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Is it wrong to have a crush on someone that you shouldn't even like? I sure did, his dark tussled hair falling over his face as he looked down at the book in front of him, his eyes glancing up around the room as he spoke, speaking out of those soft pink lips that had me sighing heavily each time I seen him. Everyone loved him. Why wouldn't they, he was perfection. AthleticIs it wrong to have a crush on someone that you shouldn't even like? I sure did, his dark tussled hair falling over his face as he looked down at the book in front of him, his eyes glancing up around the room as he spoke, speaking out of those soft pink lips that had me sighing heavily each time I seen him. Everyone loved him. Why wouldn't they, he was perfection. Athletic, tanned, funny, it also helped that he was like a Greek god. Swimming was always the best time of year, seeing him flexing his chiselled abs as he dove into the cool water of the pool or when he played football on Saturdays, the fitted v neck jersey tank showing off his muscled biceps, those long legs leading up to that perfect butt in those black little shorts. He looked up again and his eyes landed on mine, I knew I was finally caught out ogling him “Mia, can you stay after class please?” “Yes sir,” I smiled, putting my head back down to my notebook covered in hearts that I had been drawing for most the lesson. I walked to the front of the class when everyone had left, feeling so nervous about being alone with him like I always got. “Mia,” he spoke clearly as he closed the classroom door, my head tilting to the side to check out that toned and cute ass of his before he could catch me, my eyes went back to his face as he turned around. I knew it, he caught me by the smirk coming across his face, “Mr Wade,” I spoke a little nervously as he walked towards me, his white shirt clinging in all the right places. “You know now that we're alone you can call me Noah,” He grinned, wrapping his arms around my waist, sending Goosebumps up and down my spine. “I'm sorry, it's getting some used to,” I blushed slightly, trying to hide it as my hands slowly went to the front of his chest, the hardness of his chest firm under my palms. His hand reaching out and placing a finger underneath my chin, tilting my head up slowly. “I love your blush, are you still coming over tonight?” I nodded, unable to form words to speak. I was always so shy, so careful of what to say, I didn't want to make an idiot out of myself in front of him. “Yes,” I finally breathed out softly. “Good,” his smile went wider as he lent in closer towards me, capturing my lips with his own for a simple but meaningful kiss. I pulled back but his hands only managed to pull me more into him more. “Well I should go before someone comes in,” I glanced over at the door then back into those caring green eyes of his. “Ok, I love you,” he pulled me in for another kiss and then let me go. “I love you too,” I responded, as it was the most natural thing in the world. That it was ok to fall in love with the man who taught in my grade twelve class. How did I end up here? Well let me take you back to the beginning, to where I met the man who had me falling in maths......

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Falling in Maths Reviews

  • Adrienne -kocham czytać-
    2018-09-03 18:47

    Okay, I don't know how this has such high ratings. It was so bad and got progressively worse to the point where I couldn't even skim anymore and had to stop at 57% and return it. This is one of those books that I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I read so much of. Besides the ever-present and inventively varied bad grammar, the characters were unrealistic and inconsistent, the plot events were silly, and the whole story just became more and more outrageous and nonsensical the further in I read. Still can't believe I read so much of was more like a juvenile fairy-tale fantasy than anything else. But worse. With a bunch of stupidity and vapidity thrown in.

