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2nd Edition Lucky Moon: Book One Eleven years ago, Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life when he caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend, Jesse Seider, out of their band, Luck. To this day, Shane has never wanted anyone more, and all the sex and alcohol in the world can’t fill the void Jesse left behind. Not even the prospect of team2nd Edition Lucky Moon: Book One Eleven years ago, Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life when he caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend, Jesse Seider, out of their band, Luck. To this day, Shane has never wanted anyone more, and all the sex and alcohol in the world can’t fill the void Jesse left behind. Not even the prospect of teaming up with Britain’s hottest band, Moonlight, for a massive world tour can get him out of his funk. Then he meets lead singer Kayden Berlin and falls into instant lust. Kayden may act like he’s not interested, but Shane knows he feels the spark between them. Yet the harder Shane pushes, the more Kayden pulls away, until one explosive night leaves Shane with a broken heart. That seems to be his lot—lucky at everything but love. Shane still has one lesson left to learn, though: when it comes to love, you can’t always leave things to chance. 1st Edition published August 9, 2011 by Loose Id LLC...

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Moonlight Becomes You Reviews

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2018-08-22 16:09

    No really....I never figure "twists" out in books or "who done it". Yeah pegged this one from the very beginning. Shane on the other hand....wake up and smell the coffee dudeDefinitely had to suspend some reality on this one. Besides that, I just never felt any kind of connection between the MCs. The first 60+% of the book they didn't even interact that much. I didn't feel any romance brewing. "Attraction" yes, but nothing to base that on. This one got marked in some "hot" shelves...One scene around 70% and then one other at the very end of the freaking book. Literally on the last few pages. I ended up skimming the last 30%. This one just didn't work for me. At all.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2018-08-26 14:12

    *New version from Dreamspinner is the $0.99 deal of the day! 7/16/14!***4.5 stars**Wow! Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea rocked my socks off!! I loved this adorable book! First of all the writing... whew! So seamless and just really flawless in my book. I loved the style of these two ladies. I couldn't believe how much emotion this little story wrenched out of me. I was near tears at times and was so in the characters' heads. I knew who they were, where they were coming from... everything. I was in it and I loved the ride. Most importantly, I felt the LOVE between the two MCs. It wasn't insta-love (by any means!!) and it felt so true. I think this might be my favorite rocker story I have read to date. This is more just gushing rather than a full review... sorry folks. Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea, you have a new fangirl!!

  • Alice
    2018-09-01 13:52

    4.5 Until one day he realised that suddenly everything about Jesse turned him on, that somewhere along the way, without ever intending it, he'd fallen for his best friend--hard. stars.“I want to tell the guys,” Shane whispered against Jesse's lips. It wasn't the first time he'd mentioned it. “I wanna be with you for real, Jess, out in the open. We shouldn't have to hide.”Shane has regretted his decision for over ten years, the decision to cut Jesse out of his life. But for the first time--in what seems like forever, he wants something more than sex, he wants a relationship, he wants love... Kayden Berlin, the ice-cold singer, is the one of his affections.Cute and fluffy (only because I knew the ending from reading it previously.)I first read Moonlight Becomes You as the 1st kindle edition in July 2013, just shy of a year ago today. It was also the first M/M romance I had read, and I would completely love to tell you that this converted me, but it did not. I finished the series and then went on to F/M, I'm still not sure what was wrong with me. Eventually I read a few more, and a few more, and a few more, until I wasn't liking/reading anything other than the beauty of M/M.This reminded me a lot of Rosemary's Baby, as there was an incredibly slow build up, where little hints are strategically placed, making you feel uneasy, and yet not knowing why. They then lead up to something huge and expected, and yet still shocking.The switches between the past and the present were very good, but sadly not as seamless as Pandabomb's Eat, Knot, LoveI loved the incredibly slow buildup with Kayden and Shane, there wasn't too much drama, it was just perfect! There could have done to be more scenes with Jesse when they were young; but that's in the prequel... so I can't fault that!It's really well written and an easy read.Kayden wasn't immune to him, no matter what he tried to pretend, and that meant Shane had a chance. No matter how slim it was, he wasn't about to let such a prime opportunity slip by.Because it has been a year since I first read this, I had forgotten some of the minor details, but it seems exactly the same as the old edition; except for the more graphic description of Jesse.A copy of Moonlight Becomes You was kindly provided to me by Piper Vaughn, in exchange for an honest review.P.S. I am not a fan of 1D, I just thought the .gif was pretty awesome.

  • .Lili.
    2018-09-10 20:43

    MJ O'shea and Piper Vaughn,You two have done it again! I had looked forward to this book for months and then (I thought) it was ruined for me because a spoiler was posted. I was stuck between really wanting to read it and fearing that because I knew a big portion of the plot I wouldn't enjoy reading it. Well, in the end I had nothing to fear. I freaking loved it. There's so much I want to say but can't. My lips are sealed...What I can say is: if you're a fan rock star books- then this is not to be missed. It was sweet, hot, emotional. The story had a great flow. Definitely pick this one up guys! 5 Stars!

  • Elsa Bravante
    2018-08-26 17:49

    Me da pena, me ha entretenido, pero no le puedo dar más y os aseguro que no estoy racaneando estrellas.No puedo decir mucho sobre la trama porque es imposible sin utilizar spoilers, baste decir que es la historia entre dos estrellas de rock. ¿Cuál es el problema del libro? Pues que es muy difícil, por no decir imposible, creer nada de lo que nos cuenta. ¿Es entretenido? Sí ¿Te van a gustar los protagonistas? Probablemente sí. Pero ahí termina todo, ha habido partes en que mi única reacción posible era : en serio? pero, en serio? Poco creíble, algunos clichés y sentimentalismos demasiado fáciles alrededor de todo el libro. Probablemente a mucha gente le gustaría más que a mi.

  • Emma Sea
    2018-09-16 18:42

    Psh, like no-one saw that coming! This isn't exactly a well-written book, but the uber-angst had me craving like a crack addict. Delicious hurty goodness.

