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The second book in the Kamas Trilogy, STAR CHAMBER BROTHERHOOD begins five years after the Kamas revolt. A Kamas survivor who returns illegally to Boston to find his missing daughter is ordered by the prisoners’ covert Star Committee to kill the commandant who crushed the revolt. Boston. 2029. Five years after the Kamas revolt. Frank Werner, a Boston businessman arrested fThe second book in the Kamas Trilogy, STAR CHAMBER BROTHERHOOD begins five years after the Kamas revolt. A Kamas survivor who returns illegally to Boston to find his missing daughter is ordered by the prisoners’ covert Star Committee to kill the commandant who crushed the revolt. Boston. 2029. Five years after the Kamas revolt. Frank Werner, a Boston businessman arrested for dissident political activity, has survived a brutal government assault on a mutinous corrective labor camp in Kamas, Utah, and a year at hard labor in a remote Yukon tungsten mine. He gains amnesty during a brief political thaw and returns to Boston illegally in search of his only surviving daughter, Marie. No sooner does Werner gain a foothold in Boston as a bootlegger-bartender and move in with a lovely widowed pediatrician than his new life begins to unravel. A former Kamas rebel leader who twice saved his life assigns him a mission by authority of the prisoners’ covert Star Committee. The objective: to execute the warden who quelled the Kamas revolt five years before. Werner, now nearly sixty, accepts the assignment reluctantly and recruits four trusted friends for his team. Each has a dark past and a different reason for joining the conspiracy. But the mission goes awry twice. After the second failed attempt on the former warden, who has been reassigned to Boston, each of the other team members is killed or leaves the field. Left alone, Werner resolves to complete the operation on his own. Before he can follow through, however, his missing daughter suddenly reappears. Now, by attacking, he risks any chance he might have of rejoining her. STAR CHAMBER BROTHERHOOD offers unforgettable characters, rapidly mounting suspense and a richly imagined vision of an America gone terribly wrong. With his distinctive understated prose, Preston Fleming manages to evoke strong emotions and force wrenching choices in a new book that more than fulfills the promise of his debut novel, FORTY DAYS AT KAMAS....

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Star Chamber Brotherhood Reviews

  • Brian
    2019-05-18 14:43

    I read "Star Chamber Brotherhood" a few months after reading its prequel, "Forty Days at Kamas," and found it more polished, faster-moving and easier to read than "Kamas", though arguably not as serious, ambitious or hard-hitting. "Brotherhood" is more of a conventional thriller, even though it is set in a future totalitarian America, much like the one portrayed in Sinclair Lewis's's 1935 classic, "It Can't Happen Here." Having lived in Boston some years ago, for me Fleming's description of a future down-at-the-heel Boston was disturbingly real--particularly the depiction of how the regime had obliterated the legacies of the American Revolution and Emerson and Thoreau from colonial Concord, one of my favorite New England historic places. The story line revolves around a mission by former forced labor camp inmates to assassinate a senior government official who had crushed a revolt at a camp in Kamas, Utah, five years earlier. Fleming builds a persuasive case for the justice of the mission, which was originally sanctioned by a prisoners' commission at the camp and later reinstated by a surviving commissioner who traced the official to Boston.The team's initial failed attempts to kill the former camp commandant generated a high level of tension for me, but the final attempt pumped my blood pressure to stroke level. The scene between Werner and the nurse was outstanding. The story's climax and final scenes surprised and satisfied me while tying up loose ends nicely. In my opinion, "Star Chamber Brotherhood" worked beautifally as a susense thriller and as political fiction. The writing, though spare and understated, creates a palpable mood and sense of place. The main characters, particularly Frank Werner, were likeable, believable and well-rounded. I look forward to taking on Fleming's two spy thrillers soon. I consider Fleming a masterful writer and storyteller with a demonstrated ability to rise above formula to deliver gripping action and suspense without resorting to sensationalism.

  • Alan
    2019-05-03 16:47

    This book was an awesome read. Preston Fleming is a great story teller and in particular his character development is extraordinary. While it took just a couple of days to finish the book it feels like I have journeyed with the characters, and especially the lead character Werner, my entire life. The book, while set in the not too distant future, has the same feel as a post Nazi war era novel - except in this future the good guys didn't win and justice is in the hands common man.

