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Once in the kingdom of Ocassus, humans and dragons shared the lands as allies. That time has passed into legend. But there's one who wants to see it return.As a Dragon Speaker, Torran is gifted with the rare ability to understand dragons. He knows dragons aren't the vicious, mindless creatures many believe them to be and uses his gift to save them. It's a lonely task. He'sOnce in the kingdom of Ocassus, humans and dragons shared the lands as allies. That time has passed into legend. But there's one who wants to see it return.As a Dragon Speaker, Torran is gifted with the rare ability to understand dragons. He knows dragons aren't the vicious, mindless creatures many believe them to be and uses his gift to save them. It's a lonely task. He's never found a partner who understands him. He doesn't believe he ever will.Sir Karrick Brenton is a Knight of the Crown and a man with in particular that draws him to Torran. They come from different positions in life, but never has he met anyone he feels more kindred to than Torran.When Torran is requested to come to the capital city of Dragon's Landing, both he and Karrick realize their passion for each other. As he seeks to help the king, soon dangers to the crown shift to him, Karrick, and their friends....

Title : Knight of Fire
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Knight of Fire Reviews

  • Don Bradshaw
    2018-09-17 15:28

    This story started off a little bit slower than book one but picked up the pace. It was good to spend time with the group of misfit friends again. This story spent more time at the royal palace and spent some time on court intrigue. I enjoyed the dragons of all sizes with their unique personalities. I would suggest reading book one before this one as one book flows into the other. A well written fantasy with very good world building.

  • Traci
    2018-10-12 15:42

    Ah, I love fairy tales and happy endings... This book was better than the first in this series. One reason, I think, is that the start of a series has to introduce characters, scenes and stuff. This one is about the "Dragon Speaker" Torran and Karrick, "Knight" by a commoner. The premise of the book is that the Dragons and the humans use to unite for peace and protection, but over the years, humans and Dragons have lost trust for each other and now Dragons are hunted, slayed or kept as caged pets. Orrin, King of the people, also a Dragon Speaker, has lost his need to connect with the main dragon, Rordan. But now since he wants something from the Dragon, he needs help to interact because the dragon wants nothing to do with the "King". Also, one of the gatekeepers, witch like Bryson, Cara, has been killed and the King needs help to figure out who killed the witch.The story picks up with the "Nightmare" horse from the underground, and Torran helping, Bryson, the witch, to get the beast back to where it belongs. Torran is injured during the journey and the "Knight" Karrick, sees brave Torran and comes daily to check on his recovery. In the previous book, Torran is attracted to Karrick as Karrick is attracted to Torran. The attraction grows as the "King" asks Torran an all his mismatched crew to help tame the Rordan, the main Dragon and find clues to who killed Cara, the gatekeeper. Karrick has to come to terms with his secrets as well, to help the crew with their journey as well as accept his fate and fall in love.This book has elves, dragon speakers, dragons, big and small (love Rose, Winn, and Onyx), thieves, people who can speak to the spirits, bad Knights, good Knights, and sensitive princes. We get to see a lot of Garrett and Bryson from the first book and all the others introduced in the beginning of the series. This book is not a stand a lone. You would have to read the first one to understand all the characters in the second.This book was a well written "fairy tale" book that kept me engrossed until the end. There are many other characters that can continue through to the next book in the Terra series and I am excited to see more in this series, Love S.J. Frost, great author. So if you like fairy tales, "hot" Knights and Dragon Speakers, you will love this... Enjoy.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2018-10-02 15:32

    A Joyfully Jay review.4 starsKnight of Fire is the second book in the Terra series, following the fabulous To the Other Side. The first book focuses on Bryson, the witch and gatekeeper, and his human lover Garrett. There we meet not only those two men, but Bryson’s close friends — Torran the Dragon Speaker, Lark the minstrel, and Zain the assassin. This story picks up shortly after the first, and once again features these men, as well as Karrick and an elf they have befriended.Karrick and Torran fall for one another fairly quickly after the book starts. It does not feel rushed, as the men have known and been attracted to one another since the previous book. Although Torran has some doubts at first about whether a noble like Karrick would ever really want a commoner like him, those fears are put aside fairly fast and the men are settled together very early on in the book with no real conflict between them. So most of the story is about their journey to Dragon’s Landing, and what happens there. I really enjoyed their travels, especially as they “cut through” Earth, traveling from one gate between realms to the other by car to speed up the trip. So we get some fun scenes of the men putting on their Earth clothes and experiencing some culture shock as they travel (they are big fans of the hot water and showers). It also shows the close bond between these men, who are the best of friends and really compliment each other’s strengths in their journey.Read Jay's review in its entirety here.

