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A new adult novel from Entangled's Embrace imprint...One choice away from eternity…For 911 years, Gatekeeper companion Justin Bradford has denied the possibility of being mated to only one woman. He enjoys them all too much to settle down. So when he feels his mate’s Ahavah mark surface, his first instinct is to ignore it. But when he sees the leather-clad beauty in need oA new adult novel from Entangled's Embrace imprint...One choice away from eternity…For 911 years, Gatekeeper companion Justin Bradford has denied the possibility of being mated to only one woman. He enjoys them all too much to settle down. So when he feels his mate’s Ahavah mark surface, his first instinct is to ignore it. But when he sees the leather-clad beauty in need of his help that’s easier said than done…Yvonne wakes up naked on a cold park bench in a small town with no memory of who—or what—she is. All she knows is the gentle man who woke her was turned to dust when she touched him. And now the strange mark that appeared on her shoulder throbs in the presence of the raven-haired man now offering to help her…As Justin and Yvonne navigate the mystery of her past, their bond grows, but the secrets they discover and the sacrifices that must be made could be enough to rip them apart for eternity....

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Marked by Hades Reviews

  • Emma
    2019-03-18 04:41

    Continuing the action from Forged by Fate this time it’s Justin’s turn to take center stage. Theo’s brother and companion to his Gatekeeper, Justin has always shunned his destiny to take a mate. He doesn’t want the intensity of emotion he has seen from Theo and Sadie, leaving him out of control and vulnerable. That is until Yvonne.I adore the whole soul-mate principle and Reese Monroe executes it brilliantly creating the perfect match for the male characters. The mates balance and complete them – utter swoon-fest here. Although there are a number of unforeseen twist where Yvonne is concerned, the revelations are spaced through the narrative adding to the back-story as well as the relationship. As you would expect from having a designated soul-mate chosen specifically for you by a higher power, the relationship is fast and intense. I completely and utterly love the way in which the male characters cherish the female characters. Doesn’t every girl want to be loved like that.I originally picked up this series thinking it centered around Greek Mythology, with the word Hades in the title I am sure you would make that assumption as well. However, this series is an epic battle of good versus evil inter-twined with an equally epic romance throw in a heavy dose of fate/destiny versus freewill and you have a compelling story-line. Marked by Hades is a fast paced, action packed swoon-fest with plenty of twists to keep you on your toes.

  • Johnnie-Marie Howard
    2019-02-17 23:19

    so this was much better I think then the first one although they are tied for being great!!! I'm actually really happy that it started off just about where book 1 ended and that I was hanks full for. I didn't become lost and confused on what I was reading, heck it was really easy to follow along with. I find myself waiting and hoping that their will be a 3rd story I'm left wondering what happens now with all the new things that have come up and the new characters I did meet :) This is a must read!!!!*** I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ on 4-15-14***

  • Katrina
    2019-03-18 05:23

    Reese Monroe always manages to create such memorable characters, sensual love scenes, and chemistry that just leaves you wanting more. The plot is always tight, the writing crisp, the storyline enticing and filled with twists and turns throughout the story.With engaging characters Reese Monroe creates a fantastic world within each page .If you havent read this series, You must !!FULL REVIEW TO COME.

  • Jordan
    2019-03-18 04:42

    Marked by Hades was a fun, but extremely predictable read. You saw where it was going in the first couple chapters. While the story journey was entertaining and the chemistry was insane, the overall predictability and cliches left me feeling like this was just an OKAY read.

  • Gabbie (Rampant Readers)
    2019-02-21 00:48

    Why I Picked It UpI really enjoyed the other novel in the series, Forged by Fate, and I was actually surprised to see that the next novel in the series was about Justin. I honestly was just expecting a continuation of the first novel, but I was no less excited to get to reading it.PlotAs I mentioned, Marked by Hades is Justin’s story. Justin, as we saw in the first novel, is convinced that he doesn’t need a mate and that he won’t have one. That is, until he sees a mysterious girl while out one day. That mysterious girl’s name is Yvonne, and she woke up with absolutely no recollection of who she was except her name. And as she soon finds out, her touch is lethal: anyone or any living thing that she touches turns to ash.This novel was better than the first one, in my opinion. Monroe’s writing style developed a bit, and it didn’t have that initial boring lag that Forged by Fate had. This one jumped head first into the plot, and what an amazing plot it was. There were many surprises and events that I never wanted to put this book down. It was filled with demons artifacts, kidnappings, and even a guest appearance from Lucifer. In terms of plot line and entertainment, this one definitely outranks Forged by Fate.Leading Lady“‘Stop talking about me like I’m not here. I’m not a fucking demon!’ Yvonne straightened, her jaw clenching so tight a headache sprawled up the base of her skull. If these bitches didn’t tell her where Justin was, she was going to kill them.”Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I enjoyed Yvonne as much as I enjoyed Sadie. I’m not exactly sure why. She just didn’t seem as well developed as Sadie did as a character, which was probably because we, as readers, didn’t know much about her past or who she was. Nevertheless, she was definitely an interesting character to follow. She did have a story, and boy was it a shocker for me. I can’t say much about it, but how Monroe executed it was perfection. Yvonne herself was selfless and brave, two characteristics that are always admirable in female protagonists. I can’t wait to see more of her in the rest of the series.Leading Male“Her other hand brushed along his neck. ‘Amazing.’ Wonder filled her sage eyes. No. She wasn’t a demon. Wasn’t in on this with Aggie. She was his Mate. His to cherish, love, and protect.”On the other hand, I did enjoy Justin’s character more than I enjoyed Theo’s. Probably because Justin wasn’t afraid to let loose and have fun. Theo was so stoic, something that Justin wasn’t, so he was a character that was more fun to read. In addition to that, it was entertaining to watch his futile attempt to resist taking a mate. But once he accepted it, he turned into the perfect, doting, book-mate. I adored him; he was fun, lighthearted, yet protective and brave. Perfect combination.RomanceThe two of them together were more interesting to read than Theo and Sadie. Probably because Justin resisted it so much it made their getting together that much sweeter. However, I did enjoy Theo and Sadie more as a romantic couple. But Justin and Yvonne had their own thing going on, involving no as gushy romances as Theo and Sadie. That being said, they still worked well together and brought out the best in each other.Other CharactersAs you can probably tell, Theo and Sadie were a big part of this novel. In addition to all the stuff going on with Yvonne, we still have the demons trying to overthrow Lucifer. For most of the novel, the pairs were working in unison in order to figure out how to save the world. So we do see a lot of Theo and Sadie although it’s not so much their romance as their action. But we do get a sweet surprise regarding the two! So for any Theo-Sadie fans out there, you definitely have something to look forward to!World BuildingMonroe continued to weave an interesting world of demons and guardians in this novel, even more so than the previous novel. The things with Yvonne that I can’t speak of have a really big effect on everything we thought was true regarding this fictional world. She definitely stirs things up!ConclusionReese Monroe did the one thing that you can ask of debut authors: she improved in her writing skills. Because of that, I can’t recommend this novel more. Obviously, Monroe is getting better, and if she’s doing it this quickly, I can’t wait to see how the other novels in this series turn out. Marked by Hades was an entertaining and gripping novel.

