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Everyone has secrets... What if you didn't know your own? One young man with latent supernatural abilities plus one street gang hell-bent on recruiting him equals... IA: Initiate. The most important thing in the world to thirteen-year-old orphan, "Naz" Andersen is keeping his little sister safe from the streets of a Chicago/Detroit-like urban ghetto known as the Exclave. Everyone has secrets... What if you didn't know your own? One young man with latent supernatural abilities plus one street gang hell-bent on recruiting him equals... IA: Initiate. The most important thing in the world to thirteen-year-old orphan, "Naz" Andersen is keeping his little sister safe from the streets of a Chicago/Detroit-like urban ghetto known as the Exclave. Naz tries to stay out of the way at his foster parent's home, but he walks in his sleep. He is unable to keep the fact that he hears voices from his therapist. He attempts to go unnoticed at school and in the streets of the Exclave but attracts the attention of friends and bullies alike. Naz is ordinary, or so he thinks. He harbors a secret of which he is unaware. A seemingly random act of gang violence propels Naz on a path that leads to discoveries about his supernatural abilities, abilities that will ultimately decide whether he lives or dies. Now he must navigate his turbulent surroundings and face the full force of the world around him. The only way he can survive is to discover the supernatural world within. Pure science fiction, IA: Initiate is the first book in a YA supernatural thriller trilogy, an origin story, and a coming of age hero's journey set in the mean streets of America. It's like Anakin Skywalker growing up in a bad urban environment instead of a desert planet. Award-winning author, John Darryl Winston has penned a story about, and for, those living the real story. Pick it up. Pick it up! PICK IT UP ... today! ...

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IA: Initiate Reviews

  • John Winston
    2019-03-11 03:15

    My Goodreads friends, it has been a great year for the IA Series. I want to thank the many readers who have partaken and send an invitation to those of you who are in route. Union, the final book in the series, has arrived.

  • Carmen
    2019-03-02 23:59

    He wondered if he put himself out there and spoke up more often, could life be better? He wasn't having any fun, and he was getting restless.Naz (short for Nazarite) and his little sister, Meridian (aw, cute name!) are living in the ghetto exclave. This environment is dangerous for the children - gangs and drug dealers lurk at every turn. Naz, age 13, has some problems. He's being targeted by a gang who wants him to join them. He sleepwalks. And he hears voices......THINGS I LIKED:I liked this book. It is a languid novel. I enjoyed its unhurried, relaxed pace and its clear language. I also liked Naz. This main character, 13-years-old, is good. He is a good person: polite, honest, and introspective. It's also fun to see this character develop more confidence and decide to step up, moving slowly away from his usually silent, anonymous persona. Something that always sends me over the moon is a good brother/sister relationship - something that is relatively rare in the media. Here we have Naz and Meri - their dialogues are wonderful and the dynamic that they have together is the best. They protect each other and encourage each other. They have been through some shit together (and are living in foster care together now) and so it is even more important that they are close.I related to Naz. He kept saying stuff that made me nod in agreement.There's a smattering of Spanish in here and it's actually correct. o.OI like the chapter breaks and titles.There's one song in this (Diana Ross and the Supremes "Love Child") and I like when songs are mentioned by name in books when people are listening to them - it adds an extra dimension to the book....THE VOICES:Okay, I was like WTF? First, we learn that Naz hears voices. I am excited. What will they tell him? Then the voices show up at about 20% and they are useless as fuck.He's scared.Really? This is what the voices in your head do? Identify your feelings for you? I was expecting them to be psychic or give Naz good advice or something. o.O Then they start saying helpful shit like: "You're going to die," said the voice.Ah, yes, thank you. That's really helpful, voice. Way to be optimistic there. o.O"Naz, could it be that the voices you hear are likely you talking to yourself and that you externalize them as coming from somewhere else?" Naz's therapist asks.Well, that was exactly what I was thinking! I mean, they are not exactly doing rocket science for the kid. We'll see....DARKNESSIt seems as if there is a message or theme about "darkness" in this novel. However, I don't think this is really what I consider dark. Naz gets jumped by some gang members at one point. He later excitedly tells this story to his therapist. Observe:"Yet you seemed to enjoy it... and that worries me because that's not like you, not at all."She's right, he thought. What am I thinking? It was the worst thing he had ever experienced, and now he was enjoying his own reenactment of the events.Ummmm.... that is just completely normal. Wouldn't you agree, Doctor?"You don't have to apologize. What you feel is normal and part of being human."Ah, yes, that's just what I was saying, I - "We all have a dark side that we struggle to keep concealed every day."Um, Doctor? I don't think this is "a dark side." Simply a 13-year-old kid retelling an exciting, novel situation to an interested audience.This continued throughout the book. I wasn't sure exactly what everyone (or the book) was trying to groom Naz for. I got the idea it was vigilantism. Because the next thing the therapist says to Naz is:"...don't be afraid to embrace it... the darkness."Ummmmm, okay. I'm not even going to pretend that's a normal thing to say to a kid in therapy. o.OThen, near the end of the book, a teacher says to Naz:"A good friend once told me that true heroes don't stand in the sun with a symbol on their chest, cape flying in the breeze for all to see," Fears proclaimed as he kept clapping. "No, they prefer to use the darkness... the shadows. They are unassuming, and they walk amongst us every day."So, yeah, I'm going with grooming this kid to be a vigilante. The Shadow knows!...SEQUEL Of course, we have no idea if my little theories about the voices and the vigilantism are correct. This is the first in a series. There are a lot of unanswered questions....THE CAT WHO WALKS THROUGH WALLSThis book features heavily the "cat who can walk through walls" theory, meaning that we are only limited by our perceptions of what we can and cannot do. For instance, a cat who can walk through walls because he doesn't know this is impossible. There is a famous Heinlein book by this name which also touches on this popular sci-fi concept....Tl;dr - An enjoyable, languid novel featuring a 13-year-old boy who has some untapped skills. :) A strong brother-sister relationship, which is a favorite of mine. Science-fiction YA.DISCLAIMER: John Winston is my GR friend, but I told him up front I was going to rip his novel to shreds and destroy it if it annoyed me. Strangely, he still wanted me to review it. This was NOT a free copy, I paid full-price for this. Boo-yah!

