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This was going to be a special year for the Parker sisters. Eve was going to dominate in the classroom and on the basketball court. Gwen was going to make the starting five and go down in history as the greatest prankster ever. Ana was going to do as little as possible. But without warning, all three sisters gain extraordinary abilities that defy science... powers that comThis was going to be a special year for the Parker sisters. Eve was going to dominate in the classroom and on the basketball court. Gwen was going to make the starting five and go down in history as the greatest prankster ever. Ana was going to do as little as possible. But without warning, all three sisters gain extraordinary abilities that defy science... powers that come with a cost. Now all they want to do is make it through the school year without drawing any undue attention, while racing to find a cure before the side effects of their new abilities kill them. Eve's temperament, Gwen's fondness for pranks, and Ana's predilection for money, however, are challenges they must overcome to achieve their goals. Because if they can't, they're dead......

Title : Sins of the Father
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Sins of the Father Reviews

  • Stephanie Swint
    2019-02-16 00:09

    I hear ‘Sins of the Father’ and I think crime novel or mystery/thriller but not a badass middle grade novel about three teenage black girls with superpowers. That said, as you read the book the title makes perfect sense. It’s fun and it had me laughing genuinely as an adult without kids. I hesitate in calling it badass because Thelonious Legend was very age appropriate and had no profanity in the book, but I just can’t find a more appropriate word.The Parker sisters are affluent, intelligent, and athletic. They are competitive and excel at what they put their mind to at their private school or in martial arts. They are no strangers to success, but when their athletic capabilities improve drastically they start to question what is going on. Gwen has become increasingly strong and Eve can move faster than lightning…ok, not quite that fast, but close. While Ana’s sisters are going through these physical changes her above normal intelligence has become genius level allowing her to amass a small fortune in off shore accounts from stock trading. She also is able to comprehend biologically and chemically what is happening to them which is great since the one doctor they went has no idea what is going on and died mysteriously after meeting with them. The race is on to find out what is happening to the Parker sisters for multiple reasons. These girls want their lives back. Their powers have made it so they can’t compete for fear of hurting those they care about and because they can’t expose their secret. They don’t want to be scientific guinea pigs but that isn't the worst thing that could happen. They have a clock on them because there are negative physical effects that come with their superpowers. As the powers increase so does the danger.Legend’s characters are likable. They are not stereotypical and kids reading this book will be able to relate not only to the Parker sisters but to their parents, friends, and the rest of the supporting cast. Another bonus is the characters are diverse. Friendships cross cultures without it seeming contrived or forced. Parents, while they are not main characters, play a more active role than several young adult books out there. They are people who, while not perfect, are role models and appropriate supports to their children. These girls are confident individuals and, like most teenagers, first try to solve their problems without the help of adults. What teenager really thinks adults are capable to understand and help their situation? They do seek support from their parents…eventually…partially.The writing is good. It is a middle grade book, however. The set up is a bit different from an adult book. The level of detail and introspection is lighter than adult fiction. As mentioned above it lacks profanity and sexual material. There is a light teenage romance but it’s not something concerning for a child of any age to read. I believe there are two kisses total. One kiss between the parents showing affection as natural and positive and one chaste kiss between the oldest Parker sister and a boy in her class. What surprised me and was really enjoyable was the humor. The Parker sisters are very funny with one another. There was a point I was reading lines aloud to my husband. He wanted to know what kept making me laugh out loud. It’s definitely a middle grade book but I would recommend this to adults as well as kids. If you enjoy superpowers and/or middle grade books I recommend you pick this up. I dare you not to enjoy it!

  • Thelonious Legend
    2019-03-08 23:16

    OK, disclaimer... Thelonious Legend is my pen-name and I actually wrote the book so hell yeah I'm going to give it five stars! But don't let that dissuade you from reading it. I have it on high authority that it might be the best book ever written and will undoubtedly change your life! Or so I've been told.

