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A threat, a missing book, a traitor, and an attack. Even when you choose the light, things aren't always so black and white when they involve matters of the heart. Rowan has some decisions to make. Told in Rowan’s point of view, By Sun and Candlelight (Flora, 1.5) gives you a new view into the characters and daily happenings at Castle Lennox and bridges the gap between IfA threat, a missing book, a traitor, and an attack. Even when you choose the light, things aren't always so black and white when they involve matters of the heart. Rowan has some decisions to make. Told in Rowan’s point of view, By Sun and Candlelight (Flora, 1.5) gives you a new view into the characters and daily happenings at Castle Lennox and bridges the gap between If I Speak True (Flora, 1) and Open Thy Heart (Flora 2 -- coming September 2014)....

Title : By Sun and Candlelight
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By Sun and Candlelight Reviews

  • Stephanie
    2018-07-19 21:55

    By sun and candlelight was a wonderful book that gives the reader the ability to read more about Rowan. In this book Rowan has to make some hard decisions which makes for a very interesting novella. I would highly suggest it if you enjoyed if I speak true. Brooks was able to give the reader for a better look on Rowan life in this short novella. I feel like this is a perfect time to get a perfect place to put this novella, giving me the ability to read more about the story in a different perspective. Getting the chance to see how Rowan reacts to certain decisions and how he works was very refreshing. Brooks is a very talented author. I was very pleased with how the book was written and I can't wait to read the next book!

  • Eugenia (Genie In A Book)
    2018-07-22 21:03

    *This review also appears on the blog Genie In A Book*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI have loved this series from the very first book 'If I Speak True', and once again in this novella Jessica Brooks has produced something fantastic. This short story coming from Rowan's perspective takes you right into Ambrosia and into the inner workings of his life and the political state of his kingdom. I don't usually read books with a fantasy element but in the case of this series I've definitely be converted thanks to the fantastic concept which is also very well executed.I love thee to the level of everyday's most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.This novella does a really good job of explaining the world of Ambrosia in even more detail. If you've read the first book then I would definitely recommend reading this to give a holistic view into Rowan's character so that you can understand him better and who he really is as a person. He is brave, noble and obviously truly cares about Dahlia, who comes from the real world in her town of Shaver. The novella also gives a glimpse into his royal duties, and relationship with his mother the Queen which was also interesting to read about. Jessica Brooks has definitely created a world which is built really well, with so many aspects of it explored. I love how the descriptions are subtly woven into the story to provide a wide picture of what Ambrosia entails.Glowing embers with winds, alighting then fading to darkness, pull my eyes from the sky. Fyreflies. I feel a lot like one at times. Dark when I am alone; lit when Dahlia is nearby.Aside from the setting itself, it was great how this book got into the historical and cultural context of Ambrosian society. The nature element where people are named after trees if they are men, and flowers if they are women - each with their own meanings, gave further depth to the story and overall worldbuilding. Being in the 'Flora' series, this definitely makes sense and is a unique twist which fits perfectly into the story.It reminds me of the sunset the first time Dahlia came through the Door during the daytime. How she brought light to me, changed the way I saw so many many things, even my own people. She pulled me from the depths of darkness I had buried around within myself. She made me feel again, for the first time in so very long.While Rowan was a character with his own unique personality, the secondary characters were similarly well developed. There's also a character list at the beginning of the book to help out if you forget the 'who's who' of everyone, and some witty banter throughout between Rowan and his other friends at the castle. This book has a perfect balance between some mystery to make its way into the next book and lighter moments as well. FINAL THOUGHTSIn all, in this case I think that reading the novellas in this series is a brilliant way to supplement the full novels and provide further insight into the characters. I can't wait to see what happens next in Rowan and Dahlia's journey, as the tension is definitely building.

  • Amy's Review Obsession
    2018-08-09 15:48

    Reviews can be found at Amy's Review Obsession on blogspot and AmazonBook received from author in exchange for honest review Seeing into Rowan's eyes shows the love that he feels for Dahlia. Of course, this wasn't focused on Rowan and Dahlia but rather Rowan's life as the Prince. I am definitely adding him onto my book friends list. If you loved the first book, you'll love the novella. Reading from his perspective gives a bigger insight on his mindset. His kind heart. He worries about those around him. Not himself, just others, on a daly basis, although lately, his mind is on Dahlia because he longs to see her. I want to dream of Ambrosia please. Maybe meet Briscoe. Or Durian. Definitely Rowan. I am going to go ahead and rate this a solid 5 out of 5 stars because I just love seeing from another's perspective. Although it was a quick read, you'll get more insight on how Rowan thinks.

  • Madisyn
    2018-07-28 20:48

    Oh, Rowan, baby.