  • KristaMae
    2018-09-15 20:12

    Title: Falling In MathsAuthor: Melissa BenderGenre: Contemporary/RomanceMy Rating: 4.5 Mr. Wade is my favorite math teacher StarsMia: the shy girl who blushes every time her 12th grade math teacher looks her way Noah: the 24-year-old high school teacher who is fascinated by the smart, reserved girl in his class who talks excitedly about mathAfter a recent family tragedy, Mia is just trying to pickup the pieces of her shattered life. Minding her own business at school, opting out of the regular high school party scene. She takes comfort in her studies & reading. But Mia can't help crushing on her math teacher, Mr. Wade. She's drawn to his smile and knows her dreams of being with him are just that, dreams.Young high school math teacher, Noah Wade comes from a broken home. Having a similar loss as Mia, he knows just what she's going through. He can't help but notice how flustered she gets around him every time he calls on her in class. And he sure can't help the pull he feels towards her. That he thinks of her always. And Noah believes she could be the one for him.When a chance encounter between the two turns into an easy friendship & constant flirting, the two find themselves at a crossroads. So will they go with love, risking Noah's job? Or miss out on their happily ever after together?"All I could think about was Noah and I sharing a kiss. He was my first ever kiss."Falling In Maths is a light-hearted student/teacher relationship story, sweet & addictive. A very heartwarming tale that left me with all the cozy, soft feels!!!I highly related to Mia, she's basically my spirit animal! Hahaha. I'm pretty quiet & shy and I love to read (obviously). The only difference is she loved math...which is my least fave subject.(Sorry, Mr. Wade!)I really liked Mia's character! She's definitely one of those types of characters you'd want as a best friend.Now, let's have a lil chat about the love interest, Mr. Noah Wade...Ohhh. Myyyy. Worddd.I freaking LOVED Mr. Wade!!! If he was my teacher, I would've taken math class 5 times over! (even though I hate it to be honest.)But let's get real, Mr. Wade was so easy to fall in love with. He was so smart, flirty, hilarious, adorable & gorgeous! No wonder Mia blushed every time he came near her.I loved how he pushed Mia outside of her box and showered her just how much he loved her every chance he got.Most definitely adding Mr. Wade to my book boyfriend list!Overall:Basically I loved this book. Yep, I sure did. The story was very different from other books of this type of trope. It was pretty addictive. And the epilogue was such a sweet ending for Noah & Mia! I just about flipped when I read the scene at the end from Mr. Wade's perspective! I loved getting to see their relationship through his beautiful green eyes.The only reason I didn't give this book a full 5 stars was because there were quite a few grammatical errors that got in the way of reading the story fluidly at times. Which is unfortunate. But Falling In Maths is a very solid 4.5 stars! P.S. Mr. Wade makes me blush, too.(*blushing*)Recommended for readers 16+.~KristaMae~

  • Kate
    2018-09-18 16:55

  • Taylor Freeman
    2018-09-13 15:04

    A very sweet straightforward romance. There was barely any drama I wouldn't even call it that, more like an annoyance. No cheating, thank god. This may be considered a spoiler but since no-one reviewed this book with anything other than it was good or just a star rating, they didn't get caught. Everything was kept separate school and relationship. There was sex scenes. Nothing really R rated or explicit but not overly sweet either. For the type of book I'd say just right. Noah was amazing, caring, a gentleman simply adorable. Mia she wasn't some stupid and naive bratty 17/18 yr old. She was quite mature and was very sweet herself. she did blush way too much though but really who cares.They had a fantastic HEA loved how it finished. There should be more, like a short sort of update. I really did love them individually and separately.100% recommend this book to anyone.

  • Sharon Mariampillai
    2018-09-10 15:58

    This is an amazing book. This is a true and beautiful love story. This is my favourite student-teacher forbidden romance stories because it is so authentic and pure. The relationship is cute, especially when he is doing cute and adorable things. This is truly like an Ezria relationship. Noah Wade is a grade twelve Math teacher. He loves math and is also athletic. I would describe him as hot, athletic, smart and adorable. He loves only one person, and that is Mia. Although, he has had relationships in the past. He revealed to me that (view spoiler)[ he is still a virgin(hide spoiler)]. I think this shows that he is a great person with morals and is waiting for the love of his life.Mia is an 18-year-old high school student. Her favourite subject is math. I would describe her as shy, quiet, studious, and cute. She does not have many friends and she does not have that much experience with boys. She is strong and hold herself accountable for her actions. She lives with her dad, who is a cop but loves Noah. I think the family dynamic between her father and herself. This is an enjoyable read. I think the author made a really genuine story about love. They have such great chemistry. I am glad that they have received their Happily Ever After. I hope the author makes more student-teacher romances like this one. Overall, a fantastic read.

