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Sometimes Cupid works in mysterious ways. This diverse collection of Valentine tales proves that love can be found when you least expect it and in the least likely places … A farmer, a doctor, a biker, and a werewolf all get struck by the love god’s arrows in this sweet and super-sexy anthology.Bloom by Rachel Cross When L.A.’s charity fundraising maven Ava Bennett heads oSometimes Cupid works in mysterious ways. This diverse collection of Valentine tales proves that love can be found when you least expect it and in the least likely places … A farmer, a doctor, a biker, and a werewolf all get struck by the love god’s arrows in this sweet and super-sexy anthology.Bloom by Rachel Cross When L.A.’s charity fundraising maven Ava Bennett heads out to the middle of nowhere to check on a friend of her rock star client, she’s shocked to discover the surly farmer she meets is actually Nathaniel Robinson. Once an infamous music producer, Nate traded in his fast-paced lifestyle for sanity—and now lives off the grid as a small organic farmer. Can a career woman find love with a virtual hermit?Laying Down His Colors by Debra Kayn A year ago on Valentine’s Day, Kristen Mead had a night she can’t forget with Bruce Grennan. But the Bantorus Motorcycle Club member and Cactus Cove bartender has ignored her ever since. As a Club kid, she knows the golden rule: you never mess with a fellow member’s daughter. But she’s all grown up, and ready to stake a claim on her man. Will he risk everything—including the respect of his brothers—to make Kristin his?Trapped by Cupid by Nicole FlocktonNurse Lisa Wheeler wouldn’t mind getting swept off her feet this Valentine’s Day, but it seems Cupid’s arrow has passed her by. Instead, she’s stuck working the late shift with arrogant Dr. Noah Collins. But when this couple gets stuck in a stalled elevator, it turns out the ER’s golden boy might just have a secret soft side—and Cupid might have better aim than she thought. A Demoness Matched by Holley TrentLiberated from a dangerous cult, Julia Tate needs protection from her incubus father. Luckily, her brother Charles, an eros demon, knows just where she can find it: at the home of reclusive former baseball star Calvin Wolff. The mysterious Mr. Wolff is hiding a hairy secret and doesn’t want to let anyone get close, but he’s drawn to this innocent young woman’s enthusiasm. When trouble finds them, they discover a werewolf and a demoness just might make an out-of-this-world match....

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Melt My Heart Reviews

  • Desere
    2018-09-13 00:38

    Most people dislike Valentines day, well only those that don't have someone special to share it with.In this fabulous little read by the talented Nicole Flockton this is the case for nurse Lisa.Only if she stops obsessing over how bleh valentines day is she will actually find there is a certain sexy eyed Doc who will give anything to be her Valentine.I loved,loved this short read. Fun, sexy and it even had a touch of sweet emotion. Most short reads tend to go from hello to goodbye without even a glimpse of good stuff in between. Characters were well written, both funny and spicy! I'm taking away a message of life might seem dull, gloomy and like everyone else has romance but, if you stand still or in this case get trapped long enough you might just find your very own romance hero has been shooting arrows in your direction all along! 5/5 Star Review "The Doc's cupid's arrow aims, shoots and SCORES!" The book also includes three other very romantic reads like the very stand out read from Rachel Cross that tells of mental illness and how one woman finds herself knee deep in manure and losing her heart. Bloom was a very quick and sexy read with loads of tension and heartache. I unexpectedly found myself crying as I was expecting a valentines day romance but instead found a love blossoming among-st the backdrop of illness. I very much enjoyed this twist and it showed just how difficult love can be, you expect twinkling start and roses and instead you might find it hidden among-st the most foul smelling of odors. 4.5 stars " When love is in bloom, there's no stopping"

