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He was mysterious, brooding and sexy. She was his for only one night. It was a night she would never forget. His rules have changed. Now he’s back. He’s staking his claim. He is done with waiting. He is the powerful drug that Mackenzie craves. She wants more - wants him - whoever he is... Please Note: This novella was written as the continuation of the original Eraser noveHe was mysterious, brooding and sexy. She was his for only one night. It was a night she would never forget. His rules have changed. Now he’s back. He’s staking his claim. He is done with waiting. He is the powerful drug that Mackenzie craves. She wants more - wants him - whoever he is... Please Note: This novella was written as the continuation of the original Eraser novella. This, the second book of the series, picks up right where Eraser ended. You need to read that first. Mature 18+ readers only. Contains explicit sex scenes and light BDSM undertones....

Title : Eraser Blue
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Eraser Blue Reviews

  • Megan
    2018-08-23 18:48

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  • Tami
    2018-09-09 19:46

    Into the Night Reviews Web: http://intothenightbookreviews.blogsp... Facebook: for book reviews, new release updates, giveaways and more!!Eraser Blue is the second instalment in the Eraser series and while it’s only short it packs a punch! The series is proving to be hot and steamy and my guess is it will leave you wanting more.Picking up where Eraser left off, this time we get to see a slightly different side to ‘Sir’ and it’s a delight seeing just a hint of vulnerability in this dominant, alpha male. Mack is grappling with her physical attraction and the impact this has on her capacity to think clearly ... but really, who wants to think clearly where Sir is concerned?Megan Keith has outdone herself in this instalment. If you haven’t picked up this series, and you’re a fan of hot, steamy and mysterious, then you’re missing out. Go grab a copy now!

  • Marlene W
    2018-09-02 02:36

    Loved this installment!This installment picked up right where the first leaves off. We see a much softer side to Sir and see him struggle a bit with his feelings for Mackenzie. One time only opportunity? Nope, he's eating those words!And what is his name again?? Nope, we still don't know. And to be honest, it still really doesn't matter! LOLI highly recommend if your looking for a series of short, hot and emotionally charged novellas :)

  • Lauren
    2018-09-08 19:53

    This was just as great a read as the first - the characters are wonderful, and Sir in particular is just such a fun mystery to try and figure out!! Can't believe you left us hanging again, Megan!! We need even more Sir.......and a bloody name to go with it!!

  • Kristine GPI Bookblog
    2018-08-31 01:59

    Where do I even start with Eraser Blue?? When I first read Eraser earlier this year I was speechless, its short, steamy and the perfect way to spend an afternoon, and I loved every second of it, Sir was confident, sexy, and he radiated power. I understood why Mackenzie would follow him, even if all that was promised was one night because, she could sense it, the attraction, the chemistry they shared.We know Eraser ends with Sir coming back for Mackenzie, we are left on the precipice of knowing his name... this is exactly where Eraser Blue takes off. I'm not going to ruin the story or the experience for you by giving away the plot. I will however say that Megan does not disappoint in Blue, Sir is just as strong, sexy and 100% alpha male as he was before, and Mackenzie has a strength about her that belies her age. Eraser Blue is the perfect follow up to Eraser, Sir is back and I couldn't be happier, I didn't think it was possible for Keith to up the sexiness but in the continuation of Sir and Mackenzie's story my kindle just about melted.I adored every second of Blue and I can't wait to see what's in store for this pair.

  • Jenni
    2018-09-21 02:44

    More Sir? Oh I got more Sir but now…I’m on my hands and knees begging because my fill of Sir has yet to be reached!He knew he should slow it down, savor her, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t get enough.He couldn’t get enough? I can’t get enough! I mean in Eraser Sir had me panting and my skin all flushed but in Eraser Blue I damn near passed out from the heat of it. The man is sexy, mysterious, knows how to make a woman hot and bothered and pleases her in a way all woman should be satisfied.There’s also a new side of Sir in Eraser Blue that just makes you want him even more. All I have to say is that Mackenzie is one lucky lady.“I can’t explain it. Since the first time I saw you…I wanted to make you mine.”Megan Keith, I love you but damn you are a good tease!

  • Kat
    2018-09-01 18:53

    Eraser Blue is the 2nd book in the Eraser series and although its only 77 pages long every page delivers! This series has joined my Re-Read list and my Want the next book list...The book starts where Eraser left off and Megan is showing us a different side to ‘Sir’ there is a hint of the man behind the dominant, alpha male. Mackenzie is trying to figure out what exactly 'Sir' has that she is wildly attracted to, but I am glad that she is not a total sub... she tells him straight what is not acceptable.Megan Keith has a gift for writing, and I will be reading more of her work soon.If you are a fan of hot and steamy, grab this series now.

