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The new series from the author of The Silence of the Library and Murder Past Due... New York Times bestselling author Miranda James returns to Athena, Mississippi, with an all-new mystery featuring Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote, two snoopy sisters who are always ready to lend a helping hand. But when a stressed socialite brings murder right to their doorstep, even theThe new series from the author of The Silence of the Library and Murder Past Due... New York Times bestselling author Miranda James returns to Athena, Mississippi, with an all-new mystery featuring Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce Ducote, two snoopy sisters who are always ready to lend a helping hand. But when a stressed socialite brings murder right to their doorstep, even they have trouble maintaining their Southern hospitality… With the Mississippi sun beating down, An’gel and Dickce are taking a break to cool off and pet sit their friend Charlie Harris’s cat, Diesel, when their former sorority sister, Rosabelle Sultan, shows up at their door unexpectedly, with her ne’er-do-well adult children not far behind. Rosabelle’s selfish offspring are desperate to discover what’s in her will, and it soon becomes clear that one of them would kill to get their hands on the inheritance. Suddenly caught up in a deadly tangle of duplicitous suspects and deep-fried motives, it will take all of the sisters’ Southern charm to catch a decidedly ill-mannered killer…...

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Bless Her Dead Little Heart Reviews

  • James
    2019-03-13 03:22

    4 stars to Miranda James's Bless Her Dead Little Heart, the first in a new "Southern Ladies" mystery series. I chose this book because I enjoy the author's (Dean James) other series, "Cat in the Stacks," which also takes place in Athena, Mississippi and includes Diesel, the Maine Coon cat. It was a little shaky at first, but then the characters took off and I ultimately enjoyed this book. On to the review...StoryCharlie Harris of the "Cat in the Stack" series drops his Maine Coon cat off with his friends/neighbors, Dickce and An'gel Ducote, while he takes off on a trip. Dickce and An'gel are 79 and 84 years old, from old money, and have a strong connection to the antebellum south. When a former sorority sister, Rosebelle Sultan, shows up claiming her family is trying to kill her, the Ducote sisters know they will have a problem to deal with, especially given all the troubles Rosebelle has caused over the 60 years they've known her. And this time, it's the truth. Her two daughters, son and a boatload of in-laws and grandchildren show up after Rosebelle and the Ducote sisters feel their southern hospitality calling on them. Soon after, Sultan family members start dying under mysterious circumstances and the Ducote sisters need to call Deputy Kanesha Berry (also of the Cat in the Stacks series) for help. Both sisters survive the ordeal, but their life is about to change given the impacts of who is killed and the mess that is left behind.Strengths1. You've got this fantastically crazy Sultan family full of characters you want to love and hate all at the same time. There is a reason for it to be any of them, and each stand to inherit money depending on who kicks the bucket first. A great mystery for the mind.2. A true southern appeal... without overdoing it. Lots of antebellum charm, language and setting without getting caught up in accents and unknown cultural themes. A perfect balance of fun.3. The author knows how to drag you into the mystery, laughing and smiling the whole time. It's not a typical suspense page-turner, but you often find yourself wanting to read it all in one sitting just to figure out whodunit.Suggestions1. It may be too early to say this, but I'm not sure you need both sisters. I sort of grouped them together and assumed they were the same person, except when they were separated and in different scenes. It's hard to keep them separate when both are unmarried and have no children and we know little about their former lives. I think we need stronger personalities to be able to see enough of a difference.2. They are spry for 80, but how long will they be able to keep this up! And who really lets nearly 10 uninvited guests just stay at the house to help a friend. LOL I laughed it off but I hope the rest of the series has a little less "on the nose" humor and more "accidental" humor! Still was fun, just mentioning some potential concerns with a longer series.Final ThoughtsA good read, worth taking a chance on if you like cozy mysteries, older protagonists, less crime detection and more subtle relationship building and conversational stories.