  • Jeff
    2019-04-23 18:47

    This author takes us to a future time and political economy landscape in our country which we would not have imagined. Events seemingly unlikely in our land a few years ago now seem much more plausible. The characters are citizens we know. A reader will benefit from reading KAMAS first. Both books are fresh and imaginative, but sobering, based on lessons from history, and are well worth reading.

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2019-05-20 16:51

    Star Chamber Brotherhood picks up five years after Forty Days at Kamas. Frank Werner, who was apart of legendary Kamas revolt, is asked to carry out a mission for Star Committee. The task eliminate Fred Rocco former Warden of Kamas now ranking officer in FEMA stationed in Boston. Frank Werner is bootlegger and illegal resident of Boston searching for any clues to finding his daughter Marie. Frank getting this assignment brings back memories of his time in Kamas and Tungsten Mines at Yellowknife. As Frank reaches out to member of his Star Team deals with the responsibility for their actions. This the final act of Star Committee knowing this doesn't make his task any easier. Boston Housing Authority(BHA) is going around taking measurements of apartments all over Boston most especially people with apartments with special waivers like Carol Dodge, Frank's girlfriend, a pediatric oncologist. Frank tries to warn Carol of the changes coming with BHA but she brushes them off as just rumors. BHA and FEMA are being overrun by refugees from the New England Flooding and they're looking for ways to give housing to everyone. Will Frank get his Star Team assembled? Will the Star Team complete it's task? Will Carol lose her apartment? Will Frank find his daughter? Your answers await you in Star Chamber Brotherhood.Mr. Fleming has created another stellar novel of futuristic America. His writing style gives me chills down my spine reading his work. Just like Forty Days at Kamas, Star Chamber Brotherhood is steeped in history trying to right the wrongs done in Corrective Labor Authority(CLA) overlooked. I'll be honest I wasn't much of a fan of dystopian works before reading this and Joss Ware's Envy Chronicles. Both writers put such chilling ideas and facts into their works that make it a wholly realistic idea these events could happen. I will definitely continue reading Mr. Fleming's work for more spine chilling ideas.

  • Mirrani
    2019-05-14 17:04

    This is the second book in a series and anyone wanting to read this should make sure they've started at the beginning before picking up Star Chamber Brotherhood. I can only assume that not reading the first book is what kept me somewhat outside of the story as it went along. The writing was all right, though at times was annoyingly repetitive, and the characters were good enough, I just didn't cling to them the way I would in other books with this type of plot. The future that was put out for the characters was a very interesting concept of negotiating what once was and what has become the new law of the land. The concept of throwing out history because it wasn't relevant to the current way of life was both heartbreaking and intriguing at the same time. The difference between what we know as life and what the characters have had to accept as a part of life seemed well thought out. I would have liked to have known a little bit more about what happened before this book, which is why I highly suggest starting at the first part of the series. I offered to read this book in exchange for a review and I think I really should have started with the previous story so that I could get used to the author's writing style in a more natural way. I can't say that I plan to read the first book, however. This one just didn't cling to me enough to bring in interest.Note: Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting. The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I'd gone out and bought it. I also give bonus points for Text To Speech enabling on Kindle format.... but that also wasn't a factor in the above review.

  • Bill Thibadeau
    2019-04-29 16:05

    The story of the failure of the American way of life is not new. My first was White Lotus by Hersey over 35 years ago. That was a more intriguing look at what life could be like here after the failure of our society.However, this novel by Preston Fleming should not be missed or minimalized. I previously read 40 Days at Kamas and I feel it important to read that prequel before the Star Chamber Brotherhood. The despair experienced in 40 Days at Kamas goes a long way in understanding the premise for this novel.Mr Fleming crafts a fine story. He is a bit wordy and repetitive which, for me, detracted from the flow of the story. I found myself skipping over sections of the story that I thought to be extraneous. I really felt the breath of the characters. The characters were what kept me intrigued. I actually enjoyed this book more than Kamas because it had more direction and a specific storyline. Kamas was far more philosophical leaving the take away up to the personal beliefs of the reader. I am not really sure of the intended point of the author. For me, I see the power in Washington D.C. escalating and mirroring the personal agenda of the incumbent president. With the probable demise of the republican party, we will have a single party in charge. Whatever your personal political leaning, beware of the misuse of the power of government and the impact on your life.My apologies for my digression. The Star Chamber Brotherhood is a good read. I think that Mr Fleming's books are not quick fluffy reads. You will need to take your time to fully grasp the story but it is worth it. I eagerly await the final installment of this trilogy.

