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Blue-blooded Amelia “Amy” Astor was a champion, America's sweetheart, and on track to give the US Olympic medal glory before she gave it all up to join skating's equivalent of the circus. Now she's a professional princess, the lead in Enchanted Ice. But in an industry that values young, cheap, and healthy, her age, salary, and injuries are a liability. So when she's offereBlue-blooded Amelia “Amy” Astor was a champion, America's sweetheart, and on track to give the US Olympic medal glory before she gave it all up to join skating's equivalent of the circus. Now she's a professional princess, the lead in Enchanted Ice. But in an industry that values young, cheap, and healthy, her age, salary, and injuries are a liability. So when she's offered a job teaching Hollywood heartthrob Shane Marx to skate for a role in a hockey film, she leaps at the opportunity. Maybe with the right kind of exposure, she can survive one more season and put off decisions about her future a little longer. If she invites the wrong kind of exposure …well, there's that pesky morals clause waiting in the wings.Shane Marx traded his boy band dance moves in TruAchord for acting lessons years ago. His blond, blue-eyed gorgeousness makes him the most sought after romantic comedy lead in the movie industry. But lately his clean-cut image has been tarnished by one sex scandal after another. When America's ice princess meets Hollywood's hottest leading man, what could go wrong? Inside that sequined costume is a woman of steely determination who has conquered many of her demons. And beneath his sinfully attractive exterior, Shane Marx is a man still battling his....

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Spiraling Reviews

  • Shannie's ⭐️Lookin' 4 My Next BBF⭐️
    2018-09-06 20:38

    3.75 Sex Addict Stars!!!This is a lovely story about two individuals who look perfectly fine on the outside but are a little bit broken on the inside. Both Amelia "Amy" Astor and Shane Marx are fighting demons. Shane Marx, former boy band turned movie star, loves to have sex. Unfortunately, this love for sex has gotten him into some sticky situations lately hurting his image and wreaking havoc on his acting career. He is up for a new role of a hockey player and needs to learn how to skate like a!!Amelia "Amy" Astor gave up competitive figure skating right before the Olympics to skate for Enchanted ice show franchise. Amy is one of those Astors; her family is very wealthy, although Amy hasn't spoken to them since she stopped competitive skating. Amy loves to skate but competitive skating was harmful to her well-being. However, she is getting older and her body isn't as young as it once was. Amy needs to decide what she is going to do with her life if Enchanted doesn't sign her for another year. Amy gets offered to teach a Hollywood actor how to skate. Amy accepts because she needs the money.Amy and Shane meet and Amy doesn't want to like the cocky, arrogant actor anymore than Shane wants to like the spoiled, rich skating princess. Of course these two form a friendship which leads to sex and then a relationship. Things are not what they seem though. Shane has a secret he's been keeping from Amy...a few secrets. When these secrets come out........the shit hits the fan big time!!! I was literally blown away by some of what Shane had been hiding!! Bev-baby and I were completely shocked with our jaws hitting the floor!! Kudos Ms. Cross for sneaking that secret in there!! After these jaw droppers the story kinda seemed to progress quickly to the end. I would have preferred a few more chapters and definitely an epilogue showing them 6 months later.The sex between these two was off the charts hot which as you know me likey!! There was no problem in the bedroom with these two unless Amy wanted it missionary style. Shane did have some troubles with that position.....he just didn't do it. He'd do anything but missionary because it was too intimate.In closing, this was so close to being a 4 star read for me but due to the quick ending and no epilogue I just couldn't do it. I did really enjoy reading it though especially with my babes, Bev. I will definitely be reading more of Rachel Cross's books as well. This was an easy, fun, and sexy read.Thanks Bev for a fabulously fun Buddy Read!! Looking forward to the next one, SS!!Thank you Rachel Cross for providing me this ARC in return for a honest review.

