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Due to mature content, this New Adult novel is recommended for readers over 18.“Someone needs to make you come completely undone, Sydney Parker.” His tongue moved slowly over his lips. “That someone is going to be me.” Goal-oriented Sydney Parker has never had a problem focusing. She’s about to start law school, the first step on her way to the Supreme Court. With no time Due to mature content, this New Adult novel is recommended for readers over 18.“Someone needs to make you come completely undone, Sydney Parker.” His tongue moved slowly over his lips. “That someone is going to be me.” Goal-oriented Sydney Parker has never had a problem focusing. She’s about to start law school, the first step on her way to the Supreme Court. With no time for relationships, she lives vicariously through her best friend Brynn, who has recently decided to use sex as a research tool. Sydney, however, hasn’t been laid in years. Men are a distraction, one Sydney has diligently avoided…until Jackson West crashes into her life, and under her hood.The last thing Sydney needs is a hot mechanic working on her ‘69 Camaro. Especially a hot mechanic with eyes like the ocean and lick-me abs, who claims to be better in bed than a werewolf. Jax thinks that’s exactly what Sydney needs. But Sydney has goals, and a relationship with the enigmatic Jax would challenge her. Distract her. Tempt her. Sydney is about to find out that temptation is very hard to resist....

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Tempting Sydney Reviews

  • Dijya
    2018-09-08 03:53

    This book hooked me right from the start.I loved both Jax and Sydney..whether it's the casual banter,the chemistry or the sexy innuendos between them.Though they both have their own issues..the author tried not to prolong the book too much which i liked the was a sweet, loving read for me and I enjoyed reading every moment of this book.And you can't help but love Brynn too,she's Sydney's best friend..hope she also get her own book.One thing's for certain this book is surely not going to be the last i read of this author.

  • Denise Always Awry
    2018-09-16 20:28

    I couldn't finish this one, I made it about 3/4ths of the way through it and had to stop when they had their 100th fight (slight exaggeration). Jax and Sydney haven't known each other very long and she just expects him to open up and share every single little detail about him when it's clear he's a private person and doesn't trust easy. He took her on a date up to the mountains to look at the fall leaves, something she mentioned she loved doing, and on the way up there she picked a fight with him. She was constantly picking fights and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. Knowing someone for only a few weeks or however short of time they do is not long enough for them to get trust you and open up completely. (And before anyone jumps on me for being too hard on her because she's female stop, I'd feel the same if this was a male character doing it.)

  • XiaNyx
    2018-09-17 03:26

    Book # 80 for 2014Actual rating: 2.5 starsThis was a "Just Like That" kind of story, you know, focused-control-freak-who-hasn't-had-sex-in-ages girl sees hot-as-hades-smirking-guy-with-bed-hair-but-really-looks-good-on-him and they flirt a little, a little push here, a little pull there and they end up together, that sort of thing.It was a fun read, really short and seemed rushed, like it was just too taxing to put more meat into eat so it settled on a really, really simple plot. I've read a lot of NA, YA novels so I wasn't that impressed with this one.

  • Sophie Jordan
    2018-09-15 23:33

    Oh my Jax!!! How sexy can one guy be?

  • Viper Spaulding
    2018-09-18 02:32

    Somebody should have warned Sydney about the danger of making plans! She's very determined to focus on her education and not get distracted by dating. Then she meets Jax, the hotter-than-sin mechanic who makes her engine purr! Jax is determined, too, and once their chemistry lit up, Sydney didn't stand a chance. This was a brilliantly written book complete with hilarious secondary characters, plenty of steamy sexy times, and a heartwarming build-up to a beautiful HEA. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  • We Said It: Literary Reviewsw/ Ts Blogging
    2018-09-11 23:38