  • Dennasia
    2018-09-03 12:57

    Super sweet read, if you want a feel good sap fest here it is!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Jessie
    2018-09-06 20:03

    this book totally rocked!! I highly recommend it...

  • Becky
    2018-09-16 16:57

    This was something that has been on my kindle for a while and I have been highly anticipating it. I have read my fair share of student/teacher novels and I have a bit of an affliction towards forbidden romance stories, so by default I was excited for this one. But... I am so disappointed with this. The immaturity of the writing makes the story seem very inappropriate as if reads as if a teenager or someone who is new to writing has written it which gives the story a very juvenile and immature feeling. This was damaging to the plot because it made it feel as if the story itself had originated by a young person which removed the element of comfort I normally have whilst reading these books. The grammar is also terrible and made me wonder if an editor was actually present during the publishing of this novel... and this, too, ruined the enjoyment of the novel entirely. Lack of proper punctuation, correct grammar and the simple sentence structure added to the immature feel and took away from the supposed intense story. The writing was practically insufferable throughout and as a result of the bad writing, I couldn't get into the plot. Unfortunately I can't comment on the plot in length but from what I saw the plot seemed typical, cliche and very predictable of a book of this nature.One thing I did have an issue with plot wise was that the girls father was absolutely fine with her dating her teacher. She had few qualms in telling him that she was dating a teacher and he was very accepting of that, if not a little flippant towards it as he seemed to brush it off a lot. I found it to be puzzling and a feature that isn't normally present in teacher student novels, and to me conflict with parents is something that adds to the intensity of the plot. At one point, the father actually tells her to tidy her room as he is sure that her teacher will want to see it! WHAT?! This whole plot was very skewed to me. It didn't make sense how they went from drastic event to drastic event, and throughout it seemed like too much was occurring and too quickly too. Everything seemed rushed, which wasn't helped by the frankly poor writing... I would recommend you give this one a miss. It lacks substance, meaning and character and it definitely fell flat for me.This is one of the few books I read wherein I regret having paid for it. I wish I'd have left it alone, to be honest. I wouldn't recommend it, sadly.No offence to the author is meant with this review. It is just my personal opinion on the novel and the reasons in which I did not like it.

  • Tina
    2018-09-06 13:10

    I'm so on the fence here... There were a lot if problems but on the other hand I really fell for the characters and the story sucked me in all the way through.The biggest issue was the many grammar issues... This needed some major editing. This author is from Australia so although there were differences in some words and slang those are not the types of issues I'm referring to. I feel this could easily have been a 5 star if not for these issues.Now the sap factor here is through the roof and you will need to suspend reality a bit so keep that in mind, but this is truly a sweet, romantic, steamy and entertaining story.

  • Dena
    2018-08-25 18:04

    betterI like these types of student - teacher stories then the darker ones. Where the student comes from abuse and the teacher is the hero that rescues her/him. I would like to see more stories of students who come from stable families and the love of the relationship grows. Needless to say this was well written and each character were interesting enough to find out what happened.

  • Lynsey J
    2018-08-23 18:52

    Wow great bookBrilliant storyline and great characters. Loved them both. Love the fact they have such a bound and have fallen in love and have an epic love story. Highly recommended. X

  • Jillian
    2018-09-12 20:56

    Um.....tons of grammar mistakes.I really like the story it was very sweet.probably not a book I would re-read tho,that's why I gave it three star's.

    2018-09-03 14:00

    Great story writingMsg Bender did a great job delivering the story but lots of grammar mistakes. I would also liked to have more description of him and Miami as well as places.