  • Juliebookworm
    2018-10-06 10:14

    I was waiting for this book since I finished the last page of the first book in the series, To The Other Side. It didn't disappoint! With this being the 2nd book in the Terra series, the world is now familiar, but still unique and fresh. Reading this book got me thinking of many other fantasy books I've read over the years and had me rating all my past favorites. It has that kind of epic fantasy feel to it. This story focuses on Torran the Dragonspeaker and Sir Karrick the knight, but the whole gang from the first book come back and I was so happy about that! ^_^ The dragons are great in this one! I still love Wynn! And (view spoiler)[the Ancient Dragon was so cool! (hide spoiler)] The relationship between Tor and Karrick is steamy and they feel destined together. I think with these books are fantasy first, romance second. That doesn't mean the romance is brushed over by any means! No way! There's plenty of that! But these are men with a mission, on a quest. And in fantasy the quest is center stage. A great continuation to the series. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping Lark and Zain are next!

  • Heather♥
    2018-10-01 09:34

    I love a book that can transport me to another world and this one definitely had me putting on my Hobbit feet and joining in on the adventure :) I really enjoyed that the whole gang was together (critters included) for the journey to Dragon's Landing, especially since they each had their own unique talents and gifts to contribute and their close companionship added humor and tender moments to many situations. I thought Torran and Karrick were perfect for each other in so many ways and I really hope the dragons continue to play a big part in upcoming storylines (the Ancient One was even cooler than Smaug). I'm not ready to leave Terra behind so I'll be anxiously awaiting for Zain and Lark's story and hoping that elf Aleric will be reunited with his love Lugh soon too.

  • AliciaJ
    2018-09-26 10:35

    This was my second time reading this one, and I think I actually enjoyed it more this time around. Tor and Karrick are really wonderful together and I loved how their relationship developed. But I think the stars of the show have to be the dragons, Rose and Onyx especially. I've always had a deep love for dragons and they are beautifully portrayed here. All of the other secondary characters that we met in the first book were here too. Aleric, the elf prince, is very intriguing and I'm hoping his story is next. But regardless of who is the MC of the next story, I will just be happy to revisit this wonderful world that Ms. Frost has created for us to enjoy.

  • Gabriella
    2018-10-06 16:35

    To make it short: I LOVED THE BOOK. It’s a beautiful fairy tale with its story of friendship, trust, faith and love. The book is truly magical and makes you wish you could visit Terra."I think the best things don’t have words that can describe them."

  • Tierra
    2018-10-07 13:26

    I love dragons. This second edition to the Terra Series was a good one. Really enjoyed it all the way through.

  • Ro Dubose
    2018-10-18 14:22

    Bryson, Torran, Larkin, Zain and Aleric are all honorable men brought together by the Goddess. Their individual gifts, as well as their warrior strengths, complements each other. United in battle, they are a powerful force to be reckoned with, which their enemies can confirm.Knight of Fire is the second book in the Terra Series. This is a well written, well paced engaging plot full of deceptions, secrets, prejudice and moments of sensual intimacy. The characters, both the men and their beloved pets, seem to come to life right before the reader’s eyes.Torran is very much attracted to a Knight of the Crown Sir Karrick Brenton. Torran did not realize the attraction was mutual until Karrick came to Torran’s rescue during a spirit battle in the woods. Days later, a royal summons gave Torran and Karrick a chance to further develop a relationship while they all traveled to Dragon’s Landing. The trip to the capital is a twofold mission; find the killer of a gatekeeper in addition to seeking an audience with the Ancient One.Although Torran and Karrick were the featured love interest in the storyline, all of the men engage in the battles as one unit of soldiers protecting each others back. Bryson is a powerful witch; he uses magic rather than a sword. Plus, his pet Wynn is a fire breathing dragon who takes exception to anyone who interrupts his romance novel reading time. Torran is a skilled archer; his pet is Rose, another fire breathing dragon fiercely protective of her dragon speaker. Though not as skilled as Karrick, the rest of the men are amazing warriors also.S.J. Frost has created a brilliantly enthralling saga. The interaction between the characters is enormously hilarious, the mysteries are intriguing. The battle scenes are so forceful I found myself actually cheering out loud for the good guys. I highly recommend the thoroughly enjoyable Knight of Fire.

  • Rachel Emily
    2018-09-20 16:29

    This series is just brilliant, unique, and beautifully written! And I LOVE it! I definitely enjoyed this one as much as the first one, maybe even just a bit more, because I loved the easy romance between Torran and Karrick, and I really loved all of the fantasy elements, especially the dragons. The continued world building is just as great in this one as it was in the first book. I also loved reading about everyone going to the Earth side and going to the bookstore, finding out how great showers are, and traveling in cars. I'm starting the third one tonight, I can't wait for Lark and Zain!

  • Ann
    2018-10-07 10:41

    I loved this second installment of the Terra series. More adeventure packed than the first which worked since we know all the characters now and it was time to see them in action. Torran and Karrick are really sweet together and while Karrick is the heroic knight, Torran is still a real badass and Karrick finds that really hot. As did I. Definitely ready to read the next installment. I do love all the characters, but mostly I need more Zain, his smark* is delicious. *snark + smut

  • Olga
    2018-10-03 17:42

    To much sap and sex for me. Many things and characters weren't logical (King, Cara, Ancient one, etc etc).

  • Gabriella
    2018-10-09 15:26

    Re-read December 2016.I'm still loving this. It's a great story about friendship and love.