  • Daniel
    2019-02-25 04:14

    A very nice beginning to a, hopefully, long series. The plot is a bit slow moving and takes it's time in really explaining anything but it it all menages to be interesting. The siblings seem real, if a bit smart for how young they are but it's in keeping with the theme of the book.One of the negative things is that nothing is explained in this book. I mean that was the goal, to keep us intrigued but still a bit more information about anything would have been nice. And some chapters are completely unnecessary to be on they own, meaning we had a single scene stretched over two chapters for no reason.All in all a great start for a new series and i'm looking forward for more.

  • Thelonious Legend
    2019-03-05 06:15

    What makes a good science fiction novel? First, like most novels you need three dimensional characters, good writing, engaging dialogue and a entertaining plot. But after that fans of science fiction require something else to make a novel a good science fiction novel. We require the use of technology and or science in a way that excites us and hints at the possibilities of our future. By these standards IA is a good if not a great science fiction novel.Premise: Naz is just your average 13 year old trying to navigate his day to day life without being hassled by his foster mother, jumped by gang-members, or called on in school. But Naz's hope of staying invisible is complicated by the love he has for his younger sister and his obligation to protect her. Also Naz is slowly beginning to realize that there is nothing average about him. From the way he plays chess, to his newly discovered acrobatic skills Naz is special. How special remains to be seen. Naz ponders his "specialness" and how it might be tied to the death of step dad and the mystery surrounding his real father. Questions that Naz must find out for himself.Summary: First I am a sucker for a good science fiction novel. Mention particle physics and you got me. And I really like the protagonist. Naz is a Polymath whose abilities are reminiscent of Kyle XY of the late ABC Family show. The chess scene towards the end is a classic and written and choreographed as well as any fight scene. I actually couldn't read the chess scene fast enough to see how it ended. IA is a well done Science Fiction Novel in an urban setting and I can't wait for the next book.

  • bookaholic_kim
    2019-02-23 00:59

    Received this book from the author himself John Darryl Winston in exchange of an honest review.A story of a young boy who sleeps walk and can hear voices and he doesn’t know why he does those things. He is also on the process of discovering his ability and skills. Moreover, there are people who keeps on following him telling him to join them. So, who are these people? And what is he? He seems really important and special.The book is slow paced but I still enjoyed reading it. One thing I like about the book is it keeps me curious. I was curious from the first chapter till the end. Which is good? Right? It just made want to read more of it. This is just the first book in the series, so there are a lot of suspense/ thriller in it which I guess would be more understood in the next installment IA: B.O.S.S. which I can’t wait to read.

