwdrivers and wrenches. And why pink? I felt as though, with the pink tools and flowers, he was trying to shove femininity down her throat.The book also had spelling, grammar and continuity errors. There was one part where Gabe asks Bobbi if she's okay and she says that she's fine. A page or so later, Gabe's POV says that she "still hadn't told him if she was okay or not."Bobbi mentions that she met Theresa "a couple of years before" and the birth of Lisa's son, Rhys, the year before. This doesn't mesh with the Teresa part because Bobbi only met Theresa AFTER that. So how can she have met Theresa "a couple of years before" if Rhys was only born last year? There were continuity errors in the previous books, too. This author really needs to keep notes or a timeline or something for her books.

  • Geri Reads
    2018-10-15 07:31

    I've always been a sucker for Natasha Anders' brand of asshole heroes, hapless heroines and gut-wrenching angst. Surprisingly, this book has none of those. It has a doses of it but nothing quite like the Unwanted Wife or A Husband's Regret but I STILL enjoyed myself immensely. For one, I think this is the most well-rounded book out of the three. Ms. Anders definitely stepped up her game injecting some much needed humor into this book. I laughed out loud many times while reading this book, which was a surprise. And I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Gabe and Bobbi. The fact that they were friends first before becoming lovers was an added bonus because friends-to-lovers trope happens to be one of my fave.I like Bobbi and Gabe as well. Gabe isn't a jerk. Clueless and obtuse, yes. Jerk? Not really. It actually makes for a refreshing read, plus, there's a really good grovel in this book as well. I liked Bobbi as well. She isn't as polished as the other two but her I enjoyed her character very much. For those who are expecting the kind of angst that Ms. Anders is known for, you might be disappointed with His Unlikely Lover. But if you're looking for some easy and fun read with likable characters, then this book is definitely for you. :D

  • Nikki
    2018-10-14 04:36

    Oh Gabe...bless your heart.So the latest addition in the Redeem-A-Douche series is Gabe. You may remember him as one of Sandro's fball buds. Gabe and Bobbi have been BFF's 4eva, and here we have a standard formula of girl loving the guy forever, guy don't know she exists. Until a drunken kiss...Then Gabe sees Bobbi in a new light, but something is holding him back because she doesn't quite fit the "mold" of his typical relationships. Gabe is like OCD, controlling neat freak. Same with his women, he likes them blonde, big tittied, and boring....I meant smart!! Bobbi is nooothing like that. She is a tomboy, hates dresses, loves grease. She is one of the boys. They decide to embark on a bootycall type of lovefest. They want to keep their affair on the downlow.This is where I struggled with Gabe vs. the previous 2 assholes in this series. The other guys were married, and just well assholes of circumstance. Gabe was just a downright prick, and wanted his perfect little trophy wife. He really pissed me off going on and on, about how Bobbi wouldn't fit into his life. He had a long way to go on the redeem-a-douche meter, more so I feel like than with Sandro and Bryce.But again, no idea how she does it (for me at least) but I ended up forgiving him. There is no real angst going on and I think that is the delicate balance this author finds with her reader. She dangles a potential "outside" threat, but you know its not really there. That would be unforgivable in my book. She gives you just enough drama to keep it exciting. I did like Bobbi too. I can see some viewing her as a doormat, but I understood. She freaking loved the guy forever, she was taking what she could get. And I loved her even more when she refused to fit in his preferred Stepford wife mold.Gabe gave good grovel. He needed too. Starts with flowers. Lots of flowers.With adorable little cards, and tools (trust me it was cute). And more groveling.I just gobbled this up in one sitting. Not quite as special as the 1st two books, but I still enjoyed this addition to the series. Not sure if there will be more, but would love a Chase book!!