  • LuvBooks
    2019-03-17 01:13

    This book was well written. I mostly enjoy how the book isn't "dumbed down". Most of the books I've read explain things readers already know and don't give the reader a lot of inference. I find that slightly offensive, to under estimate your readers. For example, " . . . the burning flames danced around the room . . ." Again, I absolutely love the description and picture painting, but seriously? Burning flames? I know fire is hot and flames burn. I understand that many authors don't do this on purpose and actually make a habit of it, but please give the reader at least a little credit. We know water is wet, snow is cold, fire is hot and grass is green. The change will make your readers a lot happier and they will be 38% more willing to read your book.Another thing I would like to mention is how highly defined the characters are. The personalities of the characters are highly appreciated. I am sad and ashamed I can say this, but when I've read some books, I've finished and my first thoughts were, "Okaaaaay . . . that was . . . decent." When I read those books, the main characters were just like any other ordinary kid. Mean older siblings, embarrassing parents, etc. Some of those books I've read, I didn't even get to finish because my interest died. Quickly. Everyone's different. Maybe the character eats their spaghetti differently. Maybe the character has a special pair of tennis shoes they really love. Chances are, they are not like the average kid. There is no average kid. Everyone is different. Get THAT through your head. Sins of the Father contains characters you will never forget. You feel for the characters. You notice their personalities right away. I adore that. The best part is how their actions are intact with their personalities. If they are a hot-head, they won't go down without a fight. Now THAT is how you right a book!

  • Musings of A Romance Junkie
    2019-03-14 00:58

    Do not let the cover or the synopsis of this story fool you into thinking that this story is just for youngsters. I am a proud member of the 40+ club, and I can’t remember enjoying a story more than Sins Of The Father. I haven’t laughed this much, reading a story in I don’t know how long. And as the title of the story implies, the father done f*cked up…The story begins with a scientific experiment gone wrong, and you’re initially confused as to what this has to do with the Parker sisters: Eve, Gwen, and Ana. It will all soon make sense. The Parker sisters are your typical pre-pubescent teenagers, living in suburbia and attending middle school. Athletic and competitive in everything they do, each sister is unique in their own right and will immediately steal your heart. Eve, the eldest, is struggling with self-esteem because of her dark skin, kinky hair, and curvy shape. She’s not the “classic beauty” all the boys go for, but she doesn’t realize that’s part of her appeal. Gwen, the middle sister, is the family jokester and class clown. Always the life of the party and center of attention, she only cares about maintaining her reputation and winning-at all costs. Ana is the baby, but she’s the brains of the family. Precocious to the tenth power, Ana is hilarious without even trying. Her interactions with one teacher is comedic gold.The Parker sisters soon notice that something isn’t right within them. They’re undergoing physical changes that can’t be explained. They each acquire unique, superhuman strengths that can’t be explained but puts them at risk, not only physically, but someone wants them dead. The sisters must rely on their newly-acquired powers to not only keep them and their family safe, but also discover how and why they got that way to begin with. Yes, the sins of the father are mighty…

  • John Winston
    2019-02-20 23:21

    Not your typical middle grade read, but essential.I teach creative writing to middle school students in Detroit Michigan. The dilemma is, and always has been, trying to find literature that empowers my students, not limits them. Enter, “Sins of the Father”: The Powerpuff Girls meets Charlie’s Angels in living colour. SOTF brings diversity to the genre like never before. We can put a person of color in the White House, but not in a cape and definitely not in mainstream literature, the forbidden frontier for people of color. Eve, Gwen, and Ana—fast, strong, and smart, respectively—are the Parker sisters, and they get the job done in a big way. Thelonious Legend sets this Sci-Fi/Fantasy up brilliantly with a sizzling prologue then places the reader on a path of espionage-filled action complete with sequences of basketball, martial arts, and even dodgeball (can kids still play that in school?). The last play in the dodgeball scene made me laugh out loud in the library. No spoilers: you’ll have to read it to find out why.SOTF has it all: comedy, mystery, suspense, action, and even a touch of romance … puppy love if you will, to keep the reader turning pages non-stop. Legend doesn’t shy away from challenging vocabulary either, which is good for middle school students. I’m not ashamed to admit, I had to grab my Webster’s. My 12-year-old 8th grade daughter will read SOTF next, and it will be required reading for my creative writing class this semester and thereafter. Oh, and this is a series, so I’m looking forward to the sequel … you should, too.