  • Beverly
    2018-09-07 02:35

    3.5 StarsWhen I started this book, I thought how cute movie star and ice skater. As the story continued I was thinking this is cute a little story…a little steam here and there. Then I see it coming like a freight train…I begin freaking out messaging Shannie…you know because that is going to stop this mess.Let me warn you, one second things are moving along, the next shit has hit the fan and you wondering how shit will ever be put back together.This book isn’t a huge mystery or suspense, but when things were unfolding I was genuinely surprised. Let me tell Shane, this chick was not happy with you!! (view spoiler)[I get that Shane had a real problem. I guess it just shocked me that he was doing all those things behind Amy's back, because we never read them in his POV. If we had read about them during his POV, it may have helped me understand his illness. (hide spoiler)]I really enjoyed the story, but the ending was very rushed for me. Considering the number of things that happened, and so quickly, I felt like more time was needed to address those things. I don’t have a lot of faith in the couple, because I didn’t witness changes. I need actions to make me feel better, that’s just me though! Loved Buddy Reading with one of my favorite chicks my SS, Shannie!ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Janell Sutherland
    2018-09-10 00:58

    In this contemporary, Amy is a former competitive ice skater who currently skates as a princess in a traveling ice show. Shane is a former boy band member and current actor. He’s tired of being typecast and wants to audition for a gritty drama, playing the part of a hockey player. Since he doesn’t know how to ice skate, Shane takes private lessons from Amy.Shane likes women. The book begins with him deep inside one, actually, although he doesn’t know her name. He doesn’t do relationships or fidelity, he just does women. Unfortunately, he’s been caught a few too many times with his pants down (literally), and his costars fighting over him causes on-set drama, so his Hollywood reputation is tanking.Amy needs another year in the ice show. She’s getting older, and a lifetime of skating has left her body pretty damaged, so she doesn’t have much time left. At 26, she’s almost too old to play a princess, and management is looking to replace her.Shane and Amy are attracted to each other, and they quickly realize that a fake relationship will save Shane’s reputation and make Amy a hot commodity. After a few dates, the press picks up on the new couple and Amy is re-signed to the ice show. Happiness and rainbows, right?The beginning was almost too easy, and I was put off by some expository dialogue and some vocabulary choices that took me out of the story. I also had trouble with the passage of time, because several chapters would begin days later, or weeks later. Plus, Shane kept ogling Amy, and I didn’t want to read endless descriptions of his tight pants.But then their deeper issues came to the surface as their relationship became more real, and I was like, whoa. I had a revelation: you know how a lot of books have angsty characters with troubled pasts who mope around all whiny and self-loathing? This book was kind of the opposite of that. Both characters had similarly troubled pasts (fame at a young age, unsupportive parents, unsupervised world travel), but when the story begins, they have both moved on and are trying to succeed in a new life. They appear fairly well-adjusted, they have friends, they enjoy life, and they are proud of themselves.Then, as they come to care for each other, they realize that love doesn’t solve everything! Their internal struggles still exist, they’ve just been hidden for a while! It’s such a mature idea. When the crisis comes along and they break up (hope that’s not too spoilery, every romance has a breakup), their path back to each other is difficult. It’s not “I have enough love for the both of us,” it’s “I need to love myself or this will never work.” It was more realistic than I was expecting.Shane’s journey is especially impressive. He works hard physically and emotionally to become a better person, and he’s got a lot of work to do so his dedication is admirable. Amy’s issues aren’t as shocking as Shane’s, but they did give me an interesting glimpse into the world of competitive figure skating. Basically, at the end, I really believed that they could make it work.Rating: BThis review was originally posted on Red Hot Books at:

  • Sharon Redfern
    2018-09-14 01:45

    This book is somewhat of a departure from many romance novels. On the surface it seems pretty standard- perky ice skater teaches hunky but bad boy actor to skate for a movie role. However, both characters have significant flaws that they really haven't addressed. Amy almost made it to the Olympics but she took the brave step of getting out of the high pressured competitive skating world before it killed her. She has been the star of a skating show for several years but old injuries and her age are making her less desirable to the glitzy profession. Shane is a an actor whose exploits in the bed are making him a bad bet in Hollywood. Amy and Shane meet when he lands a role as a hockey player and needs coaching. Amy and Shane are attracted but she is leery of his reputation and he has to keep it in his pants to keep the role. When they do finally get together it is pretty hot but it does feel like it won't last. Shane is truly a manwhore who doesn't really feel the need to change. Amy needs to be able to deal with life as it is not what she wants it to be. This is not a romance headed for the cute cottage with a white picket fence. Both characters need to do some serious introspection and then get help to change the things that they don't like about themselves. I liked that the writer didn't fluff off the issues that both Amy and Shane have nor make it seem as though they could be fixed without a lot of effort. I enjoyed the book and will look for others by this author.

  • Wminbc
    2018-09-04 18:53

    I was trolling on NetGalley the other night looking for something different. I found this book and another called “Impasse”. I read them both on the same night, along with “Take a Chance on Me” that same week and one theme rolled over in my mind: bruised but not broken.Amy is deeper than I expected at first. Her whole life was wrapped up in skating, and even now some nine years later, her life is still tied to skating. She talks about her challenges being behind her but every now and then the reader learns about her back story and her struggles with skating, family and trust.Shane is truly awful. He so bad, so dirty and so nasty, I knew I was going to love him. He too has a long and sorted past that is rooted in lies, deceit, and fair weather relationships. So what does he do to compensate: he does not do relationships.But along the way, Amy and Shane grow to trust each other, be honest with the other and begin to heal their own pasts. I was floating along with them until the whole thing came crashing down. I loved the desire each of these characters had to be “it” for the other, but their flaws, their bruises and their deep seated insecurities let their beauty slip away. I loved the struggle and personal work each put into themselves and found their way back to health and to love (sounds like another review I wrote!). If you love stories with scarred beautiful people who are so desperate to find love, try this one. Enjoy!

  • Sarah
    2018-08-24 22:40

    A romantic tale of a champion skater and Hollywood heartthrob just in time for the Olympics!The one word I kept thinking as I read this book was INTENSE. "Despite everything she still loved him. Didn't understand him, wanted to kill him, but she loved him." There was a lot of drama for both characters, too much drama for one book. I think the story could have been "slowed" down and spread out over a series of books, because at times I felt the plot movement was choppy. Sometimes it would be the next day and other times months would have gone by.I thought this was going to be a sweet romantic story but I was surprised and a little taken aback by all the sex!To read my full review please visit LavenderGray's Blog.

  • Mariel Hoss
    2018-09-13 00:40

    ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***I liked that while the hero and heroine were “perfect” on the outside (apparently) genetic lottery winners, they were far from perfect deep down. Both battling addictions and less than ideal family histories, they come together as part of a publicity stunt. Despite the less than auspicious beginning, they manage to find friendship and an acceptance of sorts with each other. The addictions and its consequences were catalogued quite deftly throughout the story. Some of the supporting cast were woven in only to illustrate or highlight a point which kind of distracted me. All in all a good but heavy read.