  • Melissa Robles
    2018-07-25 16:04

    Yay for Rowan’s point of view! I had not read the blurb for this novella before starting to read it, so it was a surprise to find out that Jessica was giving us the opportunity to get inside the head of Rowan. In If I Speak True we get to meet and fall in love with this handsome, strong & charming person, but we don’t really get to know him on a closer level (he always was this dark cloud of mystery despite the many times Dahlia, our heroine, meets up with him).I think I’m more in love with Rowan’s mind than his looks (and he’s quite gorgeous). I like that he is a gentle, caring person and strives to do the best for his people. He treats everyone as his equal, and thus gains more respect from them. I love how well he treats his mother and how devoted he is to doing the right thing. He’s also fearless and likes to take matters into his own hands and because he wants to protect everybody, he prefers to put his life on the line instead of those that have sworn to protect him. This might as well be considered a flaw since he sometimes doesn’t realize that he can’t do everything on his own, and he should learn to trust more the ones he loves instead of hiding things from them for their own good, especially Dahlia.I’m really glad this novella was written because it serves like the perfect reminder that things aren’t well in Ambrosia. Since If I Speak True doesn’t really end with an ominous cliffhanger, I was left at ease and instantly forgot about the dangers left unsolved. Ambrosia is still restless after everything that happened and things are getting more complicated by the second. Rowan, having the obligation to look out for his country, is trying to come to terms with all the treachery inside the royal family and at the same time, prepare himself for when his uncle and cousin plan to attack Castle Lennox. If that weren’t enough, his thoughts are plagued by his desire to see Dahlia and have her by his side at all times, but it’s dangerous to have her visit Ambrosia, especially if the wrong crowd learns about her true identity and her connection to him.Overall, By Sun and Candlelight was a great novella and worth checking out before the next book. It was a bit too long and I was also hoping for more moments between Rowan and Dahlia, but I guess we’ll get enough in the next installment of the Flora series (I really hope so!)*This review can also be found at Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers.*

  • Stacey Kym
    2018-08-11 19:51

    ARC kindly provided by Jessica L. Brooks in exchange for an honest review.Review ‘By Sun and Candlelight’ is written in ROWAN’S PERSPECTIVE! Just a little reminder in case you haven’t noticed it in the blurb and for crazily excited wackos like me! I was really happy to FINALLY get inside that mysterious, good-looking, dark, wavy-haired, green-eyed, swoon-worthy, princely head of his. A highly recommended read as it gives you some important clues for ‘Open Thy Heart’.Like the blurb says, this novella really does give you an inside look at daily happenings at Castle Lennox. It really made the world that Dahlia knows so little of, easier to picture and understand. Best of all, I wasn’t constantly wracked by curiosity of Ambrosia and what Rowan’s life is like outside of Dahlia’s visits.A downer to this novella was that it seemed to drag on in the beginning. It also seemed very lengthy (a whole 199 pages) as it took me quite a while to read it for some reason – I felt that it could have been its own novel in its own right. I know the blurb says that it could bridges the gap between ‘If I Speak True’, the first in the ‘Flora’ series, and ‘Open Thy Heart’, the second novel, but I really didn’t understand the point of it in the beginning.Yet on the upside, ‘By Sun and Candlelight’ was as well told and written as the first novel. I would highly recommend reading this novella before going onto the second as there were quite intriguing actions-packed scenes that I believe will play an important role in the next book of the series.Congratulations to Jessica L. Brooks on a well-written self-published novella! Rating Plan1 star : Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad. Idea of the book was against my liking.2 star : Didn't like it, didn't find it interesting or gripping. Seemed to drag on to me.3 star : An average book. Wasn't bad or good. Everything else was well done. Original idea.4 star : Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me. I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.5 star : I LOVED IT! I stayed up late until 3 am. Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT. Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR!

  • Rachel Marie
    2018-08-16 19:47

    This review first appears onRowannnn! (And by that we all know I mean Briscooooe!) I thought this was a great little novella, told from Rowan's point of view, that really added to the story happening in this series. Now, it doesn't have to be read in order to still understand what happens in the books, but it was nice.I'm very glad that this was from Rowan's POV, since he is still such a mysterious character. We get to see what he is thinking, how he feels. Rowan is nearly of age, and the heir to the throne. That comes with a lot of responsibilities.It was nice to see Ambrosia and all its workings from someone who grew up there, as opposed do an outsider (sorry, Dahlia). We get to see how Rowan feels about it, how he is learning to step up to being the leader that his people expect him to be. While the event that happens in this story isn't monumental (it is mentioned in Open Thy Heart but not important to that particular storyline) it does show how Rowan is maturing.And Clementine! Aww. (You have to actually read the story to find out about this.) And yes, more Rowan means more Briscoe ;) (Am I the only one who cares?)This novella was a sweet little story that gives a deeper insight to Ambrosia and the characters there, especially Rowan. While you don't have to read it, I would definitely recommend it.I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review