  • Amie's Book Reviews
    2019-02-24 02:59

    SINS OF THE FATHER by Thelonious Legend I won a paperback copy of this book from the Goodreads Giveaway program. Synopsis:The Parker Sisters seem to have it all. They're rich, they're athletic and they are receiving an amazing education. It seems like their lives are close to perfect and when they suddenly seem to develop some sort of super powers, they see it as a blessing.However, they soon discover that the side effects of these powers just might kill them. The sisters have to band together to try to figure out a cure before it is too late.Target Audience: This book's target audience is young adults. I like the fact that the author just assumes that his reader is intelligent and he does not attempt to "dumb down" the science or the vocabulary. This is a refreshing change.What I Liked:The sister's characters are unique and interesting. Each of them have their own distinct personalities which is nice to see. It is not usually the case with young adult novels that the characters are so well developed. Most authors focus solely on story line and forget to make the characters realistic and relatable.What I Didn't Like:For the first half of the story I was thrilled that even though the sisters are black, they are affluent and there is no mention of the stereotypical poor, underprivileged black kid. However, later in the story we learn that Tyler (Eve's love interest) takes a bus two hours each way to attend school and to avoid his dangerous neighborhood. I was disappointed to see this included in the story since I have seen and read that same "poor, black kid makes good" story line over and over again. I don't believe it added anything useful to the plot and in fact was a distraction from the main story line. There were some editing issues, including one on the very first page of the book. It reads: "his feet echoed off the walls..." Feet do not echo. Footsteps can echo, or the sound of his feet can echo, but not feet. On page 110 it reads, "Up until last week, Eve had been on an uneasy footing..." This should say: "Up until last week, Eve had been on uneasy footing..." The use of the word "an" is unnecessary. Page 112 - "Tyler, Amy, and Kang practically ran the school, thought Eve." This should read: "Tyler, Amy and Kang practically run the school, thought Eve." This is present tense, not past tense.In Conclusion and Rating:All things considered, I enjoyed this book and will probably read the next two books in the trilogy. If the editing errors were fixed this book would have received 4.5 stars, but as is, I give it a rating of 4 out of 5.I enjoyed the storyline of science being used to secretly enhance people's genetic structure. It is already happening in our society today and books like this one are necessary to bring this scary form of bioengineering into the light.

  • Tamara Philip
    2019-03-14 05:53

    So I literally just finished reading this book, not even an hour ago so everything is very fresh in my mind.Therefore I may have to come back and change somethings once I’ve had time to truly mull this amazing book over.This is the authors debut novel and WOW he comes straight out of the gate rearing to go.It was fast paced, energetic drama from the first page to the last and I know the rest of the series will only get better as Thelonious Legend’s writing style improves and evolves.I loved that the 3 sisters were so popular, despite some of their claims. I mean they had tons of friends, and were part of so much after school sports groups that I felt a little jealous! I’m not a sports person so I didn’t know what most of the stuff was regarding Basketball, Football, Tae Kwon Do and I swear there was more! I think the author could go ahead and skimp on those details next time LOL.Messing around with all those school kids took time away from the insanely interesting plot going on. which I felt was sometimes rushed because of the time skips. I wanted to know how the girls found out about Dave, or how they would have reacted to their father (first hand) when they found out, how their parents worked it out because that was such a huge breach of trust on Barry’s side, I wanted to know more about Elizabeth’s situation, lots more should have been devoted to Ana since she was the brains of the outfit and I felt Eve was too limiting because she was so self involved. Also the girls did not talk like middle schoolers, they were high schoolish and I think I would have believed it more if they had been. They were so much more advanced in many aspects. I definitely wanted to read more about the baddies and the reasoning behind their mindsets and Dave’s reasoning for stealing it in the first place and so much more, hopefully that will be in the rest of the series that I can’t wait to read!!So I guess I did enjoy reading about all of the characters and their backstories because it was wonderfully diverse and well written. It was all the sports talk that kept dragging me back out of the story while I clung onto the plot for dear life. I also loved the book cover and I think this book would be a fantastic tv series especially on Nick Teens or the Disney Channel.Great Job, Thelonious!

