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Green Arrow and Black Canary are ready to exchange vows — but can they make it down the aisle alive? This new hardcover collects the GA/BC WEDDING SPECIAL and the first five issues of the happy couple's hot new series, and guest-stars the Justice League of America....

Title : Green Arrow/Black Canary, Volume 1: The Wedding Album
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ISBN : 9781401216481
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 208 Pages
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Green Arrow/Black Canary, Volume 1: The Wedding Album Reviews

  • Jeff
    2018-12-23 18:09

    In comics, anytime a positive life changing event happens – a birth, vacation, kid’s birthdays, graduations, a new job, bar mitzvahs, weddings – crap happens. It’s written right in the comic’s code, Section 9, Line 6 – “No happy stuff. It can last for a maximum two panels, then we stomp on happy stuff”.Judd Winick sets up the proceedings fairly well. It seems that Green Arrow and Black Canary have been a couple for a long, long, long time and it’s time Ollie made Dinah an honest women. Of course, most give it a month, Batman will be an ass and won’t even attend and evil doers see it as a chance to crash the wedding and crush some good guys. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice look into the extended Arrow family, use of humor and fisticuffs and, of course, fishnet stockings. *fist pumps* For the ladies: Green Arrow runs through the jungle. Nekkid.Favorite bachelorette party quote: Zatanna screaming “Take it off!” Backwards. Favorite Batman quote: Oh, Bats! Did you at least bring a wedding gift?

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-21 13:12

    This is... pretty damn terrible, to be honest. The art is gorgeous and lovely and that's the only thing I commend this book for. Whatever my complaints about Rebirth Dinah, I still really like her relationship with Ollie. Everything I've read with these two from New 52 to Pre 52, I really like them together. If I'd read this book first, I would hate them. They are a complete trainwreck in this book and not in a cute way. They're screaming at each other, cursing at each other, Dinah even slaps him at one point. They behave like a trashy couple better suited for Jerry Springer than the Justice League. It's just gross and not at all endearing. I've read a few different versions of Oliver Queen and in none of those did he call a bunch of women "bitches" or "broads". This is one of the worst representations of women I've read in quite some time. All of Dinah's actions are ruled by Ollie. Normally, a man getting fridged to further a woman's story means they get a story of their own with agency and personal character development (Hawthorne, RN or Agent Carter for example). However, because of the circumstances of this storyline, Dinah's still being ruled by Ollie's actions and this book does a very "empowering" thing of having women manipulate other women and take each other down for a man. Thanks, Judd. Really. All the awards in the world for that plot. This dialogue is painful at times. Mia's tirade to the amazons about how she contracted HIV reads like Judd had no idea how insensitive he was being to sex workers and people with HIV. The plot with Connor was just stupid, in my opinion. Again, Ollie looks like trash in a lot of it and I realize Judd may have inherited quite a bit of that plot but he had control of the dialogue and that was terrible, too. There's nothing really redeemable about this book, save for the art.And that's sad because if you wanted to sell a book about DC's hottest couple getting married, you don't need half this shit to do that. Just have them be fun and flirty and in love. Why not let them be as healthy as Clark and Lois in 90% of their stuff. All this drama and fighting and slapping just doesn't need to be here.I hope I forget I read this soon.

  • Javeria
    2019-01-02 16:11


  • Callie Rose Tyler
    2019-01-12 17:23

    The wedding of Black Canary and Green Arrow of course goes awry. Mostly I enjoyed the storyline except making their sex life a plot point made me a little bit uncomfortable. Plus, do I really need to see Black Canary in lingerie? Can a fictional cartoon heroine have no dignity?

  • Scott
    2018-12-29 16:05

    I have to admire the way this collection shifted gears repeatedly (and effectively) like Steve McQueen racing the Mustang up and down the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt. It starts light-hearted, with the bright and slightly cartoon-like artwork to match. A lot of humor (sometimes raunchy), some nice scenes - like the Wonder Woman / Superman adorkable conversation about the impending nuptials - and generally an optimistic feeling. Even the likeliness that the ceremony will come under attack is knowingly referenced by JLA members.And then things take a turn for the worse, and the humor gradually tapers off with the plot developments. (Black Canary's all-around moxie - certainly on display in this story - is fast making her one of my favorite DC superheroines.) What was reassuring, though, is that our title characters - and I hope this goes the same for anyone in real life facing difficulties - has their (Super)friends to lean on for support and assistance in their darkest hour.

