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Some men know how to wear a suit. He knows how to take it off … Eric Reeves is the CEO of a real estate development firm that's on the cusp of a huge breakthough. Soon, he'll taste the first fruits of true success—or watch his dreams go up in smoke. But first he has to earn a living…by becoming Dalton Chase, the most sought-after stripper at Beaux Hommes, one of Seattle'sSome men know how to wear a suit. He knows how to take it off … Eric Reeves is the CEO of a real estate development firm that's on the cusp of a huge breakthough. Soon, he'll taste the first fruits of true success—or watch his dreams go up in smoke. But first he has to earn a living…by becoming Dalton Chase, the most sought-after stripper at Beaux Hommes, one of Seattle's most exclusive adult clubs. Cass Jameson hires Dalton for her best friend's bachelorette, but from the moment he steps through the door, his eyes never leave her. Dalton is hot, ripped and exactly what Cass needs to let off a little steam. Nothing can stop the primal need between them—to touch, to taste, to take…and to want more. Nothing except their real identities....

Title : Stripped Down
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ISBN : 9780373798186
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Stripped Down Reviews

  • Carmen
    2018-08-06 20:50

    "I should have been there, Cass. You shouldn't have had to deal with that on your own." He choked the sharp words out."It wasn't your responsibility.""Bullshit.""What makes you think I need to take care of my problems?" she demanded, pulling away from him. "You're not my boyfriend."The smell of roses intensified as she struggled a bit before he finally let her go. "That may be true, but I would've enjoyed it."This book has problems. It starts off with an interesting premise: Cass is throwing Gwen a bachelorette party. She and Gwen are handcuffed together. Cass has hired a stripper, real name Eric Reeves, stripper name Dalton Chase, as entertainment. He is a CEO by day, and a stripper by night. Okay. This sounds interesting.Now, I'm not into strippers. I don't care whether a man or woman is stripping, the whole thing just makes me sad and doesn't turn me on at all. But this idea of a man who is a corporate suit during the day but takes his clothes off at night for money because he is broke is a fascinating one and I thought it could make a really interesting book.PSYCHOLOGYAnd it does, at least for that psychological angle. The most interesting parts of the book are when Eric Dalton struggles with his identity and his choice of night-time profession. He feels a deep shame and guilt about stripping, and he has a huge chip on his shoulder about it. He's always reading hidden meanings into Cass's words, looking for possible insults related to his choice of profession. She has no idea he's a suit and only knows him as a stripper. It also leads to some wonderful psychological analysis when Eric Dalton interacts with other people. For instance, his 22-year-old brother, who Eric Dalton practically raised up, wants to become a stripper. Eric Dalton does everything in his power to talk his brother out of stripping. He thinks it's "beneath" his brother and tells his brother that this is not what Eric Dalton fought so hard for - to give his brother choices in life so that he wouldn't have to do things like strip in order to make ends meet.Another great psychological aspect is Cass's internal conflict regarding dating/having sex with a stripper. She is herself a CEO of a corporation, and she is terrified people are going to find out that she and Eric Dalton are together. So she goes to some lengths to hide him from anyone important in her life. But she feels like shit about it. All this is very interesting....THE DARK SIDEAnd then we have the darker side of this book. Initially, I liked Eric Dalton. He seemed like an okay guy. During the first chapters he was edgy, but relatively benign, showing mercy occasionally and acting like a reasonable man.This quickly degenerates. It seems like Eric Dalton is flirting with I'm-an-abusive-asshole-which-some-misguided-people-call-alpha. Let's run through a few examples:1.) He's always grabbing on to Cass and not letting her go, even when she struggles or asks to be let go. I'm not talking about in bed, I'm talking about in real life. This is instant-dump behavior in my opinion... Cass obviously doesn't agree.2.) He's always putting his hands on people's necks and throats. Notice I said "people." Yeah, it's not just Cass he does this to - he also engages weaker males this way in order to show dominance. I was like: o.O I'm not on board with this. I don't mind having a man's hand on my neck, but he's a little too aggressive with this and I was unhappy. Again, I don't feel like we were in full-blown "I own you, bitch" territory here, but we were getting close enough that I was upset. (Dalton isn't the only one who does this. An older woman, a mother-figure, puts her hand on the back of Dalton's neck and squeezes in a show of dominance. An I'm-the-mom-you're-the-pup,-watch-your-tone-young-man kind of thing.) Reading over this paragraph you'd think this was a novel about werewolves. Seriously creepy.3.) Okay, now here we have this little gem, someone makes a crack about Cass when she's with Eric Dalton in a subway tunnel."Take a deep breath, Cass. He was only playing.""Sure.""I mean it." He hooked a finger through her belt loop and pulled her to a stop. "Look at me."She glanced back, wary of his quiet surety."If he had been disrespectful, I would have put a stop to it."OK. Let me get this straight: Cass doesn't get to decide when she's insulted or hurt by what someone says to her - YOU get to decide if she's been insulted or hurt. Because... you own her? If any form of this conversation had gone down in any relationship of mine the guy would be out the door so fast he wouldn't even realize what had happened. I can't stand this proprietary shit. Not even touching the fact that he regularly talks about and wants to beat other men up for her.4.) What Cass calls "demanding and commanding." This is when Dalton gets bossy and domineering in bed and out. Cass clearly doesn't like it. She asks him on four separate occasions to cut that shit out. Yeah, that's three times too many in my opinion. What a fucking inconsiderate asshole. Your woman's trying to communicate with you and you just steamroll right over her, because you are a fucking prick, Eric Dalton.All of this *gestures to this whole section of the review* is a huge warning flag. Abuser - run! Now, like I said before, he doesn't get into really nasty territory - trust me I've seen much worse - but that doesn't make it any better. You may think from reading this section that this book is very... BDSM-flavored with dominance and power-plays being a main focus - it's not. Instead, it's much more insidious. This treacherous vein is just a small part woven into the over all story, poisoning the whole thing....SEXNo matter what his skill-level is, I can't enjoy sex with a jerk who doesn't respect the woman he's with....Tl;dr - A fascinating premise and good basis for a story which is ruined by the hero's bullying tactics.1 REAL STAR, 1 ROMANCE STAR