  • Milan
    2019-02-17 06:59

    This book is definitely one of the better Young Adult books out there. It's a nice acknowledgment of the more realistic side of the science fiction genre. The journey the three sisters take will have you laughing and crying right along with them. With highlights of action, humor, romance and some illegal adventures and procedures, this book is sure to warm its way close to your heart. Although the book is a little choppy with it's scenes, it's a well-written novel overall. Amazingly written for both young teenagers and adults. Despite it's minor flaws this book is sure to leave all readers inspired, reflective and ready for more books to come.

  • Indy
    2019-03-08 00:04

    This was a great book! It was different from anything else I've ever read. First of all, it was funny, action-packed, and overall, just left you hanging on the edge of your chair. I loved the prologue and the descriptive style Mr. Legend uses. Second of all, it was unique. Overtime many of us readers find ourselves reading stories with the same plot lines and the names of characters changed to make the book seem different. This book was completely original and had many hidden gems in it. I'd definitely recommend this to middle school kids, young adults, and adults. It is appropriate for anyone 6th grade and up. Can't wait for the sequel!

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2019-02-18 05:06

    This was an awesome, fast-paced adventure that had a cinematic quality and plenty of diversity. The action and the humor never let up. I enjoyed the sisterly dynamic between Eve, Gwen and Ana. And it's refreshing to read about well-to-do and achieving Black families. Though mom and dad - Barry and Michelle (wink wink) were the loving, if slightly overprotective types. Everything about this novel was top notch - the adventure, the mystery, high school drama, sisters who differ yet have each other's backs. There were a few continuity issues, but not enough to be jarring. Overall, what's not to love about a trio of super-powered sisters? As much as I enjoyed it, my initial rating of three stars stands. The colorism is unacceptable, especially because there are so many other issues a young Black girl could deal with. This line right here almost made me throw my brand new Paperwhite across the room:Eve kissed her father before leaving, thinking she had the worst of both worlds: she had her father's dark chocolate skin tone while her sisters' complexion mirrored their mother's. The mother is described as having skin the color of lightly toasted bread. Seriously??? But wait... Yet she had her mother's body type, which consisted of big legs and hips.Think of little dark skinned girls who, in looking for positive representation, are once more slapped in the face with how their beautiful dark skin tone is undesirable. It's bad enough to have this message long reinforced by mass media, but to have one of our own do it is, in my view, betrayal of the worst sort. What makes this even more egregious, is that this is the kind of novel so desperately needed for young adults. And I don't want to hear any excuses about "realism", especially in a book about super-powered girls. How are we going to change the narrative about who we are when still trapped in such retrograde and damaging thinking? Before anyone goes there, I'm not singling the author out for being male, because anyone who follows my reviews knows that I am vocal about colorism regardless of gender and/or race. Know better, then DO better. With that said, I'm definitely interested in reading the next book in the series.

  • Kayti Raet
    2019-02-20 00:58

    Sins of the Father by Thelonious Legend is a middle grade speculative fiction novel set around the lives of the Parker sisters, Eve, Gwen, and Ana who discover that they have super powers. Eve cans suddenly move so fast it is like everyone else has stopped moving, while Gwen can bench-press five times her own body weight and is virtually indestructible, and Ana, who has always been smart has now upped her math skills exponentially.But these new powers come at a price and the Parker sisters must find the antidote and defeat the bad guys before it is too late.Sins of the Father is a fun read, and the Parker sisters are fresh and hip. The novel is full of snappy dialogue and Legend seems to have a great time crafting crazy and memorable side characters.I liked the dynamic between the three sisters and how they all seemed to have their distinct personalities but always came together when the cause was right.Great for anyone looking for a book featuring strong female characters and family values.Be sure to check out my video review where I compare it to books like The Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter Sincerely,Kayti Nika Raet, Author of The Outsider Chronicles