  • Monica Cullip
    2018-09-06 23:42

    SpiralingRachel CrossThis story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.Shane Marx is a love 'em and leave 'em kind of kind. So much so that most of the time he does not even get the poor girl's name. Such a playboy. He was a talented musician and has now turned his skills to acting. With those good looks and his ability to act, everyone wants to be seen with him. In face his agent is trying to curb his image, make him a little more respectable.Amelia (Amy) Aster is the golden girl. She walked away from a promising comptetitive skating career one step before making the Olympics to work for a travelling skating show The Enchanted playing a beautiful princess. Of course there are dark dark reasons for this move and they are revealed bit by bit throughout the story.Shane has the opportunity for a new part in a movie playing a hockey player. Thing is he does not know how to skate, never even had a pair on. This is where Amy comes in. She is not impressed with him or his image and it is tough going for a while. Slowing after working with him and getting to know him she begins to thaw towards him. Then bit by bit she begins to fall for him.This of course is a big mistake, she needs to leave soon to go on the road to travel with The Enchanted. Shane, the playboy can't do long distance romance, he never done a two night romance before. With his history of being a playboy, her insecurities because of her history what will happen to these two new lovers and this long distance relationship. Will he be able to keep his pants on? There is a lot of temptations out there. There are a few little bumps, okay massive bumps in the road as they both try to deal with their emotional issues to find out the real path in life that they should be taking. To determine if they should be together. If she should skate or try something else and if so what? Skating has been her life for so long.This story was very well done, however, I wish that is had been a little more in depth with Shane's history. A little more in depth with her eating issues. I felt that they were skimmed over too much and would have liked to see it become a bigger part of the story. I really liked the story and these are simple just my thoughts. I thought that too much of the story was crammed in at the end and would have liked to see the last quarter spread out a little bit more. Over all a good read and a solid 3.5/5. Thank you for letting me read it.

  • Missy
    2018-09-03 20:01

    A wonderful read.I got hooked on the skater and the Hollywood hunk concept and just needed to read this book to see what went down.There is an attraction between them when they first meet but as we find out with Shane this is a normal occurrence. Shane puts the words "player" into "player" and everyone woman he meets turns into a fantasy of having sex with them and most of the time his fantasy turns into reality......scary! Undernearth this always wanting sex we find out he actually is a good guy with a troubled past. No drugs or excessive drinking for him just lots and lots of sex which has also given him some an naked internet photo that Amy happen to find when she was checking out who he was. This along with his sex filled past gives her doubts about even taking a chance on girl! But soon her will power weakens and they start having a good relationship. Amy too has had problems in her past which she overcame to be a stronger person but once stress starts coming back into her life this problem rears it's ugly head and she starts falling back down.Shane realizes he totally loves Amy but he can't stop his sexual fantasies and this puts stress on their relationship. Amy loves him too but she comes to a breaking point and leaves him. While apart they both realizes they have addictions and seak help.I love how this book brought these 2 addictions into play and having Amy and Shane seak help so that they can once again have a relationship.A well written book.

  • Jessica Brandon
    2018-09-06 01:42

    SpiralingRachel CrossThis ARC was given by F+W Media/Adams via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I give this book 3.5 stars.......Amy Astor is an Olympic drop-out that left her dreams because her health was at risk. She finds happiness and contentment skating as the lead role in a on ice production called Enchanted. After eight years, her contract has not been offered to her yet. She is worried her ice career is over and has no plan for what to do next. She is offered to coach a movie star how to ice skate for an upcoming role. She is to keep the training a secret and make sure he skates like a professional hockey player.She accepts the job hoping she will be spotted with him in public and the public interest will possibly cause Enchanted to offer her another year contract. Little does she know the beautiful, Shane Marx, would offer her more than the contract opportunity, but he offers great sex as well. After time, she realizes he is the only person to understand her broken pieces and the need to keep skating. However he has his own issues that he can't help control and they have the potential to end their relationship. Rachel Cross offers a different plot where both the heroine and hero have real life issues that are not the norm in a romance novel. I enjoyed the different conflict and the characters are very likable. There are some parts of the book that move slow and I wish the ending had given me a little more. I am very greedy with my endings. ;) Overall, I enjoyed the book and will read another Rachel Cross book.