  • Jessica Robbins
    2019-02-25 03:28

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  • Laura
    2019-03-12 02:25

    The Ducote sisters, An'gel and Dickce, are cat sitting for their friend Charlie Harris. Things are going smoothly until their sorority sister, Rosabelle Sultan shows up on their door step, seeing refuge from her family. Rosabelle thinks her family is out to kill her.Her family is right on Rosabelle's heels, and soon Rosabelle's daughter-in-law is murdered. When another murder happens, the Ducote sisters watch, and help, as the town sheriff deputy figures out whodunit, hopefully before anyone else dies.I really enjoyed this book. For one thing it featured Diesel, the great cat from the Cat in the Stacks books, which I am woefully behind on, and it made me want to go back to that series.But for this one, the elderly Ducote sisters share a bond that warmed my heart. It was entertaining to watch them spar with each other, and also push each other, in an effort to figure out the culprit. They are wonderfully southern, with genteel manners and a great house in the southern tradition.One of the things I enjoyed the most was the cast of characters that encompassed Rosabelle's family. Many of them seemed to be like people I've encountered in my life, that want to be nasty to everyone they meet. Rosabelle herself is spoiled, and at times I wanted to smack her upside the head and say, "Snap out of it!"This is one of those series that has been on my radar for quite some time, and I am happy that I finally checked it out of the library, and put the next one on my reserve list as quickly as I finished the first.It will be interesting to see where the sisters lead us as the books proceed.

  • Tari
    2019-03-14 04:34

    Talk about your dysfunctional family! And to think that An'gel and Dickse were just minding their own business one day, babysitting their friend Charlie Harris's cat, Diesel. That crazy day when their friend Rosabelle from college showed up on their doorstep insisting her whole family was out to kill her. Imagine their surprise when said whole family showed up! This was a really a fun and sort of old school type mystery, really refreshing and different to have all the suspects in one house. It kind of reminded me of "And Then There Were None" as the murders started to happen. The Ducote sisters were something else! They were almost like the ladies in the Golden Girls show only amateur sleuths. They didn't actually do the questioning, they did more talking about the case between the two of them. I thought it was fun how sometimes they would actually come up with the same idea at different times.I think my favorite character had to be Benjy, the stepson of Rosabelle's son Wade. He was nineteen years old, wanted to be a veterinarian and loved animals as much as Dickse did. I loved it when Dickse and Benjy would get together and do things, sort of like the grandmother figure he never had. I had someone pegged for the murders but it sure wasn't the person who actually did it. Some great twists and turns to be had as well as an appearance by one of Rosabelle's husbands who had a secret of his own going on. I loved how this series is sort of tied into the other series by Miranda James, The Cat In the Stacks since Charlie Harris is the main character in that and the Ducote sisters are watching his cat for him. It's always pretty comical when people see Diesel who is a large Maine coon cat and they can't quite figure out why he's so big. I know I'll be reading the rest of this series eventually!

    2019-03-07 06:33

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsLOVE, LOVE, LOVE!These Ducote sisters are as sweet as the tea they serve. Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce were introduced to us in Out of Circulation the 4th Cat in the Stacks Mystery. I loved them then and am thrilled that they have been spun off into their own series. My favorite cat Diesel even makes a guest appearance in this first installment along with Chief Deputy Kanesha Berry.Let’s just say these two sisters have the patience of saints as their former society sister and her whole crazy family show up at their door without so much as a phone call. These people have no manners let alone any of the Southern variety. There was only one that I liked, the rest were deplorable house guests and so very selfish. But Miss An’gel and Miss Dickce take it in stride and with the help of their housekeeper, Clementine and her granddaughter, Antoinette make the entire bunch as comfortable as possible. Even when one of them ends up dead, these charming Southern ladies stay calm and in control and do whatever then can to catch the killer so that they can get the rest of this horrible family out of their house.A truly terrific story with the perfect amount of murder and mayhem and of course the perfect amount of southern charm. I was amazed at what wonderful amateur sleuths these grande dames made. They had a plethora of suspects under their roof and with just a bit of innocent snooping they had some excellent leads. They cut things pretty close though and I was afraid this first book in the series was going to be their last. James plotted a fabulous mystery that kept me guessing until the very end.I also was so happy to have Diesel visit, he is quite a cat, but as you can see from the cover there are some new pets in town. I am ready for the next installment right now but see that Arsenic and Old Books (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) hits stores January 27, 2015 so I will be returning Athena, Mississippi very soon!