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2018-10-11 02:46

    4.5 Cuteness StarsI really like the Unwanted series and I was surprised on how cute His Unlikely Lover was. Usually Anders writes a lot of angst and it’s really emotional, but His Unlikely Lover was very adorable, sweet and very tame. I have to say, I was a major fan.SummaryBobbi is a tom-boy. She doesn’t wears bras and is a mechanic. Her best friend is Gabe, who is sophisticated, rich and very classy. Somehow they make it work as best friends. Bobbi has been in love with Gabe for years, but she knows she isn’t good enough for him. One drunken night, Bobbi gets the courage to make a move on Gabe. Gabe never really notices Bobbi, until the night she came on to him.ReviewYou have to understand with Anders books, the Hero is usually very unlikeable and has crazy flaws. Was I a major fan of Gabe? No, but I still liked him. Gabe is all class and he only dates blonds with class. He likes to have things in order and he doesn’t like messy affairs. However, his best friend Bobbi is all about living in the moment and being free.Bobbi loves her childhood friend. She understands that what she has with him is all she gets. If Gabe wants to pursue a “friends-with-benefits” relationship with Bobbi then, she’s okay with it, because it’s better than nothing.Some may not like the Heroine because she goes along with whatever Gabe wants, but I get her. It’s hard to be in love with someone and not have those feelings return. She’s willing to scrap off the crumbs and be content with that.The conflict is about two different people having attraction towards each other and not knowing how to make it work out.The read was really light and flowed easily for me. I was happy with the turn of cuteness of events and it was a book for me.REVIEW | AMAZONREIVEW | AMAZONAMAZON

  • Mandy
    2018-10-15 00:36

    4.5Not my favorite by this author but I still really enjoyed this one. It had the perfect amount of groveling. Plus, it was really hot.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2018-10-05 02:52

    He's ashamed of her + his dirty little secret + She is only good for sex-------------------"They were complete opposites—Bobbi’s untidiness against his neatness and her free spirit versus his buttoned-down conservativeness—and their friendship sometimes baffled him too.""Bobbi was a tiny waif of a girl, so her ghastly outfit seemed to be wearing her. The top of her head barely came up to his chest. She had slender arms and legs, a flat chest, and no curves to speak of at all. He supposed she was okay-looking as such things went, with luminous, thickly lashed amber eyes that shone like dark gold in the sunlight, a snub nose that was crooked as a result of a childhood fall, and a perfect cupid’s bow of a mouth, which—in addition to her eyelashes—was one of the few feminine things about her. She had beautiful skin though, clear and golden, and her short, silky, straight black hair molded the elegant shape of her head."“What’s up, Runt?” She winced at the nickname""He had imagined her at any of the social events that he was regularly required to go to as the CEO of GNT, and Bobbi was hardly the type of female he’d want gracing his arm."“I was thinking we could come to an understanding. We keep this affair and our friendship separate . . .”What? She didn’t understand what that meant. “I don’t understand.”“It would be better if nobody else knew about it. If we kept it between us,” he said""Their family and friends would remain completely oblivious while Gabe slept with her in secret as if what he felt for her was something to be ashamed.""Bobbi wasn’t the type of woman he was usually seen with. She didn’t have the dress sense, the gloss, or the elegance he enjoyed in a woman. Where would he take her for Christ’s sake? When she didn’t seem to own more than that one ugly dress?"“I need someone else, someone who knows how to dress and handle herself in public, someone who won’t show up at events with questionable bruises . . .”

  • Jenny
    2018-10-02 04:48

    This is a really a hard review to write. I think the author is very talented and is a fresh voice in the genre, however this book really fell flat for me. I thought Gabe was very shallow and I didn't enjoy watching him walk all over Bobbi's self esteem. In my opinion I thought the author was trying to manufacture a scenario where the hero has to grovel the way her other two heroes had to, but while the other two had deeper issues, Gabe just came across as one dimensional. There was a lot of "huh??" moments for me and none as great as when out of left field he's publicly insulting her in front of their friends. These two are supposed to be friends but I never understood the why or how of it seeing how Gabe was almost ashamed of being with Bobbi until his turn around at the end which didn't ring true for me. I love the friends to lovers trope, sadly this one didn't do it for me. However, the writer has a voice I enjoy and I look forward to her next book.