  • Kyle Knight
    2019-02-21 03:04

    If print is dead according to Ghostbuster Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis, may he rest in peace) or at least dying, then this book, IA Initiate is a shot in the arm. People are reading less and less these days. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. The reason is that reading can be boring, hard work, while watching movies is fun and easy. IA Initiate looks like a book. It feels like a book. And when you open it and start turning pages you’ll think you’re reading a book. But when the images, characters, and dialog come alive, you’ll think you’ve been watching a movie to the very last page at which point you’ll turn that page hoping for more. But never fear. IA appears to be a series. John Darryl Winston has created a new kind of hero. The character of Naz feels real. The dialog is authentic. The themes of gang violence and bullying are timely, set in a realistic, not-so-distant, futuristic, Chicago-like city known as the Exclave (That’s sweet!). Throw in supernatural powers and you have one unique story. And of those supernatural abilities the main character, Naz possesses, they are based in truth as opposed to fiction, so much so, you’ll believe all that you read is possible. I do! This is definitely one to read, or better yet, watch.

  • Dianne
    2019-02-18 05:10

    John Darryl Winston's IA: UNION #Release Blitz & Series #Giveaway ~ Celebrate Great YA Reading! Enter to win the series in Print ~ in Digital!Click on Banner to Enter ~ Ends December 8, 2017What? Another young adult thriller filled with supernatural elements? NOT EVEN CLOSE! John Darryl Winston is carving a name for himself for contemporary young adult fantasy filled with realistic characters and fantastic dialogue! IA: Initiate the foundation for his IA series is a fine blend of genres that will have even the most reluctant readers gravitating to his work. Whether you are a young adult fancier or not, this is great creative work that flows at a comfortable pace, no breakneck speeds, no trudging along at a snail’s pace, and thank you, Mr. Winston, no info dumps! Set in a less than choice part of town, thirteen-year-old Naz has appointed himself as his younger sister, Meri’s protector. Gangs rule the streets and everyone not with them is fair game. When Naz becomes the victim of bullying, he makes an incredible discovery that will lead him down a path he never knew existed. To survive in the world he lives in, he must embrace the unbelievable and do it quick. But how can he not think he is going a little crazy when he hears voices and is walking in his sleep? Does he need therapy to overcome brutal evens in his life or are they just a part of the building blocks of the man he is to become? It’s Naz and Meri against the world, two young individuals, family by blood, but bound by love. Siblings gotta love ‘em, in a world too harsh to feel safe in, these two are a force to be reckoned with.John Darryl Winston has created wonderful role models for young adults, as their dialogue shows their emotions. What could be better than dimensional characters and detailed scenes to bring it all together and make a story breathe? Believe in the unbelievable and revel in the talent of John Darryl Winston. To the top of the hidden gem pile for this one!Series: IA - Book 1Publication Date: April 19, 2014Publisher: Purple Ash PressGenre: Science Fiction | Supernatural YA/MiddlegradePrint Length: 218 pagesAvailable from: AmazonFor Reviews & More:

  • Johnny The
    2019-03-09 00:24

    This story is truly astounding. I was a tad skeptical from the get go based on the title and its element of mystery. The initials "I.A." appear in many different parts of the story each representing a different acronym which was actually quite brilliant in my preference. Winston does an exceptional job at instilling the curiosity in the mind of readers about what those letters truly stand for. The colorful cover of this enchanting novel was most definitely one of the main captivators for me, even more so then the outstanding reviews I've read. Seeing the image of a faint yet distinct neighborhood-like scene with a gigantic chessboard as the ground paints a vivid analogy of life as a long game of chess. Every great story, in my opinion, needs a powerful main character with unique qualities and abilities, as well as one or more strong supporting characters. Naz, an adolescent boy who constantly hears voices, is a perfect example of such a character. His wide spectrum of values and rigorous circumstances make for an awesome journey through his mind as well as his quest to better understand himself and the world around him. His younger sister, Meri, makes a wonderful support character. Her charisma and vibrant nature come off each and every page that bares her presence. The author also does a phenomenal job in creating an emotional attachment to these characters. Some would deem certain moments as tear jerkers. Winston also drives home many themes and philosophical concepts throughout the book. The most perplexing and reoccurring concept that I was able to identify most with was Naz's constant internal battle between living life based on what's right and wrong, and living life based on doing what's necessary. The occasional flashbacks that divide the three parts of the book slowly expose pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that is the mind of Naz. I don't want to reveal too many details about this epic tale to those who may not have had the honor of reading it yet. Nothing remains to be said accept that I highly recommend this book to people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, and walks of life. Just make sure you can read.