  • Mark
    2019-01-09 17:30

    My daughters found me some Green Arrow material as well because they saw how much I liked Mike Grell's material.What I liked so much about the Grell series was the refreshing series with humans, and this series is actually getting the whole Justice League in tow. We end up with a dead Green Arrow right after his wedding and the black Canary is not accepting this even if she killed him in their honeymoon bliss/night.We find out that the person of interest is actually the Black Canary and her loving Oliver Queen is somehow a problem to be solved.I never did like this whole Justice league malarkey and the drawings are somewhat to Manga for my taste. Good for a read once. I guess I will have to track down further GA titles by Mike Grell myself.

  • Kristen
    2019-01-22 16:22

    I already shipped Green Arrow and Black Canary from reading Injustice, but this book focuses on Dinah and Oliver and their relationship. It’s funny, generally light-hearted, cute, and full of chemistry. I love the way they banter and bicker. I love the way they just roll with their crazy superhero lives, and hang out with their superhero friends. And I love their faith in each other and their partner’s abilities. Both characters’ personalities come to life in these pages, and there’s even a good amount of backstory and introspection from Oliver towards the end.This is very much an enjoyable read, if only for the freshness of seeing superheroes doing normal human things alongside their jobs.

  • Martin
    2019-01-11 15:20

    Collecting the Green Arrow And Black Canary Wedding Special and issues 1-5 of Green Arrow And Black Canary, this fun, fun volume is really a pleasure to read. Great scripts by Judd Winick! With art by Amanda Conner, the Wedding Special might be the main hook of the book, but the real highlight is the four-parter Dead Again with art by Cliff Chiang. The stand-alone story Child Support with art by André Coelho is okay, but of a different mood than the rest of the collection - calmer, I'd say.An essential book for fans of Green Arrow (okay, okay: and Black Canary, as well).

  • Jackie
    2019-01-02 15:01

    This is the first time I have ever read a Green Arrow comic before, and despite my meager knowledge of the character and his history (everything I learn came from watching the Justice League animated series), I have no problem whatsoever enjoying this collection. All the average reader needs to know is, Green Arrow got married to Black Canary, and he has a son named Conor Hawke. That's it.Artwise, it's sad state of affairs that neither Amanda Conner and Cliff Chiang isn't hired by DC Comics to draw of a monthly Justice League comics.

  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    2019-01-21 17:28

    Disregarding JLA: Crisis of Conscience, and its sequel, Green Arrow and Black Canary is the first comic book series I've ever finished. I really enjoyed reading it. I love seeing the duo's fiery relationship. They have the best banter! They have their own little family as well. I adore their dynamics so much. Maaaaybe, this is why I feel quite cheated. This series build then debunked Green Arrow and Black Canary's relationship. They were really cute.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-01-13 11:03

    Despite the joy of the "wedding", the book turned into a bad episode of "Lois and Clark".

  • Lina
    2019-01-04 14:06

    Black Canary and Green Arrow are two of my favorite DC characters (and couples) in the universe. Black Canary is just such a role model for me because she's hot, strong, independent, but can also be in love, feminine and supportive. She's all the ups-and-downs of being a woman rolled up into what could come off as a Barbie-doll if you don't expect it. Green Arrow is just such a human character. He lacks the god-like image that oozes off most DC comic heroes (even Batman, who I love). In this book especially you see what a jerk-off he was with his son, Connor. This was just a whole lot of fun to read and such an interesting story in terms of our lead characters. I was glad to see Mia Dearden in this, as she is one of the only HIV-positive characters in comics. She's fun, interesting and brings a great wit to the story. If you love DC comics, Green Arron and Black Canary--check this out.

  • Kathryn
    2018-12-22 10:18

    Holy roller-coaster ride Batman! I liked the art, love the stories, have a few moments that are my favorites. I even teared up a little. I loved loved loved it, and I'll leave it at that. I might go back over it later when I get to read some of the lines around this volume.

  • Candace Perry
    2018-12-29 11:01

    Oh, I love this one so so much. One of my very favorites, I'm always up to read it again.

  • Craig
    2019-01-05 14:09

    Much as in real-life, superhero weddings are always kind of a big deal. (Also much as in real-life they frequently don't last as long as one might wish, but that's another thing altogether.) There have been some big ones; Reed and Sue, Lois and Clark, Barry and Iris, etc., etc. (I would have mentioned Peter and Mary Jane, but Marvel decided that one didn't happen. I had purchased Spider-Man pretty regularly since the mid-'60s until they decided that, and haven't bought an issue since, but that's also an altogether different thing.) Anyway, Green Arrow and Black Canary, they'd been together for a long time and decided it was time for a marriage. It's actually two marriages, one big high-fallutin' hootenanny with all of the costumes attending in costume and then a more sedate, private affair to wrap up the book. It's a well-written book with several very humorous bits (such as Zatanna at the brides party or Dinah being Bridezilla), and I liked the art. It's done in a very colorful kind of retro style. The whole Queen-family/GA relationships have grown a little too convoluted for my taste in the post-O'Neill years, but I liked this one.