  • Joy (joyous reads)
    2018-10-03 02:53

    Hmm. If a guy tells you how to dress because tank top and shorts are indecent; go to a salon once in a while to get your hair styled; and all he wants is the fantastic sex you can offer, what do you do? Oh yes. You take him back and give him a chance. What?! Well, this book just set back the feminist movement by 70 years. Give or take. Oh and the woman's chosen career as an auto shop owner does not make up for everything that's wrong with how low Roberta values herself as a woman. Once in a while, I have this need to read a romance book. And considering how much I sort of, kind of enjoyed The Unwanted Wife by the same author, I thought I'd check out the rest of her series. Ugh.

  • Tinsoni
    2018-10-03 06:40

    Although this was a better written book...I still prefer the first book. Gabe was plain cruel sometimes....not confused or conflicted just a iredeemable ass...and I don't think he did enough groveling....sending alot of flowers does not signify a sincere apology in my opinion....and I just didn't like the way he was with her even after they got together officially. He was not my kind of hero...and Bobbi despite having a strong personality acted like an idiot around Gabe...with no sense of self respect. I am glad I read it but will not be revisiting the book.

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2018-09-21 08:38

    Not as good as the first two books.

  • Kiki
    2018-10-17 02:26

    This is my least favourite one of the series, simply because the male protagonist was extremely shallow with his view of woman he wanted to have real relationship.Frankly speaking, even though he wooed the heroine when she was pissed, it was not proper grovelling. Scratch that. It wasn't grovelling at all. It was his libido and lust talking! He claimed heroine was punishing him because he didn't return her feelings. But in reality heroine has raised some extremely valid point. I LOVED Bobbi. Well, at least when she showed some backbones, yes. Other times I guess not so much, I rather wanted to lecture her on pride, dignity and self respect! She was appearing to be a smart one. When Gabe wanted her back in his life (I was annoyed as fuck, you did a number in my self esteem based on my appearance, I walked away, NOW you want me back?!) she asked him what exactly he want as he doesn't love her.“And let’s say you succeeded in romancing me, what would the next step be? We go to the ball together, right? And then start a relationship that we both know would be doomed from the start.”To that his response was rather rude. What he said may have been true (I don't agree) but he just decided to throw them to her in quite condescending way, and even though Bobbi is an amazingly smart and fiery woman, because she's in a romance novel and because she's a woman she bows down to his condescending ways.And let's have a look at the exact word Gabe said to her that made her walk away?“Look at you,” he muttered. “Just look at the state of you! How am I supposed to even consider having a real relationship with a woman who wears overalls to work, hasn’t styled her hair in years, never wears makeup, and has grease under her fingernails?""“I need someone else, someone who knows how to dress and handle herself in public, someone who won’t show up at events with questionable bruises . . .”After those word, in real life I doubt he'd have his "tool" to perform any future jobs!Whether he changed his way or not, this hero was shallow, extremely shallow. Whatever grovelling he may have done, it's not enough. Some actions ARE unforgivable and irredeemable and some scars never heal. Mental scars inflicted by harsh words of a loved one, NEVER ever heals.I rather think his main punishment was when he thought he lost her. However, he made her feel like it was her fault, yet once again (buddy fuck off, SHE almost died, not you, you don't get to be traumatised and stay away for a day and half! You're supposed to be there when she opens her eyes!). Therefore does nothing to save the book but sabotages his character further, if it was even possible at this point of time!And to be honest, if it takes someone to go through life threatening danger for you to realise your feelings, you are quite dense and obtuse, and frankly Bobbi could do better than you. I don't really see how someone like Bobbi who genuinely sounds like a caring human would take this asshole in anyway possible? Specially when his issues are her lack of looks and seemingly brighter brain than his!P.s. also it's so tiring to see how they have to make our heroine look better by bringing down a "blonde bimbo" or some other woman! What's wrong with a blonde bimbo? Is it a crime to look good? Frankly speaking right now, a blonde bimbo sounds rather a preferable match for Bobbi than the "hero"!

