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ONCE A RAKE, ALWAYS A RAKE!Gentle Reader, always remember that-and pray that I, Meredith Merriweather, heed my own warning. For I find myself caught in a scheme to prove that the notorious "former" scoundrel Lord Lansing, Alexander Lamont, is just as wicked as he always has been. To complete my cautionary guidebook, which will save young ladies from suffering at the handsONCE A RAKE, ALWAYS A RAKE!Gentle Reader, always remember that-and pray that I, Meredith Merriweather, heed my own warning. For I find myself caught in a scheme to prove that the notorious "former" scoundrel Lord Lansing, Alexander Lamont, is just as wicked as he always has been. To complete my cautionary guidebook, which will save young ladies from suffering at the hands of cads, I am dangling my very self as bait!Now the insufferable rogue believes that I am the woman for him. Even more scandalous, my great-aunts-the matchmaking Featherton sisters-are aiding his outrageous pursuit instead of encouraging the respectable gentleman I am determined to marry. I admit that Alexander's charming smile and laughing eyes are most intriguing. But good heavens, must I always be tempted to give my heart to the type of man no proper woman should trust, let alone love? (80,000 words)...

Title : A Lady's Guide to Rakes
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A Lady's Guide to Rakes Reviews

  • Ana Maria
    2019-05-04 03:24

    Puede contener spoiler pero no me importa de lo mala que me pareció.Si bien me ha arrancado una que otra risa al principio, este libro me resultó deplorable. Las situaciones me parecen inverosímiles: la vigilancia de ella en globo aerostático, su investigación, la posterior "charla" con Alex en el globo, su noche de pasión tramada por las tías mediante el uso del licor, la escena del casamiento al final... No sentí la menor "química" en la pareja: ella se enamora, no sé cómo, a pesar de su opinión; tampoco queda claro porqué él se enamora ni en qué momento pasa de querer casarse por interés a por amor, me pareció muy frío y cerebral. La primera escena hot hubiera estado bueno si ella no hubiera pensado que estaba soñando (absurdo).Ella, como siempre, la típica cabezotas que no cede aún cuando él se pasa media novela pidiéndole que se casen..A pesar de ser "experimentada" se comporta como una pánfila. Por la mitad, ya empecé a saltar párrafos y páginas porque me resultaba insoportables de seguir leyendo.Estaré de mal humor, o podrida de los cliché típicos de la romántica, pero sinceramente no sólo no se me movió ni un pelo sino que tenía ganas de tirar el libro por la ventana

  • Hannah
    2019-05-17 02:07

    Cute story, with an attractive and likeable main couple. However, some elements of the novel are decidedly anacronistic; the behaviour and manner in which the characters address each other would have been extremely shocking in Regency England, to say the least. For example, there is absolutely no way Meredith and Alexander would have addressed each other by first name, nor would she have shortened it to "Alex", even if he had suggested it. Caskie seems to have lifted the plot for a contemporary romance and installed it into Regency settings. That said, it was still an enjoyable read if you're willing to suspend belief; turn your mind off and be entertained by Meredith and Alexander's courtship. You may find yourself being enjoying it afterall.

  • MJ
    2019-05-24 01:01

    Meridith Merriweather wants to save other girls her same fate. Two years ago she was taken advantage of by a Rake and was left at the alter. If it was not for her Greataunts standing in socoety she would have been ruined for trusting the wrong man. So she is writing a guide for all young ladies to help them avoid rakes. Enter Alexander Lamont, reformed rake. No longer taking advantage of young women but Merideth does not beleive it. Once a rake always a rake. Alexander is determined to marry Meridith and she is determined to expose him. She offers herself as bait but so finds herself falling for his charms and in love. Whats a girl to do and what about her book.I did not like this book. It satrted out ok but i keep wanting to skip ahead and didnot care what happened to either of the main characters. Her great aunts were funny and a character named Hanna was interesting but beyond that their was not much that I liked about the book.