  • Kym
    2019-02-24 00:15

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was excited for this book because I'm in constant search for a book with African-American protagonist where we don't see any of the African-American stereo types. I can't stress the importance of books featuring African-American characters where the protagonist must over come to temptation of drugs and gangs, or where the character is affected by absentee parents, teen pregnancy, or abuse. There are children who grew up in those environment who need to be encouraged to fight for something better, what they deserve... a better life than the one they were dealt. However, it's also important for those of us (because I am African-American for those of you who didn't notice) who grew up in suburban environments to read about characters like us. I didn't grow up in a city. I have two parents and two younger sibling who love me. I got average grades in school and played the flute in band. I want to read books about characters who look like me. I want to read books like those written by Sarah Dessen, Veronica Roth, Tahereh Mafi, Holly Black, and Colleen Hoover that feature characters with dark skin and braids. Don't get me wrong, I understand why there aren't more books like this, I'd done the research, I understand why there aren't more books like that out there, which is why the heart jumps a little bit when I find books like Sins of the Father. I love that this book features an African-American family who are upper class, as opposed to something you might read in a Walter Dean Myers book, or something a part of the Bluford High Series. It's a book that someone who grew up like I did can relate to. I like that Gwen, Eve, and Ana all have such defined solid characters with their own personalities that contribute to the story. I have to say, however, that I had a hard time reading the dialogue of the book. I specialize in working with teenagers, I have siblings who are 14 and 17, I was in high school myself only 10 years ago (wow that's actually a lot). The teen characters read to me as if they were teens written by adults, they don't quite flow for me. I found myself reading passages thinking "that's not how teenagers speak".The concept for the book was amazing. I loved the characters, I just wish that some of the character speech didn't take me out the of the story.

  • Weezie
    2019-02-28 03:56

    I give this book a solid 3.5 stars. I loved the characters. We have an incredibly huge shortage of books that involve marginalized characters that are not "trying to escape the hood/barrio/rez" and I was so excited to see a book about not only about Black girls but Black girls who also had privilege in the form of financial security. The storyline was interesting and I loved the ending, the way it wrapped but fairly nicely but also left room for the series to be continued. The only real issues I had with the book was the pacing (it seemed to drag in spots and I felt like the side characters sometimes bogged the story down in terms of moving forward) and the dialogue felt kind of awkward until I got used to the author's writing style. Overall, it is a good, quick read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a diverse book with a little sci-fi twist!**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a completely honest review**

  • N.D.
    2019-02-23 01:55

    Its's always nice and far too rare to read young, African American female youths written as super heroines. That's what I most enjoyed and appreciated about this book. There were good scenes of humor, drama, and action. The relationship between the sisters, especially the squabbling, rang true. I will say that having three lead characters is a lot, especially when there are so many other characters for the reader to get to know. And the dialogue, while good overall, was too adult in places for some of the young characters. At times, the sisters came across more as being in their late teens or early twenties. But the slow build of their powerset and their athletic ability was nice to read, as was the strong family dynamic.

  • Kari
    2019-02-23 03:52

    I am an avid reader. Sometimes theymake it to my Goodreads list and sometimes they do not! THIS book had be LOL at times. I read this after a particularly difficult time in our lives, and after reading very heavy theological writings, conflict resolution matters, and abuse recovery literature (counseling items). THIS BOOK TOTALLY FIT WHAT I NEEDED TO TAKE A BREAK AND JUST LAUGH!! Well written and just a good story! I have given it to my niece (13) to read and have given the title to my youth group friends and friends MY age! (Yes, I am not above reading GOOD teen/young adult novels). THIS one fits all levels. THANK YOU, brother. Keep writing! You have a gift that needs to be shared!

  • Geraldineyoung
    2019-03-06 00:19

    Geraldine Young: Experience this "read on" page turner. Get ready for laughter, fun, the unexpected and some anxiety as these sisters journey through some extraordinary escapades. Some scenes are so vivid that as a female adult reader my motherly concerns would kick in. Their sisterly comradery, competitive spirits, diverse talents and abilities makes for delightful action packed reading from start to finish. Looking forward to the next edition!

  • Bree Hodges
    2019-03-04 03:07

    Fun read! To me, this book was a fast, fun filled journey and I really enjoyed reading about the characters and plot :)

  • Andrew Bernstein
    2019-02-26 00:06

    Solid 4 star. Mr. Legend's first book is a fun read. As the father of a teen girl I enjoy reading books with strong capable teen girl characters. Definitely a clean YA book, but accesible and enjoyable for all ages. The book is funny, the main characters are well rounded, individual and ocmplete and the story feels like it has a conclusion but is obviously left open for future adventures (which I plan to read).