  • Jennifer Iris
    2018-09-22 02:46

    I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review. It should also be known that this is my first time reading anything by any of these authors."Bloom" by Rachel CrossWhere to begin. I guess the best way to sum it up was that this was never a story that was meant to be a short story. Cross constantly switches back and forth POV's mid chapter without warning, rushes everything and throws way to much background information at the reader in globs that leave your head spinning. You never know what your gonna get, one chapters 10 pages long the next is 2. Both characters are very into themselves, the writing is soap opera dramatic, and Cross contradicts her characters at every corner (and there are a LOT of corners!). To say nothing of the random WEEKS that fly by. I have to imagine this was a synopsis of a story that the author lost interest in and wanted off her WIP list so it got turned into a short story. But the thing that got to me the most was the casual handling of a mental illness. The sex scenes were a struggle to keep up with. With terms like "turgid flesh" (which I will never be able to unread!) and other obscure words being thrown in the mix to given definition, it reads sloppy, hard to follow, and not imaginatively inspiring.Bad writing, bad characters and bad follow-though, I give Bloom a 1 star."Laying down his colors" Debra KaynHaving not read the series which this story story is novella from, I did not know what to expect going into the middle of a hard core biker series. But when Debra Kayn asked me to read her biker short story centered on a Valentine's day theme, how could I say no?I immediately fell in love with the two lead characters here that were well written, thought out, and paced at a sensible rate. This story stuck to a two day time frame and focuses on doing the characters justice within their rushed 30 or so pages. I am very excited to read the rest of this series as it is obvious in just the few details we get about the rest of the club that Kayn strives to do all her characters due diligence.With a mix of rough an gentle sex scenes from what you'd expect from a biker, Kayn gives you just what your looking for in a Valentine Anthology. I am definitely hooked!I give Laying Down His Colors 5 stars!"Trapped by Cupid" by Nicole FlocktonFlockton brings two things we have yet to see in this anthology: humor and a female character who is 100% relatable in her lack of wanting to put up with everyone else's Valentine enthusiasm. While a bit contradictory at times, a few typos and punctuation errors here and there, Trapped by Cupid is a simply FUN. Both characters are soundly based and make rational decisions, all the while fumbling a bit with their image in each other's eyes. The story is definitely believable and leaves you wanting more without feeling like the ending was forced.The sex scene was definitely hot considering very little sex occurred in the story. I'll most certainly be taking a look into this authors fill length novels for future reads.I give Trapped by Cupid 5 stars."A Demoness Matched" by Holly TrentTrent certainly had provided the most intriguing piece in this collection. Three pages in and I had stopped reading to go investigate where this novella came from. Both characters are in depth, vivid and very charismatic. I would also say it is the sweetest story out of this variety pack and there are some actual laugh out loud paranormal references that will have fans of the genre cackling. This story, full of supernatural creatures, was just not long enough for my liking and certainly not fit yours. I hope we see this develop into a lengthy series because the potential laid here it's undeniable.Two problems here. 1) The ending was super rushed. Trent skips months ahead into a future with very little detail that leaves you filling in the blanks. Highly disappointed in the ending, would have given it 5 stars had it not been fit a lack of planning a good ending. 2) no sex. Now this wouldn't be s problem fur me normally, I can deal with a sweet story with no sex, but a little intimacy would have been nice considering the rest of the anthology.For the terrible, rushed and unplanned ending, I give A Demoness Matched 3.5 stars. Overall, I give this anthology a 4 star rating. Everyone should be able to find a little Valentine pick me up somewhere here regardless of what type of romance genre your into. From rough and wild to sweet and silly, this collection did a good enough job for me to invest time into its authors future works. Personally, I would not have read it had I not been provided an ARC since I really only feel in love with 1 & a half stories. While I WOULD recommend some of the authors who have participated, I would not purchase or recommend this collection to others, despite mu overall high rating.