  • Fred
    2019-03-13 03:28

    Bless Her Dead Little Heart is the first book in the A Southern Ladies Mystery series.If the first book is any sign, then this series will be a very entertaining one. Readers first had a chance to read about the Ducote sisters in Out of Circulation, fourth book in the Cat In The Stacks Mystery series by James.Just as An'gel and Dickce, who are cat sitting Diesel, Charlie Harris' cat. As they are beginning to settle in with their houseguest, Rosabelle Sultan, a former sorority sister who they haven't seen in 15years, comes to their door. She ask the sisters if she can stay a few days, as someone in her family is trying to kill her. Rosabelle has always been one to exaggerate things and they figure this is just another one of those times. But soon the whole family begins to arrive, Rosabelle's two daughters, her son and his wife, two grandsons and a granddaughter. Rosabelle is soon accusing everyone of trying to kill here for her money, the children are in turn making their case that mom is mentally unstable and needs to be committed to a mental health facility. Then, when Marla, the daughter in law slips on water on the marble stair case and falls, breaking her neck, the sisters begin to wonder if she was the intended victim or Rosabelle. So they begin to watch everyones action and report their information to Kanesha the deputy in charge of the investigation.The sisters are a very fun and interesting couple of ladies. They try and not hurt each others feeling, but are more than willing to share with the reader, their feelings. Clementine, their housekeeper/cook is delight and very flexible with the large influx of guests.A very fun read and I highly recommend it, especially to the fans of Diesel. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Ellen
    2019-02-23 23:25

    Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James.The first in the Southern Ladies Mystery series featuring the Ducote sisters, An'gel and Dickce.The Ducote sisters have agreed to take on Diesel as a guest in their home while Charlie Harris is away on vacation. They are doing their best to make Diesel feel as comfortable as possible when the door bell rings. they're not expecting anyone and are taken aback when their old sorority sister, Rosabelle Sultan, stood there waiting to come in...unannounced. The story Rosabelle had to tell was not what either sister had ever expected. Shortly thereafter an entourage of Rosabelle's family members started to arrive. Could Rosabelle's story be true?This was so clearly written with each character vividly explained as well as the family dynamics. I especially loved the care and concern for Diesel and 2 other unexpected (soon to become) family members. This promising entry may turn out to be an added dimension to Charlie Harris' series. Loved and appreciated it all the way through.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-25 06:38

    3.5 stars but I'll round up. Cute and charming little mystery, and of course the addition of Diesel in the story doesn't hurt a bit!

  • Nicole
    2019-02-21 06:25

    Nice whodunit by Miranda James, author of the Cat in the Stacks series, featuring the Ducote sisters in their spinoff series debut. Very enjoyable! :-)

  • Jane
    2019-02-26 06:26

    2.75 stars - rated mild r-lite (see reasons below)I knew when I started this cozy mystery that it was not "Christian" fiction. I, however, am relating my opinion of the story from the perspective of a Christian reader. And while I enjoyed much of the story, there were a few bits that gave me pause.I liked the two main characters (a pair of senior sisters) and the oh-so-Deep South flavor. Loved their very southern names, so fun to say in my head as I was reading. The entire story takes place at their stately Old South home. All the quirky characters, humor and the small-town, Mississippi vibe were perfect. I, of course, loooved the animals in the book (especially the Maine coon cat who evidently is the co-star of another series by this author). As an unseasoned mystery reader, I felt the mystery part was overall good, but perhaps a bit weak at the conclusion. Some parts of the story, such as (view spoiler)[the Italian Count (hide spoiler)], were a bit contrived. It also sometimes felt as if the author was checking off a list of "politically correct" insertions.Those bits that "gave me pause" from a Christian perspective: a) a small bit of bad language, b) alcohol consumption (not terribly objectionable to me, but perhaps to others?) -- the two very proper, wealthy, old Southern belles do drink just a wee bit -- things like a glass of sherry or shots of whisky as a sort of restorative to warm them out of the state of shock after the first murder occurs in their house, c) implication that one of the sheriff's deputies might be in a secret homosexual relationship and "he deserved a nice man"; also (fairly major spoiler) (view spoiler)[talk of a male lover for the Italian Count, and then the guy shows up and makes it obvious---not sure what was the whole point of the Italian Count or his gay lover--perhaps a red herring??--the Count was a weak and unbelievable story angle to start with, and it seemed more of an inclusion by the author to get a "pc" point across than anything else (hide spoiler)] Without these complaints, the book would've been close to four stars for me.Favorite funny line: "Oh brother. The corn harvest bid fair to be substantial, if he kept this up."