  • CL
    2018-08-03 19:00

    He casually draped an arm over her shoulder and released Cass’s beer. “And how’s my favorite bride tonight?”Said bride preened a little. “Better, now that you’re here. We’re under full-frontal attack from the natives.”“Hmm. I’m more a rear-approach kind of guy.”Cass choked on her beer. Ignoring Gwen’s waggling eyebrows, she wheezed and gasped, eyes watering.Gwen absently waved a hand in her direction. “Don’t pay any attention to her. She likes sex but has to warm up before she gives good innuendo.”I have wanted to read a good stripper romance for awhile now so this book was released at just the right time - with the added bonus that it was about a male stripper!The first half of the book was a strong 5*. The stripping scene was HOT, as was the dancing scene at the club, and I loved seeing the chemistry between Eric and Cass explode on the page. I loved how they were both genuinely interested in learning more about each other and remembered the little things like how Eric took his coffee and that Cass liked crepes.Things got a little bit confusing for me in the 'identities revealed' conference showdown with these random men butting in and I would have also liked a final showdown scene with Cass firmly putting her father in his place (and maybe introducing him to Eric!).Otherwise, this was a delightful, quick, sexy read. I can't wait for the second book in the series and I hope that there are many more to come!“I was doing a little play-by-play recap. I’m pretty sure we both scored repeatedly, but I’m not sure who won the game.”She patted his cheek. “Silly man, I did.”“How can you be sure?” Scepticism wove through his words.“Because you’re the player, baby, but I’m the coach.”“Put your coffee down.”“What?” Her gaze slid to him, and he was totally charmed at the way her lips twitched and her eyes shone.“I said put your coffee down.”“Why?” Now the scepticism was all hers.“I don’t want you to spill it and burn yourself.”She snorted. “I think I can manage to hold a conversation and sip a cup of coffee without burning myself.”He arched a single brow. “You won’t be able to when I take you to the mat...Coach.” She was off the bed in a flash, her alarmed squeak making him laugh. “What kind of coach runs from her players?”“The kind who knows the size of bat her player swings.” Scarlet stained her cheeks. “I’m a little sore.”“No batting practice this morning,” he said gently and patted the bed. “Have a seat.”“Okay, but hands under the covers and you keep them to yourself.” Her eyes flared and her mouth opened and closed as he roared with laughter. “I didn’t mean... That is... Well, shit.” She chuckled, shaking her head.“So no batting practice, huh?”She grinned. “Shut up, Dalton, or you’ll be benched indefinitely.”“Shutting up immediately, Coach.”Full review with pictures @ Love's A State Of Mind

