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Graham Montrose is widowed after only three months of marriage. He becomes the guardian of a 13-year-old Avril. At her coming out party, he realizes his love for his ward....

Title : Fortune's Bride
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ISBN : 9780310669715
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 269 Pages
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Fortune's Bride Reviews

  • Bethany
    2018-08-02 09:03

    Having read the entire Brides of Montclair series, I find myself coming back to this one on a regular basis. Avril was the first Bride I had the privilege of reading about as she was my introduction to the series. While I have appreciated many of the others, and I have enjoyed seeing the deep heritage associated with the Montclair family, nothing tops the story of Avril, Graham, and how God brought them together.Further, this book cemented this series my main fictional indulgence. As a primarily non-fiction reader, this book is a treat.

  • Rachel
    2018-07-27 07:14

    This third book in the "Brides of Montclair" series is the story of Avril Dumont, a young orphan who is taken in by her parents' friend, the young widower Graham Montrose. As she grows up, the childish crush that she feels for her guardian grows along with her, until she believes it is the love of a woman for a man. Graham, as he tries to move forward with his own life, resists seeing her as anything other than a young lady under his care, while Avril struggles to make him see more.I absolutely ADORED this book when I first read it (and then re- and re- and re-read it) as a not-quite teenager. It was one of my absolute favorite books. I loved the story, I loved the depth of genuine emotion that it evoked it me--Avril's heartbreak was my heartbreak, her frustration my frustration, her joy my joy--I loved the characters (I would have wanted Graham for myself if I hadn't truly liked Avril and felt so strongly that they belonged together), and I loved the idea that an older man could fall in love with younger girl (...a younger girl like me, perhaps?).I don't remember enough about the book to honestly say that it was really well written, or that it wasn't childish or overly melodramatic. But I like to think I was a discerning reader even then, so I think it was probably of at least of adequate writing quality, if not better. I hope if when I decide to read this again that it is as wonderful as I remember.

  • Melissa
    2018-08-10 09:14

    It's pretty freaking boring. Four fifths of the book is spent on the heroine doing mundane things at a different location while the Hero is off somewhere else. There's little romance but we're constantly reminded that this is a 'love story' because we're told the girl pines for the guy. If you like inconsequential, polite conversation that serves no purpose other than to turn a simple 20 page love story into 269 page book, go ahead and read it. If you happen to relate with the heroine's 'pitiful' but extremely privileged life, this one is right for you. The h and H never share any significant moments at all; anything of importance/interest is constantly interrupted by external forces and by the h/H's own indecision.I deeply regret buying the book. On the brighter side, I will readily use this book as a kindling source for bonfires or emergencies.

  • Angela
    2018-08-16 10:03

    My absolute favorite book in the series!! Avril is an adorable sweetheart! Unlike the other brides who are grown women when they come to Montclaire, Avril grows up on the estate. We follow her from childhood, wild adventures with neighboring children, first ball, first kiss, boarding school, jealousy, falling in love with Graham and finally... him realizing how much he loves her! Beautiful!! :)

  • Carrie Garza
    2018-08-17 08:58

    Christian historical romance. Avril comes to live with Graham as a child of ten. He has. Become her guardian upon the death of her parents. By the time she is of age for guardianship to cease she has fallen completely in love with him.