  • Melinda Dozier
    2018-09-17 00:51

    Ms. Cross grabbed my attention with the book blurb only! A hot Hollywood heartthrob and a past Olympics ice-skating hopeful? Love the idea of hooking these two together. I won’t lie, though. After the first chapter, my first thought was “Wow … do we want to like this?” I promise you will! Don’t let it stop you. Through these tough chapters, we learn so much about the characters, which is one of Ms. Cross’s distinct writing talents – shaping her characters and making the reader truly know them, inside and out.When you keep reading, you’ll see that the heartthrob, Shane, and the ice-skating princess, Amy, use each other for good, in so many ways, and I enjoyed it! The way Shane changed throughout the romance, when I initially thought he wouldn’t, tugged at my heartstrings, especially since it was his love for Amy that pushed him through his demons. What I loved most about this story was the fact that Ms. Cross touched issues that you never see in romance. It was an unpredictable story and there were times where I thought how can this end happily? Ms. Cross does a nice job using the trials and tribulations of the characters to make them perfect for one another. In the end, I was rooting for them, knowing they needed to be together to get past the horrors in their lives. When two characters need each other -- that’s the best type of romance; true love! Another fantastic read by Rachel Cross. She’s quickly becoming a favorite author!

  • Neliey
    2018-09-02 21:49

    Amy is worried that she won't get signed again for the next season of Enchanted. So when she gets a call to train Shane she thinks that it's a good way to get some publicity. What starts off as a business arrangement turns into so much more. She wants Shane but is afraid to be with him because of his long line of women. Shane should be the least of her worries when she ends up in the hospital. How can she take care of him when she can't take care of herself?Shane knew he should keep his relationship with Amy professional but after becoming her friend he realizes he could have a real relationship with her. The closer they get the harder his problem becomes. He's never been faithful to one person before but he wants to be faithful to her. It's not easy because woman are always throwing themselves at him but he is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her.Can they heal each other or are they just too broken to survive.This story is unique. I've never read a book with characters that faced the struggles that Amy and Shane faced. I think that they both go through very personal and realistic things that readers will be able to relate too. There is nothing easy about their love and they have to fight for it. I think that both characters grew a lot through the story and it all started with admitting they had a problem. I think this book is a healthy dose of reality.

  • Kimberly
    2018-08-28 00:42

    Spiraling is not your typical romance story; which is why I liked it and I am coming to love Rachel Cross's books. Cross is not afraid to give her characters flaws that not only are outside the box, but that make them real. This is Shane and Amy's story (we have been introduced to Shane in Cross's previous books, but this is a completely stand alone book.) On the outside Amy looked like she had it all, and then gave up her Olympic dreams and now skates as a princess in an ice show. Shane was part of a boy band and now successfully acts, but his career as been stalled by one sex scandal after another. He needs to learn how to skate to land the role that will reboot his career. Amy is hired to teach Shane. While they each have their ulterior motives for why they should appear to be together but their chemistry is very real. I don't like to do spoilers, so I will just say that the story is not sweet, but edgy, gritty and deals with addictions. It is done with accuracy and in a way that makes you understand the characters and where they have come from, where they are at, and where they are going. If you are looking for a story that is a little different; I highly recommend Spiraling.

  • Diane Lynch
    2018-09-22 01:50

    The last thing former figure skating champion, Amelia Astor, wants to do is become a coach. However, she has been given an offer she could not refuse to teach Hollywood actor Shane Marx to skate for a potential role in a hockey film. Amelia was an interesting heroine. She is nearing the end of her skating career and wants to perform one last season before she retires. She struggled with personal issues that make her believable and endearing.Shane Marx has issues of his own, coming from nothing and then making it big. He needs to stay out of trouble and clean up his bad-boy act. Hoping that a pretend relationship with Amelia will benefit his career.The unlikely couple actually had more in common than someone on the outside would think. They make an enjoyable couple that I wanted to prosper. They complement each other well and helped each other grow.I really enjoyed Spiraling by Rachel Cross. The story was extremely believable and was well written. I enjoyed everything about this book. It was face pace and kept me engaged. I felt invested in the characters and loved the story. Complimentary copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • P.e. lolo
    2018-09-13 20:45

