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When the newly married Reverend Avery Wentworth embarks on a journey to the Americas to begin a new life, he foresees only joy ahead of him. But along with the shocking evils prevalent in a world of slavery, he comes against a much older, darker evil that steals his soul and turns him into a creature of the night. Cut off from humanity, he wanders through a wilderness of dWhen the newly married Reverend Avery Wentworth embarks on a journey to the Americas to begin a new life, he foresees only joy ahead of him. But along with the shocking evils prevalent in a world of slavery, he comes against a much older, darker evil that steals his soul and turns him into a creature of the night. Cut off from humanity, he wanders through a wilderness of despair. A nameless, faceless creature forced to exist in the shadows, his only hope for salvation is the vision of a beautiful Negro and three words: Wait for me.Rising Dark is the long awaited sequel to Dark Genesis and takes us from London 1757 to present day America in a love story that defies, time, death and the all-too-human flaws inherent in mortals and immortals alike....

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Rising Dark Reviews

  • Arlena
    2019-03-02 07:21

    Title: Rising Dark vAuthor: A.D. KoboahPublisher: Twenty Four PublishingReviewed By: Arlena DeanSeries: The Darkling Trilogy, Book 2Rating: 5Review:"Rising Dark" by A.D. Koboah was a very good paranormal vampire read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This Reverend Avery Wentworth journey from London to America and back and forth was a real live adventurous journey. After Avery's visit to America his life will never be the same for "he will come against a much older, darker evil that will steal his soul and turn him into a creature of the night." From wandering into this 'wilderness of despair' Avery will be faced with the 'shocking evils of the world of slavery.' I will say at this point be aware that there will be scenes of this read that will be horrible...and that's all I will say about that. In the end of "Rising Dark" what does the three words 'Wait for me' mean to Avery?' Will he see his beloved Luna again? This is the second novel 'Rising Dark' Book 2 which is a sequel to Dark Genesis. I believe to fully understand this second read I would recommend you pick up the first Book One. This read is definitely one read that once you start you will not want to put down until the end. I found this read a deep one where you will be caused to think about what is going on and how this slave issue may relate to our history. This author has put a lots of thought in the read where you will find that each page is so full of actions along with many twist and turns and in the end you will given a good read. I found the characters were very well developed, captivating,colorful, even believable in some sort of way and in the end this author will leave the reader waiting for the next book. Would I recommend? Yes, especially if you are a vampire lover of this paranormal world you have definitely come to the right place for a good interesting read.

  • Londa
    2019-03-19 00:19

    Now I will just HAVE to read Book 3! I NEED to know what is going to happen next! I think I came away with more questions than answers with this one. Why did Luna behave that way? Why did Avery's maker do that? Why are Luna's descendants being hounded? and What in the HECK is that Chapel Thing anyway and can it be defeated???I enjoyed reading the background to Avery's story. It explained why he is the way he is, and how his love for Luna developed. There was a large portion of the book devoted to the same events that happened in Book 1, but from Avery's perspective. This part dragged for me because I felt I had read it all before. Things started picking up in the chapters about their life together as a vampire couple. I would have liked to read even more about their life during the civil war and reconstruction. I loved when they took part the events going on around them. Even when Luna was behaving 'badly', I still wanted them to succeed as a couple. Is it wrong that I really enjoyed the fact that Luna was stronger than Avery? Hmmm....I'll just have to be wrong then ;0) There were a lot of characters that appeared and disappeared to quickly for my liking. I understand that a lot of time was passing in between the pages, but it got to be a little confusing at times. All in all it was a good read, and I WILL read book 3 whenever it is finished.This book was provided by the author for a fair and honest review