  • Lauraadriana
    2018-08-21 20:53

    3.5 StarsShane Ventura has been doing nothing but waking up with a head full of regrets for the last 10 plus years...Forget plural...More like REGRET. The ONE regret.He's a rockstar, he's got it all, the fame, the fortune, all he ever wanted. All the things he chose over Jesse. Jesse...His first love. The One. The one he betrayed over a record deal. Shane has never gotten over the guilt from that, the shame of knowing he broke the heart of the only man he ever loved.But the show must go on, and he and his guys are set to tour with another band. Moonlight, with that lead Kayden Berlin, fucking sexy bastard. Shane gets one good look at Kayden and all of a sudden the "fucked up Kurt Cobain" routine he's been pulling seems a little wasteful. He gets right, and goes on a courting. He wants to get A LOT closer to Kayden. Only tiny little baby problem is that Kayden hates his guts.So, Shane bides his time and slowly tries to wear down Kayden, because Shane reaaaaallllyyy likes the man, despite his bastard like ways...Kayden, Kayden, Oohhh Kayden, you made me want to pimp slap my kindle...That boy, made me want to break something.I liked most things about this book. I am self admittedly a sucker for the rocker boys and these boys were quite good. I really enjoyed the scenes where they performed, A LOT, I wished there had been more. Shane was really likable too, he was so lost and soooo contrite, and his conversations with his baby brother and bandmate Nicky were FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!! I also have to say that for a collaborated writing effort this book read well, flowed nicely and did not have a stitched up feeling at all. The sex was also super HOT.My issues... First, the premise and unravelling of the story did not work for me AT ALL. I just did not get it. I kind of figured it out, but was still floored (and not particularly on a good way) when THE BIG THING happened. It probably would have helped if I would have felt I knew Kayden better though. This bring me to my second issue. There was a big imbalance for me with these characters. Too much Shane and not nearly enough Kayden...Which I get was the point...But that just brings me back to my first issue.So overall sweet and sexy rocker story. Will look for sequel when it comes out, I hear it's Nicky, kind of want to see who gets sauce on his noodle.

  • Heather C
    2018-09-19 14:53

    So, when I started this I didn't realize that there was a prequel! At about 13% I was still a bit disoriented, a little bored and didn't really care about the characters; so I stopped reading and quickly read More Than Moonlight. I highly recommend reading it first because when I came back to MBY, I was enjoying it a lot more. The beginning started off a little slow and there were hardly any scenes with Shane and Kayden/Jesse talking and I was really wishing that the book was from Kayden's POV. That could also be because I had not read the prequel yet. But somewhere around 30%, I connected with Shane and became so hooked I could not put it down. I really ended up liking him and felt bad for him even though he was kinda in the wrong for what he did to Jesse years ago. But Shane was put in a bad situation and he had to make a choice...not saying that that choice was right or wrong, though. Kayden/Jesse could have handled things differently, too. The ending was really sweet and I'm happy that they were able to forgive each other and find love again. I know that sounds really bad but I can't say more without spoiling. Looking forward to the next book of the series and interested to see where it will be going.

  • Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog
    2018-08-22 13:51

    ~~~No Spoilers3-4 stars. Sometimes I really wish there was a 3.8 star rating, ya know?THE WRITING:This was a sweet, romantic, quick read that hit all the right marks. The writing was fresh and well paced. The story moved along with little to no lulls. THE CHARACTERS:I found Shane to be a surprisingly contemplative and sentimental character who tugged at my heart strings. He let an eleven year old mistake nearly ruin him. When times were bad, he was the most happy. When times were supposed to be good, he was the most miserable. "Shane the selfish jerk strikes again."Jesse, as seen through Shane's eyes is someone you would want to know. He is not perfect but beautiful. Not confident but positive, clumsy but gifted. "After all those years, all the resentment I'd felt toward you, I hadn't thought that hurting you would hurt me too."I had to take a little bit away for some predictability in this story but I add high marks for the thrilling tummy twinges I enjoyed. I'm sure that I'll be looking for more from the author soon.~~~Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:

  • Lucy
    2018-09-18 20:49

    I wavered between 4 and 5 for this. I was thinking 4 because it really needed more information on the backstory. Had I not read the prequel, I think I wouldn't have understood the love between Jesse and Shane, which made what happened so much more painful. Ultimatly I decided on a 5 because so very often, in stories of this kind, the betrayal happes, years pass in between and then when they meet up again, it is very YES, I love you still, I forgive you in six minutes and we can now fall sweatily into bed. That doesn't happen here. The betrayal happens (Shane is an asshat), time passes, and........ nope, not forgiving anything. It is a plan of revenge, and that seems more real to me, than "ruin my life but I'm good with it". Jesse, mmmm, how lovely is Jesse? Maybe because I loved him in the prequel trio, I loved him more here. Kayden, icy and beautiful; Jesse, soft and in love; great character development and investment. It is dramatic, but they are rock stars. I felt it fit. The blue glittery guitar was a nice touch. Nicky's story, can't wait. Yes, he is rude, crude, lewd and obnoxious. He also seems to me to be hiding a lot of hurt, "push them away before they can push you away" sort of thing. I think he's going to be glorious. Piper and MJ, thank you for a great read.