    I did not know if I would like this story, but after a few chapters it kind of grew on me and actually got better as book went along. Both of the main characters come from broken backgrounds and in their own ways help each other to find themselves at the end. The story begins with Shane an actor who once was in a boy band and now cannot stay out of the tabloids and Amy, who everyone thought was going to win a gold medal at the Olympics only to quit right before. She is now skating for a show and has been the princess for years and wants one more year before her body breaks down from all of the injuries. She is afford a job to teach Shane to skate privately for a movie part that he is going for and to keep it secret. There is of course the usual drama and fighting between the two main characters but you get to find out the real problem of these two and that each one helps the other one. There is drama of a break up but she does make herself easy to find and everything is on her terms and though she loves him it takes him going to counseling and wanting to change before she agrees to let him back into her life. This is an outstanding book about all different kinds of relationships. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.

  • Toeni
    2018-09-10 18:57

    I was very excited to receive this book from the Goodreads giveaway. This story was a enjoyable and light read. I did, however, find the characters to be a bit cliché. Amy is a figure skater for an Ice Show. Getting close to the point where her age and previous injuries are beginning to be a hindrance to her career, she must decide what she is going to do with the rest of her life. Shane is a boy band star attempting to break into acting. His next audition is for a role as a hockey player. The only problem is, he doesn't know how to skate. So, Amy is hired to teach him. Both end up using the other for the publicity to continue in their chosen career paths. The reason I found them both cliché characters is their personality flaws. She is struggling with an eating disorder while he is plagued by sex scandals caused by his sex addiction. I was rather disappointed that the only reason that she agrees to forgive his infidelity is because he points out her own issues.I did find the character personalities and the story a delight to read.

  • Romantic Reads and Such
    2018-09-21 19:48

    Spiraling is definitely not your typical romance and I was surprised at how difficult this book is to read. Not because it was a bad story but because it dealt with some very serious issues. Both Amy and Shane were very engaging – I was drawn to them from the beginning – but they both battle problems that, if they don’t get control of them, will destroy their futures. I really had fun getting to know them and seeing them get to know each other, but most importantly getting to know themselves. It was difficult at times, but always very compelling. It wasn’t always hardship for them, though, there were some fun times too which just made them all that more appealing.I think my favorite part was that love didn’t conquer all. These two have to get help and want that help, before anything will change. It’s very realistic and somewhat hard to take at times, but that just meant the payoff was that much better. Spiraling is not an easy read, but it is definitely a worthwhile one.

  • Kristi
    2018-09-10 22:44

    3.5 starsI found Spiraling to be a sporty, fun contemporary romance read despite the rather abrupt opener that I thought for certain was not going to be what I thought it was. Cross managed to pack a lot of angst, sexual tension, sexual release, professional highs and lows, and personal issues on both sides into a relatively quick read. I found the relationship believable and full of chemistry that was evident in the actions of the characters. I appreciated the lack of what has seemed to me to be the usual ending of contemporary romances these days, though I won't expound on that in case someone might expect that outcome - I don't want to be a spoiler review.I will certainly be looking at Cross' back catalog and keeping an eye on her future releases.I received and e-galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. The opinions expressed above are my own.

  • Jess F. (From Me to You ... Book Reviews)
    2018-08-21 23:39

    "3 out of 5 stars. Two lost souls find each other and start up a relationship that grows into something neither expected, while dealing with their own personal issues. This novel was more of a "real" Hollywood love story then I think I was ready for, as I was hoping for something a little romantic then this was. Nevertheless, this fast paced novel keeps you on your toes and riveted while throwing twist after twist at you."Read more of this review and a teaser here:

  • Michelle
    2018-09-19 01:41

    This book was filled with so much angst and turmoil that it was more than just a romance. The attraction between Shane and Amy was scorching, and Rachel Cross knows how to write a hot love story between tormented characters. I didn’t always like the things they did and said, but I believed in their feelings for each other. I couldn’t figure out how they were going to get their happy ever after, but they did and it was beautiful. My only complaint was the abrupt ending. I would have liked more of a reunion scene or even an epilogue.Full reviewhere.