  • Abida's Book Adventures
    2018-10-16 00:29

    Review to come!!Update: This is my least favorite book in the series. This seemed like the book was written to be an add-on to the series. The first two books in this series were great, but this one was so bland. Everything thing seemed like a generic, the plot, characters, etc. From what I read most of Anders books seem to be typical contemporary novels, but what sets her apart from others is that she twist the story a little and her written is so unique. I did not get any of that while reading this book. Bobbi and Gabe's relationship seemed inorganic. I did not like Gabe's attitude towards Bobbie whats so ever, the fact that he kept bringing her down got be me annoyed. It didn't seem like they were best friends to begin with. Overall this book was a let down, I was hoping for something better like the first to books.

  • Rgreader
    2018-10-15 08:46

    Arrrgh! After reading Anders first book and loving it I wanted to like His Unlikely Lover unfortunately I couldn't make myself finish it. The Friends to Lover trope has never really been something I like but on the strength of the first book in this series I hoped the writing skills of Anders would make this trope compelling but it didn't.What I liked- the heroine. She was nice, likeable.What I didn't like- the hero was rather bland, beta. Nothing badass or edgy about him. Course I gave up around the 35% part so I don't know if he got edgier. The writing style left me cold. Last, I didn't feel a connection with the chemistry between Bobbi and Gabe. It felt forced and unbelievable.I sooo wish I could have finished and loved His Unlikely Lover but it bored me. It left me cold. I just didn't care enough to finish.Hopefully Anders next book is more like the Unwanted Wife. I won't give up on Anders because I loved the Unwanted Wife.

  • Laura
    2018-10-10 06:50

    This is the third book in this series and I think it's the best one. It's not perfect. It's predictable and a tad cheesy but it was a pleasant read.Bobbie and Gabe have known each other since they were kids but 6 years ago Bobbi realised she was in love with Gabe. There's not much background on their friendship. At a party when Bobbi is drunk she kisses Gabe and from that moment he's obsessed with her when he has previously never looked at her in that respect. I'm not a big fan of friends to lovers stories as I always find it a bit odd when they suddenly have the hots for one another.Gabe and Bobbie begin a sexual relationship but Gabe doesn't want anyone to know about them. However, he can't help get jealous everytime men are around Bobbi, he's even jealous of his twin brother. I was enjoying the story but around 60% the reason for their fall out seemed a bit ridiculous and seemed to come out of nowhere. I found Gabe's actions to get Bobbi back a bit cheesy. Overall, this is a light easy read. A cute love story with not much angst and a HEA. I found it dragged a bit from 60% and then seemed to have a rushed ending. However, I do think this has been the authors best book so far. I'm hoping the next book will feature Gabe's twin brother Chase.

  • Bwmurf
    2018-09-29 01:50

    Loved this one tooReread 1/31/2017While I do love this one I feel like in the first two books the hero and heroine had a stronger more emotional connection. Which I guess makes since considering those couples were married for a couple years when book started. So while I wish Gabe and Bobbi had a closer bond I still loved this book. Can't wait for her next book.

  • Karen111
    2018-09-18 03:28

    This was a good read. I liked the characters, and I felt they were well developed. I'm a sucker for friends to lovers storylines, and I found this to be well written. I liked that Bobbi never wavered or compromised on who she was. Gabe had to deal with it, and that was that. I had a few issues that docked it a couple of stars:*Although more idiotic than malicious, I didn't like the way Gabe spoke to Bobbi at times. *The story dragged in places, and was rushed in others, particularly towards the end. *Bobbi wanted to be just like the boys, yet she was a total girl on the soccer pitch, getting injured twice in the one game and hitting the ground like a sack of shit. If it was rugby I could understand, but soccer...seriously? I enjoy this author. She writes good books with interesting subject matters, but she never seems to get it perfect. Still worth a read though.

  • Dee
    2018-10-02 03:47

    3.5 StarsLike the previous two I think this would be suited to Harlequin readers rather than mainstream.I did enjoy this but don't think it was as good as the previous two in the series. This is a friends to lovers story which if honest I am not a fan of unless there is loads of build up and we get lots of angst, but felt there wasn't enough of either. I appreciate Ms Anders cannot write all her books the same as it would become repetitious but I would have liked more. When I read her books this is what I want and expect....but hey ho she cannot please everyone all the time!

