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The story of Hudson Taylor is one of adventure and excitement - of improbable answers to prayer, opposition from the establishment and triumphs of faith. Even more interesting is the story of the relationship at the heart of it all - the story of Hudson and Maria Taylor.There are few love stories as enchanting as that of Hudson Taylor, the pioneering missionary, and MariaThe story of Hudson Taylor is one of adventure and excitement - of improbable answers to prayer, opposition from the establishment and triumphs of faith. Even more interesting is the story of the relationship at the heart of it all - the story of Hudson and Maria Taylor.There are few love stories as enchanting as that of Hudson Taylor, the pioneering missionary, and Maria Dyer. Their relationship and short marriage flourished in the bitterest of circumstances because their lives were firmly rooted in their devotion to God, as well as to each other.They were a perfect match, (though not perfect people), a couple who show us how to share our lives at the deepest level.John Pollock draws his material extensively from original letters and papers. What unfolds is a picture of courage and adventure in Imperial China, a lost world of pigtails, Mandarins and dragon-roofed temples. It also shows how Maria played a crucial role in shaping the ministry of a Yorkshire lad who, against oriental and western opposition, changed the way that missionaries work....

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Hudson Taylor & Maria: A Match Made in Heaven Reviews

  • John
    2018-07-27 09:55

    This is a short biography of Hudson Taylor, pioneering missionary to China, and his first wife, Maria. It ends with her death in 1870. He lived another 35 years after that, so I still have much more to learn about this extraordinary man of faith.It is, in part, a love story. And while it's not "Romeo and Juliet," Hudson and Maria did have to overcome opposition from some of their elders. I think there's a common perception that the Christian life is dull, and sadly there's some evidence for that belief.No one could have accused Hudson and Maria Taylor of living dull lives (they were accused of many other things). The same could be said for every missionary I know of. Some have more adventure in their callings than others, but all of them lead lives that are far more exciting than the norm. They aren't missionaries for the sake of adventure, but it does come with the territory.A number of mental images of Hudson and Maria Taylor will stick with me after reading this book, which was written in 1962.There is Hudson, during their time back in England, burdened with the vision of the unreached provinces of inland China. He didn't want to go back to the coasts where there were already missionary settlements, but to where Christians hadn't gone before. He thought of the 400 million people in China, and "he imagined them walking past him, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, taking, he reckoned over twenty-three years."Hudson grieving over the complacency and smug piety of a huge congregation in Brighton Beach. "Unable to bear the sight of a congregation of a thousand or more Christian people rejoicing in their own security, while millions were perishing for lack of knowledge, I wandered out on the sands alone, in great spiritual agony," he wrote.There's the tiny mission community in Yangchow, China, their complex surrounded by hundreds of rioters who finally battered down their doors (Hudson and another man had gone for help, but their effort was met with disdain by the Chinese authorities); Maria boldly confronting a looter, then all of them having to escape as fire was set to the mission house:"Escape was impossible until Reid, under increasing hail of stones, dragged away the fire below."'Jump!' he cried. 'Jump, and I will catch you.'"It was twelve to fifteen feet. Maria jumped. He only half caught her and she fell on her side. Emily jumped. At that instant a brickbat struck Reid full in the eye, blinding him and causing a concussion. Emily fell on her back. She did not lose consciousness. The instinct to escape drove her to her feet. She saw Rudland who had jumped by himself and had warded off a murderous attack from a club, helping a shaken, bruised Mrs. Taylor."And there's the shameful image of a writer for The Times, in his comfortable office in London, writing an editorial condemning the missionaries for the incident in Yangchow.