  • Kasumi Ren
    2018-08-24 12:48

    I liked the story well enough but I would like to point out that the author should have consulted with an editor (or a better editor) before publishing. There were waaaay too many grammatical and spelling errors that make me flinch when I read it. Also, the heroine's father isn't supposed to react that way. Her daughter was 17 and her boyfriend was 25 who was also her home room teacher. And the father (who is also a cop) just accepts it and welcomes him to his home. And also allows them to sleep together (just sleep) every weekend in the guy's apartment!! This isn't a normal social behavior. The heroine claims to have 'friends' but aside from James, she never talked with anybody aside from that classmate (Hayley?). And that happened almost 4/5 of the book. Where were her 'friends'? She claims to have OCD tendencies when seeing something in disarray like the dirty dishes. And then in the next paragraph, she thinks 'Did I clean my room?" Whaaaat? So do you really like to clean or is that trait only applicable outside your bedroom?There was a lot of things that ended up loosely. I was wondering what happened to his dad's friend who led him to drink again. And where did the drinking problem go? Did he go to AA? Where did his friend go? He suddenly appeared and disappeared just to create conflict with the heroine and her dad. Another one, where did Jason go? He was there and then he wasn't. And don't get me started with the Hero's mother. It was mentioned she was bipolar. I'm not a psychiatrist or a psychologist but where was her 'manic - depressive' moments? Did she even take meds? All I ever got to read was her obsessing with her son and was later transferred to the unborn twins. Anyways, this is the end of my rant.Three stars (That's for Noah!)

  • Goddess Of Blah
    2018-08-23 13:58

    DNF - WHAT ON EARTH DID I READ?This book was the most bizarre Student-Teacher romance I've read. There was hardly a taboo teacher element to it, it read more like a silly romance between a shy girl and a manipulative man. In fact if we didn't get a few reminders thrown here and there we wouldn't even be aware of Noah being Mia's teacher.What's the point of reading about a taboo forbidden romance if your not going to add those elements to spice up the romance? Most of it was based outside the school anyway.Plot Weirdness:1. The book starts with Mia day dreaming about Noah (her teacher). Mia is shy, and very vulnerable after her mother's death and her father's relationship with alcohol.She has only 1 "friend" James (who's just a foil to make Noah look good - otherwise they rarely hang out or do anything friends do). Noah is the tall, dark, handsome "nice" older guy to James's blond, immature younger guy. 2. That evening she's working at a bakery where Noah and his football pals walk in and he flirts with her.3. After that Noah begins to solicit her for company, the next evening is invited to lunch instigated by her dad (this was super bizarre) and her dad tells her to clean her bedroom because Noah will want to explore it (where is it normal for Teachers to go about exploring his student's bedrooms??). So Noah not only goes into her bedroom but ends up sleeping on her bed with her, because that's totally not inappropriate. At no point is there any reluctance on his part to behave this way.4. Not long after she's off with him to a football game where, of course ALL THE WOMEN are in love with Noah and must be b*tches. Noah and Mia end up sharing a bed (dressed in their underwear), with Noah copping a feel and she's still thinking "oh he doesn't fancy me - it's all in my head, and he's only being nice because I'm a sad lonely little girl" This basically continues for about 30% of the book - I DNF'd somewhere about this point. And for the most of the story it isn't even occurring at School at all. It's meant to be a Student Teacher romance but throughout the book they hang-out like couple. They aren't even afraid of getting caught as they hang-out openly. ========================Noah seems like a predator - he isolates Mia (she only has one friend - if you can call James that) by badmouthing him. Then he proceeds to spend time with her after school without once considering the inappropriateness of it. The whole point of Student-Teacher romances is that it's FORBIDDEN. The MC's are reluctant to indulge their passions, hence the tension and chemistry. In this book other than Mia referring to him as Mr Wade on occasion, there isn't any of that chemistry or reluctance. Mia is your typical insecure Bella Swan I'm-So-Sad shy girl who has NO FRIENDS (James doesn't count), thinks women are b*tchy (misogyny is ripe in this book) and must have the perceptions of a dud because she's constantly dismissing Noah's attraction to her and thinks it's all platonic when even a 10 year old would consider his actions inappropriate. The author also appeared to change the details as she went along, at one point Noah is driving an Audi, next a BMW. People are mixed up, it was poorly thought out. But the worst part was that I don't think I've ever read a Student-Teacher romance where the teacher immediately just hangs out with his student at what appears to be a whim after encountering her at a bakery.