  • Kassa
    2018-09-07 13:55

    Like others I’m a fan of rock star angst stories so I was happy to see this offering. Unfortunately the premise was hard for me to buy into and the ending just devolves into what was for me, an eye rolling experience. It’s an easy story to read and mostly enjoyable but overall it just didn’t work that well for me. Others may not be as bothered, especially if they can buy into the concept and “twist” presented. The writing is decent and the angst and sex scenes are enough to satisfy fans of those elements so this could be more successful with another reader. Bands Luck and Midnight are two very successful bands with albums releasing around the same time. They team up on a world tour and right away lead singers Kayden and Shane clash. Shane isn’t sure what’s going on and why Kayden seems to dislike him but that doesn’t stop the electric chemistry between them. Shane is determined to find out why Kayden treats him so differently from other people and while pursuing the other singer Shane discovers some hard truths about himself. But when the full truth about Kayden is revealed, Shane’s not sure how to handle it. The story involves numerous flash backs to Shane’s first boyfriend/best friend Jesse and how they met, became friends, and eventually formed a band. When that band, Luck, got signed the label wanted to get rid of pudgy Jesse and Shane was the one to tell Jesse. These flashbacks are interspersed with the present/current timeline as Shane pursues Kayden. The twist is not so much of a twist since it’s obvious from the beginning what’s going on. I won’t spell it out but it’s easy enough to deduce. Knowing that tests whether you can suspend disbelief enough to buy into the idea. If you can, then the story will likely appeal more than to those readers that need a bit more reality in their fiction. I have to say that I couldn’t entirely buy into this plot device, which definitely affected my enjoyment. Part of this is the characterization of both Kayden and Shane. Shane comes across frankly as somewhat of a whiner. He’s unhappy with his life and empty band existence, which feels authentic in many ways. Yet he doesn’t really try to change that because he’s simply too lazy. He stops drinking and sleeping around mostly because he’s bored and apathetic rather than a concerted choice to change his life. Shane continually pushes at Kayden, despite anything Kayden says, because he simply wants what he wants. The fact that Kayden won’t give in feels like the typical case of a someone whose interest is caught only because the other person is the first not to give in. I couldn’t really buy into the descriptions that Shane was finally in love. This just didn’t feel real or true. Likewise Kayden comes across cold and arrogant. Of course he’s playing a role but he never really has much depth since the story is told from Shane’s perspective. Kayden is alternatively aloof or caring depending on Shane’s view and not so much his characterization. Kayden feels more like an idea than a real person during the course of the story. Kayden only starts to develop depth and a unique presence towards the end but the ending really killed it for me so that didn’t help my particular enjoyment. The writing is decent with some good angst and descriptions of a rock star life. It’s easy to read and a little light on prose, focusing a lot on sex and the made up tension rather than the surroundings. This isn’t bad per se but didn’t really do much to capture my interest. I really wanted to like this story as it has all the elements that should really work for an angsty rocker story but due to the issues I’ve mentioned it just didn’t work well for me. It’s a decent enough read but not something I’d remember or recommend.

  • Susan65
    2018-08-25 14:51

    What a fantastic rocker story. The storyline was unique, the characters were believable and the emotions were real. Shane and his brother Nick were in a band with Jesse, but things go horribly wrong. Shane was a dumbass, but he was a dumbass because of his environment. He truly was a good guy who allowed his awful home life (his mother’s abandonment, his father’s cruelty and his brother’s own dumbass-ness) dictate how he acted towards others. Unfortunately, that was also the catalyst for wrecking his relationship with his best friend Jesse. Jesse was so not “cool”, he was the opposite of cool actually but Shane loved him anyway…just not enough to hold onto him or go against his brother or their band.Years pass and Shane is miserable. He is living the rock-star lifestyle but is still not happy. He misses Jesse but realizes that he dropped the ball and ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. He also realizes that Jesse would never forgive him and so he makes no effort to find him. Shane wallows in his misery until he meets Kayden. Kayden is the lead singer of the band Moonlight who will be touring with them. Kayden is everything that Jesse was not but Shane is instantly and overwhelmingly in lust with him. Unfortunately, Kayden can’t stand him and no amount of cajoling brings any type of answers for why he feels that way.Months pass and Kayden and Shane are obviously attracted to each other, but Kayden continues to treat Shane like a dog and lets him know, very unkindly, how he would never act on his attraction. Shane is confused and falls deeper into his misery. Eventually everything comes to a head during one of their concerts (can’t say, sorry go read it) and Shane is hit with a revelation that floors him and nearly destroys him at the same time. He leaves the concert, quits the band and flies away home. Weeks pass and no one can reach him. Not his band mates, his record label nor his brother. He is just done!Kayden finds Shane and explains why things happened the way they did and why he said the things he said. Shane is hurt and understands but still sends Kayden away. At this point I wonder if Shane and Kayden will ever get together. Guess what? They do, and it’s done in such a sweet way (again you have to read it to find out how).My only issue, and this is more my preference than anything wrong with the book, was the back and forth from past to present. I have a difficult time reading stories in this style but understand why it was necessary. It did not take away from the story at all. My rating shows 4 stars but it is really and truly 4.5 stars.

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2018-08-21 19:55

    Yes, I felt like this when I was done with this book~I stayed up all night! I just had 2 know and when he would know. I just had to see his well you know, or will know what I mean if you read it. I am so freaking tired but, but....-ok, this book and it had a few irritants and some obvious facts, but, I loved waiting for the reactions, and that made me want to finish this book in one smooth gulp*...and it was worth it."Now, I Really Need I can read the next one....I am loving these writer's...but, coffee....need...I need it bad....Sigh..."