  • Malia
    2018-07-28 06:55

    Discussion points from our book club meeting notes:We all admire how Hudson Taylor went against the trends of other missionaries to adopt Chinese dress. His choice eliminated a very visible boundary between him and the Chinese. Those who continued to esteem themselves higher (and remain in Western clothes) created distance and conflict, making their mission less influential and more intrusive because it wasn't just appearances--it was ethnocentrism.Even in modern-day missions, we tend to bring our culture with our evangelism. Whether this be "worn" by a style of worship or a type of church building, the message shows clear to the natives: Christianity is a foreign religion if it must adhere to foreign customs.Having this biography written by a non-related, third party gave an excellent perspective of Hudson Taylor. He was described as sickly and frail. Others were surprised that he would lead a mission movement. Yet, he so obviously followed God that others were drawn to him and committed to being on his team.Maria was an exemplary wife. She was of a higher class and better educated, but she didn't look down on her husband but rather lifted him up (in society and in their own family as head of the household). She also had a peace and stability that was easily noticed; she was strong for Hudson and their children, a reliable and faithful wife and mother.Hudson let nothing sway him from following God wholeheartedly. Even when his reputation was threatened, he continued his work and didn't fight the rumors. He knew what mattered and what would eventually be sorted out.Taylor's exposition of the Lord's Prayer can sum up the way he lived: he emphasized "that personal petitions take second place, 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done' precedes 'Give us...Forgive us...' Christian Britain reverses the order: 'Instead of honouring Him with the first fruits of our time, strength and substance, are we not content to offer Him the fragments that remain after our own supposed need is supplied?'"Some may view Hudson as a super Christian or as the perfect example of a missionary. In reality, he is a man submissive to Christ's leading and passionate about obedience, righteousness, and compassion. We should all look to him as an example to follow--not just as a hero to praise.

  • Ryan Rindels
    2018-08-13 05:18

    A brief biography of James Hudson Taylor, magnanimous British missionary to China in the mid 19th to early 20th century. Taylor was indomitable in his zeal for carrying the gospel to Asia despite many obstacle from an unassuming frame, suspect health and no formal education. Venturing into provinces of China where few or no European had ever been, Hudson narrowly escaped death by violent mobs only to acquire illnesses that so swiftly killed men and women only a century-and-a-half ago. Living in China as a single missionary, Taylor was engaged to Elizabeth Sisson in England but received a letter confessing that she did not love him and would not marry him. At a time in history when letters took 3 months to reach Europe from Asia, Taylor pleaded but eventually accepted that relationship was not to be. Only some time later, Taylor met 21 year-old Maria Dyer. Bombarded by opposition from her 60 year-old guardian Mrs. Aldersley, Maria is forced to write a false letter turning-down Taylor's marriage proposition.Taylor doesn't stop his pursuit of Maria and eventually they overcome all obstacles and wed. Their love grows throughout the 12 1/2 years of marriage of which 8 children were born. Maria is a great source of encouragement, support and assistance to Taylor. She helped to bring balance to his naturally impulsive and hasty disposition. Maria was a strong intellect and the two were compatible in this respect. Their passion for the lost and hardy endurance were necessary in a time when traveling conditions were constantly dangerous, children frequently died (Only a few of the 8 children born lived to adulthood) and there was little repose from work. Maria's life was cut short as she contracted Cholera after giving birth to their eighth child (who died a few days after birth). This marriage, short as it was, was a source of joy and is an inspiration for all Christians who serve in ministry and typically never face the trials of Hudson and Maria Taylor

  • Robert Gilbert
    2018-08-13 05:13

    I gleaned two interesting insights from this book. First, Hudson was very much afraid of failing at the role of leadership. I can identify with this, and I think many parents can as well. Hudson did not want to lead his small band to their own deaths and disilusionment. He feared that his followers might denounce Christ under torture, or start wondering if God had really led them into such a dark and dismal failure as the Inland Mission might become. This is one of the big things I have struggled with in recent years, having failed at several things recently and realizing that my whole family had been harmed from it. Pollock made a point of resolving this issue toward the end of this book, which I thought was very interesting because it really didn't deal with Maria at all. I am very thankful for that extra chapter, though, because it has had a positive impact in my own life.The second insight was into Hudson's understanding of Buddhism. I, myself, don't claim to be an expert, but I have studied enough of it to know that the Buddhism described in this book is a far cry from what the original teacher was trying to pass on to his students. It is, in fact, the product of human understanding applied to a higher truth. The Chinese of Hudson's day worshipped golden statues of Buddha as though he were a god. What once had been a kind of discipleship very similar to that of Plato, Aristotle, and even Jesus, had been taken over by a hierarchy of priests and superstitions. I have used this illustration several times to show how even Christians have slipped into idol worship by not understanding the true teachings of Christ. When Jesus just becomes another statue we pray to, we're no better than those "pagan" Chinese that Taylor was trying to evangelize.