  • Dawn
    2019-03-15 05:14

    Good book! Looking forward to reading sequel!

  • MissFabularian
    2019-03-15 00:57

    I really enjoyed this! It's gems like this that keep me coming back to indies. Please excuse me while I *swoon*.Sins of the Father is a recipe of black girl magic + Blackish + action/ninja/fantasy that is witty satisfying, and glorious. For more of this review click here.

  • Giuliana Evangelista
    2019-03-18 05:08

    When I first started this book, I will be honest with you and say I wasn’t very intrigued. I just didn’t see the purpose of the introduction. That part just confused the heck out of me and it took me a while for me to get involved into the book. Let’s go on to the characters. I don’t really like to put up long reviews, I like to get straight to the point. The first character I met was Eve, and I liked her character. She is just the perfect amount of normal I needed from the book. Gwen on the other hand is not normal at ALL. She is just a little ball of sass and I loved it because not every sister was the same. Gwen is very “innocent” and I loved her character. Ana is not normal either. She is the smart and funny character and not because of actual humor, but because of the DRY humor that she brings. Everything she says is so dry and calculated which makes me love her because she is not TRYING to be funny, the way she is already makes people laugh. The way he is consistent with his characters makes me like the book because there are many books out there in which the characters change the way they are in the middle of the book and maybe that character is your favorite and you wonder where they went. I had no problem with that un this book. Ana is my absolute favorite character. When I got a little further into the book, I found myself going deeper and deeper without noticing. I liked that I got immersed into the book. The fact that this book is not revolved around romance makes it even better. We have so many power related books but they are all involving romance. I like that this is different. We do have some hints of crushing happening but nothing that interferes with the story line. Sometimes the author puts in random lines and I love it because it takes away from the seriousness of the book and makes it more lightweight. For example we have “Barry, you are a grown man with a household full of women, I might add, so it’s past time you get use to buying feminine products. Hurry home. Dinner is ready. Bye.”Thelonious Legend. Sins Of The Father (Kindle Locations 1872-1873). This is absolutely funny because in the midst of the hurricane the funniness is still there. The fighting scenes were absolutely amazing, I found myself thinking of it as a movie, the scenes were detailed enough that made it seem that the reader was a cameraman. I do wish that there were more emotional parts, and that will seem that the book is more humanized and the characters are human. The aspect of power was incredible because this seems like the beginning of an amazing superhero story even though at this point, the girls are trying to get rid of the power because it will most likely kill them. I had not idea why the author named the book Sins of the Father before I started the book but after a couple of chapters in I understood.Overall I enjoyed the book, it could be better in some parts but I give the book a 3.50 out of 5 stars.

  • Kym King
    2019-02-26 00:01

    Thelonious Legend is an amazing sci-fi writer that I met via twitter, he hosts the #BlackWritersChat and the #BlackComicsChat monthly. We followed each other and now I am honored to be reviewing his latest book Sins of The Father. What I love about Thelonious, is he is one of the many authors I have discovered via twitter that are always campaigning for more diversity in not just books, but all forms of media. Sins of The Father, without giving too much away, is a book about 3 African American sisters who realize quickly at the beginning of this school year their problems reach far beyond boys, books, and basketball…they have some crazy abilities that they can’t wait to solve the mystery of and get rid of. Eve, Gwen and Ana Parker will definitely touch your heart and become your best friends in your head. Not just serious though I actually caught myself laughing out loud at the realness of the characters.What struck me most about the book, was the fact that this isn’t your stereotypical black family; the girls’ parents are very successful in both of their respective careers. Mom Michelle is a Senior Analyst and father Barry is Director of IT at a consulting firm even grandma plays a role in the background of this story. Refreshing is not the word to describe how it felt to see an author actually take the time to cultivate his characters’ backgrounds making sure details about even the extended members of the Parker family was covered. This was done in a way that wasn’t just filler for the rest of the story, enough was shared without over sharing and without boring the reader.With twists at every turn of the page, and diverse characters this young adult sci-fi thriller reads more like Sherlock Holmes and is definitely better than a lot of YA dribble out now; it kept me guessing wondering and wanting more to the very end. I have a 9 year old son and after I was done reading I immediately passed it over to him to sink his teeth into. Sins of The Father will definitely become your and your family’s favorite book-I see this not just ending at one book but definitely being a great series. Salingers’ Holden Caulfield said: ‘What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.’ No this doesn’t happen much but I am proud to say that Sins of The Father did that for me and I cannot wait to see what else Thelonious has in store for the Parker sisters.Readers do yourselves a favor and download this book if you have kids and even if you don’t and let’s keep these amazing diverse books coming! You can find this book on amazon and you can follow Thelonious via twitter @TheLegendBooks and his blog is