  • Irene
    2018-08-27 22:36

    Oh myI love a book that picks up where the last ended, no time gaps. Eraser Blue does just that. Here I thought I was going to learn sir's identity, you find a few things out. Not saying to much on that topic. The physical attraction, the silent needs between these two characters is electrifying. Oh my is all I can really fathom right now. I mean come on Megan don't leave me hanging to much longer to find out what happens next. Before you read Eraser Blue, you need to read Eraser. It is the first book and you will get a better understanding of Sir and his ways, and how Mackensie reacts to him. Done just sit here reading everyone's reviews go get your copy.

  • Cara Nicole
    2018-09-04 22:41

    When I read the first in this series, I wasn't sure if there was going to be a second one, after reading this though, I'm so happy the author decided to continue the story. I liked the continuation, and the anticipation between Sir and Mackenzie is hot. While this answered a few questions, I was still left wanting more. I wanted to know more about Sir, and frankly, for being such a smart, successful man, what happened in the ending felt out of place for me. This novella is definitely doing its job though, as I can't wait to find out what happens next!

  • K.B. Mallion
    2018-09-12 23:00

    I'm left breathless...yet again by the very hot Sir!!! I honestly cannot get enough of Mack & Sir....Sir is unpredictable, charismatic, arrogant and yet shows us a gentle, less dominant side....did I forget to mention HOT??Mackenzie is strong willed yet curious and drawn to the incredible man she only knows as Sir...the heat between these two characters will burn your fingers and short your kindles...the sex scenes are primal and fervent then in a blink of an eye, sweet and loving....I only have three letters to describe Eraser Blue....HOT!!!!!!

  • Susan
    2018-09-06 01:36

    I loved the first book Eraser, so much so that as soon as I saw Eraser Blue had been released I HAD to have it. Mackenzie has a quality about her that makes you stop and wonder exactly what you would do in the same situation and Sir has, I am sure< many secrets of his own. The banter between the two brings out so much sexual tension you are constantly waiting for the pages to combust. Loved this next installment and am looking forward to what comes next

  • Emily Gould
    2018-09-19 22:40

    Please Sir can I have some more?We all wanted more Sir after Eraser and that's exactly what we got.Sir shows us different sides of him in this book. I have to say I was shocked that he would do such a thing, but it doesn't stop me wanting more.I'm loving this series.Thank you Megan for writing this sequel. Not what I thought I was going to get in this book but really enjoyed it. Can't wait for book 3.

  • Melissa Gallagher
    2018-09-14 18:45

    It's a must to read Eraser first.... what can I say there is a different side to ‘Sir’ that sneaks out in this book. The man is sexy, mysterious and he knows how please a woman.Both Mackenzie and ‘Sir’ are full of physical and sexual attraction towards each other but neither really know exactly how to show this or if the other one is really that interested. The book leaves you wanting more ‘Sir’ on your plate......

  • Hopelessly Hooked on Books
    2018-09-06 01:41

    Just as hot as the first book and still we wait to know Sir's name. Lol. MacKenzie is one lucky lady. I love the "dark" seductive side of Sir and now in Eraser Blue, we see his soft vulnerable side as well. I am so glad Megan decided to continue MacKenzie and Sir's story after so many readers begged for more, and are still begging for more. What hot steamy sex will we encounter next time?

  • ~ Cariad ~
    2018-09-19 21:49

    3.5 starsFor me there's 3, all the way to 5 star moments in this one! Overall it's a 3.5 for driving me nuts with the story!Next one please!!...NOTE TO SELF: Here's where it's heading!!

  • Michelle Preece
    2018-08-31 21:46

    What can I say I mean it literally WOW Megan again you did it, I was glued from the first word. I was hoping to get his name but drat it all he liked her calling him Sir I mean who wouldn't. As attractive as Mackenzie was with those Jade eyes you could tell she is the woman for him and him for her. I can not wait for more so much more. Keep up the fantastic work Megan.

  • Marina Skinner
    2018-08-23 01:41

    Well....this book was incredible, loved the continuation of Mackenzie & Sir's story. It left me rather speechless at the end....I so cannot wait for more. Full of emotion and hot scenes, make sure you have read Eraser first, this book will not disappoint, just leave you wanting so much more. Must Read series, add them to your TBR list, you really don't want to miss out!!

  • Debbie
    2018-08-25 23:32

    I was so glad to see we got to read more about Sir and MacKenzie's story. Sir is so mysterious and you can tell he truly cares for MacKenzie. I can't wait to see where this story leads and hope they get their happy ending.