    2019-02-21 02:18

    The Ducote Sisters, Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce exemplify sweet southern charm and true manners. Their southern upbringing and manners are really put to the test in this first of the A Southern Ladies Mystery. We first come to know the the Ducote sisters in Miranda James's Out of Circulation, the fourth book in the Cat in the stacks Mysteries. The sisters are cat sitting Diesel, Charlie Harris's Maine Coon Cat also from that seriesThe sisters former sorority sister, Rosabelle shows up at their door out of the blue. She explains to them that she fears that one of her family members is trying to kill her. The sisters boil it down to Rosabelle's always wanting to be the center of attention and her self absorbed ways. Rosabelle then explains examples of how she thinks her family has tried to harm her, so being the true southern ladies they are let her stay.Then just as suddenly and Rosabelle shows up so does her family members one by one. Their behavior is deplorable but the sisters show their true manners and self restraint by letting the family stay in the home to see if they can discover if what Rosabelle is saying is really true. Then one of the family members comes tumbling down the stairs to her impending death then deputy Kanesha Berry from the Athena Police department and The Cat in the Stacks Series is soon investigating the murder and soon another family member is murdered.These sleuthing sisters all the while keeping to their true southern roots and charm made these sisters a true match made in heaven and their poking in and meddling look exemplary to the suspects and there were many in this deranged family. I loved all the familiar characters from the Cat in the stacks series especially Diesel the cat who was along for the ride and deputy Kanesha Berry, made reading this book a true cozy comfort. This first in a spin off to the Cat in the Stacks series was a true delight to read. I can't wait to meet up with these charming ladies again in the next in the series.

  • Mark Baker
    2019-03-18 01:21

    Sisters An’gel and Dickce Ducote are surprised when their college friend Rosabelle shows up unannounced on their doorstep and states that one of her family members is trying to kill her. But not too long after her family shows up to find Rosabelle, someone dies, and the evidence points to murder. Which of their house full of guests is a killer?This is a spin off series from the author’s popular Cat in the Stacks Mysteries, but the fact that I’ve only read the first one of those didn’t hamper my enjoyment here at all. Instead, I was introduced to some wonderful characters, series and suspect, I am looking forward to getting to know in future books. The plot moved along great with lots of clues and conflict. Unfortunately, the ending was weaker than it should have been.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies
    2019-03-06 05:25

    Bred with Southern hospitality, good manners, sippin' sweet tea, and tossin' back shots of whiskey for their nerves; the DuCote sisters, Dickce and An'gel, are pet sitting Diesel, the huge Maine Coone cat belonging to Charlie Harris, from the Cat in the Stacks series. And, if that's not already entertainment enough, when an old sorority sister comes calling; seeking refuge from her family whom she says is out to kill her; the sisters are in for the likes of drama and death as they've never imagined!! A cozy story filled with wonderful wit and sentiment from the sensible sisters; compassion for the hurt and wounded; and determination to see the mean-spirited bad guys 'n gals served up justice on a platter!! Sit yourself down with a glass of ice cold sweet tea and read for a spell. Enjoy, y'all!

  • Elaine
    2019-02-24 05:29

    I wanted to like this book. I was looking forward to a new murder mystery. But by the time the plot ground so excruciatingly slowly to the end, I could have cared less who was the killer and who was the killee. The only action of the book happened in the last two pages. The remainder was dithering over a family's wills and who inherited what and why, and people being generally nasty to each other.