  • Dylan Quinn
    2019-03-13 23:24

    Marked by Hades ReviewReese Monroe"One choice away from eternity…"My Review:Note: I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review“Marked by Hades,” the second novel in Reese Monroe’s New Adult series Bound by Hades was love at first read. Monroe’s charmingly romantic spin on the soul mate concept or ‘Ahava,’ which consequently means love in Hebrew, takes spiritual mythology to a higher power in this beautifully executed story of love and self-discovery. This paranormal romance is a journey of finding love, set in the midst of an age-old battle of good vs. evil. Filled with action, suspense and some very sexually charged moments between soul mates, this story kept me turning pages until the very end (I finished the last two chapters as I followed my husband around Lowe’s, my iPad propped up in the child seat of the cart in front of me).Companion Justin Bradford and his Gatekeeper Theo were created by The Great One over 911 years ago, charged with protecting the world from evil by hunting demons and vanquishing them back to Hades. In the first novel of the series, “Forged by Fate,” Theo was blessed with his ‘Ahava’ Sadie Nowland and now it’s Justin’s turn. In the Gatekeeper’s world, all have a destined ‘Ahava’ or eternal love that The Great One has chosen for them. Justin Bradford has been “Mate-less” for over 911 years but unlike his Gatekeeper Theo, Justin didn’t really care. He rather preferred being a free agent—enjoying all woman—and was never really interested in the ‘drama’ that came along with having a Mate. Though on the surface, Justin could have been perceived as simply a heartless womanizer but his loyalty to Theo, sense of humor, and genuine sweet nature had me falling for him from page one of “Forged by Fate.” “Marked by Hades” begins when Yvonne wakes up in a small Arizona town, completely clueless as to who she is or where she came from—the only things she does know are that she can somehow sense if someone is a pure or evil soul, that her touch can turn any person—pure or evil—to dust, and that she still years to touch them anyway. This has her reeling, forcing her to clad herself in leather to keep from hurting others. Fortunately for Yvonne, the leather only adds to her bad girl persona, along with the lip ring she teasingly toys with (which incidentally drives Justin wild), and now a tattoo that has auspiciously appeared on her shoulder. Shortly after a fated meeting with Yvonne, Justin picks up a random girl in a bar when the Ahava takes its mark, immediately stumping the Gatekeeper’s Companion. As much as he tries to ignore it and carry on with his sexual tryst, his urges for this woman disappear. I have to admit, this was probably one of my favorite scenes, reminding me of a Samantha moment from Sex and the City: “I think I have monogamy…I must have caught it from you people.” After running into Yvonne and witnessing her inadvertently ‘dusting’ a guy in the street, Justin is immediately drawn to her with a primal need to protect and care for her. This propels us into Justin and Yvonne’s story as they eventually realize they are, in the words of Sleepless in Seattle, ‘MFEO’ What I love most is as much as he tries to deny his feelings; Justin begins to genuinely fall for Yvonne. We begin to see the softhearted side of Justin and fall in love with him—right along with Yvonne. In the midst of uncovering the mystery of Yvonne’s identity, Monroe reveals some unique surprises about who Yvonne is…and was, which develops her character so well that when the twist is revealed, I had no trouble discerning between them.Nothing trite about this tale, “Marked by Hades” was an enrapturing story that captivated my heart. Filled with epic celebrity cameos and stunning identity revelations, the climax brought to light foreshadowing which promises to make Monroe’s next installment of the Gatekeeper’s tale an imperative read that will undoubtedly bring out the romantic in even the most cynical soul.

  • Erin
    2019-02-19 03:26

    ***3.5 stars***After meeting Theo’s brother in the first book of this series, I was excited to see what finding a mate would mean for this amusing playboy. He’s a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe, determined to keep his single status and not be bogged down by the emotional baggage that comes with a mate. But the day he felt the mark and knew there was someone out there that was destined to be his, everything started to change in his world. I liked the animosity as Justin denied the idea of having one person out there for him; as much as I loved Theo’s immediate acceptance of the situation, Justin fighting the urge was so much more like his personality. He just wasn’t ready to accept it. His mate wakes up, remembering only her name and nothing else, and comes to the brutal realization that her touch is lethal. Yvonne is scared and alone and does the best she can to survive in a world she doesn’t recognize, and when Justin enters her life it was like suddenly there was something there. The secret behind Yvonne’s identity was a really neat twist, I loved it even though it meant serious road blocks for these two. Let’s just say she’s got a bad side that makes everyone question her loyalty, and this split personality angle made for some heart-wrenching and thrilling moments between this captivating cast of characters. I felt like this was a darker read than the first book; Justin’s mate in particular had to suffer through a lot, and even though we don’t see it directly, it was mentioned and definitely made me cringe a lot for her. She’s not the only one who comes out unscathed, either, so there was definitely a dark cloud over a lot of this story. Whereas Theo’s story was more about his finally finding a mate and falling in love while dealing with some major demon action, Justin’s fate was completely entwined with the evil forces thanks to his mate’s past. The enemies were more sinister than Aggie in the first installment, because they weren’t so abstract. We see them in their element, and it gave them just enough of a humanistic feel that made their actions that much more despicable. Justin, Theo, and Sadie were on the mission to thwart the demons by beating them to the punch this time around, and finding the artifacts that would hinder their plans was paramount. There was a lot of action and plenty of painful suspense, but I felt like they’d take two steps forward and ten steps back sometimes. I wanted some down time for character development, and it felt like there just wasn’t enough of that amidst all of the drama and fighting. I have definitely enjoyed this series though, and paranormal romance fans will appreciate the thrills and chills that come with these books!Quotes: Justin could have that any time with a hundred different girls. Hell, he’d had that thousands of times over the last nine centuries, and it was exactly what he’d wanted.No commitment.No attachments.No…nothing.~p. 13“That’s not all I was interrupting.” Theo waggled his brows.Brothers suck rocks sometimes.“Bring her with.”“Not having your man card for so long has clearly turned your brain to mush. I’m not bringing a total stranger through a splice to France, then to Hades.” ~p. 37She traced her fingers up his bare arm and sneaked her hand beneath his short sleeve. Gripping his shoulder, she basked in the smooth, silky skin. Energy siphoned into her fingertips, chasing away the chill of her wet hair dripping on her bare shoulders. She couldn’t help curling her toes into the plush carpet. ~p. 117Find this and more of my reviews at:

  • Amy A
    2019-03-03 05:29

    3.5Originally posted at Vampire Book ClubFor 911 years Justin has been Companion to a Gatekeeper of Hades. All Gatekeepers are destined to be mated, and once the mark appears between mates and they’ve forged the bond, one cannot survive without the other. Companions are not known to receive mates, and that’s just fine by Justin. He enjoys the company of women too much to ever care for just one. When Justin feels the mate mark activate though, instinct tells him to find and protect his new mate.Yvonne woke up on a park bench unable to remember who she was or how she came to be there. When a friendly stranger tries to give her help, he is killed when he touches her skin. Feeling guilty and horrified at what she’s just done, Yvonne closes herself off and tries to stay as far away from people as possible, which proves difficult when she has nowhere to go and no money. When a strange mark appears on her shoulder, she tries to cover it with make-up, thinking it might be a beacon to whoever wanted to harm her by taking her memories.When it is discovered that Yvonne is Justin’s intended mate, he has mixed feelings about it. All he knows is he is definitely attracted to her. Regardless of his feelings, Justin is unwilling to let Yvonne out of his sight until they can figure out her past. Her past, as it so happens, is mysteriously linked to an ongoing search for Artifacts that could seriously tip the scales between good and evil, and now Justin must decide if he can trust the woman who’s been chosen as his mate.Yvonne is a strong character and I appreciated that even when she’s made weaker by not having all her memories she doesn’t let it make her a victim. She will still fight for herself, and fight for rebuilding her life out of nothing. Justin, for his part, has to decide if his feelings can outweigh what he’s been taught as right and wrong. Reese Monroe really did a great job conveying how valid his indecisions were, to show the moment he realizes what truly matters.In Marked by Hades, Monroe was a master of the tease. The scenes between Justin and Yvonne in the moments of ‘will they ever have sex?’ were hot. I’ve never read such hot non-sex scenes in a book before. The chemistry built between Justin and Yvonne just leaped off the page.In between these moments there were times the story dragged a little. There was a lot packed in between the beginning and the end. Not wanting to give away any spoilers, I just felt like there was too much that caused our characters to have to move too frequently between the main storyline of the book and the storyline of the overall series.When you read a lot of urban fantasy and paranormal romance sometimes stories become predictable. Despite the instances where I would have liked the story to move at a quicker pace, I have to give it to Monroe for throwing in some interesting twists and turns in regards to the characters that I quite liked. I wasn’t ever really positive about where the story was going. I rather enjoyed the unpredictability in Marked by Hades and hope it’s a mark of Monroe’s writing as I would like the rest of the series to catch me off-guard.

  • Kat
    2019-02-21 06:44

    Marked by Hades by Reese MonroeI give this book 5 starsI don't like spoiler reviews so I am going to try to do a worth review because I love this series, and hope it will continue, as I think it's got the potential to be a long book series. You can never fully defeat evil and the "Shomrei" are immortal so that hopefully means that Ms Monroe's has got lots of ideas for future books! ( fingers crossed here)This review is my own opinion and will be posted on my blog and linked with Booksniffer Review Tours, for the release of Book 2 Marked by Hades.Synopsis:One choice away from eternity… For 911 years, Gatekeeper companion Justin Bradford has denied the possibility of being mated to only one woman. He enjoys them all too much to settle down. So when he feels his mate’s Ahavah mark surface, his first instinct is to ignore it. But when he sees the leather-clad beauty in need of his help that’s easier said than done…Yvonne wakes up naked on a cold park bench in a small town with no memory of who—or what—she is. All she knows is the gentle man who woke her was turned to dust when she touched him. And now the strange mark that appeared on her shoulder throbs in the presence of the raven-haired man now offering to help her…As Justin and Yvonne navigate the mystery of her past, their bond grows, but the secrets they discover and the sacrifices that must be made could be enough to rip them apart for eternity.In this New Adult tale of Good versus Evil, Reese Monroe gives continues where she left off in her world of angels and demons, and supernatural beings the "Shomrei," the Gate Keeper's who were created by the breath of God. Extremely hot humans, (male and female) but they have extraordinary powers to battle the demons who sneak into the human world.Lucifer has been busy making his demons stronger so 'The Great One' has to up his game too, and in this book it's full on and the situation with the demons is hotting up.This book centres around Justin... Theo's brother/ companion who is to find his mate. Now Justin has spent the past 911 years womanising and is not happy when his mark appears, which is just like the great one... Get you when you least expect it!He tries to ignore it but in the end you can't fight fate, or the great ones plan.The other characters are there, Theo and Sadie are stronger together, in love and ready to pay back Justin's devotion to them by helping him find his Mate and the path they must walk to be together. The path will be a difficult one and will test all the "Shomrei" beliefs.Darsha is also there ( one of my favourites as being the only human she tries to help in any way she can)The writing style is fluid, I got swept away with the story, feeling Justin and Yvonne's pain when it got tough, and happy when things were going great for them.The world building continues, you find out more of Sadie's background too... And at the end of the story you know that you will be hoping book 3 will be out soon!Hats off to Ms Monroe, she's continued to evolve and grow her characters in this book.I recommend this book to readers who like stories of the supernatural heroes battling with demons, with a healthy dose of smouldering passion thrown in for good measure.