    Title: A Must Read! Angela Corbett’s “Tempting Sydney”Reviewed by T’s Blogging 7/30/141:13 a.m.It isn’t everyday that I read something that has me schmaltzy or staying up into the wee-hours of the night to finish it. I could not stop blushing, smiling, and wishing that I was Angela Corbett’s main character, Sydney. To be so in control and then finally find that one soul that can tempt me into seeing past rituals and the need to obtain paper success.... Now if you ask me, “A book like that is worth reading.”At first I was a bite reluctant to read the novel. Romance novels all seem to read the same, and to be honest there were parts in the novel that seemed familiar. However, Corbett made her own path in this genre with her witty and hilarious sense of humor, and ability to attack me emotionally. This novel is about temptation, seduction, life, heartache, and exploration on all levels. It is a teasing tale and the title sums up Angela Corbett’s Tempting Sydney, so well.This read did things to my imagination that I truly appreciated., sensual…yes and I respected the mental game Corbett played as the story evolved. Tempting Sydney is relatable and there were things said that many of us who are in love with someone desire to hear. For example, Sydney is told, “There’s only one woman I’m interested in have a relationship with…(you).” Or my personal favorite, “Everything worth having is risky.”~Angela CorbettSydney’s best friend, Brynn, “Oh my goodness, I loved her!” And her possible love interest…well let’s just say Corbett has a mouth-watering imagination that if you like romance novels you should dive into. I give this book 4 ½ stars. Happy reading!T's Blogging Follow me at

  • Monica
    2018-09-14 23:47

    I started this book yesterday afternoon about 4 pm and finished it at 1 am in the morning, in between cooking dinner and doing stuff, but I could not put it down until I finished it!! I absolutely adored this book! This is the first NA book written by Angela and I loved it! Sydney is a girl with a good head on her shoulders, she may be a prude because her goals kind of get in the way of having fun, but then Greek God Jax enters the scene and causes some ripples in that ocean of Sydney's. I loved the comic relief in this book and the smart@ass bantering that went back and forth throughout the book. You cannot help but love sexy Jax, I am not sure anyone can flirt better than him and I adored headstrong Sydney I mean come on she is a mechanic, smart, good at school, a good all around person, and last but not least she drives a 69'Camaro it doesn't get cooler than that, well except for my 68'Chevelle ;). Everyone in this book are good people just trying their best. Sydney's best friend Brynn adds a hilarious aspect to the book also. Great job Angela! I was kind of shocked that our sweet Angela could write such hot scenes but you did an amazing job on this book! I look forward to more comic relief on Facebook! Your biggest librarian fan, well except for Dani ;)

  • Alexandra
    2018-08-25 00:30

    Meh... The first half of the book was ok but after it became a total disapointment.

  • Brandy
    2018-09-02 22:33

    Sydney and Jackson are perfect for each other in every way... or are they? Heartache and strife, anger, fear and sexual tension are all in the mix in this book. This story took me through every emotion possible. What two people go thru to learn to open up and trust each other while trying not to rip each other's clothes off. No spoilers here. You won't regret reading it. Check out Sydney and Jax they are hot!!