  • Grammar*Kitten
    2019-04-27 19:01

    I received a copy of Star Chamber Brotherhood as part of a Librarything Giveaway.Unfortunately, I just wasn't taken with this novel at all. I'm not entirely sure if this is because it was the second in a trilogy; perhaps at some point in the future I will give the first book in the trilogy a go and see if this appeals more to me. I feel it may have been victim to the 'trilogy curse', as I sometimes call it, whereby the first and third books are the main players, with the middle book acting a little as a 'filler' between the two.That said, it was a very well written book - I did enjoy Fleming's writing style. The characters were well written, but I still found myself to be strangely apathetic. I don't know if this is because I am from the UK and have no concept of what it is like to live in the places that are mentioned, and thus struggle to imagine them in the future, but I found I just couldn't get into this book and enjoy it.I will be curious to try out some of Preston Fleming's other works, to try and establish if it is purely the subject matter that has left me without excitement, rather than his writing and imagination.

  • Michael
    2019-04-21 22:39

    A great book! For those who are not familiar with history all previous democracies have ended in failure. This is a frightful scenario that could happen in our country. In Russia and China millions have been killed that object to the status quo just as happens here. Frank Werner was one of the citizens that was sent to concentration camps for no other reason than objecting to Unionists and the President-for-Life. As expected, rebellion comes from within the camps from maltreatment. Those who ran the camp are now in the sights of prisoners seeking revenge for the murders and maltreatment of fellow prisoners. Frank is released from the camp through circumstances of the oligarchy's ineptness. He is sent to Utah which is to be his new home. However, he travels to Boston looking for his daughter. Ironically, he ends up in Boston along with the reassigned camp commander. He is tagged by the Star Chamber Brotherhood to assassinate the commander. So true to life this book is scary. The only complaint I had was using God's name in vain in several places.

  • jwals
    2019-04-29 18:57

    The second book in the Kamas TrilogyI received a review copy of this book thru LibraryThing Members giveaway The novel starts with an assassination attempt that fails, and then goes back several months to the beginning of the plot. Frank Werner released under an amnesty from a corrective labor camp into the Utah residential area, travels illegally to Boston and finds work in the grey economy while he looks for his daughter, where he is approached by a former camp rebel leader to organize the assassination of the camp warden, who now resides in Boston. Though reluctant, Frank agrees to get a team together. This the second book in the Star Chamber trilogy, although flashbacks help to fill in the characters, there are references to events in the first book that leave you wondering. But you can read the book on its own.It is a well-paced thriller with plenty of suspense, and if any guide at all, it would be worth reading the trilogy.

  • Bruce McNair
    2019-04-29 17:42

    Over the last 20 years, America suffered a series of catastrophic events and is now a totalitarian socialist state ruled by a President for Life who also presides over a vast American gulag in Alaska, the Yukon & the Northwest Territories.Frank Werner runs a bar in Boston, where he is recruited by an old acquaintance into a plot to assassinate the former warden of the prison camp in which they were both interred. At the same time, he is trying to track his daughter who he lost track of when he entered the prison camps.This is a well-crafted dystopian thriller with solid characters and an interesting plot. The pace picks up the further you go, so that by the last third I found it difficult to put down. Even though this is book 2 in the Kamas trilogy, selective use of flashbacks help to fill in the backstory. I suggest that lovers of thrillers should find this a great read and worthy of a high rating.

  • Ceh131973
    2019-05-06 23:08

    [Preston Fleming] continues his Kamas trilogy with [Star Chamber Brotherhood]. This one did not seem to have the confusion that the first one did which leads me to believe that was intentional in the first book. This book is about justice or revenge depending how you view it. The sense of responsibility the characters have to the idea of justice formed in the labor camps is very strong and carries the tone of the story.I read the two books back to back and vaguely remembered the main character of Frank from the first book. I like how the story is consistent between the two books but [Fleming] uses a different character as the lead in book two. I am looking forward to reading the third book.