  • Barb Lie
    2019-02-20 03:20

    Marked by Hades is the 2nd book in Reese Monroe’s Bound by Hades series. If you haven’t read my review of the first book, (Forged by Fate), this series revolves around the Gatekeeper of Hades, who vanquishes demons to hell. Theo is our gatekeeper, and the first book’s hero, and his Gatekeeper companion (helper) is his brother, Justin. This book belongs to Justin, whom we fell in love with in the first book, as he was the fun loving womanizing one of the two. We meet our heroine Yvonne immediately, as she wakes up on a park bench naked, and with no memory of who she is. A Good Samaritan comes to her aid, and much to her horror, she accidently kills him just by her touch. Yvonne clothes herself in leather, especially the gloves, so that she doesn’t kill anyone else, but has no idea where to turn for answers. One night, she is attacked and in her defense she pulls off the gloves. Justin just happened to be near and saw her dust the bad guy. Before he could get to her, she runs away.We all know that Justin vehemently does not want a mate, which is expected at some time. After all, like Theo had to wait 900 years to find his mate in Sadie, Justin has waited that long and has no problem waiting another 900 years. Much to his chagrin, he senses the Ahavah mark being branded on his shoulder, and that of his mate somewhere near. Eventually he finds Yvonne, and recognizes that she is his mate. What follows is a non-stop action filled story, and a beautiful romance. When Justin brings Yvonne to Theo, it is Sadie who recognized Yvonne as Dyre, the demon who helped her escape her captivity in Hades. The immediate reaction is to kill her, as she is a demon, even if she shows no signs of being one. Watching Justin fall in love with Yvonne, and she him was really so well done. Their romance was very sexy, even when she had her leather clothes on. Lol I loved how Sadie and Yvonne became close, knowing this human side of Yvonne was one of them. The battle does begin, as the demons want her (Dyre) back, and Theo’s life is in danger. Reese Monroe does another fantastic storyline, where we get to see both sides of Yvonne/Dyre, as she returns to Hades. The excitement builds throughout, as we head to a very exciting climax. Will Yvonne ever return? Will Justin be able to claim his mate? Is Yvonne truly a demon? Will the Great One be able to stop Lucifer?The great cast of characters in this series, both good and evil were nicely written. I loved Theo, Sadie, Dasha (Can’t wait for her story), besides Justin and Yvonne. Halena is one of the good guys, but for now she is rough and brusque. I’m sure in time, she will have her own storyline, and this will change. Marked by Hades is another wonderful addition to this series, and I really do enjoy Reese Monroe’s writing. If you like fantasy with Gatekeepers, Demons, God, Lucifer, Angels and Humans, and a story filled with action, excitement, romance, steamy sex, and great characters, then this series is for you.BarbThe Reading Cafe

  • Sizzling Hot Books
    2019-03-18 06:31

    4.5 starsHoly hotness. Marked by Hades was an insanely awesome ride that kept me glued to the pages from the end to the beginning. As the second book in the Bound by Hades series, I was a tiny bit reluctant to read this story for that reason alone. But oh, boy… I am so glad I broke my rules for once and went ahead and read it, because Marked by Hades was fabulous–a complete turn around from what I’ve been reading lately. And trust me when I say it was exactly what I needed in my literary life right now.This is Justin and Yvonne’s story. Two people, from two different worlds who may or may not be exactly right for each other. Justin is a Gatekeeper’s companion, helping to rid the world of demons…definitely not expecting to possibly fall in love with one. A self induced play boy for life, Justin has no interest in finding his rightful ‘mate’. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, Justin doesn’t have a choice in the matter, especially when he meets Yvonne.Yvonne wakes up–literally—alone with no memory, naked…in a park. Sure, she’s freaked out, in a lot of senses, but the thing about Yvonne is she doesn’t let the fear override her. Instead, she begins to hunt for answers as to why she is the way she is…and why in fact she turns people to dust with the simple touch of her hand. Yvonne also has no idea that her answers, and her fate, lay in the hands of the one person she’s most terrified of…but most drawn to at the same time.I’m not spoilery in the sense that I’m going to tell you what happens between this unlikely pair. Just know that it’s worth the time to pick it up and find out yourself.Alone in themselves, I adored both Justin and Yvonne, but unlike most stories, I preferred them together. The way they meshed, their smokin hot chemistry, and yeah, their banter, made for the most awesome development in their characters. Their relationship alone, struggling to overcome what happens, and their fight to get to their happily ever after, was written so well, that to separate my own life from theirs was almost impossible. Sure, apart they were strongly developed, but again, I truly found myself holding my breath whenever these two came together…in a LOT of senses. :)Overall, if you’re looking for a good paranormal romance with action, steam, and sigh worthy heroes, then Marked by Hades is exactly the story for you. With it’s unique plot and story line, along with the entire mating perspective, makes this story extremely worthwhile, and definitely one you want to push to the top of your TBR list. Ms. Monroe is a gifted storyteller that draws you in with her poetic words, and keeps you their with her sassy, witty characters, for sure. Take is from me…read Marked by Hades as soon as you can…you absolutely will not regret it. At all.

  • Lori Palle
    2019-02-24 04:22

    “He’d never believed in true love—until he’d met Yvonne.”—Justin’s thoughtsJustin spent the last nine hundred years convinced that he didn’t need or want a mate. Ever. And then he met Yvonne. Now, instead of fighting against fate, Justin has to fight for it. Someone wants to take away his mate, and he won’t let that happen. Unfortunately, Yvonne is the one willing to sacrifice everything, including love, to make sure Justin stays alive. Yvonne is the key to a takeover of Hades, and the demons will do anything to get her…“One Mate only. Forever.”—Justin’s thoughtsWhoa! What an emotional ride! Talk about not pulling any punches—this is dark! Still, there’s plenty of hope and love to make the story hard to put down. But still—wow! Our lead have to go through a lot to even have a shot at a happy ending. Again, I have to repeat: it’s dark! There are references to torture and rape (not graphically described), which was utterly heart-breaking for all the characters and the reader (since the author makes us love the characters so much)! The topic is handled well, and the PTSD scenes afterwards were so sad and respectfully done.Yvonne is such a tragic character, and it was so hard reading all the stuff she goes through. Luckily, she’s a fighter and doesn’t give up, still holding onto hope for freedom as her world crumbles around her. Tricked and manipulated into the world of demons, she has not had the best set of cards dealt to her.Except for Justin, a warrior who doesn’t believe in love until he meets her. I hated how he had his biases and prejudice against her at the start, but I loved how he came to his senses and realized how wonderful she is. He goes through some serious trials, too, and it’s such a bummer they had to go through so much to be with each other. But, I guess that’s what made the story so good. They fought so hard for each other even though it would have been much easier to walk away.Aside from demons and immortal gate-keeper warriors, we have a religious aspect with The Great One guiding our heroes and Lucifer being challenged by his way-ward demons. We also have soul-mates who are literally soul-mates—as in you die, then I die, and then that guy over there dies. The romance is around low-med heat level with emphasis on the emotional connections. This is the second book in the series. I’ve read the first one, so I’d say it’s a great follow-up to the previous book, and I was surprised that a minor character in the first book was such a huge one in this book (loved her is all I’m saying)! If you haven’t read the first book, you can still enjoy both if read out of order. This is a 5 out of 5 for me!(Originally posted on my blog; I received a NetGalley copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