  • Skye Kilaen
    2019-03-16 06:11

    I'm a sucker for geeky, indie creative media made with love. I sat down intending to just start this book (which I received a review copy of for a book tour on my blog)... and stayed up late to finish the whole thing. That doesn't usually happen to me, I'm very protective of my bedtime! But by the time I was halfway through the book, I needed to know how it ended.Four reasons why it hooked me so well:1. Multiple female lead characters, with diversity of personality, appearance, and motivations among them. Eve, Gwen, and Ana are all distinct people - as they should be. Such a nice change of pace from books and comics with just one female character in a cast of all guys, or a couple of token female characters who are hard to tell apart from each other because no thought was put into them.2. The sisters' real-world concerns and superpowered challenges are blended well. The book doesn't start with a typical YA setting and then turn into a nonstop action blitz. The sisters have to get through their day to day lives while coping with their transformation, after all. The issues with friends, school, and parents don't overwhelm the sci-fi conspiracy angle. Instead, they often heighten the urgency of finding a solution to the girls' dilemma.3. They are all teenagers, but they are all fully realized characters. None of the Parker sisters are perfect, but they're not stereotypes of rebellious, tempestuous, or sulky adolescents. I worked with teenagers in some of my previous jobs, and they're a lot of fun, I really enjoy seeing them represented well.4. Ana! The youngest Parker sister, hacker, numbers whiz, entrepreneur, super-genius! I loved her. I especially loved her reaction, after she knocks out one of the mercenaries hired to kidnap her, to how much money he has in his wallet. The way her mind works is hilarious. She's so matter of fact in her analysis. She's definitely my favorite Parker sister, and I'll read the next book just for more of her antics.Did the book have weaknesses? Sure, just like any book. I sometimes felt like the detailed descriptions of people, outfits, and locations slowed down the action. I think Legend was doing it for a reason though: not leaving space for the reader to fill in inaccurate assumptions. He's presenting three strong female, African-American protagonists who come from an affluent family, attend a prestigious school, and have a diverse group of friends. This strongly goes against what the media often gives us, so it's important to make sure the reader has no doubts about what's going on here.My overall take? It's a solid, fun young adult novel with superpowers, and I'll definitely be reading the next book. And I'm now waiting for my son to get old enough to read it!

  • Grace (LovingDemBooks) Z.
    2019-03-16 02:00

    Okay. There is actually a lot of potential in this book.I thought it had editing issues.Another thing is, is that there are three main characters in this book. The book is told in third person... I personally would have liked it much better if the book was told in three separate perspectives so that way I could connect with the characters better.Also, there really isn't a lot of plot and character development. That was another thing that bothered me.I also felt like I was reading a galley instead of a published book. It was very plain without attractive chapter headings, and to me, it wasn't a proper cover either.But I did like how it was a very diverse book. The main characters are African American teenage girls. You don't see a lot of that in YA lit.Once again, the book has potential, but it doesn't mean it doesn't have its flaws either.My rating system:5 - I don't use the 5 stars. A book is never perfect, therefore a book should never get a 5 star.4 - As good as a book can get. I loved loved loved it.3 - It was good, I enjoyed most of the book, but it has some flaws.2 - I didn't really like it, but at least I got through the book1 - I couldn't get through the book, and I didn't like it.