  • Juanita Story
    2019-03-14 03:03

    Naz Andersen is a very reserved teen with a younger sister Meri to care for (sense their foster parent Ms.Tracy honestly wants nothing to do with them). Naz and Meri live in a place that doesn't suit their potential to do great things, yet they still try to overcome and rise above their wretched culture.Naz faces many problems along the way in this story, which he has to figure out and solve, not on his own but with the help of his close friends and family. He's always been reserved and on his own. He is a very gifted young boy who has abilities beyond even his own belief. Naz is in no way the same as anyone, he is completely different, he walks in his sleep, hears voices and lots of other weird things per say. Naz loves more than anything his younger sister Meridian (Meri) who he will go through absolutely anything to save. Not only does he love her, she absolutely adores him. Meri has more faith in her older brother than he does himself, and she is in awe of his abilities, talent and potential.This book is my favorite out of all of the books I've read. It definitely deserves five stars (at least). There are things to find out that are just so interesting and its so intriguing. This book is phenominal everything that is revealed at the end is so worth finding out honestly. Once you read this book you will fall in love with Naz Andersen and his epic story, trust me you'll be begging for more.

  • Letitgo
    2019-03-07 00:26

    IA Initiate is an easy to read young adult novel that captivated my interest right away. The characters are believable and engaging, and the story touches on relevant themes, capturing the climate of the inner city while remaining mainstream. Mr. Winston has written an intriguing story with rich and interesting characters and I am eager to see what the next installment will bring.

  • Heidi The Hippie Reader
    2019-02-16 02:17

    I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads. FTC guidelines: check!IA: Initiate wasn't what I expected it to be, but I mean that in a good way. This coming of age novel has a classic hero archetype (mysterious circumstances surrounding birth, orphaned, hidden talents, a quest- of sorts) but Naz is also very real and not removed from life or sitting on a pedestal. Naz is brought down to earth through his relationship with his little sister, Meri. Their interactions are believable, enjoyable, and reveal a gentle side to his character that the reader may not have been able to see otherwise. We also get a special glimpse into his brain and the workings of his mind through his psychiatrist appointments, which were vaguely reminiscent of Good Will Hunting (abused child with extraordinary abilities) though just what those abilities may be are yet to be fully explained.I was intrigued by the mystery of his background, drawn in by the real dangers on the streets that he inhabited, and fascinated when his talents began to slowly reveal themselves. The author maintained an excellent pace for this story at all times. It never dragged nor was it rushed. Great writing is a skill and John Darryl Winston clearly has it.Honestly, I was disappointed when this book ended- I wanted more! What a relief that this is a series...Fans of Divergent may enjoy this (Chicago-ish setting, coming of age, more action than romance). I highly recommend it.

  • Deon Mixon
    2019-02-21 23:01

    Fresh, authentic, and compelling, especially for young minds! Teenage "Naz" Andersen is somewhat of an introvert who is clueless to how he has super abilities, but is well aware of his great knack of intelligence, sensory skills, and discernment. He, along with his to-be-considered-smarter little sister, Meri, go on a excitingly dangerous journey through their poverty-and-violence groomed homeland known as the Exclave. They encounter various troubles while still managing to protect each other, in spite of orphanage, from an actually unknown force of a gang called IA. As Naz endeavors to help Meri achieve into higher stages of education, he ventures through his own problems, asking questions with no easy answers or no answers at all. In the end, or better yet the beginning of his obvious revelation of ability, Naz is now somewhat knowledgeable of his gifts, but oblivious to how he was given them. IA: Initiate is definitely a must read for upcoming young readers who need a better and more intriguing spark in their interests. It humbly contains the comedy, adventure, action, mystery, and suspense that evokes the essence of superb literary composition for young adults. This story is unique in its own way and truly distinguishes itself from the norms of other common novels.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-16 01:27

    I won this book from goodreads first reads.From the moment I first started reading this book I was hooked. The story stayed at a good pace throughout the entire book. I can't wait to find out what happens to Naz next!

