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Colleen had been in love with Erik Johansen for as long as she could remember. And now, in just forty-eight hours, her green-eyed Viking was getting married to another woman, a beautiful model--her own cousin.But when her cousin left him stranded at the altar, Colleen was there to pick up the pieces. She knew Erik had always thought of her as a little sister, but this nighColleen had been in love with Erik Johansen for as long as she could remember. And now, in just forty-eight hours, her green-eyed Viking was getting married to another woman, a beautiful model--her own cousin.But when her cousin left him stranded at the altar, Colleen was there to pick up the pieces. She knew Erik had always thought of her as a little sister, but this night he needed her. And she had never stopped needing him. In one night of unforgettable passion, their lives were inextricably joined. But suddenly Colleen had a decision to make. Could Erik learn to return her love, or was she tied forever to a man she would never really possess?...

Title : My Heart's Undoing
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ISBN : 9780373092901
Format Type : Paperback
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My Heart's Undoing Reviews

  • Wendy,Lady Evelyn Quince
    2019-04-30 19:51

    What a frustrating read was "My Heart's Undoing” by Phyllis Halldorson. This one was definitely filled with lots of anguish.Colleen had been in in love with Erik for years, but as she stood in her more beautiful cousin’s shadow, Erik had no interest in her. They had briefly dated in the past, but Erik dumped her when he met her much more sophisticated (read: slutty) cousin, Brett.Despite the disinterest, Colleen hangs on like an attached puppy, Erik’s friend to the end. When Brett calls off their wedding at the last minute for a promising modeling career miles away, Colleen is there to help Erik pick up the pieces. He gets drunk and they fall into beds together. Naturally, Colleen is a virgin and--naturally—gets pregnant.Despite the complications this will make in the family, Erik proposes and the two settle into a marriage filled with lots of love: Collen’s love for Erik and Erik’s love for Colleen’s cousin.I wanted to throttle both the hero and the heroine at times: the hero for being so stupidly infatuated with such a worthless woman, ignoring a very wonderful woman right before him, and the heroine for being such a prideless hang dog.Still, this book had its angsty moments which made for a diverting read, particularly towards the end, when things come to a crazy head. 3 stars

  • Mary
    2019-05-16 02:53

    I actually don't like this book all too well but I gave it at least two stars because it was memorable enough to make me want to read it again. I first read this book well over ten years ago and since I didn't remember hating it I thought "Hey, maybe I should read it again". The book is still memorable but more to the fact of what I think it is a selfish pathetic attempt to keep a man who may not really want to be with you but feels honored bound to stay with you. I could go on a rant about what is wrong with trying to force someone to stay with you but it would go off the subject of the book. I would give a summary of the book also but I would also go on a tangent on how stupid both/all the characters are. I can't even think of who I would recommend this book too. I don't even think of it even being romantic. So I decided I would write a summary of the characters so I don't end up having as many rants.Colleen - (stupid)Naive virgin who gives herself to the man she loves when he is drunk because the woman he loved left him the day before their wedding. Got pregnant and marries Erik because she loves him and he feels honor bound to marry her but does not love her passionately as a man should love his wife. Losses the baby, tried to do the right thing and giving Erik his freedom, the one real redeeming point of her in the book I think. When Brett comes back thinks the only way to hold Erik to her and make him stay with her is to have his babies since she knows how much he loved Brett. GREAT IDEA Bring children into a one sided love marriage! Who cares if he loves someone else he will be stuck with me because of the kids! I will be happy because I love him, who cares if he loves someone else! I will make him love me! Yeah, *beeping* retarded *beep*! Don't be surprised when he has an affair. Of course, being a romance book it doesn't end up that way but in real life it does. Sorry for the tangent. Finds out Erik and Brett were together, though at the time didn't realize it wasn't because there were having an affair, decides she is going to leave him and both their families and never tell them she is again pregnant. She couldn't have what she wanted so she wasn't going to tell him about the baby at all and end up depriving everyone else because of it. Yeah, selfish much??Brett - Selfish, self-centered, materialistic, egotistical model who is Colleen's cousin and the woman Erik loves/loved. She leaves Erik for a modeling contract but then gets fired from it because she is too old. She came back and said she was going to take Erik back from Colleen. I really don't understand that part added into the story because she didn't purse Erik at all after she met his married business acquaintance. Yes, it may have been added to increase the fear Colleen would have of Erik leaving her for Brett but since nothing of the sort panned out it seemed pointless. All Brett had to do was just be there.Erik - He's a pretty worthless and just as no lovable as everyone else. He takes his best friend's little sister's virginity while he is mourning his love for another woman and gets her pregnant. Marries her because he feels honor bound but doesn't love her. But hey! that is okay because he really does enjoy his time with her between the sheets. After Colleen tries to give him his freedom you can say he pretty much used the anger he got when Brett dumped him and used it on Colleen. Then when they go shopping for furniture he asks to get twin size beds so he can learn to live without her. It amazes me how often he can push her away and tell her he can't love her because of Brett but always seems to be able to get around her by sex. Sex is a big part of a relationship but no matter how great it is if the rest of the relationship is poop it isn't going to keep it together. So Brett comes back and to help feed his ego he keeps seeing her behind Colleen's back. Who cares when Colleen finds out! I may feel sorry about it later but right now it makes ME feel good!! So of course when Colleen finds out she thinks they are having an affair. No surprise there. Though I know that it as part of the "plot" of the story I will always think that is is even more retarded that when Erik left a message at the her shop when he was going to get Brett that it wasn't more detailed other than letting her know he called. Including the fact that EVERYONE would believe he was having an affair with Brett, it would have also made sense if he told his brother-in-law also. Maybe something like "Hey, I can't get a hold of Colleen but can you tell her ......" That would be the best way to cover your butt. I understand you may not want to involve other people but considering what a jerk you have been, it would be better to cover all your bases.So in short, this book is full of stupid, shallow, selfish idiots but memorable enough.

  • Nicky
    2019-05-13 19:46

    I REALLY liked this book. I wanted to hit Erik several times and Im still not satisfied for his explanations but I did stay up all night to read this and it was just my thing. I do wish he had said more about why he dropped Colleen in the first place- sorry but one sentence just didnt cut it for me. Also he says something about how can he be tempted by Brett when he has Colleen- well there was one of the meetings afer she came back that he didnt dare touch her. I took that to mean that he didnt trust himself to touch her or he didnt trust her to not try something. I do like how he said it was an ego trip.. Like I said there were several times I wanted to smack Erik but I loved him the most out of this book I think. He was so strong but just went to mush when Colleen threatened to leave. (although Im thinking he might have a drinking problem) Definitely recommended

  • PChie
    2019-04-30 20:10

    One of the best classic novel of the 80's...Incomparable!!!I don't now why it has a very poor rating but this novel is one of a few that lingered in my memory!