  • Monica Tillery
    2018-09-04 02:34

    I'll read anything Rachel Cross writes, and it's always nice when her new book reminds me of why. Spiraling is an emotional, evocative romance, but it's also so much more. Cross bravely explores issues not often seen in your average romance, and she does it with a deft hand. Two people find each other against all odds, clash, meld, heal each other, and somehow come out at the end battered and bruised but all the better after going through the journey together. In Spiraling, you'll get the satisfying, hot romance you expect with a depth that will pull you in and grab you. Beautiful read--I'd highly recommend it.

  • Jenny Schwartzberg
    2018-09-17 23:55

    I received this book as an eARC from NetGalley. This story is about a former Olympic champion who is hired to teach a movie star how to skate so he can audition for a hockey player role in a movie. They have their own separate emotional issues and butt heads as she teaches him how to skate. The story shows how they slowly open up to each other and begin to fall in love. This is a good look at how two deeply troubled people realize they can support each other and reach out for professional help. I closed the book satisfied with the romance and confident that they would continue to heal. Most definitely recommended.

  • Ashley
    2018-08-22 19:42

    So, this story itself wasn't bad at all, but the formatting, proofreading, and grammar mistakes drove me bananas! I understand it's an ARC so here's hoping it gets better as the release date approaches.Cute story of Hollywood hunk meets ice skater. Not a whole lot of substance, but a light, fun story anyways. I wouldn't pay a ton of money for it, but it's worth checking out if you're looking for a quick, cute read.*Received an ARC for honest review.*

  • Angie
    2018-09-21 20:49

    I received an ARC from Netgalley for a honest review. I have read and enjoyed other books by Rachel Cross, so I was excited to read Spiraling. This book isn’t quite like her others. Spiraling is deep and emotional, with very heavy themes. At times I didn’t know whether I liked the characters or not. They are flawed and fighting their own demons. The story seemed to move quickly. I did find my mind drifting towards the end and just wanting a resolution.

  • Ashlinn Craven
    2018-09-17 20:42

    This is the best of Rachel Cross's books so far. I loved the clever set-up, the idea of a nearly-there Olympian meeting a has-been rock star and the way they progress from selfishness to selflessness within their blossoming relationship...although "blossoming" is perhaps too flowery a word for this tough, truthful, sometimes painful love affair. I loved the realism and the wry humour and the very memorable secondary characters. My kind of romance!

  • Tracy Lundy-Munn
    2018-08-30 20:44

    Spiraling is the third book in the Rock Rhapsody series by Rachel Cross. Again, another solid storyline with lots of twist and turns that had me hooked from beginning to end. Loved the depth, emotion and chemistry that the characters had with each other. Really a solid series that I would definitely recommend.

  • Marsha Wright
    2018-09-03 22:57

    Thank you, Rachel Cross!This was a different and difficult love story. But, it does handle difficult issues. I'm not sure they are easy to resolve, but I'm sure it is better with someone that loves you.

  • Carla J
    2018-09-17 20:55

    sorry but so disappointing. There was a lot of potential, but it went no where. What drove Shane to sexual answer. How about the relationship of the Astors with Amy? no real development. Just not enough with lots of stories hanging there half developed.

  • Celeste
    2018-09-15 18:54

    OMG!!!!! This book is absolutely amazing!!!! Wow, I'm at loss of words, the chemistry, witty humor, the heartache.... I'm not sure this author is capable of writing anything less then amazing! I am on high from this book.

  • Pam
    2018-08-23 00:46

    I received this as a giveaway and wasn't disappointed. It was a cute story with some nice romantic scenes. It's not your traditional romance as there are some hotter sex scenes. Overall a cute book with a fun plot. I really loved the descriptions of the figure skating.