  • Kimberly
    2018-08-30 22:34

    If you are looking for a fun read for Valentine's Day, or any day really. I recommend this anthology! It is a fun, Hot, quick read, and did I mention HOT!!!! I love to pick up these anthologies or novella collection, for when I want a quick read or a new to me author. I picked up this book because I love Debra Kayn's MC series and I knew there was one in here that I HAD to read!The first story is Bloom by Rachel Cross, I had not read any of her other books. I was so surprised by how much I liked this story, I have now gotten her other 3 books and devoured them. This is Ava's and Nathanial's story. Ava is an LA event coordinator and she does huge fundraisers. One of her biggest clients and friends asks her to go out in the country and check on a friend, she reluctantly agrees and curses the whole time getting there. Nathanial used to be a Rock Star, but left the lifestyle for organic farming. It may sound a little far fetched, but I promise once you get to know the characters and their back story you will LOVE it! Cross always makes her characters believable and with real life problems that aren't sugar coated and still manages to get the HEA.The second story is Laying Down His Colors by Debra Kayn. I couldn't wait to see what Kayn had in store for Bruce the bartender at the Cactus Cove. Biker's aren't all hearts and flowers kind of guys, but they like sex, so I knew I would be in for a HOT treat! I don't think you necessarily have to have read any of the previous MC books of Breathing His Air(personal favorite of 2013,) Aching to Exhale, Soothing His madness and Grasping For Freedom (out 2/14/14) But I think you should! They are awesome books and you will understand the characters a little better. Bruce is in love with another MC member's daughter, Kristen, and that is against the rules. The previous Valentine's Day (which Kristen calls "Bruce Rocked My World Day) they gave into their feelings for each other and it was a night neither of them forgot, but Bruce had to leave Kristin alone or it could get him killed. Kristen doesn't understand why Bruce is ignoring her and decides that she is going to give him to this Valentine's Day to notice her again or she is going to walk away. I don't want to spoil it for you, but when these two get together it is smoking HOT, fan yourself, get a glass of water HOT!!!!! Of course there are some things that have to worked out like the issues with her Dad and Bruce being able to stay in the MC. I actually love this series so much, that I wish it was a longer story, but it is perfect just the way it is.The 3rd story is Trapped By Cupid by Nicole Flockton. I had never read Flockton's books before but I have now added them to my TBR list. This is a complete story, but it definitely left you wanting more and I hope we get to see more of the characters. Lisa Wheeler is a nurse and she gets trapped in an elevator with a very arrogant doctor, Noah. Of course things aren't always what they seem. Lisa and Noah have great chemistry and Flockton does a great job of showing us this. This was a fun, short, steamy read. The 4th story is A Demoness Matched by Holley Trent. I will admit that this is not my typical genre. The story is part of her series and if you like paranormal stories or stories with demons or werewolves, you will love this novella.

  • Phuong
    2018-08-25 01:49

    I received an ARC of Melt My Heart to provide an honest reviewI really enjoyed this Valentine's Day anthology that contained stories by two of my favorite authors, Debra Kayn and Nicole Flockton while introducing me to authors I have not read before.Bloom by Rachel CrossNate and Ava are complete opposites but that is what makes them an interesting couple. They meet under unusual circumstances when her car breaks down at his farm and must get through an unfortunate accident. Nate is a bit snarkly at first but then he shows another side of himself as he reveals his battle with mental illness. They have good chemistry together and I liked their interaction along with some steamy sex. I enjoyed reading my first story by this author.Laying Down His Colors by Debra KaynBruce and Kristen's relationship caught my attention immediately and I could not stop reading and wished they had a longer story. I loved the closeness, bond and sense of family that all the biker community had to each other and that Bruce would put his feelings for Kristen aside to honor Kristen's dad's wishes. Of course. I'm SO glad he finally gave up and acted on his feelings for her. OMG! These two scorched the pages and made me want to have my world "rocked" on a bike too. The stand out scene that tugged at my heart was when Bruce was willing to "lay down his colors" to the only family he's known to be with the woman he loves. I loved that Kristen stood up for her man and be by his side. I loved this story and I realized I'm really behind with this series and need to catch up with all the stories and the characters that popped up here. Trapped by Cupid by Nicole FlocktonLisa and Noah are both working the Emergency room on Valentine's Day and they end up getting stuck in an elevator. Lisa has always seen Noah as an arrogant, self-confident doctor but soon finds out that is not always the case. It was nice to see them open up to each other and they both learn why they chose their career path. There's an underlying attraction that comes forth and they throw caution to the wind and act on their feelings. I enjoyed the sex scenes and the spontaneity of the moment. I liked these two together and would have loved to see more of where their relationship was headed. I liked that this story was connected to the Unmasked Lovers series that I've come to love by this author. Another great read. A Demoness Matched by Holley TrentJulia is trying to escape her father's cult compound with the help of her demon, half-brothers. They send her to retired, "in-hiding" baseball player Calvin's home. Calvin did not make things easy on Julia upon their first meeting but it was sure fun to watch their interaction. I found myself chuckling a lot throughout this story. Calvin had his own secret he was keeping and I couldn't wait for him and Julia to discover she was his mate. This was a sweet, paranormal story but I wish it was a bit steamier. Despite that, I really enjoyed this story.