  • DelAnne Frazee
    2019-03-03 07:47

    Title: Marked By Hades - Bound By Hades Book 2Author: Reese MonroePublisher: Entangled PublishingPublished: 4-14-2014ISBN: 13-978-1-62266-307-1E-Book ASIN: B00J6U7K9YPages: 288Genre: RomanceTags: Paranormal, Contemporary Fiction, Overall Rating: ExcellentReviewed For: EntangledReviewed By: DelAnneYvonne awoke freezing and naked upon a bench in the park with a man with a kind a gentle face covering her with a blanket. When she can not remember her name, where she came from or even what day it is he shepherds her to his vehicle. As he puts her in his car and prepares to take her to the hospital she panics and reaches over and touches him. In horror she watches as he disintegrates before her very eyes. Justin Cradford has been a Gatekeeper Companion for 911 years. Happy to live the life of a player until the mating mark appears. Not ready to settle down yet he plans to ignore it. That is until he comes across Yvonne. The secrets the bring to light may destroy them and the bond that is growing between them.All this takes place within a few pages of the beginning and it doesn't let up until the very end. The characters are terrific. So well done and believable with their emotions. My heart wept for Yvonne. Her fear and confusion so palatable it practically jumped off the page. I wasn't sure I would like Justin at first, but he wasn't as driven to destroy without question as I originally thought. His desire to help Yvonne even after he sees what Yvonne can do was quite endearing. Yet his strength of conviction does not waiver when it comes to dispatching demons back to Hades. He is just the one to help Yvonne find herself and get her to trust her heart, but the question is what will happen to them if just the touch of her skin reduces someone to dust? Is there a future for them?This is the second in the Bound To Hades series and is even better than the first. Marked By Hades is a stand alone book and can be read as such, but you will want to read book one, Forged By Fate just so you can learn more about Sadie Nowland's and Theo Bradford's story. Believe me it is a not to be missed book as well. Be sure to check out Reese Monroe and her Bound To Hades series.Reece Monroe Bio: Originally from Minnesota, Reese Monroe currently enjoys living in the sunny Arizona desert with her husband of seventeen years and her loveable Shetland Sheep dog, Maddux. Monroe holds a degree in psychology from Southwest Minnesota State University and a master’s degree from the University of Iowa. When she’s not busy writing her next trilogy, she can be found pounding the pavement, training to run her first marathon.

  • Jenny - Book Sojourner
    2019-03-06 04:21

    4-1/2 StarsI loved the first book in this series, Forged By Fate, so I was excited to continue on with the dramatic overall storyline, as well as get into Justin's story. Justin is Theo's brother and Gatekeeper companion. But unlike Theo, Justin has never desired a Mate, and has been content with his purpose as a companion and with 900 years of casual hook-ups. While he is happy Theo finally found the love of his life, he's ignored any call toward that for himself. Besides, Theo and Justin have been busy enough sending demons back to hell. So when he meets Yvonne, a woman with a lethal touch and unknown past, the contentedness of his life is suddenly turned upside-down. But there is nothing simple in this world, and though he may have found something new in Yvonne, there is nothing simple to their bond, and there are evil forces at work that will stop at nothing to keep them apart and work their own nefarious plot to fruition. This was a very exciting read. I was completely drawn into the overall storyline all over again from the first book. Though I've heard of some reading this as a standalone, I would recommend reading the books in this complex series in order. I don't want to give away all the details, because there is a lot of mystery, secrets, and suspense involved. Though there were a few times where the story/plot seemed a bit repetitive, overall I had a hard time putting it down, and felt on edge with how the whole thing would turn out. Some of these scenes were just painful to read, while others were so genuinely sweet. The mix of emotions ran the gamut. But just like the first book, this was a total page-turner.I must also say that my heart was on edge throughout this book, watching all the things that Justin and Yvonne had to go through. Especially Yvonne! This is certainly a darker read than the first book, and though the details are not overly egregious, there is still sensitive subject matter exposed, and it was difficult to take in. But Yvonne's amazing strength of character, love, sacrifice, and determination shone through immensely. Then there was Justin, who had so much to deal with as well, but in a completely different manner. You could feel the confusion and frustration with his situation, then the sheer desperation when difficulty after difficulty got in the way. I couldn't help but root for them. Marked By Hades is a very exciting, action-packed story, filled with good and evil, love and fear, purpose and passion, twists and turns, and told through beautiful, complex characters that have stolen my heart. I look forward to the continuation of this series and what will happen next.

  • Proserpine
    2019-03-14 06:36

    Why:The book cover caught my attention. Everything about this cover attracts me: dark colors, the two lovers intertwined, the brand on the shoulder of the heroine and the very catchy title! For me, anything that involves Lucifer or Hades (and demons in general) attracts me greatly!Then I read the blurb and I was done! I knew I had to try it right away! Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to read the first book in this series: Forged by Fate. But I was able to read Marked by Hades without being lost. It even gave me this need to read the first book and know every detail about Theo and Sadie's story!Expectations:I didn't have any specific expectations. Since the title enthralled me, I was expecting something with demons and or about the devil. Sometimes titles can be misguiding, but it wasn't the case. Of course, I wished I could read about a thrilling paranormal romance story and Reese Monroe, the author, gave me just that!What Stood Out:Since I didn't read the first book, the thing that stood out the most from my POV was the storyline and the plot. I was overwhelmed by the paranormal elements always present, the story behind the Gatekeeper/companion and the mate thing and everything involving Lucifer! The fact that Justin doesn't want a mate and he found one is already interesting. Now that he uncovered what Yvonne is and that maybe they can't be together is striking. The reader is trap in a rollercoaster of strong emotions with the intense relationship between Justin and Yvonne.Favorite Character: My favorite character was Yvonne. She’s a strong, self-giving and honorable woman with intense supernatural power. Plus, when she woke up and remembering only her name, the mystery surrounding her is complete! Learning about Yvonne's past and true nature was captivating. I didn't think I could be attached to a character like this, but Yvonne has that special something that will attract the reader. They will love her instantly, just like I did.The End:The whole story was filled with actions, but also with surprises! Lucifer makes an interesting appearance by the end of this book and as I mentioned before, I love to read about him! It was a happy ending like we love to read about in paranormal romance. Reese Monroe isn't leaving the readers on the edge with something special, but you will be in for the next book for sure! It's the first book I read from the author Reese Monroe and it won't be the last! I'm a new fan!Romance: 4/5Hotness: 4/5