  • Romance Novels in Color
    2019-03-11 07:29

    First, let me say that if you haven’t read the first book in this trilogy, Dark Genesis, you shouldn't read this novel. Seriously, do not read this book until you read Dark Genesis! It’s available for free on Amazon. Who doesn’t love a FREE read? Also, it makes sense to read them chronologically as Rising Dark is a continuation of book one. You’ll thank me later.A little background if you will: In Dark Genesis, we’re introduced to Luna, a black female slave. Luna meets Avery Wentworth, a white man, and former Reverend, who is now a vampire. The details behind Luna and Avery’s meeting are very interesting. Book 2, Rising Dark, fulfills the longing that leaves the reader hanging after finishing the last passage in Dark Genesis. Ms. Koboah has weaved a supernatural tale that spans a variety of genres. You get the interracial aspect, you get the historical aspect, and you get the paranormal aspect. This tale has very little sex since the story is the driving force and boy is it an interesting story. I can’t give too much detail without spoiling a great deal for the reader.I am a HUGE fan of Ms. Koboah’s writing and for me Dark Genesis was one of my best reads for 2014. Rising Dark was one of the first books I read in 2015 and is likely to be at the top of my list for this year as well. The only downfall I have is that Book 3, the final installment in the trilogy, has yet to be released. Based on her social media pages, Ms. Koboah seems to be working on it and I have the feeling it will be worth the wait. I have recommended this book to others and I will continue to do so. It was an absolutely phenomenal read.-Reviewed by Natalie

  • Chidinma Onuoha
    2019-03-03 05:18

    For a paranormal book this book felt so real to me. While reading it, I felt everything along with Luna and Avery. To my suprise it surpassed dark genesis which I loved so much. It is usually hard to have a better second book in a series compared to the first. What I loved most about it was that it felt so real. Many vampire stories are more like fantasy, sugarcoating everything. Luna's feelings were exactly how most slaves would feel if they were made into a powerful vampire. I didnt like most of her actions, but I understoodthem.I understood Avery too. I loved his love and patience and understood his anger. These two characters are flawed in many ways, but it made me love them the more, something I thought was impossible after the first book.I cant wait for the final book.

  • Martha
    2019-02-21 02:20

    This is an excellent follow up to to the first book in the trilogy.

  • Andrew
    2019-02-24 07:07

    This sequel to "Dark Genesis" follows Avery's story. Whilst not quite what I was expecting it was still an enjoyable read.

  • T.R. Horne
    2019-02-23 06:23

    Raging Book Review Rating: 4.5I really enjoyed Koboah's second book in The Darkling Trilogy. The book was written in the perspective of Avery, a handsome, caring and smart vampire that has followed his love Luna for many years. The story is very touching in a sense that Avery is so caring and honorable yet he faces his own struggles with forgiveness and is many times blinded by his unfaltering love for Luna. I can't say much about the book because there are many twists and turns throughout the novel that lead into the final blow but I will say that I was really interested in the fast paced action scenes that this book served up as well as the brute honesty of the scenes. I only wish there were more, more, more! The first 50% of the novel is a revisiting of the past through Avery's eyes. I did not care much for such a large chunk of the novel to be "retold" in a sense but I did feel closer to Avery after having read his side of the story. There are new characters introduced into the novel and some I wish I knew more about (Mallory and Dallas) which may be a teaser for the last and final book. The author states at the end in her note that she is thinking of telling the story through Dallas' eyes but I had a sick feeling when I read it. I didn't like Dallas one bit in the novel and I wasn't sure if I could stomach her for an entire novel! But, stranger things have happened in the book world and I may just end up liking/hating the character enough to feel like it was a great story. Needless to say I am stoked for the final book in this trilogy and recommend everyone catch up with these novels before the final book comes out (hopefully soon!). Raging Book Review Recommended! Find more reviews at

  • Shomeret
    2019-02-17 05:33

    I really liked the first book in this trilogy. Luna was a strong woman. Avery was a rather mysterious and unusual vampire. I admired his opposition to slavery. In this second novel we learn about Avery's background story, and what motivates him. Although I continued to be impressed by his altruism toward those less fortunate, I wasn't the least bit impressed by his relationship with Luna. I disliked his possessiveness and intrusiveness toward the women in his life. That controlling attitude isn't really love in my book. (view spoiler)[ Avery seized a book that Luna was reading and threw it in the fire in order to get her attention! This is only one small example of behavior that I consider intolerable. (hide spoiler)]Luna's behavior toward Avery didn't strike me as loving either. When I read the first book, I thought their relationship was impossible and I haven't changed my opinion. I am quite convinced that they were never meant to be together. I think that the idea that one person's behavior compels someone else to behave in a certain way in reaction to that behavior is an irrational justification for abuse. There are always choices. I saw Avery and Luna consistently making the wrong ones in their relationship. Learning from these mistakes and putting an end to a pattern of abuse is a tall order, but I would like to think that Avery can eventually change.I can't say that I enjoyed this book. It's definitely a good deal darker than the first novel, and that is not the sort of book that I enjoy.I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.