  • Romancing the Book
    2018-08-27 02:00

    Reviewed by RobinBook provided by the publisherOriginally posted at Romancing the BookIn this Valentine’s Day Anthology I was able to read four very different stories about love that was Hot and Sexy. A lot of chemistry was going on in each of these stories. They were very entertaining and fun while being very fast paced. Easy to read which make them perfect for a vacation/beach or your own backyard.In Bloom by Rachel Cross she tells us about Ava and Nathaniel. An event planner and a rocker turned farmer. While facing life’s problems these two find that they have no control over the instant chemistry that comes between them. For a short story Ms. Cross was able to bring these characters to life making them very believable. I enjoyed this story.Debra Kayn gives us a story about bikers in Laying Down His Colors where a one night stand from a year ago becomes something more. Bikers get bad wrap a lot of the times but Ms. Kayn shows us that they have a softer side. With Bruce and Kristen they run into the code of the group the MC; which I found out that Ms. Kayn has written about in a previous series. Anyway Bruce has some choices to make. Either leave the MC’s or forget about Kristen (whose father is a member and members can’t date members family included). They have strong feelings; smoking hot sex…need I say more. I loved the take on showing the softer side of bikers and forbidden love.Trapped by Cupid written by Nicole Plockton takes us to the hospital where a nurse and doctor have been denying they have chemistry. Ms. Plockton puts a little sizzle in the elevator on night shift. I don’t care if Noah is a little arrogant. Being trapped in an elevator with a hot doctor…can I just say fantasy.Holley Trent goes into the world of paranormal when she brings us the story of Julia and Calvin in Demon Matched. What do a baseball player with a secret and a daughter of a demon with his own cult who happens to be a succubus have in common? Well, besides being mates they have chemistry and steamy encounters.This anthology has a little bit of a quirky uniqueness to the stories while being fun loving, quick with sexy sensual encounters filled with a great cast of characters.

  • Carly
    2018-09-04 23:59

    A copy of Melt My Heart was provided by author Holley Trent in exchange for an honest review.This is an exceptionally entertaining and fun Valentine's Day anthology. Containing four short stories, Melt My Heart showcases love at it's lighthearted best, and is the perfect selection for any romance reader who is looking to get into the holiday spirit.I enjoyed, and can equally recommend, all the stories in this well written anthology. Because my copy was provided by Holley Trent, I will be focusing the following portion of my review on her short story, A Demoness Matched.Nobody ever promised that the life of a demon spawn was an easy one. In fact, it was never even implied.... but when you grew up in a cult in the Arizona desert, dear old dad want's to mark you as a succubus to further his political alliances in hell, and your 215 year old half-demon half-brothers dump you on the front porch of the man who is supposed to be your life mate; only to discover that he's an extremely pissed of werewolf? For Julia Tate, life couldn't get much more complicated, but Calvin Wolff is just about the sexiest man she's ever seen, and as his grumpy personality begins to fade, she starts to think that maybe, her brothers weren't as wrong about him as she first thought.An exceptionally well written short story; A Demoness Matched contains references to character's found in Trent's book A Demon in Waiting but is a stand alone paranormal romance that can be read on it's own and does not have a cliff hanger ending.It lacks the steamy sexual encounters that are often so characteristic of this author, which will appeal to a broader reading base, but that doesn't detract in any way from the humorous writing, engagingly spunky characters, or quality story line that I've come to depend on finding in all of Holley Trent's books. This entire anthology is sure to be a hit!