  • Casey
    2018-08-24 22:29

    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickTempting Sydney is the first book that I have read by Angela Corbett and I did enjoy it. There were a lot of things that I really liked about this story, but there were also things that didn't work for me. I feel like this one was a bit hard for me to rate because what I liked I really liked, and what I didn't I really didn't like. I would definitely say that this one is worth the read, but honestly it wasn't my favorite and I found it predictable in a lot of ways.Sydney Parker is an inexperienced law student, set on getting good grades and becoming a successful lawyer. She has never had much time for boys or dating because of her dedication to her future. But all that changes when she meets the sexy Jackson West. She is at first attracted to his beautiful blue eyes, but she quickly sees that he is so much more than that. Jackson gets to know Sydney better by working on her 1969 Camaro, and he is determined to get her to take a shot with him. But Jackson also has a past that has kept him from opening up to anyone in a long time, and tries to keep things fun and light with Sydney. But Sydney isn't willing to continue seeing Jax unless he can open up to her. Can Sydney and Jax find a way to open up to one another and take a chance on a future together? I liked both Sydney and Jax. They were both refreshing and different, and I really liked that these characters weren't just your typical cookie cutter type of NA characters. Sydney was inexperienced but she wasn't a virgin. She was dedicated to her education and future and preferred to study rather than go out and party. Yet she wasn't judgmental about her best friend Brynn who was promiscuous and dated and partied like they were going out of style. I liked that she didn't always push Jax, but that she just wanted to know that he would eventually open up to her even if he couldn't at that time. I thought that she was supportive and was really good for him. Jax was more experienced, but that was more due to the fact that he was older than him being the typical manwhore. He was always looking out for Sydney and was so sweet with her. I loved seeing him being thoughtful and really taking in everything that she did and said. He was interested in her for more than just the physical, and that really showed. I thought that they had great chemistry and the attraction between them was clear.But those things being said, I did have issues with this one. I felt like their emotional connection and relationship while it took awhile, had an insta-love feel to it. I wasn't buying it because they fought everything back and forth for so long that by the time they got together they were already practically saying they loved each other. It just didn't work for me. While I saw them getting there, it felt like that part was actually pretty rushed. I also felt like these two had a lot of push and pull. Sydney kept pushing him away when he would try, but then Sydney would come around only for Jax to shut her out. It got old and frustrating really quickly. Beyond that, the story itself felt pretty predictable and didn't really bring anything new or different to the NA category. I felt like while the story was alright it wasn't anything special outside of the characters. I would definitely say the high point was the characters if not their actions. Jax was charming and sweet and impossible not to fall for. I liked that they were easy to root for and care about, I just wish that the story had been different. I also thought that while Sydney's friend Brynn and their friendship was fun, sometimes it felt a bit too over the top. She was crazy and I liked that, but honestly she seemed to have a new guy every night and that bothered me a bit. It really almost felt irresponsible how she seemed to not put much thought into her own safety or well being and she just cared about who she was hooking up with that night. I would read more from Angel Corbett in the future based off the characters in this story, but hopefully the story will have a bit more than just some characters that I loved. **Review Copy Provided by Jean Book Nerd Tours**

  • Gillian
    2018-09-03 19:51

    ★★☆ 4.5 Totally Sweet Sweet Stars ☆★★From literally the first page of this book I was hooked, how can you not be with the hilarious discussion between Sydney and her crazy ass best friend Brynn? From the beginning laugh out loud moment my smiling face never really faltered as I read Tempting Sydney.If you’re looking for a read where the lead male is a hot hot hot mechanic with alpha tendencies, trust issues and a bit of a sweet side then look no further. This book is the perfect read for you.Sydney is your typical law student; goal oriented, a bit anti social, a devote studier, and of course a sexual recluse. Sydney is way too uptight and convinced that boys will only disrupt her current routines.This is all of course until she meets Jackson West.The story is basically girl sees hot guy, hot guy sees girl but neither say anything to the other, leaving to carry on with their lives. I swear even from the start here I could feel the pull these two were going to have on one another."What the hell was that?" Brynn asked in a half whisper. Her voice brought me out of my trance.“I think you just had eye-sex with him!”But thankfully for us destiny intervenes, Jackson just happens to be the new sexy mechanic who comes to the rescue when her car breaks down on the side of the road. With instant recognition the awkwardness begins for our little bookworm as Jax starts his assault of sexual innuendoes almost instantly upon Sydney. I loved reading this part!!!, I could feel the attraction radiating off the pages, it was here that I knew for sure that I was going to be loving this book. I really love me a plain old guy meets girl story sometimes and this just seemed to hit the spot.As the book progresses Sydney tries to deny her feelings for Jax, but as her car keeps needing service and Jackson just happens to always be there to fix it we see Sydney’s resolve dwindling. And honestly Jax has some of the best one liners and some serious innuendos that I found myself constantly blushing!“Hey, sixty-nine. Want a piece?” I shook my head, candy the very last thing on my mind.“want a piece of candy, then?”Ha!See he’s soooo good!!There are a ton of lines like this that just had me grinning, I honestly don’t know how she denied him so long!Jax's character is amazing! I loved everything about him, there were times when he was so sweet, I seriously had tummy flutters. I was just waiting for these two to give in have the hot and dirty sex I knew they were destine to have.Of course not everything can be perfect for Syd and Jax. For them it's mainly a matter of letting each other in. They both have walls that seem so strong, there were times I was wondering if these two were going to make it. But thankfully they are able to work though it and I feel they get the happy ending they deserve. Yay! I really liked this book because it was a refreshing change, rather than there being outside characters trying to keep them apart and tons of drama from crazy ex's and so on, it was really just their own internal dilemmas holding them back.