  • Dawn Michelle
    2019-03-12 03:37

    Oh. My. Gosh.This book was a lesson in tedium. And a lesson in NOT throwing your books. W H A T the heck was the author thinking when she wrote this?? WHAT a horrible read.The only reason it has two stars is because I really like the main characters [even with their weird names]. I truly enjoyed them when they were introduced in one of the Cats in the Stacks books and was pretty excited to see that they got their own series, because truly, they are hilarious. Add a visit from everyone's favorite Maine Coon cat Diesel, and I thought this was going to be cozy perfection. Ahhhh, that is a no. A BIG. FAT. NO. WHO the HECK where these nasty horrible characters she dreamed up to visit the Ducote ladies? They were are horrible, hideous, spoiled, nasty, money-grubbing people. And when you have a book full of horrible people like that, it does not make for a good or a fun book to read. NONE of these characters were nice, none had any redeeming qualities. There was one good person and he wasn't technically related to this hideous brood of people who should have never procreated so he is exempt. I could not wait to be done with this book. And the end was a little to pat me on the hand for my taste as well. Ergh. I may read the next one because one would hope that the Ducote sisters don't know only horrible, hideous people, but I only will if I can get this from the library. Ugh.

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-11 23:46

    This book is a spin off of the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James.The main characters are to me two loveable 80 yr. sisters An'gel and Dickce Ducote who are exactly like I want to be if I reach that age.The characters are so well written and have such depth that I can actually hear their voices in my mind as I read their words. The humor brought to the story is really what must go through everyone's mind when guests come to visit and stay and stay and stay. After all guest and fish do stink after 3 days. Even family and close friends. Again with this series Miranda James has captured the old fashion southern charm the years when these ladies would have grown up. Taught to be always gracious hostesses.

  • Sue Em
    2019-03-12 05:45

    This book had me at the title, I knew I had to read it. And I certainly enjoyed it. Two sisters have their Southern hospitality put to the test when an ex-sorority sister drops in unannounced claiming someone is trying to kill her. A malicious stew of her family follow in her footsteps and the sisters soon have a houseful of unpleasant guests. Fatalities ensue. But the set up for more books has me intrigued and ready to meet these characters again.

  • FangirlNation
    2019-02-24 23:27

    In Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James, octogenarians Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce Ducote take the unusual step of inviting a house guest to their home: Diesel the giant Maine Coon cat,  the same feline from the Cat in the Stacks series. They settle in for a visit with the well-behaved cat when Rosabelle, a woman who had been their sorority sister sixty  years earlier, suddenly appears on their doorstep. She frantically tells the Ducote sisters that she has run away from her family because she believes that someone has been trying to kill her.Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation

  • Yvonne
    2019-03-12 02:33

    A brand new series by Miranda James! I love James’ “A Cat in the Stacks Mysteries”, so there was no way I wasn’t going to read the newest series, “A Southern Ladies Mystery”. This series gets off to a brilliant start. It helps that we had a special guest appearance by Diesel, the star of the “Cat in the Stacks” series. It’s always fun catching up with Diesel.This series has a cast of characters in its own right that are fun, portrayed realistically and, of course, are mixed up in murders. This series features two elderly sisters, An’gel (pronounced “ahn-JELL”) and Dickce (pronounced “Dixie”) Ducote.Their Southern hospitality gets them in quite a bit of trouble when a former sorority sister shows up on their doorstep claiming that a family member wants her dead. They open their door to help her, but their good intentions turn into misery. When the woman’s entire adult children and grandchildren show up, the Ducote sisters can’t help but welcome them into their home as well. It turns out to be the biggest mistake of their lives, as murder enters their home.The Ducote sisters put on their amateur sleuth hats and get right on the case to find out if there is a murderer under their roof. The quicker they find a killer, the quicker they can get rid of their unwanted guests.This book is filled with humor, realistic dialogue and oozes with charm. It’s a fast-paced book that I couldn’t put down. It made for an enjoyable weekend of reading. I’m definitely adding this to my “must read series” list. Excellent from beginning to end.FTC Disclosure: The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review for this blog tour. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Lynn
    2019-02-17 03:33