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2018-08-27 15:56

    This was a great story. I really enjoyed it. I meant to write this as soon as I finished reading it but I was kind of lazy (sorry!).I loved all these characters, both primary and secondary. Some were blunt, arrogant and loud while others were charming, calm and laid back. Shane is one of the main characters in this book but we experience him when he feels self-conscious and kind of depressed. We only get his POV so we learn all about him, his past mistakes and his regrets. One of the things he regrets is essentially agreeing to kick his first love, Jesse, out of their band when it was starting to take off. Granted he really didn't have a choice in the matter, and he was only the messenger, but he still chose the band over Jesse without fighting it. Ever since then, Shane has relied on drugs, alcohol and sex to try and cover up the misery he feels over his mistake. Now, over a decade after the incident with Jesse, Shane finally decides to quit with the booze, drugs and anonymous sex. That's when he meets Kayden from the band Moonlight. Kayden is charming, sweet, and funny to everyone but Shane and his brother, Nicky. To them, Kayden is a whole different person. He's cold, rude and sneers at them constantly. Shane can't understand it but he's hurt because Kayden is the first person Shane has been able to think about non-stop since Jesse.Like I said, I loved the characters. I liked Shane the most even with what he did to Jesse. Kayden was kind of an ass for most of the book but he had his reasons and after learning of them, I started to like him more. (view spoiler)[In my opinion, though, Shane deserved to get deceived by Kayden. After all, Kayden is Jesse revamped. Jesse wanted to get his revenge on Shane after how much Shane hurt him and he did by making Shane desire Kayden and then essentially shunning him. (hide spoiler)] The plot is an interesting one. It held my attention throughout the whole story and the detailed description of how the songs felt to Shane was very enthralling. I loved reading about that since most of the time when reading a rockstar book, authors tend to leave out the music part of the story so I always feel a little cheated. That's one of the things I loved about this book. I could feel and imagine what the songs were like, the way the characters moved onstage, the adrenaline they felt during their performance. It was awesome. My only problem with the story was Shane's feeling towards Jesse compared to Kayden. Shane said he loved Jesse a lot but then Kayden came around and Shane's feelings for Jesse went kind of MIA. Just didn't feel right to me. (view spoiler)[Now, granted Kayden is Jesse but Shane didn't know that. In fact, you'd think Shane would love Jesse just as much as he loved Kayden but it didn't feel that way to me. Shane kept making comments about only ever feeling the way he felt about Kayden. Well, Kayden is Jesse so why didn't Shane feel the same way about Jesse? I'm probably confusing as shit right now but this is what went on in my head. If Kayden is Jesse, Shane should love Jesse as much as Kayden and vice versa. But I didn't feel the love Shane had for Jesse. And since Shane loved Kayden more, it made me wonder why he did? Then it started me thinking of maybe Shane loved Kayden more than Jesse because Jesse's new alterego is now skinny and perfect whereas before Jesse was short, pudgy and nerdy. That's probably not the reason at all but I took offense to that. Don't ask why. It makes sense in my head but once I put it into words, I confuse even myself. *sigh* (hide spoiler)]All in all, I really liked this story. It was interesting and held my attention. I loved the characters and the descriptive music. It's definitely something I'll recommend anyone looking for a good rockstar book. I can't wait for the sequel.