  • Alvinia Dean
    2019-03-12 07:15

    Bravo! Bravo! This is one of the best pieces of literature I've read in a long time. The writer did a superb job weaving a story, Avery's story, which took the reader across time. Dark Genesis Part 1 was good but this book Rising Dark was even better.It was like I was on a journey, looking in, watching Avery's life throughout the years. Every emotion he experienced, I experienced. So much sadness. So much death. So much loneliness. So much hurt. So much despair. So much love. Avery's love for one woman tested the waters of time. In a way it crippled him emotionally. When he thought he had overcome conflicting emotions, love brought him to his knees.Avery has yet to find everlasting love and happiness but I hope in the next installment he discovers at least inner peace even if it's in death.

  • ~Charmer~the 1-click addict
    2019-03-08 05:08

    I loved this book better than the first book. If I could give it more stars I would. Love the book covers, as well. I think I'm in love with Avery. I liked him in the first book but I got to see the story through his eyes. His love for Luna was/is beautiful. He loves her so much. My emotions were all over the place while reading this book. I was sad for Avery throughout most of the book, I was mad at Luna for a good chunk of it, and I even laughed at a few scenes with Avery and Luna's descendants, but I was really creeped out during the chapel scenes. I will admit that I cried a couple times; when Mama sent Avery to England and then shortly after he got back. When I got to the last person we met in the book I was happy. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen. I will be telling everybody about this TrilogyA.D. did a GREAT job on this book.

  • Diane Brown
    2019-03-10 05:33

    I didn't expect the second book in this trilogy to take this form. I would have liked to have Luna's voice and perspective. Instead, I soon realised that this trilogy is really about Avery.

  • B.D.Shellman
    2019-03-09 00:30

    Couldn't put it down. Read in my record time. Brought next in series before finishing this one. Great!

  • Carrie Slager
    2019-03-06 00:06

    [Full disclosure: I was contacted by the author and received a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.]One of the things that struck me about Dark Genesis was the strength of Luna’s character. In her life as a slave she goes through absolutely horrific things and that really affects her later on, even when Avery proves over and over that he would never ever hurt her. As she learned to trust him, their love developed naturally but at the same time she still had trouble trusting. They go through so many trials together that you can’t help but love them as a couple. But at the end of the novel when Avery (through the eyes of one of Luna’s descendants) reveals that Luna is gone, you wonder what went wrong with the two of them. In Rising Dark, we definitely start to get an answer.Here in Rising Dark we see both what happened to Avery before and after the events of the first novel. It was very interesting to see his early life in London, his move to America, his marriage and then his horrific transformation into a vampire. What I liked best about his character was that although he goes through some very awful things he still manages to be kind to everyone, especially Luna. When she learns to trust him and love him he is very understanding and caring but as she grew drunk on her power, things began to change between them. Seeing Avery’s heartbreak over the whirlwind borderline abusive relationship between the two of them that develops is just heart-rending. As their mutual happiness turns to ash, it’s very interesting to see how they both deal with it. It really says a lot about both of their backgrounds and their personalities. I can’t tell you much more without giving away spoilers, but Avery (obviously) does not cope very well with his beloved turning into a monster.The plot was a lot more fast-paced than the plot of the first book. Avery’s life story goes rather quickly so that we catch up to the point where we meet Luna fairly soon. After that, it’s a whirlwind of plot twists and turns as the two of them play out their growing push-and-pull dynamic. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen between the two, A. D. Koboah throws in a huge twist in the plot and forces you to re-evaluate your predictions. This is especially true toward the end of the novel when Avery meets the descendants of Luna’s human children and discovers that a mysterious evil is stalking them as well. Rising Dark ends on a cliffhanger and although in some cases this second book raises more questions than it answers I felt that it wasn’t an unsatisfying ending. It just made me want to get my hands on the third book even sooner.One of the things that makes the Darkling trilogy stand out to me is the fact that A. D. Koboah has just a beautiful writing style. I have never been to the United States or England but she creates a very believable picture of life everywhere from a Southern plantation to the dark streets of London. Through her descriptions, she not only paints a picture of daily life throughout the past three centuries but she also creates a sort of air of foreboding tied into the dark evil mentioned in the blurb. It makes you want to read on even when you feel like you should probably put the book down and do something productive like sleep or eat. Even if the pacing was slow, Koboah’s writing style would most definitely keep you hooked. I know it did for me and now I can’t wait to learn the conclusion of Avery and Luna’s story in the third book.I give this book 5/5 stars.