  • Barbara Williams
    2018-09-12 02:33

    Loved this story, started reading on a plane and finished it on landing. I was so engrossed in it, I forgot I was in the air. Good thing because I hate flying. I am now left wondering where the story of both mac & sir is going and just hope that Megan Keith publishes Eraser 3 very soon.

  • Barbara
    2018-09-11 18:45

    I loved the first book so much I just had to have the second book the same day it's released. The second book picks up where the first one left off. OMG....Megan does not disappoint, absolutely loved the story and the characters.

  • Lori
    2018-09-04 21:55

    loved it! Can't wait for more!

  • Elaine
    2018-08-28 02:49

    It reminds me of Carrie and Mr Big...loving this series so far but hope this is a trilogy so we can get some answers.

  • Gregory A. Robeson
    2018-09-18 21:53

    Part 2.I didn't read the first part, but this follow up was pretty good. There were a few pages that were a bit long in over description. The story overall was good.

  • Gillian
    2018-09-16 02:46

    I loved the forward that was included in this book. I really respect when author's listen to their fans and continue to write not only for them, but for the character's they have created. I too absolutely agree that Mackenzie and Sir needed more than one little novella!Book 2 picks up right where we left off...yes, the part when I wanted to whip my Kindle against the wall! We have Sir showing up at The Blue Room ready to introduce himself properly and above all else take Mackenzie home! Yahoo! He wants a REPEAT!!! I was so happy when he showed up, I so want these two to continue to have more hot hot sex!Of course my excitement is squashed by pretty much the second paragraph, as they are immediately interrupted by a commotion outside which of course causes Sir to bail, thus leaving Mackenzie confused and hurt. But then the next day Mackenzie is greeted with dozens of flowers and a note from Sir apologizing and requesting that she have dinner with him that same evening. Yes! We are back on the track which is bound to lead to yummy make up sex!I absolutely love that this book gives us both Mackenzie and Sir's persepectives and thoughts, it just makes for such a sizzling read. I think it helps me to connect with the characters on a more emotional level. I always love getting the male perspective and thoughts on situations, simply because they tend to be so honest and dirty!After some awkward dinner conversation and a case of nerves we begin to feel the sexual tension radiating between Mackenzie and Sir. What follows is some super hot and steamy hallway sex that is bound to make you blush. It's after this where the book kinda takes a turn toward cray cray town. While deciding to stay for an after dinner drink, we witness Sir do something that I found completely shocking! I was like what the??? But of course Mackenzie is willing to forgive and forget, which I admit I was able to too. How can you not when Sir is telling you that you're special! "There's something about you, Mackenzie. Something I need. I crave to own you, to dominate you. I can't explain it. Since the first time I saw you...I wanted to make you mine."As the book ends we have Mackenzie agreeing to submit to Sir, thus becoming his...I cannot wait for book three! I can't wait to see where these two end up and how far Sir will push Mackenzie into his world of Kinkyness.★★☆ 4.5 Stars ☆★★

  • Lorraine Two ordinary girls and their books Walster
    2018-09-15 23:45

    Eraser Blue, Volume Two by Megan Keith - Reviewed by Klaire Sutherland for Two ordinary girls and their booksBook 1 is the meet and great, wham bam thank you ma'am scenario, I guess the introduction to the characters. Book 2 is a little more complex, and where Sir shows his hand. We get a little further into Mack's life and her relationships with others she is close to and how others perceive her. We also get a look into Sir's life and how he feels with regards to Mack, how he wants her to fit into his life. He shows his softer side (that he isn't used to) and his vulnerability but somehow still manages to look like he is playing a game. His dominant side is still screamingly obvious throughout, a side that Mack finds herself extremely attracted to. This is why I love dual POV, it isn't a head scratcher, you get both sides and in this case it's needed I think. We have two characters that are both totally lost to one another, mesmerized, within two meetings that they are both acting like two teenagers.But....great big screaming red flags go up for me when he does something he really shouldn't have done (no spoilers) but hell, it shocked me and I was like woah, wtf? It seemed a little out of character. In hindsight, there are little clues throughout that alert you to the fact that he is a little OTT in regards to Mack. It's quite glaringly obvious that Sir has some skeletons and I'm sure that Greg and his troubles will become something important in the future.I think this book is more about establishing a proper storyline rather than bowing to the pressure of scorching sex scenes. I liked that, although what was in there was definitely hot it was not the main focus. There's lots of inner ramblings from both Sir and Mack and I have to say I can see this story becoming something more than what you are being led to believe. Yip, bring on Volume three....this story is just getting interesting. 5 for sure :)