  • Ameise1
    2019-05-05 22:46

    An absolutely gorgeous written sequel of 'Forty Days At Kamas'. I enjoyed the reading from the very first page. It's very gripping and thrilling. Frank has been called upon to eliminate one of the most evil warden of Kamas. He recruits a group to help him reaching his target. He finds loyal members within old inmates from Kamas or their relatives. Even though he fully understands that his helpers would like to go to a safer place after the first attempt failed, he is very thankful to everybody who is staying and helping until the fulfillment of his task. Without them he wouldn't have fulfilled it. His lady friend was born in Libanon. Sometimes I've got the feeling if there could be a link to Preston's other trilogy.

  • Irene Adam
    2019-05-11 18:51

    I received this book as an ebook free from the author through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review. What a scary true to life scenario. It really makes you think about some of the present day goings on in our government. What about President-for-Life and totalitarian socialism, abusive concentration camps for objectors in Alaska, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, and the loss of our inalienable rights according to America’s Constitution? This book is about revenge and justice. Wow! What a great book. A must read trilogy. Will read the next book.

  • Barry
    2019-05-09 15:59

    While I enjoyed this book it did not resonate with me as strongly as "Forty Days at Kamas" did. I didn't feel the same level of depth with the characters. The story was good and from the middle on I thought the book moved along at a good pace. I believe that a little more back story would have been helpful and pehaps some more details in the housing scam that was also occurring. I still enjoyed this second book in the series, but like many other series the first book is outstanding and then the second book becomes a bit of a let down.

  • Dan Salisbury
    2019-05-04 20:55

    Surprisingly goodThere is ALOT of backstory fill in with this one. A lot of flashback and character/story info overload to some extent. BUT once you get the rhythm of the writing style mastered, it's an extremely intriguing book. At first I thought it was a sequel of the first one, characters, I mean, which it's not. At first I was disappointed in this revelation. Then I kept reading and enjoyed it. Nicely using scenarios from the first to tie the two every so delicately together. I'm off to the third one....

  • Donna Hazard
    2019-05-07 22:56

    Thoroughly enjoyableI took a chance reading this book. I usually stick to a handful of authors whose writing style I enjoy. Very happy I took a chance on this "newcomer". The story is entertaining, interesting and his characters are well developed and believable. Will definitely read him again, and recommend him to others.

  • Crystal Hutchinson
    2019-05-02 14:39

    Frank Werner undergoes many trials that lead to an exciting climax. He has to undergo a task that requires a plan b and even a plan c. I read the first book, 40 Days in Kamas. This isn't my usual genre that I read, but I enjoy Preston Fleming's writing. The characters are well written and the plot is thick. I recommend this book for any Public or School library.

  • Jan
    2019-04-19 22:59

    I received this book for free in exchange for providing an honest reviewThe Star Chamber Brotherhood has it all. Conflict, suspense, a little bit of love and enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages. It's setting is in the not so distant future and the writing is so real that this reader couldn't help think what if . . .

  • Jai
    2019-04-22 15:06

    Star Chamber Brotherhood is an intriguing, well-plotted story with unexpected twists. The future is far different from what we expect but good old human perseverance lives on in Frank Werner a likeable grey-market bar owner whose been given a difficult task he cannot refuse. A good read.

  • Ann Johnson
    2019-04-19 21:05

    DifferentQuite a fascinating story of a futuristic America in which there is a totalitarian regime in control and life is comparable to that in Russia in the early twentieth century.

  • Nic Adams
    2019-05-04 19:08

    A very good follow up to Forty Days at Kamas and is full of intrigue.Following "flashbacks" offers the reader some backstory in case the first of trilogy was not read yet these lend themselves to the story very well.Well worth the read and looking forward to the next one.....Exile Hunter!

  • Cynthia Down
    2019-05-06 18:42

    Eerily propheticWell written book about an America that is run by the State. It's a compelling read with characters that are surprisingly unremarkable on the surface but work their way into your heart with a remarkable mission.

  • Mark
    2019-05-14 19:44

    An assassination thriller plus an insight into a possible distopian future for the USA. I will try more of his books.

  • Viktoria A. Vaverka
    2019-04-28 23:06

    Star Chamber BrotherhoodThis is a well written researched book. It kept my interest all the way on the edge wondering when the bad would happen. I liked it!!

  • emily heuser
    2019-05-07 19:56

    Yes it could be.gripping story with excellent forethought.thriller that keeps your mind wondering about our future and endings, while plot unfolds continually.

  • Bullman
    2019-05-06 21:56

    A nice readA good read. I would have rated it four stars but there were a few areas that were very slow. This book is worth reading if you read the first one