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A vivid, moving and funny play which explores the concept of loyalty both to family and to country (2 acts, 4 men, 4 women)....

Title : Hotel Sorrento
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ISBN : 9780868193373
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Hotel Sorrento Reviews

  • Ron
    2018-07-26 20:00

    Written with the classic pompous rhythms of a 1990s Australian play, this short work sets out to find where on the post-colonial map the nation's cultural sense of self is currently at.Now, the fact that the "currently" we're talking about here was two decades ago, and the "currently" itself concerned the previous decade to that (i.e. the 1980s), means that this is presumably no longer a matter of interest to anyone. But, you'll be pleased to discover, it has much more to offer than nothing of interest at all.For a start, it's set in Sorrento. Actual Sorrento, famous for its actual hotel called "Hotel Sorrento"...... and its remarkable snot blocks (vanilla slices) which consist of a 10cm thick slab of vanilla custard sandwiched between two slices of gypsum, o'er-topped with a liberal coating of clothes-destroying icing powder. Wait time: twenty minutes.If you don't believe me about it being set in Sorrento, here is the trailer for the film, featuring shots of the Sorrento pub and foreshore:Trailer: Hotel SorrentoAnd here is a trailer for the Vanilla Slice:Trailer: Sorrento Vanilla SliceBut also, like so many texts I seem to stumble onto lately, it's about the Shriver Appropriation Question. Here we see it in the form of a family reeling from the writer sister having written a "fiction" about a family that is exactly like their own, with all the dirty washing and questionable interpretations of that dirty washing on show. The only difference between memoir and fiction, one character challenges, is that the author has used different names for the people involved.But, then, isn't that the case with much of the fiction of the past... oooh ... hundred years?What gives the author -- the SAQ runs -- the right to tell their story?It wouldn't be so bad, of course, except that the novel has been nominated for the Booker Prize.So someone is sure to notice it.Hijinks ensue...The version of the play that I read (in an afternoon) came with images from the "successful" motion picture (heady praise, indeed), which was a real treat (the motion picture is now available "on video", the back cover assures me, and they mean, of course, "video tape"), but if you get a chance to read the prefatory material -- an exercise which will extend your time spent with this text by 25% -- please, please do. In case you haven't that opportunity, here is an extract from Aubrey Mellor's exegesis:Rayson goes further than simply setting up contradictory ideas against one another; she has created an essentially dramatic approach to characterisation. Her characters, like Chekov's, can only be understood through an appreciation of their internal contradictions. Again, these contradictions should be embraced, not blunted. The 'quest for certainty', Meg claims, is the 'one true emblem of masculinity' and any attempt to encapsulate Hotel Sorrento into a statement of Ibsenesque pith will be thwarted by the many themes which vie for supremacy...Classic 90s.

  • Grace
    2018-07-23 18:50

    'Hotel Sorrento' is both shocking and yet a very realistic portrayal of family relationships between three sisters, their father, son, and friends. This play addresses many issues and themes including masculinity and Australian identity, and has been treasured as one of Australia's best modern plays. It is interesting both to read and watch, and ends in a way that is likely for any ordinary family. I liked it as it was a sophisticated play which addresses some real issues, but is quite tragic.

  • Carol Hu
    2018-08-11 19:40

    Remember reading it during high school as part of a English subject. I vaguely remembered reading the first few pages and thought to myself why I'd be reading this at all. It felt like a family soap opera and evidently it was but I found myself quite at ease getting through the story line after a while. wouldn't read it if not for high school but I find it quite alright.

  • Amy
    2018-07-21 13:47

    had to read this for lit class- possibly the most melodramatic, pathetically obvious/pointless waste of time ever. if you value your intelligence, DO NOT READ THIS PLAY, for I guarantee it will result in a loss of brain cells.

  • Susan
    2018-07-28 17:41

    I really quite liked this play, although initially I didn't think I would. Interesting to study also.

  • Alannah Marie
    2018-07-29 18:49

    I was forced to read this book for high school English. IT WAS SO BORING THAT I WANTED TO BURN IT AFTERWARDS!!!! A dull rant about how Australians are just so unintellectual.

  • michelle
    2018-07-27 14:46