  • ⚜️Trea
    2018-09-12 19:40

    This wasn't a bad read, really, but my biggest complaint is that the stories were entirely too short! I enjoyed each story in its own way, and feel that they are all pretty well written, though it seems as though these are continuing stories in each author's universe. I'm going to break down my thoughts by story.Bloom by Rachel Cross The story was very well written and the most complete of the entire anthology! Ava was a total ditz and city girl, but underneath, she had a caring heart. Nathaniel was harder to figure out, but once he explained about his disorder, everything made perfect sense. I really liked how the author approached his Bipolar disorder! I wish there were more books like it dealing with other mental illnesses like ADD, they would make excellent motivational stories for others with the illnesses!Laying Down His Colors by Debra Kayn I'd been waiting to purchase this author's series until I read the Crimson Romance title that started the series, but after reading this short story, I am so ready to purchase her entire series! It was very well written, and while it does fully showcase the Motorcycle club lifestyle and all the negatives therein, it also was a touching romantic story! This is one of the major reasons why I said the stories were too short, I wanted to see more of these characters!Trapped by Cupid by Nicole Flockton This is another case of me wanting to see more of the characters! There were parts of Lisa that only got a cursory explanation, and I really wanted to see more of her fleshed out. Dr. Collins was better explained, but the brevity of the story wound up making him feel very flat to me, when I could tell that there was so much more to him!A Demoness Matched by Holley Trent This to me was the weakest story in the set. I wasn't that impressed with either Main Character, nor was I impressed with Julia's brothers or the author's world building. While the story was well written, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

  • The Book Tart
    2018-09-06 02:30

    Originally posted on The Book Tart adore anthologies! Sometimes I just don't have time to read a full length novel but I NEED to read- so short stories are my solution. The new Melt My Heart collection from Crimson Press is like a box of chocolates, it has four treats that are delicious fun.(I'll edit my review and add my thoughts on the other fun stories too- soon!)I especially loved reading Nicole Flockton's contribution Trapped By Cupid. And it wasn't just because it gave me a chance to revisit the hospital that she's used to bring a few couples together in previous stories but also because I enjoy her sweet and saucy writing style. ;)The heroine Lisa is working Valentine's Day at the ER instead of watching Love Actually and Notting Hill alone on her couch. I adored her immediately. She has great picks in movies and her inner monologue about the hot doctor she has a crush on made me crack up.Doctor Noah Collin's, aka #sexydoc in Lisa's head, is a talented ER doctor and the son of a famous surgeon. I was impressed that even though this was a novella Ms. Flockton was able to make me empathize with the responsibilities and pressure he faces and see under the surface. I wanted to drag him home to watch Notting Hill on my couch!Some of my fav lines....♥ She had hoped Cupid might decide this year was her year, but it looked like he was ignoring her again.♥ "I only got into the damn thing because I knew you were in it. I always take the stairs."I loved Lisa and Noah's Valentine's Day adventure in Trapped By Cupid. I wouldn't say no to a longer story with them but I felt that the novella gave me the perfect recipe of sexy, sweet fun. I definitely recommend you pick up the Melt My Heart anthology and enjoy the treats.(((hugs)))KatThe Queen of Tarts♦ eARC provided for review for my honest opinion.

  • Drea (LilyElement Reviews)
    2018-09-05 01:55

    If snarky author Holley Trent had a street team, I’d be on it. So when she advertised she was looking for reviewers for a Valentine’s anthology, I waved my freak flag until she sent me an ARC.This anthology features the following short stories:• “Bloom” by Rachel Cross• “Laying Down His Colors” by Debra Kayn• “Trapped by Cupid” by Nicole Flockton• “A Demoness Matched” by Holley Trent“Bloom” featured a charity event planner falling for a troubled former musician trying to live a simpler life. These two both needed a little something…or someone to balance out their lives.“Laying Down His Colors” was about forbidden love between a motorcycle club member’s daughter and another member. And he’s finally ready to give it all up for her if he has to.A hardworking nurse gets “Trapped by Cupid” in an elevator with the hot E.R. doctor all the women want. Sparks fly but there may be more to this arrogant doctor than meets the eye.And in the last story, Calvin quit his pro baseball career while he was ahead…but it wasn’t to capitalize on the demand for his signed baseball cards. He’s avoiding the inevitable…until she lands on his front porch. The daughter of a sister wife hiding from her demon father and her succubus powers finds Mr. Perfect-for-her in “A Demoness Matched”.This anthology was a great taste of four different authors, each with a different take on romance. The stories pack a sweet Happy For Now in succinct packages. It’s a quick, but fulfilling read just in time for Valentine’s Day.Since the authors are new to me apart from Ms. Trent, I can’t make any comparisons between this work and their longer stories. But I will say snarky Calvin may be my favorite of Holley Trent’s heroes (so far).Grab this if you’re looking to dip your toes in some new voices!