  • Nadine
    2018-09-19 05:32

    3.5 StarsNot as angsty as the other books in this series. This was a much lighter read and I enjoyed Bobbie and Gabe's story. We catch up with Theresa & Sandro and Bryce & Bron which was a great bonus.I don't know why and I'm not able to describe it properly but I didn't like this story as much as the first two books. I think Gabe was my 'problem'. I couldn't connect with him the way I would've liked to. Bobbie was so stubborn that at one point I wanted to shake some sense into the girl. Being true to yourself is important but being true to yourself no matter what is stupid.

  • Remy Kripton
    2018-09-27 07:56

    Cute and Sweet. But, I loved The unwanted wife and The ruthless proposition. This one didn't quite meet to those standards..... but the story was sweet and is a good find.

  • Vikki Vaught
    2018-09-23 02:31

    My MusingsWhat a unique story. I never expected to like a heroine who is a mechanic, but Bobbi is a pure delight. I am so happy she found her happy ending. Happy ☺reading 📚!

  • Danielle
    2018-09-21 04:36

    I did like this book, though I was a tad disappointed in it. I thought it would be a lot more angsty than it actually was. I was looking forward to that. Plus this was a friends to lovers story, and I thought I would love it a lot more than I did. In fact for my favorite trope of all time, I anticipated to really love it, but I have read better stories in this trope. With that being said, it was good, and I enjoyed it. I liked the relationship with Bobbi and Gabe especially at the end. I wasn't thrilled with the original arrangement that they went into especially knowing how in love Bobbi was with Gabe, but once that came and went then the book got so much better for me. I liked seeing them date, and despite the fact that they were friends for years upon years, I liked the fact that they were getting to know each other better and were learning new things about one another. Then the relationship really deepened and it really felt like they were falling in love. I loved the fact that Gabe tried to woo her back into his life by giving her flowers with the flowers each having a meaning behind them. Plus he wrote little, cute adorable poems/notes to show her how much she meant to him. It could've come off corny, but really just came off as sweet. It really made me say aww, and touched me. It was just perfect. I loved Gabe. He was a good guy and just wanted to do right by Bobbi. True, he wanted her in a way he hadn't before, and then set up that horrible arrangement between them, but he was just trying to figure out what was building between them. I think he realized pretty quickly that this was going to be more than a physical relationship between them. He wasn't trying to hurt her. Again he was trying to figure out. I don't place any blame at his door. He didn't know that she was in love with him for all these years. He didn't expect this attraction between them. He was just doing what he thought was the right thing. Yes, he said some harsh things, but that was out of panic not out of cruelty. I didn't hate him, or ever thought he was jerk, and from the synopsis I thought he would be. So I was pleasantly surprised by him. And he more than made up for his treatment of Bobbi by the end and showed he truly cared. Loved all their sexy scenes together. They were sizzling and made the pulse race. They just had an overload of passion that the practically exploded, and it started with one kiss. They went off like firecrackers. After all that build up of feelings on her part, it was a wonder she didn't combust. The first scenes were more about the lust with the underlying feelings being under the surface while the last one was about the opposite. I loved that scene because it was so intense and emotional and very satisfying after all that happened in the story. I loved seeing all the happy couples from the previous books. It was just a lot of sweetness between the couples and really showed how they came out from their books in the end. I wish we would get the stories of the others that hadn't got books yet. Aside from the lack of angst and disliking the arrangement between them, I liked it. It was a sweet yet passionate romance. Some of things Gabe did were really romantic and showed his feelings without having to verbalize his feelings. He was a sweetheart. The second half was better than the first because it was about deepening their relationship not just their lust, and that was a beautiful part of the story. It was a romance that I enjoyed.