  • My Secret Book Spot
    2018-09-14 01:50

    Tempting Sydney (Tempting #1) by Angela Corbett5 of 5 StarsCorbett had me nearly in tears with laughter from the very first page!!!!! Not the entire book is comedic but it is definitely quite humorous at times.Tempting Sydney is a beautiful tale of two young, very different, individuals who find something that neither had immediate plans to include in their lives- love. Sydney is an extremely focused and bright young law student who is determined to put her future career ahead of everything, including forming any new relationships or inviting anyone new into her heart. Jax is a brilliant, hunky mechanic who's been put through the wringer at a young age, causing him to shut off his emotions and refusing to allow anyone to see the real "him."Thanks to She-Ra, Sydney's '69 Camaro and her tendency to need a mechanic at least once a week, Jax was thrown into Sydney's world and made her rethink everything that she thought was normal in her safe and predictable life. Give me a beautiful, yet undependable classic car and see if I don't start cruising to look for hot mechanics to fix it.......I cannot imagine how frustrating Jax's personality is to Syd. She takes a risk by allowing him into her life and he continues to shut down when anything deeper than a "surface" conversation arises. This man makes me want to slap him silly because he is so DIFFICULT!!!!! Sexy, yes. But infinitely more difficult than any human being should have a right to be. Every time Sydney tries to get him to open up and share more with her, he pushes her farther away. Regardless of how much she reaches out to him, he refuses to open his heart and mind to her. However infuriating this may be, Sydney continues to reach out to Jax and even, for the first time in a long time, considers a relationship with him. I can't say that I blame her..... Jax is delicious!! Seriously, this fella is sex on legs with an amazing sense of humor to put the cherry on top of the whole great big sexy package that is Jackson West. I love this tale because of the determination of these two people and the paths that their lives took them down to get to the emotional states in which they are now. I love that everything, no matter how small, plays into the development of the characters and their growth as individuals and as a couple. I love books in which our new friends are from a normal walk of life instead of something outlandish such as a CEO or a rich girl who came into money at a young age. It's definitely refreshing to be able to relate to them instead of being in awe of their lifestyles and possessions. I think that the hilarity of She-Ra and her repeated mishaps are some of my favorite things about Tempting Sydney. Will she ever get fixed?!?!?*A complimentary copy was received in exchange for an honest review.*Meagan, My Secret Book Spot

  • Michelle
    2018-08-29 20:39

    **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs:** Tempting Sydney is a great read. Plain and simple. It is a satisfying romance that was extremely well executed. It is a new adult romance. I thought it was a standalone, but it is actually the first book in the Tempting series. If I had to guess, each book would be act as a standalone and be about a different group of characters. If the rest of the series is anything like Tempting Sydney, the rest of the books are going to be fantastic as well. Told in dual narrative between Sydney and Jax, this book is all about character development. You know that is right up my alley.Sydney and Jax are not initially what you would think would work as a couple, but the closer you look at the two of them, the more you get it. Both of them are completely scared of relationships for very different reasons. In some ways they very different- Sydney is so by the book and structured and Jax is more spontaneous and in the moment, but in others they are so similar- they are both super stubborn to a fault.There are so many things that I loved about Tempting Sydney. I loved the chemistry and connection that so clearly existed between Sydney and Jax, and I loved their back and forth flirting. These two just made you smile and your pulse pick up a few beats. Jax is the king of the innuendo, and I liked it....a lot. But past that, he is surprisingly caring. The way he looked out for Sydney was so touching.The secondary characters were good too, but for me it was all about Jax and Sydney. I couldn't put this book down, and when Sydney was on a date with another guy, I was mad at her! That normally doesn't happen for me. I really liked Sydney, but I liked her and Jax together more than I liked them individually. Initially, I thought that Sydney was going to have more of the issues to work through, but Jax's past was dark and debilitating to him. Angela Corbett does a fantastic job of delving into each characters backstory and making the reader completely understand and empathize with why they are acting the way they are acting. I loved watching these two grow individually and seeing how it led them together.If you like new adult contemporary romance, Tempting Sydney is a book that you don't want to miss. You will love the chemistry and banter between Sydney and Jax. You won't be able to put this one down. I know I couldn't. It is the kind of book that makes you smile and makes you want to go pick up every other romance that the author has written so you can fall in love with some of her other characters. This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