  • Molly
    2019-01-04 18:05

    Green Arrow, I kind of hate you in this book. Actually, I kind of hate half this book. And that it was cataloged as "Teen." Canary slapping Green Arrow in the face and then deciding to have sex with him? What an AWESOME and not at all confusing situation.Then: Green Arrow getting angry because Canary wants to wait until their wedding to have sex? Awesome. Good job, Green Arrow. And don't think that sitting by your comatose son's bedside reading him stories redeems you for that. This thing is kind of a mess. The covers are gorgeous, though.

  • Michelle Cristiani
    2019-01-14 18:26

    This was fan-tas-tic. I just burst into laughter by about the second page. It wasn't just because it was a wedding that made me like it though - I'm not traditional that way. But it did have a different flavor. It felt like it wasn't afraid to show that side of the characters, which seems too risky for many writers these days. I don't know how this was received when it came out, but it validates that many, many different types of people (and many non-men) are - or would be - interested in comics if only they hit the right notes. Bravo, for trying it, and in my mind, succeeding.

  • Max Z
    2019-01-04 18:17

    It's like they've decided to end every issue with an insane cliffhanger twist forgetting the previous one. I was okay with the first one, the second one showed the whole JLA as incompetent, okay, whatever, but the last one is a bit too much. What's next, the villain is going to send Ollie pieces of Connor and we're going to find out it was The Joker all along?

  • SA
    2019-01-16 12:21

    This may be the most cartoonish title I've read in years, but it was ridiculous in a very nostalgic way. From the wide, primary-coloured eyes to the literal expressions of dismay (!! around heads, my god) this is not meant for the dedicated comics fan but for folks just swinging by for the party. And that's okay.

  • Jess
    2019-01-20 13:29

    The first issue was so weak due to Amanda Connor's incredibly sexist, objectifying art, but once Cliff Chiang dove in, it was fairly awesome. Massive feels were had, since Winnick is the master of father/son relationships. (view spoiler)[ Does everything have to be about Apokolips? I'm so sick of that damn place, and fucking Darkseid. (hide spoiler)]

  • Todd
    2019-01-16 14:20

    I really enjoy Judd Winnick's stuff. And I love Amanda Conner's art. So this kicked off in the best way possible.And I hate that they coma'd Connor. He's such an interesting character. I hate that he is suffering so that Ollie can grow.And Canary is a kick-ass hero. Her rescue of Ollie is amazing.

  • Joey Heflich
    2019-01-13 12:00

    The GA/BC stuff in Injustice inspired me to pick this up. That, and I miss the DCAU. So, well, combine a bunch of characters I love with Cliff Chiang and Amanda Conner and I'm set. (Which is a nice way of saying that Judd Winick didn't really have to do much of anything special during his run, as long as he had some of these moments:

  • Seth
    2018-12-31 11:27

    This was a super fun read. There was action with a side of sarcasm and a giant pile of kidnapping for dessert. It's a bummer about Conner. But Heroes always find a way off of death's door, I mean Ollie did.

  • Joe
    2019-01-07 12:11

    Like most comics, the second half is much better than the first. The wedding stuff is interesting and all that, but Ollie's interactions with his son in the second half of this arc definitely make this a worthwhile read.

  • Holly
    2018-12-25 16:03

    This is my first foray in DC comics, so I didn't know, like, half the characters, but it was still fun. Clearly, though, I need to find volume 2 at the library, because it's ending on a cliff-hanger.

  • Charity Tinnin
    2019-01-07 16:02

    An Oliver finally confronting his own worst-enemy tendencies, Dinah fighting Amazons to get him back, Arrow family, humor, and a Bats I actually feel something for even as he's being a jerk? This could be my favorite series yet.

  • Hillingdon Libraries
    2019-01-08 10:23

    Find this book at Hillingdon Libraries

  • Jen
    2019-01-06 15:18

    Honestly this is the first Green Arrow & Black Canary I have read (I have read a few of them separately). I thought this was funny, engrossing, and a little tragic. I need to read more before I decide if I really like the dynamic between the two, but I'm thinking yes.

  • Jack Taylor
    2018-12-29 13:05

    The Wedding Album had a lot of fun qualities to it. I loved the involvement of Deathstroke and the cameos of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Women. I loved the chemistry between the Oliver and Dinah. Fun comic and I highly recommend this book to anyone whose seen Arrow.

  • Jeffrey Jelmeland
    2018-12-29 15:12