  • Monica Tillery
    2018-09-11 22:58

    Melt My Heart is a collection of four short stories perfect for Valentine's Day...or any day, really. Bloom by Rachel Cross is a sexy, emotional read with a gruff, hot farmer and the woman who swoops in and changes everything. One of my favorite kinds of stories-that quick, improbable pairing that somehow seems oh-so-right.Laying down his colors by Debra Kayn is probably the spiciest story of hers I've read. We get to visit our old pals in the Bantorus MC for Valentine's Day. Kayn does a fab job of intertwining some pretty explicit scenes with intense emotion. As always, I love the glimpse into life in a motorcycle club. Trapped by Cupid by Nicole Flockton is such a fun story. Take a nurse, a cocky doctor, and a stuck elevator and see what happens. As with the other stories in the collection, it's great to visit with old friends, er, I mean, characters.A Demoness Matched by Holley Trent rounds out the collection with a paranormal that doesn't feel all that paranormal...I mean, it seems like it could totally happen. If you loved A Demon in Waiting (I did!), you have to check this one out. Such a quirky premise, a demoness liberated from a cult, a reclusive baseball player? What could could be more perfect?Check out the latest anthology from Crimson for a great selection of hot romances for Valentine's Day.

  • Yazmin
    2018-09-10 00:37

    Sometimes Cupid works in mysterious ways. This diverse collection of Valentine tales proves that love can be found when you least expect it and in the least likely places … A farmer, a doctor, a biker, and a werewolf all get struck by the love god’s arrows in this sweet and super-sexy anthology. This is a great anthology, you get a little of everything to make it Hot, Sexy, Fun and with just the right touch of paranormal. You don’t want to miss it. Bloom by Rachel CrossIn Bloom by Rachel Cross, Ava Bennett has gone to the middle of nowhere as a favor to a rock star client. She only has to go there to see if his friend Nathaniel is well since he is not easily reached. Only when she arrives, her car breaks down and she knows nothing about cars. She expects to call a tow truck and get the car fixed fast enough to return home ASAP. Read More...

  • Tony Thrasher
    2018-09-02 21:43

    This is a book review for the short story Laying Down His Colors by Debra Kayn. I would rate this book with 4 stars. After reading several of Kayn's books, I was excited to read her latest work. I found it quite enjoyable and only wished it had been longer!Kristen was raised in the Bantorous Motorcycle Club. Her father, Pete, was a club officer who had his own set of rules. One rule of the club was that all member's daughters were off limits to other club members. The problem was that Kristen had fallen for a club member named Bruce. Bruce and Kristen had shared one night of passion over a year ago. After their encounter, Bruce ignored her for over a year. He finally decides that he just can't stay away from her, all hell breaks loose! I would highly recommend this book! I love Kayn's style of writing. Kudos to her for another job well done!Debra Kayn

  • Lisa
    2018-09-10 20:43

    Anthology books can be so much fun to read. Of these four authors i have read only one so it's a chance to read three new authors in small tastes. I believe all these novella's are part of series. They have the feel of it from reading them which is fine if you can follow it. If you can't then it can be a little confusing. The only one i had a little trouble following was the last on by Holly Trent. My favorite was Laying Down his Colors by Debra Kayn. She gives us a quick look into the Bantorous MC with Bruce the bartender of the club and Kristen who is the daughter of a club member who is supposed to be do not touch. Fortunately love conquers all when Bruce fights for his right to claim the woman he loves. Quick fast and sexy read. I enjoyed all the offerings and if you're looking to perhaps find some new authors to try this is a great way to do that.