  • Angie
    2019-02-23 02:37

    I received an ARC through NetGalley.I did not enjoy Marked by Hades as much as the first book at all. It's actually quite boring, as well as jumpy. It also felt much longer than it is. This time we're following Theo's companion, Justin, as he finally finds his mate. Yvonne wakes up, naked in the park, with no memories of who she is or how she got there. A older man finds her and offers to take her to the hospital, when they accidentally touch, he turns to dust. Needless to say, this freaks her out, but luckily Justin finds her a few weeks later right when she turns a bad guy to dust.I was immediately a bit annoyed with Marked by Hades because of Yvonne's ability. She apparently has some strange urge to touch people, all the time. Just because. Of course, this is a problem since her touch is deadly. Why her touch kills is explained later in the book, so I won't spoil that, but her need to touch all the time was because she was an empath. I was totally not buying that excuse. She's not just touchy feely, she compulsively needs to touch people, or have sex with them. I think that was done just to rank up the sexual tension between her and Justin, since she desperately wants to "make love" upon meeting him, but can't because she's deadly. Whatever.Marked by Hades was also plagued by the dreaded time jumps. I hate time jumps, even though they're probably necessary to avoid the boring stuff. Something exciting would happen, and then time jump. Then something else would happen, and time jump! They were several weeks at a time, too. Plus this is what made the story seem so long. The plot would shift every time we moved forward in time. Something would happen, get resolved, then something else would come up, and get resolved. I started to lose interest after the third transition.I still enjoyed the mythology used in this series, but Marked by Hades wasn't nearly as compelling as Forged by Fate. A lot things were overly cheesy and made me roll my eyes. The plot also took too many detours to reach it's destination, which had me bored. Also, a lot of scenes felt like they were taken straight out of the first book but with the names changed.Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • T.A. Moorman
    2019-02-28 07:41

    This review and more can be seen at of have mixed emotions about this one. While it was a good read, having all of the qualities I look for in a great read; plot, violence, Dark Romance, deadly characters, brutality, fangs, blood. What I didn't like, and pretty much left me extremely pissed off, was the outcome of the heroine, Yvonne/Dyre.Imagine waking up with nothing, not the shirt on your back nor any clue as to who, or what, you are. Only two things you know for certain, your name and the fact that if you so much as touch a living thing, from plant to human being, they turn to dust. Which is truly an ingenious punishment for a former Demon who craves nothing more than touch. A punishment delivered by none other than the Devil himself. What Lucifer doesn't realize is how that punishment may effect him in the long run.Justin has been bound and determined to never ever take a Mate, there just isn't one for him. Sure, he is ecstatically happy that Theo found his Mate Sadie, after-all a Guardian, an immortal charged with sending Demons to the eternal flames of Hades, needs his/her Mate to come into their full powers, but he is just a Companion, what would he need one for. Well, not only will his Ahava, mate, receive her mark, when he learns who she is he's in for a shock. But when he learns what she is, and the part she played in the kidnapping that almost took not only his brother's life but his as well. Just because she receives her mark, and he his, does not mean he has to go through with the mating. A decision he will regret when she is taken away from him.Everyone is in a desperate search to find the remaining Artifacts, the only known weapons able to cause harm to Lucifer. Along the way they will learn that the Great One isn't the only one to send his creations on journeys to keep them motivated. Full of love, lust, violence, mayhem, blood and brutality, and characters readers will both love and be able to connect with. And a bittersweet happy almost ending leaving readers pissed off for the heroine, a dreadful reminder that not everyone gets a happy ending.While this Marked by Hades can be read as a stand alone, as I did, readers may want to pick up book one first, Forged by Hades, to get a real feel of what is going on. And to see Dyre as she was before.

  • Gigi staub
    2019-03-19 01:26

    One choice away from eternity…For 911 years, Gatekeeper companion Justin Bradford has denied the possibility of being mated to only one woman. He enjoys them all too much to settle down. So when he feels his mate’s Ahavah mark surface, his first instinct is to ignore it. But when he sees the leather-clad beauty in need of his help that’s easier said than done…Yvonne wakes up naked on a cold park bench in a small town with no memory of who—or what—she is. All she knows is the gentle man who woke her was turned to dust when she touched him. And now the strange mark that appeared on her shoulder throbs in the presence of the raven-haired man now offering to help her…As Justin and Yvonne navigate the mystery of her past, their bond grows, but the secrets they discover and the sacrifices that must be made could be enough to rip them apart for eternity.Review:I thought this was a unique concept for book and quite enjoyed it.This paranormal story was packed with action, drama and of course some romance to round it out.This is a new to me author and picked this to review because the concept sounded interesting. It is labeled as "New Adult" which I can understand because of the "age" of characters but honestly I was wrapped up in the story that I did not think about their age.This is the second book in the series and not having read the first book, I appreciated the authors references to past events and explaining of the background of the characters. I can see where this may have put off some who read the first story, but not having read it, it really helped me.I really enjoyed Justin and Yvonne/Dyre's story. Poor Yvonne to wake up with no memory and then when you touch someone they turn to dust, I cannot even imagine how she coped. I liked seeing the different side of the Yvonne/Dyre character and how the author explored not just differences but what was at the hear to Y/D a girl who had been tricked and just wanted what we all want that connection with another person. Justin is perfect for Yvonne, even though he does not want a mate. He is loving and though he has problems coming around a first, he is uber-alpha where Yvonne is concerned.Great story and concept, I plan to go back and read the first story in the series.3.5 Stars

  • Tash
    2019-02-20 01:30

    Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsMarked by Hades is the second book in the Bound by Hades series which follows on from the events of the previous book Forged by Fate. I highly recommend reading before this one to get a better of idea of the background, characters and plot as they carry on into this book as we follow this family in action as they protect the gates to Hades on earth.After reading the first book in anticipation of this one, I was highly hoping that this book will follow the same formula used for the first book. World building with twists and turns that leave you in anticipation wondering what will happen next as each book is complete in the sense of the couple getting an HEA but you get revisit them as they play a role in this book. You can’t truly call these characters minor as this story is rolling one that continues in each book with the overall arc and individual arc that exclusive to each of the staring couples due to mythology involved in this seriesWe were introduced to Justin the loveable, playboy who didn’t want a (Aveha) mate even after he saw it first handed with his brother Theo and his mate how life changing it could be. He is a companion doesn’t see need for a mate and not afraid to make this point known. A point that was driven into us in book one and while I see the point he doesn’t need one. It was bound to happen but the twist on who it, leaves you wanting to read how in earth that going to work as the person in question Yvonne is exactly his type and he can’t forget .The second book in the series was a slight disappointment to me as I couldn’t connect as much with Yvonne due to the plot as I did with Sadie . I love this series though and will hope that we get another book soon as I can’t wait for the next arc in this rolling story that keeps you interested long after you finished the book4 couples.For more of my reviews, visit Confessions From Romaholics.And drop by the blog's Facebook page