  • Carlotta Ford
    2019-03-05 07:32

    Great book

  • Tricia Skinner
    2019-03-10 07:21

    SPOILER FREE) After Dark Genesis, I had to read Rising Dark ASAP. After only two days, I finished the book and was left with another stunned moment. How the hell does author A.D. Koboah hit every damn button I have for a solid, amazing, page turner? Whatever she's doing works for me.Rising Dark is Avery's story. We learn about his life before the events of Dark Genesis, which heightened the sense of love, redemption, and loss apparent in the first book. Avery was a good, faithful man before he was forcibly made into a vampire. Oh how my heart bled for him. What he suffered? Damn. Just...damn. The story eventually includes how Avery and Luna met, and we see several scenes from Dark Genesis from his point of view. I worried this wouldn't give me the same "oh wow" moments since I'd already read the scene in Luna's book. Nope. Not to worry. Koboah layered those scenes so well they felt fresh. Oh, Luna. What a complicated and surprising heroine. I won't lie. I almost sent the author several emails of WHY DO YOU HATE ME? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SOUL? Yes, without spoilers, I can only say Luna as seen through Avery's POV is heartbreaking. I had to stop and hug my child after a few chapters in the middle left me an emotional, frantic, broken woman. Love hurts, but DAMNNNNN.The story brings us full circle. We now know why Avery's encounter in the previous book went the way it did (if you didn't read that one, I'm not spilling it for you). The mystery of the entity in the chapel works so well, but I'm going to lose my mind waiting for the final book in the trilogy. What is it? WHO IS IT? Again, the author is a master crafter, and she's clearly possessing an evil entity of her own for making me wait for who knows how long for the conclusion. Sigh. I've forgiven Koboah already. She's good. Really good.

  • Kina M
    2019-02-23 04:03

    Dark risingi think i love this series there were some boring parts and yes i had to put the book down to get through them a lot of the time, but it was a good book. i think im getting weary of this love between Avery and Luna, he keeps goin in circles with her,which makes the book a little repetitive. he get over her then he searching for her, and next thing u know something bad happens to everyone but him. its exhausting. so i hope either she shows herself in this last one or he gets completely over her.

  • Vanae
    2019-03-15 06:03

    I want to like this series so much because I can tell the author put a lot of time and effort into this story, but at times the characters seem to be lacking interest. The background information is great it’s the characters development that has me bored, uninterested, and at times rolling my eyes. For instance, a vampire essentially has eternal life, so why hasn’t this vampire discovered anything about his new self and abilities? What is his mission, his purpose, his goal? The male character has appointed himself to the role of protector of a group of people, yet he knows nothing about his enemy, nor does he know how to protect the people he claims to be protecting, from said enemy.I don’t like indecisive, non-assertive men, IMO it makes them appear weak and untrustworthy, so I have no invested interest in this character. The love story is juvenile and uninteresting. The smallest disagreement has lead to decades of longing, loneliness, isolation, and heartache, which is crazy because I feel like the characters relationship is barely there. The relationship hasn’t progresses enough to warrant this type of drama. I do want to know how this story ends, and the author can definitely write, I’m just hoping Avery Mans-up and gets some purpose in his life.