  • Laura Hampton~iScream Books~
    2018-08-25 22:53

    This is the first book that I have read by Angela Corbett and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. I found Tempting Sydney to be refreshing. It wasn't your typical romance, filled with haunted pasts and nearly unbreakable walls surrounding a characters heart.Sydney Parker has just started law school. She eats, sleeps and breaths homework. Her goal is to get her law degree and work for an amazing law firm. Only then will she take the time to possibly find a man and settle down. She has a game plan and she plans on sticking to it. Dating is out of the question. And forget about sex. It just complicates things and that is the last thing that she needs. Her roommate Brynn, has other ideas. She tries to convince Sydney that she needs to cut loose once in a while and have some fun. That she takes life to seriously.Enter Jackson 'Jax' West, a smokin hot mechanic, that is sent to help her when her car breaks down. When Sydney realizes that he is the same guy that she shared a long eye staring contest with, she goes week in the knees. Jax 's character is filled with crazy one liners and innuendos up the wazoo. I love the banter between Sydney and him. You can feel the strong connection between them from the first time they laid eyes on one another. Jax has set his sights on Sydney and nothing seems to deter him in his pursuance of her. He feels that he needs to not only be her protector, but he needs to be the one to show her that life is much more than text books, studying and manners."Someone needs to make you come completely undone, Sydney Parker.""That someone is going to be me."Will Jax be able to show Sydney that she can live a more fulfilling life? And will Sydney be able to see that she can make room for someone else in her life and her heart? Pick up your copy of Tempting Sydney today and find out. I highly recommend you one click this one now.

  • Margie 'CSR' Fite
    2018-09-21 19:27

    This was a cute book... it was a fun and easy read. I was able to read this book in one day, and I enjoyed it.. It kept me intrigued enough to keep turning the page to find out what was going to happen next.. Sydney is a studious young woman.. she is about to begin law school and has no time for relationships and dating.. unlike her roommate, and bff, Brynn (omg, she is sooo funny, I laughed so hard - she keeps Sydney from seriously turning into an old lady who never would come out of her house!) Sydney, wants to make her parents proud of her! she has a love for cars, due to her father.. she actually drives her fathers car (69 Camaro) and fixed it up with him and then purchased it from him... she takes it to the local shop in her town or when it breaks down, they come and tow it.. this is where Sydney meets 'him' "Jax" - Jackson West... he is the new mechanic at the shop where Sydney takes her camero. Jax is super HOT and Sydney can't take her eyes off him.. talk about a distraction!! she tries soo hard to stay away.. but boy does he have some lines now!!! This book is a fun book to read, but there are also some reasons why Jackson lives the way he does and moves around.... and also Sydney - staying so serious all the time.. but those two have some serious steamy scenes in the book as well.. you will also like I said, love the secondary character, Brynn.. worth the reading!!!