  • Amy at Read What I Like
    2019-03-06 05:43

    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through Net Galley This is the second book in this series and by this author. I would also like to note that I have not read the first book in the series, but plan to. This was a quick fun read that wasn’t to difficult to figure out what was going on despite my not having read the first book. I was able to enjoy the characters and world just fine. I probably would have appreciated the world more having read the first one, but I wasn’t lost or anything. I liked the book, didn’t go crazy for it, but enjoyed it enough that I want to read the first one now and at least the the one that comes next in the series.The story seemed fairly typical for the paranormal genre and centers around Angels and Demons battling each other. It would have been nice to have had a little refresher over what the greater conflict in this world was, but it is my fault for not knowing having not read the first book. The characters were interesting and likable and I enjoyed the sense of comradery we get between the guardians their helpers and the mates. The story moved at a good pace and a lot of time actually passed between the start and end of the story, felt more realistic to me. The characters didn’t have easy fixes to their problems. Often in paranormal stories we have a lot of action that takes place over a few short days, and the world doesn’t move like that, but then again these are worlds of fiction.I kinda feel bad and wish I had more to say. I liked the story. I liked the characters especially Justin and Yvonne along with their pairing up. I enjoyed the twist of Yvonne’s duel nature and how Justin needed to learn to overcome some prejudices to accept her. I really must read the first book and perhaps add on to this review, because I am feeling like I must have missed some of the deeper story arches. On its own though it is an enjoyable romance that most anyone is going to enjoy.

  • Stacy Sabala
    2019-02-26 00:43

    Book Review-Marked by Hades by Reese MonroeYvonne wakes up on a park bench in the cold. All she remembers is the intense pain she endured. A man appears trying to help her. She can tell he is a pure soul. He wants to get her warm and to a hospital. She yearns for the human touch. She needs it. So when she gently touches this wonderfully kind man, he turns to white sand. Yvonne is devastated to learn her touch will kill.Dressed in leather to protect others from her touch and not remembering who or what she is, Yvonne enters a world of demons and shomrei warriors. She meets Justin, who is companion to his brother Theo who happens to be a guardian. Guardians fight demons and send them back to Hades. She becomes entangled with this group when she develops Justin’s mated mark.She has little time to accept the truth when she has to trade herself for Theo’s safe return. If Theo dies, Justin dies. Yvonne was once a demon and was punished for her help saving Sadi, Theo’s mate. Now back in Hades, she is stripped of her humanity and her punishment. She doesn’t remember anything about being Yvonne or Justin.Justin is determined to find his mate and fight the demons plotting to take over Lucifer’s throne. The fight is one to save Yvonne and reach the sacred artifacts before the demons.This is the second book in the series. I really like the storyline. The fight between good and bad was spun in a unique direction. I like the shomrei warriors idea. I also thought Yvonne’s character provided a great twist. It gave doubt to the master plan when Justin finds himself mated to a demon. This book was full of fight scenes portraying the centuries old battle. The reader wasn’t sure what direction the storyline would take. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I give it a 4 out of 5.

  • Carrie
    2019-02-16 07:35

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.After Theo’s story blew me away, I had very high expectations for Justin’s story. I highly recommend reading these books in order so you can fully appreciate the hard time Justin gets in this installment. It’s not an easy love story, or a perfect one, but it’s a good journey for Justin and his lady.Justin’s been tasked with being a Gatekeeper’s Companion. After almost dying countless times, he’s learned to “blow off some steam” by hooking up with oodles of women. A constant womanizer, of course he’s eventually going to be sent a mate to mess with his lifestyle. Yvonne is a woman who was forced to become a demon 200 years ago. As a demon, her name was Dyre and we saw quite a bit of her in Theo’s story. Now she’s being “punished” by existing as a human with the power to incinerate any living thing she touches – except her mate. Based on the fact that Justin was a pretty big womanizer before his mate came along, I expected a completely different story: one with lots of sex, some reluctant commitment, a bit of misunderstanding, and then a very clear cut happy ending. What we get is so much more than that.Justin has to work, sacrifice, change, and ultimately be the patient and understanding man his mate needs. There are some dark elements to this romance that include abduction, rape, death, and other not so happy story elements. It made for a very hard read through the middle, but ultimately made for a rewarding ending. The overall story also got a big push in this book. You can see the direction that the series is headed and it’s only going to get better. If you’re looking for a good, rocky and imperfect paranormal love story – check this book out and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Crystal
    2019-02-16 03:19

    This was a great book and I really enjoyed it. The only problem was that I hadn't read the first book. I know that I have missed a great book. I will be going back and reading the next book. I have to see how everything started and get more information on what is going on. Justin Bradford has been doing what he does for 911 years. He is a womanizing man and doesn't see himself just being with one woman. He will fight with all that he has to get out of it if it ever happens. Seems that his luck has run out and he notices the Ahavah mark on Yvonne. There is no way he is giving in.Yvonne wakes and and doesn't remember anything about her past. She just knows that she has turned one man to ash and the other has left a mark on her. She feels the bond between them but she doesn't know what she is hiding from herself. It could be anything and if it's bad then she knows she can't be with Justin.This was a great book and I love how the author started out with the book. The characters were very believable and easy to fall in love with. I just couldn't seem to get enough of this book. I couldn't wait to see what secrets Yvonne's mind was keeping from her. I know how I would feel if my memories just disappeared one day. I would do anything that I could to find out what I was missing.It would make it hard to trust anyone. I couldn't imagine losing everything about my kids. I would have to fall in love with them again. I don't believe that would be hard.I had to see how long Justin could hold out. If you really want to know then you should really read this book and see what you think.

  • Kori
    2019-02-18 05:31

    What a book. It seemed like with every page you were constantly on the edge of disaster hoping for everything to work out only for another disaster to intervene. But it is so worth the time to read and was excruciating for me to have to put it down for things like eating and sleeping.This is a supernatural book about angels and demons and those in between protecting humans from these other worldly creatures and their constant wars. Full of action and angst these creatures still need their other halves to increase their power and ability against the demons. But Justin seems to think he is exempt from the whole mate for eternity aspect. When Yvonne hits earth his stubborn mentality gets a wake up call because his mate has been found. Sadly, it's not an easy find and these two will have to fight to be able to be each other's mates.The characters in this book are amazing. It would seem you have one of every personality you can think of in at least one of the different people who pop up in this apocalyptic fight. I enjoyed all the differences though. It made everyone more complex and added to the already intense storyline.The romance in this will also have a grip on your heart. Rather then two people who know by their marks that they are the only ones for each other, these two take the relationship slow and develop what they feel for each other beyond the obvious. It's hard not to fall with them. This book is so much more then a simple romance though and will certainly take you on a wild ride.