  • Julian Coleman
    2019-03-18 02:17

    What did I think? This is the second book in The Darkling Trilogy series. I didn't have to wait as soon as some of her fans because I read (and loved) the first book only a few months ago. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the final book. If so, it would be a low-down dirty shame. I didn't find the second book as compelling as the first only because too much of the beginning chapters were a rehash of events told from Avery's point of view instead of Luna's. Avery is everything you want in a moral vampire, handsome, rich, caring and great in bed. Luna went from being his lover to being his albatross. Who hasn't had relationships that took such a downturn? Koboah has an enviable writing style and I enjoyed each page. I know that I'm repeating myself, but I only hope the third installment doesn't take a long time to surface.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-02-20 03:19

    I was sent this novel from the author for an honest review of her first novel. I loved this one as much as the first. This novel goes over what we know from the first novel from Avery's point of view, but it hits the time before and after he met Luna. I thought that again the writing hit real life right on the head. Race issues are addressed, along with relationships. I have witnessed so many relationships head towards the deepend because of a lack of communication. I loved the way the author works real issues into her characters lives. It is not just a life of fantasy and love for her characters. Even though there are fantastical elements in this novel, her characters experience life, love, hate, anger, and confusion in measures we all experience. I loved this novel and I will definitely be reading the next in this series

  • Deloris
    2019-03-11 06:04

    APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEW: This review is for the three book series. What do I say , I say you must read this trilogy , I enjoyed this book because it's a passionate paranormal love story . Now when I say that I know you think I mean there a lot of sex in this series , when actually there is not . This is a story about soulmates destined to be together over incredible odds, a love that transpires over space and time . A love story that will keep you reading until you've read the last page of the three part trilogy.

  • Meeka Johnakin
    2019-02-16 06:27

    Found Part 1 (Dark Genesis (The Darkling Trilogy Book 1)) on accident in Amazon's free Kindle's. I was hooked after that. I gladly paid my money for part 2 Rising Dark (The Darkling Trilogy, Book 2). I could not put it down! I fell in love with this author and look forward to more of her work! If you want to know what's it's about go to Amazon. I do NOT, want to give away any spoilers! NEVER read any story lines with African American/Black character leads before

  • Pamela Y.
    2019-03-18 06:25

    GreatGreatI gave this book a four only because the beginning was slow. I didn't like re-reading the first book but from Avery's point of view. Even though it let me see how he was thinking I'm not sure it was need. Anyway this was a really good read. As the story progressed it got better and better. I just love how much Avery love Luna. That to me is the best part of this series.

  • Rosepetal78
    2019-03-09 23:21

    So far, the first book is my favorite. I am not sure if all the stories/different interactions involving Avery were needed. Also, didn’t care for Luna’s extremely different behavior. Overall, the book was interesting. Will have to see what happens in the last book.*I was given a copy of this book by the author

  • Tarja
    2019-02-24 01:17

    Second book in the Darkling Trilogy. I didn't see it coming I so miss Luna. What will happen to Avery? He has stuffed so much pain and lost love. I hope he finds his love. Waiting for the last book in the trilogy. I hope it's not long away.I wish this was a movie because this would be a movie I would go see and actually enjoy the storyline.

  • Adrienne Gale
    2019-03-02 23:08

    AlgI can say the book called to me. I am at a crossroad I am trying to figure out why would Dallas be so impulsive I am curious to see where this goes. But I I loved Avery's story Kudos on that.

  • Trish
    2019-03-08 04:08

    Outstanding! This story had me breathless, at times. It was true to what Dark Genesis started and I anxiously await the 3rd installment of this trilogy. If there were more stars, it would have it. The story is unique, authentic and exciting. A.D. you have a loyal reader in me.

  • Dei Cowen
    2019-03-16 05:08

    An awesome adventurous Series, I highly recommend this book would you and I can't wait for the next installment to this trilogy!

  • Cathy Roberts
    2019-03-09 04:09

    I enjoyed this book just as much as the previous one. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

  • Tamara Bennett
    2019-02-28 01:29

    I didn't really enjoy this one as much last the first book, but I still recommend reading the entire trinity.

  • Manoushka
    2019-03-12 06:07

    (Deep Sigh) So many unanswered questions!