  • Alexandria
    2018-09-16 21:57

    La prima cosa che mi ha attirato di questo libro è stata la copertina italiana. C’era questo ragazzo di spalle su un palco che teneva una chitarra, avvolto dal fumo di scena. Bella, molto più di quella originale. Una cosa rarissima. Quando ho letto la trama, ho capito che il titolo italiano non era volutamente romantico (sono una che al sentimentalismo preferisce decisamente altro, motivo questo per cui i romance li centellino e favorisco sempre gli MM, ma anche qui se sono troppo sdolcinati scappo a gambe levate), ma si riferiva al nome della band di uno dei protagonisti, Kayden Berlin, di cui io sono assolutamente innamorata.Il libro si snoda tra presente e passato. La scena si apre su una stanza di hotel a Londra, in cui si intravvede un uomo che dopo aver passato una notte di alcol, sesso e droga, sembra soffrire della sua situazione e, abbandonandosi al sonno, ritorna a essere uno studente del liceo, a Chicago, un decennio prima.Da un hotel a una biblioteca.Più leggevo e più pensavo che in mano non avessi un libro, bensì un manga, uno yaoi per l’esattezza, cosa che vi garantisco è assolutamente positiva dal mio punto di vista.Leggo yaoi in quantità industriale, sono avvezza al genere, e la situazione in cui ero finita era proprio da manga: il ragazzo teppista figo della scuola obbligato a seguire un corso di recupero con un tutor che altri non è che il secchione occhialuto e grassoccio che tutti sfottono. Oh, Gesù...Così conosciamo Shane Ventura, bello, bruno, fisico da urlo, con un fratello più piccolo, Nick, che tende a finire nei guai, una madre che li ha abbandonati, un padre violento e la passione per la musica. La situazione del povero Shane appare subito disperata, costretto com’è ad aver da fare con uno studente più piccolo di lui, intenzionato a fargli passare gli esami per il diploma, così da acquisire i crediti per l’università, Jesse Seider, una vera piaga sfigata.|Al viso e a quel disastroso taglio di capelli faceva seguito un corpo cicciottello, nascosto sotto una polo blu scuro – da cretino – e pantaloni color kaki plissettati, tirati su quasi fin sotto le ascelle, cavolo, e con la cintura, porca puttana. La cintura. L’unica cosa che mancava erano un paio di… No, come non detto. Eccoli lì. Mocassini del cazzo. Il ragazzo assomigliava al nonno di Shane, Ralph. Dove diavolo avevano trovato quello sfigato? Me lo mangio a merenda.[...]«N-non otterrò il credito delle lezioni private per la domanda per il college finché i tuoi voti e i tuoi risultai ai test non miglioreranno.» «È di questo che si tratta? Del college?»«C-credevi che lo facessi per divertimento? Ssiediti. Se non c’è altro, facciamo i compiti di matematica che ti hanno assegnato.»Shane scrutò il ragazzo. Una sorprendente volontà di ferro lampeggiò in quegli occhi grigi, quasi nascosti da occhiali tipo Bill-Gates-1982, ma a quel punto non importava. Shane sbuffò e alzò le spalle. Non che avesse molta scelta.«Bene. Tanto vale. Muovi le chiappe, cominciamo.»|Come ho detto, il racconto si alterna tra presente e passato.Nel presente, il nostro Shane è diventato il front-man di una rock band di successo americana.Il gruppo era nato al liceo e comprendeva lui, il fratello Nick, l’amico Dre e, udite udite, proprio quello sfigato di Jesse, che si era rivelato un ottimo musicista e un cantante talentuoso. Ma, per un motivo che scopriremo a metà del libro (o nella sinossi, se la leggete, al che mi viene da dire PERCHE’?, certe cose meglio non saperle!), il posto di Jesse era stato preso da Will. I Luck, questo il nome del gruppo di Shane, erano stati coinvolti in un tour europeo insieme alla band inglese dei Moonlight, capitanati dal bellissimo e algido Kayden Berlin. Ecco l’incontro tra i due leader.|Come in una scena presa direttamente da una commedia romantica dozzinale, l’intera folla si fece indistinta e solo un’unica persona spiccò tra i tanti, illuminata dal fato o dal destino, o forse dalla luce splendente degli dei. Nella fattispecie, si trattava di una lampada alogena ben piazzata, che faceva risplendere una corona di capelli biondo ghiaccio e uno splendido viso cesellato di appena un tono più scuro della carnagione pallida. Shane rabbrividì, incapace di controllare la propria reazione verso l’uomo dall’altra parte della sala. Era lui. Proprio lui.Kayden Berlin.|Oooook, plachiamo gli ormoni (‘na parola).Così abbiamo Shane, alto, bruno, scuro di carnagione, fisico scolpito, fascino latino, e Kayden, capelli biondo argento, pelle nivea, occhi verde mare glaciali, voce da sogno.Tra i due ci sono subito scintille, ma non come si potrebbe pensare. Niente colpo di fulmine (beh, forse per Shane sì!), ma saette tutte rivolte all’indirizzo di Shane e lanciate con precisissima mira da Kayden. Quell’uomo odia Shane profondamente.Se già stavo in fregola prima, a questo punto mi avete persa del tutto. SAYONARONE. Ho pensato: sono davvero dentro a un manga yaoi.L’attrazione del cantante dei Luck per il sensualissimo Kayden è evidente e la cosa sorprende lo stesso Shane, dal momento che l’unico che ha sempre avuto in testa era il suo migliore amico Jesse.Il tradimento di Shane nei confronti di quel ragazzo, che lo aveva conquistato con la sua personalità e i suoi splendidi occhi grigi, passando senza nemmeno rendersene conto dall’amicizia all’amore, gli brucia dentro così profondamente da avergli condizionato la vita in modo irreversibile.Jesse gli era stato amico quando il diploma sembrava un miraggio, gli era stato accanto quando il padre lo aveva ridotto un cencio, aveva creduto in lui quando era nata la band, non lo aveva visto per quello che sembrava, ma per quello era.|«Wow. Il ragazzo perfettino che impreca.»Jesse scosse la testa. «Tu non mi conosci, Shane. Fammi la cortesia di non saltare alle conclusioni. Io con te non l’ho fatto.»Shane rifletté per un secondo. Il ragazzo aveva ragione. Non lo aveva trattato come facevano tutti gli insegnanti, come un teppista, aspettando solo che fallisse, in modo da poterselo levare di torno. Probabilmente era davvero un teppista, però era stato bello essere trattato con rispetto, per una volta.|Così Shane non aveva più visto Jesse come lo sfigato secchione che aveva conosciuto in biblioteca. Era andato oltre il suo aspetto fisico e magicamente se ne era innamorato.Allo stesso modo, Jesse non riusciva a credere che quel tipo così sexy volesse proprio lui. Lo aveva amato fin da subito, imparando a conoscerlo e ad apprezzarlo, e che Shane avesse ricambiato i suoi sentimenti, era quasi un miracolo.|La maggior parte delle volte stentava persino a crederci: com’era possibile che Shane volesse proprio lui? Continuava ad aspettare di svegliarsi da quel sogno, ma non era ancora successo. Era reale. Shane desiderava lui, ed era pronto e disposto a mostrare a Jesse quanto, ogni volta che erano insieme. E aveva detto a Jesse che era sexy. Bellissimo. Anche se non era proprio della stessa opinione, si rendeva conto che quello che vedeva Shane in lui era diverso da ciò che lui vedeva in se stesso. Lo faceva sentire sicuro di sé. Desiderato. Nessuno lo aveva mai guardato come faceva Shane.|Da quando Shane era stato costretto a escludere Jesse dalla band e dalla sua vita, il successo lo aveva travolto, ma dentro si sentiva un fallito, un perdente. Perchè niente e nessuno erano riusciti a prendere il posto che Jesse aveva lasciato vuoto nel suo cuore. E tutto questo era stata solo colpa sua.|Cercò di ignorare il fatto che lui non si divertiva da anni. Probabilmente nemmeno all’inizio.Questo perché la tua vita è vuota.Sentì la voce di Jesse nella propria testa e provò a mandarla via. La sua vita era vuota, o meglio, piena. Piena di cose sbagliate: troppe droghe, troppo alcool, troppe avventure da una notte e senza nome. Tutte quelle stronzate che facevano parte delle fantasie sulle rockstar, ciò che ogni ragazzo desidera quando sogna la fama, quello che tutti si aspettavano da lui eppure, chissà come mai, l’ultima maledetta cosa che lui desiderava. Shane non ci aveva messo molto a capire che quello stile di vita non faceva per lui. Ma a quel punto non aveva più importanza: Jesse se n’era andato.|Finchè il cuore di Shane decide di voler riprendere a battere e proprio per quell’arrogante di Kayden Berlin.Ora, sappiatelo, negli anime e nei manga il tipo coi capelli argentati è di una figaggine epocale, sempre. Se poi è anche freddo, scostante, sensuale e stronzo, non si può resistere. E io non ho resistito. Gomenasai!Kayden Berlin, però, si rivela la persona più affabile del mondo con tutti, tranne quando ha a che fare con Shane.Con lui sembra eternamente mestruato. Un attimo prima è dolce e sorride e gli fa sciogliere gli ormoni facendoglieli colare dappertutto, un attimo dopo lo trafigge con stilettate velenose che lo lasciano morire con atroci sofferenze.|«Non ho intenzione di farlo con te.»Shane emise un gemito e si passò le dita tra i capelli. «Perché? Che cazzo c’è di tanto sbagliato in me?»«Te l’ho già detto,» sibilò Kayden a denti stretti, il suo accento più marcato di quanto Shane l’avesse mai sentito. «Sei così maledettamente banale, la classica rock star con i soliti vizi: sesso, droghe, alcool. Non sei nemmeno capace di essere originale. Ho letto i giornali. Ho visto le foto. Tanto vale che metti una porta girevole nella tua camera da letto per facilitare l’entrata e l’uscita di tutti quelli che ti scopi. Perché dovrei volermi far coinvolgere da uno come te?»|Che diavolo avrà mai fatto Shane Ventura a Kayden Berlin?E’ un mistero che non ho intenzione di svelare.Però una cosa posso dirla: il capitolo 8. L’ho letto tre volte. Sì, lo so… praticamente mi sono data della hentai (pervertita in giapponese) da sola, ma dovete sapere che una delle cose che chi legge yaoi ama è fare scommesse su chi sia l’uke o il seme (insomma chi sta sotto o sopra in una coppia MM, detto in soldoni). Beh, in questo libro ci sono capovolgimenti di fronti e parallelismi che spiazzano e decisamente eccitano chi su queste cose imbastisce intere discussioni disagiate con amiche ancora più disagiate di lei (ogni riferimento al mio gruppo di lettura detto Consorzio del Disagio è puramente voluto).Lo stile è fresco, allegro, leggero, divertente, sboccato nel modo giusto, e il libro si divora letteralmente. Mi sono davvero divertita a leggerlo.Non vedo l’ora di avere tra le mani gli altri libri della serie Lucky Moon che riguardano alcuni degli altri componenti delle band (Nick, aspetto te al varco!).Per il resto, Kayden Berlin tutta la vita.