  • Bekah
    2018-08-05 04:18

    After reading It Is Not Death to Die: A New Biography of Hudson Taylor by Jim Cromarty, I saw an advertisement for this book in the back and I was intrigued. I was already inspired by Hudson Taylor and Maria's love story and the miraculous way God brought them together to serve the Lord, so I was excited to read this biography that covered a little of Hudson's early years and the time leading up to where he met Maria and then their 12 years of God honoring marriage.What I Liked: Even though there were some stories that I had already heard, I enjoyed a fresh perspective of these events. Every author writes differently and one thing I really enjoyed about this book were the journal and letter snippets provided. It really made both Hudson and Maria, along with a few other missionaries, come alive.Through this book I have come to an even greater realization of what wonderful, Godly people the Taylor family was. Were they perfect? Oh, no. They were sinners just like the rest of us and learned several painful lessons along the way, but I was inspired by their ever present desire to please and honor their Lord and Savior and to make Him known among the Chinese. I really admire these heroes of the faith and pray that I might be given the courage to make Christ's name known as they did.What I Didn't Like: There wasn't anything that I disliked in this book.I give this book 5 stars for an excellent biography on the lives and marriage of Hudson and Maria Taylor. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy biographies and desire to be encouraged in their own walks with the Lord.

  • Tiffany
    2018-07-24 07:13

    The style of writing is a bit different than what I typically read and that caused me to struggle a bit initially. However, as the book progressed, I was absorbed in the characters of Hudson and Maria Taylor. The sheer simplicity of Hudson's faith is inspirational and challenging. Hudson endured a lot of ridicule and betrayal in order to move forward with the vision and burden that God had given him for inland China. Hudson was not a man with a pedigree. He didn't come loaded with education, credentials, and networks. He didn't have deep money pockets. He didn't have all the answers. He didn't know the ending or even have a grand vision of what his actions could lead to in the future. He simply had faith and a willingness to do what others were not willing to do. His story can be anyone's story. He's a classic example of the impact that one person, surrendered to God, can have on all of mankind. The book only takes you through his life with Maria, so if you want the end of the story, you'll need another resource.Maria is also a character not to be overlooked. She shouldn't be thought of one who merely served her husband but rather one that helped birth a missionary movement through her steadfast faith, prayer, and hard work. She provided the fuel that kept all going even on the darkest night.

  • Sarah
    2018-07-21 08:49

    Tricky to rate a book like this... The 3 stars aren't my judgement on Hudson & Maria Taylor; I loved learning some of their story! Rather, the stars are for the book itself... It was rather matter-of-fact, which I concede is exactly what I prefer a biography to be, but... It falls into the broad expanse of "3 stars: books I'm glad to have read... once."Do be warned- this is no more or less than the story of Hudson & Maria... The book ends abruptly after Maria's death. I was left wiping away tears and wondering, "But what happens next?!" An epilogue regarding the fate of the Taylors' children and the mission would have been nice... Even polite.

  • Vicki Gooding
    2018-07-24 05:06

    Excellent book. Hudson Taylor, like George Mueller learned to trust God for all of his needs. Unlike some of the other books I've read this showed a very human man who just wanted and needed to marry and would have done so, had Father God not foiled all well intentions to do so before Maria. She was the perfect partner for this God centered man. To know the issues of bureaucracy involved behind supporting of missions in addition to charting new territory in an area that could be highly dangerous and unfruitful if it were not for the grace and will of God.

  • blue ranger
    2018-08-03 10:15

    This book spoke volumes to me. So many things were made clear in my mind. Being a missionary is something the Lord has placed on my heart and Hudson had the same calling. Being able to see how God worked in his life and how he placed all his trust in the Lord was truly amazing.Even though at times it is hards to understand the situations hudson is in. The book makes it clear that his focus in on the Lord. The only thing I disliked about this book is how sometimes the author rambles on about location when it isn't that important.

  • Michelle Brock
    2018-08-16 08:12

    I've read several biographies of Hudson Taylor. This one is one of the best I've read. Pollock seems especially sensitive to correcting the record that earlier biographers made, thus portraying a more balanced Christian couple. I appreciated his approach. While the biography only handles a portion of Taylor's life, Pollock's writing is readable and yet complete.

  • Debbie
    2018-08-10 06:56

    Encouraging story of a man's faith in God, and the troubles he goes through to live out that faith. The book ends with the death of Maria - I must do more research on the rest of Hudson's life.

  • Reuben
    2018-07-31 06:58

    Great life story of such a humble Godly man, a man of action

  • Jordan
    2018-08-08 06:01

    I *just* finished this book. It's definitely a must-read!!!

  • Sara
    2018-07-31 06:59

    Had to read this book for school. Maybe it got over-analyzed. From what I remember, I can only give it 2 stars.