  • Veronica
    2019-03-06 23:11

    Sins of the Father left me on a happy note, and I'm glad I've read it. Thelonious Legend provided me with an ebook copy of this book for an honest review. And here it comes:Bad thingsI'll start with the not so good things first.Sometimes it was a little slow, and I was confused at what was going on, but that's probably partly my fault.The cover didn't really go with me. The cover is only a small thing though, and it's bright and bold.When I finish a book I like everything wrapped up well and happily. If this isn't the first book in a series, I felt the ending was a little abrupt. There seemed to be some loose ends in my opinion. If there's more adventures coming, then sign me up!Good thingsI love how realistic the sisters are! They have fights and strong personalities. My favourite is Ana because I'm a die hard nerd too.The writing was flowing and good, but I did find some typos in the book.The storyline was fairly interesting. I found it unique to lots of other books I've read.The romance was pretty and light, my sort of thing.And I love a good fight scene!Bottom LineThis book is somewhere in between, so I've rated it 3.5 stars. Keep writing, Thelonious! You're a legend!

  • Erin Skiller
    2019-03-17 04:52

    (I'm really terrible at review but here goes)This book is a First-reads.I really enjoyed reading Sins of the Father. It was an engaging story about 3 sisters coming together to over-come a huge obstacle. I loved how each sister had a unique personality and behaviour which complimented their super power, and the fact that even though they didn't get along at times they could still work together and achieve their goals. The characters had quite believable traits and characteristics even though the possibility that this novel was based on true events is quite unlikely I felt like if it was possible the characters acted in a realistic way.I did like how the ending provided some closure for Eve, but I did wish it hadn't ended there. I would've like to get some more information about how wants them and why and what happened to the man Eve was fighting during the meeting with David and other threats. Overall the book was a good read. But it has left me with some questions. My favourite thing about the book would have to be the main 3 characters, The Parker Sisters. I just love each of them and I hope I get to read more about them soon.

  • Claudia
    2019-02-24 05:57

    One of the better young adult books I've read this year, the characters are well developed there's no annoying love triangle and no "I turned sixteen today, something big is gonna happen I just know it". Three sisters, each with there own challenges and personalities gain powers that defy the laws of science. Racing against time they need to find out how to cure the side effects or essentially they're dead. Well written and exciting this book was fun to read.The only issue I had with this book is that it was written in third person when I felt that writing it from one sisters perspective or even all three would've enhanced the reading experience. I also found the prologues change of voice half way through from the victim to the scientist slightly confusingI received this book through Goodreads Firstreads

  • Kevin Wayne Williams
    2019-03-01 05:20

    I read this book in preparation for a podcast for Black Girl Nerds, as Thelonious, Tiffany Davis, and I were all being interviewed.Thelonious has done an excellent job of updating a traditional YA theme (three teenage girls having big adventures under their parents' noses, a theme which probably began with Nancy Drew in the thirties), incorporating a more modern science fiction sensibility and a more ethnically diverse cast of characters. It provides a positive image for black girls that want to read books about black girls being successful without being dogmatic about it, so I can recommend this book for middle-grade and high-school girls of all races.

  • L.A. Hendricks
    2019-03-02 03:21

    Slow start, but fantastic ending! It took me a while to get into this book. I initially had some trouble adjusting to the rhythm and pacing - not to mention those three middle school sisters with vocabularies stronger than most adults!! But once the book began exploring the relationships the sisters had - with each other, with their parents and with their classmates, the story became much more engrossing. Having had at various times Eve's standoffishness, Gwen's forcefulness and Ana's Super Dork-iness (I just loved her!!) I was truly able to connect and enjoy the girls' story. Definitely recommend to anyone with middle grade girls!

  • Misty Iputi
    2019-02-18 06:55

    Sins of the Father was a fun and exciting book to read. Once I started to read it I could not put it down. The ideas and scrapes the sisters get themselves into had me laughing to myself. I am giving this book a 5/5 star as I finished it in one night and was chuckling throughout it. PERSONAL NOTEI wanted to read a book that was fun and upbeat and this is what I needed. It also showed though how no matter how different sisters are or no matter how much they fight they will stick together when they need to.given a free copy for a review.