  • Sara ♥
    2019-05-16 01:06

    From Amazon:"A rake cruelly shattered Meredith Merriweather's dreams of romance. To ensure that no woman will ever be forced to suffer a similar fate, Meredith has been conducting "scientific experiments" on the ton's most notorious rakes with the intention of publishing a guidebook for young ladies. Meredith has one subject left before her work will be complete: Alexander Lamont, Lord Lansing. While rumor has it that the infamous charmer is now the picture of decorum, Meredith simply refuses to believe that Alexander, whose romantic past includes liaisons with ladies from every level of society, truly is the gentleman he pretends to be. So she sets about fashioning a trap, with herself as the bait, to prove once and for all that a real rake never reforms."Heehee... This book was REALLY amusing...

  • Mary Rose
    2019-05-05 03:23

    Kathryn Caskie me ha sorprendido. Una historia entretenida, divertida y bien llevada con unos personajes extrañables y, en parte, otros detestables - cofcofBethAugustinecofcof. Es una lastima que haya empezado esta trilogía de manera salteada pero eso es un detalle menor. Pero no dudo en descartar en leer otro libro de la autora.P.D: Un detalle que no puedo pasar por alto y no por ello tuvo que ver con la puntuación final que le dí al libro (NO Y NO)... Me chirrió mucho parte de la traducción del libro. Sé que no lo tomo en cuenta (y más cuando trato de realizar las reseñas) pero... mejor que hagan un mejor trabajo con la traducción la próxima vez.

  • Cherie
    2019-04-23 22:08

    I'm giving three stars because I continued to love Alexander throughout the entire story. He was consistent and charming. I can understand his attraction to Meredith. She was freshly guileless in a comedic way. What I didn't like was how convoluted the story became with the frugal but apparently wealthy suitor, Mr. Chillton, and the invidious friend, Beth. These characters worked their way out of the story eventually but were not necessary to the relationship between Alexander and Meredith. The hit and run involving Mr Chillton's sister was even more superfluous. This was not a book I couldn't put down. In fact, I did. Several times. But I kept going because of Alexander.

  • Carole
    2019-05-23 20:09

    In the opening chapters the hero was shown to be shallow, self-centered and callous. The heroine was headstrong, willful and silly/stupid. Scanned to finish. Very strange references to Scottish highland clan and tattoos. One hilarious and witty plot twist had the hero's staff composed of identical brothers that were nicknamed One, Two and eventually Three and Four.There are other more engaging historical romances with better plots, characters and dialogue ie. Loretta Chase, Tessa Dare, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jillian Hunter and Stephanie Laurens.Would not recommend. Toasted from my E-Book Library.

  • Joan
    2019-05-19 20:23

    I keep asking myself why these authors keep writing the same thing over and over in their books. I understand repeating something but it starts to get old page after page. This story was well written and had excellent characters but the leading lady for being a smart gel was a whiner. I liked the reforming of the rake and the challenges that were put in his way. Other than the same line over and over the story moved at a great pace, lots of little twists and the elderly aunts were great!

  • Dancer
    2019-05-18 23:20

    There are many comical overtones to this book, which help it along - Meredith hiding in a hot air balloon being one of them. Meredith decides to write a guide book on rakes. Alexander Lamont, Lord Lansing, will be upon whom she models the book. The way he maneuvers the wedding is also a bit "twisted" but has its comical relief.

  • Vidya
    2019-05-19 20:10

    Not my type of book at all :( Just skimmed through it to know the story...

  • Pablina
    2019-04-28 00:07

    Muy muy bueno!!!! Uuuuuuuf

  • Marcy Strahan
    2019-05-21 22:05

    Loved it! It's so witty, charming & fun read!

  • Vmontgzz
    2019-04-25 23:10

    Me sorprendio gratamente esta autora, resulta una historia entretenida, divertida y fácil de leer solo me molesto algo que más de uno intentara manipular a la protagonista.

  • Saral
    2019-04-30 00:06

    Cute read

  • Mizbooks
    2019-05-11 20:16


  • Michelle
    2019-04-23 00:08

    Typical Regency historical. Typical rakish hero, impulsive & stubborn heroine. Enjoyable book, no real romantic scenes, not a keeper.