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A luscious young beauty, Lucinda Valentine, is on the verge of taking center stage in a spectacular show filled with beautiful showgirls in lavish costumes…a classic Las Vegas production. However, twisting turns of fate lead her down dark paths into the curious world of BDSM....

Title : Sting Of Pleasure
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ISBN : 21859648
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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Sting Of Pleasure Reviews

  • Normandie Alleman
    2018-09-04 18:55

    I paid attention to the initial warning, 'Not your grandma’s erotica'. Lucy is a young lovely woman who loves to dance​ and wants to make a name for herself in Vegas. Soon she meets up with a dancer, Claire, who lures her into the world of BDSM. They begin a whirlwind of travel with the unique dance troupe. Wealthy ​and sadistic Dominate, Stephen Foxworthy, follows them from city to city. Stephen has unique desires, and Claire ​has been his long-time pet. I liked how the story wove around…and down the road to the darker side of BDSM and I liked the ending. I’ve read some of Ms. West’s other books and loved them as well. I highly recommend if you like BDSM books. I was gifted this novel by the author for an honest review.​

  • Scarlett Flame
    2018-09-03 23:36

    The main protagonist in this book is a young dancer called Lucinda Valentine, and this is the story of how she is introduced to a lifestyle of dark BDSM.Lucinda is befriended by a fellow dancer Claire and the story follows their journey on a tour around the world. Not just a dance journey, but a journey that takes Lucy into the darkest depths of BDSM. Lucinda meets with a sexual dominant and sadist Stephen Foxworthy, introduced by Claire who already knows the depths Stephen can make a submissive person sink to.This novel is dark and threatening which reminded me of the Marquis de Sarde, and also is reminiscent of The Story of O. I found this a book that was hard to put down, and am anticipating reading more by this author

  • Kat Crimson
    2018-09-01 19:30

    Nonstop Action - and I don't mean the kind where the characters are jumping out of airplanes or speeding cars. There's a short lead in detailing the main character's innocence, but once she ducks out of town, begins her dancing career and moves in with her roommate, things go from zero to 100 in less than six seconds. There is plenty of kink, some of it pretty dark, violent and a little on the fringe. So if you're faint of heart this may not be your book, but anyone who has an open mind about sexual exploration and isn't afraid to delve into the twisty side of things, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

  • Helen Peter
    2018-09-19 23:40

    It is a good story. Not really sexy, it showed the dark side of BDSM. Stephen is the type of "DOM" you really do not want to get involved with as he really do not qualify as a good "DOM". He acted more like a serial killer/psychopath than anything else. However, I would like to know more about how Lucinda coped after.Overall the story was well 'documented' although the ending was a bit abrupt especially the part where Stephen gets his just rewards. If it can be more descriptive the story will be great.Highly recommended to all who enjoy stories on BDSM - dark side.

  • Cassandra
    2018-09-12 20:41

    A must for all BDSM fans. This book takes you to an all new level of fun and guilty pleasures. I enjoyed reading the main character so innocent following her heart after her lover and tossed into this new world of naughtiness. Sexy read!

  • Mardi Sauve
    2018-09-19 01:37

    Over the top wild erotic torture is too much!OMG, I was horrified by the torture scenes graphically described as actual snuff films were made! Who really craves this type of brutality? I'm still reeling and shocked, though the writer is talented,the story went much too far for me.

  • Muffy Wilson
    2018-09-17 21:46

    A Dark, Brooding Voyage of Discovery and IndulgenceI don’t know much about BDSM, I don’t understand it, don’t write it but I can read it and read it I did. This book makes 50 Shades of Grey drop to about a 5 on the Official BDSM scale. The premise is a great one: what young, talented girl isn’t lured to the big city and the bright lights in search of fame and fortune only to have her innocence used to indoctrinate her into a world beyond her wildest dreams: some good, some bad, most dark. This book is a voyage of discovery and indulgence. The sex is not overdone, the pace is perfect, the depth of characters are well developed and fleshed out beautifully—totally believable. It is a dark and brooding story of temptation. Once started, you will not put this book down until you read the final page—plan accordingly. Highly recommended as a great read.

  • Jacintha
    2018-09-07 01:47

    Bright Lights, Dark NightsLucinda Valentine strikes out on her own after high school graduation to make a career of her dance skills. She's got Vegas lights in sight and joins her good friend Claire in a highly specialized dance troupe that entertains at some very interesting events. A wealthy sadist, Stephen Foxworthy, holds the strings and selects just what events he hires the troupe for. What seemed to be bright lights and happy-go-lucky takes a turn into the darker world of carnal desire and Although told in multiple points of view, none of which detracted from the main protagonist Luci, this was one read that actually pulled me in from the first page and wouldn't let go until the surprising turn of events. Great story for those new to this genre or a continuing reader of BDSM erotica. Definitely recommended.

  • Ju Ephraime
    2018-09-03 22:32

    This is not your run of the mill erotica. Lucy, one of the main character in the story, loves to dance. Following her dream, she moved to Vegas to pursue her love. Soon she meets up with fellow dancer, Claire. Claire was experienced in a lot of things, one of which was the world of BDSM. Lucy joins a special dance troupe, going from city to city. They soon attract the attention of a wealthy and sadistic, Stephen Foxworthy. Stephen and Claire had a things going on and they wanted to initiate Lucy into it. The author took her time, playing out the darker side of BDSM with an unexpected ending thrown in. If BDSM is your book of choice, then you won’t be disappointed in this story. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Young Young
    2018-09-03 20:32

    A tale of a young woman named Lucinda Valentine (short for Lucy). She loves to dance and soon finds her way on tour as a show girl. Along the way she met Stephen Foxworthy, a rich but sadistic Dominate who eventually lead Lucy down a darker side of Sadomasochistic domination and submission. An erotic tale filled with sensual and sexual pleasures for readers who enjoy the darker side of 'midnight'. A must read erotica filled with twists and turns. A good page turner.

  • C.P. Mandara
    2018-09-21 18:52

    Sizzling Hot!Lucy is just trying to make her name in the world, performing with a dance troupe with the most amazingly delicious costumes known to man. Whilst the bright lights of Las Vegas for burn hot for a while, she's shortly about to be taken down a darker road - the road the veers between pleasure and pain. Dominant Stephen Foxworthy is about to turn Lucy's world upside down... and the ride will leave you panting!

  • Alan Hardy
    2018-09-09 01:31

    Sexily and graphically written story of a showgirl, Lucinda, who, in entering the world of bright lights and exotic entertainment, also enters the darker and at times threatening world of BDSM. This is a frank account of the nature of such relationships, and their scarier aspects, expertly and enticingly written. Provocative, thrilling, numbing and arousing.

  • beary
    2018-08-21 21:44

    Uncomfortably and unnecessarily graphic. Moreso than story called for. Very dark book. Intended to put it down within the first 10 pages or so but stayed with it due to the ratings. Just did not like this book.

  • Eddie
    2018-08-23 19:41

    A dark, edgy, and very sexy read. Good writing and interesting characters. Highly recommend.