  • Clair
    2018-08-04 17:46

    What can I say? Other than the fact I read this in practically one sitting? Or I just swooned and laughed and cried as the characters did? Or maybe I fell hard and rooted for the struggling but determined hottie called Eric Dalton Chase and cheered for the kickass, takes- no- crap from anyone Cass Wheeler Jameson. These two, from the first moment they met to risking it all at the end, was a couple worth rooting for! I love reading these types of stories- characters with a backbone with a tidal wave of struggles, lies, vulnerabilities crashing around them with no chance of stopping. Love means taking chances, and I happily applaud the author for pulling it off! :) A Definite 5 Stars!!!

  • Cris
    2018-08-10 20:09

    Taí, gostei! A história encaixou bem na proposta da série, que é de publicar historias modernas e "quentes", bem quentes!O Eric/Dalton é um empresario de dia e dançarino de strip-tease de noite. Ele, como empresário, está quebrado, investe tudo o que tem na empresa e não sobra para as mordomias, tipo; água, luz, comida, aluguel... Então, a maneira que ele encontra para se sustentar é rebolar sua bundinha bonita na frente de mulheres depravadas, que enfiam notas e mais notas em sua sunga apertada. E numa dessa reboladas ele conhece a mocinha, Cass, que está organizando a despedida de solteira de uma amiga. Os dois não sabem, mas tem um trabalho em comum; a empresa dele depende da empresa de engenharia dela para conseguir uma conta que vai salvar sua pele. O problema, é que como ele não contou seu nome verdadeiro para ela, os dois não tem como chegar a verdade sozinhos. Achei que autora podia ter tornado a historia mais interessante se desvendasse o mistério mais cedo e colocasse os personagens para correr atras do prejuízo e trabalhar melhor esse drama, mas não, ela enrolou um monte de historia, ficou andando em círculos um tempão e depois resolveu tudo rapidinho e sem muito stress. Pecou muito nessa parte.

  • Darlene Murphy
    2018-08-01 18:44

    Okay, maybe more 4.5 than 5. My quibble isn't with the characters, they're funny, smart sarcastic and Cass and Eric's passion could ignite icebergs. The side characters are likeable, no annoying best friends or relatives who blurt out things that embarrass their friends/relatives or felt that they had to save one or the main characters from some imagined problem with the love interest. The story for the most part is well-told and there are no grammar or spelling boo-boos to pull you out of your reading. The half point off was for something that one of the other reviewers mentioned: there was no resolution to the situation with Cass's father or his henchman. I wanted to see the 2 of them roast over a low fire, or at least that the father losses his business. I am really looking forward to the other novellas in this series and anything this author writes in the future. Definitely GoodReads!!