  • Melinda
    2019-02-16 04:22

    Admittedly I enjoyed this book more than I expected, talk about taken by surprise in an exceptional way.I love the mix Winston provides – science fiction, supernatural, LOADS of intrigue and mystery, last but not least the dark horse prevails. Plus, brain over braun, Winston emphasizes engaging your mind, very appealing to this reader.The premise of the narrative won my heart, love the message. A book ALL ages will enjoy, Naz a brilliant young man faced with great adversity refuses to succumb to his harsh environs. He possesses ‘powers’ he’s just now beginning to understand. Coming of age, Naz must make heavy choices/decisions. He is a compelling character as well as his younger sister Meri. Together their strength, resilience and unbreakable bond see them through their challenges, no doubt brother and sister are united in both affection and support.Intriguing backstory, the reader alternates between past and present, as we learn of Naz’s deceased parents. His father excelled in science, his research might be connected to Naz’s superpowers in some form. Enough crumbs are given to engaged the readers curiosity as to the mystery of Naz’s parents.Looking forward to the next book, Winston leaves the reader demanding more stat!! Great character and theme offering all readers an adventure filled with intrigue.

  • Kyle
    2019-02-25 05:12

    An electronic version of this novel was provided free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review.I really struggled writing this review. The description of the book here on Goodreads really sells the book short. Don't get me wrong, it made me interested enough to add the series to my list of books to keep an eye out for. The book ended up being so much more than the description. It's a novel about growing up, taking responsibility, and self discovery all wrapped up in a engrossing story of a boy with special "gifts" and a mysterious past.The writing style is fun, entertaining, and addicting. It's hard to believe the novel is so short. How John put so much into so little is a credit to his skill as a writer. It's an excellent Young Adult novel that I highly recommend. When reviewing a book I get from an author, I try and force myself to be open-minded and honest. Did the book really deserve a five stars review? In this case I felt it did. I loved it, loved it, loved it!

  • Katie
    2019-03-05 03:29

    This is a First Reads review. IA Initiate was a really fast read. I wasn't planning on reading it in a day, but it was certainly a page turner.Really I am intrigued as to what will be revealed in the next books My one complaint would be the lack of a catching climax and a resolution. You really don't find out much about Naz. You don't really know what happened to his father which frustrated me a little.I think this book will be entertaining for younger audiences and I think the plot holds enough mystery and action to keep their attention. As I said before, I am interested to see where this series goes. I am really intrigued as to what my students will think of the book as well. It will be added to my classroom library.

  • James Moody
    2019-03-16 04:02

    I had to read this book to get points in school and I dont like to read. But I like this book alot and hope theres another one like it. I like the powers. I hope theres more powers if theres another book and a movie. Naz reminds me of me or thats how I want to be. I have dreams like him.

  • Sierra Wells
    2019-03-03 06:02

    This book is extremely good, a page turner. I can't wait for a sequel. Some parts were a little sad, but it was the best book ever. Great Job!!!

  • Jessica Martinez
    2019-03-19 07:26

    IA Initiate is the best book I've read in a long time. Its my favorite book. It has everything a book needs and the details in the writing makes it feel like you are in the story. I couldn't put it down after i started reading it. Naz Andersen is a teenage boy who faces many challenges while growing up. He lives with his younger sister Meri who has a bright future ahead of her. He also lives with his foster mom, Ms. Tracy who has no care in the world for them. With the help of his friends and his secret abilities he faces his challenges.

  • Dusty Summerford (Reviews by Reds)
    2019-03-15 00:18

    I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway and I'm thrilled to have had a chance to read it!!I loved this futuristic story about a supernatural boy named Naz. The writing just sucks you right into the story. I could really see this as a major motion picture! I can't wait to read more about Naz and Meri!! Definitely a must read for any age!

  • Delshawn
    2019-02-18 01:15

    The book is amazing. It shows a teenager who is a sleepwalker and a fast runner. He tries to keep out of trouble, but the more he tries the worse it is. HE is forced to make a choice join a gang or be killed. His friend, Ham, is cool, but needs to get gangs are family out of his mind. He must be crazy or stupid.

  • Kami Green
    2019-02-16 04:11

    The book was FANTASTIC! I could not put it down. It was very well written, it had an intriguing story line and he did a great job developing the characters. This book left me excited for the next book. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I enjoyed the supernatural aspect, and what happens when we use more of our brains.

  • Montae Crawford
    2019-03-06 06:10

    This book book caught you on your tippy toes. It was very easy to understand, also it made you guess and not go to sleep. I read the book over the weekend for fun. I take my sisters copy and read sometimes, also this book written by John Darryl Winston is a 5 star addicting book. This is a must read, and I'm waiting for the next release right now.

  • Quincy Dixon
    2019-03-05 05:18

    This is the book I've been waiting for. It's about the mind. If I could have read this book when I was in middle school I would probably like reading more. Naz reminds me of me. I can't wait for the next book. I want to know how Naz got his powers and see him in more action.