  • Claudia
    2019-02-26 05:20

    This is the second book in the series "Bound by Hades" and although I did not read the first book, I really liked it and it was possible to understand the world-building.Justin is the companion of a Gatekeeper, his brother Theo, and he has waited 911 years for a Mate - although that is probably the wrong expression. He treaded the possibility of getting a Mate like his brother. But when he meets Yvonne, everything changes for him - and not only in a good way.this story was very complex and there were some parts in it, where I really had troubles with the story - which are also the reason why this book only gets 4 stars and I really considered giving it only 3 stars. (view spoiler)[ I hate the possibility of rape in a any book but especially in a romance. yes I know, they worked through it but nevertheless it ruined the book a bit for me(hide spoiler)]the relationship between Justin and Yvonne was very complex because of who she was before which made the whole storyline much more intense.I loved the whole idea of the "Shomrai" and will definitely continue this series. Reese Monroe was able to link an interesting world-building with an intense storyline and great characters. I loved all the characters, and will go back to read Theo and Sadies story. I can't wait to read the next books because some of the secondary characters are quite interesting.I hope Reese Monroe will continue to include all the characters, as they are, in the next books as well because I would love to see Justin and Yvonne again.Disclaimer: Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  • Desiree
    2019-03-17 23:47

    Marked by Hades took me by surprise. I love paranormal and always will. It is what started me reading romance of other genres. I do know that it is hard to come across creative, entertaining, and unique work in this genre. Here Reese Monroe has done just that. Justin Bradford is 911 years old. He is a companion and brother a Gatekeeper of Hades. It is their jobs to keep the demons where they belong. Gatekeepers and companions are granted one Mate for their existence. Justin is far from being a fan of this concept. He likes his life without strings and with lots of choices. Yvonne has just woken up and she is freezing. Where is she? Uh, why is she naked? And who is she? Now she is starting to freak out a little. It doesn’t make her feel any better when a nice man tries to help her and he turns into dust… from her touch. Ok, now what is she? Justin meets Yvonne and has an unusual attraction to her. When he goes after her and sees her ability, he wonders who and what she is. As he tries to talk to her he realizes that she doesn’t have any answers to those questions either.In their journey, they encounter many trials with the evil of the world, the evil that Yvonne has no understanding of. How can anyone survive battle after battle with everyone around them? How can anyone survive battles with themselves around every corner? Take a trip with Justin and Yvonne into a whole new world of paranormal. This story is original and intriguing. It will keep you guessing right until the very end.

  • Zarith dol
    2019-03-09 07:35

    4.5 stars, ARC given by netgalley for an honest review.When I see this sequel upload on netgalley, I squeal and squeal again as I received the ARC. I loved the based story writen by the author. A Gatekeeper and his companion (brothers or sisters) that guard the gate leads to hell from opening and unleased demons within. This book is the continuation of the first in the series (story about the gatekeeper Theo and Sadie), this time the companion; a man-whore in first order, Justin. As a companion he doesn't need a fated mate, but being given none less. The worst part, she is Yvonne, the demon(or former) that helped to restrain Sadie, his sis-in-law before she is rescued. But looks can be deceiving as Yvonne now the gatekeeper ally, an em path that helped them to overpower the coup that brewing in the underworld. Within her the knowledge of seven items that has the power to kill the angels along with burning skin that can kill demons; and she is a prized possession to any side. Can Justin has the power to save her from evil outside and inside herself. Will his love save them and achieve the happiness that threaten his existence? I want to give this book a full five star, but the scene were everyone either being kidnap, torture, fatally or almost fatal injured, etc; keep popping up in like every scene in the book. It made me crazy and bored at the same time. Still, it is a great book, a great addition to the story saga. Hope to read more from the author. Good work

  • Shelley
    2019-03-06 04:34

    ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Justin Bradford loves his life as a gatekeeper companion, and he is happy for his brother that he met his mate and is bound to her. However the last thing Justin wants is a mate. He is determined that will never happen. Yvonne wakes up naked on a cold park bench in a small town with no memory of who—or what—she is. All she knows is that she accidentally turned the kind man who stopped to help her to dust by touching him. She knows she must keep herself away from everyone. Then one day a strange mark appears on her shoulder.Justin can tell that his mate has been marked, he can sense her. What he doesn't expect is that an amazing creature he found, who can dissolve people or demons to dust, to be his mate. Justin and Yvonne find out who she really is and what her reason for being is, now the question is can they still be together or is there no hope for the two of them.I will say I did not read the first book in this series and while I am sure I missed a few things it didn't take anything away from this story. I really loved the suspense and action, and I will admit I am a sucker for demon fighting heros. Yvonne is strong and selfless. The more you find out about her the more you like her and feel for her. Justin is torn, with reason, but there is no denying his feelings for Yvonne. He will protect her at all costs. This book is a fun ride.

  • Erica
    2019-03-13 03:42

    Marked by Hades was definitely an interesting concept. It was so unique from other paranormals out there, offering new ideas and an enticing plot. Plus, there is some HOT moments between Justin and Yvonne. I loved the twist on the typical demons in Marked by Hades. There were so many great moments throughout this one, and many excellent plot points.I didn't realize it was a sequel, and had I known, I would have read book 1 first. The concept of the Gatekeepers, Companions, and Mates was so intriguing, but I had a bit trouble grasping WHAT they actually were. They have abilities, but what they were wasn't really spelled out which would have helped ground me within the world. A lot of the magic behind them just wasn't explained, and I would have liked to know more.This one is labeled and marketed as a new adult novel, but besides the ages of the character, nothing about this one read as New Adult to me. Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed it, but it definitely read adult in every way to me. This was a really strong read from Reese Monroe - I loved the diversity this one had as a paranormal. There was so many great traits that stuck out from the stream of paranormal that is out, and I'm excited to not only see how Yvonne and Justin's story continues to play out, but go back and read Theo and Sadie's beginning.

  • Katie_la_geek
    2019-03-09 01:26

    Generally speaking I quite enjoyed Marked by Hades. I will be the first to admit that it was a little silly at times but I still liked it, despite thinking I probably shouldn’t.I liked the storyline it was full of action and romance and I quite liked the writing even if it was a little cheesy at times. The big problem I had with this book was that it was far too long. It just seemed to go round in circles and get a bit repetitive. I have to admit that I got a little bored of it because it just seemed to drag on and on.Another problem was Yvonne/Dyre who is one character. She kind of let people walk all over her, she slept around because she wanted to be close to people and feel loved and then let those men bully and push her around. I quite liked Yvonne, she had a little more personality than Dyre.The best thing about this book is Justin. He is a great character and I really liked him he was sweet and had a lot more personality than other characters in the book.There are lots of problems with this book and I am by no means saying it is perfect but I did find it really entertaining.