    Bless Her Dead Little Heart is the first book in the Southern Ladies Mystery series. The protagonists are Miss An'gel and Dickce Ducote who are octogenarian wealthy sisters. A knock on the door of their grand house in Athena Mississippi turns out to be Rosabelle Sultan who was their sorority sister. Rosabelle, who always was self centered and had a flair for drama, announced that she came to the sisters because someone in her family wanted her dead. She was invited to stay with the sisters.A few more knocks on the door featured her family who followed her to the sisters. They stated they were concerned about Rosabelle who they said just disappeared. They were invited to stay with the sisters too. As one might expect, deaths start occurring.I liked the book ok. I chose to read it as octogenarian sleuths who were loaded with southern charm interested me. The plot moved somewhat slowly for me and didn't totally engage me as I read. I have enjoyed previous books by the author. I do think that there was a very good setup for the next book with the addition of new characters and animals. Fans of the Cat in the Stacks series should enjoy this book as it is a spin off of that series. Diesel, the cat. is being taken care of in this book by the sisters.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-18 02:30

    I've been flying my way through Miranda James' books via my public library. I speedily read the first four cat in the stacks books and am awaiting book five, which I had to put on hold. I noticed the first book in the southern sisters series and decided to give that a try. We were introduced to the mai characters, An'gel and Dickce in book four of the other series.Eh... I'm not a huge fan of senior sleuths and in this case, there are two of them. In addition, the author switched back and forth between the sisters' point of view and it was hard to remember whose viewpoint I was reading. In addition, the sisters sniped at each other, either out loud or in their heads. The other characters were super annoying. You really hoped someone murdered them all. In the end now, there's been three murders at the sisters' stately home, one from the other series and two in this one. I wonder when people will start saying the house is cursed?The mystery was weak in this one. Whereas the cat in the stacks series is absolutely charming, this one falls pretty flat in comparison. I don't know if I will read the second in the series. Probably not until I've read a few dozen reviews from other readers. Just so-so for me.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-02-20 01:27

    In this first novel, which is a delightful spin-off from the series, "A Cat in the Stacks Mysteries," we are re-introduced to wealthy society sisters, An'gel and Dickce Ducote as they entertain their house-guest, Diesel, a Maine Coon Cat. All three are enjoying a peaceful rest in their Athena, Mississippi home, when suddenly the peace is broken.The doorbell rings, and upon opening it, the sisters find their rather unlikable sorority sister, Rosabelle pushing her way inside. Not only is Rosabelle apparently seeking asylum with the Ducote sister's, she dramatically states that one of her family is trying to kill her!No sooner than Rosabelle is settled in the guestroom, than the doorbell rings again! It appears the family wants to keep Rosabelle and her money in their sights! Chaos reigns and this ill-mannered and obnoxious group stresses the sisters to the maximum of their Southern manners. Not to mention the accidental murder?This book is filled with humor, action, animals, and even a gigolo or two. The sisters Ducote, and the police have their hands full and I truly enjoyed the entire book.

  • Sallee
    2019-03-10 03:40

    This is a first in a series that promises to be as good as the Cat in the Stacks series. An'gel and Dickce Ducote are cat sitting for Charlie Harris. These two elderly spinsters live in a historic home called Riverhill. When one of their sorority sisters. Rosabelle Sultan shows up at their door asking for sanctuary, claiming that someone in her family is trying to kill her, their Southern manners leave them no choice but to invite her to stay. Unfortunately, her whole family shows up shortly thereafter claiming concern for Rosabelle. Her selfish children are anxious to discover what is in her will and it becomes apparent that one of them is willing to kill to get their hands on the money. A house full of suspects along with Diesel, Charlie Harris' Maine Coon cat to observe all the goings on, both sisters find themselves trying to figure out who is guilty of murder.