  • Arzu
    2018-09-03 18:03

    4,5 starsWow, I just loved this book. Why not 5 stars? Because I wanted more!! I couldn't get enough of this story. I was a bit confused in the beginning. Was looking and waiting for Jesse the whole time. Where is he? And boy did he disguise he himself!?! Honestly, that was quite difficult to believe, but I've been told that it is possible, so okay ...Oh Shane, Shane ... at times you really were killing me ... your asshole attitude really hurt Jesse and you didn't even went back to apologise. A bit cowardly don't you think? But the stunt Jesse/Kayden pulled ... wow ... yep, I think Jesse/Kayden got his revenge and Shane got pardoned!But I loved both MCs. And I'm so glad they could forgave each other. Now I can't wait to read the next one in the series. Looks like it will be Nicky's book. At the moment, I really do not like him and his attitude, but I'm convinced, the authors will make me like him!! LOL!

  • Sheri
    2018-09-14 20:55

    I can’t lie…I wasn't fooled for a moment. It was so unbelievably predictable, but honestly? It didn't matter.The writing was top-notch- I’m talking brilliant collaboration! I truly adored the voices coming through. Both MC's were genuinely delightful- even if you wanted to hate them, you can’t. And their adventures were sweet agony.Classic story of the nerdy boy falling for the bad boy, but with so much warmth you cannot help but melt. Shane is a prick. Full of piss and vinegar and looking for trouble; he’s difficult to say the least. Once you learn his painful past you’ll forgive his harshness, poor guy suffered a brutally unfair childhood. Actually, he’s had no childhood at all. When his assigned younger tutor puts him in his place, he finds a drive to please him for some unknown reason. Jesse can’t help his attraction to the bad-ass punk senior he is forced to tutor; there is instant electricity on his end. He stifles his desires and quickly finds solace in their friendship. He could never be what Shane Ventura wants, could he? As things progress we clearly see they are night and day, but together they create a perfect harmony.Chapters ping back and forth from past to present with a shroud of mystery. This is where certainty shines strong. I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m easily fooled. I am blindsided on a regular basis….I just never seem to see ‘it’ coming. This time the 'it' was sparkling and bright. Did it matter? Nawww, it was still fabulous.Shane made a grave mistake many moons ago. He sacrificed his best friend, his boyfriend, and his safe haven for a coveted break in the music biz. He lost so much more than a band member the day he walked away from Jesse, and he tortures himself daily for his stupidity. He drowns his sorrows in the rock-star clichés and hates the life he imagined his dreams were made of. When his band, Luck kicks off a world-wide tour with Moonlight something awakens in Shane. He is instantly attracted to the British superstar and despite his frigid brush-off, he wants to get to know him. He can’t fathom why Kayden refuses to acknowledge the pull between them. The attraction is fierce but Shane finds himself craving more and desperately wants Kayden to be on the receiving end of his newfound streak of passion. There is something deeper going on, Shane just can’t figure out what the big secret is. Witnessing the big reveal is bittersweet.It was fun & sexy and the boys snagged another groupie, I can't wait for more!*4 rebellious-rocking-rolling stars*

  • Aղցela W.
    2018-08-26 19:54

    Spoiler Alert This was a really good book. Eleven years ago, Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life when he caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend and lover Jesse Seider, out of their band because he didn't have the right look. Luck has been invited to go on tour with one of the hottest bands in Britain Moonlight upon meeting the bands lead singer Kayden Berlin it's lust at first sight for Shane only Kayden can't stand him or his brother Nick. This was a really good book Kayden has a secret that he is not ready to share with Shane or his brother Nick. The book goes back into Shane's childhood when he first met Jesse who was assigned to tutor him so he can graduate high school. The book talks about some of the abuse that he suffered at the hands of his father. Shane can't understand why Kayden won't give him the time of day so he starts by taking him out on a date while cleaning up his bad boy reputation the whole rock star lifestyle drinking and drugging and banging groupies. As the tour goes on and Shane tries to get closer to Kayden he is still having dreams about Jesse and what he did to him. After hooking up and having sex the night before a concert in Chicago when Kayden plays a song during their set it hits Shane like a ton of pricks Kayden is Jesse and it cuts Shane deeply. This was a book about loss and hurt and revenge. Jesse wanted revenge for being left by someone he loved and thought loved him he is no longer the glasses wearing chubby kids that he use to be. Shane for his part hated that he left Jesse behind that he caved to the record label although at the time he was looking out for hi little brother getting away from his father. This was my first time reading both of this author but not my last. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series Nick. If you like reading hot rock star M/M than I recommend that you read this book.