  • Duncan Bahr
    2019-03-01 07:28

    IA: Initiate is a fantastic Middle Grade fiction that kept me engrossed from the minute I started reading. While this story is set in a grim fictitious urban setting, the Exclave, seemingly in the present, IA: Initiate had the same effect on me that Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo had when I was sixteen reading it for the first time. I was thoroughly engaged with IA’s main character, Naz, as if, like Edmond Dantes, you turn each page hoping, anticipating when Naz will get out of his adverse circumstances and rise above them. You root for Naz, as soon as he’s introduced!However, like a typical Middle Grade fiction, the main character is about twelve and I imagine any reader of the target age would identify with Naz’s profound inner struggles that are so skillfully written by Mr. Winston.The plot moves well and builds on itself, adding new elements as it goes forward. Without giving too much away, it quickly establishes the cruel world of the Exclave, which is a recognizably, rough, largely abandoned American inner-city. However, against this dark backdrop John Darryl Winston has created, one is left with lingering questions about the characters: Naz, his nine year old sister Mari, their missing or deceased parents and the gang antagonists, so many questions that you’re all too eager to find out more and at every discovery.The most appealing thing about IA: Initiate, however, is its hopeful theme. The story goes back forth from the past to the present and with that device, an optimistic theme of self-improvement is implied. Naz has psychological problems, problems he regularly sees a therapist for but as IA goes on we realize that those very problems are tied to dormant abilities contained in Naz. This journey of his makes the story intriguing, like a psychological thriller. Though, this is done in a very approachable way befitting a MG fiction. The message is hope and strength. In a coming-of-age story such as this, the message is an especially good one for the target audience, that within you is something of a superhero, all you have to do is trust yourself and be brave.All-in-all, IA: Initiate is easy to read, fun and intriguing. I would recommend it to anyone. John Darryl Winston has written a real triumph. Much is set up in Initiate, so much so that you get a sense there will be more to come. Fun book! A’ must read for Middle School.I eagerly await the next in the series.

  • BookCupid
    2019-02-16 23:11

    What exactly are heroes made of?Naz and his nine year old sister Meri don't have it easy. Not only do they live in a neglected foster home, but in a neighborhood where gangs rule. One of them in particular wants Naz to join, forcing him to struggle even harder to find a way to get Meri into a boarding school. But who will take care of Naz -- how long will he be able to keep up before the gang gives him no choice?Winston placed a lot of emphasis on the characters. Aside from the supernatural qualities that Naz is about to discover, his creativity and business intuition are even more admirable. The story is woven with action, dreams and even therapy sessions.Prepare for a unexpected revealing ending

  • Taylor Bunker
    2019-03-08 01:01

    IA: Initiate certainly lives up to its name. This book is the start of something big...Events of the past are filtered throughout the book, making readers wonder how things turned out the way they did. With the clever use of dreams, John Darryl Winston shows us what happened in Naz's past, making your heart ache for him and his sister.Winston has a way to call forth your emotions, and make you question if you could survive everything Naz has gone through, which I would be glad to never find out. With mysteries to uncover, and finding the courage to overcome the evils that are after you, this hard to put down book is a great start to what is going to be an even greater series. I look forward to seeing what else John Darryl Winston has in store for us.

  • Cheryl Pastor
    2019-02-22 07:29

    Okay. I'm just going to talk to you. This book was amazing. I am thoroughly impressed with the character development, storyline and the concept. This book reminds me of the Xeno series by the late Sci-fi author, Octavia Butler. Naz, the book's main character, is a special kind of kid, with a special kind of power that is finally starting to manifest itself. A quiet, shy young man, he is suddenly thrusts into a situation where he has to step up to the plate, come outside of himself and protect those who are most important to him.Compelling, well-written and easy to read, I highly recommend this to Young Adult readers as well as those who are young at heart. You will not be disappointed.

  • Allison Maruska
    2019-03-18 07:10

    Let me start by saying I have a bad habit of putting books down when they get even a little boring and never picking them up again. At no point during my reading of IA Initiate was I tempted to do that. The characters felt like real people, and I think the authentic dialogue was the primary driver of the story. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Naz and Meri, and watching Naz discover who he is and how he fits in the world was truly delightful. Last night, when my kindle indicated I had over an hour of reading time left, I'd intended to read for about half an hour. I ending up finishing the book. I'm a little tired today, but it was worth it.

  • David Johnson
    2019-03-18 06:10

    Title: Thumbs up!Captivating and well-written. Keeps the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the adventure. Can't wait to read the next in the series.