  • Georgette
    2019-03-18 07:17

    I only have one question.... WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK IN THIS SERIES COMING OUT??? While I adore the Cats in the Stacks series by Miranda and so happy to see Diesel be a part of this new one(lovely segue) I am totally besotted with the Sisters..An'gel and Dickce. I sensed at once that this would be a bit of a wild ride with them, and then of course their uninvited guests who multiplied by the pages added to the adventure.The plot and character development was well paced and the gradual introduction of the seeds of new characters that will continue on left me invested in more seat belt action to come. I did get a sense of whodunit it but it never stopped my enjoyment. The sisters are at once distinct and complementary of each other and that was lovely. You won't be sorry to pick up a copy of Bless Her Dead Little Heart!

  • Betty
    2019-03-11 01:41

    Ducote Sisters' Unexpected GuestsAn excellent start for the Southern Ladies Cozy Mystery series. This is an old-school to A Cat In The Stack Mysteries. Diesel is staying with the Ducote sisters, An'gel and Dickce while Charlie's family is on vacation.The sisters have unexpected company an old friend, Rosabelle. Shells them her family wants to kill her. The sisters are surprised when her family shows up. The daughter-in-laws falls down the marble staircase and is dead. The Sisters and Kanesha Berry feel it is MURDER. we are introduced to Peanuts, a Labradoole and Endora, Abyssinian cat who Dickce and Benjy recused. I now have another series to read.

  • Melissapalmer404
    2019-03-15 04:24

    Book #99 Read in 2015Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda JamesThis is the first in a cozy mystery series. An'gel and Dickie are a pair of southern sisters who became amateur sleuths when one of their house guests end up being murdered. The pair try to weed through a slew of possible suspects. The mystery was well written and kept me guessing. The sisters were a great pair. I loved that Diesel, the Maine Coon cat from the other cozy mystery series by James, was in this made for a nice bridge between the two series. I recommend this book to cozy mystery fans. The second book will be out next month; I cannot wait.

  •  Gigi Ann
    2019-02-20 01:28

    What a cute little cozy mystery book. I always go to James for a fun read when I'm in a fun cozy frame of mind.

  • Aaron
    2019-03-12 03:23

    This is the first book in a spin-off series that is dovetailing off the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries. The main characters are two matronly and elderly sisters named An'gel and Dickce Ducote. They have popped up a few times in James' other series, which stars librarian/detective Charlie Harris. An'gel and Dickce also live in Athena, Mississippi, but they are probably the richest people in town. They are always willing to help out, which probably explains how they are willing to take their long-time friend and sorority sister Rosabelle Sultan in when she arrives on their doorstop with an interesting story about how someone in her family seems set on killing her.Rosabelle's family all lives with her in California, and it doesn't take long for all three of her adult children, her daughter-in-law, and three of her grandchildren to show up looking for her. In fact, it all happens before the end of the day of her arrival. They definitely want her to come home and get some help because some of them thing she is having psych episodes. Out of fear for their friend, An'gel and Dickce decide to let everyone stay at their host as they look into what is going on.Unfortunately, things take a horrible turn when one of their guests takes a tumble down the stairs and dies. It very quickly becomes clear that the fall was not an accident! An'gel and Dickce can't help but find themselves in the middle of investigation in the hopes of finding the murdered before their friend Rosabelle turns up to be the next victim.I do have to admit that I struggled in the early chapters of this one. Partly, it was due to the fact that that the sisters, who usually seem so friendly and nice, come across as being, well, bitchy. They are constantly bickering with each other and come across far more judgmental than they usually are. With some time, this settled down a bit, and I found myself enjoying the book as much as I did all of the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries. Diesel, said cat, actually plays a background role as he is being cat-sat by the sisters while his family is traveling in Europe. I am definitely looking forward to another book starring these older, but spunky amateur detectives!

  • Anne-Kathrine
    2019-03-15 01:25

    Bit of a quirky book but def enjoyed it. Seeing how Miss An'gel and Miss Dickce are able to discover the clues with the help of Diesel the Maine Coon was so much fun. Description of all the characters made it so easy to picture each of them :)

  • Linda Fifield
    2019-03-11 00:38

    Great first book of what looks to be a fun new series!