  • Ami
    2018-09-20 19:56

    I MIGHT GIVE SPOILERS, THOUGH I TRY TO USE THE SPOILER TAG, BUT CONSIDER THIS A WARNINGI'm waiting for the release of this story because I'm so enchanted with the 3 free stories starring Shane and Jesse in More Than Moonlight. However, this fact also REDUCES my liking of this book :(Positive note, I think Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea's collaboration is well done. Love the writing, it flows nicely, and they paints feelings wonderfully. Oh, this story is written from Shane's point-of-view using a 3rd person style; taken about a decade after the event on "More Than Moonlight".So what is my biggest problem?? I think this story doesn't give justice to the sweet and romantic relationship of Shane and Jesse. When I read the blurb, I think that Shane must have a very good reason why he left Jesse behind. Because I cannot even IMAGINE how Shane in those three stories could do that to Jesse. Nope, not Shane. Because he was so wonderful, he treasured Jesse, he even tattoed Jesse's name on him, for God's sake. So if he left Jesse, the reason should be VERY CONVINCING. Unfortunately, I don't get this from the book. There isn't enough backdrop (from the past) to make me believe. I. Just. Don't. Get. It.Other reasons would be the transformation of Jesse. (view spoiler)[To become Kayden he did rhinoplasty, Lasik surgery, use soft-lenses, change hair style, and even use fake British accent. I already know that Kayden will be Jesse, that one is not a twist, for me. (hide spoiler)]. Oh, I don't mind revenge theme, honestly. But personally, I'm a HUGE fan of "natural change". (view spoiler)[I don't mind a little eye surgery or even change accent, but not so much on nip-and-tuck (hide spoiler)].So while the three short stories makes me feel in love with both boys, this one leaves me a bit cold :(. I might like it better if I never read the short stories.But, I still like the authors's style. I will read their other stories ...

  • Deeze
    2018-08-23 21:01

    I loved this book. From the very beginning I read with a knot in my stomach waiting for the climax. I was not disappointed. I spent most of this book torn between wanting Shane to get a second chance and wanting to see him get his comeuppance lol. I read the free short More Than Moonlight first and immediately fell for Jesse. Knowing from the start of this book that Shane had been an ass just made me keen to read as fast as I could to see how things played out. (view spoiler)[ I loved Kayden and had a pretty good idea who he was, although there were times I started to doubt myself and thought maybe the authors had gone a different route. Shane I’m still not as head over heels for. Yes I wanted him to get back with Jesse, but boy at the end did he frustrate me. All I could think or feel was how dare you feel wronged after what you did. I hated that I felt like I should feel sorry for Shane, sorry but I couldn’t. What he did and the way he did it? For me he should have been on his knees begging for a second chance, not all pissed and feeling sorry for himself. The concert scene at the end did redeem him some in my eyes though lol. I was left a little confused though as to why Kaden only held Shane and Nick in contempt when at the end it seems that Dre was as bad as them. A little more detail on that part would of worked better for me. I really wanted to see the whole scene not just the bits we got from Shanes flashback. (hide spoiler)]Overall a well paced Rocker story. If you like either the Conquest series or the Heavensent series then I don’t think you will be disappointed by this book.

  • Isabella
    2018-09-10 16:08

    It's been a long time since a book gave me so much satisfaction. It's the first time in a long time where the angst of the story ended just at the right time. I always found in most stories that forgiveness is given too quickly and a grudge given up too fast, but not in this book. I may be petty, but the vendetta was justified. Loved every second of this book. Both authors have exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to read their future collaborations. Ladies, you made me want to crawl in this book and cheer along with the rest of the fans for that kiss. You both made a beautiful story come to life, congratulations on your first endeavor, the book ROCKED!!!!

  • Shell
    2018-09-02 13:46

    I'm not going to do a real review for this, because the babbling mess that I am would give things away, so I'll just say this book was fabulous!

  • Pam
    2018-09-19 13:50

    Okay. I've never read anything by these authors and I rarely give out fives but I loved this story. Shane is such a wounded soul because of poor decisions he made when first starting out in the music business. He's successful, talented and can have anybody he wants but he's still miserable since the one man he wants is long gone from his life. He's truly a mess and the only thing going for him is his music which doesn't mean much any more. Enter Kayden who is like a breath of fresh air to his stale soul but who won't give him the time of day. It's obvious he doesn't like Shane but you don't know why but it didn't take long for my suspicions to start clanging red alert. Most of the book Kayden runs hot and cold and you don't know why until the end but when all is revealed you understand at least a little. The bad thing is Shane increased pain. This guy can't get a break.The authors have done a great job writing a complicated story that pops from the present to the past and back again, interweaving Shane's pain of the past with his love of music. The characters are well developed, the dialogue crafted well and the relationships believable. Yes there is plenty of simmering pain and even depression but in the end...after the implosion of anger and hurt, a happily ever after is possible.

  • Karen K
    2018-09-01 16:12

    **4.5 stars**I was a little confused and angry at the beginning of this, only because I'd just read that shorts and was like "what the fuck happened to Jesse??" I think that means it was a good story and it held my attention all the way through - really wanted to peek ahead to see if what I wanted to happen did... IT DID!Love Shane, though, yeah, he was definitely an asshole in parts of this but I think he redeemed himself. And Kayden/Jesse is just awesome - I could picture him in my mind so clearly and though he acted like a dick too - he had good reason. I loved his plan of revenge - just perfect. Was so happy for the HEA, too.Great writing, dialogue, emotion - this book had it all. Loved it. Can't wait for the next one, though I think the authors have some work to do to make me love Nicky as much as Shane and Kayden/Jesse.

  • Alice
    2018-08-26 16:42

    Shane left his childhood sweetheart when the band got big, but he's regretted it ever since. Will he ever have a chance to make it up to Jesse? Or will he wallow in his pit of despair?Another winner by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea, the characters have so much depth, and I feel his despair with him. Even though I've never been in a band, I understand almost all of what's going on. Piper creates a great atmosphere, and explanations without being obvious and annoying about it.The book was thrilling, and gripping throughout, and wasn't at any point boring. Really well written, and with a sturdy and well thought-out plot.