  • Red Cheeks Reads
    2018-08-22 21:46

    Sydney Parker has her priorities straight, nothing will get in the way of her goals! Law school is going to require a lot of studying and boys are not going to get in her way. Or so she thought. A pair of ‘Blue Eyes’ at Soup and Spoon challenge Sydney, her goals, and her comfort zone.“Someone need to make you come completely undone Sydney Parker…that someone is going to be me”Holy hotness, Jax West has a way with words and uses his fair share of innuendos. But I didn’t mind. He made me blush! I connected with these two instantly. I felt their emotions, the fun banter, the moments that make your heart clench when you realize you said something mean to the one you love.“Too much what? Too much emotion? Too much commitment? Because that’s what relationships are. Intimacy, commitment, emotion. Love.”This author did an excellent job. These two were very relatable. Broken Jax and studious Sydney find the right amount of compromise for their blossoming relationship. Their story was beautifully written and captivated me from the very start. 4 smooches for Tempting Sydney by Angela Corbett.Sarah

  • Genesis Sheli (Latte Nights Reviews)
    2018-09-05 03:31

    Tempting Sydney is a very good story, filled with playful banter, friendship and helping one another discover who they are and helping overcome the past.I was skeptical about reading this story but I am glad I did. It's very interesting and entertaining. I love Jax's character, primarily because I could relate to him being closed off and not letting people in. He's a very fun person, very caring, even when he didn't know much about Sydney.Sydney is an organized and controlled woman. She eats chocolate with fork and knife! Yes, people, it goes to that extreme. But Jax enters this woman's life and starts "tempting" her to get out of her comfort zone and try new things, to really get herself out there. The conversations these two characters would have had smiling all the time I would read about them. And don't even get me started with Brynn. She is my favorite character of this story. I really love her and I hope the second book tells her story because it will be FUN to read.

  • Davidandkelley Crandall
    2018-09-22 03:29

    Corbett writes in the best way, the way that draws me into the story! It's important for me to feel like the story is real, especially in a romance. The setting and characters came to life for me and made me believe them. This love story is one that's consummately balanced; written perfectly with the skillful amount of erotica and enchantment.It is said that love is a magical feeling...or it can shatter your heart. Jax and Sydney have undeniable chemistry - despite the effort - that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of angst, heartache and happily ever after - leaving you wishing for more!! The attraction and storyline build until you find yourself addicted! This is a book that will touch you, while giving you hope to rekindle your own romance in a very unique way. Although a stand-alone, I am looking forward to the next in the series - especially since Corbett writes with impeccable know-how.~Book Stalking PR Reviewed

  • Johnnie-Marie Howard
    2018-08-31 03:30

    Really this story needs 4 1/2 stars!!! Omg I really loved this story it was sweet with a hint of badass to it!! This has been a completely different romance story then what I'm so use to and I liked it!! This was a very well written story with only 1 POV. The ending was great short and left me on a cliffhanger but hey I can deal with that. I do however want to read more!! In fact I feel like I missed a big part when it came to the end like a big chunk is missing somewhere and I'm left in lombo waiting it out. Don't get me wrong that just means I have to keep my eyes out for another story about Syd and Jax but hey I can wait...I think lol.***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ ***

  • Shauna Casey
    2018-09-20 21:38

    This was the first book I read by Angela Corbett. I found it refreshing and funny. Sydney and Jax have an undeniable connection. Living vicariously through her bestie Brynn just isn't going to cut it anymore. She needed to experience life on her own & then there is Jax. I loved the way this story developed and the dynamic between the characters kept you wanting to know more. Who doesn't just want to let go sometimes and when there is a smokin hot guy around ~ why not! I look forward to reading more from Ms. Corbett! Again, another great book to curl up with! Pick up now & experience Sydney & Jax ~ they do not disappoint!~Shauna~

  • LeeAnne
    2018-08-28 21:40

    I loved this story - Sydney and Jax have a connection from the first time they make eye contact. They don't even talk to each other at their first meeting but soon after Sydney has car trouble and Jax is driving the tow truck that comes to help her out. Jax is closed off at first and this almost breaks him and Sydney up but once Jax starts to open up about his sad past they are able to move forward. This book will make you laugh, cry, and want to smack Jax and Syd - fantastic read! This is the first Angela Corbett book I've read and I have to say I'm definitely a fan and can't wait to read the next book!