  • Sandi Whipple
    2018-07-28 21:46

    The story took me a long time to get into. For a romance novel, well, there wasn’t much romance. Though the stripping and dancing scenes were well done, I still think there should have been a little more romance in the story. I don’t mean passion and sex. Unresolved situations left me a bit cold, (meaning Cass’s father, I would have hired someone with a baseball bat) and I think the creation of Eric could have been stronger. The extra characters (men,) sent my concentration over the edge to confusion. I had to go back and re-read a few places. That’s too bad too, because the actual story itself was pretty good.

  • Kerry Connor
    2018-08-09 18:45

    I haven't read a Blaze in over a year, and possibly longer, but I really enjoyed this. It made me wish the line was as long as it used to be, because I wanted more of the story (especially an epilogue). But the climactic confrontation was more gripping and emotionally involving than anything I've read in quite some time. My head said it was probably far-fetched and unrealistic; the rest of me was too engrossed to care. This was an impulse buy at the grocery store because I was desperate for something to read. I'm glad I bought it.

  • Timitra
    2018-08-07 13:49

    Rated 3.5 StarsI enjoyed this book, loved both characters and rooted for them to succeed both professionally and personally but I didn't like how long Eric took to tell her about his name it irritated me that and the fact that there was no resolution between Cass and her father and his lackey but other than that it was an enjoyable read.

  • Slytherin Rose
    2018-08-12 15:04

    I felt that the ending was rushed! After all that hiding of who is who I would have thought that by the time the secret is revealed, it would have been a bit longer and that it was very quick on forgiving. Other than that, I liked this book and was happy to win it.

  • Joy Strother
    2018-08-01 15:01

    This book was a slow read.I think there could have been a little more romance in the story.I thought this book was boring and it took me a long time to get through it.This book did have a good ending though.

  • Glynda Roy
    2018-08-10 19:05

    Good book.

  • Carole
    2018-07-30 21:52

    Characters and steamy romance were very enjoyable, but some plot twists and conflict of interest character choices left me feeling uncomfortable. Did not keep.

  • Harlequin Books
    2018-08-02 21:01

    Miniseries: Pleasure Before Business

  • Pili
    2018-08-07 17:54

    Note de 4,25/5 - Public averti: ce livre a de quoi donner des vapeurs! LOLPour un Harlequin, il est assez pimenté. Le personnage féminin a un caractère bien trempé et ne se laisse pas marcher sur les pieds (enfin!). Quant à l'Homme avec un grand H, il n'est pas un gros macho comme on a l'habitude de le lire ou du moins, ce côté-là n'est pas aussi exacerbé, et c'est tant mieux! Bref, une lecture trèèès sympa mais pour un public plus mature au vu de son contenu érotique très présent. Je viens de me découvrir qu'il y avait un tome 2 et 3 dooooonc, je vais me pencher sur la suite avec grand plaisir, haha! :-)

  • Mem
    2018-08-01 13:47

    B814 Sep14 Pleasure Before Business #1 Real estate CEO, Eric Reeves' firm is close to a big breakthrough. He is moonlighting as a stripper to earn a living, keeping the company going and his younger brother in college. He meets Cass Jameson as stripper Dalton Chase, she hired him for her best frien's bachelorette party. They have no idea that she is working on a project for his company. Her father is a jerk who wants to force her to marry his jerk of choice!

  • Krys
    2018-08-01 19:00

    Loved it! I read these out of order, not that it really matters at all. Great story and characters just like the next 2 books! Hot and funny scenes. Along with the ups and downs. Great series!

  • Outi
    2018-08-09 15:06

    I skimmed much of this book. I hated the characters and their reactions were so unbelievable it was sickening.

  • ♫✯Em loves Hollenstein✯♫❤the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation❤
    2018-08-06 16:52

    What is attractive about this cover?? His skin is like cracked leather... This cover tells me all I need to know about the book.

  • Albi Marion
    2018-07-19 14:50

    Cool plot, and idea. It would make a good movie. The sex scenes were bland.