  • Casey
    2018-08-21 23:54

    4 great stories:Bloom by Rachel Cross was an unexpected quick romance with the difficulty of a mental illness. I loved reading about the cute couple. Laying Down His Colors by Debra Kayn, can I just say I want to have my own Bruce-Rocked-My-World day! Sexy biker with an HEA. I love the Bantorus MC and this short read did not disappoint. Debra never does me wrong with her biker boys.Trapped by Cupid: stuck in an elevator with a hot doctor on Valentine's Day, yes please!A Demoness Matched: I was very surprised I liked this story so much, I almost did not read past the first few pages. By the end I wanted to read more from this author. I love the quirky characters and the different take on the supernatural creatures.

  • Fiona Marsden
    2018-08-25 19:32

    I'm reading these stories one at a time and will add to this review as I go.Trapped by Cupid by Nicole Flockton.I've read several other romances by this author and enjoyed them so I dived into this one first. Noah is the hotty of the ER, the son of a famous surgeon, good looking, charming, much chased and even a good doctor.Lisa is a trainee nurse who tells herself that Noah is an egotistical player and she has no intension of being like the other nurses who gush all over him like groupees.Then on Valentine's Day night shift they get stuck in the lift together and get to know each other. This is a sweet romance with some sizzle. *nods*I liked that this short story was loosely linked to her other medical stories but it's a stand alone.

  • Margreet Asselbergs
    2018-08-21 23:59

    4.5 of 5 ⭐️4 Wonderfully diverse love stories, varying from the pastoral to the paranormal and the medical to the MC.Something for everyone or everything in one. I enjoyed all of them, although I did have my personal preference. Loved the swings from tender sweet to scorching heat and am writing down some names I had not encountered before, but will surely read again!!A perfect 'pick-me-up' for the Valentine's weekend!This book swings 4 ways.....all of them worth your while!!

  • KimBrewing
    2018-08-23 02:45

    Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.When I saw that Debra was asking if anyone wanted to read and review Melt My Heart-Laying Down His Colors, I was like. "Hell yeah" and proceeded to whine for a copy. LOVED this story. Kristen and Bruce-Rocked-My-World got together last year on Valentine's Day. But for reasons unknown to Kristen, Bruce has ignored her since then. What will happen this year? ....Guess you're just going to have to read it to find out. If you're like me, and love stories involving members of MC's, this is a quick but oh so satisfying read.

  • Shauna Casey
    2018-08-30 01:50

    I read the short story by Debra Kayn ~ Laying Down His Colors of Kristen and Bruce of the Bantorus MC ~ There is no greater way to show an MC member that you are serious about their daughter then to lay down your colors for her! It was short and sweet! And bikers don't do flowers and hearts, but the SEX is HOT!! It was nice for Kristen to get her man even if it went against her father! It was nice to see Tori and Rain also for a bit! Can't wait for more stories on the MC especially Torque!

  • Crystal Hill
    2018-09-02 02:33

    Debra Kayn was asking for reviewers for this book and I jumped at the chance. Let me tell you her novella Melt My Heart, really did. Amazing story of true love at any costs. While reading this story I realized that no matter what, it takes true love to be able to give up everything in your life for one person. Awesome story and very well written.

  • Amber Sessions
    2018-09-15 02:55

    Intoxicating! Reading Kristen and Bruce's story was amazing. How Bruce wants Kristen but knows it is against the MC rules. They end up together and Bruce ask Kristen to be his woman, and then all hell breaks loose! But he is determined to have her and is willing to choose her over the club. A true bad boy biker book!! I recommend to all my friends over 18!

  • Linda Rimer-Como
    2018-08-31 21:54

    This is a very cute Valentine Day anthology. Four short stories with mismatched couples finding love when they least expect it. Take a wild ride with Cupid as he shoots arrowns at unsuspecting couples.

  • Barb
    2018-09-07 20:56

    I bought this one for the biker story, but I liked the rocker turned farmer story best!

  • Jenn
    2018-09-08 21:36

    Reading this for the story: Laying Down His Colors (Bantorus MC)I liked Bruce and want to know more about him and Kristen.

  • Debbie Chittenden
    2018-08-29 02:54

    Book 4"A Demoness Matched"Julia is your average simple beauty raised in a cult. In order to save her life, she is thrown into a life with a werewolf. Short but sweet, it has its promises.

  • Kimmy
    2018-09-18 18:51

    I only read the Rachel Cross story... it was good but definitely could have been it's own full length story!