  • United Indie Book Blog
    2018-09-14 02:38

    Sweet combination of romance, humor, and tragedy. I loved this story - Sydney and Jax have a connection from the first time they make eye contact. They don't even talk to each other at their first meeting but soon after Sydney has car trouble and Jax is driving the tow truck that comes to help her out. Jax is closed off at first and this almost breaks him and Sydney up but once Jax starts to open up about his sad past they are able to move forward. This book will make you laugh, cry, and want to smack Jax and Syd - fantastic read! This is the first Angela Corbett book I've read and I have to say I'm definitely a fan and can't wait to read the next book!Reviewed by Lee'Anne

  • T.M. B.A. Corbett
    2018-08-21 21:26

    Click this to read Angela Corbetts' 10 Favorite Books Read This Year and to enter a GIVEAWAY!I loved the characters Jax and Sydney and the tension between the two was exciting! Only real dislike was that in my opinion the book was too Short. The writing was good and brought the simple plot to life and keeps you reading, but it just left me wanting more. I guess that is a good complaint when you want more from a writer. In this case we will get more since this is book one in a series, YAY!

  • Ana Rivas
    2018-09-10 22:29

    I really enjoyed this book. I love stories that don't have outside obstacles like someone trying to break a couple a part. I like the internal relationship struggles. I loved Jax's character and his sexual innuendos towards Syd. Syd's character seemed kind of boring but I guess that was the point in having Jax spice up her life. I will definitely be re-reading very soon. When I finished reading it I had the biggest urge to start all over again, but I have a lot of books for summer reading that I'm trying to get to. I will be re-reading soon though. Can't wait.

  • Carole
    2018-09-21 20:27

    I could not put down this book until I got to the last page. Jax is such a likeable character even when he is being a shallow, egotistical cad. You just know all that ego is hiding a much deeper, compassionate and complex man. Sydney has her own issues and Jax is just the person to bring her out of her comfort zone. It was such a treat being witness to the highs and lows of their budding relationship. I especially enjoyed the 'epilogue' at the end of the book that related to the theater scene earlier in the book from the point of view of Jax.

  • Rachelle Conyer
    2018-09-12 21:41

    OMG! What an emotional rollercoaster. Let alone the book cover being all hot, the story was a page turner. It was hard for me to put it down without finishing it. Its an adult novel and there are some steamy parts in it that makes you want to keep Jax all to yourself. Its got romance, sex, drama, and a little humor in it. It is definitely a book that i can recommend to you and know that you will love it. Its my first book by Angela and I look forward to reading more from her.

  • Lyss
    2018-09-08 01:24

    Ahhh, Jax. Tall, dark and delicious? What more can a girl ask for? This was a nice, quick read involving entertaining banter, lots of sexual innuendo, with heart warming moments. Sydney is an entertaining woman with quirks I'd probably scratch my head at (forks and chocolate...) while Jax works to break her out of her controlled shell. I enjoyed this latest book from Angela Corbett. I'm also hopeful that we'll see a story featuring Brynn and her research ;-)

  • Sassy Southern
    2018-09-06 23:39

    So I really liked this book it was sweet, funny and had some sad moments all through it. And this book had some really cool secondary characters that I would enjoy a book on. I just wished it was longer and had an epilogue, but that just me.I would definitely recommend this book especially if you like a quick read with a sexy alpha man!

  • Linda Morey
    2018-09-14 00:25

    Uptight overachiever meets auto mechanic who we learn has lots of baggage. Inspite of her uptight ways, Syd understands what is important in a successful relationship- conversation, trust, commitment etc and she wanted to hold out for it . I thought the ending was forced since they had been arguing forceably right before clarifying their viewpoints.

  • Lauren Schiro
    2018-08-22 19:45

    loved blue eyes!this novel drew me in from start to finish! the love connection between the characters was real.and I liked that it was built up throughout the book. the witty banter between the two was wonderfully written!!!