  • Tash
    2018-09-06 18:39

    Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsHmm, how do I describe a book that start off as a one-off book and then we got more due to begging and a story waiting to be told. So when I got around to reading this book. The third book was about to be released and I decided to read them back to back as the third book continues on where this one ends.Whilst this was steamy and hot as the last one, we saw a different side to the characters. Mackenzie is questioning her decision to have the one night with him as she can't get him out of her head and he was supposed to come back. But nothing has happened and she is scared. So when Sir walks back into her life , she basically melts at the sight at of him and willing to accept his conditions. But is that enough. For a girl who is strong and determined as Mack, will the chance to explore her vulnerability and submissiveness be enough ?That's the question of this book as the second book in this series, answered questions left from the first book and build upon the story of this couple. We got to see a new side of the lead characters. Sir showed a more intense side to him, but we saw a vulnerability that made him seem more human. As with little information, and dominant alpha male personality. It got me thinking that he was Superman or somethingKeith’s second installment to the Eraser series didn’t disappoint and the cliffhanger we were left with, made me wanting more. Thank goodness I didn’t read this earlier :D5 couplesFor more of my reviews, visit Confessions From Romaholics.And drop by the blog's Facebook page

  • Sassy Southern
    2018-08-21 18:42

    Megan Keith's Eraser Blue is the second story to Eraser. When "Sir" doesn't show up at his regular time on Friday night, Mackenzie feels disappointed to say the least. Her and Alex, the bartender, start to close down when someone comes in. "Sir" is there and wants to take Mackenzie home with him. He starts to tell his name when a noise distracts them. When Mackenzie goes outside she finds "Sir" in an argument with a stranger. "Sir" gets in the car and leaves but not before seeing the disappointment on her face. The next day "Sir" sends her flowers and request she let him make it up to her by taking her out to dinner. His driver picks her up and takes her to his house, where the dinner is being served. "Sir" realizes that this "relationship thing" is harder than he thought. He doesn't want Mackenzie to leave tonight. The next morning Mackenzie is awakes to a surprise. After a misunderstanding, can "Sir" prove he really wants more than a one night and will Mackenzie forgive him?Quote-He stood taller, a new plan forming in his head. He needed to redeem himself in her eyes. She shouldn't be doubting his interest in her. She needed to know that his past would be erased with her. It begins and ends with Mackenzie.This book is a dark erotica romance that contains some BDSM.

  • Kylie Lacovich (The Reading Cow)
    2018-08-25 22:52

    Eraser Blue carries on from where Eraser left us. During the second volume of this series of novellas we get more of Mackenzie and Sir.As the synopsis states, Sir has changed his mind and wants to stake his claim on Mackenzie. She is thrilled as it proves that she is indeed different to all the other women she has seen Sir with.Mackenzie and Sir’s ‘relationship’ isn’t all smooth sailing though.In Eraser Blue we get more of Sir’s POV. I enjoyed getting inside Sir’s head. Megan Keith has written the POV changes immaculately. I actually found myself back tracking a little at times as I didn’t realise the change had happened.Once again, the chemistry between the two is tangible. It literally jumps out of the pages at you. And as in Eraser, the sex scenes were AMAZINGLY HOT!I can’t wait for the next installment in the Eraser series. I am getting eager to know Sir’s real name – if we will ever get told it!I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Michelle
    2018-09-08 21:37

    4.5 stars. This time around, there's more of Sir's true personality and feelings revealed that it makes it so much more fun to read because while he is very confident in himself, navigating this new territory of ensuring that Mackenzie stays in his life is all brand new to him. Mackenzie cannot read his intentions as clearly as she would like so the miscommunications are very amusing and it's great to see Sir admit where his faults are. It makes him more attractive and their chemistry more palpable because of his vulnerability. Mackenzie isn't the only one entranced and trying to re-establish rules for this relationship requires real communication. There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Sir, like his real name and background, so hopefully more of that will be revealed later.

  • Lisa
    2018-08-29 20:42

    I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book picks up right where the first book leaves off, but unfortunately it didn't pack a punch like the first book did. We still have the same brooding and mysterious 'Sir', which I loved. The part I didn't love, was the confusing POV's. It often changed from paragraph to paragraph and distracted me from the story. Also, when will we find out 'Sir's name?? We see him more vulnerable in this book and some of his walls slowly break down. Except. We still don't get a name. I am giving this book 3.5 stars (which I'll round up to 4 for that scene outside the bathroom... woah!).