  • Edina Rose
    2018-09-05 16:11

    Shane and KAYDEN? I thought it would be about Shane and JESSE from More Than Moonlight!?!? I'm REALLY pissed off! -------17/08/11Finished reading the book and I am so happy I did!

  • Chris
    2018-09-11 14:47

    4.5 stars. Excellent m/m romance about two bands, Luck and Moonlight, going on tour together. The lead singer of Luck becomes fascinated by the lead singer of Moonlight, and is increasingly frustrated because Moonlight's lead singer treats him coldly and keeps his distance.

  • Tangled0
    2018-09-11 22:11

    I'm a sucker for revenge stories and this was one of my favorites. I loved both the main characters and I really felt for Kayden/Jesse. I was cheering for him the whole time but I'm glad that they made up in the end. I felt that both had suffered enough. And I can't wait for Nick's story!!!

  • Jenre
    2018-09-01 21:05

    I've said before how much I like rock star heroes, so I was pleased to see this release at Loose Id. It follows Shane who's the singer/songwriter in a successful band, Luck. Despite his success he's starting to feel a little jaded with the rock star lifestyle, especially when he looks in the mirror and sees the toll that the drink and drugs are taking on his good looks. As the story starts Shane is thrilled that his band have been approached by another band, Moonlight, who Shane admires a great deal. Moonlight want to tour with Luck, and Shane couldn't be happier about this, or the fact that he'll get to meet Kayden Berlin, the British singer whose good looks are just as attractive as his talent. However, Shane is mystified when Kayden treats him with utter contempt and resolves to find out why Kayden hates him so much.There was much to like about this book especially in the characterisation of Shane and Kayden. I felt that the authors had done a good job in showing Shane as an ex-bad-boy turned rock star. He's got a talent but wastes a lot of his potential on sex, alcohol and drugs to the extent that he's feeling the strain. It takes Kayden's harsh but fair assessment of Shane's wastrel lifestyle to give him a kick up the backside and I liked seeing that development in Shane as he tries to prove that he's more than just a slacker. The scenes between Kayden and Shane fairly crackle with tension and sexual undercurrents which continually build the more that Kayden pushes Shane away. It's this tension which held my interest through the book as the plot propelled me along and I eagerly read on wanting to see how they would resolve their differences. Another part that worked well was in the portrayal of the rock star lifestyle. The scenes where the two bands are playing on stage were electric in their intensity and I also liked the realistic peeks behind the scenes as the band wait to go on stage, or take part in promotional work. The interweaving of the life of a rock star with the growing romance worked well within the narrative, grounding it firmly within the setting.Shane's an interesting narrator as he's a little bit unreliable. He lies to himself, especially about his feelings for his ex-boyfriend Jesse. I found it particularly effective to see these lies laid bare by the end of the book, although this did lead to my one big niggle with the story. There's a revelation at the end of the book which causes a misunderstanding between Shane and Kayden. It doesn't last for long but when they are reconciled there's a lot of apologising which takes place. In my opinion there wasn't enough grovelling from Shane over his past actions. Both men have been deeply hurt by each other and I wanted to see some atonement on both sides. Instead Kayden is the one who apologises whereas Shane almost shrugs off his past misbehaviour when he really had a lot to apologise for. However, this wasn't enough to spoil the story for me completely and maybe some readers will feel that Kayden's actions were enough to cancel out the hurt inflicted by Shane.Apart from that niggle, this was a very enjoyable book. The writing flowed well and I was pulled completely into the story, so much so that I read this in one sitting. I can recommend Moonlight Becomes You to those readers who are looking for an engrossing contemporary with sympathetic characterisation and I'm looking forward to the sequel which I think is going to feature Shane's brother, Nick.

  • Sammy Goode
    2018-09-15 15:56

    Moonlight Becomes You was part revenge story, part love gained, love lost and love regained story and part ugly ducking redoux.So--let's look at revenge first. Jesse, a slightly overweight nerdy kid, happens to land the gig of tutoring the "bad-boy" rocker wannabe Shane Ventura while in high school. Against all odds the two become friends--and what is it that draws the one to the other? A love of music. They begin a band with additional badasses Nicky (Shane's brother) and Emmanuel. All is going well, and slowly but surely Shane begins to fall for the ugly ducking Jesse (but we'll get to that part in a moment). They begin playing local bars and other venues and are then "discovered" and asked to sign with a record company. The only hitch? Lose the nerd. And so Shane does...lose Jesse...hurt Jesse...kick him out of the band. Fast forward several years and Shane's band "Luck" is going to tour with one of the other hottest bands on the circuit "Moonlight", whose lead singer (Kayden) seems to not only dislike Shane but regard him as a number one loser. What had poor Shane ever done to this glam rocker god?? And where did Kaden get off dissing Shane AND his brother Nicky? Well, Kayden has a secret...a pretty big secret--one that entails revenge so sweet. But enough of that--for that you have to read the book yourself. Now, the love gained, lost and regained part. Well it is obvious we are talking about Shane and Jesse--enough said.And the Ugly Duckling? Well, to tell you much more than one of the MC's is transformed in both looks and by restored love--well that too would be giving to much away.So, what can I tell you? I can tell you that this was a well-written love story with enough surprises in it to keep your interest sharp and the pages turning. I can tell you that this novel explores the world of "what ifs" and makes them a reality--a happy reality--where love reunited is sublime and hearts are restored and music is the key to which healing begins. I can tell you that this book is worth a read--very much so if you like HEA's and just a bit of tension in your romance stories!Finally, I can tell you that Moonlight Becomes You is a solid novel that does not fail to deliver a punch with it's "oh my god" moment and it's "please let him forgive him" climax. For the rest, well you will have to pick up a copy and discover the magic yourself!