  • Vintage
    2018-10-01 00:54

    Boring and unpleasant characters. DNF.Bought this two months ago and apparently DNF it. Not a good sign.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-09 04:33

    Ok... so book 1 was was tolerable. Hated book 2. This third book.... was not for me!Instead of going into everything... I'll give you some of the highlights of how the main character Gabe thought about the love interest in this book!“I, Roberta Rebecca Richmond, hereby do solemnly swear to expect nothing more than sex from one Gabriel Andrew Braddock. I promise to not disclose details of our affair to any third parties, promise to not behave inappropriately toward him in public places and, once our affair has run its course, I promise to never speak of it again and to go back to being Gabriel Andrew Braddock’s bestest buddy. So help me God.”“Bobbi, you’re making it seem . . .” “Cold?” she finished, her voice so icy it nearly froze him on the spot and he nodded. “Cynical? Clinical? Maybe because that’s what it is.”Why would Bobbi agree to Gabe's terms! It's so degrading! He was embarrassed by her. And she didn't care. Because she just wanted him so bad!"He didn’t know what he had expected, but this short-haired, golden-skinned, sleeping urchin stirred no desire in him—no crazy, ill-advised lust. Nothing close to it. He felt fondness, affection, even love. Every insipid emotion associated with platonic friendship one could hope for. No desire. None at all.""Gabe said, feeling guilty as hell. Bobbi wasn’t the type of woman he was usually seen with. She didn’t have the dress sense, the gloss, or the elegance he enjoyed in a woman. Where would he take her for Christ’s sake? When she didn’t seem to own more than that one ugly dress?"“Look at you,” he muttered. “Just look at the state of you! How am I supposed to even consider having a real relationship with a woman who wears overalls to work, hasn’t styled her hair in years, never wears makeup, and has grease under her fingernails? And then there’s this tendency of yours to get into the weirdest bloody situations. You get hurt and bruised and scuffed up. How am I supposed to deal with that, for God’s sake? I can’t keep you insulated against the entire world. I just can’t. How would you fit into my life? Where would I even put you?”“I need someone else, someone who knows how to dress and handle herself in public, someone who won’t show up at events with questionable bruises . . .” “Stop,” she whispered. “Please just stop, Gabe. Before you say something that we can’t come back from.”This whole series just wasn't for me. I'm not into guys treating women like that. And even though I loved these women talking back to these guys for treating them like that. I just couldn't overlook everything that was said and done to them.

  • Jessi
    2018-10-04 00:45

    This book was amazing. I loved Bobbi from the beginning with her ugly dress and gaudy mismatch jewelry. She knew who she was and she owned it. That is my favorite type of heroine. Gabe on the other hand had to grow on me. I definitely think that there is something to be said about an OCD uptight hero. He just came across as so prickly and set in his ways that I really loved when Bobbi riled him up. Yet even with him being so worried about appearances I loved how the author was able to make you connect with him as he was learning about himself and what it means to love all of someone. He was to cute when he started getting jealous and didn't realize that that was what he was doing.Overall this book is a must read and I really hope that Ms. Ander's next book is about Chase or Billy or even Pieter. Either way I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!

  • Vee Paige
    2018-10-06 06:35

    This was an unlikely read for me because for one thing, I dislike the heroine being in love with the H first. Usually when this happens, you're in for a pathetic h chasing the H time. However this is not what happens here. Although there was angst, this was lighter and actually a funny contemporary romance, very different in mood from the other two books.Despite being in love with Gabe, Bobbie didn't come across as pitiful. Gabe may appear as a jerk, but I think the man is just clueless. There's a bunch of male friends that are protective of Bobbie, and when Gabe says truly hurtful things? Hah, you know there's some groveling. He had a big grovel, and I really wanted to smack Gabe for still being clueless. It took something drastic to happen for him to realize his feelings. And though things may be abrupt, this book just fit the bill for a quick late night read.

  • Monika
    2018-10-03 07:39

    3-3,5 starsThis book is the third installment of The Unwanted series. Unlike the first two books, this one is less angst and more sweet.I gave less stars because honestly book 1 The Unwanted Wife put a very high standard that makes the other two books seem less in everything. I did like this book very much. I love Natasha Anders's style of writing. She gave a new meaning to jerks that I loved.